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Weekly messages from Calvary Worship Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado, pastored by Al Pittman.
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Weekly messages from Calvary Worship Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado, pastored by Al Pittman.

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The Hope of Christmas
What is the Hope of Christmas? A relationship with Jesus Christ. Find out more by listening to today’s message from pastor Al Pittman.
December 15, 2019
The Love of Christmas
Here is a simple but vital equation for the Christian life. Because God loves us, we should love one another. Sounds simple enough, but a different deal down in the trenches of daily life.
December 8, 2019
Christmas, A Message of Love
What would your family say is the meaning of your Christmas? Some would say anxiety, shopping, crowds and last-minute gifts. But Christmas is a Message of Love, as Pastor Al Pittman describes today.
December 2, 2019
Oh The Blood of Jesus
Today we want to draw out attention to the one great thing that mankind should be thankful for…and that, is the Blood of Jesus Christ shed for the sins of the world.
November 24, 2019
The View from Rock Bottom
What do you do when your family hits rock bottom? Al Pittman remind us that it does not mean that God has given up. In fact, it may just be the precise place where the Lord can really get moving in your life and family.
November 18, 2019
The Word of Authority
What is the final authority for your home? Today we look in Luke chapter 7 to see that a family submitted to the Lord and his Word is one that defuses conflict.
November 10, 2019
Grace without Boundaries
In many of our families today, a civil war is taking place between parents and children, and in-laws are more like outlaws. Pastor Al will illustrate the need for grace without boundaries.
November 3, 2019
A Happy Meal Church
The family is the basic building block for church, community and country. Today you’ll hear much more than head knowledge you’ll hear life knowledge from Pastor Al in the message: “A Happy Meal Church”.
October 28, 2019
Come Back to the Grace Place
All families need an abundant supply of grace to overcome inevitable conflicts, trials and well, the facts we face about living with other fallen human beings. Let’s move to Galatians chapter 1 and join our teacher, Al Pittman.
October 20, 2019
Is There A Doctor in the House?
Is there a doctor in your house? There should be, and his name is Jesus. His mission is for you to have a healthy family, but the first step is for each member to have a real, living relationship with him.
October 13, 2019
Grace in Plain Sight
Is your family grounded in grace or laboring under the law of performance? That’s the question we will answer today with Pastor Al Pittman, on this episode of the CWCCS podcast.
October 6, 2019
Brotherly Love
We continue our family series with the message: Brotherly Love, where Pastor Al will expand our understanding of our immediate family to a larger view of our spiritual family. Good stuff ahead from 1 Thessalonians 4:9
September 29, 2019
Happy Meal Church
There are only two menus to choose from, one of life, and one of death. We are in 1 Thessalonians as Pastor Al Pitman brings the message “ Happy Meal Church”.
September 22, 2019
Journey to Restoration
So many families have been splintered by divorce, adultery, and broken relationships. All severe, but none beyond the restoring grace of God. The Lord is able to restore what sin has broken. Lean in now, as we open our bibles to the book of Joel chapter 2 and join our teacher Al Pittman, this is going to leave a mark...but, a good one!
September 15, 2019
A Mother's Song
Today, you are in for a real Biblical treat, as Al Pittman continues our current series on the family. Today, A Mother’s Song is our title while First Samuel chapter 1 verses 2 through 11 will be our text. There is much practical direction ahead, but Pastor Al starts us off with some timely and humorous observations about mother’s and wives.
September 8, 2019
A Father's Privilege
Father’s are a critical cornerstone for a healthy family, community and country. Solid father’s are becoming increasingly rare and in fact, the trend is towards absentee dads. If our society is going to prosper and even survive, this must change. Luckily, it's never too late to be a good dad, and that's a strong point we'll hear expanded upon by Al Pittman in today's episode.
September 1, 2019
A Mother's Sacrifice
Families are the core fabric that hold societies together. If they unravel, chaos results. At the heart of each family are the parents. This is the start of a new series with Pastor Al concerning the family.
August 25, 2019
A Glimpse of Eternal Glory
If there is one phrase that is drastically over used in the world of advertising, it is this: new & improved. This repetition has devalued the strength of this term. So today, when we talk about the NEW things God is preparing to do, you need to put your thinking cap on and imagine the purest most powerful form of the term NEW. In Revelation 21 we find a stark declaration from the Lord: Behold, I make ALL things new! Under that banner is a new heaven, a new earth, a new Jerusalem — like He said- ALL things shall be made new.
August 18, 2019
Judgement Day
Is there a final accounting for our actions on Earth? That’s a question everyone needs to seriously consider. Judgement Day is the title of this episode from Calvary Worship Center in Colorado Springs with Pastor Al Pittman. Judgment Day is something that happened on the cross for all believers in Jesus Christ. He bowed his head and said "it is finished". Jesus absorbed our judgement when His wonderful work was accomplished. But be certain, there will be a Great Day of Accounting for anyone who rejects the gracious offer of God to forgive them. In Revelation 20, we are also introduced to a wonderful concept, a world without Satan, without sin and without death. What a glorious day that will be! Buckle up, as we plow through the final chapters of the book of Revelation.
August 11, 2019
Enter the Lion
Look at history. Look around. Then look up, because redemption draws near thank the Lord. How far the kingdom of man is from what God intends in His Kingdom. Soon and very soon the curse will practically be reversed, don’t forget, it was spiritually reversed on the cross of Jesus. Final deliverance awaits and that’s what we find today as we being with Pastor Al Pittman on this episode of the Calvary Worship Center Podcast.
August 4, 2019
Babylon is Fallen
Just imagine the gap between what God intended for His creation and what we have witnessed. The holocaust, killing fields, Stalin, Mao, Hitler, and these are only the monstrosities of the past century. Evolution? Mankind improving every day in every way? That is not the testimony of history. Not even close. Yes, the end of human rebellion is near, but Revelation chapter 18 tells us, the earth gets incredibly worse before it finally gets better. Much better. Babylon must fall first. And as we shall hear today from Pastor Al Pittman, that phrase is pregnant with a multi-layer of historical and biblical meanings.
July 29, 2019
The Scarlet Harlot
In Revelation chapter 17, we find what is known as the Scarlet Harlot, a grim and grievous portrait of what takes place when the church of Jesus commits adultery with the lust of the world. This is a sad but true assessment of what parts of the church are determined to accomplish. Listen up, look up and let’s be aware of the warning we shall hear about the Scarlet Harlot.
July 22, 2019
The Finality of Divine Wrath
We are following with our teacher, Pastor Al Pittman in a chapter by chapter tour of the book of Revelation. We have looked some true mountain peaks of prophecy to date, and today is no exception, seriously, The Finality of Divine Wrath is our title today, and it does not get much more serious than that, right? Turn in your bible to Revelation chapter 15 and let’s get underway with Pastor Al!
July 15, 2019
Grapes of Wrath
You are in for a ride, in our review of the book of Revelation! In chapter 14 we roll past the fall of Babylon, Angels flying about, the mark of the beast and the Lamb of God Himself standing on Mount Zion. Whew, and those are only the highlights. Buckle up folks as Pastor Al Pittman unleashes a passionate message that will rivet and challenge you.
July 7, 2019
Manifestation of the Beast
Currently, we are following with our teacher, Pastor Al Pittman in a chapter by chapter tour of the book of Revelation. We have been over some terrific and perhaps terrifying territory.  Who wants to face beasts, plagues and unleashed demons? Hang in there, the Good Guy wins. Much more is ahead in Chapter 13 today for a message Pastor Al has titled “Manifestation of the Beast.”
July 1, 2019
The Overcomers
The Overscomers is the title that Pastor Al Pittman has chosen for this talk developed from Revelation chapter 12. Some of the biblical territory we are covering in the book of Revelation is truly amazing in every sense of the word. Signs, seals, bowls and creatures you do not want to meet will be a part of future believer's reality. Today, these Overcomers will be our subject and well, all we can do is read, wonder, believe and get our hearts right with Jesus. Open you biblical device, analog or digital and let’s roll into Revelation chapter 12.
June 24, 2019
Eternal Witnesses
Whatever you have thought about angels up to this point will probably need to change after you hear what pastor Al Pittman has to say today from Revelation chapter 10. Seriously, this is not science fiction by any means. Quite the opposite, the book of Revelation will take place just as John reported it. It is just a matter of time! You will not want to miss what Pastor Al has to say today.
June 17, 2019
The Defiant Ones
Revelation chapter 9 verse 6 says: In those days, men will seek death but will not find it. That is an incredible verse! Obviously, we are treading on holy ground that is difficult to grasp. The Defiant Ones is the title that Pastor Al Pittman has chosen for this talk developed from Revelation chapter 9. Buckle up, spiritual turbulence is up ahead.
June 10, 2019
Delayed Judgement Released
On this episode Pastor Al begins our time together with a  brief recap of the first seven chapters that bring us to the point of Delayed Judgement Released, which is our title. Here's the outline: Preparation, Endurance and Focus. Let's turn to the book of Revelation chapter 8, a sobering moment in world history as the trumpets of judgment begin to sound.
June 3, 2019
Remnant of Mercy
We are following along with our teacher, Pastor Al Pittman in a chapter by chapter tour of the book of Revelation. What a fascinating time it has been! Much more lies ahead as we are in Chapter 7 today. We have already seen powerful imagery about the certain future of progressive judgment that awaits the planet Earth. But as Pastor Al will emphasize, even in judgment, God’s grace and mercy is a major factor. Here is an easy to remember three-point outline to take note of: The Restraint, the Remnant and the Rejoicing. You are in for the full treatment in a strong message from the Bible’s final book. Pastor Al will take us through each exciting chapter and we will now turn to Revelation chapter 7 with a message titled Remnant of Mercy.
May 27, 2019
A Preview of Coming Attractions
What do dragons, supernatural horses, and seals have in common? Turn to Revelation chapter 6 to find out. Today we join pastor Al Pittman for a startling view of the future that will come to pass.
May 20, 2019
A Heavenly Vision Part 2
Today we're in Revelation chapter 4 and 5 with pastor Al Pittman. If you've been blessed by these teachings click in at to support the ministry.
May 13, 2019
A Heavenly Vision Part 1
True the entire book of Revelation is a tantalizing treat for those who have ears to hear and eyes to see, but today, Pastor Al Pittman opens chapter 4 and wow, this is a reflection of a staggering moment in history when the Bible plainly states...a door is opened in Heaven. Pastor Al will do a fantastic job explaining this event, and you won’t want to miss a moment.
May 6, 2019
Blessed for Success Part 7
Blessed for Success part 7 is the title of this message as we come to the church of Laodicea. This church frankly made Jesus sick to His stomach due to their lukewarm-ness towards Him and the gospel. Strong words indeed! But as always, the spiritual diagnosis comes with a restorative promise. In this case, Jesus says repent because "those I love, I both rebuke and discipline." But the key phrase is, ‘those I love.” Now is the time to get your Bible open to the book of Revelation, chapter 3 and we will begin in verse 14.
April 29, 2019
Blessed for Success Part 6
The city of Philadelphia was in Turkey and in spite of the pagan pressures of that day, the church was successful. In fact, Jesus affirms the church’s positive actions: “I know your deeds. See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut." That is a powerful start to our teaching, but there is much more to be discovered in this screen shot from heaven.
April 22, 2019
Blessed for Success Part 5
Today, we move forward to the fourth of the seven churches that Jesus addressed in the opening chapters. We come to the Church of Sardis, that existed in an area that was well known in ancient days for its excess. Sardis was a city that was legendary in terms of wealth and luxury, but as is often the case, its citizens fell into carnality and the moral conditions deteriorated. Yes, the church of Sardis was regarded as an active fellowship, sadly, it was as known as the sleeping church, and we will find out why today  from Pastor Al.
April 15, 2019
Blessed for Success Part 4
Blessed for Success part 4 is the title of this message as we come to the church of Thyatira. This church was plagued with the issue of sexual immorality. This was a lax and permissive church and it received a stern warning as we will hear today. Now is the time to get your Bible open to the book of Revelation, chapter 2  and we will begin in verse 18.
April 7, 2019
Blessed for Success Part 3
Pastor Al Pittman is taking us through a journey of the book of Revelation. We are only in Chapter 2, so you can easily catch up with previous episodes of this podcast. Blessed for Success part 3 is the title of this message as we consider the 2nd chapter and review the words of Jesus to the Church of Smyrna. We hope you will subscribe to this podcast and keep current with our weekly teachings.
April 1, 2019
Blessed for Success Part 2
Today, we are rocking through a full study of the book of Revelation. Blessed for Success is the title of this message as we consider the 2nd chapter of this book. The endurance of the church of Smyrna is where we will focus. Pastor Al will take us through each of the amazing events in the Bible's final book..... and today we begin in chapter 2. Let's move right in….. open your biblical device let’s roll with Pastor Al!
March 25, 2019
Blessed for Success Part 1
Thanks for catching today’s podcast from Calvary Worship Center in Colorado Springs. We’re on the front range of Colorado bringing you these messages each week, and today you’re in for something special as pastor Al Pitman continues his look at the book of Revelation. It’s one of the most exciting books of the Bible, not to mention the last! Today’s message is called “Blessed for Success”. Grab the book, or open the app, but either way join us in Revelation chapter two. If you’ve been blessed by this ministry, consider supporting us with your financial gift, just click here, and make a donation.
March 18, 2019
The Revelation of Jesus Christ
Today, you are in for a real biblical treat, as Pastor Al Pittman begins an in depth study of the book of Revelation. You are in for the full treatment of the magnificent message of the Bible’s final book. Pastor Al will take us through each exciting chapter and today we begin in chapter 1 with a message about the Revelation of Jesus Christ. Open your bible up to Revelation 1 and let’s roll with Pastor Al!
March 12, 2019
Hope for the New Year
As we roll through the new year, are you following your resolutions? Today, we hear from Pastor Nathan Pittman as he fills the weekend pulpit, with a message for 2019 titled, Hope for the New Year.  We will be turning to the book of Lamentations , and we will begin in chapter 3 verse 22, here we find fabulous promises for each new day of the new year. Let’s listen to Pastor Nathan Pittman with Hope for the New Year!
March 12, 2019
Run, Don't Walk
Today, we hear from Senior Pastor Al Pittman with a message for 2019 titled, Run Don't Walk.  Here's the outline: Preparation, Endurance and Focus. Let's turn to the book of Hebrews Chapter 12, and we will begin in verse 1 as we begin the message, Run, Don't Walk.
February 28, 2019
Developing A Servant's Heart
Today, we hear from Pastor Mark Bowfill from our church staff as he fills in for Senior Pastor Al Pittman.  Developing a Servants Heart is our topic and here is a quick outline to follow: Definition, Directions and Dedication.  Let's turn to the book of Luke, chapter 10  and verse 25 as we begin
February 12, 2019
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