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The Voice of AI

The Voice of AI

By CrunchMetrics
The Voice of AI is a podcast hosted by CrunchMetrics that covers everything you need to know about data-driven growth. In this podcast, we feature the best practices, tips, and real-life lessons from industry leaders who leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to monitor, manage, and scale growth. Stay tuned for inspiring stories and useful insights on AI-driven analytics.
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Launching - The Voice of AI

The Voice of AI

Urban Company’s Journey of Scaling Growth by Leveraging AI
Find out how Urban Company - India's leading home services platform leverages AI to monitor KPIs and deliver a superior brand experience.  Hear it from Mohit Agrawal, Director of Engineering at Urban Company , in our webinar hosted by Rohit Maheshwari, Head of Strategy and Products at CrunchMetrics.
February 25, 2021
How real-time anomaly detection helps in improving the payment success rate
Even a small misstep within your complex payment infrastructure can lead to user churn. Want to improve your payment success rate and deliver an incredible user experience?  Tune in to our latest podcast episode, in which Anuhya and Kshitish discuss how you can leverage real-time anomaly detection to monitor 1000s of complex KPIs and improve the payment success rate.  
November 11, 2020
Turning data into actionable insights
Want to know how you can stay on top of your data? Tune into the podcast version of our on-demand webinar on - Turning data into actionable insights.  Learn how to capture, analyze, and use B2B data to improve customer experience and channel partner network from Samuel Pritchett, Head of Channel Strategy and Analytics at Atlassian in the session hosted by our Head of AI labs, Shashank Shekhar.   
November 5, 2020
What is anomaly detection and how does it help companies?
What is anomaly detection and how can businesses benefit from it? Get the answers in our latest podcast episode, in which Anuhya Prayaga and Kshitish Sahoo talk about the various use cases of anomaly detection and how it helps companies in discovering business incidents of high value. 
October 21, 2020
The Goibibo way – Real-time analytics for real user engagement
Want to know how Goibibo – One of India’s leading travel companies with over 90 million app downloads and 20+ million MAUs leverages real-time analytics to drive user engagement? Tune into this podcast version of our webinar featuring Rithish Saralaya (VP of Engineering at Goibibo) and Bhaskar Chaudhary (Vice President, Online Product at Goibibo). 
October 20, 2020
The BigBasket success story – A black swan event meets a white knight
Want to know how – India’s largest online food and grocery store successfully managed a spike of 900% in demand with just 50% of its staff? Tune into this podcast version of our webinar featuring  Subramanian M S (Head of Analytics, BigBasket), and Pushkarini Kulkarni (Senior Consultant, BigBasket) to get the answers.
August 7, 2020
Launching - The Voice of AI
The Voice of AI is going live! Want to know how smart AI can get? Are you wondering if AI is for everyone?  We have the answers! In this first episode, Rohit Maheshwari and Rakshit Raviprakash talk about the need for AI for hyperscaling growth with interesting examples including AlphaGo - the board game playing computer program. 
August 7, 2020