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Cur1yJ's Audio Waves

Cur1yJ's Audio Waves

By Cur1yJ
Cur1yJ's Audio Waves dives deep exploring and discussing far-ranging topics including artwork, technology, business, wellness, mental health, and our always-evolving culture- all with a mix of curiosity, empathy, and good juju. Cur1y is an advocate for community where people have a place to learn, support each other, integrate, and grow collectively along our individual journeys of life. Cur1y's goal is to facilitate a space to create and transform the way we collaborate with our passions, ourselves, and each other... blossoming into things that we Love.
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Men's Group Reflections from Spring 2021
Reflections from the Men in my last Men's Group in Spring of 2021: Playful, Mysterious, Strong, Humbling, Fierce, Balancing, Ballsy, Demanding, Love Learn more about me @ or follow me on instagram @Cur1yJ
June 01, 2021
Kiva Reflections From 2020
Reflections from the Men in my last Men's Group of 2020: Fiery, Lover, Ahole, LaserEye, Direct, Entertaining, Untapped, Loving. Learn more about me @ or follow me on instagram @Cur1yJ
May 31, 2021
Meetings Of The Minds: EP 3 with Luke Conway - Accountability, Crypto, Investing & Oil Painting Techniques
Meetings of the Minds #3 with Luke Conway ( live stream.  Topics include: Leadership, Accountability, Investing, Climate Change, Finance, Cryptocurrency, & Oil Painting Techniques. ►► Join the Family: ►► Watch our live streams on @ 12pm MST on Saturdays & Sundays! // Get Connected // ★ Everything: ★ Podcasts: ★ Shop: ★ NFT CryptoArt Collection: ★ Donate: ★ Discord: ★ Instagram: ★ Twitter: ★ Facebook: ★ Linkedin: ★ Github: Thank you for listening.
February 26, 2021
My Decade with Crypto & Blockchain (2011 - 2021)
My background is in finance and computer science. I started hacking when I was 10, and some of my best tech nerd homies in college introduced me to mining and cryptocurrency like Bitcoin back in 2011. I've been active in the crypto markets ever since, and I think I have a unique perspective on it, in a way that could be helpful to some people who aren't really sure what it's like in a bubble, or don't really understand what's going on with cryptocurrency and blockchain tech in general. Or how it's helpful. Or hurtful. Allow me to break down some points that I think are easier to understand and keep in mind when navigating these open seas (oooh pun!). Cryptocurrency, like the stock market, at the moment, is purely speculative. It doesn't have much practical use for the every day life of a human. Especially when you remove 1st or 2nd world countries from this equation. Cryptocurrency is still pegged to the US dollar. Most people, when they want to "cash out" of a coin, they do it for their native currency. If the US dollar ever becomes obsolete, the entire financial world would flip on it's head. Literally every currency on the planet is based on the US dollar in one way or another. Bitcoin's technology, imho, was DOA (Dead On Arrival). From what I know about software and finance, and currency... This coin specifically, is the right idea, but the wrong answer. Cryptocurrency markets are so volatile, that 1 Ethereum, for example, could be worth $1,700 USD today (~ current price), and crash could happen that's so sharp, in one week it'll be worth $500 USD. So say I buy a house for $500k USD worth of Ethereum. You sell me that house. 1 week later, the market crashes, and now that ETH is only worth $200k. Both parties lose. My house is now worth $200k, and you only have $200k worth of ETH because you didn't convert it to USD quick enough. I had all of my bitcoin on Mt Gox circa 2013 after years of hoarding them at like $5/each. One day, MtGox disappeared. And so did all my crypto. I wasn't alone. Before that happened, multiple hacks occurred that were so bad they rolled back the market data by DAYS, simultaneously erasing the equivalent in trades. Massive risk for both parties at either end of the purchase using a coin. And the value of coins are currently is  just based on bearish or bullish markets. There's no real world factors really driving it's price up or down besides traders and hype. Equity in markets do not increase in value forever. Bitcoin is different than Ethereum. Ethereum is way more practical than Bitcoin. Bitcoin is solely a cryptocurrency, whereas the tech behind Ethereum has WAY more use when it comes to artificial intelligence, dAPPs, etc... I could hypothetically build a new decentralized internet on the Ethereum blockchain. You can build things totally outside the scope of a currency. Thus, Ethereum IS GREATER THAN Bitcoin. Down the road, you will see the value of Ethereum become more aligned with it's actual value, as people become more educated and aware, and Bitcoin will die, get hacked, go underground, whatever. Even the fact that it's already being used by the like of PayPal (essentially the reason Bitcoin was even created was because of modern finance) is a big L. RIP. We are in a bubble. Right now. 2021. Over half the country unemployed, pandemic lockdown, social reckoning, etc. The government is dumping trillions into the economy. Markets going up no matter what happens. People are giving it right back to them, or corporations, in the form of Amazon purchases, GameStop hedge fund hype, crypto hype, twitch donations... Tread thoughtfully. Thanks for listening. Full VOD still on Twitch @
February 07, 2021
Meetings Of The Minds: EP 2 with Luke Conway - Health, Community, Earth & Humanity in 2020
We're naturally on the same team. Team humanity.   This year has been challenging in a lot of ways. It's been very hard to deal with both individually and collectively. Every human on this Earth has been affected. We find ourselves suddenly in the midst of a pandemic, social/gender/racial reckoning, police brutality, elections, wildfires, hurricanes, an information war, inequality, health issues, and so on. One after another, it's been overwhelming.   Luke Conway ( from MOTM Episode 1, joins us again to talk about the state of the world. And find a way to come together. Find a way back to the Love. Build a humane society. Actions, not nouns.   Music by Yopoh: ----------------------------- // Get Connected //   ★ Art Gallery:  ★ Tech Gallery:  ★ News/Blog:  ★ Podcasts:   ★ Shop:  ★ Donate:   ★ Twitch:  ★ Youtube:  ★ Discord:  ★ Instagram:  ★ Twitter:  ★ Facebook:  ★ Linkedin:  ★ Spotify:
October 01, 2020
Meetings Of The Minds: EP 1 with Luke Conway- Health, Sports, & MMA
First ever talk-show podcast-style long form conversation with Luke Conway ( from TheFilthyCasualsMMA ( on health, sports, wellness, and mixed martial arts during the COVID-19 pandemic.  This is the first in a series from what I like to call "Meetings Of The Minds". This is just quite literally that.   Some Topics include: - COVID-19 Sensitivities - Huang Qi - Sunlight Vibes - Dealing with a Pandemic - Meditation - Mother Nature - Feeling Good - Removing Distractions - MMA/Fighting - Effect of COVID on health and sports - Basketball - Toilet Paper Shortage - Weight Cutting - Dieting - Drug Testing - Jon Jones Struggles - Brain Damage - Athletes never getting the change to grow up - Concussions - Personal/Mental Health in Sports - Flow States - Fight Training - Sports with No Fans   Note: The audio was echo'ing a bit. Fixed for next show. Did our best to fix is in post-production. Hope you enjoy anyways! ----- // Get Connected // Art, Tech, Health + Community Home: Twitch Live Streams: @ 12:00pm (noon) MST every day! Art Gallery: Tech Gallery: News/Blog: For Sale: Donate: Join us on Discord: YouTube: Instagram Live Stories & Photos: Twitter Updates & News : Facebook Updates: TikTok Foolishness: Github Repos: Linkedin Business: Spotify Music & Playlists: ArtStation Artist Portfolio: Dribbble:
May 12, 2020