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Cyniiee's Social Club

By Cyniiee

Sharing life's adventure's!
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Chicas Locas Take Croatia!
Chicas Locas Take Croatia!
Here’s is a quick glimpse of our awesome Croatia trip! We landed In Split and took a speedboat to Hvar (The party island).  We highly recommend you take the ferry Instead as you will hear! A much less bumpy ride and a lot cheaper!  From where we went for our wild nights, to our experiences, one thing's for sure Croatia has something for everyone! Where to Stay: Youth Hostel Villa Marija (Hvar)   Party Places:  Carpe Diem (Hvar - runs every 15 min $30 entrance fee bring cash) Hula Hula Beach Bar & Restaurant (Hvar - pay for bed or arrive later & sit for free)  Bars: Aloha bar (Hvar) Kiva Bar (Hvar)  Restaurants:  Dalmatino (Hvar - reservations recommended)  Dva Ribara (Hvar)  Street Food BBQ - (Rakovica)  Other:  Plitvice Lakes (Do the hike from high to low).  Follow your host Cyniiee on Instagram @Cyniiee_. Follow Kat on Instagram @KatPortillo89. Follow Megan on Instagram @Mydiscoworld. Follow Julisa on Instragram @Jules__orozco. 
September 15, 2021
Raving Around the World!
Raving Around the World!
Today's podcast my friends Steph, Julisa, and I chat about our raving days.....and tbh we're still out there on the dance floor!  The rave culture has evolved so much and it all started at Monster Massive.  We have had so many good times and hey who know's maybe we can rage together at one in the future!  Here we chat about some of the memorable times we have had at EDC, Escape, Coachella, and other places we plan to visit!  Follow your host Cyniiee on Instagram @Cyniiee_. Follow Steph on Instagram @Spunkyz.  Follow Julisa on Instagram @Jules_orozco.  
August 23, 2021
Layovers in Amsterdam
Layovers in Amsterdam
Today's podcast is the first of the launch!  I am so excited to chat with one of my good friend's Kat about our layovers in Amsterdam.   Places that we didn't get to check out but you should Vegan Junk Food Bar, Mr. Stacks, Cut Throat, The Avocado Show, Coffee & Coconuts, and Pink Beach.   Follow your host Cyniiee on Instagram @Cyniiee_. Follow Kat on instagram @Katportillo89.
August 05, 2021