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Conversations on Marketing, Technology, and Content.
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Content Strategy for Dummies
Posting content on every social media platform, every single day works for people with an extensive team dedicated just for this. But will it work for you? Making you ponder on this is Kris Hughes, a content strategist with over a decade’s experience. Kris has worked in multiple domains ranging from sports to SaaS. He’s also building the Leapfrog Collective, a community for emerging professionals to build their personal brands by leveraging content! He breaks down everything related to content strategy in the newest episode of Cuppa Press. Time Stamp: 2.41 - Why content calendar is not equal to content strategy and what content strategy really means for companies at various stages 4.08 - The steps to devise a content strategy 5.49 - How the steps differ for small, scrappy teams and larger teams 7.24 - When it's time to stop leaning on freelancers and make your first full-time content hire 9.16 - The most common reason people fail to succeed in content strategy 11.24 - One thing that non-experts believe to be true when in reality it's not 13.39 - What beginners should know about content strategy 15.27 - LinkedIn, content, and leveraging personal brands on LinkedIn 17.19 - Interesting trends in the content space post-Covid 19.06 - What success in content strategy looks like after 30-60-90-120 days 21.36 - Tools Kris cannot live without
December 29, 2020
Stories, Vulnerability, and Binge-Worthy Content
As the camera started rolling, a sense of comfort settled in on her face as if to reveal she was always meant to do this; as if she was home. Hailing from the beautiful city of Uppsala, Sweden, Synne Lindén joined us in the recent episode of Cuppa Press. A strong advocate of stories and creative writing, she helps brands identify cornerstones that set them apart and map out a course for content to ensure it reaches the audience in the right way. In this episode, we explored the length and breadth of storytelling, empathy in creative writing, and creating a binge-worthy content experience for your audience. Time Stamp 2.44 - Creative writing as a source of inspiration for business writing 4.44 - Significant detail in content creation 5.59 - Getting started with significant detail 7.10 - Why stories are the most powerful way of creating a true connection between a business and its customers 8.37 - How all stories cannot and should not be fit into a narrative structure 10.27 - How being vulnerable is a superpower in marketing and sales 14.02 - Identifying your voice and personality as a brand 17.21 - Making communication evocative, captivating, and interesting 19.16 - Creating a binge-worthy content experience 21.33 - One brand that does storytelling exceptionally well
November 23, 2020
How to Build Your Marketing Superhero Suit
"It's never about what we deserve. It's about what we believe." - Wonder Woman What happens when you believe you can truly make a difference? You become a Superhero. Marketers are nothing short of being superheroes to the organization and the audience they seek to serve. So, how do you go ahead with building a marketing superhero suit for yourself? Join us in our conversation with Juinn Tan, the Head of Marketing at Supahands, an Olympic weightlifter, and an AI enthusiast, to learn how. Time Stamp 3.11: Why a superpower is essential for every marketer 5.35: Most desirable superpowers 8.15: Importance of being concise 10.22: Hardest skill for marketers to attain (hint - it's not technical) 14.15: Coaching your team 18.17: Building a LEGO city 20.20: Responsibilities that come with the power of marketing 24.18: On believing in your product or service 25.53: Future of marketing creatives 29.39: Learning when to say no 31.04: Key superpowers to build your superhero squad 33.21: Approaching marketing with a scientific mindset
October 14, 2020
A Beginner's Guide to Newsletters
A newsletter is a doorway to your reader’s inbox and eventually his/her heart. From well-established brands to individual creators, everyone wants a share in this pie today and as a result, we’ve seen a sharp rise in the number of newsletters. In this episode of Cuppa Press, Dozie T'Challa Anyaegbunam, who has been successfully running his newsletter—The Writing Nerd—for over 2 years now, talks about what it takes to start a newsletter. Time Stamp 1:10 - Shift from Sales to Marketing 3:34 - You can’t sell what you don’t believe in 4:42 - Choosing a niche 6:59 - Building an email list 10:23 - Determining the frequency 11:20 - Special appearance by Dozie’s 4-year-old 13:04 - Choosing a service provider 15:19 - When should you start charging for subscription 16:39 - Staying committed to creating content 19:08 - An experiment that worked well 20:28 - Newsletter content creation as a service 22:11 - Dozie’s top 5 favorite newsletters 22:58 - Mutual obsession over Cole Schafer’s newsletters Hit the follow button if you don't want to miss out on the upcoming freshly brewed episodes on Cuppa Press!
September 28, 2020
Decoding Presales and Product Management
A Passionate presales and product management specialist, Kishore never agrees with anyone who says presales is just about preparing presentations. Latest in Cuppa Press is a very candid conversation with Kishore, who currently heads Presales at Kriti Labs. Some key topics addressed in this conversation where we decode Product Management and Presales include: Role of content in product management Overcoming friction between content and product teams Why stories matter in presales Why a degree cannot replace problem-solving skills Kishore is also actively mentoring people in the product management and presales domain. Hit him up with a text on LinkedIn and he'd love to talk to you!
September 8, 2020
Selling in This Digital Economy
“Don’t let personalization be perceived as creepy!” exclaims Mike Cook, the Director of Research at DT consulting. He further goes on to call the pandemic “Online’s Big Bang moment”. Talking about how businesses can enable sales in today’s digital economy, Mike predicts the following: 1) Collaborative and easy-to-use platforms are going to replace the old legacy platforms 2) Virtual tours and augmented reality interactions are going to take the e-commerce world by storm! 3) Our fundamental approach to delivering services to our clients will be disrupted 4) Massive reallocation of budgets 5) Increased sensitivity towards data and privacy And a lot more. Tune in to this episode of Cuppa Press if you don’t want to leave your money on the table!
August 20, 2020
Content Marketing Playbook for SMBs
“As a content marketer, what has always excited me about my job is to get the stories of brands across to their audience and create magical experiences. On the other hand, it is also quite depressing to see that businesses focus on selling and swamping people with ads”. Attention all Small and Medium-sized businesses! At some point, you might have been guilty of doing the same. If you think you’ve invested sufficient resources, time, and money into content marketing and are still not seeing results, you may have to reconsider your strategy. In this episode of Cuppa Press, Content and Campaign Marketing Manager, Novnish Ramesh, lets you in on the common content marketing mistakes most SMBs make, and ways to overcome the same.
August 4, 2020
LinkedIn, Quora, and Personal Branding
Personal Branding is no longer reserved for C-Suite executives. It has got little to do with your achievements and a lot to do with putting your vulnerable, authentic self out there. Amidst all the noise about personal branding, how do you devise a strategy that works for you? How can you leverage LinkedIn and Quora to power up your personal brand? What is the end game? Hardik Lashkari—founder of Content Flavour—reveals in this episode of Cuppa Press.
July 28, 2020
All things Branding
When Jeff Bezos said, “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room”, he clearly knew what he was talking about. But is there a way to direct this dialect? In this episode of Cuppa Press,digital marketer Imraan Moh gets candid and answers the frequently asked questions about branding. He drills down to the basics of what branding really means and builds up from there. He also has an important message - stay tuned till the end to find out.
July 10, 2020
Brand Storytelling for Millenials
Stories have been an imperative part of human lives since inception, and have now become an indispensable part of marketing as well. Apart from humanizing your brand, stories also have the ability to leave a powerful imprint in the minds of your audience. Through stories, you can make your audience laugh, cry, fume in anger, or celebrate with you.  In this episode of Cuppa Press, Brand Storyteller Vanshika Mehta throws light on how brands can convey their story in a way that will make people, especially millennials, pause, listen, and connect with the story.
June 23, 2020