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Call To Action 4.0

Call To Action 4.0

By Petr Kulhanek
CTA 4.0 points out the key values if you want to finally move into 21st century and provide maximum knowledge, in the minimum time, to get best optimal results.
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What is Outcome? [Manager 4.0 in Agile World of 21st Century book]
I share with you the easiest explanation what is outcome. 
September 28, 2019
Value #5 Have fun exploring [Call To Action 4.0]
Do you know that special feeling if you are up to something new, and you need to search for hidden books, internet pages, pdfs from university professors etc.? You enjoy “on the MISSION” mindset.
August 31, 2019
Value #3 Directly to the point [Call To Action 4.0]
... “I want to share with you these slides which you can see behind me. I have gotten 30 minutes time for the presentation and I hope that I can fit into that time frame. If not, I believe that we can have a few more minutes on top to discuss your, of course important, questions about the topic and hopefully I will be able to answer your questions today. But if not you can send me an email so that I ... ” Do you feel the pain, already? Yep. It’s all around us. People are wasting other people’s time, energy and time span left on the planet. Go directly to what you want to say. Share figures, real stories.
August 31, 2019
Value #2 Don’t repeat explanations [Call To Action 4.0]
If you have to repeat certain points or terminology, make a simplified summary of your previous explanation.
August 28, 2019
Value #1 Curiosity [Call To Action 4.0 Methodology]
Curiosity is the key motivational factor for the success. It is not money, incentives or even saying “Good job”. All these 3 are fine and temporarily might work. At the same time, you need a long lasting and performing agile team, right? Than bet on building curiosity in the team and agile tribes.
August 28, 2019