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We are a podcast about the Colorado Rapids of Major League Soccer in America. Every week we analyse and criticize the heroics or he-low-ics of our favorite soccer team with all the knowledge of failed soccer players and the humor of failed comedians.
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End Of Days
The Rapids have closed out another season without making the playoffs. We do give the whole "Rapids Way" thing a rest this time, but we still have plenty to say about the state of the club. Thanks for spending the season with us and we'll be back in two weeks with our new normal for the off season. Cheers to you and to a brighter year in 2020.
October 13, 2019
Pod Error 303
The Dick was the setting of Tim Howard's final home appearance for the Pids, and he went out in typical Secretary of Defense style...Defending. A well earned clean sheet and a three point victory over Dallas has put the Rapids in an obtuse playoff contention position as unlikely as the chance at getting a fresh pretzel on game day. We talk playoff scenarios, (GO SKC!!!) and probabilities this week before we bid adieu, probably, to another roller coaster ride of a Rapids season.
October 3, 2019
A lively show this week as we analyse the impact of Tim Howard on the club and its attendance over the last three years. Did the FO squander his notoriety? Or did they get the best bang for their $6 Million bucks? Brian went on the road to witness SKC in person and tells us all about sleeping in his car and the impressive turnout of Rapids supporters at the stadium. We then look ahead to a must win at our last home game on Sunday as the Burgundy Boys host (natural) rivals FC Dallas. Can Timmy protect the Dick one last time? Is a clean sheet the best way to go out? We cover it all.
September 27, 2019
Spice Rub
The Current crew talks TFC; what they saw, heard or was told about the game before turning the focus to the BBQ battle that is the Rapids and the Wiz...err Sporting KC. Are Rapids strikers cursed & is anyone else having a bad year like Benny Feilhaber? All of this and more...
September 20, 2019
Home Going
Three consecutive wins. Two at home. Now Robin Fraser takes his wrath to his former club, Toronto FC.  The wins will keep getting sweeter for the #Rapids96 new gaffer (a title he's on his way to earning, btw). A double header week for the Pids hosting and beating both Seattle and LAG gives us as much hope as topics to choose from. Thanks for joining us week in week out. GO Pids.
September 14, 2019
Altitude Sickness
A first time win in New Jersey happened last weekend. And on the debut of Head Coach Robin Fraser. You can be forgiven if you missed it as Altitude TV has been dropped by most cable providers here in Colorado forcing all you into the Soccerless depths of hell that us proud cord cutters have lived in every day since that network came into existence. Lets get the soccer talk out of the way so we can throw our support firmly behind neither the cable companies nor KSE and talk about how little we all should care about the struggles of Altitude TV. Also, Seattle, Switchbacks, and Underwear on this week's episode. Cheers.
September 4, 2019
Eggs, Scrambled. Salads, Tossed
What can we say. We went, we tried, we lost. Another fruitless sojourn to the dark side of the Rockies started off a respectable spectacle and ended a Rapids-esque disappointment.  The Starting XI is a painful reliving of another lost Rocky Mountain Cup year, and Brian gets his two cents in too late on what makes a good rivalry. Then we get onto the news of Robin Fraser named Head Coach, and the disappointing surprise departure of club legend Conor Casey. Admittedly we go a little long but we got a lot to talk about this week.  We finish off the showgram by forecasting the weekend's away to the Newest of Jerseys as Fraser is thrown to the bulls in his unexpectedly hasty coaching debut.  Once again, thank you for joining us and Go Pids!
August 28, 2019
The Rub and Tug Cup
Joined once again by Marco Cummings, we start off bellyaching about yet another draw that feels like a loss in Hotter-than-Hell-Houston.  Hey, we think "Feels Like a Loss" would make a great new Rapids slogan. This leads us into basically crumbling into little snotty pieces over the spilt milk of the 2019 campaign. But is it too early to look ahead to 2020? Yeah, not much there either, we find. A fond kiss goodbye to the Rocky Mountain Cup and a good little examination of just who the Rapids' real rivals should be will rap up this episode. Thanks for joining us and we hope you like the new intro and outro.
August 23, 2019
Shark Week
Wow. What a game to discuss this week as the Plague addled Dick was the stage of one of the Rapids' greatest goal fests ever. A 6-3 rout over the Montreal Impact is in the books and the Pids look ahead to a familiar foe. This time it's a grudge match and a home field attempt to settle the score with the San Jose Quakes.
August 9, 2019
Sacre Blues
We're joined this week by self-professed Soccer Whore Marco Cummings of MLS and The starting XI has us looking in depth, at a dud of a performance in San Jose. Has the Casey Era already lost its luster or is there something else going on mentally with the former new-look Rapids. We got tons of official fan speculation on the Lalas Abubakar Loan deal and Marco heard from a guy who knows a woman who has a friend who once visited Columbus, and guys, she thinks Lalas will be sporting black and gold again next season. Brian heads out to training and gets some one on one interviews for you. And a dismal conundrum of an outlook for this weekends match in Commerce City as the Pids try to regain some traction against Montreal. All this and predictions to get you Current.
August 1, 2019
Wagons West
In the Starting XI we look back on a troubled NYCFC match in Commerce City. We talk Seb Anderson's heroics and he-low-ics and the maturity of even the best teenage pro soccer players. Could the Pids be falling back into another spell of bad luck? Is it time for that ol' PTSD to hit us fans? Or is the quality of play still keeping our hopes up? Josh Wolff, the man the Rapids reportedly couldn't afford as manager has just been named the first ever gaffer for Austin. We talk about managerial prospects and why we may already have the right man for the job. Then we look ahead to the weekend away in San Jose. The Quakes are uncharacteristically non sucky this year, but the Pids are non characteristically resilient too. We have very different opinions on how the game will go, mostly based on an updated injury report.
July 25, 2019
Welcome Back, Rat Pack
This week the Current starts with a look back at a Portland away draw that feels a lot more like a loss. Despite some outstanding Timbers goalkeeping, the Burgundy Boys should-a, would-a taken all three points from P.P. Park. A long sought after Arsenal friendly finally takes place at the Dick and the Head Dick In Charge, Stan Kroenke is spotted in the box with his boy. We have an exclusive interview with returning USMNT select, Jonathan Lewis and we talk about his stunning return performance. He hasn't missed a step since he's been away for what feels like forever. A quick look ahead to the home match with NYCFC this weekend will get you Current.
July 18, 2019
The Dream of '11 is Alive In Portland
C38's Dave Wegner joins us in studio this week to discuss what may have possibly but not definitely have been the longest game in MLS history. The longest Fourth of July game anyway.  We then look ahead to the Rapids away match against the Timbers this weekend. It's likely to be a hard fought match against a team that seems to have found their form, and have certainly found their home ground.  Plus, you won't believe all the events and activities Centennial 38 and the Denver Gooners have planned for this weekend in advance of the Rapids showdown with Arsenal on Monday. If you're bored, then you're boring.
July 12, 2019
Battle of the Sacked Managers
We're getting in just under the wire for the annual Tim-dependence day bash. This year we face the New England Revolution, a team that mirrors ours in a lot ways. They started the season off rough and got better by shit canning their manager, just as the Pids have done. We compare and contrast the pair newly minted not-quite-out-of-the-playoff-run teams and make our score predicions. But first, as always we look backwards to the huge win over LAFC last weekend. Thanks for joining us and #COYP
July 4, 2019
Beware of Anthony Hudson
This week we get you current on the Rapids disappointing draw in Vancouver last Saturday. How did they squander a two goal lead at BC Place? The biggest positive we took away, Zac MacMath ate some crow after spouting off to MLS about the match. Next we address a rumor, or rumour, that Newcastle United is actually in talks with Anthony Hudson to replace outgoing manager, Rafael Benitez.  We advise the club to barricade the gates and shoot flaming arrows wildly into the night in an attempt to keep Hudson as far away from this beloved and historic beer, er, um, club as possible. Finally, we look ahead to the ultimate test for the Pids, this Friday night's home match with league dominating LAFC. Thank you as always for listening and #COYP Follow us on twitter at @CurrentPod or email
June 26, 2019
Vancouver BC
With the international break we found ourselves getting a little up close and personal for the first half of this cast. We relived the New Mexico United US Open Cup match briefly, but hey, who can remember over a week ago? Next up, we look ahead to Vancouver in Vancouver. The hackley named "Whitecaps"  current goalie, one Zach MacMath, has been spouting off to Canadians about wanting to beat the Colorado Rapids more than any other team. Well, we take his sour grapes and mash them into a bitter toilet wine as we revisit some of his flubs that cost us the Supporter's Shield in 2016. Join us, tolerate us, we'll try to get better...GO PIDS!! 
June 20, 2019
Getting Current
The Voice of C38 has taken their ball and gone home. Brendan, Matt, and Brian have rebranded the podcast you already tolerated in small doses and have named it "Current". Thanks for following us to a new platform, we will try to improve all the areas of the old cast that just weren't working and we want your suggestions.  We explain the evolution, or devolution, of our decision and throw in some Rapids and USWNT World Cup chat so you can ward off the shakes for another week. Cheers.
June 14, 2019
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