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Culture Clap

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Five Questions and an Intro

Each episode I introduce a different individual to learn how they solve problems, and find reprieve from the intricacies of being human.
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5Qi Season 1 Intro

Culture Clap

5Qi: Julio Ricardo Varela Part 2
Julio Ricardo Varela | Latino Rebels | Instagram | Twitter We continue our conversation with Julio, learning about how Latino Rebels got started ... Checkout Part 1 if ya missed it Though without an further ado, vamos ~
July 13, 2020
5Qi: Julio Ricardo Varela Part 1
Julio Ricardo Varela | Latino Rebels | Instagram | Twitter Julio was the first Latino to ever give me the time of day. For' real! The man has seen the darkside of shade, and the sunny side of the light; while I think I may have the honor of having recorded one of the few near-complete orations of how Latino Rebels came to be!! From the Bronx to the barrios to the balconies of barons and back again ... so much conversation we had to make this one a two-parter; and still, we only got through half of our five questions ~ jaja Though to get us started ... the man, the myth, the maraca-maker himself ~ VAMANOS !!
July 13, 2020
5Qi: Melinda Briana Epler
Melinda Briana Epler | Change Catalyst | Instagram | Twitter This conversation is the product of a cold tweet ... And testament to the blessings that can be received when you put your faith in your self and your efforts. Melinda has take an academically circuitous route to her current endeavors with Change Catalyst, and does me the honor of sharing some of her adventures and insights with me. Another wonderful conversation I'm so thankful to be able to share with y'all! Let's meet Melinda Briana Epler, shall we ?
July 13, 2020
5Qi: DiViNCi
DiViNCi | Studio Sensei | Instagram I first met DiViNCi, the man, the myth, the machine-handed (and nosed) wizard, himself outside of a dive bar in Minneapolis called the Dinktowner! Prolly, near a decade ago ~ like whoa! Flash-foward to 2020, and now he has started a new project, Studio Sensei, to help others find and nurture methods for sustainable artistic, or other, creation. I'm not gonna spoil too much of the conversation, though I do encourage your self to prepare for the adventure sure to ensue, as we enter the wild, wacky and wonderful work of DiViNCi ..
July 13, 2020
5Qi: Mara Zepeda
Mara Zepeda | Zebras Unite | Twitter What Mara and Zebras Unite are doing really blew me away ~ Building off an article challenging the Silicon Valley idea of unicorns, Mara, and fellow ZU co-founders, started a journey that continues to navigate alternative, and more sustainable, investments structures. To  me, I just wondered, how does someone arrive at such a place, and pursue doing such work ?!? Apparently, for Mara it started with journalism and economics ... An intriguing path to be certain, or at least in my jovial opinion; You ready for a bit of research ??
July 13, 2020
5Qi: Patricia Montoya
Patty Montoya | Titipoza | Instagram So super cool to have the first episode of 5Qi be with another Colombiana!! Patty has had an adventurous life, and also overcome some tragedies we will all have to confront at some point in time or another ... death. After the passing of her brother at a young age, and recently her mother, Patty is now dedicating her time to helping others as then navigate what comes after the passing of a family-member or loved-one. Though that isn't all we discuss, not in the least ... So let's get to know Patty Montoya!
July 13, 2020
5Qi Season 1 Intro
It's like my first guest, Patricia Montoya said, "Sometimes you've just gotta go out and learn how to do it for yourself." And 5Qi is certainly that. I've recorded other conversations for publication before, and had some loose structures about the idea; but this is the first time a definite structure has been followed, with a vision for longevity inherent to every episode. Regardless, tere are many opportunities for continuing to learn along the way. I'm using, nearly, all open-source software to create this content; from OBS to record, Audacity to edit & Glimpse to create the associated images. My mentor and I are now working to complete the shaping and finalizing of the audio files through a process utilizing open-source software as well. As in this project as well, I wish to create a rubric others can follow to sustainably create their content as well. That said, thank you all for endeavoring to explore Season 1 of the 5Qi Podcast, and so without an further ado, vamanos!
July 13, 2020