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CX Human Lab

CX Human Lab

By Ricardo Saltz Gulko
CX by Doing - Customer and Employee Experience - Leaders and Leading Organizations that Succeed by delivering great experiences are talking with us. For our video subscribe The companies that succeed the most are the ones that can listen, learn, adapt, simplify, innovate, measure, generate change and as a result generate growth. With great digital or physical transformative human experience. (Customer, Partners, Employee). You can Subscribe. here in our vlog cast
Let’s evolve and learn together by listening to real stories from global leaders.
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Using a Human Centred Approach To Transforming Customer Experience - A great conversation with the amazing Tabitha Dunn the Chief Customer Officer – Head of Customer Experience at Ericsson
A great conversation with the amazing Tabitha Dunn the Chief Customer Officer – Head of Customer Experience and Global Sales Excellence at Ericsson.
March 11, 2021
Want to Become a Customer Experience & Services Leading Global Brand? Talk with Shep!
Our guest today is the amazing Shep Hyken, Chief Amazement Officer at  Shepard Presentations. One of the best speakers around the world, his  articles have been read in hundreds of publications. He’s a contributor  for “Forbes”. He’s the author of “Moments of Magic,” “The Loyal  Customer,” ” Wall Street Journal,” and USA Today best-seller, “The Cult  of the Customer,” and more recently he published a book that I really  love, “Convenience Revolution.” He’s also a creator of the Customer  Focus program which helps clients develop a customer service culture and  loyalty mindset. Shep Hyken had been advising for American  Airlines, AT&T, AETNA, Abbott Laboratories, American Express, and  many others. I must mention that due to Shep Hyken 2005 books, I  personally got involved in customer experience and until today he is  influencing millions of people. Without further ado, Mr. Shep Hyken is  here with us today. Is worth to listen!
March 11, 2021
Employee Led Transformation – With Lior Arussy Part II
More than ever before, through this pandemic, enterprise and human  ability to embracing change is crucial. For watching Lior Video blog  connect here. Our guest today is Mr. Lior  Arussy, the founder and previous president and CEO of Strativity Group,  one of the world’s leading authorities on customer experience, customer  centricity, and transformation, a global thought leader, strategic  consultant, and author of eight great books, a keynote speaker, and  father of five children.  
August 9, 2020
Employee Led Transformation with Lior Arussy - Part I
On CX Human Lab this week - Employee Led Transformation with Lior Arussy - Part I - To watch our video Part I and upcoming II or listen to our podcast subscribe here  A great conversation with Lior Arussy. One of the biggest real practical leaders in Customer and Employee Experience around the globe, a great speaker and thought leader. We discussed Employee Led Transformation, Change,  and his last book Next is Now. 
August 4, 2020
Transforming the Digital Experience in Procurement with Dr. Marcell Vollmer
A great conversation with Dr. Marcell Vollmer Chief Innovation Officer at Celonis and ex-Chief of Digital Officer at SAP. Where we discussed Procurement experience, SAP employee experience, and several subjects related to customer experience and SAP technologies!
July 15, 2020