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Curious Anarchy

By Nepcurial Rx Prod.
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'What happens if we ignite this fuse of conversation?'

Curious Anarchy is a surgery of inquiry; a frank and honest voyage with and without guests.

A raw and unfiltered sonic landscape of insightfully stimulating, humorous and enfranchising conversations intuitively brought to you by Jermaine and co-host Mark.

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**Views expressed by participants are their own, may contain adult language, and no association with any brand or company mentioned implied unless stated.**
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The Witch Trials: Passing Whilst Handpicked - Kaya J

Curious Anarchy

Psychosis Vs Spiritual Awakening - Phil Borges, Naomi Elliott, Brian Spittles & Antonio Ferreira
A powerhouse event hosted by the UK's curious anarchist, Jermaine Gregory, in the formidable community on Clubhouse, The Phoenix Headquarters, the growing, number 1 organisation for spirituality, a hub for practitioners. Joining Jermaine today in the Phoenix Headquarters club on Clubhouse is 'Crazywise' director, Phil Borges. Also joining us are Naomi Elliott, metaphysical parapsychologist and founder of the almost 3,000 membership club. Brian Spittles with his extensively researched book, 'Psychosis, Psychiatry and Psychospiritual Considerations' as well as representing Beyond youth board, Antonio Ferreira, who along with Naomi have had experiences in being sectioned under psychosis diagnosis, yet having very different experiences. Open and honestly, we talk about learnings from the film and researched findings in making the movie, sprinkled with anecdotal experience and testimony between our guest speakers and speakers invited to speak from the open audience who feel they had something to add and have experienced their own spiritual awakening. The continuation of the growth and development of the drive for fairer and better care in mental health, and health in general, across the planet is alive and well. Listen in as we traverse the extremely thin line between psychosis and spiritual awakenings.
September 27, 2022
Curious Muse: Rosh Hashanah & Interculture
Mark takes a moment to acknowledge his Jewish roots at this time of year. Merely hours after the equinox, it's now the Jewish New Year. A turn of seasons in alignment with the times, beginning with a 10-day lead into Yom Kippur, deemed the day of atonement. It's a collective time for releasing of transgressions against neighbours, family and friends. A reckoning of peace. Enjoy! Follow us on Instagram and Twitter:
September 25, 2022
TWDMLKJ: Change Is The Only Constant
Recorded the day after Elizabeth I's laid to rest and King Charles III sashays into the role, yet to be crowned. What's expected of him? What happens to the grieving people across the world and where does that grief go? How can we humanized people again? Grief is ever-present with us as we learn to go through life seeing the beauty. Jermaine and Mark opine on what they feel.
September 21, 2022
BWNO: Shedding My Religion - Allegra Cramb
Meet Allegra Cramb. Sex Coach and spontaneous, thriving hive of insight and deep understanding of the make-up of society. Listen in as Allegra takes us through her childhood, university days, and finding sex as an outlet for the perceived constrictions of her lifestyle prior. Music woven into the memories, Allegra recounts some checkpoints in her life that she feels have guided her divinely towards her path. If you would like to hear more about what Allegra has been upto, click the link to play.
September 17, 2022
Ice Cap Discs: Do You Know Mark? (PII)
Loyalty, fun and coming of age, Mark shares a little more about his mid teen to young adult life. The conflicts of balancing his Jewish upbringing with his largely secular life, a struggle many will be familiar with from religious backgrounds to some degree. Using comedy as a blockade, yet also around the time hooliganism began to surface, we find out more about Mark's experiences post-private primary school. If you want to hear more, use the poll! (on Spotify)
September 12, 2022
Curious Muse - Truss & Believe
Today we are honouring humanity. Despite being a politician, Mark takes the lead on recognising the achievements of PM Liz Truss up to present day. Some interesting findings you'll hear... She's not just a former monarchy abolishing champion of the people. She's far more complex a character for different reasons to others right now.
September 07, 2022
Curious Muse: In God We Truss
Jermaine and Mark toss up some ideas around the remarkable succession of catastrophes Boris Johnson and his government have permitted, and not only that, but aided and abetted. In the closing hours of his prime ministership, we reflect somewhat. What's the point of government if they encourage and participate wholeheartedly in oppression of the people they are supposed to be civil servants to?
September 04, 2022
BWNO: Mind(fulness) Your Business - Ella Matheson
Joining Jermaine today in the studio is Ella Matheson. A Compassion Consultant and deeply emphatic, Ella speaks about her journey from childhood, her interests that stuck with her throughout her life and transitioned into new forms as she expanded her awareness. A Brahma Kumari practitioner, listen to how she applies compassion as a principle throughout her work in corporate and private. Enjoy!
September 03, 2022
Monologue For A Mate: - What's Music To Those Who Have Fallen?
Mark pays tribute to a friend who has recently passed. A young man, the son of a friend and local personality, coming into his manhood took his own life a couple of weeks ago, and Mark wanted to take time to honour his memory, leaving some thoughts in the ethereal library on Curious Anarchy. If you have concerns for yourself or somebody you know, please contact one of the many available resources, counselling services wherever you are in the world. Or see your local therapist, shaman, healer, or suitable professional to your cultural background.
August 28, 2022
Curious Muse: Peace By Any Means Necessary
On today's show Mark and Jermaine talk about the resounding call for unity across workforces taking place in the UK. Unions up and down the country are formulating their own strike action and the call from Mick Lynch, leader of action against measures to curtail the train workers union and stifle their strike action. Jermaine also questions why wages, inflation, rents, and utility bills have to rise... can't we live in a way more in harmony than in the constant pursuit of neverending growth?
August 23, 2022
BWNO: First XI's - Olly Hibble
Joined by Olly Hibble, once again. Only this time we explore who our Best Eleven of All Time would be, picking 11 players and a manager. Alongside that we'll be weaving into it the themes of how football has changed over the years in our time of experiencing the love of the beautiful game...
August 20, 2022
Season Wrap-Up (August 2022) - Review & Checking In
Mark and Jermaine reflect back on the last couple of weeks and few months. As the Curious Anarchy team embrace change in many ways, the duo reflect on what is going on within and get some clarity on what is going on without. A week or so ago there was a comment made by Mark, and Jermaine brings it up in light of the direction Curious Anarchy is moving in as we further embed the philosophy of advocacy of mental health. We also talk about curious projects we have lining up. In fact, there will be a conversation elaborating on sleep this Saturday 20th August at 20:20hrs (UK time) - "Between The Sheets...", and more diving into mental health, especially after the Health & Care Act 2022 just passed in July. We'll be covering some personal circumstances that have occurred during the last two weeks. Enjoy the latest episode, BWNO: The Pervasive Heart of America - Nicole Doty, and hear about her domestic abuse escape story, and transmutation into creation of a non-profit to serve others so they can have outcomes that are accommodating to each need. Big plans in store for Nicole and her rather aptly named organisation, The Emergeré.
August 19, 2022
BWNO: The Pervasive Heart of America - Nicole Doty
Domestic violence, especially during certain periods tends to peak and the attraction to it becomes magnified. Little does this do for those who live in environments where they are exposed to this continuously. On top of the typical traits of control, also throw into the mix a dynamic where you literally have to go the extra mile to get out of the container that you've set up your life and bedded everything into. In comes Nicole Doty, the President and a co-founder of The Emergeré Corporation. Emergeré, as it's popularly referred to, is a support service bridging infrastructures of public and private services in assisting those fleeing domestic violence.  Nicole Doty shares her story of coming into the understanding of the need for women to have safety, security, and compassion in how domestic abuse survivors are impacted. Taking the approach further, Nicole outlines a new movement of care and collaboration with vulnerable women, men, and their children, taking a look at both sides of the coin. Often left out in the aftermath is the perpetrator. Listen to what Nicole has in mind... How's Your Heart? Contact Nicole Doty:
August 06, 2022
Curious Muse: Not In My Back Yard
Civil unrest, as it were, is taking place the world over, spreading like wildfire as people are pushed too far and demand change. Our show highlight, the Sri Lanka peaceful protests reflecting universal sentiments. Former Japanese Prime Minister killed whilst performing honorary duties.
July 14, 2022
Curious Muse: Where Were You?
When all is said and done, no sooner than the sun relinquishes its hold as summer takes grip, and sees the changing of the guard, we shall ask the question: where were you with your broom come the time to clean up?
July 13, 2022
Curious Muse: One Flew Over Britain's Nest
What do the fall of the Georgia Guidestones, CERN activity, and the government have in common? We explore a significant event in the history of British politics. It seems Boris has his handful after announcing his resignation after over 40 members of his cabinet walked following the scandal of the Tory Deputy Chief-Whip's alleged sexual abuse. It's been revealed Boris supported him into the role, but told his colleagues a different story, and then reciting lines he knew were untrue. Seems like a portal has opened and old systems are crashing down... what new structures are we putting in place?
July 07, 2022
TWDMLKJ: Wherever The Wind Blows
As the winds change direction, government seems to follow. What happened to having a set of principles and sticking by them? We're seeing a void opening up between reality and fantasy, while many of us close our eyes and allow imagination to ride at the helm. This exploratory talk between Mark and Jermaine sheds light on the state of plays today, history and what we see in the not too distant future...
July 05, 2022
TWDMLKJ: The Olympian Spirit
Commemorating Pheidippides' efforts, running from Marathon to Athens in 490BC to announce the defeat of the Persians, we toil over sport and how its transformed into a beast in it's own right.
June 28, 2022
Curious Muse: Change & Grenfell
We honour the victims of the worldwide and infamous Grenfell tower block fire. Those that passed away in the fire, as well as those who were affected through being friend, family, or present at the scene and those who may have been impacted by seeing the traumatic event unfold on television streamed around the world. Still no accountability accepted, though accusations and blame is thrown around like a hot potato. Five years on, we ask what's changed? And, Will somebody take responsibility for this tragedy?
June 14, 2022
TWDMLKJ: Ideological Warfare
Ideology... what does it mean? We explore different ideologies and how they appear in society and in ourselves differently, yet the same...
June 14, 2022
Curious Muse: And Now For Something Completely Different
News updates over this week trailing off of the Queen's platinum Jubilee celebrations across the country starting of with the commencement of a Tory instigation of a 'no confidence' vote against the current Conservative leader, if you can call him that, Boris Johnson. Mayhem ensues...
June 10, 2022
Curious Muse: Let's Eat Platinum Cake
In the wake of the Queen's jubilee celebrations, with £28m spent across the UK on the ceremony, how do we view the royal family of England. Are you pro-monarchy or do you have much of an opinion? Also, what do other countries think of
June 06, 2022
TWDMLKJ: The Spellcaster & The Poisoned Tea
A play by play account of the many ways the PM has let the country down to no accountability. Until recently... We uncover the layers. A chance meet with the independent review lead, finding out there was pressure applied and all this with a u-turn on a windfall tax on the oil and gas giants that have capitalised off our need for
May 27, 2022
BWNO: Rain & Fire - Dean Wenick
Joined by Dean Wenick from Copperseed Safe, a most secure way to retain and hold your seed phrases as we move into the Web3, crypto, blockchain widening circle of influence. Dean shares with us about his personal history and how he came to discover the benefits of copper, an idea truly seeded with his mind. Look for: "copperseed safe" online - IG: @copperseedsafe
May 23, 2022
Curious Muse: Many A Story To Tell
Mark and Jermaine reflect, an impromptu episode on the Full Moon in Scorpio. Taking Jermaine and Mark back a year or so to speak to the legacy of Curious Anarchy in action...
May 16, 2022
Curious Muse: Aim For The Achilles
When a leader of a country in the west with all of it's high self-esteem perchance upon such a scoundrel as there is, surely it would reject it like a teenager with hormones racing likes to pop their spots. How come nobody has popped this one yet? And furthermore, why is it taking is so long to remove someone who hasndisgraved the position? Let's open that one.
May 09, 2022
TUR: Catch Flights, Not Feelings - Veronica Mae
The Underground Railroad | Interview with reigning champion Miss Diamond UK 2021, Veronica Mae. Sharing her budding child star qualities from the beginning of infant school, now an adult with real conviction about how she manoeuvres through life at the intersection of her experiences. Dubbed the ‘Statue of Liberty’ by Jermaine, Veronica also shares her take on what it means to be free to fulfil her passion. Veronica also talks about negotiation within the business and themes of the pandemic surround the industry as any other. To find out how you can assist Veronica with Sponsorship please get in touch via - Instagram:
May 09, 2022
BWNO: Peering Into The Void - Julie Elves
Julie Elves joins us from her base in southern Europe. A survivor in many senses of the word having been through what some may term extreme circumstances over and over again in many different forms. Real life perspective told from someone who has transmuted her experiences into something to assist in the world's ills being healed from a different perspective.
May 07, 2022
Curious Muse: Whose Tax Is It Anyway?
We discuss tax and how some taxes were created. Looking at all the ways we are faced can we not see that the people of the UK are being bumped? Explore with us. Send us a voicenote of your thoughts via Anchor.
May 03, 2022
Curious Muse: Rain Stops Play...
More from 'Boris Watch', Elon goes long on Twitter, and a few items from today including why Property Tax is a bump.
April 26, 2022
BWNO: Torches Of The Future - Fred Brandon
Fred Brandon from Flames foundation stops by the podcast to tell us about what hes upto in tech and in keeping with current themes of web 3 and the rollout of tech into fun, gaming and crypto, Fred gives us his take on where we may be heading as part of his work involves working with children in tech.
April 23, 2022
BWNO: A Local Manoeuvre - Janet Douglas
The first episode of this conversation with Janet Douglas. A businesswoman from Birmingham with the heart of everything you could ask for from anybody. Listen as she shares herself with us and talks about how she remains on track through life's circumstances. | First of two parts. www.instagram/feedmycreativecic
April 14, 2022
Curious Muse: I'm Fine
Fines, fines, and yet more fines. This time, ate they really worth anything to those responsible for leading agendas that have caused rifts between families and friends over appearances missed due to following guidelines dictated by government ministers yet not adhered to themselves. It's ok. We're fine with that it seems.
April 14, 2022
Curious Muse: Where Does Freedom Begin?
Beginning with the dictionary meaning of 'freedom', considering specifically the past 2 years, are we really free?  Mark and Jermaine delve deeper into what it's like to be on both sides of the fence, a little... 'Rishi washy'.
April 07, 2022
Curious Muse: March On...
Crypto March in DC today at 5pm GMT / 12pm EST to begin. We cover more of the Tory pitfalls and surprises that are unsurprising as people go missing from the investigation into government misconduct.
April 04, 2022
Curious Muse: Shoot For The Stars
So many questions about events developing over the last week, especially commentary around Monday's fraca with conflict between individuals and how it signposts the differences of opinion across the world amongst various groups.
March 30, 2022
Curious Muse: Reknaw A Si Sirob
Read the title backwards to unlock • Oh how the plot thickens with this Ukrainian-Russia conflict. Mark and Jermaine unravel more developments since the last 3-4 weeks. Turns out more hands equals more pockets...
March 18, 2022
Curious Muse: Wherefore Art Thou, Humanity?
An ode to Naomi Osaka, heckled during tennis match, and to those like her... why? Why are we allowing sports governing bodies to get away with ill-treatment of the people who effectively endure their Bill's are paid.
March 13, 2022
BWNO: The Burlesque Of Business - Paulina Tenner
Angel investor, author and serial entrepreneur, Paulina Tenner stopped by Curious Anarchy for a chat about her powerful new book that undresses corporate culture and stimulates incredible waves of life-changing passion within all of us to play out life to the fullest. Listen to Paulina share more on her origin story, the beauty and thrill of performance, and the spark that lit the fire, inspiring the book...
March 12, 2022
Curious Muse: IWD 2022
Happy International Women's Day 2022, as we acknowledge the women in our lives as well as those who have appeared during broadcasts.
March 08, 2022
Curious Muse: Mass Paranoia
Breaking down the complex layers of the Ukraine-Russia story as it unfolds before us like never before. With amounts of press coverage in the early stages of what is casually associated with the beginning of World War 3 that is unrivalled in press access, we ask why Russia might feel on edge being that the toes of NATO's western force edge ever closer to its borders. But also, why is there so much money involved in the UK's economy? What good will come of undoing this net with holes in that supports not only the economy through housing, but the Tories have taken sums of money from Russia, it is alleged. So if this is the case, mo wonder why nobody wants to step on their toes. Sanctions don't mean anything at this stage, and especially where the west stands back, Ukraine is left mostly to it own devices. A pitchfork and pea shooters in comparison to Russia's artillery. It feels like we're being sent on a wild goose chase in the media, and that's why there's one-sided takes.
March 04, 2022
Curious Muse: The Award For Most Chaos Goes To...
Media miscommunication... typical tactics employed by the elite to divide us. Why do we pick one side over another? Why are we championing or standing by at this twisted and corrupt checkpoint in history? Who really is behind this? And why are the Tories accepting money from Russian donors? Is that not conflict of interest...?
February 25, 2022
Curious Muse: And Now We Return To The Classics...
Everything is war... on the streets, in our homes, on the borders of Ukraine and Russia... where's Boris?
February 23, 2022
BWNO: Ms Agent Smith - NiKole Maxwell
Popularly known as Agent Smith, NiKole Maxwell has endeavoured to make an impact as an upholder of regulatory standards and ethics of blockchain, more specifically with regard to topics around the decentralisation of the metaverse. Ensuring distinctions are created from centralised platforms, NiKole has been knee deep in technology as it evolves. Catch the International Women's Blockchain Summit next month by following - - and follow keep up with NiKole's news.  
February 19, 2022
Curious Muse: Absent With Self-Permitted Leave
Pride... and joy of what? Avoidance tendencies and stonewalling. Would you accept this kind of treatment from yourself or others? Hopefully not...
February 16, 2022
Curious Muse: Try Me!
Distractions all the time... how do we fall hook, line, and sinker everytime? Ending on a... positive note..?!
February 10, 2022
Curious Muse: Eye Of The Tiger
Boris is in the soup pot again over covid management, promises, mistruths and flouting rules and regulations as the PM and being in cahoots with parliamentary members regarding parties during the lockdown. Greenwood also in hot water over published videos and audio of incidents between himself and his partner.
February 01, 2022
TLWTA: Baby, It's Cold Outdoors - Ms Liya Endale
On a cold day in the west, 3 people decide a podcast is a great way to warm up. Meet Liya Endale, philanthropist extraordinaire and determined family-oriented woman carving out a path that reaches back to her native home of Ethiopia. She tells of culture clash, political and personal struggle alongside the dream she has of a better future for everyone.
January 31, 2022
Curious Muse: Bullies Claim Gaslighting
Government warmongers and insecure men around planet earth posture up for war. A sign of appendage measuring usually found in locker rooms a recent former POTUS mentioned. Good news for Julian Assange, and freedom of speech.
January 24, 2022
BWNO: This Is Not My Final Form - Ryan
A keen traveller from early on in life, Ryan tells us about their 'army brat' lifestyle growing up under a Catholic household and breaking out on their own. Ryan's own coming of age story, and more, captured in brief with us right here, on Curious Anarchy. Follow Ryan on IG here:  ||  @transoulution
January 22, 2022
Curious Anarchy 1st Anniversary 2022
Celebrating Curious Anarchy's first year anniversary since the first episode on 19th January 2021. We reflect during a Clubhouse room in the Curious Anarchy Safehouse club. Jermaine, aka Curious Anarchist, even meets a long lost cousin of his...
January 21, 2022
TUR: Trafficked At 14 - Golu Karadžić
National Trafficking Awareness Day  Golu Karadžić, a man from Eastern Europe tells all about his experience having been trafficked around the continent. Orphaned at a young age, along with his sister who he kept watch over for as long as he could, Golu talks about drug addiction, the moment of clarity through principle, and how he's turned a moment to his advantage and leveraged his skills in later life to allow him the freedom to live his chosen lifestyle.
January 12, 2022
Ice Cap Discs: Do You Know... Mark?
Roughly 10 years packed into 1 hour. We turn the tables around from Jermaine's time under the spotlight to Mark. We hear what songs flavoured Mark's illustrious life from birth to around the time he embarked on the transition to secondary school. We hear how Mark has always been curious and through his relationships with his parents and other family about how a few events in the developmental years of his life shaped who he is.
January 10, 2022
BWNO: Traffick Stopping - Nina Aouilk
Mother, TedX Speaker, entrepreneur and champion of freeing children and women from the constraints of normalised child trafficking, honour killings and various other forms of violence across the world, Nina Aouilk joins us to speak about her experience of being forced by tradition into marriage, breaking free, and now the adversity she faces having stepped out to raise awareness of how pervasive child trafficking is across cultures. Only more subtlety hidden in western society, yet equally as tragic, brutal and violent on many levels.
December 31, 2021
Astrology Story Series: Circle Of Earth Protection - Melanie Martins
Popular Vedic astrologer, Melanie Martins, joins us to give some reflections on the stories from the earth. Let's open up the astrological signs of Jawan Baemon the Taurus, Emma Fenton the Virgo, and Amina Adamou the Capricorn, and see what Melanie can tell us about them based on a combination if sun and moon signs.
December 31, 2021
BWNO: The Real Mafioso - Sujata Tiwari
An incredible mother, entrepreneur and real tenacious woman, Sujata Tiwari, sits in with Jermaine and Mark for a chat. Found via Jermaine on the social audio app, Clubhouse, Sujata tells us of her experience growing up in a country she feels represses women through all social systems and how she had to fight to be where she is today, a specialist and consultant, having had the intuitive guardianship of a mother herself. Hear how she had a run in with Maria, and more on how Clubhouse sndbsocial audio is bringing people together from across a multitude of boundaries prior to this technology being taken on across the world.
December 28, 2021
Curious Muse: Whew Chile!!!
Marking the advent of the left wing takeover of the mantle of Chile, Mark wanted to document this milestone and clear message sent by the people of Chole in the wake of Pinochet and the impact he had on the people...
December 21, 2021
Astrology Story Series: Rock With The Fire Trine - Rose Kamego
Life time astrologer, Rose Kamego joins us to speak into some areas of the fire signs. Appreciating you having listened to the episodes with pur Aries Sandra Murphy, Leo Melanie Martins, and Sagittarius Edward Fitzgerald, Rose lights the match and highlights some of the key findings that resonated with the fire element, the sun signs within fire, and some moon sign influences. Hear how Rose interprets the stories of the signs and what she finds within them through astrology.
December 18, 2021
Curious Muse: What Happened To Fair Play?
Three examples of where we as a population, the majority, are letting ourselves down.
December 17, 2021
The Witch Trials: Hall Of Mirrors - TK Devine
Tahiry, otherwise known as TK Devine, reflects on her take on her dark night of the soul experience. Deeply embedded into the fabric of church, yet having rebellion destined within her blood, TK speaks about the likenesses she sees in others and herself, and about how she takes responsibility for her life through her response to the external stimulation. A very cerebral and sensual story of building mental fortitude. Subscribe for special features, and custom content: Twitter/IG: @_CuriousAnarchy
December 08, 2021
Curious Muse: Are You Rich?
Today, on Curious Muse and more, from Jermaine and Mark... UK government announce new 10-year plan to tackle drugs Unions fail attempt to challenge government decision on Home Minister's 'bullying' of civil servant   Big anti-racism movement in France gains ground after Eric Zemmour Follow us on IG/Twitter: @_CuriousAnarchy Subscribe for more intimate and exclusive content:
December 06, 2021
Curious Muse: The Double-Edged Sword
Marks and Jermaine peruse over the new Omnicron variant appearing to come out of South Africa. The works seems stuck between two choices perhaps?
November 30, 2021
The Witch Trials: The Book Of Spells - Nico Suavé
The Book Of Spells - Nico Suavé | Speaking different, thinking different, being different and resolving the internal conflicts through finding love in the god in the self. A seemingly typical growing up with many variances throughout, after drink, drugs, and sex indulge. The fight to express himself is a pervasive battle and Nico shares just how he has unravelled his dark night of the soul story as time has gone by and revelations have become apparent.
November 29, 2021
Curious Muse: Breakfast With Poverty V
Boris makes an embarrassment of the establishment as he retells a visit to Peppa Pig World with one of his children... however, whilst this was taking place the House has passed a bill that seems to lock homeowners, particularly those in the north of England, into a system of dependency on the state. The DVLA has been selling data on its registered drivers for private companies to fine individuals, and more...
November 23, 2021
The Witch Trials: Stepping Out In Light Of Love - Lady Holly
In New York, in -10 degree fahrenheit weather after being hounded by institutions forcing her to the brink of mental capacity, we hear Lady Holly's story where she takes us on a journey. Travelling through a myriad of relationship dynamics with family, including five children and her husband at the time whilst steering the ship of the tumultuous personal emotions stemming out of the fear projected onto her mind, Lady Holly tells us how she persisted in a time of despair and the ways she finds, navigates, understands and integrates solace, safety and peace interchangeably...
November 21, 2021
Curious Muse: Thank You To Our Comrades!
Russia, Brexit, the NHS, the police... is there no end to the scale of which government is willing to collapse whole sectors of our minds and society itself? Become a Paid Subscriber:
November 17, 2021
The Witch Trials: Be The Dream - Marianna Zappi
Meet Marianna Zappi, hugely talented singer, songwriter and musician with a voice that could heal broken hearts. A story of following your passion in spite of the amount of emotional hurt involved, yet coming out with more determination and fervour for success. Making quite a statement from many angles; for women; for people who migrate from one country to another and learning a foreign language in your new country; the artist exploring the industry and experiencing tough circumstances. Is there no end to what Marianna can throw herself into? Become a Paid Subscriber:
November 14, 2021
Curious Muse: Legacy... Is It A Thing Anymore?
Mark asks a question about legacy. Where are the leaders of today? And why don't we still have movements such as the Black Panthers? Who are our communal greats? Become a Paid Subscriber:
November 12, 2021
Curious Muse: Feet Right Under The Table
Travis Scott's show turns all the way up til people were desperate to get in to see him. Now being accused of inciting the crowd through legal challenge. Why is it Owen Paterson is still in the news?
November 08, 2021
The Witch Trials: Alumni Of Communications - Domenica DeCrea
From an intersectional upbringing, coming into the world and showing up as she is in her truth, Domenica DeCrea has faced battles throughout her life. Domenica describes her experiences in detail through school and a significant moment later in life that led to her dark night of the soul experience. Listen as Domenica recounts...
November 07, 2021
Curious Muse: #COPOUT26
COP26 seems to be a distraction welcome by world leaders. While the NHS and education scramble for remnants of sanity, we have yet another example of MPs entitled to expenses and salary, taking up additional benefits with organisations with particular interests. We envelope the ongoing conflict in Ethiopia lasting almost 20 years. We're seeing the long spindly fingers of post-colonialism play out before our very eyes. So much of what's happening here is happening elsewhere. We're on an island connected to everybody else who fights back at oppression in all forms. We won't stand by whilst this takes place. Other news too...
November 04, 2021
Curious Muse: Still Playing Up
COP26 kicks off after comments from UK prime minister Boris Johnson accusing other world leaders and delegates of not doing enough when the UK is still struggling to hit anything near its carbon-neutral target in the next few decades. Also, why's Greta Thunberg attending after what seems like a failed protest?
November 01, 2021
The Witch Trials: Tethered To Spirit - Alicia Brown
Meet Alicia Brown... spiritual coach, consultant, healer, medium work, mother and much more. Walking us through divorcing from previous experience in a way that allows you to blossom through the fire and transition into the phoenix. A child dreamer and seer of incidents, academically boxed in from early due to presence of being established from so young.  "Everybody chooses what they want to do, and I can't judge what you're doing." Imagine sweating while channeling, being sick while evoking the spirit within. Gratitude is a must! Hear Alicia's story, also known as Mz Lee C Love, here...
October 31, 2021
Curious Muse: The Great Distraction
We explore what tools are best employed when looking at how to distract masses of people? Shiloh responds with the perfect answer. 😂
October 29, 2021
The Witch Trials: Passing Whilst Handpicked - Kaya J
A woman of many talents, Kaya J began to see 'things' from a young age. Reminiscent of the boy from sixth sense, Kaya entertained spirits along with family members who embraced their spirituality. Who knew that such a gift would appear to be a burden at times. Paying tribute to the inner child within us all, Kaya J embodies the spirit of a woman possessed by her ambitions.  |
October 28, 2021
Curious Muse: Discrimination At The Border
Ultimately, the Brasilian president Bolsonaro being taken to court over his handling of the pandemic is of severe consequence. Will it send a sign, perhaps taking some of the shine from the country self-proclaiming itself the 'beacon of light', to the world with a resounding message that top government officials should be checked and brought in line with a fairer, more equally distributed society that benefits all. What do you think is taking place between the various demographics in society? Are we really that disjointed? The duo Mark and Jermaine delve a little further into pandora's box...
October 27, 2021
Curious Muse: Breakfast With Poverty V
What else is coming up in this long line of investigation and research and findings and reviews and committees and whatever else...?
October 27, 2021
Curious Muse: Breakfast With Poverty IV
The duo, Mark and Jermaine, with a little assistance from Shiloh unravel yet more news impacting the UK and further abroad.
October 22, 2021
Curious Muse: Ideological Murder
Sir David Amess murdered in constituency surgery held at Leigh On Sea, Essex, Methodist church by man radicalised online. We question where else this divide between reality, morality and objectivity collapses into a self-fulfilling desire to eliminate any opposition. How far are you from groupthink? Shiloh opens up the show...
October 17, 2021
Astrology Story Series: Work It Out [Astrologer Promo] - Gillian Wattson
Gillian Wattson breaks down two stories and delivers a natal chart reading. Gil talks us through the Leo/Virgo abandonment experience of Susan Lawrence as well as the cluster of events the Capricorn, Grace Lowe, has gone through during the pandemic of 2020. Gil also breaks down a natal chart and drops a hint for our anonymous guest.
October 17, 2021
Astrology Story Series: The Russian Doll [Pisces] - Melati Nanlohy
Melati Nanlohy, a Pisces-Aries cusp, shares a story about the miracle of a multiple, layered experience of relationship to self and another, and the outcome of magical circumstances. --**--**-- Twitter/Instagram: @_CuriousAnarchy
October 16, 2021
Curious Muse: Breakfast With Poverty III
It's a consistent threat to our civil liberties, Boris being at the helm. No accountability by anyone in government, except for Matt Hancock - though his resignation admittedly nothing to do with his handling the pandemic as it began its onslaught. Hancock now can't be held to account now there's a new person in charge, can he? Javid seems to be doing a great job passing the buck. This and more within...
October 15, 2021
Astrology Story Series: The Single Tower [Aquarius] - Ashley Palmer
A Scorpio Moon with a Gemini ascendant, general creative and business person, one moment is all it takes to transform life as we know it, and Ashley Palmer is no stranger to it. She lives a continually transformative life acknowledging that tower moments come and go... --**--**-- Twitter/Instagram: @_CuriousAnarchy
October 13, 2021
Curious Muse: Breakfast With Poverty II
More on the spillage that is the UK government and its handling of the coronavirus measures. Task forces find serious errors of judgement - what will come of this?
October 13, 2021
Astrology Story Series: My Beautiful Dark Tragedy [Capricorn] - Amina
Realising your worth through a gruelling journey of understanding self within everything around you and within everything that happens in Amina's life. --**--**-- Twitter/Instagram: @_CuriousAnarchy
October 11, 2021
Astrology Story Series: The Big Push Back [Sagittarius] - Edward Fitzgerald
Having to rebuild from the inside out whilst attempting to maintain appearances proves tricky once you realise who you are and creating the distinction between that and your circumstances proves rewarding. Edward Fitzgerald retells a part of his story. --**--**-- Twitter/Instagram: @_CuriousAnarchy
October 09, 2021
Curious Muse: Breakfast With Poverty
Don't mention the B-word. The trio cover the next set of changes to be implemented as described by the government as nothing to do with what's going on with the relationship between the UK and the EU, and the rest of the world.
October 08, 2021
Witnessing The Fitness: Warm Down - Danielle Yon
The last in the series with Danielle Yon as she continues to build on her service to her clients, having formulated a podcast herself, and seeing the need to yet be of more service to others. We end the series with a roundup and making our way through the gauntlet of why warming up and down is important for your body. To follow Danielle - @danielle_weallfit_london - and keep up with her news and events. [END]
October 08, 2021
Astrology Story Series: Death & Rebirth [Scorpio] - Antiqu'e Ampomah
The realisations that come with the death of someone who is significant to you are many. Over time we adapt and find ways to navigate through the mind wanderings that take place, and find a way to prosper through the tribulation. Antiqu'e talks death and rebirth. --**--**-- Twitter/Instagram: @_CuriousAnarchy
October 07, 2021
The Witch Trials: Add Butterfly Wings - Antiqu'e Ampomah
A string of incidences have coerced, to say the least, Antiqu'e Ampomah the singer/songwriter into purging the complexes that have built up over time through significant events. As Antiqu'e shares, hear how she's worked through the internal conflicts that she's grappled with and now turns to continue stepping forward. --**--**-- Twitter/Instagram: @_CuriousAnarchy
October 06, 2021
Astrology Story Series: Coming Of Sage [Libra] - Tiante Burnette
A young woman growing up in a world that doesn't often bend when and where required initiates her own process of unravelling the path before her. Tiante Burnette powerfully shares her story so far. --**--**-- Twitter/Instagram: @_CuriousAnarchy
October 05, 2021
Curious Muse: Catch It If You Can
The time is ticking against Boris Johnson's government. We list some of the things that were promised in their manifesto and can clearly see the team in Westminster have very little affinity with it. One would question if they even have a communications department at all. More on the Sarah Everard case as it unfolds and the culture within the police is highlighted for being twisted, corrupt and seemingly impenetrably dangerous after monikers of officers are revealed from a WhatsApp group. Man flies South Africa Airways planes for 20 years before becoming undone in forged passport revelation.
October 04, 2021
Astrology Story Series: Glass In Case Of Transformation [Virgo] - Emma Fenton
How do you process experiences that take a lifetime to recover from? Obstacles may occur during life, but how we get through them is the stuff that tests our mettle of resilience to suppressing our expression. Emma Fenton opens up about what's happened in her life. --**--**--  Twitter/Instagram: @_CuriousAnarchy
October 03, 2021
Astrology Story Series: Backpack Tracks [Leo] - Melanie Martins
A nomadic, multi-talented rebel with a cause has a deep awakening after a trip south of the border. Melanie shares on her experiences of alternative culture. --**--**-- Twitter/Instagram: @_CuriousAnarchy
October 01, 2021
Astrology Story Series: A Love Complex [Cancer] - Simone Hoggs
How is it that to love and be loved appear to be so complex to some? Making sense of things is difficult at the best of times. Simone Hoggs unravels her story for us. --**--**-- Twitter/Instagram: @_CuriousAnarchy
September 28, 2021
Curious Muse: No Gas No Cry
The cluster of agenda culminating in a cacophony of refined negligence with sprinkles of petrol still dripping to the floor as the jerry can crew clamber for fuel, leaves the Boris and his fellows rushing to plug the gaps in the supposedly "oven-ready" deal the UK supposedly had. 10,000 foreign workers offered temporary visas to plug the shortfall in drivers as they left due to Brexit... it's all getting a bit much.
September 26, 2021
Astrology Story Series: Crossroads [Gemini] - Jordyn Brown
Choices, cycles and lessons... a theme that can be banked on often. The Gemini, Jordyn Brown, shares on some of her typical experiences. --**--**-- Twitter/Instagram: @_CuriousAnarchy
September 26, 2021
Witnessing The Fitness: Body Genesis - Danielle Yon
Danielle Yon delivers her top 5 suggestions for preparing for fitness discerned from one of her clients, Carly. With all the technology and biological evolution, development, and transitions we're going through, how amazing is it that we have been able to come so far? Seeming like a double-edged sword, the body genesis persists....
September 24, 2021
Astrology Story Series: Determination Of Self [Taurus] - Jawan Beamon
Breaking on out of a pact isn't easy when you're a high profile leader and you begin to enter into your own sense of self-discovery that results in you becoming a vocal whistleblower on accountability. Our Taurus, Jawan Beamon, shares his clashes and success. --**--**-- Twitter/Instagram: @_CuriousAnarchy
September 23, 2021
Curious Muse: Keep Calm And Climate On
With gas rates set to hike, we delve a little deeper into the twists and turns, revelations that are becoming apparent as a smoke screen for behind the scenes action. Amazon, arguably the worlds biggest one-stop online retailer seems to be receiving the only form of reprimand for its culture on social media. We also ask why is #emmyssowhite trending on twitter?
September 21, 2021
Astrology Story Series: A-Star Dreams [Aries] - Sandra Murphy
A plan to make it big after a relocation takes Sandra, the first sign in the zodiac of Aries, out of her comfort zone. Becoming ever more comfortable being in her new environment, she shares about her alignment with her innate purpose, and how it came about.  --**--**--  Twitter/Instagram: @_CuriousAnarchy
September 21, 2021
Curious Muse: A Grand Trine
Government, Corporate, Climate... the usual suspects are at it again, this time forging relationships with corporates who are looking to turn the screws and force rate hikes for consumers after suffering huge financial losses due to the pandemic. Are we forgetting about climate change? What's civil about Karen?
September 20, 2021
Curious Muse: Ignorance Is Bliss
We call to investigate the investigation into potential links between the vaccine and reported changes to women's menstrual cycles. Prince Phillip's will to be kept secret as if the rights to his colonialism have not ran out yet. Care homes and mental health sector continue to flounder and to be pillaged despite calls for more support. Where is the support? And more to come...
September 17, 2021
Witnessing The Fitness: The 'But' That Stops
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
Three 'Buts' that must stop and how to avoid wrestling with them in moments you feel not so upto the task and ways to facilitate a smoother transition from thought, plan, action, review. Danielle shares some of the excuses she gets on a weekly basis from clients about why they can't do exercise, the kinds of things that we all fight against at times. Which 'but' works for you? Special mention: Better Gym
September 15, 2021
Witnessing The Fitness: Commitment - Danielle Yon
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
This week on Witnessing The Fitness, Danielle Yon takes us through her 3 stages of aligning ourselves to our goals/desires in relation to fitness whilst reframing how we see commitment. What do you think of how we view the dreaded c-word of personal development and engaging with a goal? How determined are you to achieve your aims and what are you willing to sacrifice in order to obtain it?
September 15, 2021
Curious Muse: Tax Again For Good
Drake lands himself in hot water for controversial samples usedbon new album; universal credit to be cut by £80-100pm on top of national insurance increases for the lowest paid; Rihanna rumoured to be pregnant, and British Tobacco Company caught meddling with the competition and now face fines. That and more on today's Curious Anarchy.
September 13, 2021
Curious Muse: Pinnochio Doesn't Know How To Be A Child
We're running a wager. Donate to the cashapp or PayPal anytime you see the phrase: "government investigation" from wherever you are in the world. Paypal: @curiousanarchy | Cashapp: £CuriousAnarchy
September 10, 2021
Witnessing The Fitness: Influence - Danielle Yon
Danielle and Jermaine once again dive into the mind for exploration. This time perusing what it means to be influenced and how influences show up in our lives. Jermaine gets powerfully vulnerable and shares something that he noticed taking place for him this week based on a myriad of understood influences that turn out to be something completely different in the moment. Where do you notice influence taking place in your life? Follow the podcast via any streaming platform available, as well as on: Instagram - Twitter - Hashtag: #wtffridays
September 10, 2021
Curious Muse: Make Like A Banana And Split
The scramble out of Afghanistan appears to be quite revealing for both Mark and Jermaine. Western forces appear to have gifted the Taliban power. Were they not alleged terrorists not so long ago? Why this seeming diplomacy between the two sides? Other news too...
September 01, 2021
Curious Muse (Xtra): The Double Afghan Tap
Jermaine and Shiloh still on strike, an allowance is given due to the time sensitive nature of developments out of Afghanistan and surrounding countries. With ISIS defeated, the US somehow knew exactly where leaders of the apparently newly formed terrorist cell were to appear, somewhere in another country and without any previous history... A few questions: Why did troops evacuating leave weapons and equipment behind for the Taliban to collect? What was it that had the US and other foreign military hotstepping out of Afghanistan? There's lots more questions to ask, so please listen in and see what you think! And I say 'our' deliberately because we are a part of it by existence and participation in consuming pretty much anything. Conflict resolution… does peace even exist with all of the complexes we have created around our consumerism?
August 28, 2021
BWNO: Everyday Battle Ground - Saikat Basu
Saikat Basu co-founded a fightwear brand. We spoke to Saikat about his experiences building his brand from marketing, logistics and commercial to negotiations. Saikat was very gracious in his sharing. Listen in to one of India's fastest growing fightwear brands.
August 28, 2021
Witnessing The Fitness: If We Don't Talk About It... - Danielle Yon
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
Today poses a challenge for every mum, dad, parent and for anybody who is putting on a brave face for the world. We ask the question: what are my needs? Are you sharing with others your needs in order to have them met and to feel fulfilled, or are you slowly filling up with hate, resentment and toxicity because you won't let others know you need help. We ask you approach this question with someone you trust. Twitter: @weallfit1
August 27, 2021
Curious Muse: Little Britain
Houses of Parliament are more akin to a playground for a bunch of lions. Do we realise we are the Siberian tiger? The comedy of errors, u-turns and embarrassment on a worldwide platform ever more telling.
August 24, 2021
BWNO: What If Has A Long Tale - Difernt
Meet Difernt, an author, studious student of life and entrepreneur. Overcoming homelessness and creating a life of her own design despite her experiences, Difernt appears on today's show to share about her new paradigm shifting book on race. An alternative story, she Hope's to hit home so that everyone can see that we're all connected and there is strength in numbers.
August 21, 2021
Star Gazers: Self Belief - Jalyssa Lopez
A woman with a dream in her hands and observed through a lense. Jalyssa Lopez tells about her process of proving herself and transmuting relationships and situations into something that benefits all parties.
August 21, 2021
Wellbeing Series: Rally For The Future - Ashleigh Love
Ashleigh Love stops by for this episode of the Wellbeing Series. A strong advocate for young people, Ashleigh leads a charitable organisation focused on the youth sector. Hear about how she got into it and the work she's involved with.
August 19, 2021
Curious Muse: Falling Dominoes
Well, looky here again... the western military forces announcement of their departure has been happily welcomed by the Taliban forces now situated in Kabul, the Afghanistan capital. Is this a tide turning moment for the planets focus, taking us away from the world renowned virus or just another slow encroachment behind the scenes of the "hidden" figures coordinating this whole play?
August 16, 2021
Witness The Fitness: The Bag Of Discovery - Danielle Yon
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
Danielle Yon delivers her top tips for getting into exercise for anyone, but specifically for those who may have concerns holding them back from fully embracing being fit.
August 16, 2021
Witnessing The Fitness: Schedule Consistency - Danielle Yon
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
Danielle shares three key tips for accommodating for exercise as you move into a new understanding of what you want to get out of exercise.
August 13, 2021
Wellbeing Series: Being Seen - Kamilah Tomlinson
Physical abuse | Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) | Relationship difficulties | Childhood sexual abuse Kamilah Tomilinson talks about psychotherapy from an integrated and holistic standpoint, considering the client's nuanced needs, from theories of Jung, Freud and others to making an impact in the therapy room. Kamilah highlights the issues that the way capitalism, monopolies, and dominant cultures impact and influence those who are from a culture or background that is different, and how experiences are varied depending on these nuances. Activism is Kamilah's way of navigating this territory.    Contact: Instagram: @conversationswithkam 
August 12, 2021
Curious Muse: Earth's Endless Eulogy
What can we do to save the planet when less than 5% of the world creates 50% of the world's energy? What are the intricacies of the function of the climate in our lives, and how do we manage a transition into a healthier environment?
August 09, 2021
BWNO: Honouring Menelik Shabazz - GL Harris, Diarah N'Daw-Spech, Reinaldo Barroso-Spech
Working internationally across the Americas, Europe and the wider African diaspora, Diarah and Reinaldo set up the African Diaspora International Film Festival to showcase, network and connect black audiences and creatives. GL is a writer, journalist, reviewer of the arts, culture and literature.
August 07, 2021
Curious Muse: In Just The Nick Of Time
The Tokyo Olympics brings along with it it's own set of drawbacks that seems to be elusive currently, yet the Japanese managed to pull it off. The Mark Duggan, pre-Olympic riots acknowledged. Jermaine shares about his local police station being burnt out by frustrated protestors. And more...
August 06, 2021
Curious Muse: Life Is A Riot (In The Key Of Anarchy)
Rihanna's billions; IOC suspend investigation of Raven Saunders; Jermaine talks insuring his larynx, and technology along with biased humans makes for a treacherous comedy of errors. All that, and other news...
August 05, 2021
Wellbeing Series: Moving Variables - Rebecca Rose
Rebecca Rose, youth work practitioner and counsellor, has worked in youth work since being a youth herself. Hear about her journey into assisting young people from a variety of backgrounds and how she manages her way through the depth of emotions we all go through whilst being there for others in need.
August 05, 2021
TWDMLKJ: Keep Calm Its Capitalism
Why have we turned Earth into a plantation? With 1 out of 3 people on the planet in some form of slavery, why do we allow this to happen? Mark and Jermaine explore our world as it exists for us in present day.
August 03, 2021
BWNO: We Shall Fight Them On Brecon Beacons - Cammilla Mngaza, Lee Jasper
The duo Jermaine and Mark are joined today by Cammilla Mngaza, mother to a daughter in her very early twenties, now having been in prison in Wales for over a year after an altercation with two men and a woman who all happened to be white and reportedly racist by Siyanda's accounts. Cammilla has been fighting to have her released from her sentence and criminal record restored to it's former clean state. We're also joined by Lee Jasper, activist, former politician for Labour and Respect, advisor to Ken Livingstone as head of policing and inequalities during his time as London Mayor between 2004-2008, and current ambassador for BAME Lawyers 4 Justice, as well as spokespoersonbfor the #freesiyanda campaign. Contact:
July 31, 2021
Curious Muse: So, It's Fuck Humanity Now, Huh?
Simone Biles refuses to put her body at harm for the sadistic pleasure of others and there are some so caught up in their own expectations they fail to see how harmful their words can be. Biles has our utmost support!
July 30, 2021
Witnessing The Fitness: I Am Fitness - Danielle Yon
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
The first in a succession of talks on fitness and anything and eveything around and in it. 'Managing fitness with a busy lifestyle is one of the things holding people back from getting exercise', Danielle states, while offering her commentary on how fitness professionals target their audiences. Also, check out the results of the 5-day challenge from this week. The annual giveaway from Danielle and We All Fit based in East London.
July 30, 2021
Wellbeing Series: Worship The Sacred - Sanchita Suri
Lifestyle | Suicide | Grief | Drug Abuse Sanchita Suri, founder of Nevaan Counseling Center, speaks on approaching counselling through an eclectic delivery with an integrated lifestyle focus that encourages everyone to access counselling as if it were... topping up your home plants. Contact: IG - @nevaan_counseling | +91 9910848200 | | Clubhouse - @sanchitasuri10
July 29, 2021
TWDMLKJ: Lies, Lies, And Damned Lies
Dawn Butler is removed from the Houses of Performance... we mean, Parliament, and now has a decision to make for herself and her party. We cover other areas of where the truth has been subverted underneath agendas by the government.
July 27, 2021
BWNO: Delayed Onset Fitness - Danielle Yon
Fitness trainer and former army engineer, Danielle Yon joins us this week to elaborate on fitness and what it means to the individual.
July 24, 2021
Happy Birthday, Carl and Olly!!
We say happy birthday to Olly Hibble and Carl Blackstock. Carl shares on what's been happening for him and the significance of sharing a birthday with a revolutionary. The foursome were all part of an antiracism group and have all been kicked out, so the rejects gets to bask in their success and progress since. Notable Mention: Haile Sellassie I
July 23, 2021
Wellbeing Series: What's Good For The Soul? - Lorna Cole-Partridge
Black, Asian | Integrative | Identity Counsellor and therapist, Lorna Cole-Partridge, joins Jermaine for a chat about Lorna's journey into counselling and which areas she covers. The black and asian ethnic offering, a solid supporter for women, along with cultural, sexual and gender identity, Lorna Cole-Partridge shares a rounded appeal also offering anxiety and depression resolve as part of her bank of tools, Lorna delivers truth and compassion. Instagram: @goodsoultherapy Website:  
July 22, 2021
Curious Muse: Lost & Found
Finding out more about what freedom means to some people is frightening to realise the depths of which they are prepared to go in order to obtain it.
July 21, 2021
Curious Muse: When First We Practice To Deceive
One rule for one lot, and another for the rest. What do we make of 'Freedom Day'? Do you feel... free?
July 19, 2021
The Anniversary Of The International Brigade - 85 Years
A look at what the International Brigade achieved in their very brief stint in history.
July 18, 2021
BWNO: The Enemy Of Failure - Hermione Sihukai
Business coach and analyst, conscious parenting advocate, and mother, Hermione Sihukai drops by to spread some of her determined and confident aura with the duo, Mark and Jermaine. Shares on her experience with Clubhouse, the popular social networking audio only app as well as what it's like managing her load, especially with burgeoning superstar daughters coming of age. Twitter & Instagram: @HermioneSihukai
July 17, 2021
Star Gazers: Trust In The Team - Ezyblk
Ezyblk stops by the pod for a chat after his manager K Legacy visited us a few weeks ago. Ezyblk is signed to European305, K's production and management label and is set to take the music industry by storm with the power of the group's some 15+ member effort. Instagram: @Ezyblk  Management (Instagram): @European305
July 17, 2021
Curious Muse: Real Education
We're joined by Shiloh who opens the show. Considering a new line of work away from the hustle and bustle of podcasting, the dynamic trio mull over yet more craziness of the adoptive cult culture embraced by many around the world.
July 16, 2021
TLT: Heroes Of Football - Sir Bobby Moore, Paul Gascoigne, Marcus Rashford
We do the workings out on who both of us would rather be as we examine press coverage and attention to significant figures of their time. Found out who we chose as the one we'd most and least like to do a life swap with.
July 16, 2021
BWNO: Controversy, An Ideology
Author Difernt couldn't make today's episode, but it stirred some thought in regard to controversy and how we deal with it, plus what we find controversial.
July 15, 2021
Wellbeing Series: Total Wellbeing Reloaded - w/ Helen Moon
Events | Holistic | Support Founder of EventWell, Helen Moon, joins Jermaine for a chat about wellbeing in the workplace and provides insights on navigating mental health, especially in a top 5 industry profession, whilst dealing with the nature of being involved in running and managing events. Contact: @HelenMoon_EMC @EventWellUK - 
July 15, 2021
Curious Muse: Monster Raving Lunatics Partying
Travelling around the world reporting on the lunacy in NI, the US, Brasil, and the UK, there is a lot more happening out there. Also, the call for evidence Kemi Badenoch put out a few months ago has resulted in a recommendation for black mothers and birthing people to be induced.
July 14, 2021
BWNO: Laced Up In Holistic Politics - Olly Hibble
Olly joins the duo for an intersectional talk about the politics of football and how pervasive it is as an immersive experience for all to enjoy, and for some not so much. The underlying theme throughout this championship campaign from the English team has been one of unity through everything, and for that we are proud to offer our support to the English team.
July 11, 2021
BWNO: Man About Town - Olly Hibble
Olly Hibble, man about town, all round family guy and keen music head, as well as being a former member of an anti-racism group we all used to frequent, pops by to share some of his life's insights and experiences with us of the first Sex Pistols gigs he attended along with the experience of having his milk taken away by Margaret Thatcher who was PM at the time, and more...
July 10, 2021
Star Gazers: The Best A Man Can Give - Razor
Razor joins the duo for what is a very intimate chat about personal, music, and exceptionalism in football.
July 10, 2021
Curious Muse: Football Has Many Homes
We discuss the origins of 'the beautiful game' of football...
July 08, 2021
Wellbeing Series: The Golden Age - w/ Xharene Ongko
Based out in Malaysia, Xharene Angellav Ongko works in the field of neurodiversity amongst children in families from backgrounds that struggle to manage their needs. Xharene shares more about how she performs in a centre for neurodiversity in children and what you can do if you spot signs in your own children. Contact: @halokids123
July 08, 2021
Grub With Greta: First Time Again
A few reflections from Jermaine on his experience of our young co-host Shiloh's first day at nursery, his coming into the world and what it's like to be a dad second time around only on more favourable terms.
July 06, 2021
TWDMLKJ: The Emperor's New Tie
Imagine walking down the road with a new, invisible tie and being proud of it...
July 06, 2021
Curious Muse: Unrestrictly Come Dancing
As Boris confirms that restrictions are to be eased on July 19, the duo consider the implications of not only facing an increase in cases, but the mental health impact. Boris celebrates the NHS by gifting them the civilian equivalent of the military's Victoria Cross, the George's Cross. Everybody in the NHS receives one of these? Do the peripheral staff also receive them? The cooks, cleaners, receptionists, drivers... what about them too? Suppliers even?
July 05, 2021
Star Gazers: Nourishment For The Soul - The Breastmilk Artist
Debs joins us today to share about her creative and one-off paintings using mothers' breastmilk commissioned by clients who have seen her work and desired to honour an aspect of femininity in such a curious and bold way. Debs shares some about her upbringing and daughters, reflecting on her own experiences. To reach out:
July 03, 2021
Star Gazers: A Checkpoint In Grime
Whilst we wait for our next guest, the duo flowed nicely into a little historical count of Grime music off the back of an enquiry from Mark wanting to find out more about some familiar artists in the genre...
July 02, 2021
Curious Muse: The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum
What seemed like a far fetched idea back on the 70's doesn't seem like such a fun idea in 2020's. Are we under a conservatorship of authority by government?
July 01, 2021
Wellbeing Series: Hyp To The Mind - w/ Daniel Browne
Stress | Anxiety | Depression | LGBTQ+ Daniel Browne stops by to share on how mental health impacts those in the LGBTQ+ community, as well as how determined he is to assist them and anyone else that needs therapy. He also offers hypnosis.
July 01, 2021
TWDMLKJ: Becoming King Boris...
The Prime Minister of Great Britain & Northern Ireland has unreservedly had to refute and capitulate (his usual style) UEFA, taking sides with them on the Super League, but this time butting heads and then conceding to UEFA rules around social distancing restrictions for over 2,000 UEFA +1's.
June 29, 2021
Curious Muse: The Real Third Wave
More on the progress of the European Championships. The Hancock debacle unravels as responsibility seems to be the only thing the Tories don't want to tax.
June 28, 2021
TWDMLKJ: Role Models & Children In Times Of Gross Negligence
Matt Hancock resigns after embarrassment of being caught in his office in a passionate embrace on CCTV with his secretary and former university buddy and sister to a brother offered a contract with the NHS during the pandemic. Sajid Javid takes over role of Health Secretary. All seems a little suspicious...
June 27, 2021
TLT: War, Greed, Curable Diseases
Between War, Greed and Curable Diseases... which would you remove and end up with by default? Marky and Jermaine pick through the matter at hand and end up on a final selection. You might be surprised.
June 25, 2021
Wellbeing Series: Breaking Through Boundaries - w/ Andrea Witt
Post-Natal Depression | New Parents | Birth Trauma | Anxiety Practicing what she preaches in being an open book, after going through post-natal depression herself, Andrea Witt talks about why she pivoted at an opportune moment from her career of over 12 years, turning her hand to some restorative work that has led to her becoming a self-employed psychotherapist working with new parents, trauma and PND. - Contact: Twitter: @thepndcoach
June 24, 2021
Curious Muse: Have I Got A Variant For You?
How many touches of the ball does it take to catch covid?
June 23, 2021
TWDMLKJ: Please Sir, Can I Have Some More?
Delayed by a day, this weeks TWDMLKJ includes an elaboration on some of the Conservative theory of relating to the people.
June 23, 2021
Curious Muse: Do As I Say, Not As I Do
Why is it still one rule for some and another for the rich and greedy?
June 21, 2021
Happy Father's Day 2021!
We honour Sonora Dodd Smart who is credited as the founder of Father's Day in America, also acknowledged in the United Kingdom, instated as the third Sunday in June. Credit to Wikipedia for the insight. Jermaine also shares on his thoughts of fatherhood...
June 20, 2021
BWNO: Reimaging Education - w/ Makeda Jeffers
Marky and Jermaine have the pleasure of education specialist and activist, Makeda Jeffers, who's based in a Midlands school joint them today. We toss up some of the issues faced in modern schools with archaic rules and how attitudes are changing, or not.
June 19, 2021
Curious Muse: Taking The Pee
Football's not quite coming home, it seems, but at least the English and Scottish teams cooperated. Elsewhere Botswana mines world's third biggest diamond on record, and more news...
June 18, 2021
Wellbeing Series: Tense And Release - w/ Jerome Johnson
.Anxiety | Depression | Suicide | Trauma After completing a studies just before the lockdown response to the coronavirus came into effect, the leading trait described by Jerome is compassion needed to fulfill the role. An advocate for the 'stillness of chaos' and 'grounding' by using breathing techniques, Jerome recommends a quiet space for meditation, walking, and the 'landing page' of writing are great tips for managing how you may be feeling. - Contact: Instagram: david_johnson_counselling
June 17, 2021
Curious Muse: The Audacity!
More news from the duo. Iran, El Salvador and likely other countries soon, announce their adoption of cryptocurrency as well as the issue of volcanic energy. And more...
June 16, 2021
TWDMLKJ: Growing At Home - w/ Suzanna Austin
Our special guest Suzanna Austin, political analyst, mother and extraordinary human being sits in with us to fill us in on how to home grow fruit and veg without a large garden.
June 15, 2021
Curious Muse: Its An Insurrection, Done Conservatively
Government back door deals with India, and now we apparently are seeing a rise in the 'Delta' variant. Whatever that is... We encourage Scottish football fans to cheer England as they take the knee as a slap in the face to the English fans who have claimed they will continue to boo England throughout the tournament.
June 14, 2021
Curious Muse: Your Throw-In!
Fly like a G7... Heroes of the future, past and present... Jude Bellingham is called upto the England squad for the European Championships and there is talk over how the 17 year old will integrate into this important game and the team.
June 13, 2021
TLWTA: The Healing Factor - w/ Marianna Zappi
Marianna Zappi who appeared on the Who Is...? series is back and this time she goes a little more in depth into the ambassadress work she does with Woman's Trust and the her career in fundraising. She leaves us with her top tips to raise funds.
June 13, 2021
BWNO: Hidden Mental Health
Naomi Osaka steps back from the French Open Tennis tournament and is slated by press, as well as the tennis authority in conjunction with a fine of 15,000 Euros. The world has been social distancing for a year now and as things begin to open up, it would be worthwhile considering what kind of Pandora's Box we are about to witness opening after restrictions lift, and the perils of Brexit really set in as we create what this new world is for each and every one of us in spite of being forced to stay apart. The lingering psychological effects of isolation have been proved to be harmful for prison inmates. People around the world have lived similar lifestyles in lockdown. What symptoms are we likely to witness post-pandemic?
June 13, 2021
BWNO: 20 Years A Date - w/ Lori Hardacker
US based international author and facilitator, Lori Hardacker, shares some of her experiences that contributed towards writing her new about online dating titled, 'Dating, What The Fuck?'.
June 12, 2021
Star Gazers: Sitting On The Balcony Bay - w/ Milli Rose
Now a trustee for the internationally renowned Roundhouse in London's Camden, Milli Rose delves into some of her personal musings overlooking her estate from her balcony. Hear about what she's got going on as she forays through life making connections as she goes along...
June 12, 2021
TLT: Reimagining Civilisation - w/ The Written Word, Medical Science, Agriculture (and Fire)
On the chopping block this week are three of the most significant discoveries and practices to have ever been actualised by human beings. So crucial to our existence that taking one of them away upsets the butterfly effect of the universe and sends us into an alternative reality that we can barely appreciate because of how embedded we are as societies into the way we live today. Which pillar of discovery would you eliminate, and why?
June 11, 2021
Curious Muse: Alice In Wonderland Revamped In Teflon
Imagine a world of impenetrable government able to impose their tendencies towards elitist cronyism without any comeback. Oh, wait... that's actually happening. Cue the muse!
June 10, 2021
TWDMLKJ: Football's Coming Home
England tipped to fair well in the delayed European Championships, we want to speak to fans of other countries to find out what their perspectives are on the social climate of the game, if they even hear about the booing of the taking of 'the knee' on the continent as well as their thoughts on the response from fans of the game in England to the Super League breakaway controversy. Are our European counterparts better equipped in education about the history of the their teams sport, the players, managers, the culture and impact on society that this form of entertainment brings? Or are they looking through the same constructs of who they are in football, their positioning as fans of their national team and views of their team and culture?
June 08, 2021
Curious Muse: Drain The Swamp
With parallels to the scourge of racism washing up on European shores between Scotland and England ahead of their competitive match, 'sea snot' or marine mucilage washes up on the shores of Mexico and Turkey. The President of Turkey has committed to eradicating the scourge of 'sea snot' in the Sea of Marmara as locals in Mexico blame it on pollution from Brasil.
June 07, 2021
TWDMLKJ: The Gold Fish Bowl
As Naomo Osaka comes under attack for her comments on her outward unwillingness (and understandably so) to engage in publicity with a French press she deems is disparaging towards her personality. We look at parallels and contrasts that crossover in sport and the approaches that cultures behind the various sports foster certain ideas from the media and its consumers and fans.
June 01, 2021
BWNO: And All That British Jazz - w/ Alan Musson
Studying Jazz music between the 60's to the 80's, radio presenter and audio technician, Alan Musson from the Midlands stops by today to enlighten us on the embracing, translation and performance of Jazz music in Britain over two crucial decades for the genre embedding itself across the transatlantic bridge. Also includes Alan's top 10 selections of Jazz pieces and acts from Britain.
May 29, 2021
Curious Muse: Interview With A Vampire
Mark interviews boris Johnson at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. Jermaine plays the role of Boris.
May 26, 2021
TWDMLKJ: Living In A Former Democracy
We seemingly live in a democratic state, or so we've been told. What is democracy and how does it function in our society? Why is it not simple for everyone to understand? Political analyst and campaign guru Suzanna Austin joins us to envelope democracy in the UK.
May 25, 2021
Star Gazers: A Labour Of Love - w/ K Legacy
Kofi, friend of Curious Anarchy co-host Mark, sits in with us for a session on the podcast. Kofi shares his view of the next 5 years with his 3 businesses, a promising artist under management who is tipped to be a very big deal in the UK in the next few years, and travelling back and forth to his shisha lounge in Spain co-owned with a close friend as well as his cleaning business. --**--**-- Kofi: Twitter: @KLegacyMusic Instagram: @KLegacy91 -- Curious Anarchy Twitter/IG: @_CuriousAnarchy
May 22, 2021
Curious Muse: The Ol' Switcharoo
Bashir ends up in hot water while Boris somehow manages to hop on over to the defence of the BBC... yet again.
May 21, 2021
Curious Muse: Congratulations Naomi!
Naomi Campbell is due to become a mother for the first time as an older black woman. The Indian virus runs riot while Boris makes deals causing potential flights out of the country as we were due to begin the big lift of restrictions and people desperate for a holiday begin to make plans to go away.
May 19, 2021
TWDMLKJ: Embrace The Fear
Jermaine and Mark ask: When we see how democracy appears to function, we can tangibly see that it has some flaws. Why do we participate in a system that is not designed to serve us, and more importantly, what can we do about it? Listen to what the duo came up with... --**--**-- Twitter/Instagram: @_CuriousAnarchy
May 18, 2021
BWNO: The Horse Whisperer - w/ Sandra Murphy
In luding a quick science lesson on brief differences between human and equine nutrition, Sandra Murphy, the international exporter of the number 1 equine feed in the world and former Dragon's Den contestant stops by the Curious Anarchy podcast for a chat...
May 15, 2021
Star Gazers: Hogwarts Alumni - w/ Rachel Lin
With a slightly less than conventional entry into acting, Rachel Lin talks about embarrassing situations with Tom Cruise, and then switches to working with "Dan", who we know more formally as Daniel Radcliffe who played Harry in the Harry Potter series. #verifyrachellin
May 15, 2021
TLT: The Pentagon - Usain Bolt, Jesse Owens, Haile Gebrselassie, Mo Farah, Cathy Freeman
A look at 5 figures of significance in athletics. Mark and Jermaine this week turn their minds to sport personalities who stand out for one reason or another. Usain Bolt; Jesse Owens; Haile Gebrselassie; Mo Farah; Cathy Freeman... Legends in their own right, loved for reasons that vary to every individual. The memories that remain of the 5 athletes chosen for each of their contributions to the legacy of the/their sport are timestamps in history. Get updates when new podcast episodes go live: Follow, 'love' and download Twitter/Instagram: @_CuriousAnarchy
May 14, 2021
TWDMLKJ: Children Of Abraham
Jermaine and Mark discuss their views around the messaging concerning the Israel and Palestine argument.
May 13, 2021
Curious Muse: Waiting For Godot
Jermaine and Mark deliver a summary on today and yesterday's news. Its Bob Marleys anniversary of his passing as well as mental health awareness week, in the UK, and and month internationally.
May 11, 2021
TWDMLKJ: I Want To End World Poverty, I'll Send A Tenner!
Mark and Jermaine ask, 'What would be an appropriate response from an apparent post-colonial power that meets the needs of relief to post-colonised countries?' We worked out some numbers and have noticed Boris has decided to send India 0.0001 'satoshis' of ventilator relief in an effort to be the country there in their 'time of need'. Would Britain accept 0.0001 of a ventilator per hospitalised cases if it ever needed any? As a worldwide effort surely more could be done to lift the bureaucracy brace in a time where the benefit of the world receiving the support it needs helps everybody to coordinate responses and alleviate the virus quicker and with less casualties. At this rate, we have a very sore situation as India is a mass producer of the vaccine yet there seems to be very little attempt at reciprocation. --**--**-- Twitter/IG: @CuriousAnarchy
May 11, 2021
Star Gazers: The Ascent - Cassandra London
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
In this episode of Star Gazers, Mark and Jermaine chat with Cassandra London who's latest double release 'I Wanna Know' and 'They Don't Care' are out at 4pm today. Cassandra London tells us about not only the story of the songs out today and her music, but how her experiences are aspects of a kaleidoscope of mirrored influences reflected in her community and life as well as how she's reconciled these growing into an identity she feels comfortable in.  The Black Awareness Project, of which the two songs released today are a part of, sure has some strong representation, and the theme of awareness is very much in tune with current need.  Awareness is surely a driving force behind change and Cassandra London along with the Black Awareness Project are onto a good thing. --*--*-- Watch the video here: -  You can reach Cassandra London on:  Twitter: @clondonmusic  Instagram: @cassandra_london_official  Facebook:
May 08, 2021
Star Gazers: The Fashion Assassin - Junior Best (PII)
Continuing with The Fashion Assassin, Junior Best, we go back through some of the times Junior has been at his lowest, identifying how he managed to get back into fashion as the draw pulled him away from the fun and free living part and parcel of the industry and back towards the catwalks. Noting Glodi and Norris as the inspirations behind how he stayed together, creating catwalks as the purpose for displaying the creativity that bursts forth from within him, Junior found himself the inquisitive instigator creating a brand for himself as an eccentric, mystic pioneer of future trends. 'The classroom of life' is how Junior sees the world, and he navigates it with an infectious positive energy.
May 08, 2021
Star Gazers: The Fashion Assassin - Junior Best
As many inspirations come in the incubator periods of early youth, Junior Best's inspiration for clothes began in customising clothes. A notable design, a velvet ninja mask, he wore to college got people talking. Sharing his many interests of film, music, art and fashion, Junior identifies the attraction of controversial figures as an inspiration for thought. The story behind Junior's clothing is deeper than you might think at first, as using Planet of the Apes as a tool for soothing, or the commitment it takes to turn around outfits for a show in very short periods of time. Stay tuned for the second part to be released in the next hour... --**--**-- Instagram: @suffocated_image Facebook:
May 08, 2021
Curious Muse: The European Union Is A Playground
Do you remember what it was like in school when a group of friends would fall out and everyone took up their political positions around the breakdown of the friendship? The UK has subjected itself to being the lone wolf, but if you recall their was an additional £16bn invested into the Defence Budget announced late in 2020, so this game between Johnson's posturing and France's new powers was to be expected. France pushing the UK's buttons over sea territory China and the US butt heads over election meddling whispers Whilst Australia and China marine territorial tension continues --**--**-- Twitter/Instagram: @_CuriousAnarchy
May 06, 2021
Curious Muse: The Endarkenment Period
Karl Marx's birthday today: We talk mental health awareness month in the context of building stronger communities and relationships that generate a shared sense of responsibility and/or accountability for one another, as well as ourselves. Where is the kindness? Once again, Mark asks, with Jermaine... --**--**-- Twitter/Instagram: @_CuriousAnarchy
May 05, 2021
Curious Muse: Is Leadership In The 'Sunken Place'?
Are we seeing a decline in the status and meaning of leadership in recent times? We explore thoughts on the UK government's India deal worth $1.4bn and ask who are the people we view as influential leaders in our own lives. --**--**-- Twitter/IG: @_CuriousAnarchy
May 04, 2021
TWDMLKJ: Authoritarianship Is Our Friend?
The links between how we navigate relationships, and the symptoms that flare up due to the uncaring nature of the necessity for personal fulfilment and how greed becomes an immersive experience, a driving factor for the financially elite. Football fans at Manchester United invade pitch, disrupting game over commercially driven US ownership Letter to the FA. Anti-racists unite over 3 day protest on social media - is there a method to the madness? Also includes a little theory from Freud commenting on the Id, Ego and super ego.
May 04, 2021
Curious Muse: Expense This
Expenses, the popular topic of conversation for eons. If you've ever worked at any organisation that has given expenses for certain purchases, you'll appreciate the integrity and budgeting that comes with that. How do politicians spend our tax pounds and what can it be spent on? While India is alarmingly running out of space to bury the deceased, the UK now has 22 million people living in covid-free areas. St Vincent volcano relief is expected to be necessary for 5 years according to some. La Soufrière continues to rumble, but is much calmer now, leaving behind a blanket of ash, and with recent heavy rain, deluges of water caused flooding. Efforts underway to manage the evacuation, clearance and restoration in the wake of the effects. The Guardian's investigation into alleged sexual misconduct on recent BAFTA award winner Noel Clarke's behalf to envelope over the coming days. --**--**-- Twitter/IG: @CuriousAnarchy
May 02, 2021
Curious Muse: In The Absence Of London
Ploughing through a variety of topics, on this episode Mark and Jèrmaine find themselves exploring a few topics in the absence of Cassandra London. The perils of working in broadcast, the duo pivot nicely into a quick foray into politics and social issues.
May 02, 2021
Star Gazers: Queen Of The Wailers - Marli
Marli joins Mark and Jermaine to tell us about how the lost autonomy in dealing with X-Factor big corporate entertainment, although she was being mentored by Will.I.Am, wasn't for her. She shares how Spice Girls and Destiny's Child were her big inspiration growing up as she comments on mental health, "it's a balancing act, and you're constantly wearing multiple different hats…" in reference to her wellbeing advocacy at Marlis Mental where she approaches mental health and wellbeing from a borderline perspective. Marli also shares how self-awareness in a time of mental health being extremely impactful over the last year in music and talks about how being independent as well as self-managed is a double-edged sword that favours the way she wants to operate in her life. --*--*-- You can reach Marli on: Twitter: @MarliArtiste Instagram: @marliartiste Facebook:
May 02, 2021
BWNO: The Spectrum Of Unity - w/ Kadie Renée
Mark and Jermaine spend some time with Kadie Renée, chatting about gender dysphoria and her transgender journey from to a woman. Kadie shares on losing all family and friends in the process of coming out twice, linking this to the conversation on high suicide rate amongst trans people, but praises the wonderful new community of friends and support she now receives. The invasiveness of HRT therapy treatment and the process involved highlights further complications when it comes to identity. If gender is a spectrum, how do you see yourself and others within it? --**--**--
May 01, 2021
Your 10 Minute Pitch - Social Events w/ Jermaine G
An imaginative new series where ideas explored by participants have '10 minutes in a lift with an investor' to talk about their idea. Mark catches Jermaine off guard today, but Jermaine conjures up something to offer and asks for investment of £15,000,000 over 3-5 years before the investors floor is reached. If you would like to get your idea off the ground or practice pitching your idea, get in touch. --**--**-- Twitter/IG: @_CuriousAnarchy
April 30, 2021
Curious Muse: Oh, What A Tangled Web We Weave
Government debacle and cover ups make it seem as if the country is being ran by a professional outfit of racketeers. Every nook and cranny was turned over and exposed yet there have been no changes in the tory lineup. Priti Patel bullying Cameron backhander scandal Tender settlements to companies formed overnight, and associated with members of cabinet. Speaking of lineups, Wireless festival released their plans for the festival taking place in September to many dismayed by the domination of male acts on the lineup. Some point out the history of their mostly male lineups, ignoring pleas for equality from women that work within the industry. The topic is broadening to radio, management, label representation and other areas of under representation. There was as study done by UK Music on diversity in 2020 highlighting what might be seen as contradictory to this specific messaging on social media today -
April 29, 2021
TWDMLKJ: Social Media Freedom
Beginning with the rise of technology over the years, Mark and Jermaine look at how pockets of social media have transformed into a cult behemoths of unhinged and unparalleled proportions across the world. With the ability to connect (and disconnect), we question what is it that QAnon and the like are following and how they have developed a resistance. Antivaxxers versus provaxxers Pro-lockdown versus anti-lockdown It's ideological warfare, and we want to cut through the middle of it. 
April 29, 2021
TWDMLKJ: Which Coin?
Mark, bemused by many modern fascinations queries Jermaine about cryptocurrency. Jermaine has some experience in the financial trading sector and shares some of what he knows about Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum and alt-coins. What do you know about mining coins? If you would like to come on and explain, get in touch at - @_CuriousAnarchy on Twitter/IG
April 27, 2021
Curious Muse: Can The Real Josh Stand Up?
Today on Curious Muse: Pay our respects to the story of Folajimi Olubunmi-Adewole who died in the act of saving a woman who attempted suicide. More success for Daniel Kaluuya with an Academy Award win for Best Actor in a Supporting Role. Boris Johnson be-Cummings the most immune of all people in the UK. Myanmar and India in turmoil.
April 26, 2021
The Love Triangle: Maradona, Pelé, and Messi
It's the semi-finals of the World Cup and we have arguably the 3 best players of all time at our disposal. Our first selection comes on and picks up an injury, so is then replaced. We move onto the final where we choose our star player... Who would you choose and why? Follow, like and comment your thoughts on the socials: Twitter/IG: @_CuriousAnarchy
April 23, 2021
Curious Muse: Footballs Coming Home?
The big 6 reverse, but a whole portal has been opened up and the vacuum of fans can now be heard.
April 21, 2021
TWDMLKJ: Where Is The Love?
Meghan and Harry, Corbyn and Johnson, the left and right.. What a scene we sow. Why all the division? In the words of the Black Eyed Peas, 'Where is the love?'
April 20, 2021
TLWTA: In The Absence Of Fashion
Mark and Jermaine update on progress and some of the delights they'd like to see on their trip across Africa. Having had a planning meeting only 30 mins before to identify further areas to explore in the expedition, they're fresh on the trail once again this week.
April 19, 2021
Curious Muse: Super Fans
The European football leagues and competitions aren't happy today as we awake to news of 12 of the top teams joining forces to create a "Super League" running adjacent the usual domestic program. Much is not understood about this, but one thing that is understood unanimously is that there is a major component for interest: money...
April 19, 2021
TWDMLKJ: Post-Colonialism & Foreign Aid (And Abetting) - w/ Suzanna Austin
Currently in the midst of a natural disaster crisis in the Caribbean, the world has been upside down for much longer than we can probably imagine in terms of the impact of distribution and leverage of wealth across countries and the global north/south divide. The impact of colonialism on it's subjects, and how certain nations struggle to compete in the worldwide market whilst also upholding it, is a tragedy of justice and wild misappropriation of power. We envelope some of the issues surrounding colonialist links to these countries and embed this theme into what is taking place in St Vincent with their La Soufriere volcano eruption displacing and requiring the evacuation of hundreds and thousands of people. A population of around 110k on an island mostly known for it's beauty, heavily self-reliant in terms of food and reliant on tourism for national income, this natural disaster will have a lasting impact on families and individuals who were residing and working there for years to come. Suzanna estimates around 5 years before things begin to get back to some sort of semblance of normality given the impact of evacuation, the conditions created by the effects of a volcano and the debt that will be accrued in the mean time.
April 18, 2021
Curious Muse: The Illegitimately Legitimate
How organised do you have to be to have a piss up in a brewery in the Houses of Parliament?
April 18, 2021
BWNO: The Alphabet Soup - w/ Peter Pansexual
The alphabet soup made up of the myriad of conditions and trappings of a system that does not cater for those outside of the polarity on the spectrum of gender and sexual identity. Hear about Peter's trips back and forth to Italy as well as the pressure of the UK's healthcare and legal system, how their family reacted to the news and how things have been since. The complex of medical issues has led to a deeper and more tiresome experience with a service that's not equipped to handle the modern evolution of humankind. There is hope for the future though, as you'll find out.
April 17, 2021
Star Gazers: The Musical Shaman - w/ Jonny Tristram
After an appearance on national news, anchoring himself for a brief period at the Curious Anarchy podcast, Jonny Tristram shares with the dynamic duo, Mark and Jermaine, his experience of being stuck at sea during lockdown in 2020. Docked at an Australian port, Jonny entertained firefighters tackling the bush fires that ravaged the Australian outback for days and weeks. You'll hear about his links to Playboy, and Michael Jackson, the networking involved in making dreams happen and also his story involving being a member of the chart topping boyband A1... Find out more about Jonny Tristram and why he uses his music as a form of expression to unite, embodying the nature of the musical shaman. Twitter: @JonnyTristram | Instagram: @jonnytristram
April 16, 2021
TLT: Squared² - Galileo, Dave Chappelle, Ricky Gervais, Russell Brand
Mark and Jermaine are in a court case against the government for attempting disorder, anarchy and to take down Boris, Priti, Hancock et al. Our 4 potential lawyers have to be whittled down to 1 to deliver the closing statement.
April 16, 2021
Who Is... Dr Vades?
"Fund the vision" Jay Vades & Dr Kane: The multi-platinum award winning duo talk about the ups and downs of record deals, signings and being dropped, as well as the battle for independence in how they create and manage their music output aided by their tightly knit team. @DrVades on Twitter and Instagram.
April 14, 2021
TWDMLKJ: Eat Your Food Even Though There's None
Mark and Jermaine discuss trust in government, and explore ideas around the potholes in history, where we've gone wrong and what we might be able to do to bring us to a better functioning society respecting the needs of the people. If you have any ideas on how we as a collective could organise, plan and implement better strategy on this, please drop us a tweet at: @_CuriousAnarchy
April 13, 2021
Curious Muse: The Big Short On Coverage
In Curious Muse today: Whilst volcanoes erupt around the world, we spend a little time focusing in on the evacuations taking place from the Caribbean island of St Vincent. Shooting of a man in a traffic stop in Minneapolis makes worldwide news Ending with a positive note: BAFTA award update. All that, and a little more... Twitter/IG: @_CuriousAnarchy
April 12, 2021
Spotlight: Titus Timmons - The Elon Musk Of Robotics
From Dallas, Texas, 13 year old Titus along with 6 of his school mates is in the midst of taking on the Regional Robotics Championships. A keen problem solver diagnosed with autism, Titus, joined by his mother share their vision of hope, the challenges and isolation they've faced, along with some of the successes. Clearly a strong family unit, Titus' mother Sheri Timmons leads by great example ensuring her son and her 5 other children have their needs met and, importantly, their minds nourished. Listen to his story here...
April 12, 2021
TLWTA: Keys To The Manor
Mark and Jermaine chat about events of this week and share some positive news. We're looking for support, so if you're in university and looking for a project to cut your teeth on, get in touch!
April 11, 2021
BWNO: Upcycle This - w/ Olesya Lane
Meet Olesya Lane. Hailing from the Ukraine, she has travelled the length and breadth of the world from the US to the Middle East, Europe and Africa. On this episode of BWNO she shares with us the beginnings of her passion for upcycling. Having worked on development of islands for residential and commercial use during her time in Dubai, she now wants to spread the message of upcycling, especially for men to partake in this most resourceful action, in her quest to help make fashion more accessible and sustainable. For more information go to
April 10, 2021
Curious Muse: Thunder In Paradise
Another update from the gruesome twosome, Mark and Jermaine. Sending our thoughts over to Richard Okorogheye's family. Trouble stirring in Northern Ireland where police clash with protestors. Vaccine efficacy query. Follow us a follow to stay up to date with new releases from the Curious Muse series. Twitter/IG: @_CuriousAnarchy
April 08, 2021
BEIO: Africa
By Exclusive Invite Only: This week, we have some wonderful guests from the continent of Africa joining us for a big spread.  Who would you invite if you were holding a dinner party in the Sahara or at the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro?
April 08, 2021
Honouring A Friend: Sharonè AKA Drilla Killa
Taking time off the beaten path once again to spend a moment in reflection. Jermaine shares some of his times with a good friend, mentor and confidante, Sharone Knight, who died from an overdose, suicide. It's been just over 3 years since Jermaine's friend passed. Hear some of his recollections of time with her. If there's someone in your life you'd like to honour, reach out and we can set up a slot for you to share.
April 07, 2021
Who Is... Nanny Sharz aka The Black Pamperer
Popularly known as Nanny Sharz, Shada Lambert shares the motivation for the lifestyle she's created for herself through her work. Sister to Bella B, from an earlier episode, I wanted to pry a little into their domestic disputes. It seems they get on well. Brexit, the pandemic, and being an essential worker, Nanny Sharz is who we recommend for childcare needs. Listen to find out why...
April 07, 2021
TLWTA: Progress While You're Going Through The Process
Mark and Jermaine deliver an update on their progress of plans to walk and cycle across Africa. As the pair begin to embark on opening up a charity to take contributions for transparency, a question is how they will fundraise? If you're a football team or fundraiser please get in touch!
April 06, 2021
TWDMLKJ: A Visceral Response
Mark and Jermaine toss up why the response from government towards vigils, the coronavirus, and urgently needed support businesses have require to survive has appeared to be so slow. Are we at their flippant mercy?
April 06, 2021
Curious Muse: Lemmings, Not Sheep
"We're all in this together", has been a theme thrust upon us of a shared experience, but how similar are our experiences when the country is split into essential and non-essential? You can take a trip abroad, and on return you'll have to stay in a quarantine hotel - if you have a spare couple of grand. Diversity query raised at Wikipedia regarding gender; race yet to be discussed. 4 people have been chosen to go to space in SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket. Flash floods in Singapore and East Timor - why's this not getting more attention. And more...
April 05, 2021
TLT: Dr Who, Captain Kirk, Yoda
Careering through space and time in a spaceship, Mark and Jermaine find themselves in a quandary on who take take through the portal before the ship disintegrates. Find out who was selected. Who would you choose?
April 02, 2021
Curious Muse: Disparity Shmisparity
April's Fools Day 2021 has it's ups and downs in today's news. Quite a backdrop! "No evidence of institutional racism", says Commission for Race and Ethnic Disparities. Bet365 female chief and philanthropist earns biggest payout of £469m during a pandemic and in spite of women's pay gap. Special mention to Eleanor Mills [@EleanorMills] resigning from Society of Editors for her stance on racial practice in the media.
April 01, 2021
Who Is... Corei Shy?
Detailing his journey, the twists and turns, battling in groups and his success with Grammy Award winner Bridget Kelly. After gaining a new perspective, Corei Shy is now a free agent and has some new projects coming soon - details tbc... Socials: Twitter: @coreishy Instagram: @corei.shy Twitter/Instagram: @_curiousanarchy
March 31, 2021
Curious Muse: Mask Off
The thinly veiled underbelly of authoritative power looms overhead. The police 'acted appropriately' say the The Met. What about Myanmar?
March 30, 2021
TWDMLKJ: A Love Supreme
Football: The machine that is big corporate and looking for profitability; does this take away the sparkle and magic of what were football's original beginnings and how does this sit with notions around true fans of the game as well as with globalisation.
March 30, 2021
BEIO: Europe
This week's exclusive dinner party brought to you by Mark and Jermaine takes a look at Europe throughout time. Hear who we chose to invite and why. Who would your 5 exclusive invites be to?
March 29, 2021
Passover In A Time Of Cholera
Happy Passover! Observing cultures and traditions passed down for centuries is essential to the moral fibre of our collective being. These observations support us in bonding with one another. Mark reveals a little about Passover, what it means and how the same traditions exist within all religions. Shalom.
March 28, 2021
Curious Muse: "Greed and Capitalism"
A quote in the media allegedly from a Tory zoom call, we question this statement from the UK PM as well as Prince Harry becoming an executive at a top Silicon Valley startup for mental health. Good move? Let us know what you think over on Curious Anarchy's twitter.
March 24, 2021
Who Is... Marianna Zappi?
Enjoying the solitude of lockdown, Marianna Zappi retells some of her personal story of travel, tragedy and triumph; all the ingredients for an amazing artist and songwriter. Her relocation from Italy to London and battle with DV in one of her relationships. A powerful voice to remember.
March 24, 2021
BWNO: The Anniversary Of Different Hats
Theme: Brunch With Naomi Osaka A new bitesized podcast series from the dynamic duo Mark and Jermaine where they spend brunch briefing Naomi Osaka on topics from the TWDMLKJ series episodes in under 10 minutes before she has to go out on court. Summarising thoughts and laying some expectations and personal reflections on the anniversary of UK lockdown 1. 
March 23, 2021
TWDMLKJ: The Anniversary of Different Hats
Mark and Jermaine see in the "new year" by celebrating the anniversary of the first lockdown with their reflections on wider society and self.
March 23, 2021
BEIO: East Asia
Joined by 'Katie Hopkins' from the Curious Anarchy series The Love Triangle, Mark and Jermaine enjoy a trip traversing the East Asian frontier. Delving into some of the lesser known names, heroes of cultural signifcance and some wider known, the lessons we can learn are reflected in what we see. Who would your 5 guests from East Asia be, and why?
March 22, 2021
A Pitch: Sport Reimagined - Deck 1
If we had been given an opportunity to gain access to the sporting arenas of the world during a pandemic, how would it appear? Mark and Jermaine sketch out a quirky idea for a tv show covering the Tour De France, World Cup football and rugby, Wimbledon and other major sporting events, all taking place without the fans. A perfect tribute to a reimagined 2020.
March 22, 2021
Reflections of Jermaine: Birthday Month - Mar 2021
Covering the highs and lows of the month, Jermaine shares some of his experiences that have shifted his thinking of recent and allowed him to tap into a deeper sense of self. "I feel alive!", he says, describing his birthday, youngest son's birthday and the events of the month of spring. Happy Spring!
March 22, 2021
TLWTA: How Can We Reach You?
The Long Walk To Awakening: How can you reach us if you want to show an interest in supporting the charities and causes we are supporting? Hit us up on our twitter - @tlwta
March 21, 2021
TLT: Katie Hopkins, Piers Morgan and Rudi Giuliani
The Love Triangle: Tackling transatlantic right-wing chic this week, Mark and Jermaine have to dump 2 people from their hot-air balloon trip to Asia in time for their dinner party, 'By Exclusive Invite Only' in Asia - look out for that special. Who would your choice be, and why?
March 19, 2021
Witnessing The Fitness: Breaking Point | Bella B and Jermaine G
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Fresh off the back of the first instalment of the Who Is... series, Bella B is here with her own show dedicated to the world of fitness. Strong in manner and intention, she tackles 'bodyshaming'; challenges the government to make exercise more affordable; and often being the only black woman in the room in her field. Follow for more: Curious Anarchy @_CuriousAnarchy - Twitter/IG Bella B @Bella.b_fitnatixs - IG | @Fitnatixs - Twitter Jermaine G @supremedivine - IG | @JMG_Worldwide - Twitter
March 19, 2021
Monologue For A Mate: Rest In Peace Professor
Mark shares some thoughts on a friend who recently passed away. Rest in peace Seun (Shy) Shote.
March 17, 2021
Who Is... Namuyomba Janet (and IVC Uganda)?
Namuyomba Janet from the Initiative for Vulnerable Children in Uganda, joined by Mr Mutyaba Starone and Mr Mibiru Alex share some of their experiences of the pandemic, the state issued internet lockdown, and talk about some of the dangers in their line of work with vulnerable children. *contains an unstable connection*
March 17, 2021
TWDMLKJ: Travel Reflections, Societies & Ideologies
Joined by the multi-talented Suzanna Austin, she quizzes Mark about his new book endeavour, 'How The Hell Did I End Up Here?'. We dive into some of Mark and Suzanna's seasoned travel experience for some comparisons across countries and reflect briefly on changes over time. Reach out via twitter and IG: @_curiousanarchy - with any comments.
March 16, 2021
BEIO: Australasia
Mark and Jermaine hop in the Tardis to travel through space and time landing in the summery reaches of the Australasian continent this week, bringing you another round of the unsung and less known heroes from parts of the world you may not be familiar with. Some names you may be familiar with and some completely unknown. Who would your choices be?
March 15, 2021
TWDMLKJ: Happy Mother's Day 2021!
Begging the question are mother's happy? Mark enters the world of enquiry into worldwide society's shift over thousands of years leading us to mothers all over the world being placated by 1 day out of 365 to celebrate them whereas historically women were centred in all aspects of a less technologically charged lifestyle. Honouring all the mothers out there. Thank you. We love you, Goodnight.
March 14, 2021
Ice Cap Discs: Do You Know... Jermaine? • Part 3/3
To wrap up, Jermaine rattles his brain for some more tidbits from the memory banks and signs-off. Ice Cap Discs coming up featuring Mark taking us through his story...
March 13, 2021
Ice Cap Discs: Do You Know... Jermaine? | w/ Mark W • Part 2/3
Diving into the rest of Jermaine's life upto now, Mark has Jermaine complete the timestamping of various phases. Combining some profound and common experiences, determination and mixing with a few stars of our time, Jermaine finishes off, by Mark's request, with an item, book and song to wrap up.
March 10, 2021
Who Is... Bella B?
A crazy woman from Birmingham finds herself in London through a family relocation. Outlines how she managed, her relationship with her mother and father, starting her personal training business, training celebs, and delivers some inspiring words.
March 10, 2021
TWDMLKJ: A New Vision Of China (Part II - Final)
Mark and Jermaine explore human rights abuses across borders, countries and states. It's not just propaganda that shapes our view, but also an unwillingness to enquire. What would you ask populations around the world of you had a chance to meet them?
March 09, 2021