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Welcome to Critical Blast, where amazing things happen. We're dedicated to delivering news, reviews, opinions, and interviews from the field of entertainment and pop culture. Currently talking about Superman, but there's more to come!
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Welcome to Critical Blast, where amazing things happen. We're dedicated to delivering news, reviews, opinions, and interviews from the field of entertainment and pop culture. Currently talking about Superman, but there's more to come!

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Tami Stronach: The New Adventures of The Neverending Story's Childlike Empress
Fans of the film, The Neverending Story, will no doubt recall the Childlike Empress and her striking features. But where did actress Tami Stronach go from there?
December 1, 2019
The Joker and the Myth of Media-Inspired Violence
We sit and talk with forensic psychologist, Dr. Susan Lewis, PhD, JD, about the expressed concerns over Warner Brothers movie, JOKER, starring Joaquin Phoenix.
October 9, 2019
Mountain Monsters' Executive Producer, Colt Straub
Interview with Colt Straub, Executive Producer of Mountain Monsters
August 21, 2019
Apex: Legends Profile & Tips - Gibraltar
Jumpmaster Steve discusses the latest Apex: Legends news and dives into the bullet sponge known as Gibraltar, offering tips for those who main this walking target.
March 9, 2019
Captain Marvel: Thanos Has Already Won
Captain Marvel Movie Review
March 8, 2019
Tales From the Jumpmaster: Introduction to a MAD Gamer
I'm Jumpmaster Steve and I'm coming in HOT! This intro episode shares a little about myself and why I love APEX LEGENDS so much I had to podcast about it!
March 3, 2019
19 Years of Broadsword, with Jim Balent & Holly Golightly
Talking with Jim Balent and Holly Golightly about Tarot, Witch of the Black Rose and independent publishing. PLEASE HELP CRITICAL BLAST THROUGH ANY OF THE LINKS BELOW: Gods & Services from Critical Blast Publishing: Our TeePublic Store: Our Critical Need GoFundMe: Thank you for your support!
February 10, 2019
State of the Comics Industry with Michael Tierney and Peter Simeti
Retailer Michael Tierney and Alterna Publisher Peter Simeti join us for a frank conversation on what's going on in the comics industry, and what can be done to help. Like what you hear? Want to help us continue bringing you similar content? Consider the following options: The debut modern fantasy anthology form Critical Blast Publishing, GODS & SERVICES, now on Amazon: Visit our T-Shirt store: Don't see anything you want to buy but still would like to help? Drop some change in the tip jar: Thank you!
January 27, 2019
Comic Book Review: Barbarella and Dejah Thoris #1 and Turok #1
Reviewing Dynamite's titles. Critical Blast needs your help. Please consider donating to help us stay operating. Thanks!
January 19, 2019
Exclusive: David J Pedersen Reveals ANGST 5 Title! Plus, GODS & SERVICES!
The next (and final) ANGST novel is ready! We reveal the secret title here -- and you're going to want to sit down for this! Also, David talks about CLOD MAKES A FRIEND, and the GODS & SERVICES anthology!
December 29, 2018
Mitch Breitweiser: Red Rooster and the State of the Comics Industry
We speak with the kingmaker from the Order of the Dawn about his new project, why it exists, and where things go from here in comic books.
December 14, 2018
Slick Jimmy Love and Sugar Lightspeed
We speak with Slick Jimmy Love the creator of the latest Indiegogo that's getting all the buzz: Sugar Lightspeed, Little Girl Lethal!
November 18, 2018
Interview with Filmation Founder, Lou Scheimer (2007)
We reach back into the archives to bring you an audio interview with Filmation's founder, the King of Saturday Morning, Lou Scheimer.
July 9, 2018
We review Marvel’s ANT-MAN AND THE WASP — the biggest thing in Marvel movies since they began making them!
June 27, 2018
Review of Mike Hammer #1 by Max Allan Collins
We review Titan Comics’ MIKE HAMMER #1.
June 27, 2018
Critical Blast Review: Project Superpowers Relaunch
Dynamite relaunches Project: Superpowers with a zero-issue hook.
June 26, 2018
Charlie's Angels gets a comic book!
RJ reviews Charlie's Angels #1 from Dynamite Comics.
June 22, 2018
Justice League #2 review
RJ takes a look inside Scott Snyder's Justice League #2 -- The Totality.
June 20, 2018
Superman Talk: Review of Man of Steel #1
It's finally here! And Steve has a LOT to say about it. Warning, there are spoilers!
June 1, 2018
Superman Talk: Bendis' Man of Steel - What to Expect
This episode of Superman Talk, Steve discusses the upcoming Man of Steel comic book by Brian Michael Bendis.
May 29, 2018
Superman Talk: Krypton Finale: What the El?
Sweet mother of Zod (That would be Lyta)! Steve expresses his excitement over the season finale of SyFy's Krypton. Listen in!
May 24, 2018
Superman Talk: Krypton Renewed for S2
SyFy's original series, KRYPTON, has been picked up for a second season! Join Steve as he talks about the good news!
May 22, 2018
Superman Talk: Remembering Margot Kidder (RIP)
In rememberance of the late actress, Margot Kidder, Steve discusses her relationship with the Superman franchise.
May 16, 2018
Superman Talk: A Superman Video Game in Development?
Steve discusses the latest rumors about a Superman game in development. Is there a template already in place? How would it work? Steve explains it all on this episode of Superman Talk!
May 8, 2018
Superman Talk: Superman's New World Post AC1K
Steve talks about "Office Space", a preview of the Man of Steel mini-series that was included in DC Nation #0 written by Brian Michael Bendis.
May 4, 2018
Superman Talk: Henry Cavill in talks for MoS Sequel!
Steve discusses Henry Cavill's interviews from CinemaCon, where Cavill reveals some interesting information about a potential Man of Steel sequel.
April 26, 2018
Superman Talk: Action Comics #1000 is Here!
It's finally here! This episode was interrupted by illness but Steve came back to finish talking about the BIGGEST single comic book to hit stands this year! Join him as he discusses his thoughts on AC1K
April 24, 2018
Superman Talk: Simonson and Ordway Deliver in "Five Minutes"
Steve discusses the wonderfully written "Five Minutes" story in Action Comics #1000 and how it takes him back to a more innocent time of Superman storytelling. Read the story here:
April 18, 2018
Superman Talk: Tom King - Action Comics #1000
Steve discusses how Tom King ruins a perfect Superman story in one panel. Read the story here:
April 17, 2018
Let's Talk Superman: AC1000 BENDIS/LEE Preview!
Steve discusses the newly released preview of the brand new story by Brian Michael Bendis. Rogol Zar! Also pre-order information has been released, what does it all mean?
April 10, 2018
Let's Talk Superman | Superman #44 by Tomasi/Gleason
Steve talks (Bizarro) Superman as he goes over the latest issue of Superman by Tomasi and Gleason.
April 9, 2018
Let's Talk Superman | Marvel Exec Teases Superman
On this episode Steve talks about a piece of fan art by Marvel Entertainment's CCO Joe Quesada. You can see the image here:
April 6, 2018
Let's Talk Superman | Apr 5, 2018 | Krypton: The Rankless Initiative
Steve recaps episode 103 of SyFy's hot new series KRYPTON! Listen as he offers commentary and a suggestion on how you can interact with the cast!
April 6, 2018
Let's Talk Superman April 4th, 2018
The first episode of the Critical Blast Podcast features Steve discussing Superman. Listen as Steve talks about why it's time for daily commentary on current events regarding the Man of Steel.
April 5, 2018
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