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The Soul Gym

The Soul Gym

By Soul Gym Sisters
The Soul Gym is the place to train your mind and transform your life. Faulty thinking can sabotage our health, wealth, and relationships. Discover how to tone up flabby thinking and develop Mental Muscle. Learn to exercise healthy thinking and live happier, healthier, and more prosperous.
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Episode 184: The Law of Entanglement: Get Free!
Are you entangled in the past?  You can break free from old ties, creepy memories, and limiting beliefs. Don't let negative thoughts steal another day of your life.  It's time to live free.  It's time to DISENTANGLE!  Contact Info: Think About It:  1. You are living a life by how you perceive it to be. 2. You can neuro cycle yourself free. 3. You are in "Superior Position."  You get to choose. Life-Changing Course:
July 01, 2022
Episode 183: Hit the Right Tone Zone
It's hard to truly hide what we believe.  People listen to our words, but they react to our tone.  In fact, 38% of communication comes from our tone.  In a 2-year marriage study, the tone of voice was a better predictor of marital success than any other factor.  Incredible!  Did you know faith has a tone and so does fear?   Faith sounds like winning and fear sounds like whining.  If success continues to elude you check your tone.  You may not realize your words and tone don't match.  It's time to tune up your tone.  Contact Us: Think About It: 93% of communication is non-verbal. Our tone reveals our true intentions. Check your tone at work, with your spouse, and with your kids.  Check Out Online Course:
June 24, 2022
Episode 182: You are a Legacy in the Making
Decisions Matter!  Our dad opened the door to our fitness career, a life of laughter, and the opportunity to spend life in eternity.  Whether we like it or not, our decisions leave a legacy.  It's great to leave an inheritance (legacy) "for" someone, but remember, you're also leaving an inheritance "in" someone.  Decisions Matter!  Contact Us: Think About It:  1. You may not see the impact of your decision for many years.  Make it anyway. 2. Don't take yourself too seriously.  Leave a legacy of fun. 3.  There is no greater legacy than to lead your family to the Lord.  Thanks, mom and dad.  ***This is an encore interview with our dad that first aired in June 2020.  This week our dad celebrates Father's Day and his 80th Birthday!
June 17, 2022
Episode 181: Up Your Standards ... Fail Fast!
How high are your standards?  Low standard people are bored, compromise easily, and lack inner fire.  On the contrary, people with high standards fail a lot.  What?!  People with high standards have passion, so they keep on trying, and in doing so they fail a lot.  The difference is they just FAIL FAST.  Is it time to raise the standards in your life? Contact Us: Think About It: 1. The people you hang around are dictating your standards. 2. Low standards = a poor witness. 3. If you are bored, you are boring.  Raise your standards! Buy Our Book: Cool Online Course:
June 10, 2022
Episode 180: Know Thyself - Stop the Insanity Circle
Do you have a friend who is just clueless?  You can see what they need to change, but they just keep going around the insanity circle.  Or perhaps that's you.  Until we decide to become self-aware we see our failures, give excuses, and keep doing the same thing.  You can get rid of faulty thinking by becoming your own spiritual scientist.  It's time to investigate.  It's time to "Know Thyself."  Contact Us: Think About It:  1. We all have scotomas: blind spots. 2. Any area of your life that is not going well has a faulty filter. 3. How you perceive the world is based on filters: positive or negative.  Cool Book: Online Course: Homepage | The Soul Gym (  
June 03, 2022
Episode 179: Tough Girl (Guy) School Top 10
Do you feel weak?  Have the last two years buried you?  Are you finding it hard to cope with life?  You've tried to stir up your motivation, pick yourself up by the bootstraps, and talk yourself into bucking up like a little soldier, but nothing has worked.  Good news!  Your life can change today.  Here are 10 tactics to get tough and to get yourself back on track to achieve God's audacious plan for your life.  Step into Tough Girl School.  Contact: Think About It:  1. Toughness is cultivated over time. Start today. 2. Pick one tactic.  3. Tough parents develop tough kids.  Be the example.  Cool Book: Online Course: Homepage | The Soul Gym (
May 27, 2022
Episode 178: What Do YOU Want?
We have lost the ability to focus.  Researchers say in every waking hour our mind is wandering 47% of the time.  We think it's even more than that.  Look at your life. Is it the same as it was last year or even five years ago?  Are you living vicariously through someone else's social media account?  Are you unhappy, overweight, bored, or depressed?  Without a solid "why" it's easy to binge-watch Netflix, pound a box of Oreos, spend money mindlessly, or even have a good life ... but not a great one.  So, you have to get serious about what YOU want? A healthier body, better relationships, more money ... a MIRACLE?  If you really want to attain something it's going to take immersion: deep mental involvement. No one goes to the Olympics by playing pick-up ball on Saturdays.  Stop harkening to the ding on your phone and start living your life.  Decide what you want, and immerse yourself.   Think About It:  If you need a miracle one scripture isn't going to get you healed. Frontload your life. Get your immersion working with a morning routine. Scriptural Reference: Proverbs 4-20-27 TPT Contact Us: Check Out Our Book: Check Out Online Course:
May 20, 2022
Episode 177: Triggered!
Are you feeling triggered?  Inflation is at an all-time high, there are wars and rumors of wars, and nothing is uglier than politics.  According to Dr. Caroline Leaf, fear triggers 1400 negative physical and chemical responses in our bodies.  Is it any wonder people feel frustrated, angry, and worried?  However, you don't have to live from bad news to bad news.  You can rise above the chaos by learning to develop the measure of faith that is on the inside of you.  Stop being triggered and start firing back.  It's faith time!  Mental Muscle Moments: 1. Procrastination is not about time management but fear. 2.  Revelation: No one is thinking about you! 3.  Our physical problems are often the result of fear.  Visit Our Website: Buy Our Book: Check Out Our Course:
May 13, 2022
Episode 176: Are Your Thoughts Flabby?
Your mind is like a gym but without the membership fees.  This is the place where your thoughts get in shape or become flabby.  Flabby thinking is undisciplined thinking and can cause problems in your body, in relationships, your finances, and your overall daily living. When you develop inner strength you invite blessings into your life like health, peace, and prosperity. Step into your Soul Gym and develop Mental Muscle.   Contact Us: Think About It: 1. We are a spirit, we have a soul, and we live in a body. 2. Stop focusing on the physical.  Go mental!  3. Not sure what you're thinking?  Watch your body language. 
May 06, 2022
Episode 175: Are You Living in Scarcity or Abundance?
How do you see your world?  If life is a pie, do you believe if someone gets a piece there is less for you?  If so, you have a scarcity mentality.  Some signs of scarcity thinking are comparison, envy, hoarding, and victimhood.  However, abundance thinking is big, bold, and exciting.  This type of thinker believes there is plenty to go around, and it comes from a deep sense of personal worth. On today's episode, we help you shift from scarcity to abundance thinking.   Contact Us: Think About It:  Read 2 Corinthians 6:11-13 on small thinking.   Smallness comes from within. Are limiting beliefs keeping you in scarcity thinking? 
April 29, 2022
Episode 174: Who Are You Following?
It's been said, "Tell me who you admire, and I'll tell you who you are."  It's so important to identify the influencers in our life because we become like those we admire.  Just look at what you give your attention to, that is what you value.  Who are you following?  Contact Us: Think About It: 1. In a 2007 study "Fame" became the number one quality to be admired. 2.  The Kardashians began in 2007. 3.  Don't lie to yourself.  Whatever you spend time doing is what you value.  
April 22, 2022
Episode 173: RESURRECTED!
Is there something dead in your life?  The same power that resurrected Jesus from the dead lives in you.  Isn't that incredible?  Jesus' death and resurrection purchased everything we would ever need.  He purchased our forgiveness, our healing, our prosperity, and our eternity.  If God would not even spare His own Son, what won't He do for you?   Contact us: Think About It: 1. God sees you as His righteousness. 2. We are more than conquerors, so pick up your spoils on your way out.  3. Tap into the power that resides in you. 
April 15, 2022
Episode 172: Take Hold! Your Promise is at Hand!
Faith never fails!  Our willpower fails, and we allow fear and unbelief to derail us, but if you hold on ... Faith never fails.  Whatever you are believing for will come to pass if you will lock arms with two very powerful sisters, no not us, but sister "Faith" and sister "Patience."  These two bad mama jammas will build your grit, and endurance, and guide you along the right path.  Have we told you this only works if you don't give up? It's going to require some serious mental endurance.  So, if you'll find a scripture, dig in your heels, despite what your circumstances or body may be telling you, you will inherit your promise.  So, it's time to take hold?     Contact: Think About It:  1. Patience is cheerful expectation. 2. Patience develops inner strength. 3. Mental endurance is just like physical endurance.  You have to push against the resistance. 
April 08, 2022
Episode 171: You Matter!!!
Are you feeling like your life doesn't matter?  Has rejection or failure heaped indescribable pain and shame on you?  We are here to tell you there is hope today.  This episode centers around the classic book written in 1985 by Robert McGee, The Search For Significance.  We are all on a search for significance.  Significance is the quality of being worthy, worthy of attention, and importance.  It imparts an Innate desire that our life should matter.   It does!  God has an audacious plan for you.  It's time to step into your significance because ... You Matter! Contact Us: Think About It:  1. Rejection communicates little value and low respect. 2. You are not your behavior.  That's what you do, but that is not who you are.   3. Your behavior changes when you change your identity.   The Search for Significance, Robert McGee, 1985
April 01, 2022
Episode 170: No Worries
Worry lives on a continuum, from a sense of dread to full-on panic attacks.  If you let it worry will steal your health, joy, and peace.  Worry looks to the past with regret, to the future with fear, and forgets to look at today. Remember this promise found in Jeremiah 29:11. "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."   Contact Us: Think About It: 1.  You are not irresponsible if you don't worry about your kids. 2.  Worry will not add one day to your life, but it might take off a few. 3.  Worry is a destructive pattern of thinking. 
March 25, 2022
Episode 169: Seize Your Hour of Power and Get Healthy & Wealthy
Tim Ferriss says, "Seize the morning, and you seize the day."  Are you hitting the snooze button multiple times? Are you staggering into work? Do you look at your life and see little success?  It's time to take control of your morning instead of it controlling you.  If you want to change your life it can start now.  Prepare tonight and seize your hour of power.  Contact Us: Think About It:  1. Wealthy people wake up three hours before they go to work. 2. Nearly 80% of poor people watch reality t.v. 3. Habits are patterns of thinking.  Change them. 
March 18, 2022
Episode 168: 3 Keys to Change Your Life
Are you tired of being fat?  Are you done with losers? Are you over being in debt?  Your thinking has created the life you have.  Ouch!  Is it the life you want? If you answered no then tune in today for 3 keys to life-change.  Rethink, Refocus, and Reword ... your life. Think About It: Everything begins with a thought. Someone had to think about the chair you're sitting in before you could plop down. Your caterpillar life can transform into a butterfly. Contact Us:
March 11, 2022
Episode 167: Find the Funny
Have you ever seen that classic picture of Jesus laughing?  His head is tilted back, and he is cracking up.  The power of laughter cannot be denied. Scripture says it's medicine.  Laughter has been proven to improve our physical, mental, and social health.  A belly laugh can burn 40 calories, improve your immune system, and boost your endorphins.  It's also a great way to bond with the people in your life, and a very cheap way to appear more attractive.  This week find the funny, and make laughter a part of your lifestyle.  Stay in Touch: Think About It:  Funny moments last forever. Feeling depressed?  Start laughing. Laughter is the sound of a grateful heart.  ***Replay
March 04, 2022
Episode 166: It's Time to Walk on Water
Peter got out of the boat and walked on water.  Come on, that's amazing!  However, after a few steps, he started to sink. Why?  He lost his focus and started looking at the wind and the waves.  Have you lost focus?  Are you lukewarm or lackluster about your commitments?  It's time to decide to make a change once and for all because there is nothing more powerful than a made-up mind. Stop letting your circumstances sink you.  It's time to walk on water.  Stay in Touch: Think About It:  If you are not seeing results, you're probably double-minded. We can live by faith or fear.  We get to choose. Decide today and give it 100%.  It will not fail. 
February 25, 2022
Episode 165: Is Your Heart Growing Weeds?
What is the condition of your heart?  Don't know, just check the soil.  On this episode of the Soul Gym, we look at the hard, stony, thorny, and good soil of a person's heart.  If you want to change your life, cultivate the right soil, and you'll grow flowers instead of weeds.  Stay in Touch: Think About it:  The devil comes immediately to steal the Word. The devil knows how powerful the Word is. The devil is a thief.  Guard your heart. 
February 18, 2022
Episode 164: What is True Love?
Are you a leecher or a lover?  Do you take more than you give?  On this episode of the Soul Gym, we discuss true love, how one person can change a relationship, and how to apply 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 to your life.  Happy Valentine's Day! Stay in Touch: Think About It: True love is not selfish. True love begins with you. True love has been modeled by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Encore Presentation
February 11, 2022
Episode 163: Post the Guard
Scripture says, "Above all else, guard your heart..."  We only guard what's valuable.  On this episode of the Soul Gym, we discuss how to guard your physical and spiritual heart, how to protect the inner you, and how to prevent the hardening of your heart. Don't die from physical or spiritual heart disease.  Let's get heart healthy!  Stay in Touch: Think About It:  The Bible mentions the heart 987 times. Your life is a constant flow of thoughts, emotions, and choices. Your heart is the starting place of your spiritual life.  Ask Jesus into your heart. Check Out the Course:
February 04, 2022
Episode 162: Run "Your" Race
Running a race requires the right conditioning, the right coaches, and the right perspective.  On this episode of the Soul Gym, we discuss how each race is uniquely designed based on strengths, giftings, and talents.  However, comparison can derail our race and have us running in a completely different lane. Learn how to train, who to follow, and how to identify your unique race.  Runners to your mark!  Stay in Touch: Think About It:  Only you can run "your" race. Who needs you along your race route? Your race is found in your strength zone.  Help to Run Your Race:
January 28, 2022
Episode 161: Get Your Second Wind
If you're a runner you may know that euphoric feeling you get when you experience your second wind.  However, no one experiences a second wind if they quit.  Sadly, life punches us in the face and we find ourselves sidelined.  On this episode of the Soul Gym, we discuss how to get off the couch and get back on the starting line of your life.  Life is a race, it's time to start running again.  Stay in Touch: Think About It:  1. Courage is not the absence of fear. 2. Self-pity can derail your race.  3. Don't believe the victimhood culture.  You are victorious!  Check Out Our Course:
January 21, 2022
Episode 160: Push Up, Pull Up, Goal Up!
Oh, the dreaded push-up and pull-up.  We hate them because to execute them properly you have to overcome inertia.  Inertia, that pesky tendency to do "nothing."  On this episode of the Soul Gym, we have you look at your vision board and peruse through your goals, if you are seeing little to no accomplishment you are stuck in inertia.  We identify how to PUSH, PULL, and PUNCH your way out of inertia and into a freaking awesome life! Say goodbye to old mindsets and hello new.  Goal Up! Stay in Touch: Think About It: A sure sign of inertia ... always talking about the past. A sure sign of inertia ... hanging out with your 7th-grade friends, reminiscing about the good old days.  A sure sign of inertia ... replaying your childhood pain.   DON'T FORGET TO GIVE US A 5-STAR REVIEW!!! Online Course:
January 14, 2022
Episode 159: Get Off the Mental Treadmill
Look at your life.  Look at your bank account, your relationships, your health, and even your level of success.  They are a direct reflection of your thinking ... for better or worse.  Now look back at last year, three years ago, or five years ago.  Does it look pretty much the same?  If you answered yes, you're stuck on a mental treadmill.  On this episode of the Soul Gym, we help you get off the mental treadmill, so you can live your dreams to the fullest.   Stay in Touch: Think About It:  Ninety-one percent of your thoughts today are the same as yesterday. Use the nine percent to change the way you think today. You don't see life as it is, but as you are.   Click Here:
January 07, 2022
Episode 158: New Year's REVOLUTION!
Let's face it, most New Year's Resolutions fail.  In fact, according to Dr. Caroline Leaf, most resolutions fail around day 4 or 5.  So, instead of setting a host of well-meaning resolutions, it's time for a REVOLUTION.  On this episode of the Soul Gym, we lay out the reason resolutions don't really work and how to revolutionize your thinking in order to transform your life in 2022!   Stay in Touch: Think About It: 1. Revolutionize your thinking by getting 1% better. 2. Master the Art of Showing Up! 3. Lasting change starts on the inside and works its way out.  Click the Link to Access the Soul Gym Online Course: biRREHXNPnjymIzFhuDj
December 31, 2021
Episode 157: Good God ... Bad Devil
Our mother taught us the most important lesson in the world.  Good God ... Bad Devil.  Yet, Christians seem to be confused as to who wreaking havoc in their lives.  God or the devil?  Scripture is plain.  In Jeremiah 29:11 it says, "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, to give you a future and a hope."  On this episode of the Soul Gym, we lay out the case for a Good God and a Bad Devil.  There is hope this Christmas! Stay in Touch: Think About It: 1. If God and the devil are after us, we're screwed! 2. Wake up expecting something good. 3. Hope is our anchor in the storm.  Never lose hope!  ***Replay 
December 24, 2021
Episode 156: May the Force Be with You ... Joy!
With everything going on during the Christmas season it can be really easy to lose our joy.  On this episode of the Soul Gym, we discuss the powerful force that is joy and how to break a spirit of heaviness like depression, anxiety, or the Christmas Blues. It's time to get your praise on! Choose Joy! Keep in Touch: Think About It: Joy is our strength. Praise changes the atmosphere. Joy sees beyond the problem. 
December 17, 2021
Episode 155: 3 Ways to Guard Your Peace
Christmas can be a crazy time.  There are Christmas presents to buy, decorations to be hung, and parties to attend, along with unmet expectations, financial pressure, and ... weight gain. Christmas can be anything but peaceful.  On this episode of the Soul Gym, we give you three things to guard in order to stay in peace this Christmas.  Blessings!  Stay in Touch: Think About It:  Peace means nothing missing and nothing broken. Trouble can be swirling around you, but it doesn't have to get in you. YOU are to stand guard. 
December 10, 2021
Episode 154: From Christmas Critic to Romantic
During this Christmas season, we want you to romanticize your life.  No, we are not talking about a weird or naughty fantasy.  We are talking about reimagining your ideal life.  On this episode of the Soul Gym, we discuss the small and debilitating life of a cynic compared to the limitless life of a romantic.  Unlock the mysteries of the audacious life God has planned for you.  Merry Christmas!  Contact Us: Think About It: Cynicism is a protective mechanism to shield oneself from pain. Cynicism lowers your ability to make money, increases your risk for dementia, and causes inflammation. You can romanticize your life.  Open it up to the possibilities. 
December 03, 2021
Episode 153: Are You a Greta Or a Gary?
Do you want to build resilience, live healthier, have more meaningful relationships, and own a sense of purpose?  On this episode of the Soul Gym, we reveal the research that consistently shows how gratitude is life-changing: spirit, soul, and body.  We also weave in personal experience and reveal some of the ways we try to appreciate the little things in life.  If you haven't started a gratitude journal ... start today!   Keep in Touch: Thoughts to Ponder: When you find something to be grateful for in tough times you develop mental resilience. Grateful people live longer and happier.  Duh! Practice gratitude daily.  Practice!  ***Replay Encore Episode
November 20, 2021
Episode 152: Let's Go Brandon!
The media has gaslighted us long enough, and the people are fighting back.  On this episode of the Soul Gym, we discuss the swell of anger that has incited a new political protest.  We are looking at inflation, forced vaccinations, paying illegal immigrants, Critical Race Theory, and a supply chain fiasco.  The people have had it, and they are not going to take it anymore.  Let's go, Brandon!  We'd love to hear from you: Think About It: We must stand up to tyranny! Let's Go Brandon is the new rally cry. America is the greatest country in the world.  Let's Go Brandon Mugs:  Merry Christmas: Yee-Haw: Giddy Up: America:
November 12, 2021
Episode 151: Is There Something Better?
Do you feel like there's something better for your life, but you just don't know what it is?  It's time to get clear about what you really want. On this episode of the Soul Gym, we discuss how to set goals, cast vision, and achieve your dreams. When you visualize your future, you will invent the way.  There is something better!  Stay in Touch:  Mental Muscle Challenge:  Visualize your preferred future. Write it down. Read Smart Talk, Lou Tice.  ***Replay Encore Episode
November 07, 2021
Episode 150: Joy Killer or Killjoy?
Are you living in a joyless state of mind? Do you focus on negative thoughts about yourself, your life, and your future? Are you a killjoy?  Does it just bug you to see other people happy?  On this episode of the Soul Gym, we lay out the joy killers in our life, and how to stop being a killjoy.  Joy is your strength, your fire, and your hope.  It's time to stir up the power!  Stay in Touch: Thoughts to Ponder: Joy is not based on happiness.  It is not situational. Smile.  It fakes your brain into a better mood. Be like Joyce.  Take 5 minute vacations throughout the day. 
October 29, 2021
Episode 149: The Inside Job
Our beliefs create our identity: our internal picture.  It's important to understand identity because what you believe is largely a matter of what you will achieve. So, if you're wondering why you just can't lose weight, why you keep dating losers, or why you hide your packages in the recesses of your closet, you may have an identity crisis.  On this episode of the Soul Gym, we discuss how you can change anything in your life, but it's going to require an inside job.   Stay in Touch: Think About It:  Your shattered soul can be put back together. You have to see it in order to seize it. God gave you a gift.  Your imagination. 
October 24, 2021
Episode 148: The Way Out!
There is a convergence of false doctrine, cowardice, and political correctness stopping leaders from speaking the truth.  On this episode of the Soul Gym, we bring it!  We are tired of watching our culture fall apart, of people in leadership cowering from the truth, and seeing lives destroyed.  For all have sinned, yep, sinned.  Let's call it what it is, and find the way out of all that is ailing us.  Contact us: Think About It: Preaching the word means correcting, rebuking, and encouraging. Comforting people in their sin leads to ignorance, and the devil thrives in ignorance. Do you have itching ears? 
October 16, 2021
Episode 147: Are You Living In a Mental Matrix?
Are you living in a distorted reality?  Are you believing a lie?  God designed you perfectly in His image, so you are not wired for unhealthy thoughts.  The result of ruminating on the negative causes neurochemical chaos and can bring about mental issues, illness, and disease.  On this episode of the Soul Gym, we lay out the science of thought and how to neuro cycle yourself into the life God wants for you.   Keep in Touch: Think About It:  You have 1400 neurophysiological processes either working for you or against you. Thoughts are real things.  You can see them under a microscope. You are in Superior Position.  You are the chooser.  Resources:
October 08, 2021
Episode 146: Enter the Secret Place
When we feel unprotected our thoughts can go crazy. The fear of danger, harm, infection, and attack makes us feel scared and vulnerable.  Did you know there is a secret place where you can find safety? On this episode of the Soul Gym, find out about the secret code that gives you access to the Promise of Protection.  Contact Us:  Think About It:  If you need help you dial 911.  Read Psalm 91:1. What has your angel done for you lately?  Develop Mental Muscle by spending time in the secret place.  Resources: The Soul Gym (
October 01, 2021
Episode 145: A Spirit of Confusion
Gender confusion. Political confusion.  Sexual confusion.  Covid confusion.  God is not the author of confusion, but peace.  On this episode of the Soul Gym, we dig into some reasons for the confusion in people's lives and in the world.  We also discuss how to develop peaceful thinking, and get rid of internal chaos.   Connect: Think About It:  We can war in the place of peace.  When we live in integrity outside factors cannot disturb inner peace.  Confusion will cripple your dreams, ruin relationships, and crush your destiny.  Get clear!  Resources:  Online course: Book: Mind Moxie: How to Help You Master What's Mastering You
September 24, 2021
Episode 144: No Complaint Department in Heaven
Chronic complaining rewires the brain with bad, sad, mad, and powerless feelings.  This unhealthy pattern of thinking can damage the hippocampus.  The region of the brain that plays a critical role in learning, emotional responses, memory formation, and storage.  On this episode of the Soul Gym, we discuss the negative effects of complaining and show you how to fight it with the power of gratitude. Dump flabby thinking (complaining) and develop mental muscle (gratitude).  Stay in Touch: Thoughts to Ponder: The average person complains 15-30 times a day.  Gratitude can exist alongside pain.  Gratitude takes practice. Mental muscle isn't developed overnight.  Check out our Soul Gym Course:
September 17, 2021
Episode 143: Have You Been Duped?
Guess what?  Jesus didn't teach Critical Race Theory.  In fact, Galatians 3: 28 says, "There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus." We know "social justice" sounds Christian, but have you been duped?  On this episode of the Soul Gym, we discuss the divide in our country, the fight between good and evil, and how to stand up and fight.  Jesus is the creator of justice, but He ain't woke.   Stay in Touch: Mental Muscle: 1. We have learned to couch our language so we don't offend, and what do we have?  A soft and soulless generation. 2. Jesus blasted people right between the eyes with the truth.  Hello ... Pharisees.  3.  Don't comply with the world.  Follow the Word. 
September 10, 2021
Episode 142: See it, Believe it, Achieve it!
Who are you?  That question is all about identity: the internal picture we have of ourselves.  On this episode of the Soul Gym, we discuss how identity is formed, what happens when our identity is fractured, and how to heal from the inside out.  God designed you to be complete in Him, nothing missing and nothing broken.  Change your beliefs, change your internal picture, and you will change your life.  Who are you?  A masterpiece!  Stay in Touch: Thoughts to Ponder: What you achieve is largely a matter of what you believe. Thoughts repeated become beliefs: ideas we hold to be true (it doesn't mean they are). Change is possible, but you have to take time to discover ... who you are. 
September 03, 2021
Episode 141: Raise the Bar … Higher!
Your life is a reflection of the standards you have in place.  Standards are an idea or thing used to measure quality or attainment.  On this episode of the Soul Gym, we discuss the signs of low, mediocre, and high standards.  We also identify what it's going to take to raise the bar, so you can live God's audacious plan for your life.  It's time to go higher. Stay in Touch: Thoughts to Ponder: The way you do one thing is the way you do everything. If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right. Get around bigger thinkers.  They will help you raise the bar.
August 27, 2021
Episode 140: God, Is that You?
In a chaotic world filled with competing voices, whose voice are you listening to?  On this episode of the Soul Gym, we talk about hearing the voice of God, and yes, God does speak to His people.  In fact, He's speaking all the time, we just aren't listening. If you are confused about something, God has the answer.  He has the perfect solution to any problem you are facing.  It's time to get quiet and listen.  Stay in Touch:   Thoughts to Ponder:  Jesus is the Shepherd, and we know His voice. Stop saying, "I don't know."  The Holy Spirit is an amazing teacher.
August 20, 2021
Episode 139: Collective Effervescence … AHHH!
Are you feeling lonely?  Did you know exercise primes your brain for stronger social connections?  On this episode of the Soul Gym, we discuss the power of movement and how it builds momentum.  Exercise releases a flood gate of feel-good chemicals that helps us tap into the deeper meaning in our life. In fact, when we exercise with other people a phenomenon called Collective Effervescence occurs.  Doesn't that sound cool?  Take your mental muscle challenge this week and ... Just Move!  Stay in Touch: Thoughts to Ponder: The soul sits as a gate between the spirit and the body. Muscles release Hope molecules. Start today!  ***Replay 
August 13, 2021
Episode 138: Freedom: Escape Your Prison Mentality
Are you trapped in a toxic relationship, in a mound of debt, or by a tyrannical government?  There is FREEDOM!  On this episode of the Soul Gym, we discuss three mental prisons from which you can escape.  We layout how to remove the wrong people, how to draw in abundance, and how to stand against tyranny.  Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you FREE!  Stay in Touch: Thoughts to Ponder: Toxic relationships adversely impact your health and well-being. When we have a scarcity mindset to shy away from risks. When you don't know your rights you get tyranny. 
August 06, 2021
Episode 137: Strong: Spirit, Soul, and Body!
How strong are you?  The Bible uses the word strength or its derivatives over 360 times.  God has an audacious plan for your life and it's going to go unfulfilled if you don't live strong.  On this episode of the Soul Gym, we talk about the battle that is raging in our culture, and the enemy that lurks about seeking whom he may devour.  Don't get eaten alive!  Get strong ... spirit, soul, and body!  Stay in Touch: Thoughts to Ponder: There is a complex unity between the mind and body. Our state of health is a reflection of our thinking. Train your mind and you can transform your life.  May God himself, the God who makes everything holy and whole, make you holy and whole, put you together—spirit, soul, and body—and keep you fit for the coming of our Master, Jesus Christ.  The One who called you is completely dependable.  If he said it, he'll do it!                                                                                           1 Thessalonians 5:23-24 MSG
July 30, 2021
Episode 136: Living Someone Else's Dream?
Distractions are everywhere.  Television, personal problems, and social media can steal hours of our day, as we watch someone else's dream come true.  It's time to make your dream come true.  On this episode of the Soul Gym, we discuss how to avoid the distraction trap and how to get obsessive laser-like focus to pursue the audacious plan God has for you.  Are you feeling unproductive, aimless, and unfulfilled?  Scripture says, "Without a vision, the people cast off restraint."  They perish.  There is a vision for your life, so go discover it, and write it down. When your vision is clear there will be no room for depression, despair, or hopelessness.  It's time to live out your dream, so let's get FOCUSED!  Stay in touch: Thoughts to Ponder: You have to decide what it is you really want. Start small.  Conquer that sink of dirty dishes. We check our phones on average 96 times a day.   *** Recorded via Zoom 
July 23, 2021
Episode 135: Who's Controlling Who?
There is only one person we can control ... ourselves.  On this episode of the Soul Gym, we lay out the illusion of control and discuss how to let people go.  That controlling spirit comes from fear.  The fear of looking bad, being embarrassed, or even shunned.  We can intimidate, shame, or cry someone into submission ... for a while, but at some point, it will most likely backfire.  Come on ... who's controlling who?   Stay in Touch: Thoughts to Ponder: Love changes people. We are personally responsible for our lives. Like the song says, "Let it Go."  *** Replay 
July 16, 2021
Episode 134: Fasten Yourself to the Future
Are you stuck in the "good old days" or even the "bad old days?"  On this episode of the Soul Gym, we talk about how to unchain ourselves from the past.  Philippians 3:12-13 talks about running with passion toward the future.  God has an audacious plan for you, but you'll never live it out if your stay stuck in the past.  It's time to fasten yourself to the future.  Let's go!  Stay in Touch: Thoughts to Ponder:  It takes courage to let go of the past. Research shows that 90% of our thoughts can be about the past. Real faith is stepping into the unknown. 
July 09, 2021
Episode 133: Show Me Your Habits … and I'll Show You You're Future
What are you doing on a daily basis? Do you go to the gym every day or eat a bag of Doritos and suck down a Big Gulp? The decisions you make today will determine your tomorrow.   On this episode of the Soul Gym, we discuss how habits are formed, good and bad, and the process to change any habit that is negatively affecting your life.  Remember this quote: "Show me your habits and I'll show you your future." Stay in touch: Thoughts to Ponder: You can rewire your brain to change a bad habit.  This is the process of renewing your mind as found in Romans 12. Whatever you repeatedly do is who you are.  Look at your daily schedule. 
July 02, 2021
Episode 132: Don't Take That Tone With Me!
You want to know what the most annoying sound in the world is ... whining.  It's like nails on the chalkboard of life.  On this episode of the Soul Gym, we talk about the culture of victimhood, and how whining seems to be the language of the day.  God has a lot to say about being victorious, but it's going to take personal responsibility.  Choose to be a winner and not a whiner!  Stay in Touch: Thoughts to Ponder: Whining and complaining will keep you out of your Promised Land. Whiners are self-pity gluttons. The Bible is all about victory, not victimhood.  
June 25, 2021
Episode 131: Be a Legacy Dad … or Mom
On this episode of the Soul Gym, we interview our dad in honor of Father's Day and our dad's birthday.  We discuss the importance of leaving a powerful legacy, and our dad reveals the decision he made to turn "right" or "left" that change our lives.  Honor your dad this weekend.  Happy Father's Day!  Contact us: Thoughts to Ponder: 1. Men matter! 2. Dad's matter! 3. Christian dad's matter!  *** Replay
June 18, 2021
Episode 130: Immerse Yourself!
How many times a day do we check our phones?  It's hard to imagine life before our Smartphones, the 24-hour news cycle, and social media. However, our time is being continuously fragmented, and we have lost the art of CONCENTRATION. On this episode of the Soul Gym, we talk about learning to be fully immersed in what you want, so you can change your life.   Contact Us: Think About It: Our mind wanders 47% of every waking hour. We have between 50,000-70,000 thoughts every day. Learn to Frontload and be prepared. 
June 11, 2021
Episode 129: Faithful or Unfaithful?
When your life is over are you going to hear, "Well done, good and faithful servant?" On this episode of the Soul Gym, we look at the character trait of faithfulness.  Look at your life.  Are you faithful?  Do you tell the truth ... all the time?  Do you show up ... on time?  Do you persevere under pressure?  Do you keep your house clean?  Faithfulness at work, home, and in life is a sure bet for promotion.  If you're not being promoted, analyze your faithfulness.  Ouch! Reach Out: Thoughts to Ponder: Our faithfulness affects everything. Faithfulness brings a blessing.  Proverbs 28:20 says, "A faithful man will be richly blessed." Are you being faithful with what God has entrusted to you?
June 04, 2021
Episode 128: Don't Worry Your Life Away
Worry, the "what if" disease.  Are you worrying your life away?  Have you lost your joy and your peace?  Listen, there is nothing you can do about tomorrow, so you might as well start living today.  On this episode of the Soul Gym, we discuss the devastating effect worry has on our physical and emotional well-being.  Learn to cast your care on the Lord, because He cares for you.  He an audacious plan for your life.  Don't worry your life away, start living it today.  We'd love to hear from you: Thoughts to Ponder: Behold the birds aren't worried about what they are going to eat.  How much more does God love you? Worry is a negative thinking habit. You don't have to worry.  
May 28, 2021
Episode 127: What Will People Think?
As a kid, did you ever hear your parents say, "What will people think?"  This statement was probably meant to detour some bad behavior, but instead, it can be a catalyst for an unhealthy amount of self-consciousness.  On this episode of the Soul Gym, we discuss the Drew Robinson story (who survived a self-inflicted gunshot wound) and the power of our thinking.  Train your mind, and you can transform your life!  Stay in Touch: Mental Muscle: 1.  Unresolved conflict can lead to unhealthy thought patterns. Dangerous or even deadly patterns.  2. We are what we think.  Proverbs 23:7. Be very careful about what you watch and who you listen to.  3. Gratitude is the key to a happy life. 
May 21, 2021
Episode 126: Don't Buy the Lie!
Look around.  We are in a battle and to engage in this battle you must know the enemy.  On this episode of the Soul Gym, we discuss some of the lies the devil uses to deceive us.  The first one is that he's not real.  Oh, he's very real and he is out to steal, kill, and destroy.  Have no fear, you will not fall for his lies if you know the truth.  Not my truth or your truth, but "THE" truth.  Ahhh ... FREEDOM!  Keep in Touch: Mental Muscle: When someone is deceived they don't know it.  The cruel irony. Niceness doesn't heal a broken heart.  Authenticity does. Jesus always bucked the culture.   Resources: No More Christian Nice Girl, Paul Coughlin & Jennifer D. Degler, PhD
May 14, 2021
Episode 125: Move It!
Did you know that your soul (mind, will, and emotions) sits as a gate between your spirit and your body?  On this episode of the Soul Gym, we lay out the beauty of the Mind/Body connection and discuss the physical and mental health benefits of exercise ... or movement of any kind for that matter.  Also, did you know our muscles release Hope Molecules?  What?!!!  So, If you're feeling a bit depressed, tune in to today's episode and be encouraged.  Today is your day!  Stay in Touch: Thoughts to Ponder:  1. Feeling lonely?  Exercise primes your brain for stronger social connections. 2. Exercise helps us tap into the deeper meaning in our life. 3. What is Collective Effervescence.  Listen and find out. 
May 07, 2021
Episode 124: Jesus Aint Woke!
There is a divide in our country, and it isn't between Conservatives and Liberals but good and evil.  There is a stranglehold on the language, and if you say something the Woke culture doesn't like, it's hell to pay.  We've got to stand up!   On this episode of the Soul Gym, we give multiple examples in Scripture and in Jesus' own behavior that He wasn't woke.  In fact, He is the antithesis of wokeness. You'll know how woke you are by how offended you get at this episode.  Put on your big girl pants and let's go!  Keep in touch: HTTP:// Thoughts to Ponder:  Jesus bucked the culture He didn't become like it.  The message of Jesus is enough.  You can't entertain people into the Kingdom. Justice is a heart issue and cannot be legislated. 
May 01, 2021
Episode 123: Are You a Control Freak?
Are you someone who desires to fix or rescue others? Do you believe if you let go the whole thing is going to fall apart? If this is you, you just might be a control freak.  On this episode of the Soul Gym, we lay out the illusion of control, and discuss how you can begin to let people go. Control comes from fear: the fear of being alone, embarrassed, or made to look bad.  Here's the kicker.  At some point, we are fully responsible for ourselves, and that's the only person we can really control.   Stay in Touch: Ponder This: Only love changes things. You can't make anyone do anything.  They choose. We all have free will.  Just ask Adam and Eve. 
April 24, 2021
Episode 122: Kiss Your Past Goodbye!
We have between 50,00-70,000 thoughts a day, and 90% of those thoughts are about the past.  This is the reason we struggle with the same issues year after year.  On this episode of the Soul Gym, we discuss how living in the past gets us stuck in a negative cycle.  Living chained to the past is physically and emotionally toxic for you and the people around you.  It's time to flip your thinking into the future.  It's time to step into the audacious plan God has for your life.  Kiss your past goodbye!  Reach Out: Think About It: Researchers believe 90% of our thoughts are about the past, and 50% of those aren't even true. Look at what or who you attract.  Look at your thinking. Mental Muscle Challenge: Take inventory of your past vs. your future thinking.  Check Out Our New Course:
April 14, 2021
Episode 121: Easter Sunday - Resurrected Man Walking!
Do you have something that has died in your life?  Well, Jesus is in the resurrection business.  On Friday, it appeared He was a dead man walking, but on Sunday, He was a resurrected man walking.  In fact, the same power that raised Jesus from the dead is alive in us (if you've accepted Him as your Savior).  On this episode of the Soul Gym, we rejoice in the fact that Jesus' death on the cross defeated death altogether, made us Joint Heirs with Him, and freed us from condemnation. Wow!  If you've not accepted Christ now is the perfect time to do so.  Let God resurrect your life! Stay in Touch: Thoughts to Ponder: Nothing you can do will separate the love of Christ from you. Accepting Christ is easy.  Ask for forgiveness and ask Him into your heart.  Done! Living a life with Jesus is the most exciting thing you will ever do. ***Replay
April 04, 2021
Episode 120: Palm Sunday - Dead Man Walking?
We are entering the holiest week of the year.  When Jesus came He turned culture on its head, and a price was placed on His.  On this episode of the Soul Gym, we discuss the significance of Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem on a donkey, instead of a great steed. We analyze the crowd of fans, friends, and Pharisees in the crowd.  On this Palm Sunday, ask yourself, Is Jesus just a dead man walking?  Stay in Touch:  Thoughts to Ponder: Jesus bucked culture when he said to love our enemies. Jesus broke religious rules when he healed on the Sabbath. Jesus knew and did it anyway. Soul Gym Devo: ***Replay
March 28, 2021
Episode 119: Mental Muscle Challenge: Unlock the 3 Keys to Your Ideal Life
We think we are trapped in our circumstances, but we're really trapped in our head.  On this episode of the Soul Gym, we discuss how to identify and eradicate the limiting beliefs that are negatively affecting your life.  Come on, what do you have to lose?  Take the Mental Muscle Challenge.   Stay in Touch: Thoughts to Ponder: 1. Being overweight is a symptom.  Negative thinking is the source. 2. You are the creator of your thoughts.  3. The power of your imagination can change your life.  
March 15, 2021
Episode 118: Love Lens or Fear Filter?
What words do you use to describe yourself?  When you're alone at night, what thoughts are running through your head?  On this episode of Soul Gym Sisters, we talk about how we can look at life through a love lens or a fear filter.  God designed us perfectly in His image, and we were created for love and to love, but sin entered the world.  Instead, we often filter the world through fear, worry, and anger.  God placed in each of us a desire to do something significant, but we will miss our destiny if we have ugly thoughts about ourselves.  We can't hate ourselves and love others.  Learn how to put on your love lens and attract good things into your life. Stay in Touch: Thoughts to Ponder: Fear distorts perception and gets us into a state of self-preservation. God's thoughts toward you are lovely. Remember the good things God has done. 
March 07, 2021
Episode 117: Who Are You Following?
Who do you admire?  What values do you hold dear?  It's been said that whatever we give our attention to is an indicator of what we value.  On this episode of Soul Gym Sisters, we look at how culture has changed from admiring teachers to the Kardashians.  We discuss how fame is the number one aspiration for young people ... probably older people as well.  The apostle Paul tells us to fix our thoughts on what (who) is admirable.  Who are you following?   Stay in Touch: Thoughts to Ponder: Check out Proverbs 31.  Now, that's admirable. Is your social media worthy of admiration? Don't forget ... Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting. Develop qualities that are admirable. 
February 28, 2021
Episode 116: Think Yourself Strong
What is the soul?  It's comprised of our mind, will, and emotions.  On this episode of Soul Gym Sisters, we talk about how to train our thinking and develop internal strength.  Faulty thinking leads to all kinds of problems.  Learn to identify the limiting beliefs that are negatively affecting your life and develop the Mental Muscle needed to accomplish anything.   Stay in touch: Thoughts to Ponder: The thought comes first then the emotion is felt. If you struggle with low energy, depression, or lack of purpose there's probably some faulty thinking going on. Awareness is the first step in identifying negative or flabby thinking. 
February 21, 2021
Episode 115: True Love Starts With You
Love is in the air!  On this Valentine's Day weekend remember true love starts with you.  On this episode of Soul Gym Sisters, we talk about being in love, learning to love, and discovering how to use 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 to transform your relationships.  Stay in touch: Thoughts to Ponder: It only takes one to change a relationship. Do you sow into your relationships or suck the life out of them? True love is never accomplished in selfishness.  ***Replay
February 12, 2021
Episode 114: Got Faith?
The Bible says, "fear brings torment."  With everything that is going on in the world are you feeling tormented?  On this episode of Soul Gym Sisters, we discuss how to get rid of fearful beliefs and replace them with faithful ones.  We have a choice to live by the world's system or Gods.  Got faith?   Stay in touch: Thoughts to Ponder: Obedience in God brings confidence in God. Dead Faith: Believing in God but not doing what He says. Faith without works is dead.  
January 15, 2021
Episode 113: 2021 Reset … GOAL UP!
Goals focus your day-to-day while pulling you into the future, and the further we can get from 2020 the better.  On this episode of Soul Gym Sisters, we revisit the power of goal setting.  Goals help us define the standards we have for our life.  We will walk you through the process of setting deliberate goals and using your imagination to make them a reality.  Here's to a new and exciting 2021. Goal Up!  Stay in touch: Mental Muscle Exercises: 1. Goals are targets.  Without them, we fizzle out. 2. Goals build resiliency.  Goals create vision and a positive expectancy of winning.  3. Without goals you die.  Yep, death.   ***Replay
January 02, 2021
Episode 112: Go From Average to Audacious!
Do you dream about a better life?  Well, you can turn that daydream into a reality.  On this episode of Soul Gym Sisters, we challenge our listeners to romanticize their life and go from boring to bold, from mundane to marvelous, and average to audacious!  Live a life you love!  Stay in touch: Thoughts to Ponder: If you're bored, you're boring. John 10:10. It's all about attitude.
December 25, 2020
Episode 111: 10 Ways to Get Tough!
Toughness is the ability to perform well regardless of circumstances.  Don't get buried in these challenging times ... step into Tough Girl (Guy) School.   On this episode of Soul Gym Sisters, we present ten ways to toughen up spirit, soul, and body! Stay in touch: Thoughts to Ponder: Toughness is cultivated over time.  Start today! Take personal responsibility or stay a victim. Grow your confidence and you develop courage. 
December 18, 2020
Episode 110: Nice Sucks!
What does it mean to be a Christian? Does it mean being nice?  Nope!  On this episode of Soul Gym Sisters, we debunk the idea that "niceness" is somehow part of a Christian's DNA.  Instead, we are to do good.  Goodness is a part of God's character, and it means having an absolute commitment to good over evil and right over wrong.  Look around at the world, it's time for Christians to be courageous. 3 Points to Ponder: The anti-God movement is banking on us being nice. While we were being "nice" they removed God from our schools and aborted over 60 million babies.  Jesus didn't play nice. Stay in touch:
December 11, 2020
Episode 109: Lies! Lies! Lies!
Freedom is under attack!  We are being gaslighted,  suppressed, and censored, and it's time for Christians to take their rightful place.  On this episode of Soul Gym Sisters, we discuss how to navigate through the lies that are bombarding you, by knowing the truth ... the absolute truth.  If you know the truth, it will set you free! Stay in touch: Thoughts to Ponder: Truth unites us.  Remove God and your remove the truth. "My" truth is a myth.   Don't allow the media to gaslight you.  You're not crazy. 
December 04, 2020
Episode Episode 108: Grateful or Aggrieved?
With all that is going on in the world, we have a choice to be grateful or aggrieved.  On this episode of Soul Gym Sisters, we look at the overwhelming evidence that a spirit of gratitude has on our mental, physical, and spiritual wellness.  On this Thanksgiving, don't miss the opportunity to tell the people around you how thankful you are for each and every one of them.  Many blessings! Keep in touch: Ponder this: Keep a gratitude journal.  We, humans, tend to forget the good things in our life. Gratitude is the antedote to depression. There is no space between gratitude and ingratitude. 
November 26, 2020
Episode 107: Top 10 Reasons to Have Joy … Even In Chaotic Times!
Joy is not some sweet word for being happy but a powerful force that can transform your life.  On this episode of Soul Gym Sisters, we identify 10 reasons to have joy and how to cultivate joy in your life ... even in chaotic times.   Stay connected: Thoughts to Ponder If you're a Christian joy is already a part of your DNA.   Joyful men are hot! You can't cry yourself to victory.  Joy up! 
November 20, 2020
Episode 106: Let's Get Ready to Rumble
Michael Buffer, ring announcer, is best known for his catchphrase: Let's Get Ready to Rumble.  The fight is on! There is indeed a battle for the soul of America.  On this episode of Soul Gym Sisters, we get fired up and identify three insidious wars going on in our country: the war against God, the war against children, and the war against you.  Put on your battle gear.  It's time to fight!  Stay in touch: Ponder This: Political correctness has stolen your voice. Critical Race Theory is destroying America. Pedophilia is being normalized.  BATTLE ON! 
November 13, 2020
Episode 105: Culture Wars: Be Strong and Courageous
There is no doubt we are in a culture war.  There is an assault on our families, the church, and our nation.  On this episode of Soul Gym Sisters, we discuss the battle to stay in faith and the need to be in it to win it.  No more weak, worn out, wussie Christians.  It's time to fight!  Be strong and courageous!  Stay in touch: Thoughts to Ponder: This is a spiritual battle. We win! Never give up the fight!  ***Replay
November 06, 2020
Episode 104: The Devourer: Don't Be Eaten Alive!
The devil is a liar.  His first lie is to get people to believe he's not real.  He's real all right, and he prowls around seeking who he may devour.  Don't let him devour you. On this episode of Soul Gym Sisters, we expose the tools of the devil and his plan to steal, kill, and destroy your life.  Know the truth, and you won't fall for his lies.   Stay in touch: Thoughts to Ponder: The devil is not some innocuous imp that sits on your shoulder and whispers in your ear. The only power he has is the power we give him by listening to his lies. Know the truth.  Learn the Word. 
October 30, 2020
Episode 103: Tone Deaf? Are You a Whiner or a Winner?
Research shows that tone of voice is a significant indicator of marital success.  Tone matters!  On this episode of Soul Gym Sisters, we analyze how our tone communicates our true intentions, the importance of our words and our tone being congruent, and how to get the "whine" out of our tone.  Be a winner, not a whiner.  Stay in touch: 3 Thoughts to Ponder: 1. Whining kept the children of Israel out of their Promised Land. 2. A whining tone is an indicator of self-pity. 3. Whiners are always looking for sympathizers.
October 23, 2020
Episode 102: Content in the Crazy - Living Life from the Inside Out
How are we supposed to find contentment when chaos is swirling around us? The word contentment comes from the Latin contentus which means held together, intact, and whole.  It later came to mean complete.  So, how complete do you feel as a human being?  On this episode of Soul Gym Sisters, we discuss the dangers of discontentment, or not feeling complete, and lead you down a path to joy and inner peace.   True contentment comes from the inside out.   Thoughts to Think About: Contentment is not based on our circumstances.  Discontentment can destroy you physically, emotionally, financially, and relationally. Discontent is the breeding ground for sin. Stay in touch:
October 16, 2020
Episode 101: Blind Spots - If You Can't See It, You Can't Seize it!
Do you know who you are?  What has God created you to do?  On this episode of Soul Gym Sisters, we talk about Self- Awareness.  We look at the faulty filters in our life that cloud our perception and as a result, create blind spots.   God has an audacious plan for your life, but if you can't see it, you can't seize it.   Ponder This: Every moment of our life we choose a filter to look through. What are you looking through?   If we think negatively about ourselves we will seek validation from other people. We all have mental Scotomas: blind spots that prevent us from seeing what is right in front of us.  Mental Muscle Challenge: Self Awareness - Your thinking has created the life you have.  Is it the life you want?  Stay in touch:
October 09, 2020
Episode 100: Is Fear Messing Up Your Life?
Fear is at the root of stress.  According to Dr. Caroline Leaf, "Fear triggers 1400 physical and chemical responses in your body."  Wow!  On this episode of Soul Gym Sisters, we discuss how fear torments people.  We look at worry, procrastination, and anger as responses to fear.  Good news!  You can rewire those fearful beliefs with faithful beliefs.  Take a listen. Stay in Touch: 3 Points to Ponder: God has not given you a spirit of fear. When we think toxic thoughts it creates neurochemical chaos in our brain. Faith is having confidence that the God of the universe has your back. 
October 02, 2020
Episode 99: Why Accountability Matters
"It's not my fault." "I deserve it." "Don't tell me what to do."  These are a few of the attitudes that come from of a spirit of Entitlement.  On this episode of Soul Gym Sisters, we passionately discuss how a lack of accountability is ripping our society apart.  We identify how the self-esteem movement, political correctness, and disobedience have created a grievance culture, and what we can do about it.  3 Thoughts to Ponder: "When you give up accountability you grow weaker." David Goggins Excuses suck!  Everyone knows it. A lack of accountability leads to mediocrity.  Stay in touch:
September 25, 2020
Episode 98: The Seduction of Self-Pity
Don't sabotage God's audacious plan for your life because of self-pity.  On this episode of Soul Gym Sisters, we dive into the dangers of self-pity.  Get off the commiseration station, and learn to love your life.  Stay in touch: 3 Thoughts to Ponder: 1. Gratitude is the answer.  It shifts your perspective to what you "have" as opposed to what you "don't" have. 2. Jesus rebuked Peter when he tried to get Him to feel sorry for Himself. 3. Self-pity seduces us into believing we are entitled to our commiseration.  *** Replay
August 30, 2020
Episode 97: Fundamentals of Faith - Time to Win!
In order to play any sport (softball) well, you need to know the fundamentals, so when game time comes you can execute.  On this episode of Soul Gym Sisters, we talk about why Christians are losing their minds.  It's because they don't know the fundamentals of faith.  People play religious, but don't actually know what to do when they have to execute a spiritual play.  It's time to win! Stay connected: Think About It: Fundamentals lay the foundation. You must build your house on the rock.  When the storm comes you're left standing. IDENTITY, AUTHORITY, RESPONSIBILITY! 
August 21, 2020
Episode 96: Armor Up and Dash the Doldrums
The world can look pretty crazy right now, and you may be experiencing the doldrums.  On this episode of Soul Gym Sisters, we discuss how to armor up, and power up to get your spirits, energy, and life back on track. Stay in touch: Think About It: 1.  We are in a battle between good and evil. 2. Our battle is a spiritual battle, so we have to fight with spiritual means. 3. Put on your armor: belt of truth, breastplate of righteousness, shod your feet, shield of faith, helmet of salvation, and sword of the spirit.
August 14, 2020
Episode 95: Don't Tell Me What to Do
Are you stubborn?  Do you have a stubborn child?  Stubbornness is a dogged determination not to change one's attitude or position.  On this episode of Soul Gym Sisters, we discuss how refusing to change will only lead to destruction.  Has God (or your mom) been dealing with you about something?  Look at your life five or ten years down the road, how is this attitude or position going to play itself out?  God's not looking for a perfect person, just a willing heart.   Stay in touch: 3 Points to Ponder: 1.  He who is often rebuked and stiffens his neck will be destroyed suddenly, with no remedy.  Proverbs 29:11 2.  Is the hill you've camped on worth dying for?  3.  Change your thinking and change your circumstances.
August 08, 2020
Episode 94: Hope in Troubled Times
In these crazy times we need hope, and God has given you a hope and a future.  What are you hoping for?  On this episode of Soul Gym Sisters, we want to speak life and hope into your weary soul.   Stay in touch:  Thoughts to Ponder: 1.  Hope is not wishing. Hope is earnest expectation. 2. Hope is the blueprint for faith.   3.  Believe that you will see the goodness of God.  ***Replay
July 31, 2020
Episode 93: Get Your Groove On … Hardwire Your Habits
We love the quote my Mark Batterson, "Show me your habits, and I'll show you your future."  It's so true.  The decisions you are making today will determine your tomorrow.  On this episode of Soul Gym Sisters, we describe the science behind habit development and detail the process of developing muscle memory.  So, whether you want to lose weight, get your finances in order, or learn a new skill, all you need to do is … start today!   Stay connected: Ponder This: 1.  Your life is the sum of your habits. 2. The more you do something the deeper the grooves are carved into your brain. 3. Most of our life is lived on autopilot.  You are the captain of your life.  Take charge! 
July 24, 2020
Episode 92: Identity in Christ or in Crisis?
Is your identity in Christ or in crisis?  Our identity is our sense of who we are.  Over time, our identity paints a picture on the inside, and we respond to life based upon this belief.  On this episode of Soul Gym Sisters, we talk about how people try to change their behavior before changing their identity.  So, when they "can't" lose weight, stop drinking, or overspending, we feel terrible about themselves.  Learn how to place your identity in Christ (renew your mind), and you'll no longer experience an identity crisis.  Stay in touch: Three Thoughts to Ponder: 1.  Your life is a reflection of your thoughts. 2.  Your thoughts have created your identity. 3.  From your identity you make decisions … good and bad.  ***REPLAY
July 18, 2020
Episode 91: Who's the Enemy?
The world looks like it has lost it's mind.  There is chaos in our world right now.  The news is filled with images of people screaming at the police and at each other.  On this episode of Soul Gym Sisters we talk about identifying the real enemy: the devil.  Ephesians 6:12 says,  "For our struggle is not  against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers,  against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places." It's time to fight!  Stay in touch: 3 Key Thoughts We are fighting the wrong enemy.  It's not each other. This is a spiritual fight. Do not be conformed to the world's thinking.  
July 10, 2020
Episode 90: Our Search for Significance
Our search for significance is centered around the age-old questions ... who am I?  On this episode of Soul Gym Sisters, we discuss how each of us has a natural hunger for love and acceptance.  So, when we experience rejection or failure it can mess with our sense of self-worth.  You are loved, forgiven, and uniquely designed.  Remember, God has an audacious plan for your life.  Step into your significance! Stay connected: 3 Thoughts to Ponder: 1.  Rejection of who you are communicates little respect and low value. 2. Our behavior is consistent with what we think about ourselves.  If you want to change your behavior ... change your identity. 3.  You have an enemy who constantly attacks our value.   For I know the plans and thoughts that I have for you,’ says the Lord, ‘plans for peace and well-being and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. Jeremiah 29:11 Reference: The Search for Significance, Robert McGee (1985)
July 03, 2020
Episode 89: Rise Above the Chaos
The world is in chaos right now.  We are living through a "pandemic," watching cities burn with civil unrest, and have palpable division in our country ... let alone just everyday life.  On this episode of Soul Gym Sisters, we bring on a representative of Generation Z to discuss what the young people are experiencing.  We hit hard on how Jesus is the only answer,  that God doesn't want us to just get through this, but that He wants us to rise above and live an abundant life.   Stay in touch: 3 Big Thoughts: You've got to fix the money thing.  Without it there's no peace. Abundance is a great witness to the goodness of God. The world is not attracted to your poverty.  We need money to advance the Kingdom.   Scripture:  A thief has only one thing in mind - he wants to steal, slaughter, and destroy.  But I have come to give you everything in abundance, more than you expect - life in its fullness until you overflow.  John 10:10 TPT
June 26, 2020
Episode 88: Change the Inner You & You Change the Outer You
Between 80-90% of women dislike or even hate their bodies.  How we see ourselves, and how we believe others see us is based on our body image.  Do you want to change your body?  Then you must change your identity: the inner picture you see.  On this episode of Soul Gym Sisters, we give you five keys to transform your fitness (or anything for that matter), when you change your thinking.  Step into God's audacious plan for your life!   Stay in touch: 3 Key Thoughts: You have to know "who" you are in Christ. The devil works to attack our "worthiness."  Crush him. Mental Muscle is the process of renewing our mind.   Want to Change Your Life?:
June 19, 2020
Episode 87: The Power of Focus
Distractions are everywhere!  Do you know the #1 reason that stops people from getting what they want?  It's the lack of focus.  On this episode of Soul Gym Sisters, we discuss how to get Crystal clear on what you want, that multitasking is a myth, and how picking up your phone all day is majorly cutting into your productivity.  Do you want success?  Time to get focused! Stay in touch: Check out a preview of Mind Moxie: 3 Key Thinking Tips: "Your thoughts, images you visualize, and actions you take are the only thing you can control." You've got to decide what you want. What you focus on grows ... good or bad.   Resources: High Performance Habits, Brendon Burchard The Power of Focus: 10th Anniversary Edition, Jack Canfield
June 12, 2020
Episode 86: Guard Your Heart
Scripture says, "Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it."  With all the turmoil in the world, it is so important to protect your most precious asset: your heart.  On this episode of Soul Gym Sisters, we talk about setting up boundaries around our heart.  Remember trouble can be swirling around you, but it doesn't have to get in you.   And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.  Philippians 4:7 Stay in touch: 3 Key Points: We need peace right now.  Seek God's word. Establish boundaries. Let God lead you in the truth. 
June 05, 2020
Episode 85: Stir it Up!
We want to encourage you today to stir yourself up.  Scripture says to "fan into flame" or get your passion back.  On this episode of Soul Gym Sisters, we want to help you get out of any funk you might be in, by reminding you that you have a gift.  Your gift is uniquely given to you, and someone needs it.  So, get out there and use your gift to make someone's life better.  Stir it Up! Get connected with us: 3 Key Points: "You" have to stir yourself up. Your gift can bring your life purpose and prosperity. Don't wait until you feel like it.  Decide to stir up your gift today. For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you... 2 Timothy 1:6
May 29, 2020
Episode 84: Freedom From a Victim-Hood Mentality
Capitalizing on victim-hood has become big business.  On this episode of Soul Gym Sisters, we talk about how every person on the planet has been victimized in some way.  Pain is common.  However, life gets a whole lot better when you shift from a victim to a victor.  You are not helpless.  In fact, the only real thing we can control is ourselves.  Time to stop whining, complaining, blaming and excuse-making.  It is time to lead your life, love your life, and lavish it on others.  Say no to being a victim.  Connect with us: 3 Key Points We are 100% responsible for our happiness. "He who excuses himself accuses himself." It's a lot of work to be a victim.  Why not put all that energy into winning.
May 22, 2020
Episode 83: The 3 C's of Leading in a Crisis ... Consistentency, Compassion, and Courage!
Leadership is a complicated phenomenon.  Why do some leaders inspire and bring out the best in a crisis and others panic and bring out the worst?  On this episode of Soul Gym Sisters, we talk about the three C's for leading in a crisis (or at any time for that matter): consistency, compassion, and courage.  As leaders we don't have the luxury of being a moody Judy, up one day and down the next.  Be consistent in actions and attitude.  We also talk about the power of compassion and how it moves people to action when they know you care about them.  Finally, leadership requires courage.  It takes courage to make the tough choices and lead the change without compromising your values.  Leadership is not for the faint of heart.  Enjoy today's episode, and lead well!  Connect with us: 3 Key Points: Be consistent.  It gives your followers confidence. Be Compassionate.  Develop your empathy skills. God commanded Joshua to be strong and courageous.  That command is just as true today!
May 15, 2020
Episode 82: Your Daily Actions are Predicting Your Future ... Success or Failure?
How are you living today?  John Maxwell says, "If I spent one day with you, I would be able to tell if you are going to be successful."  On this episode of Soul Gym Sisters, we talk about how our daily actions (income, relationships, and health) are predicting our future.  The secret to success lies in our daily agenda.  So, decide what matters and start today.  Own your morning and you own the day.  Consistency is the key to victory!  Start today because ... Today Matters! Get connected: 3 Key Points: Today is the only time you have. Success is based on your daily agenda. Take control over your time.  References: John Maxwell, Today Matters: 12 Daily Practices to Guarantee Tomorrow's Success.
May 08, 2020
Episode 81: Stretch Out Your Neck ... Hope is Here
Hope is not merely wishing things would get better.  Godly hope is filled with earnest expectation.  On this episode of Soul Gym Sisters, we discuss how hope paints a picture of possibility.  Hope is the blueprint for faith, and it must be present before faith can build anything in your life.  It's hope that gets us through the tough times.  Get your eyes on God's promises and off your circumstances.  Remember Jeremiah 29:11, "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you HOPE and a future." God's got big plans for you! 3 Key Points Hope is not wishing, but expecting. God's got a plan for your life. Get your eyes off your circumstances and onto God's word.   Tweet This: You get what you expect. Don't go adrift.  Anchor yourself to hope. Don't be a double-minded Donna.  Decide.  Stay in Touch:
May 01, 2020
Episode 80: Legacy ... What Kind Are You Leaving?
We are creating our legacy every day.  What kind are you leaving?  On this episode of Soul Gym Sisters, we interview our dad.   We discuss his legacy of health and fitness, family, and laughter.  He also describes the life changing decision he made the day he was kicked out of the house and told to never come back.  Decisions have consequences, some are eternal.  Decide today what kind of legacy you want to leave.  3 Key Points We are all going to leave a legacy. We each get to decide what kind of legacy we leave. It's never too late to change your legacy. For more resources:
April 24, 2020
Episode 79: You Can Overcome Anything!
During this pandemic you can be an overcomer.  On this episode of Soul Gym Sisters, we show you how to overcome any battle in your life.  We are in a battle, and the voice in your head may be telling you you're going under, or you're never going to recover financially.  Lies, all lies.  Scripture says, "everyone born of God overcomes the world."  Get into the Word and fight the good fight of faith.  God has never lied.  He's got you.  Be an overcomer! 
April 18, 2020
Episode 78: The Price Was Paid ... Live in Victory!
Why do so many people live in condemnation?  On this episode of Soul Gym Sisters, we discuss how Jesus' death and resurrection purchased our freedom from sin and death, forgiveness of sins, our healing, and complete victory.  Sadly, we listen to the lies of the devil and don't fully recognize what Jesus did for us.  In fact, Scripture says the same power that raised Jesus from the dead is living in us.  Whoa!  If we could get a revelation of that we'd never be the same.  Happy Easter!   If you want additional resources check us out:
April 10, 2020
Episode 77: When Your Back is Against the Red Sea - Step Out
You might be feeling like your back is against the wall feeling fear, financial strain, marital strain, mental stress, and even the temptation to lose heart.  Don't!  On this episode of Soul Gym Sisters, we talk about how the Israelites had their back to the Red Sea, while the Egyptian army was bearing down on them.  When you are in a desperate situation, God is at His best.  Reach out, and take one simple step of faith.   Need more resources?  Go to our website: 3 Main Points: What we focus on grows.  Feed faith, not fear. Perspective matters.  Shift it.  Part the waters in your life - step out in faith. Tweetable Quotes: "Nothing shifts perspective more than a grateful heart." "Look for signs.  They are all around you." "How we view it is how we do it." Resources: Hebrews 11:29
April 03, 2020
Episode 76: Too Much Time on Your Hands? Do This ...
The Coronavirus pandemic has forced the entire world into isolation, and people are feeling the effects.  On this episode of Soul Gym Sisters, we discuss the physical and emotional problems associated with isolation.  During this time of quarantine you have to be purposeful with your time because boredom is dangerous. You can find yourself binge-eating, binge-drinking, and binge-watching just to pass the time.  Instead, it's a great time to reconnect with God, start that exercise program, or learn a new skill.  Tune in for some practical and funny solutions.  Hang in there.  We've got this!  Connect with us: 3 Main Points: Don't isolate yourself - thank God for technology. Idle minds are dangerous  Take advantage of this time, don't let it take advantage of you. Tweetable Quotes: "The Coronavirus has nothing on the Proverbs 31 woman." "Idle minds are the devil's workshop."  Resources:   The Bible
March 27, 2020
Episode 75: Pushing Back Fear in Troubling Times
When we sense danger we respond by fight, flight, or freeze.  On this episode of Soul Gym Sisters, we talk about how the spirit of fear is convincing people to hoard toilet tissue and bottled water.  We want to encourage people in this crazy time to deal with the Coronavirus in faith and not in fear.   Go to our website for resources: 3 Main Points: God says, "Do not be afraid 365 times."  One for every day of the year.  The devil wants us to be afraid.  Choose to capture those fearful thoughts, and replace it with God's promise. This is a spiritual battle.  Fight with spiritual tools: prepare, pray, and praise. Be bold! Tweetable Quotes:  "God's peace is different from the world's peace." "Fear brings torment." "What we feed grows."   Resources:  God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7 (NIV)
March 20, 2020
Episode 74: Create the Vision & Invent the Way - Goalsetting 101
Scripture says, "Without a vision the people perish."  On this episode of Soul Gym Sisters, we talk about how having a vision for your life energizes your daily habits.  When you have a vision no obstacle can stop you from achieving it.  Learn how to set goals, so you can get where you want to go.  It's only up from here. 3 Key Points: Without a vision the people perish. When you have a vision, you will invent a way to bring it to pass. Goalsetting 101: the Lou Tice way.  Tweetable Quotes: "Goals are forethoughts." "Without goals you die." "We are teleological. We need targets." Resources:  Lou Tice: Smart Talk
March 13, 2020
Episode 73: The Power of Repetition: Developing Good Habits and Busting Bad Ones
Your life today is essentially the sum of your habits.  On this episode of Soul Gym Sisters, we define habit formation, the power of repetition, and how to rid our life of negative habits.   Episode Highlights: Our success is a result of our daily habits. Habits are small decisions and actions we repeat every day. Muscle memory is developed by exercise habits.  If you stop due to illness or injury and return, it's going to take you less time to get back into shape.  So get back into the gym! 3 Key Points: Habits become automated.  We are our habits.  Find your why and form good habits. Tweetable Quotes: "How content or discontent you are is a result of your habits." "What you do repeatedly ultimately forms your identity."  Resources: James Clear, Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits and Break Bad Ones.
March 06, 2020
Episode 72: Second Place Sucks!
What do all consistent winners have in common?  Hard Work? Money? Equipment? Conditioning? Nope.  All winners have a gold medal mindset.  What we believe about our own abilities and potential fuels our behavior and predicts our success.  You can win at any area of your life when you change  "good enough" thinking.  Don't settle for second best.  Imagine your "ideal" life.  Winning starts in the Soul Gym. Develop your solid gold mindset, and step into the winner’s circle.
February 29, 2020
Episode 71: Mental Agility ... Foundation for Change
Do you feel stuck?  Does your life feel as dry as toast without butter?  On this episode of Soul Gym Sisters, we discuss how mental agility or flexibility is the foundation for change.  Don't let stubbornness thwart your health and happiness.  Change your thinking and you can change your life.  We'd love to hear from you.  Contact us:                  
February 21, 2020
Episode 70: Sower or Sucker?
 What do all successful marriages have in common?  True Love!  Have you ever seen a thriving relationship that was built on a self-centered ego maniac?  No! Relationships tend to fall into one of two areas: sower or sucker.   On this episode of the Soul Gym Sisters, we show you how to apply 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 and transform any relationship. Be a lover not a leecher.  Happy Valentine's Day! 
February 14, 2020
Episode 69: Unlovable?
Do you feel unlovable?  Has life beat you up and left your soul scarred?  On this episode of the Soul Gym Sisters, we discuss the power of God's love.  The power to heal, the power to restore, and the power to free you from pain.  There is nothing you can do to earn His love.  You can't go to church enough, pray enough, or tithe enough.  God's lavish love is waiting to envelop you.  Rest in His presence.   Contact Us: You may be interested in checking out our online course:
February 07, 2020
Episode 68: Love Your Body
Our body image is the way we perceive our body, and how we believe other people do too. On this episode of Soul Gym Sisters we discuss how body image is tied to our identity and strongly influences our behavior.  It not only dictates what eat, but why you eat it.  We certainly advocate for healthy eating and exercise, but changing our body images comes from the inside out.   We referenced our new online course.  You can click here to check it out: 
January 31, 2020
Episode 67: You are More than Enough
We have an enemy of our soul who is always attacking our self-worth.  On this episode of the Soul Gym Sisters, we discuss why people feel like they are never enough, so we hustle and grind in order to prove we are.  We encourage you to meditate this week on Matthew 11:29-30 in the AMPC version, and find rest and refreshment.  You are more than enough!  Episode Highlights: *God us living in Shalom.  The Hebrew word to mean nothing missing, nothing broken. *The enemy of your soul is always getting you to question your self-worth. *In order to prove we are enough we grind and hustle ourselves into the grave. *Faulty thinking can lead to mental health problems. 3 Key Points: 1.  God wants you healthy and prosperous. 2. You are more than enough. 3. Meditate on Matthew 11:29-30 (AMPC) Tweetable Quotes: "If you don't feel you're enough, than nothing is enough." "The devil is always attacking your self-worth." "We have to find the balance between developing ourselves and developing our relationship with God." Resources: Holy Bible (Amplified Bible, Classic Edition)                                                                                                         Thanks for Listening!
January 25, 2020
Episode 66: One Thought Can Change Your Life
We think we are trapped in our circumstances, but we are really trapped in our head.  On this episode of the Soul Gym Sisters, we discuss how the enemy of our soul wants our thinking to be conformed to the world's thinking.  We discuss the how you can change your life when you change your thoughts. God has an audacious plan for you!  Get fun stuff.  Check us out:
January 17, 2020
Episode 65: How to Get Healthy and Rock 2020!
When you don't feel good, you don't want to do much of anything.  On this episode of the Soul Gym Sisters, we discuss how health is at the center of your life.  You need to be healthy, so you can fulfill God's audacious plan designed just for you.  Tune in and find out some insider tips, from taking naps, to hacking your subconscious thoughts.  Here's to a healthy and prosperous 2020! 
January 10, 2020
Episode 64: Even as Your Soul Prospers
Does God want me prosperous?  Absolutely!  On this episode of Soul Gym Sisters, we talk about how to live healthy and prosperous in 2020.  First, you have to decide to take 100% control of your life, so you can live out God's audacious plan.  The degree to which your soul (thinking) prospers will be the level with which the rest of your life prospers.  Here's to a rich and delicious new year!  Check us out:
January 03, 2020
Episode 63: Win the Morning in 2020!
Tim Ferris says, "When you win the morning, you win the day.  In this Episode of Soul Gym Sisters we talk about strategies for owning your "power hour", and how a few tweak can turn your 2020 into a year that goes "beyond your imagination."  We'll see you in 2020!   Subscribe for some fun freebies at:
December 26, 2019
Episode 62: Weak & Discouraged? Learn to Rest & Rejoice this Christmas!
Can you imagine the emotional battle Joseph had when he saw his beautiful Mary ... pregnant.  Back in his day he could've had her stoned, offered her a divorce decree which would have ostracized her, or stay with her.  Scripture says he debated with himself.  Sound familiar? On this episode of the Soul Gym Sisters, we discuss how things aren't always as they seem.  While Joseph was looking at the circumstances, a pregnant belly, he fell asleep and the Holy Spirit spoke to him.  When all we do is focus on our circumstances we can lose our joy and peace and are left feeling worried and weak.  Learn to enter into God's rest, listen to His direction, and you will find a reason to rejoice.  Merry Christmas!  Check out and subscribe for some fun freebies.  
December 21, 2019
Episode 61: Whiner or Winner?
Research says that communication is only 7% what we say. that leaves 93% of our communication nonverbal.  On this episode of the Soul Gym Sisters, we discuss how our tone tells a lot about us.  Is your tone one of a whiner or a winner?  You can change your tone when you draw a line in the sand and decide to "live by faith."  Tune in and find out how.  No Whiners!  Follow us on social media, and check out our site:
December 13, 2019
Episode 60: Romanticize Your Life
What does it mean to romanticize your life?  On this episode of the Soul Gym Sisters, we talk about how a Facebook post struck us.  It suggested we should "romanticize" our life by making our commute fun and drinking a cup of coffee like it's the best cup we ever drank.  It's a mindset that appreciates the present and dreams of life getting even better.  Rise above the mundane. This is the perfect time to relish in the magic of Christmas. Go ahead and dream!   
December 07, 2019
Episode 59: The Wizards and My Weakened Soul
Do you ever look at your life and ask, "how'd I get here?"  On this episode of Soul Gym Sisters, we talk about the wizards in our life (parents, teachers, coaches, etc.) whose words planted seeds in the soil of our soul.  As children, we have little ability to filter through negative experiences so we bury these painful memories deep into our subconscious, but unresolved trauma will surface somewhere.  Good news … there is healing for the weakened soul.   
November 29, 2019
Episode 58: Grateful Greta or Aggrieved Gary?
We are living in a grievance culture, where we see slights and offense in everything.  If you're looking for a grievance, you're going to find it.  On this episode of the Soul Gym Sisters, we discuss how gratitude unlocks blessing and abundance in your life.  Research shows that gratitude reduces depression and generalized anxiety, strengthens relationships, and develops tenacity (Mental Muscle).   Start the practice of gratitude the second you open your eyes, and watch your life change. 
November 23, 2019
Episode 57: Resist - Be a Satan Smacker
The devil is the father of lies, and his first lie is to convince you he isn't real.  He is!  On this episode of the Soul Gym Sisters, we discuss how our enemy, the devil, roams around like a lion seeking who he may devour.  He is pure evil, but the only power he has is that which we give him … when we listen and agree with his lies.  Take your life back by being a devil destroyer, a Satan smacker, and a tricky little bastard whacker.  RESIST! 
November 15, 2019
Episode 56: Armor Up - Fight the Good Fight
To be in any battle you have to know your enemy.  On this episode of the Soul Gym Sisters, we talk about the enemy of our soul.  The father of lies first deception is to try and convince you he doesn't exist.  He does!  This life requires us to fight, but we have to fight right.  We have to fight the "good" fight of faith.  The world's system enslaves, but God's system frees.  Armor up! 
November 09, 2019
Episode 55: What Do You Expect?
Are you a worst-case scenario thinker?  On this episode of the Soul Gym Sisters we talk about expectations, because we get out of life what we expect.  People who always assume the worst actually attract negativity into their life.  Worst-case scenario thinking affects your trajectory, health, and relationships.  Take control over your thinking and start expecting the God of the universe to do something good.  Good God … Bad Devil! 
November 01, 2019
Episode 54: Passive Patsy or Importunate Ida?
Scripture says to "come boldly to the throne."  Ask, seek, and find!  On this episode of the Soul Gym Sisters, we talk about praying bold prayers and believing you receive.  God's got a big audacious plan for your life! 
October 26, 2019
Episode 53: Cultivate the Soil of Your Soul
Jesus said if we understood the parable of the sower we could understand everything else.  On this episode of the Soul Gym Sisters we discuss the four conditions of the heart: wayside, stony, thorny, and good.  Which one do you have? 
October 18, 2019
Episode 52: Celebrate Good Times ... Come On!
Woo Hoo!  Soul Gym Sisters reached their 1-year anniversary!  On this episode of SGS we talk about the power of small wins and how to have a celebratory spirit.  Stop being so freakin' serious! 
October 12, 2019
Episode 51: Danger On the "Woe is Me" Road
There is hardly a more destructive mindset than that of self-pity.  On this episode of the Soul Gym Sisters we look at the signs, symptoms, and seduction of the insidious trap of self-pity, and how you escape.   
October 05, 2019
Episode 50: The Mindset of a Sugar Packet Thief
On this episode of the Soul Gym Sisters we discuss the mindsets of scarcity and abundance.  If you have a hard time being happy for other people's success, stuff wads of sugar packets into your purse, or eat like it's your last meal, you may have a scarcity mentality.  Find out how to change your mindset and start living in abundance. 
September 27, 2019
Episode 49: The Thieving Power of Worry
Worry is the "what if" disease.  What if m husband leaves me?  What if I lose my job?  Worry means to gnaw … like a dog on a bone.  The worrier chews all day, ruminating on the negative.  Worry steals your joy and peace, and robs you of your health and mental wellness.  On this Episode of the Soul Gym Sisters we discuss ways to stop this negative habit so you can enjoy today. 
September 20, 2019
Episode 48: Spiritual Heart Disease
According to the American Heart Association, "Heart disease is the leading cause of death in America."  The same is true in the Soul Gym.  People are dying spiritually due to a damaged and diseased spiritual heart.  On this episode of the Soul Gym Sisters we discuss how to protect our heart from being breached by the wrong people and the negative influences that bombard us daily.  
September 13, 2019
Episode 47: Tandem Acts of Kindness
Our culture is a hot mess right now.  People are angry, offended, and dismissive.  On this Episode of the Soul Gym Sisters we discuss the power of kindness, and how it changes both the giver and the receiver.  The giver is bathed in a "helpers high" while the receiver's soul is loved and validated. Change a life today with one simple, but profound, act of kindness. 
September 08, 2019
Episode 46: Mental Wusses - Toughen Up!
Every person on the planet was designed to live out God's audacious plan for their life.  Why aren't we living it?  On this episode of the Soul Gym Sisters we discuss how Christians are in a fight for the soul of our country, our families, and our purpose.  The fight to stay in faith is not for the faint of heart, but for those who decide to develop a steely spiritual soul.  This mental toughness is developed by consistently renewing our mind through the Word of God.  It's time the world see us as warriors in this fight … not wusses!
August 30, 2019
Episode 45: Who Are You?
On this episode of the Soul Gym Sisters we discuss how our thinking has created our life.  When we think about something repeatedly it becomes a belief, and these beliefs get burrowed into our subconscious mind where they are at work painting the canvass of our identity.  So the choices we make in our life are in direct response to how we see ourselves.  If you don't like how something is going in your life find out how God sees you: a masterpiece, a conqueror, and His beloved.  Get that revelation, and watch your life transform!  
August 23, 2019
Episode 44: Laugh Your Way Healthy
There is hardly a more heartwarming sound than the laugh of a baby.  On this episode of the Soul Gym Sisters we discuss the power of laughter to improve our physical, mental, and social health.  Laugher is a spiritual force that gets us through tough times, heals both body and soul, and bonds people together.  This week seek out the funny, and learn to make laughter a part of your daily lifestyle. 
August 16, 2019
Episode 43: Make Up Your Mind - Stop Being a Victim of Vacillation
Are you tired of feeling like a victim of vacillation? "There is nothing more powerful than a made up mind."   On this episode of the Soul Gym Sisters, we discuss how living lukewarm sucks.  Instead, decide to live single-minded.  Do you need to lose weight? Stop smoking? Forgive your mom?  Whatever it is … COMMIT.   If you're willing to pay the price, nothing can stop you! Contact Us:
August 09, 2019
Episode 42: The Leadership Challenge
Leadership expert John Maxwell says, "Everything rises and falls on leadership."  On this episode of the Soul Gym Sisters, we talk about the "everything."  Every family, classroom, business, organization, team, government, and yes … every nation.  The leadership challenge begins with leading ourselves well, so we earn the right to lead others.  It is then that we can rally an empowered team to accomplish God's audacious plan for our life.  Lead well!  Contact us, we'd love to hear from you:
August 03, 2019
Episode 41: The Imagination Station
On this episode of the Soul Gym Sisters, we discuss how most people walk around unaware of their thought life, operating on deeply entrenched limiting beliefs.  Those negative voices speak loud and clear when we're under pressure.  Just listen.  You may hear things like, "You're not worthy."  "You'll never lose the weight."  "You are not lovable."  These negative thoughts may be running areas of your life and you don't even know it, but you see the evidence.  Good news! You can rewrite your story … when you tap into your Imagination Station! Contact us:
July 29, 2019
Episode 40: Body & Soul Boot Camp - 5 Principles to Get Fit Inside & Out
On this episode of the Soul Gym Sisters we discuss the sad realization that most women are dissatisfied with their bodies.  Our flabby thighs are an outward manifestation of our flabby thinking.  Our desire to change is lost when we focus on changing our behavior instead of changing our thought life. So, we apply the 5 health-related components of physical fitness: body composition, flexibility, muscular strength, cardiorespiratory fitness, and muscular endurance and train you how to apply them to your mental fitness.  It's time to get fit inside and out!  
July 22, 2019
Episode 39: Own the Day with Your Morning Routine
On this episode of the Soul Gym Sisters we discuss the life-changing power of a morning routine.  Some people call it the "hour of power" or the "golden hour."  We call it our "pray, prep, and rep" time.  Maximize your energy, productivity, and creativity.  Own the first hour of your day, and you own the day! 
July 15, 2019
Episode 38: Put Some Fire in Your Desire
On this episode of the Soul Gym Sisters we talk about how disappointments fester and lead to discouragement.  Our dispirited soul is left joyless and weakened.  God's audacious plan for your life sidelined.  Tune in and discover how to stir up the fire of your desire. 
July 08, 2019
Episode 37: Stuck in the Complaining Loop?
On this episode of Soul Gym Sisters we discuss how complaining keeps us stuck in our muck.  We can break free when we do what we love, and stop complaining about what we hate.  No one likes a complainer.  Learn how not to be "that" person.  
July 01, 2019
Episode 36: The Enduring Soul Never Gives Up
In this episode of the Soul Gym Sisters we discuss how patience is not passively waiting around, but cheerful endurance.  Get the twins "faith and patience" working for you, because there is a big reward for those who don't quit.
June 24, 2019
Episode 35: Stretch Rigid Thinking With Mental Yoga
On this episode of the Soul Gym Sisters we discuss how rigid thinking keeps us unhappy, unhealthy, and unfulfilled.  Don't wait for your circumstances to change, you be the change, but it requires a willing heart.  Have you had enough? 
June 17, 2019
Episode 34: Cardio Soul ... Guard Your Heart
In this episode of Soul Gym Sisters we discuss the health of our heart, the imperative to guard our heart, and the need for a heart check up. Work up your spiritual sweat with Cardio Soul.
June 10, 2019
Episode 33: Strong Inside and Out
On this episode of the Soul Gym Sisters we discuss that without a vision for our life we are left feeling weak and uninspired.  So, in order to get from "here" to "there" we have to envision what we want in the future and work towards it by setting goals.  We walk through the process of writing down our affirmations, visualizing and emotionalizing them, and imprinting them in our heart.  Here's to feeling strong ... inside and out!  Want more?:
June 03, 2019
Episode 32: Unleash Your Mental Masterpiece
On this episode of Soul Gym Sisters we discuss how to create your "ideal" life.  When you learn to implement the creative power of imagination, meditation, and declaration you can unleash your mental masterpiece. 
May 24, 2019
Episode 31: Assess Your Soul Composition
On this episode of the Soul Gym Sisters we set out to assess our Soul Composition: the amount of flabby thinking versus Mental Muscle.  Negative thinking and limiting beliefs impact our health, wealth, and relationships.  Take the "unscientific" Lifestyle Assessment and evaluate yourself in the following categories: faith, family, fitness, friends, finances, and fun!  Pick one area to improve and let's get started.
May 17, 2019
Episode 30: Strength for the Weakened Soul
On this episode of Soul Gym Sisters we discuss how unhealthy thoughts create limiting beliefs: a belief that is constraining you in some way.  Limiting beliefs negatively impact our lives by blinding us to opportunity, producing results we don't want, and keeping us "safely" living far below our potential. Limiting beliefs must be identified and challenged, so we can live strong, healthy, and prosperous!  
May 10, 2019
Episode 29: The Soul Gym: Get Your Flabby Thinking into Shape
On this episode of the Soul Gym Sisters we discuss how everyone wants to get in shape, but over half of all gym memberships go unused.  The struggle with weight (or anything for that matter) isn't found at the local YMCA, in a fat-burner, or in white-knuckled determination.  The answer is found deep within your soul.  So, step into the Soul Gym and get that flabby thinking into shape.  Train your inner strength, and you can transform your health, wealth, and relationships.
May 03, 2019
Episode 28: Shake Off the Dust & Enter the Promised Land
The Soul Gym Sisters discuss the lessons we should learn from the Israelites who wandered in the desert for forty years.  Don't miss the opportunity to make it into your Promised Land.  Shake off the dust!
April 26, 2019
Episode 26: Palm Sunday ... Fan, Friend, or Pharisee?
The Soul Gym Sisters discuss the significance of Palm Sunday, how Jesus bucked the culture of the day, and whether we have the heart of a fan, a friend, or a Pharisee.  
April 13, 2019
Episode 25: God is NOT in Control
People spit out the reverent sounding mantra, "God is in control"  when  life's difficult questions cannot be answered. The Soul Gym Sisters expound on the Sovereignty of God (supreme power and authority) as revealed through His love and not control.   God created the heavens and the earth, made humanity in His own image, put the laws of gravity, thermodynamics, and sowing and reaping in motion.  In His sovereignty, He forgives, heals, and delivers.  God has armed us with His Word, placed a seed of faith in us, opened up communication, and gave us Free Will.  You choose!
April 05, 2019
Episode 24: Do I Have to? No!
The Soul Gym Sisters discuss the motivation behind the choices we make.  When we feel we stuck we believe we "have to" do something,  and when we live with a "have to" attitude we live as though someone else is controlling us ... victims.  The "have to" attitude is rooted in fear, afraid that something bad is going to happen, so we keep doing what we've convinced ourselves we "have to" do.  But the people who live with a "want to" attitude live satisfied and content. The are energized, creative, and free.  They are the victors of their life.  We are always faced with a choice.  Make a decision to quit the "have to" or change your attitude.  Find what you're passionate about , tap into your God-given gifts, and live with an attitude of "want to."   
March 31, 2019
Episode 23: EntitleMEnt: Trophies, and Ribbons, and Praise ... Oh My!
I deserve.  It's not my fault.  Where's my trophy?  According to Dr. John Townsend, "Entitlement is a universal disease."  Crystal and Jody tackle the entitlement mindset, identify narcissistic characteristics, and provide solutions to kick the "I deserve" attitude out of our life.  It's not just for the rich and famous.  
March 22, 2019
Episode 22: Are You a Mediocre Mama?
On this episode of Soul Gym Sisters, we discuss how mediocrity leads to an unfinished, unadventurous, and unhappy life.  A life of the "uns" is no life at all.  But a life of excellence leads to promotion, promise, and prosperity.  A life of the "pros" is a life well lived. Don't be a Mediocre Mama. 
March 15, 2019
Episode 21: Who We Admire is How We Will Aspire
On this episode of Soul Gym Sisters we discuss that who we admire is a window into who we are, and what we give our attention to is what we deem important.  Fix your thoughts on what is admirable.  
March 08, 2019
Episode 20: It's Hard to Think Lovely When You Feel Ugly
On this episode of Soul Gym Sisters we discuss how ugly thoughts repel beauty from our lives, but fixing our thoughts on what is lovely attracts beauty.  
March 01, 2019
Episode 19: You Can't Hide: Motives Matter Part 2
On episode 19 of Soul Gym Sisters, we discuss how the hidden motive of our heart is either rooted in pride or humility, list symptoms of the pride that could be lurking and provide some answers to quench it.  
February 22, 2019
Episode 18: You Can't Hide: Motives Matter
On this week's episode of Soul Gym Sisters, we talk about toning up our flabby thinking by digging into the hidden motives of our heart.  
February 15, 2019
Episode 17: Right Side Up in an Upside Down World
In this episode of Soul Gym Sisters we discuss how moral relativism has turned right and wrong upside down, and how you can flip your thinking right side up.  
February 11, 2019
Episode 16: "Dis" Honored
On this week's episode of Soul Gym Sisters we discuss the culture of disrespect and what it means to be honorable. 
February 01, 2019
Episode 15: Deadly Deception
On this episode of the Soul Gym Sisters we expose the devil's deception and discuss the truth of God's power to set you free!
January 27, 2019
Episode 14: Don't Be a Double-Minded Donna
This week's episode of Soul Gym Sisters discusses the Mental Mayhem created when we profess our faith in God but hesitate in fear.  
January 19, 2019
Episode 13: Goodbye Worried Wanda
In this episode of Soul Gym Sisters we discuss how the "what if" disease can be kicked out of your life.  Goodbye Worried Wanda.   
January 13, 2019
Episode 12: Dumping Flabby Thinking (and 2018)!
On this episode of Soul Gym Sisters we have a great time bantering about how our flabby thinking keeps us stuck, and how we can develop Mental Muscle and live a killer 2019. 
January 06, 2019
Episode 10: Take the Crazy Out of Christmas and Keep Your Joy
The latest episode of Soul Gym Sisters discusses the power of joy and how we push back the holiday blues.
December 14, 2018
Episode 9: Take the Crazy Out of Christmas
The latest episode of Soul Gym Sisters discusses three ways to Guard Your Peace this Christmas.
December 07, 2018
Episode 8: Fight the Good Fight
The latest episode of Soul Gym Sisters talks about what to do when the tough times come. Change is difficult and we can find ourselves looking in the wrong places, at the wrong people, and fighting the wrong fight.
November 28, 2018
Episode 7: Training Your Tongue
The latest episode of Soul Gym Sisters takes on the power of our words to speak life or death. Discipline your mouth to tone up flabby thinking and develop Mental Muscle.
November 19, 2018
Episode 6: The Power of Meditation
The latest episode of Soul Gym Sisters discusses how to train your thoughts, words, and actions with meditation.
November 09, 2018
Episode 5: Set Your Soul Goal
The latest episode of Soul Gym Sisters discusses how goals are like magnets, they pull you into the future.
November 02, 2018
Episode 4: Unleash the Power of Your Imagination
The latest episode of Soul Gym Sisters discusses the power of imagination and how goal setting can change your future.
October 26, 2018
Episode 3: Imagine Your Ideal Life
The latest episode of Soul Gym Sisters discusses how feeling bad about yourself limits your Ideal future.
October 15, 2018
Episode 2: Live a Beautiful Life
The latest episode of Soul Gym Sisters discusses how to live a beautiful life when we renew our mind.
October 07, 2018
Episode 1: Developing Mental Muscle
The first episode of Soul Gym Sisters discusses the characteristics of flabby thinking and introduces the process for developing Mental Muscle.
September 26, 2018