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Curing Tones with Curetone: Music and Health Podcast

Curing Tones with Curetone: Music and Health Podcast

By Cure
Come join me as I educate, entertain and encourage you with my life's experience. During these episodes I will share with my listeners the highs and lows of my journey learning, understanding and utilizing the practical sciences of Music and Health and how they apply to my everyday life.
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"An End Stage Renal Disease Diagnosis: Overcoming the emotional struggle of loss, shame and fear" ( Pt. 1)
7 Years ago, in April of 2012, I was diagnosed with Stage 5- End Stage Renal Failure. The news was devastating and heartbreaking. In this podcast you will hear the beginning of my journey and how I went from a 350lb man with hypertension (high blood pressure) and type 1 (juvenile) diabetes to a 190lb lean man with a 34-inch waist, 23% Body-fat who's happier, wiser and more at peace mentally, spiritually and relationally.
March 26, 2020