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The Agency Scoop

The Agency Scoop

By Cypress North
Each month Jill Fecher of Cypress North, a full-service digital agency, talks about what’s helping our agency grow, how we work with our clients, things that bring us joy and challenges we face.
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Meet Our Host, Jill Fecher
In this episode, Jess Budde joins me again and flips the script. She interviews me and asks all about my past, present and future. I spill all my deep, dark secrets (spoiler alert: they aren't dark at all and I'm a pretty open book). We talk about: Professional goals Being a working mom My big family And more!
May 28, 2021
Getting Marketing & Sales Teams Aligned for Better Results with Mark Saltarelli
This month, Mark and Jill discuss how common it is for marketing and sales teams in B2B organizations to work in silos, separate from each other.  We cover: Why it is important for B2B marketing and sales teams to work together to achieve better results Barriers to achieving alignment Steps to reset your processes and work together Ways to keep the harmony going
April 27, 2021
HubSpot’s Agency Partners Program Hits the Spot for Agencies w/ Pat Donovan of Hubspot
This week we had the honor of having Pat Donovan, HubSpot Channel Account Manager at HubSpot, discuss CRMs, HubSpot and the HubSpot Partner Program (and what it means for you). In this episode Pat & I cover:   Why should an agency have an automation platform for themselves or their clients? What an agency gains from the partners program What the biggest benefits are Does someone looking to implement HubSpot *need* a partner agency? Why a client should work with a partner agency to implement Tips for partner agencies trying to get their clients into Hubspot or another automation platform? Who is Hubspot not the right fit for?    Pat's Fav agency to work with :)   Read more at:
March 25, 2021
A Match Made in Heaven: Qualities of Good Agency-Client Partnerships
Have you ever been in an agency-client relationship and felt like it just didn't fit? Just like any kind of relationship, there are certain characteristics that can make it successful...or not. On this episode, I'm joined by Cole Soldwisch to discuss what we look for in a client relationship with our agency, Cypress North. There are certain traits we need to see in prospective clients to agree to take them on, and some red flags that have us running in the other direction.
February 24, 2021
Defining Your Team's Guiding Pillars with Jess Budde
What makes your team special or unique? How do you define who you are and how you do things? In this episode of The Agency Scoop, we talk about how our marketing team recently defined our guiding pillars. We use these five pillars to guide how we work with our clients, how we hire new people, and even how we select clients that we would like to work with. 
January 27, 2021