Can't Wait Till Monday Podcast

Can't Wait Till Monday Podcast

By Sunny Trochaniak
A podcast for entrepreneurs who are on a mission to build beautiful businesses, live optimal lives, and impact the world.

I share my thoughts on a wide range of topics, including: business, marketing, mindset, branding, audience building, web design, cool tech, personal finance and investing.

Please consider this the alpha version of the podcast. This IS my first rodeo.
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More places to listen

A Slight CWTM Pivot?
In this episode, I talk about why it's been difficult for me to really grow Can't Wait Till Monday (the brand) thus far, and where I'm thinking of taking it moving forward. As always, thanks for listening!
July 11, 2018
Selling Out vs. Your Long-term Personal Brand
In this episode, I talk about a ridiculous video I watched this morning, and why quick wins now are just not worth it in the long run. Thanks for listening!
July 6, 2018
A New Perspective For When Bad Things Happen
In this episode I review an article I had written when Trump was elected President. The same principles still hold true today, so I hope it provides a new perspective for your outlook on the world or for when you're faced with challenges. Thanks for listening!
July 3, 2018
CWTM Podcast Introduction
In this thrilling podcast introduction, I give an exceptionally professional rundown of what the podcast will be about and where I see it going. For anyone that subscribes after listening to this, I will truly consider you as one of the show's first hardcore fans. Thanks for listening!
June 28, 2018
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