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The Cyber Connection

The Cyber Connection

By Lakeidra Smith
The Cyber Connection is a show for business savvy professionals who are tired of the tech jargon that plagues the tech world. For far too long, people in the tech world have acted as gatekeepers of their knowledge by using technical lingo and jargon that no one outside of the industry could understand. But no more.

This podcast is for the small business owner, entrepreneur, executive, director - or the curious minded individual - who wants to know the relevance of cybersecurity and how it intersects with their business and everyday lives.
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Who is to Blame for the Rise in Social Media Misinformation?
In this episode of The Cyber Connection, we cover misinformation on social media and its origins. Topics covered include: What is misinformation? Misinformation vs disinformation Why misinformation is problematic Where and why misinformation is spreading Who is involved in spreading misinformation and much more! How to Connect: Website: Facebook: @thecyberconsultant0 Facebook Group: The Cyber Consultant Community Instagram: @thecyberconsultant Linkedin: @thecyberconsultant Where to Listen: Spotify - Anchor - Breaker - Google Podcasts - Pocket Casts - RadioPublic -
September 14, 2021
Trailer - Season 1, Ep 0
Meet your host, Lakeidra Smith, and get a taste of what you can expect from The Cyber Connection. How to Connect: Website: Facebook: @thecyberconsultant0 Facebook Group: The Cyber Consultant Community Instagram: @thecyberconsultant Linkedin: @thecyberconsultant Audio Transcription: Living in the modern world is hard enough without having to worry about your online safety. Understanding how to navigate “cybersecurity” is much more complex than installing a piece of software and being safe forever. Many feel like their computer’s security is taken care of once they’ve installed their new antivirus software. Or, that their privacy concerns are eliminated once they put that cute little sticker over their webcam. I’m here to tell you why that perspective is ALL WRONG. Hi, I am Lakeidra, The Cyber Consultant! But you can call me Kei. I am also a 2x published author and author of Cyber Curiosity: A Beginner’s Guide to Cybersecurity, public speaker, and tech enthusiast. But, most importantly, I am the girl to get to know when it comes to unlocking your "cyber Curiosity"! Raising awareness about the importance of both personal and professional cybersecurity is what I do best by helping individuals and business/organization operators keep safe as they navigate throughout the modern world of technology and cyberspace. The Cyber Connection is a show about how cyberspace is connected to all of the things that we enjoy today. In each episode, we will explore how technology and cybersecurity intersect with different fields and professions. From business to psychology to project management, we will explore the connections that cyberspace has to our world and how we can protect ourselves in our daily lives. New episodes of The Cyber Connection will premiere every Tuesday with me as your host. Some episodes will include special guests and experts in their field where we will explore how technology and cyberspace affects their professions. So, for the most important part, how do you listen? You can listen for free on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, and follow The Cyber Connection to be alerted when new episodes are released.
September 07, 2021