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Curious Kids Podcast

Curious Kids Podcast

By The Sowash Kids
A podcast for kids!
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Water Cycle, Spain, Perspective, and Picasso
Welcome to Episode 5. The number 5 is also the number of oceans there are on Earth! The five oceans are the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Arctic, and Antarctic. In this episode we will talk about the cycles on the Earth, some European cities including Barcelona, and using perspective in art. We would love to hear from you! Leave us a message at and let us know something curious you have learned about! In Episode 5 we talked about cycles on the Earth, European cities, Pablo Picasso, and using perspective in art. The earth has a lot of things going on constantly that help you to stay alive. There are three cycles that happen all the time, that keep you alive! The water cycle, the carbon/oxygen cycle, and the nitrogen cycle. The water cycle helps water to move around the Earth. The carbon and oxygen cycle helps us to breathe. The nitrogen cycle puts nutrients in the soil. The water cycle is the process of water evaporating from the Earth’s surface, cooling and going up into the clouds, and then falling back to earth as rain or snow. Just for fun we told some jokes about water! Next we played a little game guessing what was true or false about the country of Spain. Can you get it right? We have a new segment for you its the art view! We loved talking about art with you in our new segment. We talked about perspective. You can see the painting by Hendrick right here: PAINTING LINK We also made a template for you to print out and add your own drawings to. Find it here and leave us a message if you tried it out! PERSPECTIVE TEMPLATE LINK Last we talked about a book we read about Pablo Picasso. You have to check it out! It is a really neat true story. You will love it! PICASSO BOOK LINK
October 18, 2019
Magna Carta, 8's, Consumers, and the Siene River
Episode 4 was started off by talking about the four US states that all start with the word New. Can you name them all? Next up we talked about the Magna Carta. These were laws that were put into place to keep the King from doing whatever he wanted. We decided to have a little fun with this and write a Magna Carta for our bedroom. We wrote some silly laws and had our family keep them for a whole day. The catch have to follow them too! We use skip counting to get really good at our multiplication facts. When we skipped counted by 8’s we found a pattern in the ones digit. Listen to our song and see if you can catch it! We have a link for you to try out! Check out this link for a sorting activity that Johnny made that helps you learn about 3 different types of consumers. A consumer is part of the food chain.  CONSUMER SORTING GAME: To wrap it up we chatted about one of the European rivers we learned about, the Siene River in Paris, France. We thought the rules around swimming in the river were funny. Someday we hope to visit!! For now, we loved our recent swim adventures in the waterfalls of North Carolina. That's it for week 4. Before you go--hey kids! Please leave us a message to be featured on our next show! Don’t forget to subscribe and rate our show. See you next week!
September 28, 2019
Medieval History, the Alphabet, and European Countries
This is the 3rd episode! We started off by talking about how the Earth was the 3rd planet from the sun. Next we talked about LEGOS and medieval history in Read All About It! Who knew that you could combine these two things?! Leave us a message and let us know what time in history you might build with your LEGOS. You might be featured on our next episode!  If you want to get your own copy of the book you can check here (not affiliate): Joke Time, time for joke time! Next up we told some funny jokes about the alphabet. We talked about the Phoenicians, who were the first creators of the alphabet. Listen along for some good laughs! There are a lot of unfortunate stories in history, and this tale of Richard and John, two English Kings is one of them. We wrote a VERY UNFORTUNATE poem to tell the sad sad tale. Listen along and try not to cry. Everyone loves a good game, right? In this edition of Matchy-Matchy we learned about some awesome European countries and matched them with a famous landmark in each place. How well do you know Ireland, Spain, and France? Try out our game to see! Lastly our mom talked to your mom if you happen to be a homeschooling household with a baby. Babies change everything, homeschooling included. You can reach my mom at That’s it for week 3! Thanks for tuning in! We would love for you to rate our show and please hit subscribe for our next episode! You can find our shownotes and leave us a message at to be featured on our next episode.
September 20, 2019
Time Travel...Biomes...& the European Sea
Hi! Welcome to week 2 of the Curious Kids Podcast. We are 3 siblings who love learning about our world. In this 2nd episode we learned about the 2 poles on the Earth. First we traveled back in time and imagined life during the time of knights and kings and ladies during European feudalism. There would be some great parts about it….if you were a king. But for the peasants...we are thinking not so much. It does make us think about one of our favorite games though. If you haven't played Carcassonne, now is the time to try it out! Find it here (NOT affiliate):  We discussed what land biomes are and John and Jonelle thought about if they would rather live in the rainforest or the grassland. Which would you pick? You can let us know by leaving us a message at Maybe you will be on our next episode! Also, you just gotta check out this video of the Meditterean sea. Under this sea are secrets of history. There are so many shipwrecks that are hiding there just waiting to be discovered. I bet you will learn so many great things!  Check it out here: We also made land biome models and we think you should make one too! We used boxes, paper, beads, leaves, pine needles, pipe cleaners, and lots of glue to make our dioramas. What can you create?  Ps. You can see our biome models here: Curious Kids Podcast on Google Photos Lastly, our mom talked to your mom about creating a neat classroom environment. Maybe your mom will start talking to you about your homeschool mission. It sounds strange, but it really is awesome because we all like being part of a family and living with purpose. That’s it! That wrapped up our second episode. Thanks for tuning in! We would love to hear from YOU next! Just send us a message that tells us your name, age, where you are from, and a curious fact you learned about our world this past week! See you next week!
September 13, 2019
Charlemagne...oceans..and jokes, oh my!
Hi there! We are three kids who are curious about our world! In our #1 episode we started off talking about the number 1 and how our planet Earth is the only planet with 1 moon! We played a game of False Fact, learning some new nifty facts about the oceans! Can you guess which is false? The deepest part of the ocean is 3 miles deep. 47% of the oceans is the Pacific Ocean. The saltiest ocean is the Atlantic Ocean.’s #1! The ocean is almost 7 miles deep at its deepest point in the Mariana trench! Next up we told some funny number jokes. Number 2 turns out to be kind of a jokester. We hope we got you laughing...and singing along to our 2’s skip counting song! Way to be a math genius! Today’s Winnernet- Internet segment told you all about a cool tool to use to see the world! Just go to to explore it on your own. Make sure to find your house! Turns out Charlemagne’s dad had a funny nickname and that is what we discussed on our segment of Funny Fact. We came up with cool nicknames for ourselves. Maybe you can think of an awesome name for yourself or a friend! Lastly, our mom talked to your mom about starting out the homeschool year with your kids by asking them what THEY want to learn about. We think it’s a pretty good idea. Start thinking about what you will tell your parents when they ask you! That’s it! That wrapped up our first episode. Thanks for tuning in! We would love to hear from YOU next! Just send us a message that tells us your name, age, where you are from, and a curious fact you learned about our world this past week! See you next week!
September 06, 2019
Pre-Season Trailer
Got a curious kid? Tune into our weekly podcast that is for kids!  Each week the Sowash kids will share some cool things they have learned about our world. 
September 03, 2019