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CB175: Will This Matter 5 Years From Now?

An episode of Culture Builders

By Thrive On Challenge- S. Sowden
5 minute episodes giving coaches practical tools to build their culture and grow as a coach!
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CB 179: Playing Time Feedback
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October 15, 2019
CB178: Do I Have Permission to Coach You?
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October 8, 2019
CB177: Make Decisions Against Yourself
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October 1, 2019
CB176: Hire A Culture Coach
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September 27, 2019
CB175: Will This Matter 5 Years From Now?
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September 17, 2019
CB174: How Well Do You Know Your Players?
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September 10, 2019
CB173: Daily Commitments for Optimal Output
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September 3, 2019
CB172: Boundaries
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August 27, 2019
CB171: What’s Your Plan For Building Your Culture?
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August 20, 2019
CB170: Listen Aggressively
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August 13, 2019
CB169 Culture Killer #8: Suffering
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August 6, 2019
CB168 Culture Killer #7: Opposition
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July 30, 2019
CB167 Culture Killers #6: Anticlimax
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July 23, 2019
CB166 Culture Killer #5: Insecurity
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July 16, 2019
CB165 Culture Killer #4 Envy
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July 9, 2019
CB164 Culture Killers #3 Criticism
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July 2, 2019
CB163: Culture Killer #2 Isolation
Shane Sowden Twitter: @coachsowden Learn more about the mentorship program
June 25, 2019
CB162 Culture Killer #1: Ambition
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June 18, 2019
CB161 Are You Creating a Positive Experience?
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June 11, 2019
Staying in Shape with Your Team CB160
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June 4, 2019
"I'm a Bad Coach" CB159
Email me at if this message resonates with you. It's probably one of the most important messages I have ever shared on the Culture Builders podcast. 
May 28, 2019
CB158 Crying or Coaching?
Get free shipping on your order of Calling Up exclusively at with coupon code "culturebuilders" !  Thrive On Challenge: Mentorship to Help You Transform Your Leadership Grow as a Coach • Build your Culture Learn More
May 21, 2019
CB157 Making the #1 Change You Need to Make
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May 15, 2019
2 Questions to Plan for the Next Year CB156
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May 7, 2019
CB155 1% Improvements is a System, Not Just a Mantra
We need more little things to improve our team's culture. Use Coupon Code "Thanks" and save $10 off your order of Calling Up.
April 30, 2019
CB154 Validating Yourself as a Coach
Share with some other coaches!  Also check out some other resources for coaches at 
April 23, 2019
CB153 Ten Reasons We Shouldn't Yell At Our Players Part 3
For a better way go to 
April 12, 2019
CB152 Ten Reasons We Shouldn't Yell at Players Part 2
Do you want to learn about "the better way"? Buy  my book "Calling Up" at 
April 9, 2019
CB151 Ten Reasons Why Coaches Shouldn't Yell At Their Players
Intro + Reason #1  Follow Me on Twitter to See the Video @jpnerbun 
April 3, 2019
CB150 Staff Meeting Disagreements
How do you create an environment where people  feel safe to freely share their ideas?  Let's learn from Bill Belichick... 
March 29, 2019
CB149 5 Questions to Measure Your Success as a Coach
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March 26, 2019
CB148 One of the Best Ways to Develop Your Coaching Staff
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March 25, 2019
CB147 Player Check-Ups with Mark Cascio
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March 19, 2019
CB146 Stop Cramming with Mark Bennett
Calling Up: Discovering Your Journey to Transformational Leadership Coaching Culture Podcast 
March 15, 2019
CB145 Mark Bennett on Streamlining Content
Calling Up: Discovering Your Journey to Transformational Leadership Coaching Culture Podcast 
March 12, 2019
CB144 Mark Bennett's Hot Review
Purchase Your Copy of Calling Up Today! Check Out Coaching Culture Podcast
March 8, 2019
CB143 Mark Bennett's Power Questions for Team Reviews
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March 5, 2019
CB142 Strategies for Smart Phones
How do you address smart phone use on your team?  If you aren't you are allowing it to possibly disrupt your culture and athletes in some seriously negative ways. 
March 1, 2019
CB141 Journaling: My #1 Tool for Personal Growth
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February 26, 2019
CC140 3 Tips to Work Deeper and Be More Present
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February 22, 2019
CB139 The Spotlight Drill
Thanks to Dustin Krause for his submission today to the Culture Builders Podcast! You can follow him on twitter @coach_dkrause Also, please share with the coaches in this community an activity or strategy you have found to be incredibly beneficial in building your team culture. Just email me at 
February 19, 2019
CB138 Athlete Story Telling
One of the best team building activities I have heard of in a long time coming from Sean McDermott of the Buffalo Bills! 
February 15, 2019
CB137 What's Working For You?
I want to know what's working for you in building your team culture! Please share your ideas with us via audio or text, by emailing me at
February 11, 2019
CB136 Prioritize and Execute Activity for Your Team!
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February 8, 2019
CB135 Ask for a Formal Evaluation
If you want to learn more about how I might be able to serve you im mentorship and consulting- don’t hesitate to reach out via email
February 5, 2019
CB134 Be an Example Worth Following
Interested in mentorship- I am going to start working with 3 new coaches this month. Email me at  or fill out this form
February 1, 2019
CB133 A New Way of Communicating
Today's episode is an excerpt from my book Calling Up!  Order direct through me at 
January 29, 2019
CB132 We Get What We Focus On
For more practical ideas and activities to work with parents check out my book Calling Up: Discovering Your Journey to Transformational Leadership.  Go to 
January 24, 2019
CB131 Increasing Responsibility to Build Character
Check out my book Calling Up at! It gives you some great examples of how you can build the character of your players within your team!  "A man has plenty of opportunities during a season to prove he knows how to do the right thing even when the right thing is hard. But no one just happens to have the character. It’s built into us by a long process. My parents gradually increased my freedom as I demonstrated responsibility because they understood that my character begins with the little things in life."  -Tony Dungy 
January 22, 2019
CB130 See People as People
Another excerpt from my book Calling Up: Discovering Your Journey to Transformational Leadership  Check it out at! 
January 18, 2019
CB129 Not Enough Minutes
Today's episode is an excerpt from Calling Up: Discovering Your Journey to Transformational Leadership  Go to to order the book! 
January 15, 2019
CB128 3 Questions to Evaluate Your Sideline Behavior
Fans, parents, and even players sometimes believe a great coach yells, screams, and is really loud on the sideline! We need to reexamine our beliefs around what is the best way to operate during games on the sideline! I ask 3 quick questions for us to start really reflecting on the way we operate.  Check out this week's article on How to Stop Being Angry as a Coach for some practical ways to grow in this area. 
January 11, 2019
CB127 We Need Less Character "Teaching"
I wrote Calling Up to help coaches BUILD character, not just teach it. Order the #1 coaching book you need to read in 2019!
January 8, 2019
CB126 Six Simple Activities to Push through the Challenging Coaching Moments
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January 4, 2019
CB125 Campaign the Vision
Mandela is one of the greatest leaders of the 20th Century.  Today's episode shares 3 quick lessons he can teach us about creating a vision for our team! 
January 1, 2019
CB124 The Angry Unsent Letter
Great strategy from Abe Lincoln on how to deal with criticism!  Also, for a great PDF tool on how to compose a great email during moments of conflict check out Nadia's website
December 28, 2018
CB123 5 Pitfalls of Feedback
Follow up off of CB #121 Alfie Kohn on "Good Job" Celebrate Achievement, Praise Effort
December 21, 2018
CB122 Working with Parents Complaining About Playing Time
A lot of basketball and hockey coaches faces this issue at this time of year! I offer 3 potential steps to collaborate with the parent towards an athlete centered approach!
December 18, 2018
CB121 Be Intentional with Your Language When Giving Feedback
Check out Coaching Culture Episode 63 for more! Also get the free chapter of Calling Up by going to thrive on
December 14, 2018
Why Sitting Games Isn't a Enough: Culture Builders #120
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December 11, 2018
The #1 Coaching Takeaway from Jalen Hurt's Story Culture Builders #119
Go to to pre-order Calling Up!
December 7, 2018
Catch them Doing it Right- Culture Builders #118
A great question to ask that I stole from Mark Bennett Check him out on the Way of Champions and The Talent Equation Podcast. Also, check out the Coaching Culture Podcast Episode #63 Giving Great Feedback, Nate and I discuss some more strategies as well!
December 4, 2018
How to Get Everyone Engaged in Huddle- Culture Builders #117
Be sure to check out the Coaching Culture Podcast next week for more on improving your feedback!
November 30, 2018
Culture Builders #116 You Are Not Alone
For more information on my mentorship program email me at
November 27, 2018
Culture Builders #115 The Easy Way to Coach
Transformational coaching isn't easy!
November 23, 2018
Culture Builders #114 A Simple System for Building Transformational Coaching Habits
If you want to know more on how to implement this system personally or with your coaching staff, send me an email at
November 20, 2018
Culture Builders #113 We Can Do Better Than an Apology
Enforce consequences that build character and connection, not just compliance! Go to for more resources!
November 16, 2018
Culture Builders #112 Coaching Isn't For Me
Coaching Isn't for You, It's for Them! Email:
November 13, 2018
Culture Builders #111 See and Feel Through People
How to build empathy in our players!
November 9, 2018
Culture Builders #110 Physcially Come Alongside Your Athletes
A re-recording of episode #70 due to an error in that audio!
November 6, 2018
Culture Builders #109 Are you selling to or investing in your players?
Go to for more!
November 2, 2018
Culture Builders #108 Prepare to Lose
Anson Dorrance the most winningest college coaches of all time and one of the fiercest competitors actually prepares to lose. Learn what he does and why he does it!
October 30, 2018
Culture Builders #107 The #1 Thing You Need to Do Before You Start the Season
New coach? Old coach? Doesn't matter- the single most important thing we can do is...
October 26, 2018
Culture Builders #106 Empty Pockets
The difference between being content and complacent. We need to be grateful for the opportunities, the challenges and the resources we do have, while striving for greatness.
October 23, 2018
Culture Builders #105 A Simple Way to Retrain Your Sideline Behavior
Simple activity that I employed years ago that helped me make some very necessary changes in the way I operated as a coach during games.
October 19, 2018
Culture Builders #104 Your Set Backs can Be Your Steps Forward
Go to for more culture building resources!
October 16, 2018
Culture Builders #103 The Most Important Thing to Do in Today's Practice
Interesting research on some semenarian's preparing a sermon on "The Good Samaritan." Here is a link to this research
October 12, 2018
Culture Builders #102 Feeling Valuable versus Providing Value
If you found value in this episode, please click share and send to a fellow coach or post on twitter/ facebook.
October 9, 2018
Culture Builders #101 Self Evaluation vs Coach Evaluation
How My Dad Taught Me How to Do a Great Job at the Dishes!
October 5, 2018
Culture Builders #100 How to Handle Bad Feeedback Part 2
Follow up to Culture Builders #99 Thanks for all your support of the podcast!
October 2, 2018
Culture Builders #99 Handling Bad Feedback
How to handle "bad" feedback or criticism?
September 28, 2018
Culture Builders #98 The Most Undervalued Leadership Quality
Abraham Lincoln Winning and Losing- Life or Death Humor and Laughter Go to for more!
September 25, 2018
Culture Builders #97 Clear Expectations
When people know what to do- what is expected of them, they can do it easily, together, and without being led. But when we are confused and don’t know what’s expected- when people communicate in vague descriptions like work harder, play harder, play smarter, play faster- people become paralyzed!
September 21, 2018
Culture Builders #96 The 5-10 Way
If you liked today's episode- support the podcast and share! It would mean a great deal to me. Twitter: @jpnerbun Email: Website:
September 18, 2018
Culture Builders #95 Create Communicate Refine Procedures
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September 14, 2018
Culture Builders #94 The Best Team Building Activity Ever
Strategy for building culture!
September 11, 2018
Culture Builders #93 Intense Listening
Do we practice what we preach when it comes to listening?
September 7, 2018
Culture Builders #92 Why do strategies fail?
I break down a team building activity from the Netflix Documentary QB1!
September 4, 2018
Culture Builders #91 Ask for Immediate Feedback on Behaviors
Be sure to listen to Culture Builders #90 beforehand!
August 31, 2018
Culture Builders #90 Evaluate Your Behaviors
Check out Daniel Coyle's Book Culture Code 10 Behaviors 1. Space 2. Eye Contact 3. Touch 4. Short Talk 5. Few Interruptions 6. Questions 7. Intense Listening 8. Humor 9. Courtesies 10. Thank you!
August 28, 2018
Culture Builders #89 The Tools To Build Culture
Check me out on Twitter @jpnerbun or for more tools go to
August 23, 2018
Culture Builders #88 Boundaries Intervention Steps
Character and Relationship Builder
August 22, 2018
Culture Builders #87 No Response is a Response
Behavior for Building Culture
August 17, 2018
Culture Builders #86 Intention and Influence Alignment
Behavior to Build Culture
August 17, 2018
Culture Builders #85 Providing Value vs Feeling Valuable
Relationship Builder Friday
August 14, 2018
Culture Builders #84 Make them Coaches
Leadership Thursday!
August 9, 2018
Culture Builders #83 Only You Can Ruin the Practice
Character Wednesday
August 8, 2018
Culture Builders #82 Clean Up Your Sleep Hygiene
Mental Toughness Tuesday Check out more from James Clear
August 7, 2018
Culture Builders #81 What is your most core value?
Mindfulness Monday
August 7, 2018
Culture Builders #80 We Will Miss You
Relationship Fridays
August 5, 2018
Culture Builders #79 Decentralizing Command
Leadership Thursday
August 2, 2018
Culture Builders #78 Let’s Try that Again
Character Wednesday
August 1, 2018
Culture Builders #77 Why are we better because of this loss?
Mental Toughness Tuesday
July 31, 2018
Culture Builders #75 Spoil them with Love
Relationship Fridays
July 27, 2018
Culture Builders #74 More on Leadership Groups and Councils
Leadership Development Thursday
July 26, 2018
Culture Builders #73 Being Proactive Instead of Reactive
With sound this time! :-) Character Building Tool for You!
July 26, 2018
Culture Builders #72 Schedule Commitment X2 Follow Through
Mental Toughness Tuesday Journaling Activity James Clear Article
July 24, 2018
Culture Builders #71 Am I yelling at or yelling to players?
Mindfulness Monday Activity for You and Your Team
July 23, 2018
Culture Builders #70 Physically Come Alongside Athletes
Relationship Friday How does physical proximity impacts relationships, connections, and safety?
July 20, 2018
Culture Builders #69 Leadership Groups
Leadership Thursday
July 19, 2018
Culture Builders #68 Developing the Capacity for Empathy
Character Wednesday Developing the Temporal Parietal Junction (TPJ)- The Capactiy for Empathy
July 18, 2018
Culture Builders #67 Name It to Tame It
Mental Toughness & Emotional Intelligence Tuesday
July 17, 2018
Culture Builders #63 You get what you tolerate.
Character Wednesday
July 11, 2018
Culture Builders #62 Who and What Pushes Your Buttons
What triggers + and - emotions?
July 10, 2018
Culture Builders #61 The Coach’s Dream Player
Are we looking for the coach’s’ dream player or are we loving them where they are at?
July 9, 2018
Culture Builders #60 Valuing Relationships with Player
Do we value relationships with our players after they are gone? How can we continue to invest in them.
July 9, 2018
Culture Builders #59 Passing on Leadership Jobs
Leadership Thursday
July 5, 2018
Culture Builders #58 Assessing Character
Character Wednesday
July 4, 2018
Culture Builders #57 Create an Emotion vs. Reason List
Mental Toughness Tuesday
July 3, 2018
Culture Builders #56 Am I chasing ability?
Mindfulness Monday!!!!
July 3, 2018
Culture Builders #55 Offer a “Fix-it” Statement
Relationship Builder Fridays!
June 29, 2018
Culture Builders #53 Catch them Being Good
Character Wednesday
June 27, 2018
Culture Builders #52 Teach Athletes fo Breathe
Mental Training Tuesday
June 26, 2018
Culture Builders #51 When have we failed as a coach?
Mindfulness Monday
June 25, 2018
Culture Builders #50 Lean in to Listen
Relationship Fridays
June 22, 2018
Culture Builders #49 Valuable versus Important
Thursday Leadership Tool
June 21, 2018
Culture Builders #48 Build Character Scorecards
Character Wednesday
June 20, 2018
Culture Builders #47 Clarify Roles
Mental Toughness Tuesday
June 19, 2018
Culture Builders #46 Whose life am I changing?
Mindfulness Mondays!!
June 18, 2018
Culture Builders #45 Build Trust by Taking Ownership
Relationship Fridays
June 15, 2018
Culture Builders #44 Model the Courage to take Ownership
Leadership Thursday’s
June 14, 2018
Culture Builders #43 Stop Hazing and Start Serving Rookies
Character Wednesday- Building Empathy!
June 13, 2018
Culture Builders #42 Complicate Training Simplify Planning
Mental Toughness Tuesday
June 12, 2018
Culture Builders #41 Do we own everything in our world?
Mindfulness Monday's Principle comes from Jocko Willink's book "Extreme Ownership".
June 11, 2018
Culture Builders #40 Writing Personal Notes
Building relationships with players!
June 8, 2018
Culture Builders #39 We > You
Intentional language to empower and inspire your team.
June 7, 2018
Culture Builders #38 What is your character standard?
Who makes the team, who has the opportunity to practice, and who gets to play in the game? Don’t just have standards for skill and athleticism!
June 6, 2018
Culture Builders #36 When are we ready to give feedback?
I know I am ready to give feedback when: 1. I’m ready to sit next to you rather than across from you. 2. I’m willing to put the problem in front of us rather than between us (or sliding it toward you) 3. I’m ready to listen, ask questions, and accept that I may not fully understand the issue. 4. I want to acknowlege what you do well instead of picking apart your mistakes 5. I recognize your strengths and how you can use them to address your challenges 6. I can hold you accountable without shaming or blaming you. 7. I’m willing to own my part. 8. I can genuinely thank you for your efforts rather than criticize you for your failings 9. I can talk about how resolving thsese challenges will lead to your growth and opportunity 10. I can model the vulenrability and openness that I expect to see from you.
June 4, 2018
Culture Builders #35 No Agenda Meetings
Relationship Builder: Sometimes the best thing we can do together is to just BE together.
June 1, 2018
Culture Builders #34 Leadership Modeling and System
Subscribe at to my newsletter. Let me know if you are interested in my mentorship program which has some spots opening up in late July early August. My consulting services include mentorship, workshops for your athletes, coaches, and parents, as well as an evaluation of your system and working with you to make necessary improvements. Email me at or message me on Twitter @JPNERBUN or shoot me a text 423-653-1461
May 31, 2018
Culture Builders #33 Develop Character by Asking “What if?”
How can stories like that of John Landy help is to develop character?
May 30, 2018
Culture Builders #32 Toughness Conditioner
Train players to see conditioning as a good thing!
May 29, 2018
Culture Builders #31 How to Listen to Critics
2 important questions to ask yourself when facing hard criticisms...
May 29, 2018
Culture Builders #30 Bedside Manner Feedback
One thing to consider when we are being honest with players.
May 26, 2018
Culture Builders #29 Encourage Athletes to Challenge Plans
Great leadership tool from Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink
May 24, 2018
Culture Builders #28 Discussions > Lectures
People need more discussions about character than lectures!
May 23, 2018
Culture Builders #27 The Power of Retelling - Experiences
Our memories shape our future decision making...
May 22, 2018
Culture Builders #26 Do We Embrace Feedback?
If we are committed to learning and growing we have to embrace the hard criticism.
May 21, 2018
Culture Builders #25 Movement and Relationships- Walk & Talk
Change your physical state before some hard conversations!
May 18, 2018
Culture Builders #24 Develop and Empower Leaders with this ?
Great Questions are Better than Great Answers
May 17, 2018
Culture Builders #23 Magical Feedback Equation
Forget about the + - + sandwich! Use this equation to give the hard feedback in one on one conversations with athletes!
May 16, 2018
Culture Builders #22 Strengthening the Brain to Change Behaviors
What is the benefit in helping athletes understand why they are making mistakes or poor decisions?
May 15, 2018
Culture Builders #21 Using Film to Breakdown Your Coaching
Have you ever filmed yourself coaching and broke it down?
May 14, 2018
Culture Builders #20 The Fun Equation
What is greater on your team- the level of fun or the level of conflict?
May 11, 2018
Culture Builders #19 Determining the Practice Focus
Empower players by giving them some influence in our focus for the next practice.
May 10, 2018
Culture Builders #18 Evaluating, Equipping, Encouraging
How can you discipline to teach and develop character, instead of punish?
May 9, 2018
Culture Builders #17 When an Athlete Loses their Cool
Connect and redirect!
May 8, 2018
Culture Builders #16 Self Awareness Tool
Valuing Our Values. Am I coaching by my core values and beliefs? Today is a self-awareness activity for coaches.
May 7, 2018
Culture Builders #15 Change the Environment
Change the environment to deepen the relationship!
May 4, 2018
Culture Builders #14 The Practice Plan Menu
Unwilling to let your players plan and run a whole practice? One small step to transfer leadership!
May 3, 2018
Culture Builders #13 After Standards, What’s Next?
Before enforcement we need encouragement! Before accountability we need advocacy! 2 important reminders for you!
May 3, 2018
Culture Builders #12 How to Shift Focus 2the Controllables
A Mental training activity to do with players when they become frustrated, discouraged, angry etc...
May 1, 2018
Culture Builders #11 Retrain yourself 2 see people as people
How do I view people in my program? Retrain yourself to see people for who they are NOT what they do.
April 30, 2018
Culture Builders #9 Get Your Players to Set the Standards
Create Leaders Get Greater Buy In Appropriate Standards to your Context More Likely to Hold Themselves Accountable
April 26, 2018
Culture Builder #8 How to Determine Your Program's Standards
Determining Your Programs Standards!
April 26, 2018
Culture Builders # 7 Discuss and Visualize You at Your Best
Mental Toughness Tuesday
April 25, 2018
Culture Builders #6 Anonymous Surveys with Athlete & Parent
How does it feel to be coached by me? Try anonymous surveys all throughout the year. Get insight from athletes and parents. Is the criticism warranted? Yes- learn from it. No- Ask why they might feel this way? Join my mailing list at
April 23, 2018
Culture Builders #5 Relationships Beyond Your Sport
Ask questions- share stories-- have great conversations beyond your sport!
April 21, 2018
Culture Builders #4 Leadership- Pass on Scouting Jobs
Ask questions, let them prepare scouting report, involve them in the game planning!
April 20, 2018
Culture Builder #3 Model Character Growth
We can't just model the character we want to see in our players, but we need to share with them the areas we struggle and model a willingness to learn and grow certain character strengths, qualities, and virtues.
April 19, 2018
Culture Builders #2- Write and Share Stresses and Anxieties
Mental Toughness Tuesdays Write out stresses and anxieties before competition!
April 17, 2018
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