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By Cyle Slater
DefCon1 is a small company owned and operated out of the great state of Wyoming, USA. Founded by U.S. Army combat veterans. DefCon1 is the highest state of readiness designated to military personnel from the United States government. Wanting to capture that thought process of Being ready to defend your own, ready to defend this country, against enemies foreign and domestic, created the DefCon1 idealogy. Defcon1 is more than an idea though. For many across the country, it is a lifestyle. From preppers to 2A defenders to Joe Bob on the block that just wants the government to leave him alone. DefCon1 is what all of those good-hearted Americans strive to be and what they want to represent. I don’t think DefCon1 takes a directly political stance, however, given the current social and political climate of our country. There’s no better time for DefCon1 to be realized. There’s no time, like now for each and every American Citizen to be prepared, to be ready for what may come next. There is no time, like right now, to become DefCon1. Welcome to the party, assholes.
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Joe F*kin Biden


Joe F*kin Biden


M'Fin Taxes .....
A VERY Quick and VERY exciting episode! Cyle Slater has Greg Horn (Johnny G-Spot) and Rod Harris in the studio.  Clayton Slater Sr. gets his first chance to say his peace on DefCon1, and he does not disappoint!  Taxes are the topic of discussion, un-scripted, un-edited, un-apologetic.  Mark this as the first installment of shorter episodes with less meandering and more clear and concise content!  And we are very excited to bring it to you. Thanks for the support.  Please like, subscribe, and share.  Check out the store and grab your self some swag! #DefCon1 #LibertatumDefendimus
March 4, 2021
Clark All American Tactical
The DefCon1 boys; Cyle Slater and Matt Shaw sit down with Clint Clark of Clark All American Tactical.  We discuss his new Front sight post for the CZ 9mm pistol, engineered for shooting sports and the competitive shooting market!  Of course, DefCon1 Doesn't shy away from the ability to discuss todays pressing political and social topics either. Join us as we have, yet again, another great conversation!  Be Safe! #LibertatumDefendimus #DefCon1 #USPSA
February 23, 2021
Our Education and the RONA!
Scott Jackson Joins us on the Show, and it was a great show!  We discussed the current and upcoming complications with the education system.  We talk about the local Tribal nation being fed-up to the lockdowns! We have a new president that came into office (power), we talk a bit about that, prior to inauguration day.  smash the share and like button!  If you love the content, subscribe!  Be sure to check us out on the socials, and swing by the website to score some SWEEET MERCH.  #DefCon1 #LibertatumDefendimus
January 21, 2021
Conspiracy Theories!
Hey guys! great episode here!  Slater sits down and has a great conversation with the beautiful Nikole about some crazy shit and some not so crazy conspiracy theories.  of course, we talk about the March on DC, we talk about the the Clintons, Epstein and some other fun and graphic content! come join us for a great talk. and as always, Be Safe!  #DefCon1 #LibertatumDefendimus 
January 13, 2021
Veteran Suicide, A Very Real Epidemic
DefCon1 is in Lima, Illinois!  Slater discusses Veteran Suicide with Cody, Chris, Chad and Brad.  Each with their own individual experiences and input.  The episode is an attempt to bring awareness to a growing epidemic inside the veteran community.  22 Vets a day, make the decision to take their own life with suicide.  It's a terrible and heartbreaking affliction.  We gathered together at the Western Illinois Hunting Company, to kill deer and have this very important discussion.  #LibertatumDefendimus #DefCon1 #Cheers
December 9, 2020
Veterans day with DefCon1!
Veteran's Day with DefCon1.  I know, it's a few days late, but It's still a great episode!  Mike McClutch back on this one with more great insight!  Voter fraud, of course!  Media propaganda, manipulation, our next 2 presidents, and somehow .... golf.  Be safe out there guys!  It's a hell of a time to be American!  Welcome to the party!
November 17, 2020
Casual Coversation with SGT Tony Martin!
While taking the time to drive around the country, i took the opportunity to catch up with some old friends and family.  1st on the list is this guy! Tony Fuckin Martin.  Great soldier, great leader, great insight.  Had a super fun conversation with tony, had some whiskey, and some laughs.  Come join us and hang out for an hour.  Probably worth the time!
September 28, 2020
How The F*ck Did We Get Here?
I rolled into Tuscaloosa, Alabama, searching for the answer.  I may not have found it, but I found Jake French, and that guy has some answers.  We talk about being frogs in the pot, we talk about an upcoming civil war, we talk about the election, getting involved, and we talk about good old American freedoms and firearms.  Come join us! As always, stay safe! 
September 15, 2020
Joe F*kin Biden
Episode 2, I'll introduce you to my boy Blaze Wujek! We pose real questions, like why didn't Cardi B take her clothes off, and does Joe Biden still bang his wife?  Real shit, that we think needs to be discussed! Smash the like and follow! share with your friends! Please support our channel! 
September 3, 2020
Stupid F*ckin Covid People
Welcome to DefCon1 Episode 1. We are glad you're here.  Please share, smash the like button, and forgive us our audio inefficiencies.  We are definitely not professional audio editors.  We will continue from this point to record weekly and update with new topics and some pretty killer interviews!  EPISODE 1 is in the books.  We look forward to making you laugh, while making fun of how idiotic our politics are and how embarrassing our social climate is.  Good luck out there kid, be sure to buy some swag!
August 4, 2020
July 22, 2020
July 22, 2020