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Crimson Talks: Cute Boys, Anime, Tears

Crimson Talks: Cute Boys, Anime, Tears

By Crimson613
Call me crimson. collector of cute boys, master of reading between the lines, carries around special marker to create missing lines, constantly crying, sometimes I watch anime, rarely do I ever watch anything else, too many books, too little time! trying to write smart but so many boys in my brain, it’s hard to concentrate
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Ep #1: Lady, La Vendedora de Rosas (Seller of Roses)
My first impression on the first 40 episodes of the Spanish Drama/Novela "Lady, Vendedora de Rosas" (Lady, Seller of Roses). Beware some spoilers! Originally posted 6/13/18 at 3:39 PM
February 16, 2021
Episode 0: Reviving Crimson Talks
Introducing Crimson Talks, why I decided to revive this project, and the "specifics" I have in mind! 
February 16, 2021