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By Coingorilla
This is CRYPTO CURRENCY NOW. A podcast delving in to all things crypto, we are your source for cypto news, trends, discussions and exclusive interviews. From the newbie to the expert this is THE PLACE.
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Episode #6 Coingorilla & Dee Alvis 6/15/2018
Talking what are MASTERNODES and how to get started, also breaking down a few coins on COIN WATCH. Banks not allowing there customers to purchase crypto and Fidelity a huge name in the financial world delves into crypto
June 15, 2018
Episode #5 Coingorilla & Dee Alvis 6/8/2018
SCAMMERS AND FAKE ICO'S BEWARE!!! DONT MESS WITH THE USA & SEC!!! This special episode delves into the Michael Stollaire/Titanium FRAUD also we break down HOW TO SPOT A FAKE ICO and give you the do's and dont's of investing. Also speaking on why the SEC is doing the right thing, a must listen for anyone in the cryptospace. Shot out to "The Larry&Joe show" for touching on it also, RESPECT GUYS!!!
June 08, 2018
Episode #4 Coingorilla & Dee Alvis 6/1/2018
Another great episode going in the basics of mining your favorite coin, Also have a few coins that were good performers, also touch on guarding your PRIVATE KEYS. Coingorilla speaks on GRIFFINCOIN!!!
June 07, 2018
Episode #3 Coingorilla & Dee Alvis 5/25/2018
Another sea of red but a couple shining stars, discussing big business in blockchain, also a open discussion with Coingorilla about Digital Currency llc.
May 25, 2018
Episode #2 Coingorilla & Dee Alvis 5/17/18
Talking coins and this sea of red this last week, also delving in to how blockchain technology is aiming to revolutionize land registry's worldwide. Also breaking down "what gives a coin/token its value on this episode of Crypto currency now.
May 19, 2018
Episode #1 Coingorilla & Dee Alvis 5/11/18
First episode with new co-host radio veteran Dee Alvis, great info about crypto.
May 10, 2018
Episode #0
First true episode, with old co-host Jim Heath
April 30, 2018