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Cubs On Tap – 8/11/19

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Cubs On Tap – 8/18/19
The Cubs won a road series! Holy Cow! For the first time since May 15 - 17, the Cubs have won a series on the road. Patrick Mooney and Brian Mischler jumped on the mic to discuss the Cubs 7-1 victory over the Pirates in the Little League World Series Classic before transitioning to a preview of Tuesday's game in Wrigley against the San Francisco Giants. Follow us on Twitter! @CubbiesOnTap
August 19, 2019
Cubs On Tap – 8/17/19
Ron Luce rolls solo on today's episode and recaps today's well needed Cubs victory! Ron also takes a look at tomorrow's matchup against the Pirates in Williamsport and has some banter about the jerseys they will be wearing! Follow us on Twitter! @CubbiesOnTap
August 18, 2019
Cubs On Tap – 8/16/19
Another day, another ugly loss for the Cubs... Patrick Mooney and Ron Luce vent about yet another disappointing walk-off loss to a team from Pennsylvania. There is a lot of frustration in this episode, but the guys pray for greener pastures tomorrow as the Pirates and Cubs square off at 12:35 CST.  Follow us on Twitter! @CubbiesOnTap
August 17, 2019
Cubs On Tap – 8/15/19
Holy cow... what a disappointing game. Nick Hudson and Patrick Mooney recap the heartbreaking walk-off loss with plenty of negative feelings involved. After the sweep to the Phillies, the Cubs will now go to Pittsburgh for three games, where the Cubs need to rebound. Follow us on Twitter! @CubbiesOnTap
August 16, 2019
Cubs On Tap – 8/14/19
Nick Hudson and Ron Luce breakdown the throttling the Cubs took from the Phillies on Wednesday night. Thankfully, the two provide plenty of comedic relief after one of the hardest games to watch all season. After wallowing in their misery, the guys transition to tomorrow's rubber match and discuss a little uniform foreshadowing with the Little League World Series game and Players' Weekend on the horizon. Follow us on Twitter! @CubbiesOnTap
August 15, 2019
Cubs On Tap – 8/13/19
Brian Mischler and Patrick Mooney recap the brutal 4-2 loss the Cubs suffered against the Phillies on Tuesday night. After recapping the loss, the guys look to game two of the series in hope of a Cubs win before the potential rubber match on Thursday! Follow us on Twitter! @CubbiesOnTap
August 14, 2019
Cubs On Tap – 8/11/19
Patrick Mooney and Ron Luce recap a refreshing Cubs win today in Cincinnati to close out the series! Ahead of the off day, the guys analyze the comeback bats and the bullpen's efforts before transitioning to a preview of Tuesday night's matchup with the Phillis in the City of Brotherly Love. Follow us on Twitter! @CubbiesOnTap
August 12, 2019
Cubs On Tap – 8/10/19
Ron Luce and Nick Hudson recap the thrashing the Cubs took against the Reds. Fear not fans, it is not all doom and gloom just yet as the guys look forward to tomorrow's series finale with positive thoughts as Jon Lester takes the mound.  Follow us on Twitter! @CubbiesOnTap
August 11, 2019
Cubs On Tap – 8/9/19
Patrick Mooney and Ron Luce discuss the disappointing 5-2 loss to the Reds. Despite the loss, the guys remain positive since the team has been excellent. After discussing Friday's game, the guys quickly preview Saturday night's matchup between the Reds and Cubs. Follow us on Twitter! @CubbiesOnTap
August 10, 2019
Cubs On Tap – 8/8/19
Patrick Mooney and Nick Hudson recap another dominant Cubs victory this week, this time against the Reds. The guys cover everything in the lopsided win, and preview tonight's matchup with their NL Central rival in Cincinnati. Follow us on Twitter! @CubbiesOnTap
August 9, 2019
Cubs On Tap – 8/7/19
Brian Mischler and Nick Hudson recap the dominant Cubs victory over the A's. After the gentlemen finish talking about the win, they transition into a preview of tonight's big game in Cincinnati. This is a big series coming up for the Cubs!  Follow us on Twitter! @CubbiesOnTap
August 8, 2019
Cubs On Tap – 8/6/19
Ron Luce and Brian Mischler recap the awful 11-4 Cubs loss to the A's and what we may see tomorrow for the rubber match. There were a few bright spots however, such as Duane Underwood. After the recap, Brian and Ron preview the rubber match for the series before finishing up with their "Fly the W" player. Follow us on Twitter! @CubbiesOnTap
August 7, 2019
Cubs On Tap – 8/5/19
The Juice Man and Ron Luce recap the Cubs thrilling 6-5 win over the Oakland A's. The guys talk Javier Baez, Nicholas Castellanos and more before transitioning to tomorrow's match-up at Wrigley Field!  Follow us on Twitter! @CubbiesOnTap 
August 6, 2019
Cubs On Tap – 8/4/19
Nick Hudson and Brian Mischler recap today's big win over the Brewers, completing the sweep of the Cubs' division rival! The gentlemen also preview the upcoming matchup Monday night against the Oakland A's. Follow us on Twitter! @CubbiesOnTap
August 5, 2019
Cubs On Tap – 8/3/19
Ron Luce conquers yet another solo mission, recapping today's 4-1 Cubs victory over the Milwaukee Brewers! Ron discusses nailing his Fly the W player of the game prediction, how he was spot on about the Cole Hamels/Brad Brach/Roman Wick situation, and the notable events of today's win. Ron also previews tomorrow's series finale before calling it a day and allowing all fans to kick back, relax and enjoy a Cubs victory recap on your Saturday night! Follow us on Twitter! @CubbiesOnTap
August 4, 2019
Cubs On Tap – 8/2/19
Ron Luce conquers another solo mission on this victory edition of Cubs On Tap. Ron recaps today's win over the Milwaukee Brewers and previews game two when Cole Hamels takes the mound for the first time since returning from the IL.  Follow us on Twitter! @CubbiesOnTap
August 3, 2019
Cubs On Tap - 8/1/19
Brian Mischler and Kyle "Juice" Michalski recap the Cubs 8-0 loss to close out the series in St. Louis on 8/1/19 and preview the weekend series against the Brewers beginning on 8/2/19. -- Cubs On Tap is presented by
August 2, 2019
Cubs On Tap - 7/31/19
Patrick Mooney and Ron Luce break down the Cubs 2-0 win over the St. Louis Cardinals. Aside from breaking down yesterday's game, the guys discuss the fairly active trade deadline for the Cubs before closing the show with a preview of tonight's series finale.  Coming to Apple Podcasts and additional platforms soon!
August 1, 2019
Cubs On Tap - 7/30/2019
Ron Luce and the Juice Man himself discuss the Cubs 2-1 loss to the St. Louis Cardinals in depth. Bad base running, underachieving and inconsistency are all discussed at length in this episode. The guys also preview tomorrow's game between the Cubs and Cardinals, before closing out the show with some trade deadline discussion ahead of July 31st's 3:00pm CST deadline. Coming to Apple Podcasts and additional platforms soon!
July 31, 2019
Cubs On Tap - 7/28/19
Ron Luce and Patrick Mooney recap a HUGE Cubs victory in Milwaukee! Thanks to big days from Kyle Schwarber and Victor Caratini off the bench, the Cubs prevailed in the series finale 11-4. Ron and Patrick also chat about the upcoming trade deadline as well as preview Tuesday's game in St. Louis. Coming to Apple Podcasts and additional platforms soon!
July 28, 2019
Cubs On Tap – 7/27/19
Ron Luce takes on a solo mission for the episode and recaps Saturday's heartbreaking 5-3 loss to the Brewers. It's safe to say Ron represents Cubs fans everywhere well because... there was a lot of anger. Ron also previews tomorrow's series finale with the Brewers. Coming to Apple Podcasts and additional platforms soon!
July 28, 2019
Cubs On Tap – 7/26/19
Patrick Mooney is joined by his hosts Buzz and Tony Marchese to break down the Cubs 3-2 loss to the Brewers. Being the only Cubs expert on the episode, Patrick takes you through Friday night's loss and previews Saturday night's matchup in Milwaukee.  Coming to Apple Podcasts and additional platforms soon!
July 27, 2019
Cubs On Tap – 7/24/19
Brian Mischler and Ron Luce discuss the Cubs 4-1 victory to close out the series with the San Francisco Giants on 7/24/19, address the day's moves and news, and preview Friday's series opener with the Milwaukee Brewers on 7/26/19. Coming to Apple Podcasts and additional platforms soon!
July 25, 2019
Cubs On Tap - 7/22/19
Brian Mischler and Patrick Mooney discuss the Cubs 5-4 loss to open the series in San Francisco on 7/22/19 and preview game two on 7/23/19. -- Follow us on Twitter @CubbiesOnTap | Cubs On Tap is presented by
July 23, 2019
Cubs On Tap - 7/21/19
Ron Luce and Kyle "Juice" Michalski discuss the Cubs dropping the series finale to the Padres on 7/21/19 and preview Monday's game at San Francisco on 7/22/19. -- Follow us on Twitter @CubbiesOnTap | Cubs On Tap is presented by
July 21, 2019
Cubs On Tap - 7/19/19
Brian Mischler and Nick Hudson discuss the Cubs 6-5 victory over the Padres in the series opener on 7/19/19, address some questions about the lineup and potential trade deadline moves, and then preview game two on 7/20/19. -- Follow us on Twitter @CubbiesOnTap | Cubs On Tap is presented by
July 19, 2019
Cubs On Tap - 7/17/19
Nick Hudson and Brian Mischler discuss Yu Darvish recording his first victory at Wrigley Field as the Cubs defeated the Reds 5-2 in the series finale on 7/17/19 before previewing the upcoming home series against the Padres beginning on 7/19/19. -- Follow us on Twitter @CubbiesOnTap | Cubs On Tap is presented by
July 17, 2019
Cubs On Tap - 7/16/19 (Debut Episode)
Kyle "Juice" Michalski and Nick Hudson bring you the inaugural episode of Cubs On Tap! After some brief introductions, they discuss the Cubs walk-off win over the Reds on 7/16/19 thanks to Kyle Schwarber and preview the series finale on 7/17/19. -- Follow us on Twitter at @CubbiesOnTap | Cubs On Tap is presented by
July 17, 2019
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