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CSR Radio

CSR Radio

By 21 Media
Presented by the National Diversity Council and the Council for Corporate Responsibility, CSR Radio explores the ways in which CSR campaigns are fostering transformative conversation on society’s most pressing issues. Each week, top CSR thought leaders join host Yvonne Harris to discuss tips, industry news, best practices and the reasons why CSR matters to their organizations.
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003: CSR Radio with Courtney Taylor and D’Anna Wade
CSR Radio with Courtney Taylor and D’Anna Wade Welcome to CSR Radio, a podcast dedicated to informing our audience about relevant and exciting work that is happening in the space of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)!  This podcast is brought to you by the National Diversity Council (NDC) and the Council for Corporate Responsibility (CCR) and produced by 21 Media. The episodes of CSR Radio will feature conversations with CSR champions who are making great things happen in our global community largely through the efforts of corporations and businesses, but we will also highlight the contributions of the non-profit sector and community organizations.  The concept of CSR has evolved into an integrated part of corporate strategy by which businesses commit to have a positive impact on communities and the environment and are accountable to their shareholders and employees. Tune into this episode of CSR Radio as Yvonne Harris speaks with Courtney Taylor and D’Anna Wade, two CSR leaders who are champions for community engagement and giving.  Learn how Courtney and D’Anna shifted their giving efforts and community outreach amid COVID-19, while still having a measurable impact and driving high levels of employee engagement. Enjoy this episode of CSR Radio and be the change you want to see in your community and business.
September 1, 2020
002: Criminal Justice Reform and the Transformative Power of Second Chance Hiring
In the U.S., one in three adults has a criminal record. And each year, nearly 700,000 are released from prison to find themselves often locked out of the job market. This episode will explore criminal justice reform efforts and how hiring people who want a chance to work in a win-win-win.
October 2, 2019
001: Exploring Why CSR Is Imperative to Koch Industries, featuring CSR Champion Sheryl Corrigan (Environmental, Health, Safety and Security Director for Koch Industries
Koch Industries’ EH&S Leader Sheryl Corrigan discusses the company’s CSR platform and how Koch provides products and services that help people improve their lives, while using fewer resources and reducing its environmental footprint.
September 12, 2019