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The Teacher's Lounge Presented by Curriculum Trak

The Teacher's Lounge Presented by Curriculum Trak

By Curriculum Trak
Welcome to the Teacher's Lounge presented by Curriculum Track, a brief retreat from your daily routine to explore the latest thinking and practices from faith-based educators and instructional leaders from all over. Join us as we swap innovative ideas geared towards promoting your school's mission and we'll keep the conversation as fresh as you like your coffee.
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Why Should Curriculum Mapping Be Part of School Culture? with Dr. Renee Mungons
And how do you make it happen? Dr. Renee Mungons, Curriculum and Testing Coordinator at Emmanuel Christian School in Toledo, OH, where she has served for 35 years, highlights the value of curriculum mapping for teachers and administrators alike. More than just a task for accreditation purposes, Renee sees mapping as an important ongoing process for professional improvement and academic growth. She shares her tips and tricks for making curriculum mapping part of the school culture. Hint: It involves cookies!
May 11, 2022
How Can a Biblical Worldview Permeate Our Instructional Practices? with Dean Ridder
Dean Ridder, Head of School at Isaac Newton Christian Academy in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, shares the philosophy and practices that his school developed to ensure that everyone was on mission. He explains why he prefers the term “Biblical Worldview Permeation” and outlines the process whereby their Bible standards were developed and are being used as part of a comprehensive program leading to faith-formation in the teachers and students.
May 05, 2022
Why Should Every School Embrace Agricultural Education? with Kylie Nettinga
Kylie Nettinga, a member of FFA since high school who now applies her experience and training to launch the agricultural program at Western Christian High School in Hull, Iowa, tells us why she want to promote more “agvocates” – advocates for agricultural education. She shares practical tips for launching or expanding your ag program, and highlights the benefits of agricultural education to college and career readiness.
April 27, 2022
How Can Faith Portfolios Promote Spiritual Formation? with Renee McKeone and Becky Johnson
Renee McKeone, Curriculum Director and Student Support Coordinator, and Becky Johnson, Spiritual Life Coordinator and Teacher Mentor & Coach, from Ann Arbor Christian School in Ann Arbor, MI discuss their process for implementing Faith Portfolios in their PreK-8 school. Renee first introduced this idea in the blog post Faith Journeys Made Visible and she and Becky are happy to continue sharing their story with the Curriculum Trak community. The resources Becky and Renee offer during our conversation are available in the episode show notes at
April 21, 2022
What is Teaching for Transformation? with Darryl DeBoer
Darryl DeBoer, co-creator and director of Teaching for Transformation, unpacks what Teaching for Transformation is designed to accomplish for a school. TfT is one of the fastest growing instructional models among Christian schools today.  Darryl is also the K-12 Director of Learning at Surrey Christian School (Surrey, BC, Canada) and a Senior Fellow at the Center for the Advancement of Christian Education (CACE).
April 06, 2022
What drives faith-based educators toward excellence? with Dr. Susie Long
Dr. Susie Long draws from over four decades in education to highlight why she wants to promote excellence in faith-based education. Hear her share her struggles and victories and find out how your school might be able to draw from her wisdom. Check out Long Educational Consulting, LLC at
March 30, 2022
Why Is Curriculum Mapping Important for Faith-Based Schools? With Lynn Cuffari
Lynn Cuffari visits the Teacher’s Lounge to talk about her passion for faith-based education, her experiences as a teacher and administrator in Catholic schools, and why she thinks curriculum mapping plays such an important role in the efforts of the faith-based educator. Lynn is from Tucson, Arizona, but lives part-time outside of Washington, D.C. Currently, when she isn’t nurturing her grandchildren or catching up with friends through the U.S. or in Italy, she enjoys training and mentoring Christian educators.
March 23, 2022