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Cross the Rubicon

Cross the Rubicon

By Cross the Rubicon
This podcast is about worldwide govt censorship of conservatives and right of centre speakers. I have been banned from YouTube because I'm right of centre with over 9,000 subscribers. This is having an impact in New Zealand and this govt want to, and have, shut me down for 3 months. I believe totally in freedom of speech and and a nation ceases to become a democracy without it. The govt of NZ now want to shut down our freedoms of speech and disarm NZers at the same time. I'm against this and doing what I can to raise awareness of the tyranny of this New Zealand Labour govt.
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(Podcast 1) My time in the prison service in Christchurch prisons.

Cross the Rubicon

(Podcast 1) My time in the prison service in Christchurch prisons.

Cross the Rubicon

Paddy Gower is a govt funded smear merchant paid to brand people nazis to destroy them.
Paddy Gower is a weasel who isn't blessed in any way. He's on a programme in NZ called The Project, which is supposed to be about current affairs. Instead it's hosts are far left activists who talk woke about everything. Truly pathetic viewing. Paddy interviewed an American bloke who said he was radicalized by Stefan Molyneux. Take a look at the interview with Caleb Cain and Paddy Gower and tell me Paddy Gower is a journalist.
March 12, 2020
Gang wars and shootings in NZ but police are toothless. Possibly told by this govt...don't go there.
In the news these past few weeks have been dominated by gang wars in shootouts. The govt seem to want to do nothing about it. Why!? This govt are quick off the mark when it comes to hurty words online and only too eager to send fully armed thought police to terrorize the almost certain non threatening citizen into silence. Yet these gangs seem to have carted blanche to do as they please without police interference. Where is the great white supremacist hunter, Patrick Gower on this issue? He's too busy being the resident clown on The Project for the hosts to laugh at and the silly people who watch it.
February 19, 2020
The Transexualisation of our children is a sickness from the left.
Our schools have been allowed to be infiltrated by the transexual community, and our children are being told "Just because you have a penis doesn't mean you're a boy and just because you have a vagina doesn't mean you're a girl." This is being driven by govt's with who are hell bent on turning boys into girls and girls into boys. This makes our nations weaker, but maybe that's the aim. Not to mention the psychological impact on children who are encouraged at a young age to take hormone treatment and ignore what their parents say. This is a societal sickness that most on the left suffer with.
February 15, 2020
NZ thought police are out intimidating people into silence again.
Two days ago a man somewhere in NZ got a visit from the thought police for what he's been saying of social media about the NZ govt. He talks about treason and bringing back capital punishment for that offence. That's his right on a free and democratic society to express his opinion. But not now in NZ. Go against this govt and what it's doing and you'll get a visit from the thought police to try intimidate you into silence with threats of arrest. Luckily this man filmed the interaction with the detective, who didn't like being on camera. Interesting that these police are actually even knowing what they've become. On a personal note I have lost faith in the police in NZ. Either they dish out tickets to people they know who'll pay their fines, won't touch gang members though, or they're knocking on doors of people who see through the lies of the media and this corrupt govt.
February 12, 2020
Trump's 'snake speech' and who in the Democrats can beat such a great showman?
Trump's snake speech is brilliant and how he works a crowd is amazing. Not a stand up comic in the world can do what Trump does. My troll is at it again making sick disgusting videos about me, even hacking into my Facebook page (literally showing the screen and my friends on video) encouraging violence against me and Facebook friends. Jacinda is hellbent on destroying New Zealand for the UN and her globalist masters. The Democrats have handed the US election to Trump on a plate because the Democrats have swung to the far,far left.
February 11, 2020
Waitangi Treaty elite super scammers and piss weak govts handing over hundreds of millions.
Waitangi day in New Zealand and the Marxist govt already announced giving over a hundred million plus to Maori super elites from the hard pressed NZ tax payer. This is a constant in NZ to hand over mega huge payments, plus land, plus seas to the very same Maori super elite troughers at the top of the tree. But on or near Waitangi day the govt ramp it up. "Please don't protest, here here's a few hundred million dollars, please vote for us this year and we'll give you more. Don't worry we'll crush them Pakeha who complain by branding them white supremacist." Not one journalist, politician nor politician calls this out for what it is, a huge money grubbing scam. Please listen to my podcast and leave a comment.
February 06, 2020
London Terror attack. BBC bias. Jacinda's thought police. Woke William. I'm sick of the royals.
Another terror attack in London. Censorship being ramped up in NZ. NZ man gets more than a dozen visits by police in NZ for thought crime. The Democrats and CNN won't stop this crusade against Trump. Words are the biggest crime against a govt now, especially in NZ.
February 03, 2020
Let's vote this globalist shill out in September. God bless America under Trump.
Jacinda has named the date for the election. 19th September. I hope and pray the people of New Zealand get wise to this Marxist. I have no doubt she'll work on censoring us on the right on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc. I also have no doubt she'll use her thought police to intimidate people into silence. Outside forces will be throwing funding at her election campaign desperate to keep her in power. With a population of only 5 million people NZ will be a pushover. Our only hope is to remove this globalist shill and replace her with someone more in line with keeping NZ the way it was.
January 29, 2020
Enemy of the State Tommy Robinson Impeachment and Jacinda.
The most persecuted man in Britain Tommy Robinson. He has been non personned by the govt and media for telling the truth. Terrorist attack in New Zealand that apparently never happened. Donald Trump will win because the people see right through the Democrats.
January 24, 2020
Virginia gun grab by Democrats. Crisis actors being brought in.
Virginia Democrat state govt are coming for their guns. A big protest organized for the 20th January in Richmond against gun conversation. Crisis actors are being employed. Why? Is the govt about to set up the people who believe in their right to bare arms against govt tyranny? New Zealand going down the same road. Jacinda will destroy New Zealand for global recognition and the top job at the UN. What does that make her?
January 18, 2020
We need to get out there and protest this govt.
Share, share, share this podcast. This govt knows full well that the people of New Zealand are completely apathetic and care less about politics. This is this govt's greatest gift. They can do anything and the people believe what the state funded media tell them because they can't be bothered questioning it. Instead the same people really do believe there's a white supremacist problem in NZ because that's what they're told, so it must be true. The people of New Zealand had better stop just talking about it to like minds and actually get out there in the streets and tell this govt what they think. If we don't do this then Jacinda will get another term. I want to get out there in the street, but I can't do this by myself. I need people to stand next to me when we shout our disagreement of this unrepresentative govt of this country.
January 15, 2020
New Zealand is now a tyranny.
With this govt politicing the police to raid the homes of innocent people while heavily armed in order to intimidate them to stop criticising Jacinda and her globalist policies. History will not be kind to Jacinda. I believe she is being directed by the United nations to instill fear into the population using the police as weapons to suite this purpose.
January 13, 2020
First police raid in New Zealand on a very soft target.
Firstly please send this podcast all round the world to inform them what kind of govt we've got now. Police in New Zealand have done their first raid on a conservative thinking young man in Auckland. Fully armed thought police came through his front door and surrounded his house. They were looking for a .22 lever action rifle. This is a pathetic act of state sponsored terror against someone who criticises this govt and the global compact on migration. This PM is using the police to strike terror into good, honest, law abiding tax paying citizens for their wrong think. The media already calling him a 'far right activist.' This PM of New Zealand is an absolute disgrace and is using the actions of a tyrant to shut people with the wrong opinion down through fear. Please send this podcast all round New Zealand and the world.
January 11, 2020
(Podcast 1) My time in the prison service in Christchurch prisons.
Something different today. I served 11 years in Canterbury prisons in New Zealand. My wife also served joining just 3 months after me. I had no idea the prison service would be so corrupted from the top down. Honesty and integrity were not and are not valued. In fact anyone who had an ounce of integrity was a target for egregious managers and their subordinate sycophants. This is my first podcast on the prison and my time there. Please tell me what you think and I'll spill the beans on a lot more if there's plenty of interest.
January 10, 2020
Trump killing of Iranian terrorist. Ricky Gervais at the Golden globes.
Please share this podcast to everyone you know. The left are going nuts over Trump doing his job and protecting the USA. The left now are on the side of anyone who hates Trump including them who are calling for his $80 million head. Ricky Gervais did a marvellous job calling out the hypocracy at the Golden globes. My troll is back up and running on YouTube telling anyone who'll listen he's been to the police again making statements about me. Surely the police are sick to death of this bloke coming through their door every day to lay complaints against someone ie me, that he's never even met.
January 08, 2020
Trump derangement is alive and well.
Don't the left just hate Trump and his supporters? Trump did his job killing that Iranian general and the left praise the general and attack Trump. The left have gone insane. At the end of this podcast it cuts off, but the message was put across so I loaded it anyway.
January 05, 2020
Are we going to get shut of Jacinda? Is Trump going to win? Am I going to be arrested for hate crime
The UK election, Trump, Brexit, EU, UN, Jacinda the Marxist and the attack on New Zealand freedoms, police visits for them opposed to mass migration and the NZ labour party and globalisation.
January 02, 2020
Left wing lunatics think it's ok to incite violence against me because I'm of the right.
These vile lefties are trying to connect me to the mosque shooting in Christchurch. Two of them have conspired to get me kicked off YouTube which YouTube did. YouTube now has gone down the anti Trump road by banning right wingers and try prevent Trump winning next year. They are colluding with the Democrats to bring down the president of the USA. Big tech now is part of the globalist agenda of destroying western nations via mass migration. This will change demographics and therefore voting patterns, and keep these traitors in power forever. The people will suffer a dystopian nightmare.
December 28, 2019
NZ MP harbours refugee in New Zealand. Did she know beforehand this was his intention?
Behrouz Boochani, who's a Manus island refugee from Iran, came here on a months Visa to attend a literary festival. He was greeted at the airport by a green MP. Did she know what he was going to do? She is also an ex Iranian refugee who holds power over us, and uses her sex, gender and religion as weapons to shut anyone down who criticizes her.
December 24, 2019
Cross the Rubicon right of centre YouTube channel banned from YouTube.
This is my first podcast and hopefully you'll enjoy it. In this podcast I talk about my YouTube channel being banned for 3 months due to far left activists sending complaints and NZ govt censorship of conservatives on social media now prevalent right across the western world.
December 23, 2019