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Cut The Caca

Cut The Caca

By Counselor & WhizKid
CTC is a platform for discussing life's experiences and how they impact today's world and tomorrow's generation. We unite folks who otherwise would not interact, but have more things in common than not. Our content is from the contributor’s mind. No agendas. No Caca.
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Ep b63 What's Cheating? - Part 2 with Lady D
Counselor & Lady D finish talking men/women friendship, & machismo bs. (23:00) Then, what is cheating? WARNING: Wordy dirties. @CutTheCaca @CounselorCTC @WhizKidCTC iTunes
April 29, 2020
Ep b62 Friends, Fidelity, & Sex - Part 1
Counselor & Lady D talk parental failures, creeper vibes, monogamy, & sex-free relationships - in/out of the office.  #WeCanBeFriends #CreeperVibes #WhenHarryMetSally #DirtyDancing #EddieMurphyRaw #OnePack @CutTheCaca @CounselorCTC @WhizKidCTC iTunes
April 23, 2020
Ep b61 Flats confirms, romance lives!
Counselor, Whiz & Flats follow up on the state of romance in music & college student life under lockdown.
April 14, 2020
Ep b60 When Did R&B Die?...2006
Counselor & Whiz talk screen time for kids & essential jobs, then (18:33) lament the death of R&B, & Caca Eater of the Week.  We tried to keep it short, oh well. Then we play: Sources:
April 09, 2020
Ep b59 Cut The Corona
Counselor & Whiz catch up on fatherhood, Corona, & Kobe. WASH YOUR HANDS.  Then we play: @CutTheCaca @CounselorCTC @WhizKidCTC iTunes
March 27, 2020
Ep b58 Whiz dances on the grave
Counselor & Whiz discuss new format, shorter episodes ending with  #ParentGaming on Twitch & YouTube. Then, where are Latino Marvel/DC heroes? (4:33). Finally, HERE WE GO WITH THE DNC & CORPORATE MEDIA, AGAIN! (12:00). Whiz wins the bet & dances on the grave! (21:30). @CutTheCaca @CounselorCTC @WhizKidCTC iTunes #ParentGaming #DNC #CorporateMedia #WeAreScrewed #WhizWins
February 18, 2020
Ep b57 Flats is back!
Counselor & Flats - our youth contributor -  discuss racism in education; gentrification; TikTok; a generational tech gap;  middle age versus youth on future of democracy. Stay for outtakes for more about race and casting. @CutTheCaca @CounselorCTC @WhizKidCTC iTunes
February 11, 2020
Ep b56 15 months ago, we told ya!
Counselor told ya'll 15 months ago GOP was crowning a King - bit by bit (See eps 7, 13, 20, 43, 46 & 53). Day 1 of Impeachment *every* GOP Senator voted trials need no evidence & Congress can't investigate the President. Constitution is Caca. This is a rant. Lots of cursing. @CutTheCaca @CounselorCTC @WhizKidCTC iTunes
January 22, 2020
Ep b55 Standardized Testing Will Die
Counselor & Whiz discuss fatherhood & (5:30) California eliminating standardized testing for UC admissions. (14:25) Then, we revisit our discussion with three renowned education experts. @CutTheCaca @CounselorCTC @WhizKidCTC iTunes Sources:
December 12, 2019
Ep b54 Holidays, History & Truth
Counselor & Whiz discuss what to do when your child’s history textbook is inaccurate. A re-release from a convo from (6/1/18). @CutTheCaca @CounselorCTC @WhizKidCTC iTunes
November 29, 2019
Ep b53 US Conservatism, Bigotry... Assemble!
Counselor & Whiz discuss how the ego has landed. Then nfl & corp racism, tax policy reflects values & vote! (11:15). Conservatism is ok with bigots, Christ wouldn’t vote GOP (25:00), & fatherhood (66:00). @CutTheCaca @CounselorCTC @WhizKidCTC iTunes  Sources:*YMn-KHILbEcdW2hgcmEISw.png
November 18, 2019
Ep b52 999,999,999anaires
Counselor & Whiz recap and plug future video game channel, then the devolution of Rudy(11:15), Dems must prosecute post impeachment or why laws?(18:00), the great Elijah Cummings & 999,999,999anaires (26:45). @CutTheCaca @CounselorCTC @WhizKidCTC iTunes
November 01, 2019
Ep b51 X-Files and The Bible
Counselor & Whiz discussed the Bible & Aliens and forgot we recorded it. Sources:
October 21, 2019
Ep b50 Are we good or bad?
Counselor & Whiz discuss corporate goodwill. Then, is the world good or bad? (stay for outtakes!) #Goodwill #Misanthropy @CutTheCaca @CounselorCTC @WhizKidCTC iTunes
October 11, 2019
Ep b49 We Blowing Whistles Up In Here!
Quick Cut. Counselor talks blowing whistles & Casper summarizes. @CounselorCTC @WhizKidCTC @CutTheCaca iTunes  Sources:
September 27, 2019
Ep b48 - Thanos was right... in spirit
Counselor & Whiz celebrate 1 YR!(?), #fatherhood catchup, #telemedicine for all, #parentalprivilege. Then (33:39) movie #villains misunderstood & #Jerome from #Brooklyn? (stay for Outtakes!) @CounselorCTC @WhizKidCTC @CutTheCaca iTunes #nike #TarHeels #SAT #GMAT #ACT #voltron #loki #killmonger #beatthebreaksoffhim #thanos #wicked #jerome
September 18, 2019
Ep b47 The R-Word
Counselor & Whiz welcome filmmaker Amanda Lukoff & discuss her film “The R-Word.” (1:05) Her inspiration (Gabrielle is awesome), the film’s message, a courageous 1st grade show & tell, & words matter! (18:55) Then, film discussion including: the words use across all demographs, use in media, marginalization, powerful stories, & officially offensive. (45:41) After, adios sticks & stones, words kill, terminology, the doc film-making process, what’s next & what you can do (outtakes after...) Amanda Lukoff was born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware, and grew up as part of a set of triplets and with her older sister who was born with Down syndrome. After making stops in Tucson, NYC, and Los Angeles, Amanda went back home and completed her B.A. in English & Black American Studies at the University of Delaware. Amanda worked for many years in communications-related positions in the non-profit & private sector, as well as doing on-camera and voice-over work, before deciding to focus her energy & passion on film and TV production. She and her husband founded Thorough Productions, a full-service production company based out of the DC metro area. In recent years, Amanda has broadened her scope of work to include directing, producing, and writing for clients in television, business and non-profit, with a special focus on work highlighting marginalized communities. In her spare time, Amanda enjoys reading catching flicks, dancing like everyone's watching, and running after her two young children. This episode is co-produced by Meredith Flowe. @CutTheCaca @CounselorCTC @WhizKidCTC iTunes AnchorFM
August 12, 2019
Ep b46 USA: Fancy Banana Republic
Counselor & Whiz discuss worrying about your child getting shot as school - in America? (1:03), the rich get more evil about education & minorities cheating against each other (17:33). Then, Counselor & Whiz disagree on impeachment (23:14), Dem debates too early to care? & those damn student loans (44:17). Finally, folks don’t read so maybe we move to Canadia, mfer Moscow Mitch & upcoming “R-Word” film discussion (54:41). @CutTheCaca @CounselorCTC @WhizKidCTC
August 02, 2019
Ep b45 2 Tired Annoyed Dads
Counselor & Whiz, two tired & annoyed dads, have a therapeutic discussion about this country going off the rails. However, it’s a good thing. WARNING: Lots of wordy dirties. Please check out our music master's latest, El Aych Soul --> (Click Here, & Here, & Here), @CutTheCaca, @CounselorCTC, @WhizKidCTC, iTunes, AnchorFM
July 08, 2019
Ep b44 Flat Soda's College Life
Counselor & youth contributor Flat Soda (Flats) discuss the fear moving on to college & the importance of social clubs (2:03), time management, science sucks, & the courage to be undecided (5:56). Then, campus living, choosing a major & foregoing medical school (13:13), summer plans, privilege, & next year (24:03)., @CutTheCaca, @CounselorCTC, @WhizKidCTC, iTunes, AnchorFM
June 10, 2019
Ep b43 Rant: Rise of the American Taliban
Counselor talks to himself about hatred rising, caught butt nekked, & dumping Florida for his ex. @CutTheCaca @CounselorCTC @WhizKidCTC iTunes 
May 17, 2019
Ep b42 Tax Policy Reflects Our Values
Counselor & Whiz are back to discuss Donuts’ being recognized for saving a life (1:53), then they lay out how tax policy reflects our moral & ethical values (5:13), & the week in fatherhood ( 33:43), maybe some outtakes after the outro. @CounselorCTC @WhizKidCTC iTunes Anchor.FM
May 06, 2019
Ep b41 Ed Reform Pt 2: Pro Perspective
Counselor & Whiz welcome Lea Crusey, Christopher Ruszkowski, & Jenese Jones. We discuss the college admissions scandal (3:13), school funding & the performance metric challenge (17:33). Then, elevating the profession, teacher pay & strikes (41:02), the role of charter schools, democratizing choice & what should be done next (63:46). More about our guests here. Find us everywhere! @CutTheCaca @CounselorCTC @WhizKidCTC iTunes AnchorFM This episode was co-produced by Meredith Flowe.
April 19, 2019
Ep b40 Donuts: A Horror Scene & Saving a Life (WARNING!)
DISCLAIMER: Graphic depiction of a murder scene Cops often witness & have to, long after, process the unthinkable. Donuts shares her goriest crime scene ever, dealing w/ killers & how she copes (5:50). Then, death penalty, & the reasonable fear standard (35:30). Later, Donuts goes beyond to save a woman who *walked* here from Central America - not a Mexican country (48:50), & doing her hair while he drops caca (57:10). After, some outtakes - MammaDoc appears! & more (70:50).  Ed Reform Pt 2 re-scheduled for next week! Stay tuned.  @CutTheCaca @CounselorCTC @WhizKidCTC
April 03, 2019
Ep b39 Ed Reform Pt 1: Parent & Student Perspective
Counselor & Whiz discuss college admissions scandal, now we know how "that person" got in, nepotism is a global virus, burn the standardized test (3:25), paying MILLIONS to get in to a 50k/yr school & then write if off!, applicants hanging w/ the college board, why did daddy not get arrested? (14:53), how you fix this, affirmative action clearly needed, the kids didn’t even need this (21:58), preview of Part 2 & how this is all by design (35:18). iTunes & AnchorFM Sources: Bracket -
March 21, 2019
Ep b38 Use correct lens to view
Whiz plays the public to Counselor’s legal breakdown of post-Cohen ramifications, including the need to use the correct lense, mafia style operations (5:53), he-said she-said effect, why this takes so long, evidence that can’t yet be presented (14:18), the type of lie does matter (23:10) & the big picture & a possible defense for the Pig (28:13). Then, Chicago Pizza is a casserole & college freshmen to NBA money decisions (39:14). NOTE: Counselor meant to say just “State” & not also “Feds” during the Cohen discussion regarding where the real trouble is, criminally. Find us everywhere! @CutTheCaca @CounselorCTC @WhizKidCTC iTunes AnchorFM
March 12, 2019
Ep b37 C:\>run cutthecaca.exe
Counselor & Whiz discuss owning problems & solutions, Whiz The Contrarian, nerd humor. Whiz messes up Black History shortest month joke, racist fashion, & the oppression timeline(11;43), slow down for the real bootstrappers Bernie (19:39), GOP VOTER FRAUD & scandals under the radar (31:31), Papi, is this cheddar or gouda? & Poo, poo?(41:17) Sources:
March 01, 2019
Ep b36 It's raining chunks
Counselor & TheWhiz discuss Whiz’s gun license & a highway school bus shooting (4:53), fatherhood throw up stories, the price we pay (7:56), & pre-show shenanigans (16:47). Sources: @CutTheCaca @CounselorCTC @WhizKidCTC 
February 22, 2019
Ep b35 Contracts, Labor v Corporate, & Sports
Counselor & TheWhiz have a spirited debate about labor versus corporate interests & rights, contracts, and labor law amidst the NBA trade deadline. A few wordy dirties. @CutTheCaca @CounselorCTC @WhizKidCTC 
February 15, 2019
Ep b34 Build it, but no more people
Counselor & TheWhiz discuss MLK, Confederate “heroes,” holiday celebrations (1:36), real estate development & pulling up the ladder - markets & considerations (4:02), good infrastructure is vital (15:07), the pending move back to Cackalacky (23:40), the week in fatherhood & shout out to our Thailand Cutters! (27:40), & previewing next week’s discussion (34:00). @CutTheCaca @CounselorCTC @WhizKidCTC 
February 02, 2019
Ep b33 Lord of the Caca: Return of the Whiz(Kid)
 WhizKid returns! Future of the show & catching up(1:40), Colombia y Panama & phones(7:15), cops, politics, THE BET(17:45), moving on up & xmas trees(26:35), kiddos meet & reaching full adulthood(31:40), next week’s topic, WhizKid’s tech always sucks & happy marriages(40:45). Bonus: Sports banter & outtakes (49:35) “Quien Corta” intro performed & written by Counselor, & music by El Aych Soul @CutTheCaca @CounselorCTC @WhizKidCTC
January 23, 2019
Ep b32 Intro to Ohm Boy (V=IR)
Our newest contributor, engineer & LGBTQ advocate Ohm Boy. We discuss taking a break after high school before comm college, undergrad, grad school, & working at global tech companies (4:51). Then we discuss realizing his orientation at 11 yrs old & living in a strict religious conservative household, the impact of education on how others reacted (12:25), the church’s impact on his mental health, hiding through middle & high school years (23:58), things get better in college & finally coming out to friends (32:43). Coming out to his parents (40:38). The value of diversity (53:51), & the orientation question (60:39). @CutTheCaca @CounselorCTC
December 26, 2018
Ep b31 Jessica Yinka Thomas Interview
Award winning social justice novelist Jessica Yinka Thomas. Her new book is “How Not To Make Friends.” They discuss her unique background & extensive travel experience, how it influences & inspires her writing & characters. Her transition from designing children toys to leadership in academia & how she turned short stories to the Remi Austin Trilogy & the book’s moral questions. Getting a novel published & her use of music to accompany the books. Then we discuss B corporations & reconciling the demand to maximize shareholder profit with doing good. Purchase “How Not To Make Friends,” her follow up to “How Not To Save The World,” and learn more at This episode was co-produced by Meredith Flowe. @CutTheCaca @CounselorCTC
December 17, 2018
Ep b30 Four f* hours for Santa, because love
Counselor observes & wonders re: youth dating scene, because four hours around the mall. Societal norms & rules are also contemplated, and then what's coming up. This episode is brought to you by "Watch the Smoke," an El Aech Soul project. Visit their channels on SoundCloud - & Youtube - @CutTheCaca @CounselorCTC
December 11, 2018
Ep b29 Donuts, your body cam is on
Counselor & Donuts catch up & discuss body cams on a dv call - really about truck keys (:25), an officer’s thought process during a call, combating CYA-type bureaucratic nonsense, & simple solutions which lack political will (11:45). Then, the single professional dating scene & grisly stories (18:28), movies, music, art, & race (29:30). Politics, false equivalencies, the project, changing demos, & professional reflection (48:25). @CutTheCaca @CounselorCTC
November 30, 2018
Ep b28 Immigration Navigation
Counselor & Immy discuss good ol' FL, voter suppression, & ze blue wave (0:25). Counselor is dumping Florida for sexier Carolina (19:24). Immy navigates the immigration system (27:18) & week in fatherhood (46:58).
November 12, 2018
Ep b27 Now casting: The Clown Show
Counselor & PincheVieja cast this clown show. GRAB SOMEONE YOUNGER THAN YOU & VOTE TUESDAY NOVEMBER 6th. UBER & LYFT are taking folks to the polls for free or reduced fare. ( & for polling & all other info)
November 02, 2018
Ep b26 Sensitive Shaving
Counselor asks wtf Michelle? (3:22), SCOTUS halts climate change trial (8:28), the last legitimate GOP president (10:49), Red Sox fans forget their payroll (25:42), Officer Joe Swanson has it right (29:55), & sensitive shaving (31:55). VOTE! & for information. @CutTheCaca @CounselorCTC
October 26, 2018
Ep b25 Patrick Winn Interview
Counselor interviews award winning journalist, author, & PRI Asia correspondent Patrick Winn. They discuss his new book “Hello, Shadowlands” covering booming organized crime in southeast Asia. By 2025 the market will be worth more than the GDP of most (if not all) countries on earth. Patrick can be heard on PRI’s “The World” in the afternoon, on NPR.
October 18, 2018
Ep b24 They’re gonna die & you’ll still be here
Counselor rants about the need to get younger folks out to vote. But first he previews next week's show with award winning journalist & author Patrick Winn. They'll be discussing his new book on organized crime in Southeast Asia. This episode is brought to you by
October 12, 2018
Ep b23 Donuts 2: Electric Boogaloo
Counselor & contributor Donuts discuss shootings in the back (00:40), body cameras (26:22) & Dallas apartment complex shooting (42:35).
October 05, 2018
Ep b22 So now you're all quiet?
Counselor discusses crying about your tainted name but not wanting anyone to clear it, Hurricane Florence didn’t need to be so devastating (2:38), formerly very active conservative friends who have gone quiet on social media (7:25), far left vs. far right not the same, at all (13:15), & it can all be paid for if you prioritize (22:05).
September 28, 2018
Ep b21 Does the truth expire?
Counselor ponders whether the truth expires (2:23), do you earn enough to benefit from GOP tax breaks? (5:06), privacy & when apps become utilities (12:18), & the week in fatherhood (23:19).
September 21, 2018
Ep b20 Ring the bells! Democracy on the table
Counselor discusses why SCOTUS is close to anointing a King.
September 13, 2018
Quick Cuts: Donuts Intro
Introduction to CTC Contributor & law enforcement veteran Donuts. Thanks for your support! @CutTheCaca
September 05, 2018
Ep b19a WhizKid: Well allow me to retort
WhizKid discusses his latest take on 45, why it’s *not* what Counselor says it is & he’ll take his bet! (4:07), John McCain (13:36), guns & protection (15:32), RIP Queen of Soul & you better Respect (17:30), Serena deals with French Open shenanigans (23:15), & the week in fatherhood (30:28). This show is brought to you by &
September 03, 2018
Ep b19 Progressives on the march!
Counselor discusses slowing down on the McCain praise (4:46), the battle for America in Florida (10:39), 10 kids 5 mamas (13:19), Oklahoma teacher’s slap back (13:54), get your gun arguments correct (16:19), & the week in fatherhood (18:45). Brought to you by &
August 30, 2018
Ep b18 The (yet)unindicted felon President
Counselor discusses Silent Sam silenced & the need to get over symbols (1:27), breaks down what the Cohen plea really means (7:32), & the week in fatherhood (19:33) - more Papihood (21:14).
August 24, 2018
Ep b17 What was that?
Counselor discusses some more Rebup shenanigans (1:50), Green Party sabotage (2:57). What’s going on? (4:27), NCAA athlete-students (5:57), Donuts is coming (8:38), & week in Papihood (9:55). This episode was not brought to you by JG Wentworth.
August 17, 2018
Ep b16 I'm tired of these mf cellos on this mf plane!
Counselor & The Kid welcome new market The Lighthouse & discuss a lot of water on Mars (8:10), wtf is “outercourse?” (12:14), whether Disney’s movie monopoly is bad for consumers (21:50), Tar Heels sell their Jordans (29:21), unhealthiest foods in America (37:55), do you have any grey poupon? (44:50), Apple is a trillionaire, 3d guns?!, & I’m tired of these mfing cellos on this mfing plane! (49:35), & the week in fatherhood (58:26)
August 08, 2018
Quick Cuts: Immy the Immigrant Intro
Introduction to CTC Contributor Immy. Thanks for your support! @CutTheCaca
August 02, 2018
Ep b15 Am I not merciful!
Counselor & The Kid discuss Facebook’s losing $120B in one day (1:35), DNC trying to snatch defeat from jaws of victory & why going to college matters (8:58), crazy baseball move by the Rays & Jerry Jones is a hypocritical jackass (24:49), the new Joker movie, Black Panther deserves an Oscar nomination, Disney Animation replaces a pig w/ a woman & Walt rolls over in his grave (35:54), peeling out after a ticket in Nebraska & some justice (49:31), & the week in fatherhood (62:37).
July 31, 2018
Ep b14 Florida Stand Your Ground: Blueprint for Murder
Counselor & The Kid discuss Stand Your Ground allowing murder, again (4:50), a quadrillion diamonds (20:18), Nonprofit reports that WalMart is a huge welfare recipient & Whiz Kid questions some of the analytics (26:18), School teacher by day, Nazi by night (39:23), sports (43:44) & then Counselor’s son cuts the show short (56:42).
July 25, 2018
Ep b13 Living Constitutional History
Counselor & The Kid discuss living constitutional history; the historical context, defining treason & applying the elements to 45’s behavior (2:58), Mueller’s latest indictment gets very specific, don’t let anyone deny what you can plainly see, throwing troops under the bus, & whataboutism (11:05), US goes gangster against babies (25:40), Papa John goes klan (29:52), World sees US taking white supremacy global (36:40), Dems protecting fast food employees, stripping superdelegate influence & plutonium is missing(!)(40:16), permit Betty (41:54), athletes be humble - gazuntite Kid & immigrants win the World Cup (45:00), the week in fatherhood & what's coming up (55:30).
July 19, 2018
Ep b12 Whose boxers are these?!
Counselor & The Kid welcome The Quantum Realm (3:04), hello Trade War w/ China (...then NATO, then EU, all of our allies)(9:00), Celebs “Rock the Vote” (clapback?)(15:23), cops called for socks in the pool (17:48), judicial tells executives & legislative to stop trying to legislate through the courts (27:17), the House needlessly hurts its own poor -mostly kids & not just immigrant children (35:04), World Cup & NY fans should be optimistic (50:00), “Dirty Libtard” Counselor’s first gun show and Immy teaches him some stuff (54:30), the week in fatherhood (64:46). Talk to us on the the twitter “@CutTheCaca”
July 11, 2018
Ep b11 - Socialism is NOT Communism
Counselor & The Kid discuss how Republican SCOTUS screws employees again by gutting public sector labor unions (4:52), facebook promises not to activate your phone mic even though it’s patenting activating your phone mic (19:55), a Texas high school & UT-Austin try to screw over a black valedictorian (27:25), Democratic Socialist Ocasio-Cortez brings down a Dem establishment giant (35:14), LeBron goes to LA & The World Cup (51:08), a 12 yr old cutting lawns gets the cops called on him (64:06), & the week in fatherhood (66:20). This episode is brought to you by Montana Pharmaceuticals.
July 05, 2018
Ep b10 - Yes, you need a warrant
Counselor & The Kid welcome our Metroville listeners, then discuss 45’s latest nonsense & Trevor Noah’s Prez-tweets book (3:35), SCOTUS shocks and decides cops need warrants to obtain cell location records (5:42), Harley Davidson gives Trump the finger (12:05), Permit Patty is the latest jackass hypocrite (16:17), Dems are finally growing some cojones, heckle away (23:56), the NBA Draft and more hoops (30:49), & the week in Fatherhood (43:15).
June 27, 2018
Ep0.9 Quiet on the set, Take 2!
Counselor & The Kid re-record the show after some technical difficulties. They discuss who we are and why you should listen (2:35), Kid’s real first name scrubbed out cause Counselor said it, oops (4:38) & the goal of the show (13:23). Children in cages & twisting the Bible for evil...again (18:42), Canada legalizes weed (25:45), Sports: golf & WWE (30:00), the crazy ex-girlfriend (39:07), our Father’s Day (45:47), and welcome our contributor Susie (51:25). This episode is brought to you by Vidas de Esperenza (
June 22, 2018
Ep0.8 The Show Must Go On!
Counselor & The Kid welcome Vidas & our upcoming contributors Donuts & MamaDoc. We then discuss Loving Day (interracial marriage only 51 yrs old), & Supreme Court via Republicans purges votes, just like the state level (7:40), Repubs kill equal access to the internet (18:05), a photograph says all about the US downfall (20:05), how important State Attorneys Generals & Judges are (28:00), can the DNC *PLEASE* stop shooting themselves in the face (31:16), Cough attack (34:31). The importance of a dominating power to buy in to a cause (34:46), NHL & LeBron hating (41:19). TRY to recognize your friends in need (51:39), & the week in Fatherhood - & K2 got a 529 scholarship! (start it when the kid is born, doesn't cost much) (59:15). This episode is brought to you by Vidas de Esperenza (
June 13, 2018
Ep0.7 The United Kingdom of States
Counselor & The Kid welcome Pandora & discuss proper movie sale measures (00:54), the new litmus test for 45 (King?) supporters (4:57), & are the founding fathers idiots? (9:25). Do your sales reflect your religious views? (15:20). Counselor gets lost from The Kid’s texts & no, you can’t just put up a sign (22:00). Who wants a pardon? (27:10) Sexism in sports & why aren’t conservatives policing their own? (33:09). We’re getting old (53:30). Thanks for your support!
June 07, 2018
Ep0.6 Just plant more seeds
Counselor & The Kid welcome District 12 and wonder adonde esta Melania?, discuss the Democratic Luke Skywalker (00:50), Roseambien & conservative Venn Diagrams (6:10), don’t cannibalize (14:50), another tax cut scam & remakes that’d never have minorities (26:29), sport requiring the greatest skill level & LeBron passes Kobe? (38:34, the boy woke up and went back down on his own! 58:39). Go reboot your routers & the week in fatherhood (1:00:49, Counselor messed up the outro). Thanks for your support! 
June 07, 2018
Ep0.5 The modem disconnected
Counselor & The Kid welcome Freedonia & discuss criminal language (00:25), employees getting shafted again (05:10), Aaron Schlosberg and his legal license, White House invading Justice Dept(!!) (12:36), man shot at cops (a lot) and was taken alive (22:50), Hillary ya basta (26:57). Education and the status quo (32:35, phone call disconnects Kid’s internet 40:01), sports (47:50, the modem disconnects again 49:29), Tim Horton’s lady cut the caca, Tesla (60:01), and daddy life (65:02).  Thanks for your support!
June 07, 2018
Ep0.4 The Long Show (Pt 2)
No sugar coating (0:00), you cannot separate party from president (2:05), racism is NOT politics (11:34), Auntie Maxine!, f Waffle House & 52 military wives (18:40), the next Dem ticket & don’t cannibalize (28:40), Worst NBA #1 seed, gambling is worse than weed, some hockey and golf, (38:38), Mother’s Day, the perfect Father’s Day, and Dr. Drai beats Dr. Dre, and more to come (55:11). We forgot the outro music again, darn it.  
June 07, 2018
Ep0.4 The Long Show (Pt 1)
Counselor & The Kid discuss some non-45 related news (2:13), the new normal, tax cut shenanigans, and the good old days (7:30)
June 07, 2018
Ep0.3 He got a C, but he kept it real
Counselor & Whiz discuss what to do when your child’s history textbook is inaccurate (2:20). 3 forces guarding 45, VOTE, & hoping someone smarter doesn’t go Trump (11:34). Rudy all makes sense (21:31). The Kid fact checks Counselor while he rants?! What?! (25:20). Personal indifference to bigotry (28:52). Police officers. (34:58) Adverse Citizenship (37:45). The elements of a sports rivalry; Counselor gets a little obnoxious, The Kid keeps his cool (46:39). The week in fatherhood (65:16). Mother’s Day (71:11). We forgot to play the out track, oops.  Thanks for your support!
June 01, 2018
Ep0.2 Kim, Kanye, 45, & Parent stuff
We recorded our 2nd episode. We just turned on the mic. We’re working on becoming pros. Come along. Hope you enjoy. Warning: Counselor curses.
May 30, 2018