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Conversations with Cruz Contreras: A Podcast

Conversations with Cruz Contreras: A Podcast

By Cruz Contreras
Join Cruz Contreras for a deep dive into his songwriting, stories from the road, and interviews with artists.
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Episode 2: Bridgman, WWII, "Catherine", and more!
Thanks for coming back for Episode 2!  Recorded on July 30, 2021 in Bridgman, Michigan - Cruz's hometown.  In this episode Cruz answers questions from his Patreon supporters about his songwriting process and breaks down his song "Catherine", line by line. If you'd like to become a Patreon supporter and help Cruz make more episodes and get his new record "Cosmico" released, please join today with as little as a $5/month subscription. For Cruz's tour schedule, click here. To listen to Catherine on Spotify, click here.
August 8, 2021
The Road To Ouray
Episode 1: The Road to Ouray June 30th, 2021 Cruz Contreras introduces the band he's taken on the Road To Ouray - a weeklong tour routing through Oklahoma City, Pittsburg (Kansas), Cheyenne, Wyoming, and Ouray, Colorado. Hear what Cruz has been up to since his final show as "The Black Lillies" and meet Kris "Tugboat" Killingsworth, Robert Richards, Jake Smith, and Molly Contreras. New episodes on their way! Subscribe to Cruz's newsletter at Follow the tour on IG with the hashtag #TheRoadToOuray Tour dates at Produced by Molly Contreras Ending music written and arranged by ©Cruz Contreras - Listen to the full track here.
July 1, 2021