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The DAAB Podcast

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The DAAB Podcast is hosted by college baseball coach Andrew Romanella and avid sports fan Anthony Rinaldi. The guys discuss and breakdown all the latest in professional & NCAA sports. From MLB, NFL, NHL and the NBA to Golf and the World Cup, the DAAB Podcast has you covered! Follow on Twitter and Instagram- @daabpodcast Email us- Purchase Gear-
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Rome Squared
Andrew and Rocky are back for another edition of the Rome Squared Podcast. This week, Rocky talks about becoming a godfather for the 2nd time and Andrew interviews the VP of Training and Development at ADP, who gives some great insight on success. The guys drop some "fire rhymes" in another segment of Urban Poetry and give great recommendations for everyone to use, everyday! Follow the socials @wideworldofrome
September 13, 2019
Episode 81
Andrew and Anthony give you their feels on the importance of remembering those who lost your lives on 9/11 and how sports helped the healing process for our country. The guys also dive into the current state of both NY baseball teams, debate certain tops that matter or don't and go across the NFL getting you ready for week 2! Follow us on social @wideworldofrome
September 12, 2019
Rome Squared
Andrew, Rocky and Esta Costa are back for another edition of The Rome Squared Podcast. The crew dives into Andrew's baseball practice, Rocky's single dad status and Jen Esta Costa's birthday gifts. We also give our weekly recommendations, rap and read some fantastic Urban Poetry and let you inside what we are watching or reading. Follow us on Socials @daabpodcast
September 06, 2019
Episode 80
We are getting you geared up for the start of the 2019 NFL Season on the 80th edition of the DAAB Podcast. Andrew and Antony dive into the New York football teams, breakdown the AFC North, talk Texans trades, Zeke's money and play some Can or Can't you Count on it. Plus, they give you their Super Bowl and College Football Playoff predictions and Anthony attempts to keep his streak going on Whataya Got! Follow us on Socials @daabpodcast
September 05, 2019
DAAB Interview Special- Dylan Smith
DAAB Podcast host Andrew Romanella gets on the phone with Professional Bull Rider Dylan Smith. Dylan is a top 50 ranked rider on the PBR circuit and speaks about work ethic, what it takes to be great and the being a bull riding professional. 
August 30, 2019
Episode 79
On the 79th edition of the DAAB Podcast, presented by the Wide World of Rome, Andrew and Anthony discuss their New York state of minds with the current state of the Yankees, their everyday disagreements with umpires and the Mets and their series sweep to the Braves. Our fans write-in on the social media asking about the Amazon, Fantasy football and Andrew picking 2 kickers in one draft. Plus, the guys breakdown their top 5 NFL head coaches, predict the AFC East and South and play a head coaches edition of What's More Likely.  Follow us on the Socials @daabpodcast
August 28, 2019
Rome Squared
Esta Costa is back on this edition of the Rome Squared Podcast and the guys are having a good time. They dive into their week that was talking big spider webs, creatures that attack and building relationships with former players. The suggestions are handed out from Andrew and Rocky reminding you to take a breathe and live in the moment.  PLUS, Jen barely likes Romes Urban poetry, Rocky hums from fire bars and you can learn some cool Florham Park history if you listen until the end! Socials- @coachromo24 @coachrocky917
August 23, 2019
Episode 78
On the 78th edition of the DAAB Podcast, Andrew and Anthony dive into all things New York Sports. OBJ's comments about the giants, Baker on Daniel Jones, the Yankees savages shirts and the Mets fighting for the Wild Card. We also get some Fan-teractions including MLB Rookie of the Year thoughts, the LLWS & NBA Rookie surveys. PLUS, we give you our top 5 Fantasy TE, D/ST and Kickers as well as breakdown the NFC East and AFC West. Get us on Social @daabpodcast Visit the website-
August 22, 2019
Rome Squared
It's another edition of Rome Squared Podcast but this time it's "Nada Costa". Andrew got a chance to see the NBA Rookie Photo Shoot & meet some future stars while Rocky took a trip to Tennessee & tailgated his house.  The guys give you their life recommendation for the week, spit some A+ bars during Urban Poetry & catch you up on the shows they're watching. Follow on Twitter and the Gram @daabpodcast &
August 16, 2019
Episode 77
Andrew and Anthony breakdown their Top 5 Fantasy running backs, wide receivers and give you sleeper picks at each position. They also breakdown NFC North and South. Plus, some fans write in about the MLB playoff hunt, World Series predictions and Whataya Got picks! Follow on Twitter and The Gram @daabpodcast
August 15, 2019
The Rome Show
A DAAB Podcast re-run special of "The Rome Show" on Hamilton Radio. Host Andrew Romanella takes you outside the x's and o's and inside the minds of the people that make success happen. On this weeks show, Andrew had special guest Dana Cavalea, former strength coach of the New York Yankees, 2009 World Series Champion and author of the book "Habits of a Champion". Coach Cavalea touches on the importance of training the mind, being positive in your thoughts and having championship habits.  Starting Sept. 9th catch The Rome Show from 1-2pm every Monday on and NEXT DAAB Episode August 14th - Top fantasy WR/RB and NFC South/East predictions
August 07, 2019
Rome Squared
The Romanella brothers are back for another addition of the Rome Squared Podcast with Jen East Coast. This week the guys talk surfing and recruiting as Rocky spent his time on the waves while Andrew spent his on the diamond. Plus, weekly recommendations that can effect positive change in your life, the BEST volume in Urban Poetry history and Andrew isn't satisfied with Toy Story 4.  Follow us on Twitter and The Gram @coachromo24 @coachrocky917 @daabpodcast
August 02, 2019
Episode 76
MLB Trade Deadline 3:00- Mets trade for Marcus Stroman 6:00- What to do with Noah Syndergaard 10:00- What are the Yankees doing? 16:00- Moves that could be made before the deadline FANteractions (4 fan write-ins) 18:45-27:00 NFL Fantasy Breakdown 27:30- Top 5 Fantasy QB's 42:30- Fantasy QB Sleeper picks 45:30- NFC West Breakdown Whataya Got?! (Each host picks a game & player to watch) 52:20-END
July 31, 2019
Rome Squared
The Rome Bros are back for another addition of Rome Squared with Jen East Coast. This week Rocky breaks down completing a triathlon and Andrew discusses his Beach Body workout group.  Plus, weekly recommendations, an A+ version of Urban Poetry and a debate on the best Social Media platform to use and why?  Follow us on Twitter and the Gram @coachromo24, @coachrocky917 @daabpodcast
July 26, 2019
Episode 75
Andrew and Anthony are back to break down the NFL and MLB. The guys discuss Odell's comments about the G-Men, potential issues in Cleveland, the NFL not suspending Tyreke Hill & a football version of What's More Likely. They also dive into MLB trade rumors as the July 31st deadline approaches & what players could potentially be on the move. Plus, fan interactions, Hall of Fame Headlines and Whataya Got?! Follow us on socials- @daabpodcast
July 24, 2019
Rome Squared
Andrew and Rocky are back for another addition of the Rome Squared Podcast. Rocky gets pulled over and plays a game of chinese fire drill all in the same day. Andrew wins a golf outing and gets excited (per usual). Plus, both guys give you their weekly recommendations, spit some bars during "Urban Poetry" and debate their favorite best bad movie to watch.  Follow us on Socials Twitter- @coachromo24 @coachrocky917 Instagram- @aromes24 @coachrocky917
July 19, 2019
Episode 74
The guys dive into the MLB post All-Star break talking available starting pitching, the Yankees plan, who will blow their division lead and the team with the best chance to win the NL Wild Card. We debate the Madden 2020 QB rankings and discuss player contract disputes around the league.  Jon Gut writes into the podcast talking Yankees (again), Andrew has some interesting headlines, the NBA off-season is bananas and the guys make their Whataya Got picks! Follow us on Social @daabpodcast and check out the website Check out our other shows- The Rome Show (Monday) / Rome Squared (Friday)
July 17, 2019
Rome Squared
Andrew and Rocky are back and talking life changing moments including someone hitting a hole in one and another helping win a home run derby. They role out a new segment called "Urban Poetry" and give you their recommendations on something you should read, watch or listen too this week. Be sure to follow us on the socials: Twitter: @CoachRocky917 I @CoachRomo24 Instagram: @coachRocky917 I @Aromes24
July 12, 2019
Rome Squared
The FIRST edition of Rome Squared featuring Andrew Romanella, Rocky Romanella and their sidekick, Jen East Coast. The trio touches on it all, intro music, who we are and what we are about, entertainment, movies, business lessons related to sports, and so much more!  Be sure to share the show with a friend and leave us a rating when you are done.
July 01, 2019
Rome Solo 3
It's the 3rd edition of Rome Solo and host Andrew Romanella gives you his thoughts on the NBA Draft rules and how players should have the opportunity to declare for the draft and still return to college. He also discusses his sleeper pick of the draft and tells you about the stupidity of the NBA Moratorium period.  Get us on social media @daabpodcast
June 21, 2019
Episode 72
It's NBA Draft coverage and we ask the questions- Was the Anthony Davis trade better for the Pelicans or Lakers? What team will make the next blockbuster trade? After Kemba and Kyrie, who is the best PG available? & Who should the Knickerbockers attack this off-season? Plus, Manny Machado headlines our Headlines, the White Sox are doing the right thing, the Mets bullpen is terrible, the Yankees are improving, potential mid-summer trades & some always semi-decent Whataya Got Picks!  Twitter/Instagram @daabpodcast
June 19, 2019
Episode 71
On the 71st edition of the DAAB Podcast, the guys are breaking down game 5 of the NBA Finals, the KD injury heard round the world and the effect this series may have on free agency this off-season. We are also joined by an in-studio guest for a special live edition of "Fan Voicemail" discussing the most dominant athletes of our generation. Plus, the Yankees and Mets split a doubleheader, which team needs more help at the trade deadline & we make some semi-decent Whataya Got picks! Head to or visit the socials- @daabpodcast
June 12, 2019
Rome Solo 2
It's Rome Solo 2 and host Andrew Romanella joins Fordham Baseball Associate Head Coach Rob Ditoma at Jack Coffey Field on the campus of Fordham University for a special on-site podcast. The guys discuss Fordham Baseballs first A-10 Championship in 21 years, what it takes to build a championship program, determining project-ability in young athletes, Rob's coaching philosophies and the WHY by which he finds his coaching passion everyday! Follow us on social media @daabpodcast
June 08, 2019
Episode 70
On the 70th edition of the DAAB Podcast hosts Andrew Romanella and Anthony Rinaldi hit the ferris wheel of sports topics and debates. Clint Frazier skips out on the media, the Yankees continue to roll, will the Indians buy or sell, Tom Brady stealing nicknames and mandatory mini camp starts in the NFL. Plus, a fan writes in about Dallas Keuchel, another gives us his Mount Rushmore of Candies and the Stanley Cup is on fire with the series tied at 2-2. Oh yea, and Whataya Got too! Visit the website- Follow us on Social Media- @daabpodcast
June 05, 2019
Rome Solo 1
It's Rome Solo 1 and Host Andrew Romanella is responding to the people about the topic of Leadership. How do you know if you're a good leader?  What qualities make a good leader? and how do you deal with working for a bad leader? Join in on the discussion by sending an email to or getting us on social media @daabpodcast on Twitter and Instagram
May 31, 2019
Episode 69
It's the 69th edition of the DAAB Podcast and the boys have a lot on the docket- NBA Finals preview and predictions, a discussion on system vs. talent and everyone in Houston might be traded. Plus, the fans chime in on their favorite starburst color, Yankees stars return from IL, debate if the Twins are for real and give you their Whataya Got games to watch! Follow on Social @daabpodcast- twitter and instagram
May 30, 2019
Episode 68
On the 68th edition of the DAAB Podcast, the guys dive into the NBA Eastern Conference Finals, discuss whether either team can contend with the Warriors and if Golden State better with or without KD? Plus, around the MLB, Whataya Got picks and an 18 yr old forgoes the MLB draft to sign in Japan. All this and more! Follow us on socials @daabpodcast
May 23, 2019
Friday DAAB Interview with Josh Steinhardt
It's a Rome Solo Interview Special hosted by Andrew Romanella as he sits down with 16 year old Josh Steinhardt. Josh is currently in remission after battling a rare form of cancer called Burkitts Lymphoma, which only effect about 1,000 people world wide. This interview details how Josh was diagnosed, what his treatment entailed, how he felt and dealt with this life threatening disease and the people that helped him get through it all. Plus we get a visit from one of Josh's biggest mentors who sits down to shed light on the type of kid Josh Steinhardt is and how the community came together to support one of its own.  Follow us on Tweeter and Instagram @DAABPodcast
May 20, 2019
Episode 67
It's EP. 67 and Kawhi makes history in game 7 of the NBA Playoffs, the 76ers process is failing, conference finals are upon us and the Knicks are preying for the top pick. Plus, the Yankees are hot, the Mets are the Mets, the guys talk GOT and choose their Whataya Got picks. @daabpodcast on tweeter & the gram
May 14, 2019
Episode 66
On the 66th edition of the DAAB Podcast the boys give you their opinion on the controversy that was the Kentucky Derby, what happened and if horse racing is even a sport. They go around the league in the MLB talking Mets, Yanks and Cubs, discuss the potential match-ups in the NBA playoffs, talk some NBA greatest of all-time and dive into another fan voicemail. Get us on Socials @daabpodcast
May 08, 2019
Episode 65
It's Episode 65 and football analyst Jimmy Robertson joins the podcast to discuss the 2019 NFL Draft including the NY Giants picks, Kyler's potential, Josh Rosen to Miami, draft day steals and more. Plus, the NBA playoffs are heating up, Game of Thrones is reaching Sopranos status & the guys give you their Whataya Got picks Tweeter/Gram- @ddabpodcast
May 01, 2019
Friday DAAB 50
It's Rome Solo Friday DAAB 50 and host Andrew Romanella breaks down the 1st round of the 2019 NFL Draft. Did the Giants picks Daniel Jones to high? How about the Redskins pick of Haskins? Plus, he gives you his winners, head scratching decisions and feelings going into rounds 2-7.   Get us on Twitter and Instagram- @daabpodcast or the website-
April 26, 2019
Rome Solo Special
It's a Rome Solo Special on the DAAB Podcast as host Andrew Romanella breaks down Russell Westbrook and the OKC Thunder's early exit from the 2019 NBA Playoffs. Is Westbrook the player to blame, will their be maturity this off-season from the 10 year NBA veteran and where do the Thunder go from here? This and more on a special of the DAAB Podcast. Check out the Socials- @daabpodcast
April 24, 2019
Friday DAAB 49
It's a Rome Solo edition of the Friday DAAB and host Andrew Romanella is fired up again about decisions made, or not made by the NCAA. On Friday, the NCAA voted down the opportunity for Division 1 college baseball and softball programs to change the volunteer assistant coach to the 3rd full-time assistant coach on staff. With already the worst ratio of coach to player in college athletics, the NCAA had a great opportunity to further improve the game and the coaches help moving it forward. Instead they FAILED and leave us all scratching our heads as to why? Follow us on Socials- @daabpodcast 
April 20, 2019
Episode 64
It's Episode 64 and Tiger Woods has won the Masters! The guys dive into the historic day that was Sunday at the Masters and debate which sports legends have had the biggest impact on the history of their sport. Plus, NBA playoff opinions, Russell Wilson got paid and which QB would you pay $140 million too? @daabpodcast
April 17, 2019
Friday DAAB 48
It's a Rome Solo Friday DAAB 48 as host Andrew Romanella is fired up about America's youth and discusses the questions, are kids today soft and unable to take criticism? He discusses his fathers ability to teach him these lessons growing up, the importance of being able to continually learn and grow and the ability to handle negativity to help in an individuals personal development.  Share your stories growing up at or Hit us on the socials- @daabpodcast
April 12, 2019
Episode 63
It's episode 63 of the DAAB Podcast and the boys are joined by a special guest, Alfred Hitchcock. The trifecta dives into the NCAA National Championship Game, the Yankees injuries, the Phillies future and teams that can compete in the AL. Plus, big news in the NBA, does Lebron deserve blame for LA and a Masters addition of Whataya Got?! Get us on the socials- @daabpodcast
April 10, 2019
Friday DAAB 47
It's a Rome Duo Friday DAAB 47 as host Andrew Romanella is joined by Hockey extraordinaire, Rocky Romanella or "Alfred Hitchcock" to the DAAB faithful. Alfred joins the show to dive into the 2019 NHL playoffs and get you ready for the best postseason atmosphere in professional sports. The guys also go around the league talkin who's playing well, who is limping in and Rocky's prediction for playoff sleeper, underachiever and Stanley Cup champion. Plus, how does hockey market it's players and league and how does it match up again other professional sports? Rate, Review and Enjoy! Follow on socials- @daabpodcast
April 05, 2019
Episode 62
On episode 62 of the DAAB Podcast, host Anthony Rinaldi has some reasons to celebrate as the guys are geared up for the finish of the NCAA tournament and the start of baseball season. They discuss the final four, who has the advantages and what coach they would give a lifetime contract to. Plus, around the MLB rundown, the Yankee injury list and Christian Yellich becoming a staple in Milwaukee. Follow on socials- @daabpodcast
April 03, 2019
Friday DAAB Interview Special-John Macri
On this Friday DAAB Interview Special, host Andrew Romanella is joined by Johnathan Macri from Knicks Film School and host of the KFS Podcast. .John joins the cast to discuss the state of the New York, the importance of this off-season and the plans for KD, Kyrie and the Knicks in the draft. Plus, Mr. Macri gives us his thoughts on the legacy of Lebron James and who he believes can compete with Golden State this coming postseason. Follow us on socials- @daabpodcast
March 29, 2019
Episode 61
It's the 61st edition of the DAAB Podcast and the guys are previewing the 2019 MLB Season. They breakdown the Mets 5 year extension of Jacob DeGrom, give you their NL/AL sleeper and underachiever teams to watch and discuss their favorites to win each division. PLUS, the NFL makes some rule changes, March Madness continues and the guys explain their favorite playoffs to watch.   Follow us on the socials- @daabpodcast 
March 27, 2019
Episode 60
It's NCAA Tournament time on the 60th edition of the DAAB Podcast. The guys breakdown their favorites to win the NCAA Tourney, who has potential upset possibilities and the feeling on Duke as a universally disliked school. Plus, they dive into the 12 year extension for Mike Trout worth $430 Mill, rules changes in baseball and if this is a good signing for the MLB or not?
March 20, 2019
Friday DAAB 46
It's a Rome Solo edition of the Friday DAAB and host Andrew Romanella is talking about "Doing the Right Thing" and the lack of morals and values in colleges and universities in the United States. How have we gotten here? What are we teaching the young people in our country? Can this be fixed? and how is college athletics at the forefront of this issue. Tune in on socials @daabpodcast
March 15, 2019
Episode 59
It's the 59th edition of the DAAB Podcast and the guys are diving into the hot stove that is the NFL off-season. Odell to the Browns, AB to the Raiders, what the Giants future holds and more. Plus, NBA players are tired of hearing from fans,  Serge Ibaka throwing hey-makers and Lou Williams breaking records. Follow us on social @daabpodcast
March 13, 2019
Episode 58
On the 58th edition of the DAAB Podcast, the guys have football expert Coach Jim Robertson on to discuss the NFL combine, the top QB's on the board, the Giants handling of Landon Collins, how to handle diva personalities (Antonio Brown) and so much more. Plus, the guys get into some basketball, baseball and ask the most important question of all- What would you do if you got paid $330 million dollars? Follow us on social media- @daabpodcast
March 06, 2019
Friday DAAB 44
It's a Rome Solo Friday DAAB and host Andrew Romanella dives into rule changes for Major League Baseball. He looks at the entertainment value in the MLB, proposed changes from the MLB Winter Meetings, a lack of younger fans watching the game and the need for baseball traditionalists to learn how to change! Get us on Social Media- @daabpodcast
March 01, 2019
Episode 57
Do high profile athletes, owners and CEO's operate on a different moral compass than the regular person? What does this incident say about Robert Kraft? Is Lebron's time in LA changing his legacy in the eyes of the fans? Should Nolan Arenado have signed the 8 year extension? This and so much more on Episode 57 of the DAAB Podcast Get us on Twitter and Instagram- @daabpodcast
February 27, 2019
Friday DAAB 43
On this edition of Rome Solo Friday DAAB, Host Andrew Romanella talks about the power of self-confidence and positivity thanks to a great message from former strength coach of the New York Yankees, Coach Dana Cavalea. Everyone feels stressed, weighed down, unmotivated and needs some positivity to help build them up and get them thru their day! Hit us on socials- @daabpodcast
February 22, 2019
Episode 56
On the 56th episode of the DAAB Podcast, host Andrew Romanella and Anthony Rinaldi breakdown the Manny Machado trade and what it means for baseball contracts moving forward. They discuss if the pro athlete today cares more about winning championships or making dollar figures and if the betting scandal in the NBA should raise eyebrows across all professional sports? Get us on the socials @daabpodcast
February 20, 2019
Friday DAAB Interview Special
On this DAAB Interview Special, the guys get on the phone with a close friend of the show former U.S. Marine Sergeant Nicholas Christopoulos. Sergeant Christopoulos is host of the podcast "Sergeants Secret Battle" centered around dealing with PTSD, depression and struggles with mental health. Nick opens up about his own personal issues after his completion of 5 years in the Marine Core and how everyday people can deal with the same struggles as soldiers in the Military.  Listen to Sergeants Secret Battle on Spotify and Soundcloud  Follow on Social Instagram @sergeantssecretbattle Facebook Nicholas Christopoulos
February 15, 2019
Episode 55
On the 55th episode of the DAAB Podcast, Andrew and Anthony breakdown Antonio Brown asking the Steelers for a trade,  where Kyler Murray could end up in this Aprils draft, Anthony Davis not being traded by the Pelicans, the status of NY sports and Jacob Degrom setting a contract extension deadline. Get us on social media- @daabpodcast
February 13, 2019
Friday DAAB 42
It's a Rome Solo 42nd edition of the Friday DAAB and he's discussing Lebron James. Host Andrew Romanella gives you his feelings on the GOAT, if Lebron lives up to the billing as a teammate and why does one of the greats have players not wanting to play with him? Get us on Social- @DAABPodcast
February 08, 2019
Episode 54
It's the 54th edition of the DAAB Podcast and the boys are joined by the Offensive Coordinator from Fairleigh Dickinson University, Jimmy Robertson. Coach Robertson joins the cast to breakdown the film from Super Bowl 53, discuss the dynasty that is Belichick and Brady, talk about the areas where the Rams can improve and touch on some similarities and differences between the college and pro game. Plus, the boys dive into the NBA hot stove led by Anthony Davis and Kristaps Porzingis and preview what is to come on the diamond in the MLB. 
February 06, 2019
Friday DAAB 41
It's a Rome Solo Friday DAAB 41 with Rob DiToma who joins the cast to preview Super Bowl 53 and breakdown what each team needs to do to come away with the Lombardi trophy. Follow us on the socials @daabpodcast
February 01, 2019
Episode 53
On the 53rd episode of the DAAB Podcast Andrew and Anthony talk Super Bowl 53 story lines, from Tom Bradys bulletin board motivation to Bill Belichick and Sean McVay's texting to relationship and some prop bets to keep your Super Sunday interesting. PLUS, where does Anthony Davis end up? and should Lebron be considered the GM in Los Angeles? Tune in wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts and get us on social media @DAABPodcast
January 30, 2019
Friday DAAB 40
It's a Rome Solo Friday DAAB 40 as host Andrew Romanella dives into his feelings on the NBA from Harden's ugly 61 points against the Knicks to All-Star voting and the changes that should be made to the system! Get us on Social- @DAABPodcast
January 25, 2019
Episode 52
It's the 52nd edition of the DAAB Podcast with Hosts Andrew and Anthony diving into the latest from the MLB, NBA and NFL. This week it's the record breaking HOF nominations in baseball lead by Mariano Rivera, Harper and Machado talks, Plus, some Lakers, Rockets, James Harden, Carmelo, NFL officiating, Tom Brady and MORE!
January 23, 2019
Friday DAAB 39
It's a Rome Solo Friday DAAB 39 and host Andrew Romanella is joined by friend of the show Rob DiToma. The guys break down this weekends AFC/NFC Championship games and give you some insight on who they believe has the best chance to earn a Super Bowl Bid. 
January 18, 2019
Rome Solo Interview Special
Host Andrew Romanella sits down with former New York Yankees Strength & Conditioning Coach Dana Cavalea to discuss his path from intern to strength coach to author. Coach Cavalea talks about the choices that led him to the position of Head Strength Coach, how he evolved as a man, coach and mentor during his time with the Yankees and what led him to writing the book, Habits of a Champion.   Visit or visit to purchase your copy of Habits of a Champion
January 16, 2019
Friday DAAB 38
It's a Rome Solo 38th edition of the Friday DAAB and Host Andrew Romanella is debating if Kyler Murray should attempt a career in the NFL or MLB? And which path presents the greatest long term success? Let us know your thoughts on Social Media- @daabpodcast
January 11, 2019
Episode 51
On the 51st edition of the DAAB Podcast, Andrew and Anthony are together again and football is on their minds as they breakdown Clemson's big 44-16 win over Alabama in the CFP National Championship, dive into the NFL Divisional Playoff games and give you keys to success for every team. Tune in for all this and more on the DAAB Podcast!
January 09, 2019
Friday DAAB 37
It's a special edition Rome Solo Friday DAAB 37 at the ABCA Convention in Dallas/Fort Worth. Host Andrew Romanella sits down with convention speaker Rob DiToma to discuss his talk Base Stealing: Why it Matters and talk about some important football games this coming weekend.
January 04, 2019
Episode 50
On the 50th Episode of the  DAAB Podcast, Andrew Romanella talks to you about your New Years goals & how you can achieve them, the coaches fired in the NFL, potential candidates and how Urban Meyers career should be defined now that he is retiring. 
January 02, 2019
Friday DAAB 36
It's a Rome Solo Friday DAAB 36 with guest Rob DiToma to break down college football bowl season, preview the CFP Semi-Final games, discuss Justin Herbert's decision to stay at Oregon & close the book on NCAA & Pro football in 2018. 
December 28, 2018
Friday DAAB 35
It's a Rome Solo edition 35 of the Friday DAAB and host Andrew Romanella discusses the pressures of gift giving and reminds you about the true importance of the Holiday Season!
December 21, 2018
Episode 49
We're talking parody in the NFL, the top team you actually believe could win the Super Bowl and Kyler Murray's options in baseball AND football. Plus, Andrew's top headlines, the Yanks meet with Machado and the guys look to steer you in the right direction for "Whataya Got?!"
December 19, 2018
Friday DAAB 34
On the 34th edition of the Friday DAAB, Rome Solo dives into the big moves being made by new Mets GM, Brodie Van Wagenen and why he believe Robinson Cano will be great in Queens. Plus, we here from Yankees GM Brian Cashman on the state of the Bronx Bombers this off-season
December 14, 2018
Episode 48
On this edition of the DAAB Podcast, the guys breakdown the OKC Thunder since their 0-4 start, Lebron & the Lake show, their potential moves & teams who can compete in both conferences. Plus the boys go around the NFL & hear from Jon Gruden, Kenyan Drake & make some Whataya Got picks!?
December 12, 2018
Friday DAAB 33
Interview Special hosted by Andrew Romanella with 3X World Series Champion Shane Spencer at the "Dinner with Shane Spencer" presented by VM Sports.
December 07, 2018
Episode 47
On this Episode of the DAAB Podcast, the guys rundown the College Football Playoff, Heisman trophy nominees, Urban Meyer retiring from coaching, the Packers making a change and the NFL's inability to get anything right when it comes to the topic of domestic violence. Plus, baseball and hockey are making news and there's a special edition of "Whataya Got?!"
December 05, 2018
Friday DAAB 32
Its a Rome Solo edition of the Friday DAAB and he talks about Steph Curry making a difference in the world because "Girls want to rock Curry 5's too!" and the Washington Redskins brass having a terrible reason to why they picked up Rueben Foster after he was released by San Fran
November 30, 2018
Episode 46
On this Episode of the DAAB Podcast, the guys discuss David Fizdales impact on the Knicks, the state of the Warriors & a potential next team for KD. They dive into the newest College Football Rankings & preview this weekends Conference title games, plus, discuss Baker Mayfield's actions towards Huge Jackson, which .500 teams should win or lose & give you some Whataya Got Picks!?
November 28, 2018
Friday DAAB 31
It's an Audio Files Rome Solo Friday DAAB 31, as we hear from Cowboys Head Coach Jason Garret after their BIG Thanksgiving Day win, listen as Cleveland pays tribute to Lebron in his return and hear from Golden State Head Coach Steve Kerr on the state of the Warriors.
November 23, 2018
Episode 45
On this Episode of the DAAB Podcast, we answer all the toughest questions, like, what's better Thanksgiving or Christmas? Pumpkin Pie or Apple Pie? Was the James Paxton Trade good for the Yanks or not? PLUS, we are joined by "Inside The Hashes" CEO Jerome Jones to talk Rams v Chiefs, Alex Smith's injury, Turkey Day games and who the top teams are in the NFC & AFC
November 21, 2018
Friday DAAB 30
It's a Rome Solo 30th edition of the Friday DAAB & Host Andrew Romanella is calling for Michael Wilbons job and discusses his feelings on naming Jacob DeGrom the NL CY Young award winner.
November 16, 2018
Episode 44
It's Episode 44 of the DAAB Podcast and the guys respond to a fan voicemail, talk top teams in the NFL, coaching changes, discuss some Melo-drama in Houston, Jimmy Butler to Philly & Markelle Fultz "Jump Shot" PLUS some whataya got & MLB awards.
November 14, 2018
Friday DAAB 29
It's a Solo Romo Friday DAAB 29 as he dives into the situation involving former Maryland Head Coach DJ Durkin and the results of a 5 month investigation into the sad death of former football player Jordan McNair.
November 09, 2018
Episode 43
On Episode 43 of the DAAB Podcast we are joined by College and Pro Football Analyst Rob DiToma to discuss the CFB rankings & what teams can compete with Alabama, should the Jets & Cowboys make coaching changes and Robs vote for best sports city in America. PLUS, the boys talk NBA and make some whataya got picks!?
November 07, 2018
Friday DAAB 28
It's Friday DAAB edition 28 and we are discussing the Best Sports Town/City/Region in America. Is it New York, LA, Boston, Chicago or somewhere else? Listen to FD28 and hit us on Social Media to let us know your opinion
November 02, 2018
Episode 42
On Episode 42 of the DAAB Podcast, the guys close the book on the World Series & 2018 MLB season, look at the 1st College Football Playoff rankings, discuss if LSU can beat Alabama, make a few whataya got picks plus talk NFL trade deadline deals & 2nd half predictions.
October 31, 2018
Friday DAAB 27
It's a Rome Solo version of Friday DAAB 27 as Host Andrew Romanella dives into the Red Sox 2-0 lead on the Dodgers, what needs to be done for a LA game 3 win, J.D. Martinez and company are swinging it. Plus, is Boston the best sports town in America?
October 26, 2018
Episode 41
On Episode 41 of The DAAB Podcast we're diving into the top teams in college football, OSU's loss to Purdue, Central Florida's rank & teams fighting for the CFP, PLUS, we go around the NFL talking a Giants trade, the Eagles underachieving, Justin Tucker missing AN extra point, Whataya Got & more!
October 24, 2018
Friday DAAB 26
On the 26th edition of the Friday DAAB, the guys dive into the Red Sox ALCS victory, David Price's 1st playoff win as a starter, Hear from MVP Jackie Bradley Jr and preview game 6 of the NLCS
October 19, 2018
Episode 40
On Episode 40 of the DAAB Podcast, the guys are breaking down Aaron Rodgers Monday Night Football comeback, Patrick Mahomes vs Tom Brady & the rest of the league, PLUS, a NBA season preview, Whataya Got, MLB playoffs & MORE!
October 17, 2018
Friday DAAB 25
It's ALL rumblin stumblin football on Friday DAAB 25 as the boys break down Thursday Night Football, Eli Manning, the NY Giants season, Odell, Saquon, games to watch this weekend and more!
October 12, 2018
Episode 39
On Episode 39 of The DAAB Podcast, It's Drew Brees breaking records, Odell making comments, Thursday Night Football, full NLCS preview and an immediate breakdown of the Red Sox Game 4 win in New York!
October 10, 2018
Friday DAAB 24
On the 24th edition of the Friday DAAB, we are diving into the MLB Divisional Series. Host Andrew Romanella breaks down both NL and AL series, pitching matchups, keys to each games, fan predictions and more!
October 05, 2018
Episode 38
On Episode 38 of the DAAB Podcast, the guys cover all the topics from USA's terrible Ryder Cup, MLB playoff action, a full Yanks vs. A's preview, very questionable Whataya Got picks and around the NFL news, notes and top stories!
October 03, 2018
Friday DAAB 23
On the 23rd edition of the Friday DAAB, we are handing out end of the season Major League Baseball awards. The guys breakdown their winners for NL & AL Cy Young , NL & AL MVP, Team and Manager of the year, Plus, their pick to make some playoff noise!
September 28, 2018
Episode 37
On this Episode of the DAAB Podcast, we hear Tiger Woods after his 80th tour win, and Clay Matthews after his many flags. Talk the Pats struggles, the fins legitimacy and rookie QB's. Wild Card games, pitching matchups, the start of basketball and hockey started, PLUS, Whataya Got!?
September 26, 2018
Friday Morning DAAB XXII
On the 22nd edition of the Friday DAAB, THE BROWNS WIN FOR THE 1ST TIME IN 635 DAYS beating the Jets 21-17 while Baker Mayfield makes his NFL debut! Hear ALL the reaction from Andrew, Anthony, Jets HC Todd Bowles and QB's Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnold
September 21, 2018
Episode 36
On this episode of the DAAB Podcast, the boys are back at the DIGMI DAAB Studio to discuss Nebraska's Tanner Farmer, Vontae Davis retiring, the proper way to hit a QB, kickers being bad, the MLB playoff race, Whataya Got and MORE!
September 19, 2018
Friday Morning DAAB XXI
It's football Friday on the 21st edition of the Friday DAAB as Andrew & Anthony dive into key week 2 divisional matchups, Thursday Night Football, what 1-0 teams are for real & ask the fans some NFL poll questions!
September 14, 2018
Episode 35
On this episode of the DAAB Podcast, the boys are at the Digmi Studios discussing Aaron Rodgers toughness and where he stands all time, QB play in the NFL, the importance of offensive linemen and the New York Football Giants.
September 12, 2018
Friday Morning DAAB XX
On the 20th edition of the Friday DAAB, Host Anthony Rinaldi dives into week 1 of the NFL season from Eagles vs. Falcons, to Khalil Mack being traded, Le'veon Bell holding out, the Giants vs. Jaguars and MORE!
September 07, 2018
Episode 34
On this episode, guest Host Rob DiToma joins Andrew Romanella to discuss his path to becoming a college baseball coach and why he still loves the game. The problems in NCAA football & week 1 of play. Are the Jets set with Darnold? When will the Pats slow down? Hard Knocks, around the NFL, Whataya Got?! and More!
September 05, 2018
DAAB Interview Special- Vinny Messana
Special guest Vinny Messana joins Host Andrew Romanella to discuss his journey in baseball, dealing w/ adversity and a major arm injury, starting a blog covering LI baseball, turning it that into a business and more!
August 31, 2018
Episode 33
A special guest and former Big 10 football player joins Host Anthony Rinaldi on Episode 33 to dive into the start of the NFL, NCAA athletics, Whataya Got and more! 
August 29, 2018
Friday Morning DAAB XIX
It's a special "Fan Appreciation" Friday DAAB edition 19 as the guys respond to fan polls and questions about Ohio State, what happend with Urban Meyer, the Yankees manager Aaron Boone and more!
August 24, 2018
Episode 32
On this episode of the DAAB Podcast, the boys dive into the Major League Baseball discussing if the Oakland A's are for real & who is in playoff contention in the AL and NL. Plus, big leaguers hanging w/ little leaguers, around the NFL and a baseball addition Whataya Got!?
August 21, 2018
Friday Morning DAAB XVIII
On this episode of the DAAB Podcast,THE BOYS ARE BACK and diving into the issues in the NCAA, what has gone on at Maryland, what should be done next and who is to blame in all of this?
August 17, 2018
Episode 31
On this episode of the DAAB Podcast, Anthony Rinaldi dives into Tigers impact on golf, the PGA Championship & US Ryder Cup team. Plus, NFL preseason, tempering QB expectations and as always, Whataya Got?!
August 15, 2018
Friday Morning DAAB XVII
On the 17th edition of Friday DAAB, Rome Solo dives into the NCAA rule changes to college basketball, what is right, what is wrong, what comes next & a the fans chime in with their NCAA rule changes.
August 10, 2018
Episode 30
On Episode 30 of the DAAB Podcast, the boys give you their sleeper & overrated teams/players to watch in the NFL, talk news around the league & discuss if Eli Manning is a Hall of Famer. Plus, the Sox sweep the Yanks, Whataya Got picks and should Urban Meyer be fired?
August 07, 2018
Friday Morning DAAB XVI
On the 16th edition of the Friday Morning DAAB, Solo Romo dives into how we determine a Hall of Famer, players that should and shouldn't be in the Hall, who these writers are voting on players and you get a special Friday Fan Bag!
August 03, 2018
Episode 29
On episode 29 of the DAAB Podcast, we are back at the Digmi DAAB Studios in Somerville, NJ to discuss NFL training camp, the Giants and Jets outlooks, contract discussions, hold outs and more. Plus, MLB 2nd half breakdown, trade deadline deals and some whataya got predictions that are hopefully not terrible.
July 31, 2018
Friday Morning DAAB XV
On the 15th edition of the Friday DAAB, hear the debate of the most hated athletes of all time and listen to the Romanella and Rinaldi give you their Mount Rushmore of Hated Athletes!
July 27, 2018
Episode 28
On this episode of the DAAB Podcast, Romanella and Rinaldi dive into the excitement that was Sunday at The Open Championship and the importance of Tiger Woods to the sport of Golf. They also break down Gary Sanchez's lack of hustle, Machado in LA, trade possibilities around baseball, give you their whataya got picks for the week and their Wayyyyyyyy to early Top 5 NFL teams!
July 25, 2018
Episode 27
On this episode of the DAAB Podcast, the boys breakdown France's 4-2 victory over Croatia in the WC Final, Bryce Harper's HR Derby fireworks, MLB trade rumors and what happens with Machado and deGrom. Plus, the guys answer some fan mail in their new segment "Fan Mail" and even get into some football!
July 20, 2018
Friday Morning DAAB XIV
On the 14th edition of the Friday DAAB, its all NBA off-season as we dive into the Kawhi Leonard to Toronto/Demar Derozan to San Antonio trade, who it impacts more and the way Derozan feels about Tortonto. Plus, we disect the Melo move from OKC, Dennis Schroeder to OKC and play some "What's More Likely?"
July 20, 2018
Friday Morning DAAB XIII
On the 13th edition of the Friday DAAB, the guys discuss what is means to be a sports fanatic, the levels of fandom you can go, how far they would go to see their favorite team win and simply why sports fans do what they do even when their team is bad!?
July 13, 2018
Episode 26
On this episode of the DAAB Podcast, the fellas dive into Frances semi-final win over Belgium, England taking on Croatia, Rinaldo going to Juventus & professional soccer popularity internationally compared to nationally. Also, some reactions to the All-star voting in MLB and voting changes moving forward, the Yankees, should the Rockets sign Melo and more!
July 11, 2018
Friday Morning DAAB XII
On the 12th edition of the Friday DAAB the boys hit the hot stove of Major League Baseball diving into trade possibilities for contending teams, buy or sell playoff surprises, where the Mets go next and more!
July 06, 2018
Episode 25
On this America's Birthday edition of the DAAB Podcast, the boys discuss every angle of the 2018 FIFA World Cup from Messi, Rinaldo and Neymar to upsets, games to watch and the best fans at the tournament. Plus, whataya got futbol style and a full rundown of NBA free agency including reactions to Lebron, PG13, CP3 and the rest of the off-season moves.
July 04, 2018
Friday DAAB Interview Special
On this special interview edition of the Friday Morning DAAB, Host Andrew Romanella sits down with former professional baseball player and founder of the Digmi clothing brand, Ray Digmi. The guys discuss Ray's journey from Seton Hall to being undrafted and signed by the Pittsburgh Pirates, getting his number retired by the Long Island Ducks and continuing to chase dreams no matter who believes in you. Plus they dive into the idea behind the Digmi brand, the Guy in the Tie, how it was created, having clothes in Tilly's, Bloomingdales, Lids and the next steps on the Digmi journey! Be sure to check out to support Ray and the great Digmi brand!
June 29, 2018
Episode 24
On Episode 24 of the DAAB Podcast, the FIFA World Cup leads the way with Argentinas BIG win, Messi's BIG goal, a few important pool games yet to be played and the round of 16. The boys also discuss if strike outs are hurting baseball, the Mets GM situation, how the Yankees win, where Lebron ends up and react to the NBA awards. Plus, what does Anthony know about sports and whataya got!?!
June 27, 2018
Friday Morning DAAB XI
On the 11th edition of the Friday Morning DAAB the boys recap the 2018 NBA Draft diving deep into Kevin Knox to NY, Colin Sexton's effect on Lebron James, Luka Doncic traded for Trae Young, Michael Porter Jr's draft stock and the Spurs crazy off-season.Plus, the guys will also give you who they think are sleepers, busts and the player to watch.
June 22, 2018
Episode 23
On this Episode of the DAAB Podcast the guys hit the sports buffet discussing golf, soccer, hockey, baseball and basketball. They dive into the U.S. Open, Koepka's 2-peat, Phil's breakdown and the terrible course conditions. The World Cup, Rinaldo vs. Spain and Germany's bad defeat. MLB power rankings, trade deadline possibilities, the Red Sox offense and the Wild Card Standings, Plus, Some NHL news and a preview of the all NBA Friday Morning DAAB.
June 20, 2018
Friday Morning DAAB X
On the 10th edition of Friday Morning DAAB the guys dive into both forms of the word Football(or Futbol for some). They dive into the growth of soccer in the US, rooting interest w/o the USMNT in the tournament, the significance of hosting in 2026 w/ Mexico & Canada and why is the USWNT sooooo good. PLUS, Odell Beckham Jr. contract thoughts, the Giants outlook, Sam Darnold performing and some teams to possibly compete this season.
June 15, 2018
Episode 22
On EP. 22 of the DAAB Podcast the guys discuss the Warriors sweep of the Cavs, Lebron's "Hand injury" and where he may land next season. Debate the Stanley Cup as the best sports trophy and whether OVI ever stops celebrating. Talk a little MLB trades, the Mets, Yankees and Ohtani's UCL PLUS a US Open golf edition of Whataya Got!?
June 13, 2018
Friday Morning DAAB IX
On the 9th edition of the Friday DAAB, Andrew is in Disney World and the boys breakdown their Mount Rushmore of Disney Sports Movies!
June 08, 2018
Episode 21
On this Episode of the DAAB Podcast, Andrew and Anthony dive into the Caps 3-1 series lead and Vegas's chances in GM 5, Look deeper into the lack of bench for the Cavaliers, discuss games 1-2 & predict what could happen in game 3. Plus, Giancarlo gets hit, then hits a ball 456ft, the mets are really bad, Anthony knows very little about sports and Whataya Got is still..... Whataya Got?!!?
June 06, 2018
Friday Morning DAAB VIII
On the 8th edition of the Friday Morning DAAB, the guys discuss all things Major League Baseball. Are balls being juiced? How do we feel about the pace of play and mound visit rules, some DAAB baseball rule changes of our own and what drugs could have a positive effect on the game.
June 01, 2018
Episode 20
On the 20th Episode of the DAAB Podcast, the boys dive into both game 7's of the NBA Conference Finals, discuss the inability of Houston to win in the Playoffs, Lebron's legacy, who will take the 4th edition of Cavs vs Warriors. Plus, analysis on game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals, the increase in viewership of the NHL, some MLB on the Mets, Yankees, injuries and the importance of a good bullpen in baseball.
May 30, 2018
Friday Morning DAAB VII
On the 7th edition of the Friday Morning DAAB the guys have former hockey coach Rocky Romanella on to discuss the Stanley Cup matchup between the Las Vegas Golden Knights and Washington Capitals. The trio dives into George McPhee's impact on both teams, the importance of good goaltending, Ovechkin and Kurznetzov's impact, who they think will win and more!
May 25, 2018
Episode 19
On this Episode of the DAAB Podcast, the guys dive into the Celtics vs. Cavaliers series and analyze from every angle. The lack of interest in NBA playoff blowouts and CP3's need to step up in the playoffs. They dive into Mets and Yankees current outlook, the DBacks sliding, Anthony's top 5 MLB teams and what he knows or doesn't know about sports.
May 23, 2018
Episode 18
On this Episode of DAAB, the boys dive into all things MLB, the Cavs vs Celtics and discuss how good Brad Stevens is and if the Cavs have met their match and if the Rockets have a chance vs Golden State. Plus, they will dive into the NHL playoffs, the Capitals legitimacy, the Golden Knights vs Winnipeg and more!
May 15, 2018
Friday Morning DAAB VI
On this Friday Morning DAAB, the boys are reunited over the phone to discuss the Knicks hire of David Fizdale as the next Head Coach and their outlook for the 2018-2019 season. Plus, Andrew asks Anthony his opinion on Lebron vs. Jordan and discuss thoughts from the fans on the debate.
May 11, 2018
Episode 17
On Ep. 17 of the DAAB Podcast, Host Andrew Romanella sits in alone to discuss the Raptors moves this off-season, Lebron vs. MJ, the Cavs chances moving forward, a rundown of the NHL conference finals in the East and game 7 in the West, Ovechkin slaying demons, where the New York Mets stand, the Matt Harvey trade, the LA Dodgers and of course, "Whataya Got?!"
May 09, 2018
Friday Morning DAAB V
On the 5th edition of the Friday Morning DAAB, the boys dive into ESPN's MLB Power Rankings top 5, the teams they missed, who should move up and down, the Yanks vs. Astro's, the Mets current slide, how good the braves are and give you their top 5 teams in the MLB.
May 04, 2018
Episode 16
On this Episode of the AA Balls Podcast, the guys discuss the NHL Playoffs, goal reviews and officiating, Ovechkin vs Crosby, the NBA playoffs, Lebron carrying the load for Cleveland, the Raptors depth, no competition of Golden State and Houston, what QB has the best career, Minkah Ftizpatrick, Josh Rosen comments, the Giants, Jets, Sam Darnold and More!
May 01, 2018
Friday Morning DAAB IIII
On the 4th Edition of the Friday Morning DAAB, the guys dive into the 1st round of the NFL Draft debating the Browns pick of Baker Mayfield at #1, if the Giants were smart to draft Saquon Barkley and what their next 3-5 picks need to look like, did the jets steal the draft? is Denver a Super Bowl contender? was Buffalo smart? and much much more!
April 27, 2018
Episode 15
On this episode of the DAAB Podcast, Rinaldi and Romanella dive into every series of the NBA playoffs, try to figure out Lebron's off-season, give you a breakdown of 1st round series in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, draft the 1st 5 picks in the NFL draft, quiz the sports intellect of Anthony Rinaldi and of course talk Major League Baseball.
April 24, 2018
Friday Morning DAAB III
On the 3rd edition of the Friday Morning DAAB, the guys discuss all things NBA. Tune in as they dive into the current state of the Cavs vs. Pacers, OKC vs. Utah and Philly vs. Miami series, debate the Rookie of the Year race between Ben Simmons and Donovan Mitchell, who will be the next Head Coach of the New York Knicks and what games to watch heading into this weekend!
April 20, 2018
Episode 14
On this Episode of the AA Balls Podcast, the guys hit on all cylinders discussing the NBA Playoffs, NHL Playoffs, current state of the Mets and Yankees, the NFL draft, Options for the Giants and Jets, plus some "What Does Anthony Know About Sports?" and a little "Whataya Got?!" Follow on Twitter and Instagram @DoubleAABalls
April 17, 2018
Friday Morning DAAB II
On the 2nd edition of the Friday Morning DAAB the boys rundown the NBA playoff picture, the high scoring first round of the NHL playoffs, talk about the heated Yanks vs Sox brawl, the mets and some games to watch this weekend!
April 13, 2018
Episode 13
On this episode of DAAB the boys discuss the NBA playoff picture, OKC vs. GS, Lebron vs. the Field, is Philly legit, give you an NHL Update, learn about Anthony's sports knowledge, plus, discuss the MLB, Shohei Ohtani, the Mets, Yankees, Whataya Got and More!
April 11, 2018
Friday Morning DAAB I
On this first ever edition of "Friday Morning DAAB" Hosts Andrew Romanella and Anthony Rinaldi do a quick rundown of the NCAA Final Four for both Men and Women, talk about the legacy of Jay Wright, Villanova's dominance and Notre Dame's 2x buzzer beaters. Plus, a rundown on the first week of play for the New York Mets and Yankees, Shohei Ohtani's 2 home runs, Kyrie Irvings season ending injury and the always shifting standings in the western conference. Follow on tweeter and the Gram @DoubleAABalls
April 06, 2018
Episode 12
On this episode of the DAAB Podcast, Romanella and Rinaldi look around the MLB at all the hot topics from Opening Weekend and discuss the start for both the New York Mets and Yankees, discuss the NBA playoff picture, the injury depleted Warriors, rest for Houston, if the Cavs are a playoff team without Lebron and the state of the Los Angeles Lakers. PLUS, the guys give you an NHL breakdown as we are only 1 week away from playoff start, Andrew tries to stump Anthony in his hockey knowledge and of course, its the same every week, their favorite segment, "Whataya Got"! Follow the podcast on Twitter and The Gram- @DoubleAABalls
April 03, 2018
DAAB Interview Special- FDNY Goalie Kurt Pflumm
On this special addition of the DAAB Podcast, Host Andrew Romanella sits down with the starting goalie from the FDNY Hockey Team Kurt Pflumm to discuss the importance of the game between the NYPD/FDNY, the emotions of playing at Madison Square Garden, what the emotions in the building are like with 2 of the most storied organizations in history, how did it feel the be the MVP of the game and everything in between regarding the best charity hockey game in the country!
March 30, 2018
Episode 11
On this Episode of the DAAB Podcast, the guys discuss whether cinderella can finish its run in the final four and which #1 team has the best remaining chance to win it all. They dive into the NBA playoff race, the injuries for Golden State and who can knock off Team Lebron in the East, plus, pick their sleepers for the 2018 MLB season, the lineups and rotations for both New York teams and go head-to-head in their favorite segment, "Whataya Got?!" Follow the Podcast on the Gram and Tweeter @doubleaaballs
March 28, 2018
Episode 10
On this episode of DAAB, the boys discuss the NBA playoff race and upcoming draft, MLB opening day, who's the best team in the American League, the madness that is the NCAA Tournament and play their favorite game, "Whataya Got!?" Follow on Twitter and Instagram @DoubleAABalls Email the show-
March 22, 2018
Episode 9
On Episode 9 of the DAAB Podcast, the guys choose their favorite upsets in this years NCAA Tournament, pick their Final Four, dive into the wild off-season that is the NFL, preview the NHL playoff picture and play their favorite game, "Whataya Got?" Double AA Balls Podcast apparel is now available via Visit the homepage and search for Double AA Balls Podcast or click the link in the Instagram profile. Follow us on twitter and instagram- @DoubleAABalls Shoot us an email at-
March 16, 2018
Episode 8
On this Episode of The DAAB Podcast, the guys dive into the discussion of changing the NCAA transfer rule and what is fundamentally wrong with the NCAA. Entertain and adjust the NBA's beginning plans for an expanded G-League, take a look at the Franchise tags in the NFL, the combine and play their favorite game, Whataya Got. Be sure to follow the Podcast on Twitter and Instagram @DoubleAABalls Email the show at
March 07, 2018
Episode 6
On this Episode of the Double AA Balls Podcast, Hosts Andrew Romanella and Anthony Rinaldi breakdown the signings of Eric Hosmer and J.D. Martinez, discuss the All-Star game and draft challenge, dive into second half predictions in the NBA, check out the off-season landscape and where Kirk Cousins may end up in the NFL and play their favorite game, "Whataya Got" Be sure to follow the DAAB Podcast on Twitter, Instagram and Youtube- @DoubleAABalls or shoot us an email at We hope you enjoy the show!
March 01, 2018
Episode 5
On Episode 5 of the #DoubleAABalls Podcast the guys break down the deals made at the NBA trade deadline, what the playoff picture looks like, play a little buy or sell, break down the start of the MLB season, determine if Vegas is right or wrong and play their favorite game #WhatayaGot Be sure to follow the #DAAB Podcast on twitter and Instagram: @DoubleAABalls And any comments, questions or suggestions about the Double AA Balls Podcast can be sent to:
February 27, 2018
Episode 7
On Episode 7 of the Double AA Balls Podcast, Romanella and Rinaldi visit the Power Arm Performance Training Facility in Ramsey, NJ. The guys discuss how powerarm got started, where they are headed, players who support the brand, a little MLB rule changes and the Poweram Podcast with CEO Matt Marotta. Double AA Balls and Powerarm are excited to team up with the DAAB Podcast. After sitting down with the Powerarm crew, the guys dive into Major League Baseball rules changes, the Mets and Yankees 2018 season, Basketballs playoff run, the NCAA madness before March and dive into their favorite Whataya Got? picks. Share this download with your friends and follow us on social- @DoubleAABalls- Twitter and the Gram Email us at
February 27, 2018
Episode 4
On Episode 4 of the Double AA Balls Podcast, Romanella and Rinaldi break down the Eagles 41-33 victory over the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 52 and Nick Foles winning the games MVP award. The guys also break down what each team should do as they head into the off-season, what may happen with the draft, NBA free agency, trade deadline news and make their picks in "Whataya Got?" Be sure to follow the #DAAB Podcast on twitter and Instagram: @DoubleAABalls And any comments, questions or suggestions about the Double AA Balls Podcast can be sent to:
February 27, 2018