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The Set Time Has Come
A message brought to you by Curt Landry Ministries
September 10, 2019
Month of AV
A Message from Curt Landry
September 5, 2019
How to Pray Effectively
Join Curt Landry in this powerful and anointed teaching on “How to Pray Effectively.” Using the model of the Lord’s Prayer, Curt will show you how to take that model and use it as a blueprint to go into the Courts of Heaven on a more personal level—giving you more confidence in your own spiritual walk and more power in your daily prayer life. Curt gives essential Keys for Effective Prayer in the Heavenly Courts… --- A Clean Heart is required—you cannot speak to God with an unclean heart… • How do I have a clean heart before the Lord? --- Forgiveness is a spiritual Force in God’s courts… • How does forgiveness give me access into God’s Courts? --- Know and Speak the Word of God—it is the key to health and life on earth… • How do I bring God’s will to earth as it is in Heaven’s courts?    --- Access the rooms and courts of Heaven on a daily basis… • How can I know the way into God’s Heavenly rooms and courts? As Curt gives biblical insights into the Lord’s prayer, he leads you into God’s rooms and courts that give breakthrough and freedom that you have never known before. You can go into prayer with the Righteous Judge, your Loving Father. You can access the Savior’s heart to give you treasures from Heaven as you follow the Lord through the steps that take you into His court rooms. The effective, fervent prayer of the righteous avails much in the Heavenly Courts. Let Curt Landry show you how you can access God’s court rooms in your prayer life on a daily basis with insight and understanding into God’s Word.  Your prayers will have “deliverables” as you access God’s throne as a son or daughter of the King of kings and Lord of lords. Go with Curt Landry into the Lord’s prayer and let Him teach you “How to Pray Effectively.”
September 3, 2019
Maximizing the Benefits of Breakthrough
Curt Landry shares how you have an opportunity for a better life in this message entitled, “Maximizing the Benefits of Breakthrough.” An opportunity from the Lord to help you reset your goals and plans in this season of the ‘Broad Place.’ Many people want to know how they can live a better life… This message will give you an action plan to bring breakthrough that will set your new life in motion. You can begin fresh, and you can know how to stay inspired and motivated to complete your journey with a better life. Do you have areas of your life that you cannot seem to break free of? Past hurts, failures, rejections… The Lord wants to give you promotion… transformation, activation, breakthrough and freedom. Curt Landry lays out prophetic and practical biblical instruction that will set you free from the fears, doubts and hurts of the past. The Lord wants to give you: --- New goals and new vision for your new season in the broad place --- New relationships to enter into your life --- New promotion and successes for a new walk with Yeshua It’s a new season and a new place—a broad place. It’s time to cut the old soul ties from your heart that only hinder your new walk in this new season of breakthrough. The Lord wants to activate new goals and new plans, new visions and new dreams in your life. You have a Good Father who wants to give you a better life with new successes and abundant multiplication of good things. Let Him start the process of “Maximizing the Benefits of Breakthrough” in your life today!
August 29, 2019
When Fear Puts Your Faith to the Test
“When Fear Puts Your Trust to the Test”—a prophetic message from Curt Landry that unfolds understanding from Scripture to prepare you for what God is asking you to do during these changing times. God wants you to simply Trust Him… He wants to take you from a ‘Narrow Place of Fear’ to a ‘Broad Place of Trust!’ These are changing times. Change can bring fear, but the Lord wants you to learn how to continually live in a place of trust with Him… --- Are you aware of what God is doing in your life? --- Do you have confidence and peace in what God is doing? --- Can you see where you are heading during this season? --- Are your fears leading to a place of dis-trust... or confident trust and peace? Are you longing to rid yourself of the fears that hold you back from walking confidently with the Lord? This message by Curt Landry will help you break free from those fears, learn to trust God completely, and step out from the constricting narrow place that the enemy wants to keep you in. God wants to bring you into a broad place to live in intimate relationship with Him. Learn to trust the Lord and walk the chosen path He has for you in this season. So that, When Fear Puts Your Trust to the Test, you can turn that place of fear into a place of rest and peace—confidently abiding in the trusting relationship you have developed with the Lord.
August 27, 2019
How Do I Get Emotionally Unstuck?
In this message entitled, “How Do I Get Emotionally Unstuck,” Curt Landry shares a prophetic word that takes you into the Father’s Courts of Heaven and sets you free from the emotional weaknesses in your soul. Do you seem to be reacting to those around you out of your soul—your flesh, your emotions? Do you allow the Holy Spirit to override those emotions that would make you give in to wrong decisions, or create offensive situations? What does God’s Word say about our emotions? Curt walks you through God’s Word that teaches how you can overcome the emotional weaknesses in your life… • How to recognize and deal with emotional weaknesses so you can live in victory… • How to walk in the Fruit of the Spirit so the enemy cannot gain foothold… • How to go into the Courts of Heaven—to make decrees—to release blocked blessings Become self-aware of the moods that you carry and understand what you transfer to others around you by those moods. Your reputation as an individual will be established on how you deal with stressful moments and challenging relationships. Managing your emotions with the help of the Holy Spirit will determine your personal and professional successes. Get emotionally “unstuck” from the places where the enemy “pushes your buttons.”  God wants to send you blessing and promotion, but the enemy wants to keep you in an emotional state that blocks you from hearing and receiving those spiritual blessings. It’s time to do some spiritual warfare! Go into the Courts of Heaven with Curt Landry to make decrees that will rid you of the emotions that are hindering your ability to walk in God’s highest and best. Are you ready? Prepare to be released into all that God has recorded in your Heavenly scrolls… it’s time to learn How to Get Emotionally Unstuck.
August 22, 2019
The Walk of a Warrior
In this message, Tim Alsbaugh instructs the Body of Christ on “The Walk of a Warrior.” Many of us know the importance of maintaining a right relationship with our Lord, but not many are fully instructed about spiritual warfare. The walk of a warrior is one of victory in the midst of every battle! Is the enemy using your words against you? Have you run into a stronghold? Are you finding it harder to break from the frustration, depression or oppression the enemy is using against you or your family—keeping you on the same battlefield? Are you letting the enemy use your words against you in the Heavenly Court? These are all part of the spiritual warfare that is swirling around God’s people. This message reveals strategies, valuable skills, and keys to enable you in the Walk of a Warrior. How to: --understand the spiritual climate that you are in and the spiritual warfare going on around you --know the weapons of your warfare --discern the spirits you are battling by knowing what your calling is --know God’s ‘warfare keys’ to help you stay vigilant in your walk as a warrior As Tim gives insight into the lives of the ‘Warriors’ in God’s Word, he uncovers keys that teach us how to apply that same warrior’s walk to our own calling and purpose. There are keys and instruction from the lives of Moses, Daniel, Job, Paul… and more… Those that walked as warriors for God’s Kingdom purposes in their day revealing keys that will also lay the foundation in our lives—teaching us how to become overcoming ones in the battle for His glory! The walk of a warrior is one of victory – not one that’s free from conflict or battle, but one that is victorious in the midst of ALL the battles. God is raising up warriors for this end time season, empowered with His Spirit for the Kingdom purpose of presenting the gospel of the good news of Jesus Christ to this world. It’s time to learn how to be victorious in the battle. It’s time to learn The Walk of a Warrior!
August 20, 2019
A Worthy Walk
This message by Tim Alsbaugh—“A Worthy Walk”—is an encouraging reminder given through the eyes of the Apostle Paul’s words to the Believers in Ephesus. The Apostle Paul had a unique understanding of what our walk with the Lord should look like, and Tim takes us into this message that is still ringing true for our lives today… a message of hope, joy and peace in the instruction to walk worthy in the Lord’s calling. --- Do you know that you have a unique and divine call for your life? God wants to equip you to walk in that call with understanding and success… to enable a worthy walk. --- Do you have the peace of God in the hope of that call for your life? Do you know that God can redeem the time so that you can walk in wisdom for your call? …for a worthy walk. --- Do you know that God wants to give you the supernatural ability to walk in righteousness, in unity with His Spirit and in peace with the body of Christ? …to function for His Kingdom with a worthy walk. But what exactly is a ‘worthy walk?’ What does it look like in this day and age—and how can we engage with that in our life—in our daily days? Tim lays out the answers to these questions and more, giving essential keys for understanding just how we can learn to walk hand in hand with the Lord every step of the way on the journey that He has called us to take. The Lord’s heart is drawing you to His side, calling you to step into “A Worthy Walk” with Him.
August 15, 2019
How Do I Get Unstuck?
Do you feel ‘stuck’ in your life’s situation? Curt Landry’s message, “How Do I Get Unstuck?” will give you a clear biblical strategy to break free from being stuck. We can get stuck with so many things... you can get stuck with an offense, with your finances, with your health, or get stuck in your family situations... You need to know how to get unstuck spiritually, to see the way out, and stay free. Curt shares seven key biblical principles that will give you the hope and confidence to say, “I can do all things through my Lord, Yeshua!” The bondages of fear and failure will be broken as you walk through these principles with Curt. These seven keys will enable you to… • receive an anointing to open your spiritual eyes to see the Father’s heart for you • receive victory from the very thing that has kept you stuck in for many years • receive freedom from bondages of hopelessness, fear and failure Are you ready to get unstuck? Are you ready to receive an anointing for a prophetic experience with the Lord?  God wants to set you free… He wants to reveal His heart of deepest love for you… to release to you a special jewel… a precious stone from heaven to open the doors to freedom from any situation in your life that has kept you stuck! You will no longer need to say, “How Do I Get Unstuck?”—for now you will have the keys that lead you out of bondage and into God’s freedom!
August 13, 2019
Liberty and Love
As we celebrate America’s Independence Day, Curt Landry shares this special word—a message of “Liberty and Love” from the Father. The Lord has given us liberty. It is in this liberty that the He releases His love. Curt shares how the Lord’s liberty can become the avenue to not only receive God’s gifts, but also to attract others to the light of His love. Curt shares these words that will release God’s message to your heart: --- the more liberty, the more blessing, the more humility… --- how to keep liberty from becoming a stumbling block… --- learn to build a relationship with the Holy Spirit—the Spirit of God is liberty… --- God’s liberty and love are His gifts that bring freedom… God is calling you to a mantle of Liberty and Love. His love is calling you to a deeper relationship with Him. This relationship is the basis for the demonstration of His love in your life, giving you a spirit of liberty through His Holy Spirit. This brings freedom to come boldly to His throne of grace by the blood of Yeshua. Come to this Freedom—God’s Liberty and His Love. Experience the freedom of righteousness in transforming relationship with Yeshua. His liberty and His love is the message that God wants you to hear and receive in this season. He is extending a mantle of liberty to trust Him enough to operate in love with the special gifts that He has given you. Curt shares how you can learn to walk in God’s love and liberty with discernment and kindness. God will help you to be a beacon of His light to a weary and hurting world when you receive a touch of His “Liberty and Love.” God’s Love will free you into Liberty!
July 25, 2019
A Plea for Justice in His Courts of Heaven
Curt Landry’s assignment in this message is to literally take you into God’s Heavenly Courts to help you release “A Plea for Justice in His Courts of Heaven.” You can experience the power of God’s justice and feel the release of those things that have been holding you captive. Curt gives understanding to the biblical process of God’s Courts that the Believer can follow and find a balance for prayer and petition in everyday life. As Believers, we have access to the Heavenly realm that allows for God’s justice and restoration to come into our lives. We can learn how to enter God’s Courts to make our plea before the Righteous Judge. From simple daily communication with the Father to intercession, spiritual warfare, corporate prayers of agreement, prayers of supplication, thanksgiving, watchmen prayers and more that lead to the Courts of Heaven—Curt gives biblical examples of pleading for justice in God’s Courts and how we can follow those examples by answering these questions… ---What is judgment?  What is the Biblical Law of God’s Court system? ---How does God judge? Why do we need His judgment? ---What does God require of us before we can enter His Courts? ---What are the ‘Gates’ and ‘Doors’ that lead to His Courts? When you understand God’s judgment through His Word, you gain insight into His Courts. You learn how to come before Him by the blood of Yeshua, so the Righteous Judge can act on your behalf. We have a mighty King—the King of Glory! He wants to release you for blessing by judging in your favor! God wants to set you free—from sickness, anxiety, depression, family and generational curses and any other thing that keeps you from His fullness. Learn how to scripturally come before Him with pure hands and a clean heart to enter A Plea—Your Plea—for Justice in His Courts of Heaven.  
July 23, 2019
Being at Peace with Your Spiritual Journey
Curt Landry speaks a prophetic and ‘now’ word in this message, “Being at Peace with Your Spiritual Journey.” The Lord wants you to enjoy every season He gives to you. This word will strengthen and enable you to embrace that joy for today and every day as you walk His paths. Are you at peace with your spiritual journey? Do you feel like you are in a rock tumbler as you walk along your path in this season? Curt Landry shares how you can stay focused and purposed with each step you take on your spiritual journey. Meditate on the heart of the Father as Curt takes a look at the lessons from John and then from the parable of the potter in the book of Jeremiah—the same story in two separate journeys. • What are the steps on your path as you walk out your spiritual journey?  • Visit the Potter and be re-made into His vessel. • Learn the six paths the Lord wants to direct you on for peace in your spiritual journey. If you have warfare coming against you or if you are in a time of spiritual rest, you can learn God’s time-clock for your life as you sit, look and listen to the Holy Spirit and feel the heartbeat of the Father.  The Spirit of the Lord wants to re-create you for your journey… teaching you how to be at peace as you travel the path the Lord has prepared for you—to shape you into a vessel for His glory… Being at peace with your Spiritual Journey!
July 18, 2019
A Perpetual Covenant of Shalom
Curt Landry releases “A Perpetual Covenant of Shalom” in the Courts of Heaven through this word for Israel’s people, the Nation of Israel, and the One New Man.  God’s Perpetual Covenant of Shalom is activated into your life by taking God’s prophetic Word from Isaiah 54 into the Courts of Heaven. As Curt Landry lays out God’s principles by putting Him in remembrance of His Word, he reminds us how to properly state our case in the Courts of Heaven that we might be acquitted. - Do you know that you have a reputation in the Courts of Heaven?  - Do you come into God’s Courts knowing what you are talking about?  - Are you effective and do you have authority to state your case for acquittal?  Curt Landry explains God’s Word in Isaiah 54 that the Gentile church has rarely heard. Listen as he gives fresh understanding and revelatory meaning to this chapter for the Jewish people, the Nation of Israel, and the Gentile believers. If you are unsure about the message of the One New Man and the Courts of Heaven, this word will open your eyes and heart to see God’s heart as He spoke to His people thousands of years ago. This is not only a word for that time, but still relevant today, as God’s people are moved into a new era of the One New Man—grafted in Gentiles who understand their heritage with born again Jews standing in the revelation of their Messiah.  You will be released into this fresh revelation as you walk with Curt Landry through Isaiah’s words to the people, the nation Israel. You will grasp the deep meaning of Isaiah 54 in a way that you have never seen.  God is releasing His covenant of shalom. Go with Curt Landry into the Courts of Heaven with the Word of God correctly spoken to break the chains off of you and your family; to set you free to live in God’s peace—His Perpetual Covenant of Shalom for His people, for His Kingdom and for your life today!
July 16, 2019
Understanding the Voice of God with Guest Lana Vawser
Curt Landry and guest Lana Vawser
July 11, 2019
Cast Your Nets
Join Curt Landry in this prophetic word entitled, “Cast Your Nets.” A word that focuses in on how the Lord wants to meet you right where you are and prepare you for an unbelievable catch. Curt takes you into the story of Jesus as He calls his first four disciples from their life as fishermen, to become fishers of men. We can apply the same principles to our lives that we see in the story of Peter, Andrew, James and John as Peter casts their net into the water for a major harvest that would change their lives forever. --- Are you a Disciple or a Believer? --- Is there Power and Purpose in your life right now? --- What does it mean to Follow After the Lord? --- Are you Casting your Net… or are you Casting your Nets? --- Are you Prepared for the Transfer of Wealth? Just as Jesus first called and commissioned his disciples, he is calling each of us to a higher level in Him. He wants you to be His image-bearer, obedient to His word, reaping a harvest that will set you on a course that will change the way you think, the way you relate to others, and the way you live each day. He wants to set you on a life-changing course that is abundantly filled! Be encouraged with this prophetic word by Curt Landry that will launch you out into the deep—going deeper in the Spirit—to cast your nets! This is the message of alignment for the end-time hour! Draw closer to the One who carries the power you need to not only cast your nets, but to fill them to overflowing! You have a short window of time to be a vessel that is prepared, surrendered and ready for all the Lord has written in your scroll for this hour! It has been a night of fishing… and the lord is asking YOU, “Have you caught any fish yet?” Cast Your Nets—get ready for an unbelievable harvest!
July 9, 2019
Align Your Prayer, Your Walk, Your Giving
Join Curt Landry as he discusses and instructs how you can “Align Your Prayer, Your Walk, Your Giving.” Even though there are different levels of understanding and different ways of walking in instruction, God’s ways are higher. Yet, when we submit to God’s calendar and His heart, His instruction becomes clearer for alignment to His ways. In this message, Curt Landry discusses how you can “set your clock” so God can “set your provision” to His ways. God wants discernment to be released into your life so you can know your identity to walk into your destiny.   Curt takes you into God’s Word for important answers to these important questions: --- What is so special about God’s calendar that aligns me with His ways? --- What does God’s Word say about alignment in prayer—especially in His Courts? --- What does God’s Word say about how I am to give—including my time, tasks and activities? --- How can I get my prayer, walk and provision lined up with God as He intended? Learn how you can pray, walk, and give with discernment from God in each season of your life—walking in His sweetness, fully aligned for His provision and grace that results in God’s ways of love, patience, kindness, compassion and hope in abundance!
July 4, 2019
Keys to Empowered Prayer
Join Curt Landry as he brings this message on “Keys to Empowered Prayer.” Have you ever wondered why sometimes your prayers seem to be effective, but other times, they seem to ‘hit the ceiling’?  Curt shares major keys from God’s Word to help you gain a better understanding of how you can apply God’s principles to become an ‘empowered prayer.’ You will learn… • What prayer is and what it is not • How to pray, believing and receiving what God has done through the covenant of Yeshua’s blood • How to apply and know the difference in prayer as a contract or a covenant • How to enter the Courts of Heaven to make your requests known to God Prayers can go unanswered because we do not ask clearly by faith but ask amiss. Curt gives a powerful prophetic word on how you can go into the Courts of Heaven to ask with effectiveness and fervency. Curt then takes you into God’s Courts with understanding and prophetic insight. Prepare to receive God’s Word as you learn to apply God’s keys for empowered prayer! 
July 2, 2019
God's Times and Season
Join Curt Landry as he brings this powerful message: “God’s Times and Season.” God’s times… We are in God’s time of the counting down the omer—from April 20th through June 8th—and we are now at Nine Days to the completion of the count... Five weeks and five days of the omer—this is the Day of Grace! Are you ready to come before God’s throne of grace to receive a powerful word from the Lord? A once in a lifetime visitation? Are you prepared to receive all that God has prepared for you? Curt gives keys to help you unlock how to prepare for God’s provisional blessings… knowing God’s times will point to the season you are in for His glory! • How can I get in alignment with God for my visitation? • What is God’s purpose for me in His times and in this season? • How do I activate His grace and His glory for this season? Put yourself in God’s times—station yourself in this season to receive all that God desires for you! What has been done in heaven is now traveling the earth for those who will receive it. Get ready to receive the outpouring of His Spirit and receive a fresh word from the Lord at Shavuot! “Shavuot is the empowerment take-off spot!” Learn how to prepare… and get ready to receive God’s grace that aligns you with the Holy Spirit to receive His instruction that empowers you to apply His Word in each of His times and in each season of your life!
June 27, 2019
Set Your Clock and God Will Set Your Provision
In this message entitled, “Set Your Clock and God will Set Your Provision,” Curt Landry first begins by explaining the meaning of the number 10 and its significance in scripture for this season. Are you ready to have the Lord “Set your clock?” Do you understand how God will set your provision for all your needs? Have you learned to look at the significance of numbers hidden in God’s Word for the times and seasons of your life?  This message will encourage you as you walk with the Lord and seek His Word for hidden nuggets of gold that will enrich your relationship with Him. Learn: • The significance of the number 10 in the Word of God and how it relates to His children… • God’s message for this unfolding season in Your life! This is a season to keep watch for God’s moving power in your life! This season holds many unfolding blessings for you! Be encouraged and blessed as Curt shares God’s word for this season: • A Season of Divine Authority • A Season of Governmental Alignment • A Season of Transfers of Mantels and Authority
June 25, 2019
10 Power Steps for Dads
With this special and tender word from the Lord, just before Father’s Day, Curt Landry shares how men can biblically project the Father’s heart to their children and grandchildren with these “10 Power Steps for Dad.” It is important for men to understand and be able to reflect God’s heart, live a lifestyle that is kind and compassionate—embracing God’s love and experience with your children, as well as your spouse, your family, and your community. But to do that, you need to know some things about your Heavenly Father… In these 10 Power Steps that Curt shares, if understood and implemented, they will prove to be life changing! They will show you how you can be the supernatural God-given gift that God wants you to be to your children... Dads… --- Do you know that you are your children’s first teacher? Is your life a letter of recommendation? --- How can you pray in the Courts of Heaven for your children—activate and know God’s call for them? --- How can you be the prayer warrior God has called you to be for your children—exhibiting the Heavenly Father’s call and heart for them as well—providing boundaries, sowing and investing worthwhile time into their lives? These questions and more will be answered in the 10 Power Steps that Curt Landry reveals from the Father’s Heart to yours. The Lord wants you to move into your calling as a father that has The Father’s Heart—a supernatural calling that has been placed on your life as the Father changes you into an Image Bearer of His Likeness, modeled to your children. You will receive the Father’s Blessing and be forever changed as you embrace these 10 Power Steps into a life-changing, biblically revealing power message to your children, family and community. 
June 20, 2019
The Father's Love
Tim Alsbaugh, Pastor of House of David, One New Man Embassy teaches this exciting and timely message on “The Father’s Love.” You may know that “God is Love”, but do you know that there is an amazing and special gift from the Father—and it is His Love? A gift! An impartation from your Heavenly Father! The Father wants to manifest this gift in your life with an encounter—an encounter of the greatest love of all the ages. When you have this type of an encounter, it will literally break you down to fill you up! God longs for His children to be filled with His love. When you can grasp the fullness of His love, you will walk free of the lies that keep you from the relationship the Father has longed to have with you. Tim teaches how you can see God’s love in His Word and how you can enter into that love. Because your Heavenly Father wants to… • Restore relationship with you • Restore His glory within His love for you • Restore the full knowledge of His everlasting love to you From the very beginning, God’s heart was to make known to His children that he loves them. There is a manifest experience of God’s love that is directed towards mankind on planet earth…  from of old—from the very foundation of the earth. The Father is drawing you to His love… and He wants to make His love fully known in your life today. Listen as Tim unfolds the manifest presence of The Father’s Love that is waiting to be unfolded to you more than you’ve ever known before!
June 13, 2019
The Way of Peace
Tim Alsbaugh, Pastor of House of David, One New Man Embassy, brings a timely message entitled, “The Way of Peace.” In this day of turmoil and unrest, where can we find peace—and the way of peace? Even in the midst of every distress, Tim assures us there really is a place where we can live in a chosen pathway the Lord has established where we can find His peace and His rest. Yet what is peace? How do we begin the journey to the Father’s way of peace? Peace, in the Hebrew, ‘Shalom’… means to be well, to be happy, to be friendly, to be prosperous, healthy, favored and at rest. This is the place where we all want to be! The world does not offer this way, but God does! Tim explains how God lays out His “Peace Plan” for the one who looks to Him… --- in the priestly blessing: you carry that blessing in you! --- in the Father’s Love: giving strength for the way of peace. --- in the atmosphere of God’s Word: God speaks peace…will you hear it? --- in His Perfect Peace: what is it? God’s plan is that you might know Him and the fullness of His peace. He has you on a journey, bringing you into his Light, His peace, His love and His purpose. He longs to give you His perfect peace that the world cannot give... peace that will guard and guide in the way that He has purposed just for YOU! This is your day to begin your journey on God’s “Way of Peace.”
June 11, 2019
Life Lessons You Need to Learn Sooner than Later
In this personal reflection, Curt Landry shares ten “Life Lessons You Need to Learn Sooner Than Later.” In this seasonal time of the counting down of the Omer—the time between Passover and Shavuot (Pentecost)—these personal reflections are life lessons that will be worth learning and applying to your life. As you grow older, you may see that you cannot achieve the hopes and dreams of younger days. But as Curt shares what he has learned over the years of his life—through the struggles and the victories—he unwraps within them, profound messages for your life, today! Messages that hold the love of Father who has a plan and a purpose for your life. • Learn the heart issues that have been holding you back… • Learn practical steps that will give stronger purpose to your life… • Learn how the love of the Father draws you into His plan, designed and purposed for you… Yes, God has a plan for you… whether you are 20 or 64—younger or older—these simple, yet very practical lessons that Curt has developed will grow you, establish you, and provide insight into your walk with the Lord right now. Curt says, “If you will just pick one or two, choose to adopt them this year, apply them to your life and stay focused, you will see and watch how your life will change.” Don’t wait for change… get ready for change! Walk into your future with these ten “Life Lessons… Sooner rather than Later!” Learn how you can begin your new day right now! 
June 6, 2019
Breaking Down the Prophetic and Practical Application of Passover 5779
Curt Landry gives a special review through ‘Rabbi’s Eyes’ in this message entitled, “Rabbi’s Review of Passover 2019.” It is exciting to see what is happening from Passover 5779/2019 as Curt Landry discusses the Passover from a personal viewpoint. Sit back and see the extraordinary blessings the Lord has brought—and is continuing to release—to each of us in this season. It is a time to hear what the Lord has to say… and it’s all very good! Passover 5779 was… --- a blessed time with the First Nations, the Firstfruits Gentiles from the Nations, and the Firstborn Jews --- the Passover where the Lord released heritage in the Courts of Heaven --- a time where we learned to align with our heritage that releases blessings --- where we put our praise over our flesh as God put a new song in our hearts Listen as Curt speaks of the symbolic and supernatural message of Passover 5779 through the two major protocol gifts that were received and released to House of David, One New Man Embassy: The Buffalo Hide and the Harp of David. Curt teaches us that we can go to God’s Table each Passover as the upright and blameless. We can be at peace over the flesh with the high praises of God in our mouths. We can do that because He has released heritage—a heritage that is here and now—yet abides eternally forever in God’s Covenant. See what ‘Covenant’ is all about as you see Passover 5779 through Rabbi’s eyes. Get ready to be positioned for alignment and commissioned with increased authority in Christ to shake the nations with the Covenant blessings of being seated at the Lord’s Table. You will never be the same!
June 4, 2019
The Power of Two - Passover Review 5779-2019
Join Tim Alsbaugh as he gives an account of "The Power of Two - Passover 5779”" bringing revelation of the powerful work God accomplished with two Passovers this year.  As we look back to Passover 5779/2019—the Passover of our Heritage., at House of David, One New Man Embassy, Tim focuses in on the meaning of heritage and what that portrays to each of us, but more importantly, what does God want us to see? What did we see this Passover season? What does heritage mean to us as Believers? What is our inheritance in Christ through Passover? What are the blessings that were lost, but now reclaimed? Tim reflects on the meaning of the heritage of Passover and the portrayal of what was offered as we put our feet under our Father’s table. Our heritage as Believers is our birthright. It was this birthright that was stolen from the body of Christ but is now being restored through the Feast of Passover. Learn what the Feast of Passover can hold for you. Learn how to reclaim what was stolen from you—the Feast of freedom; part of your heritage, part of your roots, part of what the lord has done for His beloved through the precious Passover Lamb, Yeshua. This season you can reclaim blessings lost by keeping the appointment of the Lord. Put your feet under the Passover Table and reclaim your inheritance in Jesus Christ. At His Table, your blessings, your healing, your every need is met as you are restored by the blessing of Passover 5779!
May 28, 2019
He Is Risen
Curt Landry shares this stirring word that the Lord has laid on his heart for this hour entitled, “He is Risen.” For, in the resurrection of Yeshua, our Savior, we have been given the ultimate power… the power of His resurrection abiding within us. - What is the power of His resurrection? - How do we enter into that power, abide and make it a significant part of our lives? - How do we exercise that gift of connecting to the power of His resurrection? Curt takes you on a journey through Peter’s eyes as Peter transitions from fisherman, to disciple, to rabbi through the power of Jesus abiding with him throughout the circumstances of his life. From encounter to encounter with the Living God—Yeshua HaMashiach—Peter grew to discover the power of the resurrection life. And, the Lord wants to release the power of His resurrection in YOU! He wants to resurrect dreams and align your goals and aspirations with His purposes… so, why do you walk in the limitations of you when you have him in you? Like Peter, you didn’t choose him, he chose you! So, don’t give up on your hope of being all that God has called you to walk in. When you learn to experience the power of His resurrection, you will finally realize that He has called you to higher and better things. Get ready for a spiritual shift in the heavenly dimensions over your life today! Jesus is calling you to experience His resurrection power—connecting His resurrection power to the Holy Spirit within you—so that YOU can live in the fullness of the knowledge that He is Risen indeed!
May 21, 2019
Look Back to Move Forward - 8 Year Review of Passover
Curt Landry shares a very unique pattern that the Lord has revealed as he reviews the last eight years of Passovers at House of David in this message entitled, “Look Back to Move Forward—Eight Year Review of Passover.” There are new beginnings in each eight-year time cycle of our lives. We don’t always see the pattern of God, but He is working to put us in synergy with His patterns and His ways regardless of the season we are in. As Curt goes through these last seven years, he unfolds specific keys: Agreement—no new path starts without an agreement Networking—God networks you for blessings—old nature into new nature—networking to develop your call, setting you for success Identity—changing you from the old to the new person in Him Jubilee—separated from the old identity and walking in the new Grace and reward in your new walk with Him Authority with Love—doubled authority to walk in love, mercy, grace with wisdom, knowledge and understanding—with love being the greatest of all Inheritance—releasing your inheritance as a co-heir with Jesus God has an order in his ways with each of us, and each season holds a great gift of joy. As you agree with God’s order for your life and come into alignment with His plan, He gives a new identity to walk in authority in His Kingdom ways. See the patterns in your life and hear what the Lord is saying to you—opening doors for a new season of order, regeneration and new beginnings—as Curt takes you into a “Look Back to Look Forward” through the last eight Passovers of House of David.
May 16, 2019
The Love of the Father Revival - Get Ready for the Increase: Shavuot 5779
Listen to Curt Landry Ministries - One New Man Network episodes free, on demand.  Listen to Curt Landry’s interview with Pastor Todd Smith from Christ Fellowship Church in Dawsonville, Georgia, as they unite as One New Man in preparation for a prophetic word to be received during Shavuot 2019/5779. Are you ready to hear a word from the Lord? When Jew and Gentile Believers come together in one house during appointed times, such as Shavuot, there is a spiritual release in our land.  God’s presence and His Spirit spark a revival. It is a time when the Bride of Christ comes together under the covenant and allows the Lord to cleanse, empower, and prepare us to walk with dominion and authority here on earth, as it is in Heaven.  Join Curt Landry and Pastor Todd in this candid interview as they discuss the power of immersion and baptism of the Holy Spirit. 
May 14, 2019
Developing King Priest Character
As you desire to walk in God’s highest and best… learn how to let God develop within you His King Priest Character as Curt Landry teaches in this message entitled, “Developing King Priest Character.” The King Priest Character is not something that you arrive at, but an attribute that you desire and aspire to. Curt teaches how to stay focused and on track in this desire to help you learn to allow that special purpose—the purpose God has for you—to develop within your identity. As Curt lays out strategic keys in this message, he unfolds specific skills to give you clear understanding of how you can walk in God’s best for your life. You will learn how to… • Know that you are chosen by God—His judgment is your friend • Honor God, His people, and His Word • Live in optimism and expectation of increase • Be proficient and skilled in the Courts of Heaven • Become a king-priest warrior… a vessel in God’s house for God’s purposes with a clear understanding of His direction for your life As you begin to walk in your king-priest anointing, you will learn to filter all wisdom, knowledge and understanding through God’s people and His Kingdom. You will understand it is who you become on the inside that is most important. Become a developed and mature watchman of the truth to love and live within God’s instruction... being a lover of God’s Word, living in truth and speaking His truth in love. Learn how to walk in the fullness of God’s future for your life, living in alignment and networking for success for Kingdom purposes. Learn how to develop His king priest character in your life today!
May 9, 2019
Learn to Reign as King Priests
Curt Landry brings a powerfully anointed word on the king-priest revelation for the body of Christ in this message entitled, “The Passover of Our Heritage - Part 3: Learn to Reign as King Priests.” This is the biblical Passover of 5779. It is time to learn to reign as kings and priest in Yeshua. We are walking into a new season of signs, wonders and miracles. Are you ready? Can you discern what God is doing in this time? Get ready to benefit spiritually and prophetically and step into your king-priest anointing for the new day! Curt reveals strategic keys to activate your king-priest anointing… • Immersion – learn the importance of being immersed into your king-priest anointing • Anticipation – learn how to anticipate your victories in advance in the Courts of Heaven • Learn the relationship between the king-priests and the five-fold ministry of the body of Christ • Learn how to think and operate—rule and reign—as king-priests in Yeshua As Curt takes you through the scripture, you will learn how to step into your anointing and activation for this new season. The king-priests are being activated to join together with the five-fold ministry to take the seven mountains and usher in the new day of Christ Jesus. God has a plan for this hour. He has invested His Son—the precious blood of the Lamb—His best given for you! He wants you to walk in anticipation of your victories and prosper here, now! Don’t let the failures of your past stop you from anticipating your victories in advance. Come out of the old wineskin and into the new as God teaches us how to walk in our new anointing as king-priests of Yeshua in this new day.
April 30, 2019
Responsibility and Wisdom for Increase
Using the Biblical accounts of King Solomon in his message, “Responsibility and Wisdom for Increase,” Curt Landry takes a fresh look at the life and wisdom of this king of Israel.  God is revealing spiritual keys from the life of Solomon… what should we pay attention to? What kind of things are required of us in order to walk in accelerated growth with the Lord? How do we gain the wisdom we need for each new level—not to mention the responsibility that comes with it? As Curt reviews Solomon’s life and experiences with God’s voice, he also explores the keys that every believer should acquire as they walk out their faith with increase. • the Key to Increase • the Key to Wisdom • the Key to Responsibility The Lord is giving you an invitation out of Proverbs 4:5-7: “Get wisdom! Get understanding!”  Learn to operate with Godly wisdom and responsibility for increase as you walk in king/priest authority. Learn how to do the preparatory work that is needed for your area of influence. Learn how to be effective as you learn the keys to “Responsibility and Wisdom for Increase” in this Passover of our Heritage!
April 25, 2019
The 9 Blessings of Passover
What happens when we as Believers in Christ celebrate the Feast of Passover? In preparation for this year’s seder, I share a message that detailed The 9 Blessings of Passover. While there are many Christians who are hesitant to celebrate the Feasts of the Lord, I want to encourage you that these celebrations are not just Jewish festivals. They are appointed times that God created so that all of those who call on His name might be at His appointed place to receive divine appointments throughout the year. These Feasts are literal, pictorial reminders of God’s covenant with His people. They are times of restoration and alignment. Sure, there are some who take this to the extreme—observing out of legalistic obligation… Nevertheless, at Curt Landry Ministries we understand that this is a unique opportunity to tap into the Jewish roots of our faith, encountering God through a Hebraic set of lenses, while allowing the Holy Spirit to direct us. That said, I wanted to share that there are also 9 unique opportunities for blessing when we place our feet beneath the Lord’s table... 
April 18, 2019
The Passover of Our Heritage - "Immersion 5779"
Curt Landry takes us into Hebrew thought with an exciting revelation that God has in store for each of us in “The Passover of our Heritage: Immersion / 5779.” As we look from Adam to Revelation, we see how the “mikvah” has played a key role in the Hebrew culture. The immersion mikvah is just as important in this day. Curt declares, this is 5779, the Passover of our heritage—that means “there will be a release in the spirit realm into our lives, to answer the call at a very pure and powerful level… a level we haven’t experienced before.” Curt will take you through the Word and look at Yeshua’s water immersion by Yochanan the Immerser. He will explain the revelation that comes out of Revelation—that we are king/priests unto our God. Curt will reveal what the Lord has told him about this revelation and how it applies to the Believer’s transformation. Is there really a difference between baptism and immersion? Did it start with John the “Baptist?” What should the immersion mean in my life as a Believer? What is a king and a priest unto God? How does that relate to water immersion?
April 16, 2019
The Passover of Our Heritage - "Preparation for Increase"
Curt Landry focuses in on two prayers from God’s Word to teach the message of, “The Passover of our Heritage—Part 1 “Preparation for Increase.” God loves to show patterns in His Word, and this message is a prophetic revelation of power in prayer—a pattern from the Father for His children. Curt will lead you into the prayer of Jabez and then unpack the dynamic relationship that this prayer has with the Psalmist David’s prayer of Psalm 23—the Lord is my Shepherd. Learn the twelve principles God is showing in this prayer pattern. In this revelation, you will learn the increase of power, provision and faith as you take your prayer into the Courts of Heaven for breakthrough... RELATIONSHIP – the Lord is my Shepherd REFRESHMENT – refreshing still waters HEALING – restoration of my soul GUIDANCE – paths of righteousness PURPOSE – His namesake is my identity and purpose TESTING – where promotion is birthed PROTECTION – fear moves Satan, faith moves God HERITAGE and the INSTRUCTION MANUAL – peace and direction PASSOVER – the table He has prepared; His anointing for a new season of promotion ABUNDANCE –  be free to believe for the Lord’s abundance… God wants to bless you! BLESSINGS – blessings of favor shall follow you in this life ETERNITY – “I will dwell in the house of the lord forever…” Listen as Curt powerfully teaches these principles, giving understanding and clarity to Psalm 23 as it is echoed in the prayer of Jabez in 1 Chronicles 4. Clarity to not just recite the prayers, but to understand what the Word means and how it relates to your own life. Begin to live in the reality of these prayers with access and an understanding voice in the Courts of Heaven. Start making “Preparation for Increase” to receive your double portion—the blessing of inheritance from the Lord in this year of 5779, The Passover of YOUR heritage!
April 11, 2019
Restoration of Israel - Why Now and What's Next
Join Curt Landry as he gives meaning and insight into the “Restoration of Israel.” Timing and synergy with the Lord are important. It is important know about God’s justice and alignment in this year of judgement, 5779—to know that God is moving to restore not only Israel but give restoration and realignment to all of His children. Curt takes us on a journey through Romans 11, as the Apostle Paul teaches the relationship between non-Jews and the Jewish God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Paul wanted the Believers to discover and know a lifestyle of living in covenant with God, of understanding His timing and His alignment within that covenant. Whether Jewish or non-Jewish, as a Believer in Jesus Christ the Messiah, you have a covenant relationship with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. It is time to discover that covenant designed by God for you and for His chosen and move in agreement with God. - Does God still have covenant with Israel? Do you? Are you in covenant with the Jewish people? - How can I learn to trust and move into covenant with God; into alignment with His purposes for my life? - How do I discover and live in the alignment of that covenant with God? God is bringing alignment from heaven to earth because He is fulfilling covenants on the earth that are written in the books of Heaven! It is in this time—in the “Restoration of Israel”—that you can discover God’s divine restoration of His covenant with your life. For it is within that covenant that God has planned for your protection and provision—a double portion in Him! Are you ready to receive the double portion?
April 9, 2019
Purim - The Journey of Esther
Join Tim Alsbaugh as he unfolds prophetic insight into “Purim—Journey of Esther.” The book of Esther is not just another history lesson. We are not only looking back at history, but we are prophetically looking forward to the future. Tim teaches that the book of Esther and the story of Purim reveals more than what is on the surface. As he takes us deeper into the story of Esther, we begin to see the battle in the spirit realm that still continues to this day. The book of Esther is one that gives us an intense picture of an eventful time in history; of love, palace intrigue, and how one person can stand up and make a difference to a nation. But it is also one with a bigger picture… it is about the warfare between God’s people and the spirit of antichrist that has been going on generation after generation across the world in every nation wherever God’s people are found. The book of Esther is prophetically speaking to us…. - What does the “Third-Day” and the “Seventh-Day have to do with the story of Esther? - Who were the main players in this story and who was Amelek? What is hidden in their names? - How can we identify the antichrist spirit and what is our role in this battle? Tim teaches these things and more with prophetic clarity throughout the book of Esther. We can read and learn from it, for we are not only looking back at history, we are looking toward our future. So, grab your pen and paper and join Tim as he takes you into Purim—the Journey of Esther.
April 4, 2019
URGENT - Pray for America and Israel
Curt Landry gives a prophetic warning and an appeal to all Believers in his message, “Urgent: Pray for America and Israel.” Curt speaks of the threat we all face from the enemies of freedom in the world, and the challenges to the United States of America’s governmental administration. The Christian community must understand the urgency to pray. What are the current underlying challenges to this Presidential Administration and how should we pray? What does God say in His Word about “land for peace” and...  What is the history of the cause and effect in our negotiations with Israel? How does God bless those who bless Israel?  What can I do as a Believer to enter the Courts of Heaven for the United States of America, for Israel, and the nations? “If we do not understand the cause and effect nature with God and our responsibilities with the dominion that we have been given through Yeshua, then we are without hope to change the atmosphere, our future, and our destiny. God has given us dominion and authority through the name of Jesus. The true question remains: do we understand God's judgment in New Testament times?” ─Curt Landry Enter the Courts of Heaven with Curt Landry to activate intercession and pray with wisdom and understanding for the governments of America, Israel, and all the nations in these times of judgement… and in the urgency of this hour.
April 2, 2019
Times of Refreshing
Tim Alsbaugh brings a fresh word in his message entitled, “Times of Refreshing.” Are you ready for a refreshing…? Did you know that God’s refreshing power is available every moment…? It is like a rushing mighty river that flows beside us all the time—from eternity past to eternity future. Tim takes us through the Word and teaches how to tap into that never ending and all available resource of “God’s Refreshing.” Learn to understand: - what the Times of Refreshing are and how to tap into them - who can tap into this refreshing and who will teach us how - what the Bible says, Old Testament and New… about the times of refreshing Refreshing is a gift from the Father for His children. He has been breathing His refreshing on people everywhere and He wants to breathe on YOU today! Tap into this river of refreshing and take a drink… as Tim guides you to truly understand the “Times of Refreshing” the Lord Jesus wants to give you now!
March 28, 2019
Obtaining the Inheritance
In this message, Tim Alsbaugh brings fresh revelation of how we are “Obtaining the Inheritance” through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Did you know that YOU are a child of the inheritance? But what exactly is the inheritance? As Tim takes us through the words and experiences of the Apostle Peter, we see through Peter’s eyes as the Lord opened his understanding of what it meant to obtain his inheritance in Christ. Our inheritance is found in Christ—he is our living hope in glory! Our inheritance is Christ in us, the hope of glory… but how do we obtain that inheritance and live it out in our day to day life while we are here on this earth? Tim dives deep into the Word, bringing out nuggets of gold… --- It’s about being like Christ – you can understand who you are in Him --- You have an inheritance reserved for you in heaven – you can access that today --- Our inheritance is secure—guaranteed…. How can we obtain it? Do you want to have intimate fellowship with Christ? Then listen as Tim explains how to obtain your inheritance in Jesus to be able to… not only draw closer to Him, but to have loving relationships as you walk through the tests and trials of life. Choose to obtain the inheritance today! Know who you are in Christ Jesus and begin a new journey of intimacy with Him that will bring life and hope with every step you take. Know your inheritance—who you are in Christ—and answer the call to go to a higher level of the revelation of Christ Jesus in your life—a wonderful process that will transform you into the image of the One who created you to be who you are in Him! You have an inheritance that does not fade away. Learn how to obtain that inheritance today as you listen to Tim Alsbaugh explain how YOU can live a life secure in “Obtaining the Inheritance.”
March 26, 2019
Protect Your Spiritual Inheritance
This important and timely message by Curt Landry, “Protect Your Spiritual Inheritance,” is one that will bring understanding from God’s viewpoint on the importance of family—not only in the natural, but also in the spirit. Family is important to God! You have a spiritual inheritance that God wants you to learn how to protect. Curt lays the foundation of this message with two questions: 1. Why does land for peace not work? 2. Why is heritage important? As you explore these questions within the framework of the basic tenets of God’s Word that gives clarity in understanding, you will begin to realize just how important your spiritual inheritance is. Curt goes on to help you gain understanding: •  of your heritage with a revelation of your identity in Christ •  of your identity that will show your position in the Lord •  of your position that will reveal your spiritual heritage—your inheritance God wants a family that will align with His instruction and understand the importance of a spiritual inheritance. What is God’s instruction on protecting the family covenant? Are you dishonoring God’s instruction, or are you aligned with it? Are you prepared for the release of God’s blessing in this season? This message unfolds the revelation of  God’s heart for His family and why we need to learn how importance it is to protect our spiritual inheritance. Protect yourself, your family, and your nation as you align with God’s Word. Gain a better understanding of your heritage with a revelation of your identity in Christ. It is only in understanding your identity, that you will understand your position with the Lord. And when you understand your position, you can Protect Your Spiritual Inheritance!
March 21, 2019
The Gift of Wisdom in a Season of Teshuvah
Join Pastor Tim Alsbaugh as he teaches about the “Gift of Wisdom in a Season of Teshuvah.” Teshuva simply means, “return.” Over & over down through the pages of bible, you’ll see the Lord has called for His people to return to Him. As Tim leads us through scripture, the meaning of this return to the Lord applies to each and every one of us. When we fully return to the Lord and allow His wisdom to guide us, we begin to fully function in the identity that God has intended for us. We can begin to function and operate in our God given destinies. Learn how to allow the Lord to guide you through the seasons of your life in this season of Elul –the Hebrew month leading up to Rosh Hashana, the head of the new year in the Lord. In this season of being able to return—to repent, and to abide in His presence, we have the opportunity to take an evaluation of ourselves and say, “Am I really living my life to the fullest extent in the knowledge of God.”  Learn how you can truly return to the Lord to live your life with God’s gift of wisdom through each season of Teshuva.
March 19, 2019
Position and Relationship
The Pastor of House of David, One New Man Embassy—Tim Alsbaugh—delivers this instructive message to teach “Position and Relationship” in Christ Jesus, our Savior. Do you know where you are? Do you know who you are in Christ? Is it a position that can bring relationship? Do you believe that you are saved? Then you have enough faith for anything that runs across your path! If you have come into agreement with His Word, then nothing is impossible as you position yourself in Christ. But it is also important to know your relationship with Him. It is in knowing your position that establishes relationship. Tim will lead you through the Word to establish important keys to help build a higher level of relationship that leads to a higher trust in the Lord—even in the face of the enemy—that will bring victory in your life… • If you understand your position – where you are… and if you understand your relationship with the Lord, you will enter into a higher level of walk with Yeshua that will enable you to have victory over the enemy’s strategies that come against your life.        Do you know where you are?        Do you know who you are?        Do you understand how your relationship affects how you go forward in spiritual warfare? Tim unpacks these questions and more as he unfolds revelation to keys of Position and Relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. You can walk in a higher level of relationship with Yeshua as you understand your position in Him. Come into agreement and into alignment with his Word and the plan of God for your life. Establish your position with the Lord for a relationship that will give abundant life and victory… it is Christ in you, the hope of glory!
March 14, 2019
New Season of Trust, Joy and Strength
In this message, Curt Landry sets the atmosphere for a “New Season of Trust, Joy and Strength.” If ever there was a time for the people of God to receive a touch from the Lord, it is now. Curt speaks this special prophetic word with an anointing that will encourage you to fully trust the Lord for His joy and strength to be yours in great abundance! The Lord wants you ready for transformation in 5779! It is very significant this year—the biblical year 5779—to pay attention to God’s calendar. It is important to understand the significance of the Hebrew months. They hold the key to unique and exciting messages from the Lord. What is the Lord speaking to us in these days? Curt will open your understanding to…. • The significance of the Hebrew months... • The Hebrew month of Adar and what it means for you… • A special release of trust, joy, and strength for the season ahead! Adar was the last month the Hebrew people spent in Egypt before the Exodus. Adar’s joy is so great, in part, because it serves as the opening to an even greater rejoicing: the miracles of Passover. In this 60-day period leading up to Passover 5779, Curt declares that the joy of the Lord will be His children’s strength! God is preparing great things in this 60-day period—pouring out a double portion of joy! It is time to focus in and fully TRUST Him… press in for His JOY and receive His STRENGTH! Don’t miss this exciting message that Curt delivers for the Lord’s people all over the world! Get ready to receive a double portion in this “New Season of Trust, Joy, and Strength!”
March 12, 2019
The Time to Favor Zion is Now
Curt Landry brings a now word about the importance of favoring Zion during this time of upheaval in the world. He reminds us that the word of God is sure, and the more we understand it, the better equipped we are to endure during hard circumstances. Join with the house as they prepare their hearts to stand still, observing once again, God’s faithfulness being poured out upon His chosen people Israel, as well as to those who remain committed to her.  The church has not replaced Israel.  Don’t get too busy that you can’t open the gate of your heart to those seeking to know the Lord. Aligned for "The Glory"
March 7, 2019
Activating Your Heritage
Curt Landry takes you into the Courts of Heaven to lead you into “Activating Your Heritage.” You have a heritage in Christ Jesus, not only laid up for you, but ready to be released to you as you grasp hold of your identity, purpose, destiny and legacy. You have a heritage and inheritance in heaven that is yours now! It has already been paid for by the blood of the Lamb. When you invest in yourself—as a blood bought child of the King—with a purpose and destiny driven approach, you go to a higher level where wisdom, knowledge, health and riches in Christ is released and manifested in your life. Curt teaches… • Identity – what are the filters of your identity? • Purpose – do you have lack or abundance? • Destiny – do you see through hopelessness or success? • Legacy – what are you leaving behind: poverty or wealth? Come into agreement with the King of kings and Lord of lords—know your identity in Him and release your decrees in the Courts of Heaven with Curt Landry. Declare with a purpose, unveil your destiny and legacy to activate your heritage in Christ by proclaiming and decreeing His Word in the Courts—over your life, over your purpose, over your destiny, and over your legacy!
March 5, 2019
The Promise
Pastor Tim Alsbaugh speaks to the eyes and ears of your heart in this message entitled, “The Promise.” Our God is a promise-keeping God—there is always hope with the Lord. But what is “The Promise” that we need to focus on in our lives? Is there something more that we need to receive? What did God say in His Word? Tim answers these questions and more in this message. From the creation to the fall of mankind, to the ultimate restoration, God has been echoing it down through the ages… you are heirs according to His Promise! Are you a child of promise? If so, then you are destined to receive…. --- restored relationship --- the breath of God --- the Holy Spirit --- complete restoration in Christ and more! Do you need the power of the Holy Spirit to stand when no one else is standing? Do you need the restoration of what was lost in the Garden? Do you want to know the mystery of His will? Then you need to know the promise! John’s baptism cleanses by repentance… Yeshua’s blood saves by faith… The Holy Spirit works in yielded lives to restoration—not only to life situations, but also to relationship with the glory of the Father in all of His fullness. God made us to know the riches of His Kingdom and our inheritance in Him! God wants you to receive the promise He has given to you and your children! Join Tim Alsbaugh as He teaches the exciting life-fulfilling blessing of The Promise! God is keeping you and sowing into you as you learn to be ignited to walk in the power of His Spirit under opened heavens of blessing… accessing and living in the Promise!
February 28, 2019
Marketplace Wisdom, Alignment, and Trading Floors
This message by Curt Landry—“Marketplace Wisdom, Alignment, and Trading Floors”—is about understanding alignment in the Courts of Heaven. Once we can get this deep into our spirit, we can begin to function as third-day Believers in the Marketplaces of our Mountains with the wisdom and peace from God to make life choices that bring blessing. Contentment and peace are the best attitudes for sound wisdom that creates excellent choices... Your life is a product of your choices… Wealth without wisdom can lead to self-destruction… “One of the most powerful revelations that a Christian can have regardless of whatever mountain you’re in, is the revelation of alignment. Alignment will fine tune your spiritual warfare and eliminate unnecessary spiritual warfare. Alignment will give you the provision, the protection, and the wisdom that you need when you’re in the right place at the right time with the Lord. You need to be Spiritually Aligned.” –Curt Landry Are you in proper alignment with the Lord to function with wisdom in your marketplace mountain? Listen as Curt Landry replays segments of the Courts of Heaven Encounter at House of David with Robert Henderson that give key principles of moving into alignment in the Courts of Heaven—knowing the protocol and functioning properly on the Trading Floors in the Courts of Heaven. Then, Curt gives nine key “Character Principles” so that you can begin to move into alignment with the call of God for your life… 1.      Contentment is the door to revelation.  2.      Be Kingdom focused and live righteously to avoid stress.  3.      Live with purpose—God will prosper you. 4.      Don’t Waste your days—Number your days. 5.      Learn Self-Control. 6.      The Lord has called you—Believe it, Receive it, Live it. 7.      Dream BIG.   8.      Build your relationship with the Holy Spirit. 9.      Ask God for everything. God wants to position you for His blessings, His wisdom, and His purpose for you—so that you will honor Him by making life choices that reflect His Glory in everything you do. Learn to practice these principles in your life and walk with trust in the Lord—you can trust Him to bless you with His Wisdom in your Marketplace!
February 26, 2019
Walk in the Light
Tim Alsbaugh brings this loving word from the Lord to “Walk in Light.” The way to position yourself for promotion in this third day season is to walk in light! But, how do we do that? What does God mean when He tells us to walk in light? What exactly is the light and how can I come to the light? Tim answers all of these questions and more as he walks us through God’s word, revealing the heart of the Father, and showing us the unfathomable love and light of Jesus Christ…. • You are either walking in light, or you are not... if not, you are walking in darkness. • God’s greatest joy is to spend time with his children. When you grab hold of His hand, things begin to change! • God has great plans for you! Expect it! In His plan—in His presence—there is fullness of joy! • You can be a reflection of His Light! You can access His Glory and Hope in the Light! Do you need His fullness of joy? Do you need more hope in your life? Can you grab God’s hand to walk with Him in His light? Do you want to redeem the time that was once spent walking in the darkness? Jesus is the Light of the world, and He has come to proclaim His Name over you and bring you into the light to have a deeper walk with the Father. You can come to Him with great expectation that He will not only lead you to His Light of Life, but He will teach you how to Walk in Light!
February 21, 2019
Light - The Key to Glory: Positioning for Divine Promotion
Join Curt Landry as he releases key prophetic insights in this message, “Light—The Key to Glory: Positioning for Divine Promotion.” Curt expounds on the parable of revealed light that Jesus spoke of in Luke 8:16, “No one, when he has lit a lamp, covers it with a vessel or puts it under a bed, but sets it on a lampstand, that those who enter may see the light.” A light is PUT or SET on a lampstand—positioned for light and not hidden by the vessel. This is the time to embrace the light that the Lord has set before you. Curt teaches… • Heavenly strategies for your personal life’s goals, ambitions and success… • Blueprints, wisdom, knowledge and understanding comes from your Heavenly Father to align you with God’s plan for your life… • Ambassadors are emerging now carrying the third-day light of Yeshua’s glory! • What is the “third-day” light of His glory? The Lord wants you to allow your soul to embrace the promotional times you live in because this is the most rapid, abundant time of fulfilling Bible prophecy in the history of the world—and you are a part of it! This is your time for a Kairos moment—a holy moment for decisions and actions to be revealed. “For nothing is secret that will not be revealed, nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to light.”—Luke 8:17 This message will allow you that Kairos moment to position yourself to allow the Holy Spirit to speak key strategies for what you need to go forward in the third-day light. It is time to set yourself in the “Light—The Key to Glory and Positioning for Divine Promotion!”
February 19, 2019
Love is the Light
“Love is the Light” is a timely word expressing the importance of walking through any circumstance in the light of the Lord. As Believers it is important that we spend much time in the Word of God, speaking in tongues, and prophesying out the promises that God is speaking over our lives. Many times we can get overwhelmed by circumstances, allowing fear into our thought life. Join Curt Landry as he gently reminds us that “Love is the Light” that brings hope and not fear.  -Look for the light in all the seasons of life (the silver lining). -Always choose what is upright  -God is looking for those who will spend enough time in the Word, like Daniel, Elijah, and Esther. 
February 14, 2019
Faith and Hope
“Faith and Hope,” is a message by Curt Landry that will prepare you for promotion! The Lord wants His people to be Overcomers, walking in great Faith and with great Hope in the One who accomplishes His purposes in us and through us. In this message, Curt Landry teaches on five major areas where the enemy tries to steal our faith and hope. Instead of being overcome by the enemy, Curt teaches how to apply Faith and Hope to BE the OVERCOMERS that God has called us to be. As Curt takes you verse by verse through Hebrews 11 and 12, you will learn about these five ‘attack zones’ and how to avoid them: 1 – Fellowship – the enemy wants to isolate us 2 – Famine of the Word – are you spiritually starving? 3 – Silencing Your Prayer Life – breaking our source of communication 4 – Fear and Shame – when fear creeps in, shame is on its heels 5 – Dread and Doubt – leading to confusion You will learn that your faith is the “substance” of things hoped for.” The Greek word for substance is defined as a title deed of guarantee. Faith is a ‘title deed’ to carry over your heart, so you can speak out the things you hope to see. Faith -- the title deed of things hoped for. It’s your faith in the unseen that gives you the unwavering hope to overcome all fear and doubt. It’s by faith that you speak out His Word – you prophesy what you see by Faith as you Hope for the unseen things to come. Hope – hope is birthed in the Spirit, through prayer, supplication, proclamation and decrees. God creates with words spoken through people of faith, not people of doubt and unbelief. Take the Title Deed of your Faith back! Learn to have a lifestyle of walking in Faith, hearing from the Father, and speaking out the unseen in Hope with the Father’s Love.
February 12, 2019
What is Your Body Trying to Tell You Spiritually?
There is a connection between body signals and the full armor of God—and in this message entitled, “What Is Your Body Trying to Tell You Spiritually?” Curt Landry shares how you can not only interpret those signals spiritually but learn specific action steps to defeat the foe. Do you ever experience pains in your feet for no reason? Do you suffer an unusual pain or physical discomfort in your hips or legs or back for no reason at all? Do you have undue emotional issues, creating stress and causing you to lose hope or trust in your faith—creating fear, doubt and unbelief? Curt will help you recognize those symptoms and more as he unpacks the passage in Ephesians 6:10-20. He will show you God’s strategy for overcoming in spiritual battle. You will start thinking of your spiritual assignment as Special Ops, where no weapon formed against you will prosper! Cut off every assignment of the enemy with practical action steps—choices you make… • Recognize the attack—your body is giving you signals when the enemy attacks • Apply the prophetic word—it is not a place or thing but the spirit behind it • Receive the armor—things in the spirit are received, not obtained • Stand in the battle—enter into the trading floor of the Courts of Heaven clothed in Jesus • Know who you are in Christ—who you were birthed to BE and who you are believing to BE Receive the mystery of this revelation of the whole armor of God and learn the principles behind these action steps as Curt Landry takes you through scripture to “Feed Your Faith and Starve Your Fears!” Stand strong in God’s Word and learn how to discern the wiles of the adversary! When you can discern a spiritual attack by reading the symptoms in your body, you will stand strong in the armor of God! What IS your body trying to tell you spiritually?
February 7, 2019
The Power of Spiritual Expectation
Curt Landry speaks on “The Power of Spiritual Expectation.” When you understand and expect God’s glory, you will be able to rise to a higher level in your spiritual walk with the Lord. Expectation is a powerful tool in the manifestation of God’s glory. The message will help you… --- Understand and Expect God’s glory --- Understand the Power of Expectation --- Understand what the Glory of God means in your life You may have heard the scripture that says, “what they feared has come upon them”—but the same thing is true in faith: what you have faith for will come upon you. When your faith works in conjunction with your expectation, you position yourself for the glory of God to manifest in your life. What does the glory have to do with our expectations? The Lord wants to empower you with Expectation. He wants to bring blessings to you that are deliverables—physical manifestations of health, favor, wisdom, honor, justice and more… When you put expectation in the glory of God moving into your situation, your life will show the manifestation of that glory in the physical world around you. Listen as Curt explains the nature of God’s glory and how you can bring it into your life with the Power of Spiritual Expectation!
February 5, 2019
Walking Into A New Life
Join Curt Landry as he discusses how we are to be “Walking Into a New Life!”   You may not be born again, or you may be newly born again. You may be on your journey with questions about how to be successful in walking in the Spirit with the Lord. This is likely one of the most basic messages about how to do that successfully.  Curt answers the questions… --What does it mean to be born again? --How do I walk into my new Spirit filled life? --What are the benefits of walking in this new life with the Lord? Even for those of you who’ve been saved a lot of years, this is a message to listen to with a fresh set of ears and an open heart. This is a message that will help prepare you for this coming season. Your promotion is coming in this season and that promotion is going to take some real basic maintenance in your soul to get to your next level in your walk with the Lord. This is the time to prepare for that new Walk into a New Life in the Lord. As Curt teaches from Psalm 119 and then into instruction given by Jesus himself, we see that this is a time to understand more fully the ways and benefits of being strengthened by the Word of the Lord. As we meditate on Him, we are strengthened and challenged to walk in His footsteps. Prepare to walk into your New Life in Yeshua Messiah!
January 31, 2019
Set Your Year for Success 2019
Curt Landry helps you find your identity, purpose, and destiny in this message entitled, “Set Your Year for Success.” Curt gives a practical message with practical insights to help you discover your spiritual goals and then walk them out for the year with three basic, but important steps... 1.      What is my identity – you need to know and be clear as to how you identify yourself 2.      What is my purpose – how you identify will bring clarity to your purpose 3.      What is my destiny – your identity and purpose will clarify your destiny Using practical steps to setting spiritual goals with Daily Decrees and Action Steps, Curt Landry lays out the path that will bring clarity and purpose for your walk in this new year 5779/2019. If you do not identify yourself with the purpose that God has called you to, you will lose sight of your destiny. If you don’t write goals for your year, you won’t be able to identify with them… and, if you cannot identify with them, you cannot walk them out. Many people lose sight of their goals because the goals they set are beyond their limit. But by using these spiritual keys and practical helps to bring focus to your goals, Curt Landry brings insight and fresh revelation to how you can achieve your goals and purpose your life to Set Your Year for Success!! (Goal sheet for 2019: )
January 29, 2019
A New Creation
Curt Landry’s first message of the new year, “A New Creation,” will inspire you to let go of the past and look forward to a new year filled with the expectation of what Christ is going to do in you! “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.”—2 Corinthians 5:17 This message unfolds five key lessons that the Lord has revealed to Curt since the early years of his salvation experience and walk with the Lord. These lessons can be keys in your life also—to unlock scripture and reveal God’s glory in new ways. In these lessons—the Lesson of Believing; the Lesson of Faith; the Lesson of Realignment; the Lesson of the Battles of Wills; and the Lesson of Understanding God’s Financial Ways—you will learn: --- How to walk in peace with God --- How to walk the life of faith --- How to surrender your will to His will so you may prosper and live in His glory Learn what God’s glory is called to do. Learn what happens when the “Glory” shows up and what it means to live in His glory. Start afresh, meditating on God’s Word and believing that He wants to do more than you can think or anticipate as you expect the visitation of the Lord in your life on a new level. You can begin to expect the results of your new identity in the new creation He has made in you. Your battles will turn into His victories! You will prosper and live in His Glory—for all things have been made new! You are “A New Creation.”
January 24, 2019
Key to Success
Curt Landry brings a fatherly word in this message, “Key to Success,” for this is a personal message from the heart of a man through the heart of God that has affected him and taught him on his journey with family and friends. This is the story about the key to success that God wants to reveal in your life. In Joshua 1:8—one of the first scriptures the Lord gave to Curt—is the special word that begins the journey of this message. “This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate in it day and night, that you may observe to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success.”—Joshua 1:8 Do you know the difference between success and good success? We can prosper outside of God’s will but at what cost? Stress, anxiety, fears, doubts…. But, if we prosper inside God’s will, His fruit is always pure and pleasant. It may still be hard work, but there—in God’s heart—is not the confusion that man’s fruit brings. Learn the foundation to God’s “Key of Success.” Learn how to focus on God’s way of doing things instead of eating the bread of sorrows when you always give in to your own way. Learn these essential truths in your walk with your Heavenly Father… - Wisdom and honor empower you to obtain your highest potential. - Godly wisdom is the Key to Successful Living. - The Wisdom of God's ways bring peace into your life. Curt reveals a lifetime of experiences and wisdom that he has struggled through in his own life, before and after he was saved. Listen to his personal stories that led him to find God’s wisdom and find how you can obtain the Key to Success that God wants to give to you!
January 22, 2019
The Counterfeit Self - Ambushed by the Truth
Curt Landry’s last message of the year, “The Counterfeit Self—Ambushed by the Truth,” is taken from chapters three and four of his book, Reclaiming Our Forgotten Heritage, focusing in on key scriptures in God’s Word. Are you walking in a counterfeit identity? Have you been programmed to chase success, fame, fortune and all the trappings accompanying that lifestyle? Or, maybe you have been programmed to work hard in ministry, without stopping to ask the Lord what He had planned for your life. Do you need to be ambushed by the truth? Curt will take you on a journey to learn these key principles: •  You cannot cash in with counterfeit identity. •  Identity produces the purpose of your life. •  Truth will ambush all the lies in your life. Are you tired of trying to live up to what you think you should be? Have you discovered the true identity that God had planned for you all along? The Lord is bringing a new level of authority, articulation and anointing to His people to communicate His Word in this end-time hour. Are you ready to be a voice in it? Begin the journey to see how God wants to commission you into His Kingdom work—not in earthly trappings that only lead to idolatry and counterfeit identity. When you have the revelation to know your true identity in Jesus Christ, the lies of the enemy will be exposed. Give God permission to ambush you with His truth and He will reveal the identity that sets you in position to receive true purpose in your calling.
January 17, 2019
Wells of Fire and Water
Tim Alsbaugh brings this encouraging word entitled, “Wells of Fire and Water,” a continuation of his previous message “Open the Springs.” The Father wants us to engage with what He’s doing in this world. There has been an explosion in the spirit realm with new and ever-increasing victories in the Lord. God is fighting our battles and He is already the Victor! Tim teaches… Things happen around a well—the encounter can be an ordained and orchestrated moed, an appointment with the King of kings and Lord of lords. He is waiting to give you an encounter at His well—His wells of Fire and Water… The Lord has been ministering to those who come to His wells… those who may be considered misfits, those burdened with life’s problems… and all Jesus wants to do is love on you, accept you, heal and restore you. He wants you to understand that you are a person of great value—a person of covenant who draws from His wells of Fire and Water... The wind of God’s Fire at the wells either consumes you or purifies you. When Holy Spirit comes, it’s not in measure—it’s in fullness! He is the consuming fire that burns up the chaff in your life. It changes the way you speak because He speaks Spirit and life into you at His wells of Fire and Water… The “Wells of Fire and Water” are open and available for all who wish to drink from the fountains of Heaven! John the Immerser’s message is still relevant and ever increasing today… If you are willing, God will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and Fire—He’s wants to give you an encounter that will transform you. He will teach you how to function in His wells of Fire and Water!
January 15, 2019
The Power of Heritage - The Place of Identity
“The Power of Heritage—The Place of Identity” is Curt Landry’s special impartation on the beginning chapters of his new book, “Reclaiming Our Forgotten Heritage.” “I never knew I was going to get such an honor from the Lord to be able to take a lifetime of all the things He has taught me regarding Heritage and Identity and put them into written form as a Legacy.”—Curt Landry This is your year to reclaim your forgotten heritage. Embracing your identity comes at a cost. But it is a cost that enables you to come out of the traditional religious box that has hindered the way you look at yourself. God wants you to walk in the fullness of what He has called you to be. This message will give you practical keys to unlock the traditions that have held sway over you. Curt Landry shows the Believer how to embrace God’s covenant heritage. A heritage that will release the Jewish roots of your faith and transform your faith into covenant… From covenant into trust… from trust into heritage… from heritage into inheritance… from inheritance into legacy… transforming you to become the living temple of the Most High God—a vessel for His glory—free from lack, sickness and poverty! Curt teaches key principles that will unlock your inheritance… • Heritage is your Supernatural Provision • Identity is the Birthplace for His Glory in your Life • The Glory comes when Identity and Purpose Unite with Heritage Come out of the religious box of traditions and teachings to learn what your heritage was really meant to be. Curt will show you how you can reclaim your heritage to live in the fulness of the inheritance and identity God has called you to live in—giving all praise, honor and glory to Him.
January 10, 2019
Open The Springs
Join Pastor Tim Alsbaugh as he leads you to learn how to “Open the Springs” in your life! Do you know that there are wells, fountains and springs of God that can reside in you as a river bursting forth—abundant and springing up? A place where the Spirit of God is being released and welling over in every area of your life. Many of us don’t realize that we have a well of life within us that is waiting to burst forth and spring over. Listen as Pastor Tim explains… •  there is a well that can spring up inside you and you have a part to play in activating that well •  whether in the valley or the high place, you can learn to Open the Wells! •  God can fill your well to overflowing, so His love and power can overflow to others With JOY you will draw water from the WELLS of salvation. With JOY! Even when you fall into trials, persecutions, and trouble, it’s time to lift your head and begin to praise the Lord. He will turn those things into beauty as He unfolds the power of His love in you and for you! The fountain of God is in you—it’s activated by your words. When you learn how to open that life-giving spring within you, it will burst forth with hope, glory and restoration—not only for yourself, but to all those around you. The Spirit of God flowing in and through you, performing the works of His Kingdom to a hurting world. That’s the power of the “Open Spring” in you!
January 8, 2019
The Glory of Zion
Curt Landry brings into focus the Isaiah 60 prophecy as he teaches on the benefits of understanding God’s glory in biblical prophecy in this message entitled “The Glory of Zion.” This is the hour that we are to be awakened to sow the seed of our lives into His kingdom—to allow His will to be done in our lives on earth as it is in heaven. We are literally living in the end days when all that is written in our books in heaven are to be lived out on the earth! Join Curt Landry as he opens the doors of glory to let God’s kingdom purposes shine into your heart! What is the purpose of prophecy in our lives today and why should we be aligned with God’s prophecy? - The purpose of prophecy is to call out our identity and purpose. - Alignment with God’s prophecy puts us into His supernatural Glory and Power. - The power to re-align our life with God’s identity for us is found in His glory. There is revelation in God’s glory… but what is God’s glory? Is it up to us as individuals to choose to live in God’s glory? How do we do that? Living in God’s glory is a process… how do we learn that process? What does the glory of Zion have to do with God’s glory? Curt Landry reveals through the Isaiah 60 prophecy, what God’s glory is all about and how we can live continuously in that glory. There are different degrees of God’s glory—find out how to release those degrees of glory into your life and start living with purpose, knowing the fullness of your identity in Him!
January 3, 2019
Wealth Transfer to the Remnant for the Kingdom
Curt Landry’s message “Wealth Transfer to the Remnant for the Kingdom” is a prophetic word on the coming transfer of wealth to a remnant in the Body of Christ. ­ We are in an Ezra Season right now. Ezra’s name means, “the Lord has helped.” What Ezra accomplished allowed Nehemiah to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. Ezra was warning Israel to come out from the bad behavior that the people of Israel had learned through 67 years of captivity. The decrees of Donald Trump recognizing Israel is a major statement that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is the ONE true God. As the nation of Israel, prepares to move their embassy to Jerusalem, an expectation in the heart of every Believer should be one of coming out of years of captivity.   “I was glad when they said to me, ‘Let us go into the house of the Lord.’ Our feet have been standing within your gates, O Jerusalem!  Jerusalem is built As a city that is compact together, Where the tribes go up, The tribes of the Lord, To the Testimony of Israel, To give thanks to the name of the Lord. For thrones are set there for judgment, Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: ‘May they prosper who love you. Peace be within your walls, Prosperity within your palaces.’ For the sake of my brethren and companions, I will now say, ‘Peace be within you.’ Because of the house of the Lord our God I will seek your good.” ­­­– Psalm 122:1-9 (NKJV) Prepare your heart for transformation, as God continues to make miraculous changes in the lives of many. -We prepare the land to be blessed. -God is going to cause the gates that are cleansed to prosper. -The set time to favor Zion is NOW.
January 1, 2019
A Watchman's Word - Samuel's Wisdom
Tim Alsbaugh brings this word entitled “A Watchman’s Word (Samuel’s Wisdom),” based off of Apostle Dr. Chuck Pierce’s message given recently at the HAPN conference. Dr. Pierce prophesied of the Lord transitioning his people from prayer networks (intercessors) to watchmen. This message by Tim takes us deeper into that revelation by giving an in-depth look into the prophet Samuel’s life. In his day, Samuel was able to call the nation to the watchtower—to the high place… a place of security, observation, and strategy.   As Tim leads us into the story of Samuel—describes the meaning behind the names of people, places and events—you will be astounded at the golden nuggets of information that you may have never thought of or heard before. The Lord wants to take you to a place that you have never seen before. He wants to elevate your participation in the spiritual arena for a reason and He is ready to release things in the spirit world that you need to participate as His watchman. He wants to take you to a high place—a place of fellowship with him—to learn new strategies with a new way of seeing. The Lord is raising up men and women in this hour that will not be falling asleep—ones who will engage with the Holy Spirit—who will begin to pray out laser prayers, speak the Word of God and take their place on the wall where victory is accomplished through His people! Join Tim as he leads us through the incredible story of Samuel, his family and his impact on a nation for God. This is the story of a Watchman. God is calling us to be His watchmen for His Kingdom purposes. Are you ready for your incredible journey?
December 27, 2018
Why Can't I Trust in the Lord
In this message, Curt Landry poses the simple question that we all struggle with from time to time, “Why Can’t I trust in the Lord?” We’ve all had to ask ourselves that question, especially when a test or trial has come to challenge our faith. Do you struggle with trusting the Lord in every situation that you encounter? Do you have a hard time in your Faith Walk? Do you know the blessings that God wants to give you? The Lord wants to prepare you for readiness… He’s about to release some tremendous blessings and breakthroughs. This message will help prepare you to walk in faith and declare, “Lord, arise and let our enemies be scattered!” Curt unfolds keys to help you prepare for these blessings and the main key is: “Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart.” • Learn to Trust in the Lord above all else • Learn the Importance of trusting in a Faith Walk with the Lord • Learn the reasons why you struggle to Trust • Learn how you can have a new mindset to Trust in every situation Get rid of Fear, Doubt and Unbelief – get into that place where Trust, Love and Faith are at rest within your heart, mind and soul. Get rid of bitterness, unforgiveness, and anything else that’s been holding you back from your breakthrough. Learn to repent for all that’s been holding you back. Repentance releases Forgiveness; Forgiveness releases Hope; Hope releases the Fruit that births Trust ─ and Trust is the Confidence for your Breakthrough! This profound message will help release you from fear, doubt and unbelief to set you on the path of faith, hope and TRUST. Break the cycle of fear and the sin of unrepentance that kills. Today, why not learn how you can put into your life the gifts of God that will set you on a ‘Trusting Faith─Walk’ with your loving Father.
December 23, 2018
It's Time to Move On
This prophetic message by Curt Landry, “It’s Time To Move On” will motivate you in your walk with the Lord to step out of your past in order to move into your future. As Curt shares his past and how the Lord has worked through all of the circumstances in his life that has motivated him to “move on” and the courage it took to make those steps, he shows how the Lord will also help you find that next opportunity and shift in your life. • Learn how to move forward with God. • Step out of your past and into your future. • Trust God in the midst of closed doors. • Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today. When you face unsure circumstances in your life, you need to know that sometimes God closes doors because it’s time to MOVE forward. He knows you won’t move sometimes unless circumstances force you. “You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one.”—
December 20, 2018
Who Do You Say I Am?
Join Curt Landry as he shares in this message –“Who Do You Say I Am?”– the importance of identifying the ‘gates’ that will release activation and blessing into your walk with the Lord. This message will encourage you to look more closely at the gates in your life as you walk with Curt through Matthew 16:13-20. You will see modern day pictures of the gate where Jesus was with His disciples at the ‘gate of Hades’ in Caesarea Philippi. This is where Peter received the revelation from the Father that Yeshua was the anointed one, “the Christ, the Son of the Living God.” ‘Gates’ have strategic locations for strategic times. Learn how to identify and activate your ‘gate’ to receive a deeper revelation of who you are in Christ and who He is in you. - Your Identity in Christ is important, but His Identity in you is more important! - Until you receive the revelation of His identity in you, you cannot fully know your identity in Him and embrace your purpose. - Learn how to speak into your gate to release blessing and decree authority through Christ Jesus. Jesus asks the same question today that He asked His disciples at Caesarea Philippi, “But, who do you say that I am?” It all starts in relationship with Christ and who we say He is. Learn how to speak into your gate to declare the sovereignty of the Lord over your home, your business, and your family. Speaking into your gate brings the blessing of Christ into it. Jesus wants to impart His authority at the gate through you. Let the Holy Spirit teach you how to minister at ‘the gate’ to receive the revelation of Yeshua’s authority over the enemy through you!
December 18, 2018
Gideon's Call
In this message, “Gideon’s Call,” Pastor Tim Alsbaugh gives us unique insight to another side of Gideon that we don’t usually see or think about. Gideon had a ‘call’ on his life that led to a supernatural encounter with the Lord… an encounter that changed the direction of his life and the life of a nation. Do you know that you have a call on your life? Do you know what your call is? Are you sure? Every one of us does indeed have a call—a unique call that the Lord has prepared for you and one that only you can fulfill. You are so special to the Lord that if He had to come just for you, He would have. That’s how much you mean to Him. When we hear about Gideon—who is well known in Bible stories—most of the messages focus on one or two aspects of his life, but in this message, Tim teaches us about Gideon’s call and how it relates to us on a personal level. - “Your call will always keep you.” But what happens if you step outside of your call? Do you have boundaries within the call of the Lord? Are there consequences to our actions? - What does God say about YOU? Gideon’s reaction to his supernatural visitor leads to confirmation of the word given him… his lack of confidence to “Mighty Man of Valor.” - Have you lost the call that you thought you had on your life? God brings a prophet to the people and an angel to Gideon. The messages of both reveal the depth of the love of Father God for His children. - What did Gideon do with the Call? How did he defeat the enemy “as one man?” Does God expect you to do the same? You may have a call on your life that will have an impact on your family, your community, and maybe even a nation. Never underestimate what God can do in and through you. Your call is not about what your condition is... or even what your perception is. Your call is about what God says about you, more than what you think about yourself. God has left you a rich, rich, inheritance. You have been adopted into the family of God…that’s your heritage; and the promises of God are yours. But, when the Spirit of the Lord comes upon you—as He did on Gideon—you become the ‘mighty warrior’ God intended for you to be!
December 13, 2018
Nothing New Under the Sun
“Nothing New Under the Sun” is a message on identity. The Body of Christ is in a culture war, this has always been the case. Acts 19 is a perfect example of this, when Paul asks two very important questions as he spoke to the Believers in Ephesus… 1. Did you receive the Holy Spirit? 2. What were you baptized into? These two questions are two of the very same questions denominations are asking to this day. The battle over the Holy Spirit and Baptism is two of the number one disagreements that the Church battles to this day. There is nothing new under the sun. The fruit of these battles creates confusion, and confusion will only breed fear. The opposite of our identity in Christ is fear. Paul was addressing the cultural issues that chose to stand against the name of the one true God. He was battling for the true identity and authority that comes from living as a son and daughter of God. As Believers, we MUST let the Word of God be primary over our thoughts. It is important that we do not go on an emotional rollercoaster, because our past experiences can no longer dictate our future. We must understand that we are moving into a time, where the name of God will be lifted high. The reverential fear of the Lord will begin to be released at a new level. There will be those who work to split up the Body of Christ as they begin to come together. They will sow discord, due to their losses and lack because they will not be following the principles of God. This will also affect those in the Church world who disobey the Word of God in favor of their own theology. We must reach past this demonic activity into the Word of God. QUIT LOOKING AT THE RESISTANCE! While there may be an attack to split up the remnant, when we chose to keep our eyes on the principles and promises of God, we will be victorious. Now, is the time to put blinders on and stay focused on the work that God has called you to do. Do not look to the identity of confusion and fear that the news is spreading, but stand fast on the Word of God, looking forward to what God WILL do for HIS name sake. - The name of the false identity is fear. - “When it’s not about the money… it’s the money.” - Revival is about repentance. There is not repentance without conviction.
December 11, 2018
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