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How to literally change your reality.

An episode of Consciousness On FIREšŸ”„ExpanSHEn Lifestyle Co.

By Curtrice Goddard
Personal Development fueling our lives and expanding our seat at the table! Mindset Mastery Tools, Wellness Resources, Social Impact, Deeper Law of Resonance Processes, and Conscious Conversations for Femme Makers of Change.
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Transcending Racial Social Constructs & Other "isms" Author Your Own Story -Change the game!
My response to a person who believes he wasnā€™t hired due to his race. What "isms" are you identifying with and how are they affecting your life and how you show up? It's time to change the game beautiful people! Are you ready? On this audio, I share how to shift your narrative for your life, author your own story and rock your life, going beyond the "isms"? Itā€™s time to transcend statics, social constructs, and the perceived limitations being fed to you!! CREATE BEYOND. Let's go brilliant people! Your Mindset Matters! Message starts @ 5:14
October 23, 2018
Love Yourself Through Your Fears
When you experience feelings of low self-worth, be mindful not to judge yourself, ttriggers are here to guide you, an opportunity for you to heal and transcend these fears and old narratives. Step into your divine feminine leadership, where awareness replaces fear.
October 20, 2018
How to literally change your reality.
Find out how to change your current circumstances and step onto the trajectory of your dreams. This work feels amazing! Enjoy šŸ”„
September 15, 2018
Is Social Media Affecting Your Manifestations? How to stay Grounded.
Feeling anxious, jealous, low self-confidence as you puruse the social media sites? Let's talk about ways to stay in your power, woman!
September 8, 2018
Rock Your Life No Matter What! Consciousness On FIREšŸ”„
How to go beyond statistics. Create your own reality by stepping into spiritual warrior mode High -level thoughts on gentrification and other systems. How furnishing yourself is indeed the game changer and the power you already have with you.
August 27, 2018
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