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Current Mood

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Pulling in stories from founders, creative entrepreneurs, educators, and executives, Current Mood feels as though you've overheard a timely, relatable conversation you didn't know you needed.

Creating space for the exploration of self-care techniques and mental models in an increasingly digital world, Current Mood gets to the core patterns and unique frameworks propelling our everyday experiences.

Current Mood is an interview series hosted by culture journalist Jacqueline Schneider who comes from the intersection of music, technology, and media.
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More places to listen

Current Mood – Episode 4: Being Intentional with Bobby Lyle (Pt.1)
In Episode 4 of Current Mood, leadership coach and facilitator Bobby Lyle (@nsightout) drops so many gems that you better bring your notebook with. We talk about our relationship to our thoughts, how to see and create an ideal scenario, working with self-doubt, recognizing triggers, and how child-like curiosity can propel creativity. Music: Abjo (@abjonian) – "The Fifth Movement" Producer, Editor: Jarell Perry (@stillmindco) Art Direction: Julian Alexander (@slanginc), Slang Inc. Recording Location: NYC
July 9, 2019
Current Mood – Episode 3: NYC Rave Culture 101 with Nigel Rubirosa
In Episode 3 of Current Mood, you basically overhear a conversation I had with my friend Nigel (@nastynigel.jpg) where we super nerd out on music while learning about the evolution of DJ and rave culture through Nigel's NYC hometown lens. We talk about social etiquette in the club, drugs and bad stuff we did as teeenagers. Sorry mom.  Music: Nigel Rubirosa – "No Watermelon In The Mezcal"  Producer, Editor: Jarell Perry (@stillmindco) Art Direction: Julian Alexander (@slanginc), Slang Inc. Recording Location: NYC
June 15, 2019
Current Mood – Episode 2: The Art of Collaboration with Jarell Perry and Hollis Wong-Wear
In episode 2 of Current Mood, I sit down with singer/songwriter Hollis Wong-Wear @wongweezy and singer/songwriter/producer Jarell Perry @stillmindco to talk about how to have productive collaborations in 2019. The three of us talk about establishing a baseline level of trust as a core tenant of collaboration, how to create intentional collaborations, ways to navigate mental preparation to collaborate with others, creating boundaries within collaboration and the business side of artistic collaboration. Music: Abjo (@abjonian) – "The Fifth Movement" Produced and Edited by: Jarell Perry (@stillmindco) Artwork: Julian Alexander (@slanginc), Slang Inc. Recording Location: Los Angeles
June 4, 2019
Current Mood – Episode 1: Showing Up For Yourself With Anthony Demby
In this first episode of Current Mood, I sat down with Anthony Demby, Co-Founder of Humbleriot to talk about what "showing up" for yourself looks like. Key concepts we cover in this episode: self-care and why it's actually cool, redefining masculinity, checking your ego, meditation, how slowing down can help you speed up, opening up limited perspectives with new mental models, navigating spaces where you feel you don't belong and connections between mental and physical health. Music: Anik Khan – "Big Fax" Produced and Edited by: Jarell Perry Artwork: Julian Alexander, Slang Inc. Recording Location: NYC
April 25, 2019
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