Dad At Home: Full time parenting fun.

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By Dad At Home: SAHD
Join me as I start my new job as a full time stay at home dad of two daughters: a baby and a first grader.
Dad At Home Quick Hit: What’s For Dinner?
Don’t you love it when everyone loves what you cook? That didn’t happen tonight. I need some dinner ideas. Hook a SAHD up!
April 26, 2018
Dad At Home 006
Back from a break! It’s Dad At Home, your stay-at-home-dad buddy for SAHD’s and SAHM’s.
April 9, 2018
Dad At Home 005: Super Simple Tips for Emergency Preparedness
Dad At Home gets a tsunami alert! Intro to discussion on emergency preparedness. • Make your family emergency kit one week at a time. • How backing up your data brings peace of mind in an emergency. • Thanks for listening! Please leave iTunes reviews! • Stay At Home Dad
January 31, 2018
Dad At Home 004
No girls allowed?? • How I became a stay at home dad. • Dad At Home recommends Qeepsake. ( • Grownup connections for full time parents. Also: why Mommy And Me? • Dad At Home is now on podcast apps everywhere. Visit or to leave a five-star iTunes review!
January 16, 2018
003 January 5, 2017 Dad@Home
This SAHD is not sad! • Welcome, and a joke. • The Wonder Weeks: baby brain development parenting app recommendation • Housework: staying ahead of dirty dishes. • Back to school after Christmas break. Asking for tips for when school’s out. • Today’s to do list. • Thanks for listening to the Dad At Home show!
January 5, 2018
002 SAHD December 31, 2017
Why dads and moms should listen to this parenting podcast. • What our family looks like. • List followup. • Off to celebrate New Year’s! • New Year's Day
January 1, 2018
001 SAHD December 30, 2017
It’s Friday. Time to wake up and get my parenting on. • Things I need to do today. • Stay at home dad and stay at home mom: I need your productivity tips! • Getting anything done as a parent is a win, right? Nap time! • Pool Ambience • No progress on the household chores list, but kiddo commitments take priority. • Time chunks for housework goals. • Call in your favorite stay at home parent dinner recipes! • Can opening at the pool. • Drinks in the diaper bag. • That’s a wrap on day one. Come back tomorrow to find out what I accomplished!
December 30, 2017
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