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Ministry Makers: God’s yes Girls Christian Women in ministry, mindset, business & MORE

Ministry Makers: God’s yes Girls Christian Women in ministry, mindset, business & MORE

By Kendra Carroll
This podcast is to remind you, you are God's! Its a chance to soak in deep God talk while doing all the chores or being the taxi driver to all the things. This podcast will lead and empower you to follow God's path for you as you navigate all the transitions in life and serve in ministry, business, entrepreneurship and in your home. Following your passion and dream is about aligning with God all he has in store for you. We hope you learn more who God made you and living out your purpose. May you stay encouraged to live out your best yes with God! This is God’s business!
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S 2 E 17 You want to know what happened at the leadership Workshop?

Ministry Makers: God’s yes Girls Christian Women in ministry, mindset, business & MORE

S 2 E 17 You want to know what happened at the leadership Workshop?

Ministry Makers: God’s yes Girls Christian Women in ministry, mindset, business & MORE

S. 3 Ep.6 Ministry Makers class: Journaling with Jenelle: Going deep.
Every once and a while we want to share a class with you. This is a class from ministry makers a space to tune in, get quiet and journal with Jesus in a heart to heart journaling episode. We pray you can use this space to get close with God and allow him to work in you and through you.
May 04, 2022
S. 3 Ep. 5 (special edition) life after high school and careers with your passion
Jenny Sherbo and I have a talk about how to face God’s direction in who he made you and where you might want to go after graduation. How to embrace the lessons and chase the dreams and keep seeking who he has for you and how to love others in what you do. Picking a new way isn’t always easy so choose Jesus and choose joy and let the rest fall into place.
April 30, 2022
S:3 ep:4 Ministry Makers Business God's Way: Trust in the Pressing Circumstances
What is God having you learn in the pressing? What types of things does he want to take to wine for a longevity practice like emotions, words, thought processes and even finances.
April 19, 2022
S3 eps3 War up!!
It’s time to war up it’s time to call in back up it’s time to draw a line and throw the enemy back to God to deal with! Let’s Go!! If you need prayers or how to join ministry makers or
February 15, 2022
S:3 eps:2 Focus on your Calling 1 Beth shares how to grow confidence to trust God.
Beth from Leanna Cosmetics shares how she started her business, every step God Lead her in and how she continued to chose trust in the Lord every step of the way. Her story and inspiration to why she continues to follow God in her business is heart warming and hopeful that we may all reach what God has for us and seek to see how He answers every step of the way. Be sure to share your dreams and vision as well in a “save and sacred place” where you can go on a journey for God to develop them.
February 07, 2022
Season 3: eps.1 Ministry Makers Welcome Meeting 2/1/22
This podcast now supports a group called ministry makers the following is a meeting to introduce the team and see all we have to offer other who are looking for support in their own journey as God's Yes Girls as they step into their bigger Callings. 
February 06, 2022
S:2 esp 40 Fired up firecrackers brain! If you need a pick me up this ones for you!!
I wasn’t sure I’d release this episode.... it’s a Kendra brain dump.... but I listened to it on a day I was feeling tired and not in the mood for anything!! This over packed episode of Kendra’s excitement of what is to come!!! Got me re pumped for what God might have for me this year and so.... it’s worth posting just to uplift you in any way that God might use it!!!
January 22, 2022
S 2 E??? Leaving on a jet plane! My message going on the ROAD!!
I’m sooooo excited to finally start traveling getting in person and encouraging others into their yeses!! Yes yes yes!!! God is moving and I am excited!! Small town churches! Big adventure! Life worth living! Here we come!!! #christianspeakers #christianauthors #bibleinaction #christianwomen
November 17, 2021
S2 e23 Hearing From God With The Holy Spirit Hustler
Kerri Naber from the Holy Spirit hustler sat with me at the coffee shop shant’el we had a fun discussion about learning to listen to god journaling prayer time birthing and fun events.
September 25, 2021
Season 2 ep 22 Stay focused celebrate the small stuff!!
Are you believing in a great big God who can save all things protect all things heal all things and accomplish all things? If you want to see God more, focus more on God!! Count his blessings and victories and miracles
September 09, 2021
S2 EPS. 20 The gift is in the blessings of God’s faithfulness to answered prayers
Wow guys I hope this inspires you and blesses you happy one year dedication to this podcast as we remember all the prayers God has answered!! Amen!!
August 26, 2021
S2 episode 19: A call to obedience what happens in transition
Sharing an episode from Facebook to share how to follow only what God wants! Having a prayer team, holding promises up to God and keep walking his way! The Facebook group you might want to join for some uplifting encouragement is “Crossing the Road Christian Women Encouragement”
July 31, 2021
What God can do with your voice.
God’s love and power over you and through you can do amazing things when we ask Him how He wants us to use it! Funny stories followed by a deep God talk stay tune to the end and .... give me some feedback I’d love to hear from you guys!!
June 14, 2021
S 2 E 17 You want to know what happened at the leadership Workshop?
God is good all the time! This is the review of exactly how our in person event went. The one that we first called a retreat changed conference change leadership with horses... ya... that one! God took it and made it more beautiful then ever! So many breakthroughs and reveals!
May 28, 2021
Following God’s way to start up success! Retreat made conference! Meet Beth and Kendra!
Why would you change the original plan? Because God said so! How a dream lead to working with the horses! What God has in store and what is a God surprise party! get you tickets today!
May 06, 2021
S2 eps 14 Have you ever purposefully slowed down to see if you can gather all that is going on?
We all had a life slow down forced before but have you ever just said stop for one minute. Wanting to just grasp all you have down and re check if the road you are on is the one you want to be on? Have you been grasping at something only to realize it was another act of not trusting God. I’m guessing this podcast is coming at a perfect timing for a lot of you. Don’t worry me too 😂 especially since it was over 5 weeks ago I recorded it ... God knew to save it for today for you and me!! As always if you need anything check out
April 28, 2021
S2E13 Let God move shift and sift : good things to come! New people, new journeys, new adventures!
I get excited about new! New hasn’t felt like a good word in the last year but it’s time to fix that!! New friends, new blessings, newness shifting and sifting by God will reveal his bigger plans through all we have been through. There is never anything hard that on the other side God doesn’t have a blessing in store! A promise or just God has better! Because God’s way is always best! ❤️ ok my Jesus sisters I hope you love this podcast and soak in the song “his mercies are new today!”
April 19, 2021
A jump start in the week of bring on spring bring on a freshness and new season! Hopes and promises
Hey guys remember I said there is a bottle up of episodes coming!! Time to jump back into energy and momentum and give you all the things God has had on my heart!! Hope you enjoy this episode as always and get some good nuggets! And take aways! Because this has only been a season and it will come to an end of “this to shall pass” I needed a reminder, did you!?
April 06, 2021
S2 E 11 Woah that’s how Jesus Did it!! A real walk into ministry.
This is Easter week and I got some revelation into Jesus’s ministry and why God’s yes girls go through what we go through!! So interesting to walk through the book of Matthew with some new eyes!! I love when God brings revelation of newness to learn and grow! I hope you enjoy this episode!!
April 02, 2021
So you feel called to write a book? Stick around talk for “growing spaces and surprises”
God’s love to be poured over you Jesus sisters!! This episode is almost a “name that struggle” episode. You know where you are irritated and you can’t pin point why. But as alway I put a Kendra spin on it and found a way to think of the fun to come. God is growing you, God has something special in store for you! If you feel called to write a book, do it, even if it’s just for you, God has insight in the process! If anything it’s a growing process in and of itself for sure! Get it on the paper and see what surprises are in store for you. Be blessed and enjoy!!
March 15, 2021
S2 E9 Where are you headed and where do you want to be heading? Permission to dream a new dream
Your best friend bible talk Jesus sister here to share the struggles and the reality of what could be going on in your life and what the enemy can be keeping you from of your best that God still has in store for you. This is a call out to maybe slow down and find that line to stay your lane and get to the rainbows of all the promises God has in store for you!! So Jesus sisters it’s just you and me today!! Let sit back and soak in this God message and prayerfully ask how He wants us to apply it to our lives!
March 04, 2021
Wrap up with Tara: Business momma talk& God is not finished with your story yet! A Hot God Talk!!
So much fire with Tara and I! Man guys I love this girl!! What she is bringing to the world with her desire to live life to the fullest!! Such a passion for God and living the life He wants. Recognizing that the blessings only come as we see life from God perspective and the rewards of obedience to be so fulfilling even in the worst circumstances and the “not yet” still unseen scenarios! I’m excited for what God could be doing with your life and how He will continues use Tara and I!! To be cheerleader for God’s girls and how He is shaping their life what a story!! Your story!! Love this so so much! Loving and praying over all of you! God bless. Tara Geraghty and
February 18, 2021
S2 E7 Keeping life POSITIVE!! The most amazing conversation with Tara Geraghty
Girls! This is so much fire!! God is taking over this podcast in new ways! You are going to Love love LOVE!! This conversation with Tara Geraghty Author of making cancel fun! We cover everything from cancer, parenting, Christianity and life in general! Being a mom during covid. Seeing positive sides of all things! Raising teens! I can’t say enough about this conversation!! Listen in and be blessed and find both Tara and I on all social media platforms or on our websites. Making cancer fun or
February 11, 2021
S2E6 God in Motherhood chat about God is not boring. How our children can inspire us to God’s plan.
This episode is about God is fun, God is always doing something and we can teach our kids, come with child like faith and have our children’s faith bless us back! My theme is week has been watching how God shows up when we don’t know what He is doing. Let your faith lead you guide you and lean in to God to talk like a child and get to know Him more! Check out all the links from #godisatwork #heisgoodallthetime #faithwalk #christianauthors #motherhood #godloves #weneedjesus #raisingkids #knowhimmore #christian #christianwalk #christianspeaker #jesussaves #family #familyministry #beablessing #seegodshowup #whereisgod #Godmakesbeautifulthings #Publishing #girltalk #biblestudy #womensministry #mommapower
February 04, 2021
Mindset: growth and opportunities, knowing the difference, confessions and more!
This is a jam pack talk of God focus, what to do in your growing times and when to focus on opportunities. Taking open doors and looking for God blessings in the opportunities. Having conversations that lead you to more. Embracing your weaknesses and working on them. Confessions that lead to repentance and repentance leads to actions that help you make right your wrong. In this podcast I also share my reveal of not handling time management well and being a good steward of what we have is also having good stewarding over your time! This podcast has so so so much! If you want the earrings I chat about check out and watch for all the new things to come on my website
February 01, 2021
S2:E4 Business momma interview: A momma who found her passion to help others have Disney Adventures
Who wants a trip to a Disney adventure? Can you imagine having a job for a Dream fantasy of Disney? Sometimes it takes a while til you find the perfect fit for Laura Norred Neuhold empty nesting was the perfect time to find her Disney dream job and help others afford Disney adventures through smart mom travel!
January 21, 2021
Interview with author Taylor Phillips of “Training Ground” from Anointing to Appointing
Still waiting on promises? God’s training ground really is a boot camp of the work we have to go through to align our dreams goals and ambitions. Taylor’s book from anointing to appointing takes you through that exact journey and understanding what God is doing with your heart as He prepares the way.
January 14, 2021
S2 eps 2 Chasing opportunities and awaiting the promises
God does have a plan for your life and some opportunities are wide doors of promises to start walk through and some are for sitting down and drafting future dreams it’s important to know the difference in this episode we will shear some light on both! Stay tuned and be blessed. This podcast is for moms, for business moms for entrepreneurs for mompreneurs for raising children, following dreams, living the best life, a god filled life, seeking God’s desires, dreaming bigger dreams, planning your future, stepping into your calling, pursuing dreams, ideas to make money, live life to the fullest, be a better wife, a better mom, follow your hearts desires, and so much more! May these podcasts bless you and hit you right where you are at 😍
January 08, 2021
Season 2 EPS 1 Kendra style goals! Look for opportunities over expectations.
Let set our new year in search of opportunities, to seek any and all of what God has in store. To reach beyond human expectations and position yourself for what God’s expectations for you in this new year are. Let’s set out in a year prepared for perseverance to finish something you have started. To finish what God wants you to focus on. Focus leads to growth, what will you cultivate this year? Where is your focus? This podcast is for moms, for business moms for entrepreneurs for mompreneurs for raising children, following dreams, living the best life, a god filled life, seeking God’s desires, dreaming bigger dreams, planning your future, stepping into your calling, pursuing dreams, ideas to make money, live life to the fullest, be a better wife, a better mom, follow your hearts desires, and so much more! May these podcasts bless you and hit you right where you are at 😍
January 01, 2021
Do you know your value? Are you counting all your blessing? Even material ones?
This episode is more about valuing where God has you in who you are as wife, mom, daughter, worker bee, school whatever stage God has you he sees the value in it and is blessing you right where you are. Now the challenge can you count the big and small blessings what about earthly blessings like a new car are you remembering to give God the glory for all of it and feel like a loved daughter of the king? What about using business strategies to bless God bu thanking him for the blessing of business! Getting more and more understanding of how to share God in business! For more come to the website This podcast is for moms, for business moms for entrepreneurs for mompreneurs for raising children, following dreams, living the best life, a god filled life, seeking God’s desires, dreaming bigger dreams, planning your future, stepping into your calling, pursuing dreams, ideas to make money, live life to the fullest, be a better wife, a better mom, follow your hearts desires, and so much more! May these podcasts bless you and hit you right where you are at 😍
December 17, 2020
Making plans with the intent to bring change. How do you embrace winter in your life?
This episode is how to understand God is still growing something in you and winter is a tome to soak up all the water to preparing for the growth of spring. Embracing a life season of winter is setting you up for a growth mindset in spring. When your tired and feeling stuck and feel the dead dread of winter... it’s really God pouring in the most plans for something new in your life and not just something new but something to bear fruit! The good fruits and blessings of God! Are you in need of embracing change and a super hopeful message for the times! Look no farther and join my listening community because I bring honesty with reality and dreaming filled with fun laughter and adventure to embrace LIFE better! Let so life better!! It’s that simple of a mindset change to actually want to succeed at life and accomplish it! Accomplish the dreams God is growing in you! That growth can only happen in the planning of winter!! Want help planning your winter and seeing the new vision? Sign up for a coaching call and find out all of the ways I can serve you better.
December 10, 2020
Are you making the memories you want to keep?
I had an eye opening experience this week when I was coach a client about starting with Godly priorities. As much as we want to be by the book, God husband kids then work, something things creep in to take more time and the work brain or even house chores feels like it takes more time away from God or enjoying my husband and kids. So this client has making memories as a need for a priority in her life. And as I reminded her that she needs to ask that of herself often, “are you making the memories you want to keep?” I realized I need to add in the same advice to my life! My priorities seem to care more to make it through the day dragged to the next with a to do list that is completely unmanageable! It’s time to reprioritize and get the Godly things lined up before we can really embrace the blessings He has for us. It start with the very present blessing of God then family above everything else. I got some fixing to do and take courage my friend you can fix your situation too! Need some help aligning your passion and purpose? Schedule a call through the website
December 05, 2020
Let me tell you about my best friends! What would help you focus in your yes and no?
This is a passion wheel with one of my besties Amanda! We had so much fun hearing how God is growing her in her seasons of right now. God wants to use what you are going through and if we change the focus to what part of even the most difficult situation is making us happy. There is a blessing is every situation. In this episode Amanda share about her move out of state and why her biggest encouragement to others is to move in confidence of faith! God is taking Amanda through a lot that is new right now and it’s full of ups and downs but after doing this passion wheel I hope she has something to ground in like community as a family and something to focus growth in by adding strategy challenges into her homeschooling! I pray that this idea of honing in a passion wheel helps not only my friend who went through the process but you to soak in where God is working and what He is leading you. If you want a passion wheel sign up today at
December 01, 2020
Momma help: Need encouragement momma? Not sure where you are succeeding right now?
This is a follow up to the momma passion wheel with Jamie from Humble Heart Press. She shared how the passion wheel gave her confidence to have peace to rise to other places called to serve and even though she gained confidence in one area we share our motherhood struggles of not just celebrating the one thing we accomplished. Sharing tons of momma grace as always and how a passion wheel can grow you, stretch you, and at the same time make you have peace you are where God wants you to be. As always we hope this message blesses you.
November 20, 2020
Business Momma: God and money, let’s trust Him MORE!!
Are you trusting God has your finances? Are you surrendered to what He has in store for you? This interview with Melissa Diaz is a reminder of what God has to say about money!
November 16, 2020
Momma Mentor: Be a momma of Memories!
Sheri Miter of “Uncharted Entrepreneurs” joins me for an interview of how to better embrace motherhood and let go of the chores or stuff that isn’t feeding you and what Crossing the Road over 40 can look like 😍❤️ I hope this podcast blesses you and as always!! If you need me check out
November 13, 2020
Business Momma: "Still have unmet goals?"
This is a quick interview with Melissa Alves about her upcoming summit  a note to remind you we all need help in some area of our lives!! so lets get the help we need to finish the year off right!!  And if its help in how God is using you and growing you or you are looking for that perfect stay at home job... that is the help I offer  Making the decision to take new steps and Cross the Road a whole lot easier because "every step leads somewhere." 
November 10, 2020
Momma mindset: Can I serve God while I’m being a mom?
Just me today guys! I wanted to share the gifts God has opened up for me to bless you with and let you know you too might have gifts in store that God is ready to use right now. Moving in the way God is directing or even just growing from the hard places, God uses all of it! Hope you enjoy this episode and check out what’s going on, on the website.
November 09, 2020
Homeschooling 4 you: “Don’t give up! Let a Mentorship save the Day”
This episode is a working momma who has homeschooled and public schooled and somewhere in between! Best advice is “enjoy being a mom” and “mentorship and community are important for survival.” As always I hope the interview with my new friend Carrie blesses you! Oh and if your looking for those books it was Personality Tree and Love Languages! (Highly recommend!!) stop by for more ways to connect
November 05, 2020
Business Momma: Let Seasons Change
This is an interview with my friend Monica. Monica has been through the seasons and has so much wisdom to pour over younger moms still in the thick of it! Some of my favorite things about this story is Monica encouraged her husband into entrepreneurship and was always at his side for every next step, phase and transition they chose. The story is so inspirational not only to be that kind of supportive wife but a woman who trust God no matter what the road looks like! I hope this story leaves you inspired and blessed. Be sure to sign up to get notified when the next story or inspiration hits this podcast!! Catch up on other interviews or check out the website and see what’s new
November 03, 2020
Passion wheel for the MOMMA: “Let’s Improv” 😂😂
This is so fun! I LOOOVE my new job finding others passions and helping mommas have a tool where to put their yeses and their no’s, see confirmations in the way God is growing them and look for the growth opportunities in this season! This episode is full of surprises!! If you want a passion wheel come visit “shop” of the website at
October 30, 2020
Career Discovery Coaching: Young Adults Passion wheel: A love for Weddings 💗
This is my first passions wheel release podcast! I loooooove doing this for others finding passions breeding passion and getting people excited about who God made them to be and the road God already has them on!! It sooooo exciting for me!! I hope you love hearing how this process of my passion wheel discovery works! And that if you need a passion wheel or know someone who needs a passion Wheel! Sign up today!!
October 29, 2020
God talk: Authentically You!!
This is the fun that happens when you just call Kendra ... sometimes the most amazing God talks just come out to encourage others that living this crazy God life is inspiring!! I hope this conversation with Carola and I blesses you and you find the confidence to be more you too!!
October 26, 2020
Homeschool 4 you: From Germany to American Homeschooling
This homeschooling episode is a fun find! Carola is a working homeschooling mom that added encouragement on Facebook under a post of how to set boundaries for some school time and some work time, with that connection we got together to share our differences and similarities in our homeschooling journey and what a blessing it really has become. After overcoming her fears of even homeschooling in the first place Carola now understands the blessings, community and purpose behind why she homeschools. From her consulting color business to homeschooling she says “creativity is the key!” I hope you love this episode and learn so much about your own homeschooling journeys as we encourage you to find your own journey in homeschooling 4 you to! You can find Carola Vom Hagen at And find me or more links at
October 23, 2020
Business Momma: Financial Momma Advice ( series part 1)
Hey mommas I had so much back and forth chatting info to share with all the ways Melissa shows up to serve the world! We will be slitting the episode into 3 parts! This first one is her dream for teens!! And sharing momma finance advice. She is a Realtor, financial coach and insurance agent, she puts her passion in all things to serve together to better your finances for your family your home and helping your teens! To find out more about Melissa Diaz. Go to or email she also said you can call her!! At 808.518.9545. You can also find her on my website check out,
October 19, 2020
Homeschooling: Advocating and how it leads to entrepreneurship
This is a section from Deneen TB interview of “let God lead your next” if you want the whole interview but otherwise this is how homeschooling worked out for her and her grown children.... so you know it does pay off!! Learn more of your interests, learn to explore and grow in the areas you are in. If you know someone who needs inspiration for homeschooling or entrepreneurship send them my way
October 16, 2020
Momma mentor: “How do You do it all?”
I get asked this question a lot! I never no how to answer it and really guys... I couldn’t I couldn’t do it all, but some how God shows up and helps! This is a celebration of this week “GOD SHOWED UP!!” If God has been showing up for you too! Don’t forget to celebrate that tell others! Faith and inspiration breeds faith and inspires inspiration!!! Share this episode with a friend!! And have a very very blessed week mommas!!
October 14, 2020
Business Momma: Let God lead to the next and the next
This is an interview with Deneen TB, I super enjoyed getting to hear Deneen’s wisdom of how God has lead her from teacher to homeschooler to business woman. Learning to trust God’s direction and what we can learn from the Bible about women in the market place! I’m so excited to learn more. Enjoy this episode and check out more about Deneen at
October 13, 2020
Coming home: From chaos to peace WORSHIP
A moment of Worship to take you into your weekend with Kendra and Emily!!
October 09, 2020
Business Momma: God in the center of MAKEUP!???!
Yes mommas it’s true you can serve God with anything you do. Listen to this amazing episode about how Beth Cline started a make up company completely lead by God. This is a story of friendship, community, being a faithful Stuart of your dreams and how God can insert himself in the middle of a make up company. Check out and learn more. Also direct links from my website
October 05, 2020
Coming home: The promises and lessons beyond the struggle
Kendra opens up to talk about her past struggles on relying on God in depression and truly seeking who God made her to be. The difference between doing and being and how to follow God’s lead when he takes something away
October 03, 2020
Momma mentor for your next business!
My creativity side of entrepreneurship and how it can maybe bless stay at home mommas. Sharing what I’m realizing God wants me to offer all of you! Check out more
October 02, 2020
Momma Mentor: Is God calling for a career Change?
Sometimes things shift sometimes we are supposed to do what was once working, sometimes God just starts planning a new way, every step you make leads you into a more full, whole you that God created you to be. Listen in on how I have embraced the journeys of God calling me into a new direction. Hope this blesses you for more information check out
October 02, 2020
Business Momma: Featuring Love Avenue Littles: A stay at home Momma keeping God in business blessing
Hey Momma’s if you run a small business from home or always wanted to, you are gonna love this message of inspiration to design something fun while raise the babies. And if you have babies and want to support other stay at home mommas please go check out all the cute stuff at www.loveavenuelittles.come and don’t forget to use the coupon code “CROSSINGTHEROAD” for 15% off this week!! If you have a stay at business and would like to be featured on the podcast or the website email me at or visit
September 28, 2020
Homeschooling: no mom Guilt! Making the best decision better, it works out!!
How to know your homeschooling week is gonna work out! It’s all here even when I had a bad week remembering this awesome week! Picks up my heart to happy and know mommas we got this!!
September 25, 2020
Coming Home with Shannon, Emily and Kendra: last session on REST: “Rest for Yourself”
Oh man guys! This is a great debunking and reconfiguring and renaming “what is rest for you and your family?” I hope this together conversation blesses you. You have some take always and as always, reach out if you need anything!
September 17, 2020
Mentoring momma: Deep! Let’s pray, Get Centered and Grow with God
Praying over all the mommas God is bringing me to pray for, feeling so moved to bring deep prayer to all of you. May this be a huge blessing to you. Move you closer to Jesus and join me in the psalms journaling journey.
September 15, 2020
Coming Home with Shannon, Emily and Kendra: part 2 of REST “Trusting God with your decisions”
This episode is about the lessons God has taken us through in some big moves and knowing that trusting God means we know He is working all things out. We have faith to move forward or be content and in either season God is still teaching us lessons to grow us and shape us for all he has in store all we can desire is learning to lean in closer. If you want more devotionals to get closer to God right now, go visit
September 04, 2020
Homeschooling & 2020 the year of “Try it” could be a blessing?
This episode is to see another perspective on this year and the opportunity to try new things. Trails mean we don’t fail. It means you try it and can change it. If you need more information go to the website
September 03, 2020
Homeschooling: Why I homeschool
I get a little passionate talking about why I care for homeschooling. But really raising a child to be who they were be under God for God and in confidence of who they are. I think that is something to get passionate about. I hope you enjoy this episode of “why I homeschool.” If your looking for more help in this are, check out
August 28, 2020
Coming home with Shannon, Emily and Kendra: Finding rest in the home
This is a series on rest so it’s part 1 with Shannon Carpenter, Emily Loma, and Kendra Dee Carroll. We talk about roles as mothers and putting family first and serving our homes the way God has called us too as well as finding rest to be secure that God has us right where he wants us. This podcast is to help your growth with God and leading your family. We touch on homeschooling but more just finding ourselves as moms and daughters of Christ and not loosing sight of love before duty. As our first love is God, than to love our husbands and serve our family’s out of love. May this be a blessing to you no matter where you are struggling.
August 20, 2020
Mentorship a place to be loved on!!
first one!! Just putting it out there loving on you and bare with the growing process this is still gonna be AWESOME!!!! Showing up in God's love and God's grace. The episode is to remind you to have those best friend talks when you are stuck are a blessing! Because God honors when two or more are gathered in his name!! And JESUS SISTERS!!! We need each other, AMEN!?  More to come! Check out the website recommend to a friend, and click to receive all the things subscribe cause guys!!! I’m just getting started! There is so much more to come 😘🙌🏻! Leave a review and God bless you!!
August 20, 2020