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CX Solution Source - The Podcast

CX Solution Source - The Podcast

By CX Partner Source
The CX Solution Source network includes a diverse range of options for our clients, fully vetted, and personally matched to deliver excellent experiences and business outcomes.

The partner spotlight is about highlighting what you need to know to find your "best fit" contact center, outsourcing partner. We sit down with the experts and ask the big questions about available locations, specialties, and various work cultures, and consumer details.
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"bait and switch" - with Rosa Romaine, Chief Operations Officer at leadPops, Inc.

CX Solution Source - The Podcast

"bait and switch" - with Rosa Romaine, Chief Operations Officer at leadPops, Inc.
Rosa and Tom touch on their history working together, lessons learned, and where they are today.  With 15+ years in the call center industry, Rosa Romaine is a high-energy strategic leader with a strong passion and focus on lead generation, CRO, mobile apps technology, digital marketing, and reputation services (to name a few.) Rosa is such a gem and we couldn't be more thrilled to have her on the podcast series.  Learn more about Rosa >  Learn more about our CX Strategy >
January 03, 2022
nobody actually has a degree in call centers - with Jim Farnsworth
Tom and Jim go down memory lane discussing how they started in the contact center industry, what they learned on the way, and where they are now. They touch on the importance of coaching, connection, and... keeping your car keys close. Being in the contact center space for 30 years, Jim Farnsworth is a customer executive and thought leader with a range of experience creating, selling, improving and delivering complex business service solutions.  Connect with Jim >  Learn more about our CX Strategy > 
November 11, 2021
what COVID taught us about resiliency - with Lance Hale, President of Transparent BPO
Lance Hale, President of Transparent BPO, and Tom speak on the demands that COVID-19 has brought us in the last few years. They touch on their experience navigating through the BPO world, going from mass call centers to mid-size companies, and what's coming next. 
November 03, 2021
workplace culture: are companies living up to what they say?…. and a baseball to the head with Jonathan Keane, CO-founder and CEO of CustomerHD
Jonathan and Tom discuss workplace culture in the industry - are companies really living up to that standard or using it as a nice tagline? We learn about CustomerHD's commitment to fostering an authentic workplace environment and even hear a personal story from Jon about a near-death experience in a baseball stadium that led to national news coverage…. Listen now. 
July 14, 2021
what's important in a BPO partnership? - with Scott Newman, CEO of Transparent BPO
Today we are interviewing Scott Newman, CEO of Transparent BPO to discuss the importance of genuine BPO partnerships. Scott touches on the importance of workplace culture and understanding the client. Transparent BPO is the largest employer in the nearshore Belize market. 
June 10, 2021