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Brazil Worker's Podcast

Brazil Worker's Podcast

By CSP-Conlutas International
Brazil Worker's Podcast is an English language broadcast on labor news and current affairs in Brazil, Latin America and opinions on the struggle of the working class around the world. The program also addresses issues of concern to workers, such as housing, education, immigrant rights, the environment, from the point of view of the working class. There is also a space to express the struggle of women, LGBT and the black movement. Share news about the resistance of native Brazilians and the struggle of peasants for agrarian reform in Brazil.
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#15 - General strike day in Italy called by CUB Trasporti and Chile abolishes its dictatorship constitution
🔊 The 15o episode of Brazil Workers’ Podcast is available: In this episode, we address the general strike of October 23 in Italy, called by CUB Trasporti, to protest against the social and economic policies of the government. The main demands of the strike were against the precariousness and exploitation of work, for a guaranteed and decent income for workers and retirees, for the right to health, education and housing, but also against privatizations and military expenses of one of the main imperialist states of Europe. To talk about this struggle, we have an interview with Daniele Cofani, national director of CUB Trasporti. In Chile, the 1980 authoritarian constitution has been kept by both right-wing and “left-wing” administrations over 30 years of “democracy”. That is a major achievement of the Chilean revolution which started on October 18, 2019.
October 29, 2020
#14 - Process Constitution and the Revolution in Chile
🔊 The 14o episode of Brazil Workers’ Podcast is available: In this episode, we address the revolutionary process in Chile, with a brief report of Maria Rivera, an activist lawyer in defense of political prisoners and in struggle against Sebastián Piñera Neoliberal Government and its state and police violence.
October 22, 2020
#13 - Days of Fire in Brazil
🔊 The 13o episode of Brazil Workers’ Podcast is available: In this episode, we address an issue that concerns not only Brazil but the whole world: the destruction of forests in Brazil, especially the Amazon and the Pantanal region. The number of fires burning in standing Amazon rainforest spiked dramatically in recent weeks, threatening the forest’s biodiversity — a richness of flora and fauna not adapted to withstand the flames. The forest burned is estimated at roughly 4.6 million acres (1.8 million hectares) — an area about three-fifths the size of Belgium. The Pantanal, the largest flooded region in the world, since the end of 2019 suffers a wave of fires. It is estimated that the flames have destroyed approximately 3.3 million hectares, or 22% of the region. The images have touched people around the world. In June of this year, the CSP-Conlutas entered with a representation at the PGR (Attorney General's Office), with the demand to remove Ricardo Salles from the ministry. For the CSP-Conlutas, what the government of Bolsonaro and Salles has done is criminal!
October 2, 2020
#12 - Embraer illegal dismissal of 2500 workers
🔊 The 12o episode of Brazil Workers’ Podcast is available: Embraer announced in early September the dismissal of 2500 workers, among them metalworkers injured or in pre-retirement period, which makes the dismissals illegal.  The labor union, besides mobilizing against mass dismissal, also denounces the super salaries of some top-level employees of the company, a gross inequality that, if it were balanced in a reasonable and fair way, would already make it possible to have enough resources to maintain the jobs of these workers. To talk about the situation, we have in this edition the participation of the CSP-Conlutas leader, from the International Caucus, and Embraer metalworker, Herbert Claros.
September 15, 2020
#11 - 41 years of Amnesty law in Brazil need to be remembered
What was the military dictatorship in Brazil? What is the Amnesty law? In this episode, a special one about 41 years of Amnesty law, we talk about this issue with Mané Bahia, from the group of formers prisioners and persecuted politicians of Socialist Convergence and one of the interlocutors of Brazil's Political Amnisties.
September 9, 2020
#SE - Brazilian Postal Workers on National Strike
This is a special edition of Brazil Workers’ Podcast. Daniel Macedo, mail worker shopsteward and member of CSP Conlutas in Rio de Janeiro talks about the postal workers strike in Brazil. The National Federation of Postal Workers (FENTECT) called strike action against state-owned Brazil Post "Correios" as of August 18th. There is no deadline for the strike to end. The strikers stands against the privatization of the state-owned company. Furthermore they demand their contract to be valid until 2021 as settled before. Current contract comprises of 79 labor clauses such as 180-day maternity leave, night shift and overtime extras, death indemnity, daycare assistance among others. They also complain about what they refer to as "neglect for workers' health" in the pandemic and demand labor rights be kept. You can send letters or videos of solidarity to the postal workers strike in Brazil to or to our social media.
August 29, 2020
#10 - Erek Slater Campaign and our demand for Justice for Jacob Blake
Today we have a special interview with bus driver and Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) leader Erek Slater. On May 31, 2020 he addressed his co-workers to share the official public statement of the ATU International President regarding the right to refuse to drive police, in the context of the mass protests over the murder of George Floyd. Because of it, CTA has retaliated against Erek by taking him out of service and accusing him of illegally advocating for a wildcat strike. Now, we have another murder: Last Sunday night, Jacob Blake was killed by two white policemen with seven shots in the back in Wisconsin. The working class must be united against capitalism and racism. We from CSP-Conlutas stand with you Erek and the Black Movement in United States.
August 25, 2020
#9 - About the return to school in the middle of pandemic in Brazil
In this EP, we talk about the return to school in Rio de Janeiro midst the Covid-19 Pandemic. Irresponsibly, the state of Rio de Janeiro, as well as others in Brazil, has been advocating the return to school. The unions have rejected the return to school, arguing that it is possible to re-plan studies, but it will not be possible to recover lives that could be lost with the return to schools. The category holds a strike in Education and to talk about the issue and to bring some report on the situation of this struggle and the pandemic in Rio de Janeiro, we have the participation of teacher Dayse Gomes, who is also part of the CSP-Conlutas.
August 18, 2020
#8 - Interview With Lebanese Activists on the Blast at the Port of Beirut and Mobilizations
This episode of our podcast is entirely dedicated to the Lebanese workers' struggles, against the sectarian regime. They have been strongly mobilized since October seventeen and now are taking the streets again in protest against the government's negligence, a part directly responsible for the mega-blast at the Port of Lebanon. To talk about this issue, we have two special guests who will bring important analysis and information about the current situation in Lebanon and the revolutionary mobilizations in the country. We will have an interview carried out by CSP-Conlutas International Caucus member Fabio Bosco with Lebanese Marxist writer Adid Nassar, and an important report by Lebanese artist and writer Nidaa Audi.
August 11, 2020
#7 - Day Action in Brazil | Mapuche Chile, General Strike in Bolivia and BDS Coordinator arrest
In this #7 episode we address the second National Day of Action in Brazil called by Labor Federations for on August 7th against Bolsonaro's genocidal policy regarding the pandemic and the economic crisis. We also address international solidarity with the struggles of the Mapuche people in Chile, the general strike in Bolivia called by the Labor Federation COB and the campaign for the release of the BDS Coordinator in Palestine Mahmoud Nawajaa, arrested by Israeli soldiers on July 30.
August 4, 2020
#6 - The high gains of the rich in Brazil / Report on the online national meeting of CSP-Conlutas
According to NGO Oxfam the Brazilian bourgeoisie has registered high gains during the pandemic. Meanwhile workers are struggling to keep jobs and rights, such as subway workers, autoworkers and app food delivery workers. In the second part we have a report of the national meeting of CSP-Conlutas that took place last weekend and was attended by more than 450 people online via Webinar.
July 28, 2020
#5 - Interview with a Fiocruz Researcher on the Pandemic / Unemployment in Brazil / Cultural Tip
In this episode we interviewed the researcher of Fiocruz Foundation and vice president ASFOC - Union that represent Fiocruz Workers Mychelle Alves. Fiocruz is one of the world's leading public health research institutions that is leading important research in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic in Brazil. Mychelle talks about the effect of the pandemic on the Brazilian people and health professionals. We heard Herbert Claros from CSP-Conlutas about the increase in unemployment in the country. We also offer two suggestions of documentaries on the Palestinian issue that are available on YouTube channels - Los Ensebados and Middle East Monitor Brazil
July 21, 2020
#4 - National Days Actions / Pandemic in Brazil
Welcome to the Brazil Workers' Podcast! In this fourth episode we address news about national day of action in Brazil carried out by labor federations and social movements against far-right President Jair Bolsonaro, for the lives and rights of the working class. Partial stoppages and protests were held across the country. On second part we address how is the pandemic in Brazil now and its impact on high-risk groups as poor communities, the Black and the Native Brazilians.
July 14, 2020
#3 - Struggles in Brazil / South Africa against the Pandemic
Welcome to the Brazil Workers' Podcast! In this third episode we address news about the struggles in Brazil: - Brazilian Jet maker Embraer announced a voluntay layoff plan - Food delivery apps workers went on national strike last July 1st - Oil Workers of Petrobras on struggle against privatization - In São Paulo, subway workers may go on strike in defense of their contract - Nationally, Labor Federations and social movements called a national day of action for July 10 for immediate impeachment of far-right president Jair Bolsonaro. On second part, we will have our brother Shaheed Mohamad, a militant who fought back and was persecuted by the apartheid regime that oppressed and segregated blacks in South Africa. Afterwards, he was dismissed for the fight against school fees known as “Fee Must Fall”. He describes for us the situation of the pandemic in his country and the consequences on education.
July 7, 2020
#2 - Freedom for Sebastian Romero / Stonewall Uprising
Welcome to the Brazil Workers' Podcast! In this second episode we address the international campaign for the release of Argentinean activist Sebastian Romero and Global LGBTQI+ Pride Day . Sebastian Romero has been persecuted politically since December 18, 2017 for having participated with thousands of workers in the mobilization against the pension reform. Romero is a political prisoner which is inadmissible in a society that pretends to be democratic. His supporters and many human rights organizations are putting pressure on Argentinian president Alberto Fernandez and the courts to set Sebastian Romero free now. June 28 was the Global LGBTQI+ Pride Day named after the 1969 Stonewall Uprising in New York. Sao Paulo uses to hold the largest parade in the world gathering one million people. However, coronavirus outbreak prevented any large demonstration. CSP-Conlutas LGBTQI+ caucus held a webinar to celebrate Global Pride Day. Professor Wilson Honorio speaks about the LGBTQI+ struggles in Brazil.
June 30, 2020
First episode - News about Brazil and Campaign to Reinstate Erek Slater
Welcome Brazil Workers's Podcast listeners! This is the first podcast. In this episode we talked about the current scandal involving ultra-right president Jair Bolsonaro and his family. The Federal Police with authorization from the Supreme Court launched the largest operation ever against supporters of a sitting president. Under the scope of an investigation into the use of clandestine networkers spreading fake news and promoting anti-democratic protests. Another news is the arrest of Fabricio Queiroz, an old friend of the president's who worked for his eldest son, Senator Flavio Bolsonaro. Mr. Queiroz is a pivotal figure in a money-laundering investigation against the senator. We will also listen Erek Slater a Chicago Bus Driver who will report the mobilizations against racism in US and the persecution that he has suffered in Chicago for addressed his co-workers to share the official public statement of the ATU International President regarding to refuse to drive police. This ATU statement was released in the context of the mass protests over the murder of George Floyd. This is a pilot program!
June 26, 2020