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The Curtis & Coulter Podcast

The Curtis & Coulter Podcast

By Mark Coulter
Join CEO of Curtis & Coulter and host Mark Coulter for this series of short interviews with leading entrepreneurs, business innovators & creative thinkers from around the world. Their aim is to help businesses currently struggling, by discovering and sharing the best tools, tips and strategies for business innovation during the current Coronavirus crisis. Visit them at
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Creating Personalized HCP Journeys via the RIGHT Data Strategy in a Post-Pandemic World
We recently spoke with Chris Tuleya (EVP, Managing Director at Underscore Marketing) on the topic of Creating Personalized HCP Journeys via the RIGHT Data Strategy in a Post-Pandemic World.
May 26, 2022
Read Roberts: Digital Opinion Leaders in Healthcare
This week’s guest is KOL expert Read Roberts of medical communications agency Precision Scientia. In this episode, Read talks about the emergence of Digital Opinion Leaders in Healthcare and how that impacts the future of healthcare post pandemic. Find episode show notes by going to
September 28, 2021
Dr Ray Glemser: Change Management for Pharmaceutical Labeling Post Covid
This week’s guest is Dr Ray Glemser, CEO of IT consultancy services firm Glemser Technologies. In this episode, Ray talks about change management and maintaining regulatory compliance for pharmaceutical labeling.  Find episode show notes by going to
August 31, 2021
Lance Bachmann: Growing Your Brand & SEO Best Practices
This week’s guest is digital lion Lance Bachmann, President and CEO of award-winning 1SEO Digital Agency. In this episode, Lance talks about SEO best practices for growing your brand and trends in the future. Find episode show notes by going to
August 24, 2021
Angelo Campano: The 'Tele' Movement & Evolution of Point-of-Care
This week’s guest is Angelo Campano, Senior Vice President and Principal of Agency Channels at OptimizeRx, a digital health company that provides healthcare communications solutions for life sciences. In this episode, Angelo talks about the expansion of Point-of-care and how the ‘tele’ movement can unlock new engagement opportunities for marketers. Find episode show notes by going to
August 10, 2021
Dennis Boone: How COVID accelerated the need for voice technology in Healthcare
This week’s guest is Dennis Boone, Chief Consumer Marketing and Sales Officer at HandsFree Health. HandsFree Health are a healthcare technology company focused on voice-enabled, platform-based solutions. In this episode, Dennis talks about the impact of voice technology in Healthcare post-pandemic and what that means for the future. Find episode show notes by going to
August 03, 2021
Kim Hale: Virtual Engagement in the Medical Device Industry Post Pandemic
This week’s guest is Kim Hale, VP, Team Lead, Business Development, for Medical Device at virtual engagement specialists Within3, based out of Salt Lake City. In this episode, Kim talks about the need for virtual and hybrid engagement now that in person meetings and live events for the medical device industry are coming back. Find episode show notes by going to
July 15, 2021
Michael Krachon: The Future of Medical Device Marketing Post Pandemic
This week’s guest is Michael Krachon, VP Sales & Marketing of Theragenics, a medical device company specializing in cancer treatment and surgical products. In this episode, Michael talks about the pandemic's impact on medical device marketing and gives his thoughts on the future once things go back to some sort of normal. Find episode show notes by going to
April 27, 2021
John Monahan: Empathy & Engagement in Digital Health
This week’s guest is John Monahan, CEO of HealthPrize Technologies, a consumer health engagement company that offer daily support, tools and education for people with chronic conditions. John talks about how they use behavioral economics, education and gamification to create and enable positive behavior change. Find episode show notes by going to
March 27, 2021
Georgette Pascale: Mental Health & Social Justice in the workforce
Season 2 Premiere. This week’s returning guest is Georgette Pascale, Founder & CEO of award-winning Healthcare Communications company Pascale Communications. Georgette talks about mental health and social justice issues in the workforce post-COVID-19. Find episode show notes by going to
March 19, 2021
Jerome Knyszewski : Protecting your online reputation during COVID
This week’s guest is Jerome Knyszewski, CEO of Reputation Management company Heavyshift. Jerome talks about the critical need for online reputation management and how brands can protect themselves online post COVID-19. Find episode show notes by going to
August 25, 2020
Francisco M.T Bram: (Part 2) Uber Health & the creative boom in the new normal
This week’s guest is again Francisco M.T Bram, the Global Head Of Product Marketing at Uber Health. In the 2nd part of our 2 part podcast from last week, Francisco talks about the creative boom happening in Healthcare right now and how to connect with audiences and customers in the new normal. Find episode shownotes at
August 04, 2020
Francisco M.T. Bram: (Part 1) Uber Health initiatives & helping the elderly post-pandemic
This week’s guest is Franciso M.T. Bram, the Global Head Of Product Marketing at Uber Health. In this episode, Francisco talks about Uber’s Health’s initiatives during the pandemic and what they are doing in their efforts for supporting communities, healthcare workers and patients, and in particular, helping the elderly. For shownotes to go
July 26, 2020
Deanna Ransom: Telling your digital story, diversity & 2nd chances
This week’s guest is Deanna Ransom, the Global Head Of Marketing & Marketing Services at global demand generation company Televerde. In this episode, Deanna talks about telling your digital story, the CMO’s changing role post-COVID-19, diversity and the importance of 2nd chances. Visit the podcast page for links and shownotes at
July 19, 2020
Bruce Mehdizadeh: Communication strategies for chronic disease management post-pandemic
This week’s guest is VP of Sales & Marketing of Patient Activation company Grayduck Health, Mr Bruce Mehdizadeh. In this episode, Bruce gives his advice on effective communication and education on improving the lives of patients with chronic conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic and what this means for healthcare providers, medical device companies and helping to make people feel safe. New episodes every week and don’t forget to subscribe at
July 13, 2020
Stefan Jensen & Chris Duncan: Advice for Healthcare brands in an accelerated future
This week’s guests are CEO Stefan Jensen, and principal Chris Duncan of award-winning digital agency Motionstrand. Stefan and Chris will be giving their take on how healthcare delivery and interaction has changed as a result of the pandemic and how healthcare brands can sustain value for their customers as a result of this seismic shift. For shownotes, go to
June 25, 2020
Rand Fishkin: SEO & 3 tips for marketing success
This week’s guest is the Co-Founder & CEO of market research and audience intelligence company Sparktoro, Mr Rand Fishkin. In this episode, Rand gives his advice on SEO, free digital tools to use and the 3 things every entrepreneur, business owner and marketer needs to know to be successful in marketing. New episodes every Monday and don’t forget to subscribe at
June 21, 2020
John Nosta: (Part 2) Digital health & the triple inflection point post COVID-19
This is the 2nd part of a 2 part interview with digital health evangelist and WHO advisor, John Nosta. In this episode, John talks about the future of digital health and tells us why we should be optimistic for the future post COVID-19. Subscribe to get episodes sent to your inbox each week at
June 14, 2020
John Nosta: (Part 1) Will there be a 2nd wave?
This week’s guest was recently named as the number one influencer in health tech, sits on WHO's panel of experts and is on the Google Health Advisory Board, Mr John Nosta. John's been following the data and behavior of the virus over the last few months and gives his predictions for a 2nd wave of the virus, as well as looking into the responses of countries like Italy & Sweden. Subscribe to get episodes sent to your inbox each week at
June 08, 2020
Hans Kaspersetz: The big pivot in healthcare marketing post COVID-19
This week’s guest is President of leading digital healthcare agency Arteric, Mr Hans Kaspersetz. Hans talks about how healthcare companies will change the way they engage their customers post COVID-19, how he and his team adapts to working remotely and the tools they use to stay connected. He also gives advice on the future of healthcare marketing as we traverse the new normal.
May 31, 2020
Neil Patel: The future of SEO post COVID-19
EP#5: This weeks guest is Neil Patel of Neil Patel Digital. Neil is a New York Times Bestselling author and Forbes magazine says he is one of the top 10 marketers. Neil will discuss how the current pandemic will impact SEO and what new concepts we need to consider, as well as recommend some free digital tools to help you increase your website traffic.  New episodes every Monday. Check out the podcast page at
May 25, 2020
Georgette Pascale: Remote working & pivoting your business
EP#4: This week's guest is Founder & CEO of multi-award-winning Healthcare Digital Marketing & PR Agency Pascale Communications, Georgette Pascale. Georgette's company has operated virtually for over 15 years and she'll be giving advice on remote working and seeing current events as an opportunity to adapt and pivot your business. Check out the podcast page
May 16, 2020
Ted Rubin: The importance of brand relationships post COVID-19
EP#3: This week's guest is 'Rockstar of marketing' Ted Rubin. Ted is a leading social marketing strategist, Photofy CMO/Advisor, best-selling author and provocateur. In an inspirational interview, Ted talks about Return on Relationship (#RonR), building positive relationships and helping each other through the Coronavirus crisis. Check out the podcast page
May 10, 2020
Mike Massimino: Teamwork, dealing with crisis & isolation
EP#2: This week's guest has featured in TV Shows The Big Bang Theory & One Strange Rock. Former NASA Astronaut and first man to Tweet in Space Mike Massimino talks about isolation, teamwork and dealing with crises during his NASA days as it relates to the current lockdown. Check out the podcast page
May 04, 2020
Bryan Kramer: How marketers should change their thinking post COVID-19
EP#1: Thanks for downloading the inaugural Curtis & Coulter podcast! In today's episode, Best Selling Author & TED speaker Bryan Kramer talks about how marketers should change their thinking post Covid-19. Find us at
April 28, 2020