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Cyber Security Summit #cybersummitMN

Cyber Security Summit #cybersummitMN

By Cyber Security Summit
In today’s ever-evolving threat landscape, strengthening our global connections has never been more important. Each hour-long podcast examines one vexing challenge facing the international community and offer insight, knowledge and perspective from multinational business leaders and government officials.
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2020 November: Cyber Norms in a Changing World
Governmental experts have offered the world 11 norms to achieve international cybersecurity. Are these recommendations indeed likely to resolve cyber conflict? Are states following their own advice? What will change in international cybersecurity when the experts’ recommendations are put into practice? Speaker: DR. ENEKEN TIKK Executive Producer at the Cyber Policy Institute Bio
January 12, 2021
2020 September: Cybersecurity Successes and Failures - How Public Institutions Can Do Better
During this this 1-hour webinar, Major General Mari K. Eder (U.S. Army Ret.) will speak on the issue of personal privacy versus need to know – how public institutions can regulate, encourage, and demand more transparency and accountability in data collection and what individuals can do to protect personal their personal privacy and manage their data and how it is accessed, shared or sold. Speaker: MAJOR GENERAL MARI K. EDER (USA Ret.)
January 12, 2021
2020 August: The Nexus of Cybersecurity and Disinformation
Disinformation techniques are rapidly evolving in quality and quantity, while the governmental and private sectors are admiring the problem. The fast-paced progress from non-digital means of spreading disinformation, that were adopted for the digital age, caught our societies completely unprepared. Add the social media platforms, irresponsible usage, business interests and the lack of understanding and capacities on the governmental levels and you have a perfect storm. From Soviet concepts of active measures to the digital age and microtargeting, this webinar will address the nexus of cybersecurity and disinformation. Speaker: DANIEL BAGGE Cyber Attaché of the Czech Republic to the U.S. and Canada, National Cyber and Information Security Agency Bio Moderator: SEAN COSTIGAN Director and Co-Founder ITL Security Bio
January 12, 2021
2020 July: The New Data Privacy Norm
Finding the right balance between privacy and public health interests is critical and will directly contribute to the long-term shaping of a successful digital society. In this hour-long session, Christel Cao-Delebarre (Global Privacy Officer, CWT) explores the privacy issues raised by the accelerated use of full-scale digital solutions involving large volumes of personal data processing in our global fight against COVID-19. Speaker: CHRISTEL CAO-DELEBARRE Global Privacy Officer CWT, London Office Bio Moderator: SEAN COSTIGAN Director and Co-Founder ITL Security Bio
January 12, 2021