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The cxLoyalty Podcast

The cxLoyalty Podcast

By cxLoyalty
From experience and engagement to loyalty and everything in between. We discuss the industries' most interesting and exciting news, innovations, and subjects with industry experts from across the globe.
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The future of the travel & hospitality sector
In this episode, Chuck Christianson (Chief Revenue, cxLoyalty) welcomes Dave Canty (Founder & Owner, Gen Z Loyalty) to discuss the future of the travel and hospitality sector in the wake of COVID How the sector has responded to the challenges of COVID Emerging travel trends The role of loyalty programs Adapting the travel experience to ensure customer safety The emergence of the Gen Z consumer
November 13, 2020
Episode 4: Behavioral Economics: How to boost conversion and retention in online retail
In this episode, Ben Stirling and James Suter discuss the impact of adopting behavioral economics in eCommerce to grow your business. We look into: What is behavioral economics? The increase in online  shopping and what this means for retailers The different conversion and retention insights currently adopted by the top 50 UK retailers How consumer confidence has changed during COVID, and what you need to implement/adopt to stay in the game Download the Digital Choice report discussed in the podcast: Speakers: Ben Stirling, Managing Director at Webloyalty James Suter, Divisional Director at London Economics
October 2, 2020
Episode 3: Data Over Drinks - US travel trends in the wake of COVID
In our spin-off series, Data Over Drinks,  our Data, and Analytics experts discuss emerging trends and insights into consumer and customer behavior. In this episode, Rachel Bicking is joined by Emily Richardson (Senior Customer Analyst, cxLoyalty) to discuss emerging US travel trends in the wake of COVID-19.  Utilizing search and booking data Rachel and Emily discuss the change in travel patterns, types of destinations, and methods of travel.
September 17, 2020
Episode 2: Personalization in the face of the pandemic, increasing privacy regulation and decreasing consumer trust.
In this episode Rachel Bicking  (Chief Data & Analytics Officer, cxLoyalty ) welcomes Professor Moira Clark (Founder & Director, HCCM) and Suneel Grover (Advisory Solutions Architect, SAS) to discuss personalization Rachel, Moira and Suneel discuss: Customer privacy, trust, and the value exchange AI, ML and the  relationship between data science and marketing COVID-19 and its  impact on personalization 
August 10, 2020
Episode 1: Protecting against emerging cyber threats during COVID and beyond.
In this episode, Chris Dunning (CISO, cxLoyalty) welcomes Vanessa Richards (Deputy Chief of the National Security and Cybercrime Unit for the State of Connecticut) and Amyn Gillani (VP Product, 4iQ) to discuss cyber risks and threats. Chris, Vanessa and Amyn discuss: The rise of COVID-19 based cyber scams to exploit fear and uncertainty via social engineering The impact of CCPA & GDPR and how companies have to revaluate how they process and store their customers data Advice and tips on how consumers and businesses can better protect their data
June 10, 2020