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Dad Needs To Talk

Dad Needs To Talk

By Robert Adams
Hosted by Robert, a Father, Husband and IT Professional for weekly discussions about Fatherhood, Manga, Anime/TV Shows and Gaming. Get a healthy mix of life and nerd talk as I share my adventures of what I'm reading, watching, playing and doing with my family.

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Manga Review: Witch Hat Atelier Volume 1

Dad Needs To Talk

Manga Talk: Blood on the Tracks Volumes 9-11
I finally got back to reading more Blood on the Tracks Volumes 9-11
September 25, 2022
EP 75: Cyberpunk Edgerunners
This week I am joined by Rome from  Worst Generation Podcast  as we talk about Cyberpunk Edgerunners, One Piece 1060 and lots more.   Timestamps (00:00)  Intro (01:45) Life Talk & who is Rome?  (14:00) Cyberpunk Edgerunners Discussion  (01:01:30) Genshin Impact anime announced  (01:05:10) Other new anime news  (01:07:37) Nintendo Direct & Playstation State of Play headlines  (01:16:20) Our current watches and reads  (01:33:56) GTA 6 Leak  (01:37:55) One Piece manga 1060  (01:55:55) Outro   Follow and support Rome  Personal Twitter Review page Podcast   Music from RiftiBeats   Check out my website   Links to all my social media & content platforms
September 21, 2022
EP 74: Payback & Project Moonlight w/ Steve
This episode I am joined by Steve from ITMob to talk about his new comic series called Payback & the kickstarter, Project Moonlight, he is doing in collaboration with Concept Moon Studios to bring this and other series to bigger audience. We talk about Steve journey in making Payback then later in the show we dive into what we reading, watching and D23 announcements.   Project Moonlight Kickstarter (w/ Payback series)   Timestamps  (00:00) Intro  (01:30) Life Talk, Gintama, Kaiji The Ultimate  (17:30) Payback series, Kickstarter and Concept Moon Studio  (40:40) Origin of the main cast of characters, name and abilities  (46:00) Blinky Broken  (51:00) Hopes for the future of the series  What we reading/watching  (01:01:50) Undead Unluck manga 125  (01:09:17) One Piece manga 1059  (01:27:30) Steve current watches  (01:32:11) Rob Current Watches  (01:36:40) The Odd Taxi Movie  (01:49:40) D23 Marvel, Disney and game announcements  (02:16:00) New Assassins Creed Games news  (02:20:20) Outro and final thoughts  Follow Steve Follow Inside The Mind Of A Blerd Podcast   Follow the artist of Payback Saly   Follow and support Concept Moon Studio   Support & Follow the Dad Needs To Talk Podcast out my website to all my social media & content platforms
September 14, 2022
Webtoon Talk : A Man's Man
I read a webtoon called A Man's Man. I read episode 1-72   You can read it on the official Webtoon site or app
September 12, 2022
EP 73: Life In The Sky w/ Bam Hendrixx
This week I am joined by Bam Hendrixx to talk about her life as a content creator and Airline flight attendant. We talk about how life of travel intertwines with the anime watching life.    Timestamps  (00:00) Intro  (01:30) Who is Bam?  (07:00) Journey into the airline industry  (19:05) Bam anime journey  (30:20) Balance travel, watching anime & creating content  (43:50) Life & opportunities beyond flight attending  (47:50) Bucket list travel locations  (57:15) Working during Covid What we watching/reading  (01:01:55)My giant Infinity Killmonger Pop Figure  (01:04:23) Whats Bam watching  (01:09:29) Spy x Family manga  (01:17:00) My Hero Academia manga 364  (01:33:54) Whats Rob watching  (01:44:00) Xmen & MCU rumor talk  (01:53:00) Final TV show talk  (01:55:10) March vs Homelander   (01:58:10) Bams recommendations  (02:04:40) Outro  Follow and support Bam  Twitter: IG:  TikTok:   Music from RiftiBeats   Check out my website   Links to all my social media & content platforms
September 07, 2022
EP 72: My Gaming Foundation
This week I dive into my gaming foundation with the biggest moments and memories, I also talk about the new bounties in One Piece and some wholesome moments in anime this week. Timestamps (00:00) Intro  (01:30) life talk and housekeeping  (09:00) Manga pickups this week  (17:30) Anime news  (21:40) Gamescom 2022 news  Anime/TV  (28:15) Parallel World Pharmacy & Yakuza Guide To Babysitting  (28:30) General anime talk  (39:20) Sandman Netflix  Manga  (44:40) General Manga talk  (46:40) One Piece 1058  (54:09) Words of encouragement  Gaming  (58:50) Stray  (01:02:55) Midnight Fight Express  Topic  (01:07:00) My Key gaming moments and memories  (02:32:39) Outro   Music from RiftiBeats   Check out my website   Links to all my social media & content platforms   #onepiece1058 #gaming #anime
August 31, 2022
EP 71: Wild, Weird & Witchy w/ Shakita Slater
This week I am joined by Shakita from the Wild, Weird & Witchy podcast. In the first half we chat about her show, some anime news and current watches. Then after the break I talk about what I have been into lately.   Sidenote* Apologies for background noise the 1st few seconds  Timestamps  (00:00) Intro  (01:15) Talking with Shakita and anime news  Break into Solo Rob  (55:20) Rob talk & game stuff  (01:03:20) Oshi no Ko & Saturn Apartments  (01:08:00) One Piece Manga 1057  (01:09:10) general manga talk  Current Watches  (01:11:37) Parallel World Pharmacy ep 7  (01:15:35) Aoashi ep 19  (01:17:03) Summer Time Rendering ep 18-19  (01:19:37) Call of the Night ep 7  (01:21:20) Made in Abyss ep 7  (01:23:00) Sandman general thoughts  (01:25:09) Better Call Saul Series Final  (01:32:03) Closing thoughts  (01:34:54) Outro   Follow Shakita & listen to her podcast  Podcast Twitter  Music from RiftiBeats  Check out my website  Links to all my social media & content platforms 
August 24, 2022
Manga Talk: Oshi No Ko ch 1-72
I dive into my thoughts on Oshi No Ko manga chapters 1-72 Timestamps  (00:00) Intro  (09:53) SPOILERS talk starts here
August 22, 2022
EP 70: The Art of Manga Deals w/ Manga Alerts
This week I am joined by Manga Alerts as we talk about the behind the scense work that goes into running such an account. From how it started to the various deals and collaborations that take place. Follow and support  Twitter:   Music from RiftiBeats   Check out my website   Links to all my social media & content platforms
August 17, 2022
Manga Talk: A Journal Of My Father
I talk about Jiro Taniguchi story A Journal Of My Father. Its a story of Yoichi journey back to his hometown after over a decade to attend his father funeral.
August 15, 2022
EP 69: Future Unknown
This week I catch up on life talk, recent anime news and One Piece Manga and more. Timestamps  (00:00) Intro (01:30) Life talk & housekeeping (25:30) Manga pickups of the week (29:30) News Anime/TV (46:30) General talk (52:15) Yakuza Guide To Babysitting (53:52) Parallel World Pharmacy (54:45) Made In Abyss S2 EP6 (58:18) Better Call Saul S6 EP12 Manga (01:07:00) General Talk (01:09:07) My Hero Academia chapter 362 (01:10:48) One Piece manga chapter 1054-1056 (01:19:18) Spy x Family Manga chapter 65-66 (01:21:12) Outro Music from RiftiBeats Check out my website Links to all my social media & content platforms
August 11, 2022
Manga Talk: The Beginning After The End Volume 1
The Beginning After The End Volume 1 Story by TurtleMe Art by Fuyuki23 Published by Yen Press Thanks to Yen Press for the DRC
August 01, 2022
EP 68: Kids on the Slope w/ Religiously Nerdy
This episode I am joined by Ellie, Tobi & Toyin to discuss Kids on the Slope. This was the 1st anime done by Studio Mappa and this year is its 10 year anniversary. Religiously Nerdy  Follow & Support  YouTube Channel
July 27, 2022
Manga Talk: Lets Go Karaoke & Captivated By You
This week I take a look at 2 series from Yama Wayama  Published by  @Yen Press 
July 25, 2022
EP 67: DreamCon 2022 Aftermath
This Week I recap my amazing weekend at Dreamcon 2022. I also briefly touch on a few shows I watched and manga read. I do show lots of pictures and video this week so be sure to check out the video for full experience. Timestamps (00:00) Intro (1:30) Housekeeping Manga & Anime (08:00) General talk (08:46) Sakamoto Days ch 79 (10:50) My Hero Academia ch 359 (12:55) Summer Time Rendering 14 (15:05) Made in Abyss S2 EP2 (16:40) Ao ashi (17:50) Dreamcon 2022 recap (01:18:18) Outro Music from RiftiBeats Check out my website Links to all my social media & content platforms
July 20, 2022
EP 66: Dont Trust The Smiles
This week I talk about podcast plans, thoughts on new summer anime premiers, Thor Love & Thunder, Aoashi 14 and so much more. Timestamps (00:00) Intro (01:30) Life Talk & Housekeeping (18:18) News & Games Manga (23:50) General talk (25:30) Chainsaw Man returns chapter 98 (28:40) Sakamoto Days 78 (32:20) Undead Unluck 105-118  Anime (35:40) Aoashi EP 14 (45:25) Summer Time Rendering EP 13 (48:35) Summer Anime early thoughts TV/Movies (01:04:33) Westworld S4 EP3 (01:08:03) The Boys S3 Finale (01:09:37) Thor Love & Thunder (01:19:31) Final Thoughts & stuff to put on your radar (01:25:40) Outro  Support & Follow the Dad Needs To Talk Podcast Check out my website Links to all my social media & content platforms  Music from RiftiBeats  #manga #anime #podcast
July 13, 2022
Manga Talk: Shangri-la Frontier Manga 1-91
Shangri-la Frontier Manga 1-91
July 11, 2022
EP 65: Summer Anime 2022 Preview w/ MYUBAE
This week I am joined by  @myubae  as we talk about or picks for Summer Anime 2022 season. We also Talk about the big news from Anime Expo weekend. Timestamps (00:00) Intro (1:30) Who is myubae (09:50) What we been up to (23:40) Summer Anime Preview (49:00) Spring Anime favorites (01:00:25) What we been reading or watching lately (01:32:30) Anime Expo News and Announcements (01:58:10) final thoughts from myubae (02:04:18) Outro Follow and support myubae YouTube IG
July 06, 2022
Manga Talk: Rooster Fighter Volume 1
Thanks to Viz for the early DRC.   Rooster Fighter  Release Date August 16, 2022  Published by  @vizmedia    Story & Art by Shu Sakuratani
July 04, 2022
EP 64: Anime & Airplanes w/ OtakuNtraining
This week I am joined by  @OtakuNtraining  as we talk about our 1st time thoughts on Classroom of the Elite & Devil is a Part Timer. Timestamps (00:00) Intro (02:35) A wild Vash appears (06:10) Life Talk/Updates (19:00) Who is OtakuNtraining? (26:40) New Manga pickups (54:00) We're Alive Audio drama podcast is still going (01:03:30) Classroom of the Elite Season 1 (01:17:30) Devil is a Part Timer Season 1 (01:28:20) Trapped in a Dating Sim Season 1 (01:34:25) Marvel Secret Reverse (01:36:35) Berserk Manga is back (No Spoilers) (01:41:20) Chainsaw Man Manga Part 2 date announced (01:46:10) Top Gun Maverick Movie thoughts (01:52:12) Vash returns again (01:55:15) Outro Follow OtakuNtraining YouTube Channel Twitter Support & Follow Dad Needs To Talk Check out my website Links to all my social media & content platforms #classroomoftheelite #devilisaparttimer #topgunmaverick
June 29, 2022
Manga Talk: Blue Lock Volume 1
Blue Lock Volume 1
June 27, 2022
EP 63: Fan Expo, One Piece 1053 & Tomadachi Game
This week I share my thoughts on my Father Day experience at Fan Expo Dallas, One Piece 1053 and talk about all the anime announcements.  Timestamps (00:00) Intro (01:30) Life Talk & Housekeeping News (06:30) Lots of Anime & Manga Announcements  (18:54) Fan Expo Dallas 2022 - showing art, pictures, cosplays and people I met Games (50:55) TMNT Shredders Revenge w/ Vash Anime/TV (52:50) General Talk (54:06) Summer Time Rendering ep 10 (57:13) Trapped in a Dating Sim season 1 thoughts (57:50) Tomadachi Game Season 1 thoughts Manga (01:07:11) General Talk (01:09:55) One Piece chapter 1053 (01:19:04) Outro  Support & Follow the Dad Needs To Talk Podcast Check out my website to all my social media & content platforms
June 22, 2022
Dad Needs To Talk is joined by Senae from @Blanime Podcast and Steve from @Inside the Mind Of A Blerd  as they talk about how Network has helped them both professionally and with finding new nerdy things to enjoy. Check out the full video of the Panel
June 20, 2022
EP 62: Stranger Things & Summer Games
This week I talk about all the recent Summer Games Fest events and announcements, Vinland Saga Season 2, Stranger Things, The Boys and more. *Correction I just found out after posting this episode the FanExpo Dallas panel is 1pm Sunday Timestamps  (00:00) Intro (01:30) Life talk and Housekeeping (21:20) Vinland Saga Season 2 trailer thoughts (28:20) Pokemon Scarlet & Violet info (32:10) Summer Games Fest, Playstation State of Play & Xbox Showcase (49:00) Hollow Knight Silk Song excitement (54:50) Cocoon from a creator of Limbo & Inside (57:40) Starfield Anime/TV  (01:00:00)Aoashi (01:04:30)Slight Tangent about whats been helping me mentally (01:09:29) Summer Time Rendering (01:11:35) The Boys Season 3 ep1-4 (01:17:50) Stranger Things Season 4 Part 1 Manga (01:31:00) Colorless Volume 1 (01:36:30) Ruri Dragon chapter 1 (01:40:08) Aliens Area chapter 1-2 (01:44:00) Gachiakuta chapters 10-16 (01:27:27) One Piece chapter 1052 (01:58:39) Outro
June 15, 2022
EP 61: Creating Content & Collecting Manga w/ Book Vybez
This week I am joined by Keke aka Book Vybez. We talk about her journey getting into creating content, collecting manga and the various places and experiences she had growing up. Subscribe & Follow Book Vybez YouTube Twitter IG TikTok Follow me
June 08, 2022
Lost Lad London Volume 1
I read Lost Lad London Volume 1 Author : Shima Shinya Published by: Yen Press
June 06, 2022
When A Cat Faces West Volume 1
I review When A Cat Faces West Volume 1 Author : Yuki Urushibara (Known for Mushi-Shi) Publisher: Kodansha Thanks to Kodansha for providing a digital copy for review.
June 03, 2022
EP 60: Return & Reflection with Black Lagoon
I am back! This week on the podcast I catch up on life, news etc that's happened while I was on my break. I have a huge announcement regarding a big opportunity I got. I also dive into Black Lagoon, Better Call Saul and so much more!   Timestamps  (00:00) Intro  (01:30) Life Talk & Housekeeping  (19:50) Manga/Book Review resource tips  (23:50) Fan Expo Dallas Panel Announcement!  News  (33:30) RUMOR* Bleach streaming rights battle Crunchyroll vs Disney+  (38:08) Hunter x Hunter manga returning!  (41:50) Top 10 Manga Sales of first half of 2022  (46:15) Star Wars Jedi Survivor Game announced  (49:30) Summer Games Fest 2022 Schedule Games I played  (51:33) Horizon Forbidden West  (52:10) Co-op with Vash; Boomerang Fu & Sonic  Mania Manga/Comic  (55:35) New manga pickups  (59:00) My Hero Academia Vigilantes Series End  (01:00:54) Spy x Family chapters 62.1-62.4  (01:02:45) Akane-banashi  (01:04:40) One Piece chapter 1050  (01:09:09) Invincible Compendium 1  Anime/TV  (01:11:40) General Talk  (01:15:10) Young Justice S4 ep 24  (01:15:55) Summer Time Rendering ep 5-7  (01:18:40) Black Lagoon Anime rewatch  (01:27:14) Better Call Saul S6 mid season finale  (01:39:15) Outro
June 01, 2022
My Preparation Arc
Hey yall I am going on break til June. This is just me talking things out about why I am going on break and just clearing my mind. Thanks for the support
May 16, 2022
Manga Talk: Crazy Food Truck Volume 1
A food truck, a wasteland and a mysterious girl with a huge appetite? Whats going on in this series.
May 14, 2022
Manga Talk: Uncle From Another World volume 1&2
I share my thoughts on uncle from another world volume 1 and 2.
May 13, 2022
EP 59: Its All Madness w/ RobJay & ITMOB Steve
This week on the podcast I am joined by Steve and Rob Jay as we talk about all the insanity we watched in the last week. Including Undone a thriller series, Moon Knight Finale and Dr Strange Multiverse of Madness. This a mind bending discussion! Timestamps (00:00) Intro (01:11) Housekeeping (04:00) Life Talk (09:45) My thoughts on Undone & what Ive been watching (22:45) Rob Jay watch& read list (26:20) Steve watch & read list (31:00) Moon Knight Finale and series thoughts SPOILERS (55:50) Dr Strange Multiverse of Madness SPOILERS (01:42:15) Showing my new Ranking of Kings poster from artist Kehasuk (01:45:30) Wrap Up and Young Justice talk Links for everyone Follow Rob Jay Twitter   Follow Steve and Crew  Follow Steve Follow Inside The Mind Of A Blerd Podcast YouTube Follow  @Careful 4 Spoilers for all in depth Comic related discussions Support & Follow the Dad Needs To Talk Podcast Check out my website Links to all my social media & content platforms
May 10, 2022
Magus of the Library Volumes 1-5
In this episode I go into more detail and some spoilers on why I really enjoyed Magus of the library. Sometimes we come across a series at the right time in our lives and this was what I needed.
May 09, 2022
Manga Talk: Blood on the Tracks Volume 1-8
I share my thoughts on blood on the tracks.   Timestamps  (00:00) Intro (06:30) Spoilers start
May 08, 2022
Love of the Library: Ascendance of a Bookworm & Magus of the Library
I share my thoughts of the anime Ascendance of a bookworm and the manga Magus of the Library.
May 06, 2022
EP 58: Its Review Season w/ Core Reviews
This week I am joined by Tequila, creator of Core Reviews Blog. We talk about why see started the blog and some recent series she has been watching and reading. We also talk about or recommendations from Winter 2022 Anime season   Timestamps  (00:00) Intro (26:06) Tequila journey watching Jojo Bizzare Adventure series  (38:34) Journey watching/reading Vinland Saga  (56:21) Winter Anime Season Review & Recommendations  (01:03:49) Sabikui Bisco spoilers start  (01:07:39) Sabikui Bisco spoilers end  (01:40:30) What are we watching from Spring Anime  (01:46:46) Aoashi ep 3 spoilers  (02:09:00) Final Anime/Manga Recommendations  (02:13:00) Outro & wrap up    Follow and support Tequila and Core Reviews  Twitter  Facebook  Instagram    Support & Follow the Dad Needs To Talk Podcast     Check out my website   Links to all my social media & content platforms  
April 26, 2022
Movie Review: Everything Everywhere All At Once (SPOILER FREE)
Everything Everywhere All At Once (SPOILER FREE)
April 26, 2022
Haikyu Returns & Roof Piece w/ Scuba Steve
In this bonus episode I talk about the new Haikyu One Shot, Roof Piece 1015 and One Piece manga 1047.   Timestamps  (00:00) Intro  (02:00) Haikyu One Shot chapter 402.1 - A Party Reignited  (12:24) One Piece Anime episode 1015 - Roof Piece  (27:28) One Piece manga chapter 1047    Follow Steve  Follow Inside The Mind Of A Blerd Podcast   Support & Follow the Dad Needs To Talk Podcast  Check out my website  Links to all my social media & content platforms
April 25, 2022
EP 57: Space Crush w/ Silent P
This episode I interview Silent P the creator of the Comic series Space Crush. We talk about his origins of getting into drawing and what sparked the idea for Space Crush creation.   Follow and support Silent P & Space Crush  Read Space Crush Twitter Instagram   Support & Follow the Dad Needs To Talk Podcast  Music from RiftiBeats  Check out my website  Links to all my social media & content platforms
April 19, 2022
Manga Talk: 20th Century Boys Volume 9 & 10
I talk about 20th Century Boys Volumes 9 & 10
April 15, 2022
EP 56: Spring Anime 2022 Preview
I take a look at some of the new Spring season anime that I have watched or plan to watch. I also share thoughts on the new Fujimoto manga one shot called Goodbye Eri.   Timestamps  (00:00) intro  (01:30) Life Talk & Housekeeping  (27:25) News  Anime/TV  (30:25) Spring Anime preview & early thoughts  (01:12:30) General TV talk  Manga  (01:13:50) My Hero Academia chapter 350  (01:16:28) One Piece chapter 1046  (01:17:17) Witch Hat Atelier volume 4  (01:20:30) Goodbye Eri one shot from Chainsaw Man creator Tatsuke Fujimoto  (01:34:50) Outro & Community Conversations    Support & Follow the Dad Needs To Talk Podcast  Music from RiftiBeats  Check out my website  Links to all my social media & content platforms
April 12, 2022
Manga Talk: Sakamoto Days Volume 1
My thoughts on why Sakamoto Days is a needed read. Written by: Yuto Suzuki Manga status: ongoing (66chapters as of today) Published by: Viz
April 10, 2022
Anime Talk: Ranking of Kings Review Discussion w/ Panda Da Don
I talk with Panda from Worst Generation Podcast. We look back on Season 1 of Ranking of Kings and talk about why this show is a must watch. Ranking of Kings Season 1 had 23 Episodes sub/dub streaming on Crunchyroll & Funimation  Author Sōsuke Tōka  Manga still ongoing Panda Socials  Twitter Instagram   Worst Generation Podcast  Twitter Patreon Support & Follow the Dad Needs To Talk Podcast  Music from RiftiBeats  Check out my website  Links to all my social media & content platforms
April 07, 2022
Podcast EP 55: Visual Consistency w/ Manga Brownies
This episode I talk with T & Isa from Manga Brownies about how they came together and why does their content presentation look so amazing.  They do amazing work showcasing a recommending various manga, anime and webtoons. They also show love and support to people in the creative community, podcasters, cosplayers and many more.   Manga Brownies Socials  Instagram TikTok  Support & Follow the Dad Needs To Talk Podcast  Music from RiftiBeats  Check out my website  Links to all my social media & content platforms
April 05, 2022
Alice in Borderland Volume 1 & Season 1
After reading Volume 1 and watching Season 1 of the live action series. I discuss my thoughts on both. Similarities and differences.   Timestamps  (00:00)intro  (14:40) Real Spoiler warning for TV show moments beyond the manga  (20:21) Final thoughts No Spoilers
April 02, 2022
EP 54: Bye Bye Bojji & Bisco, Hello Moon Knight & Sun God Luffy
This week we talk about the finale of Ranking of Kings, Sabikui Bisco & My Dress Up Darling. Also talk about the premiers of Moon Knight, Atlanta & This Joy of Luffy's new form.   Timestamps  (00:00) Intro  (02:00) Life Talk & Housekeeping  (24:00) Community Conversation Tips on where to start with Networking with others  News  (37:26) Crunchyroll free w/ ads changes  (39:00) Playstation Plus new Subscription tiers  (42:40) One Piece 25th Anniversary Announcements  Anime/TV  (46:33) General Talk & Level 1 Demon Lord Anime Announced  (48:50) Strongest Sage With The Weakest Crest Season Finale  (50:05) My Dress Up Darling Season Finale  (58:50) Sabikui Bisco Season Finale  (01:06:38) Ranking of Kings Season Finale  (01:15:05) Atlanta Season 3 ep 1&2  (01:20:25) Moon Knight Ep 1  Manga Talk  (01:33:06) New manga pickups  (01:38:08) Sakamoto Days ch 64  (01:41:50) One Piece ch 1044  (01:50:45) Outro
March 30, 2022
Manga Talk: Yakuza Reincarnation Volume 1
I talk about Yakuza Reincarnation Volume 1   Story & Art by: Takeshi Natsuhara Hiroki Miyashita   Published by: Seven Seas Entertainment
March 28, 2022
Manga Talk: Catch These Hands Volume 1
I share thoughts on Catch These Hands volume 1   Story by: Murata  Published by: Yen Press  Genre: Yuri, Delinquent Synopsis: Back in the day, Takebe was a tough-as-nails delinquent who could throw hands with anyone. But right when she finally decides to leave her old ways behind, Takebe has a surprise reunion with her old rival, the “Bloody Cardigan” Soramori. After all these years, she still wants a piece of Takebe—but not in the way anyone expected! Her proposal: If Soramori can beat Takebe in a fight, they have to start dating?!
March 25, 2022
Manga Talk: The Country Without Humans Volume 1
I share my thoughts on The Country Without Humans Volume 1.   Story & Art by: IWATOBINEKO  Published by: Seven Seas Entertainment  Genre: Drama, Science Fiction, Supernatural
March 22, 2022
EP 53: Jujutsu Kaizen 0 & The Bonds of the Past
This week I share thoughts on Jujutsu Kaizen 0 Movie, Kotaro Lives Alone & Look back on 25 years of Toonami.   Apologies I didn't notice music started playing during certain parts of the podcast Timestamps (00:00) Intro (02:00) Life & Housekeeping Games/News (14:30) The Quarry- new game from Until Dawn developer Supermassive Games (17:25) Tunic  Anime/TV (20:50) Jujutsu Kaizen 0 Movie (32:00) Ranking of Kings episode 22 (40:40) Kotaro Lives Alone season 1 (53:05) Toonami 25th Anniversary (01:17:17) Outro Support the Podcast Music by RiftiBeats
March 21, 2022
Manga Talk: 20th Century Boys Volume 7&8
We talk through Volume 7 & 8 of 20th Century Boys
March 18, 2022
Manga Talk: Self Reflection in Downfall & Solanin
I read 2 series from Inio Asano. Downfall & Solanin were both very heavy reads and they complemented each other well. Downfall is a look at a person who achieved success but is now looking back on regrets of the past. Solanin is about those unsure of what the future holds and sometimes taking for granted a future that isn't promised. Both of these were needed reads as I reflected both on the last year of me podcasting but also looking at my own past and future.
March 16, 2022
EP 52: 1 Year Podcast Anniversary
We celebrate the the 1 year Anniversary of the podcast. Looking back at lessons learned, and hopes for the future. I also touch on some shows and manga I watched/read recently.   I also announced the launch of my Patreon page  Timestamps  (00:00) Intro  (00:30) 1 Year Anniversary talk  (38:30) Introducing the Patreon page  (44:40) Answering more anniversary questions  Anime/TV  (59:30) Raising Dion season 1  (01:03:15) Kotaro Lives Alone early thoughts  (01:04:48) Ranking of Kings ep 21  (01:06:25) Sabikui Bisco ep 10  (01:09:38) Love of Kill ep 9  Manga  (01:11:00) What I read or picked up recently  (01:13:45) One Piece ch 1043  (01:17:20) Akane Banasho ch 5  (01:22:55) Outro
March 15, 2022
EP 51: The Batman & Dr. Stone Manga Finale
The week I share my thoughts on The Batman Movie, The Dr Stone Manga has ended on its 5th anniversary and Sabikui Bisco shocked me this week. All this and more on the podcast this week. Timestamps  (00:00) Intro  (01:30) Housekeeping & life talk  (23:13) Talking YouTube milestone  News  (29:55) Funimation & Crunchyroll streaming merger  (33:30) Pokemon Scarlet & Violet announced  Anime/TV  (37:30) General talk about stuff I've watched  (42:49) Ranking of Kings EP 20  (48:55) Sabikui Bisco EP 9  (01:00:45) The Batman Movie Manga Talk  (01:08:06) general talk about physical volumes I've read lately and new series I have discovered (01:18:00) Sakamoto Days ch 61  (01:20:22) My Hero Academia ch 346  (01:22:45) One Piece ch 1042  (01:24:00) Undead Unluck 101  (01:25:05) Dr Stone ch 232 Final Chapter  (01:36:50) Outro  Music from RiftiBeats   Check out my website   Links to all my social media & content platforms
March 08, 2022
Manga Talk: 20th Century Boys Volume 5 & 6
My thoughts on 20th Century Boys Volume 5 & 6
March 07, 2022
Manga Talk: From the Red Fog Volume 1
Check out my thoughts on From the Red Fog Volume 1 and hear what I think of our main character Ruwanda and his murderous exploits. Genre: Horror Author: Mosae Nohara Published by: Yen Press Synopsis: Born in darkness, a young boy steps into the light. Raised in a cellar steeped in solitude, his entrance into English society at the turn of the nineteenth century is anything but painless. From place to place he journeys, seeking companions who share his unusual interests. But always, always a red fog follows, consuming everything in its path…
March 03, 2022
EP 50: Self Care w/ Moody Senpaii
To end the month I talk with Moody Senpaii as we talk about Self Care and community building. We cover how her and other ladies in the community started the #selfcaresenpai challenge, her journey and process in building communities and more. Go follow and support Moody; She is @moodysnepaii on all social platforms Go listen to her talk about her history in Cosplay she had on Inside The Mind Of A Blerd Podcast 
February 28, 2022
Otakus&Office Romance: Wotakoi Love is Hard for An Otaku/I'm A Wolf But My Boss Is A Sheep
I share my thoughts on 2 series today.  Anime Wotakoi Love is Hard for An Otaku Season 1 Manga I'm A Wolf But My Boss Is A Sheep volume 1
February 26, 2022
Manga Review: Headhunted To Another World: From Salaryman To Big Four Volume 1&2
My thoughts on volume 1&2 of Headhunted To Another World Synopsis: Uchimura Denosuke is your normal, everyday salaryman trying to climb the corporate ladder. But then he’s summoned to a terrifying fantasy world by the Demon Overlord, who offers him a new job—as one of the Heavenly Kings in his army, with full benefits! Uchimura may not have muscles or magic, but he does have an office worker’s skills and savvy. Will they be enough to keep him alive? Published by: Seven Seas Entertainment Story by: Benigashira Art by Muramitsu
February 24, 2022
EP 49: The Uncharted Forbidden West
This week I share early thoughts of Horizon Forbidden West, the Uncharted movie and why my dad life is about to get even busier. All this and lots of cool manga pickups talk.   Timestamps  (00:00) Intro  (01:45) Housekeeping & Life Talk  Game Talk (28:30) Horizon Forbidden West (super early thoughts)  Anime/TV  (33:20) The Uncharted Movie  (38:28) Peacemaker Finale  (41:01) The Genius Prince Guide To Raising A Nation Out Of Debt  (43:53) Love of Kill ep 6  (46:33) Ranking of Kings ep 18  (52:20) Sabikui Bisco ep 6-7  Manga Talk  (01:00:50) Sakamoto Days chapter 58-59  (01:02:15) Akane-Banashi ch 1-2 (new SJ series)  (01:05:20) My Hero Academia ch 343-344  (01:07:0) Jujutsu Kaizen & Dr Stone quick thoughts  (01:08:15) Kaiju No 8 ch 56  (01:10:10) Talk about recent manga volume pickups and reads  (01:10:52) Even Though We're Adults volume 1  (01:12:35) Our Teachers are dating volume 1  (01:14:45) Headhunted to Another World From Salaryman to Big 4  (01:18:05) Eniale & Dewiela Volume 1  (01:21:31) Inside Mari manga series  (01:23:35) Outro   Music from RiftiBeats
February 22, 2022
Manga Review: Mama Akuma volume 1
Thoughts on Mama Akuma volume 1
February 19, 2022
Podcast EP 48: The Things We Love w/ MommaLuvsManga
For this Valentines Day I am joined by MommaLuvsManga as we talk about how and why she started her channel. We talk about why we love being in this community, using our platforms to talk about what we love and how do we balance being parents and reading all this manga! Follow, support and subscribe to MommaLuvsManga YouTube Twitter IG
February 14, 2022
#100MangaComicChallenge w/ Steve from Inside The Mind Of A Blerd Podcast
This episode we talk about a community challenge to get each other to diversify and explore the series we are reading. Whether it is manga, comics, webtoons we are just encouraging others to try a variety of series. Use the #100MangaComicChallege to let others know what you are reading Follow Steve @scubasteve1428 Follow Inside The Mind Of A Blerd Podcast @theblerdmindpod
February 13, 2022
Manga Review: Kiruru Kill Me Volume 1
I share my thoughts on Volume 1 of Kiruru Kill Me
February 12, 2022
EP 47: Chaotic Storms
Chaos everywhere across anime, manga and all entertainment this week.  Timestamps  (00:00) Intro  (00:30) Life talk  (20:45) Housekeeping  Lords of Dorktown podcast guest appearance  Shonen Flop podcast guest appearance  Game Talk  (30:00) Pokemon Legends Arceus  Anime/TV  (32:00) Abbott Elementary ep 1-6  (40:10) Peacemaker ep 5-6  (46:30) Ranking of Kings ep 16  (52:10) Sakibui Bisco ep 5  (59:15) Demon Slayer S2 ep10  (01:02:25) Attack on Titan ep 80  (01:05:05) Quick thoughts on My Dress Up Darling, Strongest Sage, Salaryman's Club & Shenmu  (01:08:50) Tokyo 24th Ward ep 5  Manga Talk  (01:09:50) New manga pickup A Journal of my Father  (01:12:55) Dr Stone chapter 228  (01:18:20) My Hero Academia chapter 342  (01:21:40) Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 174  (01:26:00) One Piece chapter 1039  (01:27:48) Kaiju No 8 chapter 55  (01:34:28) Sakamoto Days chapter 57  (01:39:00) Undead Unluck chapter 97  (01:42:20) Fire Force chapter 301  (01:47:00) Outro   Music from RiftiBeats
February 08, 2022
Manga Talk: My Home Hero Part 1 (ch 1-48)
I share my thoughts after reading part 1 of this thriller series called My Home Hero.
February 07, 2022
Manga Review: Kaiju No 8 Volume 1
I take a look at Volume 1 of Kaiju No 8 with the perspective of being current with the manga chapters. Music from RiftiBeats   Check out my website   Links to all my social media & content platforms
February 03, 2022
EP 46: To Be The Very Best
This week I talk about Pokemon Legends Arceus, some dope collaborations Ive done recently and Fire Force chapter 300. All this and more this week on the podcast   Timestamps  (00:00) Intro  (01:40) Life talk & Housekeeping  (08:40) Vash invades the podcast  (10:26) Life talk & Housekeeping continued  Link for Young Deuces Geekset channel where the Black History month collaboration will be happening. (13:13) I was interviewed by Alexis for Saturday AM Magazine News  (23:42) PlayStation Buys Bungie  (27:50) Seven Seas announces Steamship Imprint for more manga  (30:38) Blue Period anime got an English dub  Creator spotlight  (32:11) Core Reviews Blog (she does anime & manga reviews) Anime Talk  (33:55) General thoughts on several shows I watched  (34:55) My Dress Up Darling episode 4  (36:45) Attack on Titan episode 79  (38:05) Ranking of Kings episode 15  Game Talk  (41:25) Pokemon Legends Arceus & my history with the Pokemon franchise  Manga Talk  (01:12:32) Sakamoto Days chapter 56  (01:15:43) Dr Stone chapter 227  (01:19:35) Witch Hat Atelier thoughts volume 1 to volume 3  (01:23:00) Undead Unluck chapter 96  (01:24:45) Fire Force chapter 300  (01:29:59) Outro   Music from RiftiBeats  Check out my website  Links to all my social media & content platforms
February 02, 2022
Manga Talk: January 2022 Manga Haul
I talk about the manga I picked up this month
January 31, 2022
Manga Review: Witch Hat Atelier Volume 1
I share my thoughts on Witch Hat Atelier volume 1 Synopsis: In a world where everyone takes wonders like magic spells and dragons for granted, Coco is a girl with a simple dream: She wants to be a witch. But everybody knows magicians are born, not made, and Coco was not born with a gift for magic. Resigned to her un-magical life, Coco is about to give up on her dream to become a witch...until the day she meets Qifrey, a mysterious, traveling magician. After secretly seeing Qifrey perform magic in a way she's never seen before, Coco soon learns what everybody "knows" might not be the truth, and discovers that her magical dream may not be as far away as it may seem...
January 27, 2022
EP 45: Villain To You, My Home Hero
This week I talk about a new manga I read call My Home Hero and how certain characters do whats needed even if they are seen as bad guys.   Timestamps  (00:00) Intro  (01:30) Life talk & Housekeeping  (15:30) Content Collaboration playlists  News  (23:10) Crunchyroll Awards thoughts  (25:09) Project Manga Awards (Voting Ends 1/28) (27:35) Lucifer and the Biscut Hammer getting anime series  (30:20) Microsoft buys Activision Blizzard for $69 Billion  (39:25) Pokemon Legends Arceus releasing later this week  Anime  (41:35) Demon Slayer & Attack on Titan thoughts No spoilers  (43:35) Strongest Sage Weakest Crest  (44:55) My Dress Up Darling ep 3  (47:40) Sakugan english dub released  (48:00) How a realist Hero rebuilt a kingdom  (49:00) Moody Senpai twiiter space & Podcast  (51:17) Ranking of Kings ep 14  (56:34) Sabukui Bisco ep 3  Main Topic: Characters that do what they need to in order to protect those they care about  (01:00:00) My Home Hero manga part 1; Trigun; 20th Century Boys; Sabukui Bisco; Infamous 1 (2009 game) Manga  (01:16:00) Sakamoto Days chapter 55  (01:20:00) Undead Unluck chapter 95  (01:23:10) Dr Stone chapter 226  (01:25:12) My Hero Academia chapter 341  (01:29:00) My Hero Academia Vigilantes chapter 118  (01:31:27) Outro   Music from RiftiBeats  Check out my website  Links to all my social media & content platforms
January 25, 2022
Manga Review: Succubus & Hitman Volume 1
I review Succubus & Hitman Volume 1   Timestamps  (00:00) Intro  (12:50) Spoilers for Volume   Check out my website  Links to all my social media & content platforms
January 21, 2022
Manga Review: Frieren Beyond Journey's End Volume 1
My thoughts on Frieren Beyond Journey's End Volume 1
January 19, 2022
EP 44: Undead Peacemaker, Unlucky Spring
The podcast this week I we catch up on Undead Unluck, the surprisingly good Peacemaker and lots more.   Timestamps  (00:00) Intro  (01:20) Housekeeping  Link to Otakuology Podcast I was on Link to Daily Report About My Witch Senpai Review (04:50) Family/Life Talk & New manga pickups Link to Epik Manga Book Club Podcast Manga  (22:20) General manga talk  (24:25) One Piece Manga 1037  (32:05) Undead Unluck Manga 76-94  Anime/TV  (40:40) General Anime talk  Colored Folk and Anime podcast Ranking of Kings Review (44:50) My Dress Up Darling episode 2  (47:00) Case Study of Vanitas episode 13  (49:00) The Strongest Sage with the Weakest Crest episode 1&2  (52:33) Sabikui Bisco episode 2  (58:40) Peacemaker episodes 1-3  (01:07:04) Outro   Music from RiftiBeats  Check out my website  Links to all my social media & content platforms
January 18, 2022
Manga Review: Daily Report About My Witch Senpai Volume 1
My thoughts on Daily Report About My Witch Senpai Volume 1
January 17, 2022
New Year Manga Binge: Fire Force Manga Chapter 166-197
For the last few years I pick a manga to binge read. This year I chose Fire Force as I heard it was close to finishing. What a fun read.
January 14, 2022
EP 43: Winter 2022 Anime Has Arrived
This week on my first solo episode of the year, I talk about some from last year I watched over the holiday break as well as some new shows from the Winter 2022 Anime season.  Timestamps  (00:00) Intro  (03:15) Housekeeping/Life Talk  News (22:40) New book release from Jacque Aye; The Magical Girl's Guide to Life (25:30) Playstation VR2 Tech specs and info  Anime  (30:10) Link Click Season 1  (32:44) Case Study of Vanitas Season 1  (36:55) Super Crooks  (39:25) Golden Boy  (43:00) Kuroko Basketball Movie  (48:55) Attack on Titan Final Opening  (54:34) Demon Slayer Season Entertainment District episode 6  (57:27) How a Realist Hero Rebuilt a Kingdom  (59:50) Ranking of Kings episode 12  (01:09:55) My Dress Up Darling episode 1  (01:16:35) Sabikui Bisco (Rust-Eater Bisco)  Manga  (01:23:21) Kaiju No 8 chapter 54; News that series going on 1 month break  (01:26:15) Spy x Family chapter 58.1 & 58.2  (01:29:30) Dr Stone chapter 224  (01:31:50) My Birthday manga pickups  (01:38:58) Outro Music from RiftiBeats  Check out my website  Links to all my social media & content platforms 
January 11, 2022
Manga First Impressions: Saturn Apartments Volume 1&2
My inital thoughts on Saturn Apartments Manga.
January 08, 2022
Podcast EP 42: 2022 Most Anticipated Anime, Games, Manga w/ Anime Genshō
1st podcast episode of the year I am joined by Anime_Gensho as we look ahead at what we are excited about for 2022. Including Anime, Manga, Games & general things in life.   Follow Anime_Gensho  Timestamps  (00:00) Intro  (02:00) Who is Anime_Gensho & 2022 Life Events  (08:30) 2022 Life events for Robert  (12:30) 2022 Anime  (27:55) 2022 Movies  (30:00) 2022 Games  (30:45) Pokemon Legends Arceus  (31:55) God of War Ragnarok  (33:25) Horizon Forbidden West  (34:12) Sifu  (35:00) Our hopes for more Anime games  (37:35) Oxenfree 2  (39:00) 2022 Manga Potential spoilers for all manga talked about  (39:40) One Piece Manga  (44:10) My Hero Academia manga  (46:15) Dr Stone manga  (50:55) Fire Force manga  (52:00) Tokyo Revengers manga  (58:25) Ahiru no Sora (basketball anime/manga)  (01:00:20) Kaiju No 8 manga  (01:01:10) Solo Leveling  (01:03:45) Jujutsu Kaizen manga  (01:05:35) Black Clover manga  (01:07:15) Vinland Saga manga/anime  (01:09:35) Dai Dark manga  (01:14:10) General manga talk about others series we continuing  (01:24:00) Final thoughts on whats coming in 2022 & Outro    All music by Rifti Beats
January 04, 2022
Anime Review: Blue Period Season 1
I share my thoughts on season 1 of Blue Period.  Music by Rifti Beats
January 01, 2022
Farewell 2021: Broken Equivalent Exchange
This episode is a time capsule for myself and anyone interested in learning more about me, the person behind Dad Needs To Talk. I share my good and bad experiences from 2021. The stress and the joy.
December 31, 2021
Podcast 41: 2021 Favorite Anime, Games, Manga w/ The Dark Sage
This week I am joined by The Dark Sage as we look back at our favorite Anime, Games & Manga of 2021 We discuss alot of series in passing, I only timestamp stuff that had more than just a name drop  Timestamps  (00:00) Intro  (05:15) Who is the Dark Sage  (10:00) Content creation talk  (13:21) Favorite Anime talk starts Attack on Titan, Jobless Reincarnation, Tokyo Revengers,   (16:55)Megalobox Nomad  (18:10) My Hero Academia  (21:00) Odd Taxi  (22:25) Ranking of Kings  (24:45) Blue Period  (26:25) Beastars  (27:45) Sonny Boy  (28:45) To Your Eternity  (30:00) Jujustsu Kaizen  (32:20) 86  (34:00) Fena Pirate Princess  (35:00) Keep Your Hands off Eizouken  (37:20) Regular TV shoutouts  (38:25) MCU & Young Justice  (40:25) Dune Movie  (42:25) Marvel MCU talk  (43:55) Craig of the Creek & Ducktales Remake  (46:25) Demon Slayer Mugen Train Movie  (48:00) Video Games talk start  (49:23) Spiderman Miles Morales  (51:35) Crash Bandicoot  (53:05) Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart  (53:39) Life is Strange True Colors  (54:55) Best looking game we played  (55:40) The Artful Escape  (59:07) Deaths Door  (01:00:14) Loop Hero  (01:06:36) Guardians of the Galaxy *FULL SPOILERS*  (01:21:31) It Takes Two  (01:23:33) Final game thoughts for the year  (01:25:25) Manga Talk begins  (01:26:00) One Piece  (01:28:30) Dragon Ball & Berserk  (01:30:00) 20th Century Boys & Vinland Saga  (01:31:40) Dai Dark  (01:33:00) Karate Survivor  (01:34:55) Saturn Apartments  (01:37:10) Bleach  (01:37:50) Tokyo Ghoul  (01:38:37) Fist of the North Star  (01:40:00) Spy x Family, Chainsaw Man  (01:40:25) Mature/Naughty manga Recommendations from The Dark Sage  (01:43:15) I am a Hero, Call of the Night, Sweat & Soap  (01:45:40) Young Ladies Dont Play Fighting Games  (01:48:45) Heavenly Delusion  (01:49:00) Shonen Jump Weekly shoutouts  (01:52:55) RIP Hunters Guild Red Hood  (01:55:00) Final thoughts  (02:00:20) Outro Follow Chase
December 28, 2021
EP 40: We are King's, Witcher's, Spider-Men & Jump Festa 2022
(00:00) Intro (00:48) Life Talk & Housekeeping News (06:54) Jump Festa 2022 announcements Manga (19:20) One Piece manga 1035 (25:55) Dr Stone manga 233 (32:05) My Hero Academia manga 338 Anime/TV/Movies (38:30) Ranking of Kings ep 10 (44:50) Blue Period ep 10 (52:20) The Witcher Season 1&2 (01:00:40) Hawkeye ep 5 (01:11:55) Spider-Man No Way Home (Spoiler Free thoughts) 01:14:00) Spider-Man No Way Home SPOILERS (01:37:33) Outro Music by RiftiBeats Logo art by Tyron Bryant IG @jetseta_tyron
December 22, 2021
Podcast EP 39: Acceptance & Going Beyond For Creativity, Friends & Family
This week I talk about how far would we go for our creativity, friends and family Time Stamps  (00:00) Intro  (00:45) Life talk and housekeeping  News  (12:30) Space Crush Comic chapter 3 is out  (17:55) Game Awards Winners recap  (19:20) Game Awards New Game Announcements  (26:50) No Guns Life Vol 13 The final volume  (28:10) Craig of the Creek in HBOMAX  (29:30) Main Topic- How Far Will You Go For Your Creativity/Friends/Family  (30:44) Blue Period Episode 9  (39:00) Guardians of the Galaxy Game  (44:10) Ranking of Kings episode 9  (45:40) The Unforgivable Movie  (55:15) Topic final thoughts  (56:20) Frieren Beyond Journeys End Vol 1  Manga  (01:02:30) My Hero Academia Chapter 337  (01:04:55) Dr Stone chapter 222  (01:07:15) Spy x Family chapters 56 & 57  (01:09:45) Kaiju No 8 chapter 52  (01:12:00) Just talking manga/anime I need to catch up on & talking life/vibes (01:21:34) Outro
December 14, 2021
Podcast EP 38: Jojo Part 6 & Fatherhood Sacrifices
This week talk about Jojo Bizarre Adventure Part 6 & how I relate to Jotaro from a fathers perspective; Lots of great anime episodes and manga pickups Timestamps  (00:00) Intro  (00:30)  Housekeeping & Life Talk  (21:30) News  Games  (25:35) Guardians of the Galaxy game (updated thoughts) Anime  (27:17) Jojo Part 6 & Fatherhood talk  (46:20) Jobless Reincarnation ep 21  (54:30) 86 episode 19  (58:330) Ranking of Kings ep 8  (01:03:42) Demond Slayer Season 2 Entertainment District ep 1  (01:06:05) Blue Period ep 8  Manga  (01:11:40) My Hero Academia Chapter 336  (01:19:00) Kaiju No chapter 50 & 51  (01:22:40) Manga Hunter/Volume Up (Talking about what volumes Ive picked up this week or read through)  Volumes read this week: Karate Survivor vol 2; Call of the night vol 2 and started vol 3  New manga pickups Kaiju No 8 vol 1, 20th Century Boys Vol 7,  Saturn Apartments vol 1&2, No 5 Vol 1  (01:39:16) Outro
December 07, 2021
Podcast EP 37: DFW Podcast Fest 2021 & Arcane Review
Showing love to fellow content creators, review of Arcane anime series and lots of manga talk Timestamps (00:00) Intro & housekeeping (06:00) Community shoutout to other content creators (06:06) Senae from Blanime Podcast (07:30) IG manga_brownies (09:00) epikmangabookclub podcast (11:30) unapologetically black gaming podcast (13:30) Jasperine Twitch streamer and host of Growing Pains podcast (15:00) DFW Podcast Festival 2021 event News (30:23) Tokyo Revengers Physical english release announced (32:30) Made in Abyss season 2 (35:15) Call of the Night anime announced (37:30) Bleach TYBW arc getting trailer at Jump Festa Manga Talk (39:30) Top 10 Best Selling Manga of 2021 (46:30) manga hunt at barnes & noble story (55:25) My Hero Academia chapter 335 (59:40) One Piece chapter 1033 (01:04:23) Ayashimon impressions (01:06:16) Doron Dororon impressions (01:10:50) Dr Stone 220 Games (01:13:50) Guardians of the Galaxy game impressions (01:16:08) Sackboy A Big Adventure Anime/TV (01:17:17) Ranking of Kings episode 7 (01:21:21) Sakugan episode 8 (01:24:28) Hawkeye episode 1&2 impressions (01:31:50) Arcane season 1 Review (01:51:44) Outro
November 30, 2021
Podcast EP 36: One Piece Anime Episode 1000 with The Honey Goat
This week I have special guest Twitch Streamer TheHoneyGoat, we talk about all things One Piece including episode 1000 this week as well as what she has been playing on stream lately. (00:00) Intro (07:50) One Piece Film Red Movie (14:00) Our journey getting into One Piece (26:00) One Piece episode 1000 (40:30) One Piece Manga chapter 1032 discussion & theories of whats coming next (01:06:20) Our Favorite One Piece characters (01:23:40) General chat on what Honey has been playing watching including: Guardians of the Galaxy, Sleeping Dogs, Animal Crossing (01:29:35) Young Justice (01:33:30) Outro
November 23, 2021
Manga Talk: Young Ladies Don't Play Fighting Games Volume 1
My thoughts on Young Ladies Don't Play Fighting Games Volume 1. Synopsis: Forbidden Love (for video games). Kuromi Girls’ Academy is a refined, elegant school that expects the very best in deportment from its young ladies. Aya got into this peerless rich-girls’ institution on a scholarship, and hopes to grow as lovely as her fellow student and idol, the so-called “Shirayuri-sama.” But Shirayuri hides a terrible secret: she’s a trash-talking, combo-chaining, newbie-stomping, ruthless hardcore gamer! Could a mutual indulgence in no-holds-barred video game combat grow into a deeper rapport between these two girls?
November 19, 2021
Anime Dallas 2021: My 1st Convention
I share my thoughts and experience going to my 1st convention.
November 17, 2021
Podcast EP 35: Eternals & Vash 4th Birthday!
Vash is 4 today (00:00) Intro  (01:10) Housekeeping & Life Talk  (23:20) Vash birthday, reflecting on 4 years of fatherhood  Game Talk (51:18) Unpacking  Manga Talk (53:15) Hunters Guild Red Hood; Farewell to this series  (54:44) One Piece 1031  (55:55) The birthday drops in a midnight to surprise me  (57:08) Back to One Piece  (01:00:50) My Hero Academia 332  Anime Talk (01:03:50) Spoiler free thoughts on 86, Jobless, Blue Period, Komi  (01:05:30) Ranking of Kings episode 4  (01:09:52) Sakugan episode 5  (01:11:20) Violet Evergarden series thoughts  (01:15:40) Eternals Movie impressions  (01:29:20) Outro
November 08, 2021
Podcast EP 34: Dai Dark Manga, Young Justice & MHA World Heroes Mission
On this weeks episode (00:00) Intro  (01:10) Life Talk & Housekeeping  News  (10:52) Spy x Family Anime announced  Manga  (14:47)  Sakamoto Days 1 year anniversary  (16:00) Spy x Family manga chapter 55  (18:40) My Hero Academia manga chapter 331  (25:52) Dai Dark manga volume 1&2 impressions  Anime/TV  (40:52) General talk about 86 & Jobless Reincarnation  (42:00) Spoilers Jobless Reincarnation episode 16  (43:25) Spoilers 86 episode 16  (45:05) Sakugan episode 4  (48:07) Ranking of Kings episode 3  (53:55) Blue Period episode 4  (58:54) Young Justice season 3 & 4 thoughts  (01:06:15) My Hero Academia Movie World Heroes Mission (01:14:50) Outro
November 01, 2021
Podcast EP 33: Finding Peace In Dune
On this weeks episode (00:00) Intro  (01:13) Life, housekeeping, new kittens and content creation talk  (31:07) Daughters got to be in news story about the Melanin Magic Coloring Book News  (34:30) Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 Announced  (37:51) Uncharted Movie 1st Trailer  Main Topic (41:20) Dune 2021 Movie Experience and me finding peace going to see movies by myself  (54:55) Vash joins the podcast  (56:35) Life is Strange True Colors Anime  (57:54) Violet Evergarden episodes 1-7  (01:02:45) Fena Pirate Princess Finale  (01:04:30) Sakugan episode 3  (01:10:00) Ranking of Kings episode 2  (01:15:42) Komi Cant Communicate episode 1  Manga (01:22:11) One Piece manga chapter 1029  (01:24:44) Dr Stone manga chapter 215  (01:26:18) Sakamoto Days manga chapter 40-44  (01:28:20) Black Clover manga chapter 300-310  (01:29:30) Hunters Guild Red Hood manga chapter 16  Outro (01:31:03)
October 26, 2021
Podcast EP 32 : We Smash The Ranking of Kings
(00:00) Intro (00:45) Life & Housekeeping (06:15) Melanin Magic Coloring Book News (10:30) Disney + Licensing Anime Series (12:30) DC Fandom 2021 Announcements Games (17:30) Life is Strange True Colors & Back 4 Blood Manga (19:40) My Hero Academia Chapter 330 (25:15) Hunters Guild Red Hood chapter 15 Anime/TV (33:20) Sakugan episode 2 (41:20) Ranking of Kings episode 1 (54:15) 86 episode 14 (01:00:10) You Season 3 Quick thoughts Main Topic (01:05:55) Finding My Place In the Community (01:27:00) Sharing Some Milestones for The Podcast and YouTube (01:27:55) Outro
October 19, 2021
Manga Review: Karate Survivor In Another World Volume 1 | Dad Needs To Talk
My thoughts on Karate Survivor in Another World volume 1
October 16, 2021
Manga Talk: I Am A Hero Omnibus Volume 1 Review
My thoughts and impressions of Volume 1
October 14, 2021
Podcast EP 31: Strong Fall Anime Sakugan & Squid Game ft My Wife
(01:17) Housekeeping and Life Talk Games (22:00)Battlefield 20422 Manga (29:00)My Hero Academia 328-329 (38:00)One Piece 2027-2028 (49:25)Hunter's Guild Red Hood 14 (52:25) Dandadan 26.1-28 Anime (55:55)Fena ep 10 (01:01:24)Sakugan ep 1 (01:19:20)Platinum End ep 1 (01:20:13)Jobless Reincarnation 12-13 (01:24:27)Mieruko chan ep 1-2 (01:26:23)86 ep 12-13 (01:29:55)My Senpai is annoying ep1  (01:31:40)Blue Period ep 1 (01:32:11)What If finale Main Topic (01:34:50) Squid Game talk my Wife (Instagram @rainingcrystalz_) (01:52:12) Outro
October 12, 2021
Podcast EP 30 Part 2: Bojack Horseman Review Discussion
I am joined by Steve from Inside The Mind Of A Blerd Podcast as we review and discuss our thoughts of Bojack Horseman.  We talk full in depth spoilers about the various themes and topics the series covers, our favorite episodes/moments and the various character story arcs. Trigger Warning as Bojack Covers various themes and topics Follow Steve Twitter @scubasteve1428 Follow Inside The Mind Of A Blerd Podcast Twitter @blerdmindpod
October 05, 2021
Podcast EP 30 Part 1: Interview with Steve from Inside The Mind Of A Blerd Podcast
This half of the podcast I talk with my friend Steve who is a host and co-founder of Inside The Mind Of A Blerd Podcast. We talk about the ITMOB podcast origins & recent 1 year anniversary; Discuss our adventures being wholesome nerdy dads; In the Look Back Segment we talk link cables/pokemon and love for the 90s; Discuss some of Steve current favorites like Undead Unluck, Fena Pirate Princess and Scissor Seven; Follow Steve Twitter @scubasteve1428 Follow Inside The Mind Of A Blerd Podcast Twitter @blerdmindpod
October 05, 2021
Manga Talk: Vinland Saga Book 8 Chapters 101-115 Read Through Review
I read through and talk about Vinland Saga manga Book 8 which covers chapters 101-115
September 29, 2021
Podcast EP 29: Life is Strange and Mission Yozakura Family 51-75
(00:00) Intro (01:20) Life Talk and Housekeeping News (20:20) Nintendo Direct highlights (33:22) Demon Slayer S2 info (35:00) The Witcher Season 2 date Anime/TV (36:45) 86 season 1 thoughts (44:04) What If ep 6-7 (50:10) Fena Pirate Princess ep 8 Games (54:20) Psychonaughts 2 (58:45) Life is Strange True Colors chapters 1-3 (Spolier free) Manga (01:10:01) Dr Stone 208-212 (01:20:20) Jujutsu Kaisen 160 (01:26:25) My Hero Academia 327 (01:28:30) One Piece 1026 (01:29:45) Hunter's Guild Red Hood 12 Main Topic  (01:36:20) Mission Yozakura Family Chapters 51-75 (01:50:30) Outro Music by RiftiBeats Logo art by Tyron Bryant  IG @jetseta_tyron
September 27, 2021
Manga Review Talk: Sweat and Soap Volume 1
Review and thoughts on Sweat and Soap volume 1
September 24, 2021
Manga Review Talk: Call of the Night Volume 1
Review and thoughts on Call of the Night Volume 1
September 24, 2021
EP 28: Fall 2021 Anime Preview
This week we look at what anime I'm excited to watch for Fall 2021 Anime.  (00:00) Intro (01:20) Life Talk and Housekeeping Anime/TV (15:49) Fena Pirate Princess ep 8 (26:10) 86 ep 1 Manga (30:00) My Hero Academia ch 326 (38:55) Choujin X ch 8 (46:08) Sakamoto Days ch 37-39 (51:30) Hunter's Guild Red Hood ch 11 (55:39) Kaiju No 8 ch 44 (57:07) Jujutsu Kaisen ch 159 Main Topic  (60:40) Fall 2021 Anime Preview and what I'm gonna watch (01:30:23) Outro Music by RiftiBeats Logo art by Tyron Bryant  IG @jetseta_tyron
September 20, 2021
EP 27: 6 months & The Artful Escape
(00:00) Intro (01:27) Life and Housekeeping News Playstation Showcase  (21:45) Spider-Man 2 (23:35)Wolverine (24:34)God of war Ragnarok (28:08)Hawkeye Trailer Games (30:15) Ratchet and clank finished Anime/TV (34:40) MHA Shigaraki flashback (37:30) Fena Pirate (41:00) To Your Eternity s1 finale Manga (51:51) One Piece ch 1025 (54:27) Hunter's Guild Red Hood ch 10 (60:35) Mashel ch 77 Main Topic  (01:05:22) Artful Escape game review (01:18:50) Outro Music by RiftiBeats Logo art by Tyron Bryant  IG @jetseta_tyron
September 15, 2021
Manga Review Talk: 20th Century Boys Perfect Edition volume 4
My review and read through discussion for 20th Century Boys Perfect Edition volume 4 Theres also Video on my YouTube channel music by RiftiBeats
September 14, 2021
EP 26: Shang-Chi got Hands & Rings
Intro (01:15)Life Talk and Housekeeping Manga reviews I spoke to UT Arlington podcast class News (13:14)RIP to Michael K Williams The Wire Lovecraft country (15:18)Demon Slayer s2 (15:53)Playstation Showcase Thursday  Anime/TV (18:25)What If ep 3-4 ((23:13)Keep Your Hands off Eizouken final thoughts (28:45)MHA Anime 110 (34:04)Miss Kobiyashi Dragon Maid initial thoughts (36:25)Sonny Boy (42:25)Fena Pirate Princess 5 Manga (45:20)Mission Yozakura family chapter 26-50 (47:49)Mashel 76 (52:17)MHA 325 (59:01)One Piece 1024 (01:02:41)Spy x Family 52 (01:04:19)Hunter's Guild  9 Topic (01:10:01)Shang-Chi and the Legend of the 10 Rings movie (01:30:44) Outro
September 07, 2021
Manga Review Talk: 20th Century Boys Perfect Edition Volume 3
I review and do a read through discussion for 20th Century Boys Perfect Edition Volume 3 Link to YouTube Video version of this Volume 1 Review Volume 2 Review Music from RiftiBeats
September 01, 2021
EP 25: Dandadan is Wild
(01:22)Life and Housekeeping News (21:40)MHA Movie coming October 29th to US theater Gamescom announcement (22:50)New Saints Row game  (23:39)Marvel Midnight suns (xcom style game) (24:13)Halo coming December 8 and Limited edition console (25:10)Horizon Forbidden West coming 2/18/22 Games (27:24) Call of Duty Vanguard (28:17)Riders Republic demo Anime/TV (31:30)Reincarnated Slime 39-44 (35:55)Fena Pirate Princess 1-4 (42:20)Remake Our Life 8 Manga (47:17)My Hero Academia Vigilantes 107-108 (51:04)My Hero Academia 324 (54:06)Space Crush 2 (57:17)Choujin X 6-7 (01:04:50)One Piece 1023 & One Piece Vivi Adventure 01:12:04)Red Hood 8 (01:21:05)Dandadan 1-21  Main Topic (01:28:55)1 year since leaving toxic job for my better current job. (02:14:40) Outro
August 30, 2021
Manga Talk: Zom 100 Bucket List of the Dead Volume 1 Review
I review and share my thoughts on Volume 1 of Zom 100 Bucket List of the Dead. Link to YouTube video of this review
August 25, 2021
Manga Talk: Tokyo Revengers manga 217-218
My thoughts on recent Tokyo Revengers manga chapters. Here's the link to the YouTube video
August 24, 2021
EP 24: What If...The Next Generation Takes The Stage
(00:30)Intro (01:15)Life and Housekeeping News (17:10)Eternals Trailer (19:40)Attack on Titan final season part 2 January (21:25) Dandadan manga coming to Shonen Jump Anime/TV (23:30)What If ep 2 (30:31)Bojack Horseman season 5 Manga (49:54)New manga pickups and it being theraputic (01:09:34)Mashel 73&74 (01:16:00)Sakamoto Days 33&34 (01:19:27)One Piece 1022 (01:25:25)MHA 323 (01:32:33)Hunter's Guild Red Hood 7 (01:44:04)Main Topic: My daughter's started their own business and pushing others to take hobbies to the next level. Check out my wife store (02:06:48) Outro. Music by RiftiBeats
August 23, 2021
EP 23: Manga & Podcasting Lifestyle
(00:00)Intro (01:07)Life update and Housekeeping Happy Birthday mom; Skylar and Scubasteve podcast (14:15)News Pokémon game updates 8/18; Nintendo Indie World; Anime/TV (25:22)-To Your Eternity 13-17; (33:50)-Keep Your Hands off Eizouken 4-8; (39:35)-MHA 107 Aizawa Flashback; (43:22)-Ducktales s2 finale Moon invasion; (48:55)-More Keep Your Hands off Eizouken; Manga (54:00)-Space Crush Chapter 2 is out (56:16)-New Manga Pickups (01:10:40)-Solo Leveling 151-161; Main Topic (01:18:20) How Podcasting has changed my habits; (01:33:20)Outro Music
August 16, 2021
EP 22: Bleach Returns
(00:00)Intro (02:20)Life Talk and Housekeeping; TV (06:00)Re-Main ep 4-5; (13:30)The Suicide Squad; (20:40)Bojack Horseman season 4; (33:35) Keep Your Hands off Eizouken; Manga (36:40)One Piece 2021; (43:20)Jujutsu Kaisen (48:38) Neru Way of the Martial Artist ch 5; (50:40) Hunter's Guild Red Hood 6; (01:01:48) Spy x Family 51; Main Topic (01:03:05) Bleach manga returns and my history with the series; (01:26:08) Outro and Jojo part 6 anime info
August 10, 2021
EP 21: Beaches, Fight Clubs and Mythical Wolves
Intro (01:16) Housekeeping and life talk; (12:25)News Bleach special chapter for 20th anniversary; (15:10) Anime quick mentions; What I'm reading (17:24)Jujutsu Kaisen 153; (25:38)One Piece 1020; (34:40) DC3 1 Shot from Promised Neverland creators; (36:36)Red Hood 5; (45:40)Neru 4; (52:42)Choujin X 3-5; (01:02:00)MHA 321; (01:05:35) manga roundup; (01:08:05)Main Topic- Family Trip; (01:34:00) Message to my daughter;(01:35:04) Outro
August 02, 2021
EP 20: The Mindset, Death's Door and The Yozakura Family
Intro (01:17)Housekeeping/Life Talk (06:58)Main Topic: Maximizing time and mentally preparing for success; What I'm playing (52:15)Death's Door What I'm watching (01:04:28) general TV talk (01:05:55)Tokyo Revengers ep 16 (01:08:24)Space Jam New Legacy What I'm reading (01:13:40)Webtoon Space Crush (01:19:27)MHA Vigilantes 101-106 (01:22:22)Me and Roboco 1-10 (01:26:16) Mission Yozakura Family 1-25 YouTube vid (01:38:11)Spy x Family 50 (01:43:11)Solo Leveling 131-151 (01:51:35) Outro Music @riftibeat
July 27, 2021
EP 19: We was Kangs and Track Stars
Intro (01:08)Housekeeping/Life Talk Podcast with Steve and Skylar from Inside the mind of a blerd podcast;  Track traveling; (18:00)News Jujutsu Kaisen manga returns in August; What I'm watching (19:40)Loki finale (26:29)Bojack Horseman s2/s3 (40:11)What I'm reading (41:20)Hunter's Guild Red Hood 4 (45:22) MHA 320 (48:53)One Piece 1019 (53:50)Look Back One Shot (58:40) Manga wrap up thoughts (60:20)Main Topic Interview with daughter about track experience (01:30:14)Outro; Music from
July 19, 2021
EP 18: Black Widow, Bojack and a BS5?!
Podcast 7/11/21 (01:07) Housekeeping/Life Talk (17:45) News First trailer for What If…? Vinland saga season 2 coming Shield Hero S2 delayed Anime/TV (23:13)Re-Main (Water Polo anime) (30:02)One Piece 982 (32:50)Slime Season 2 returns (35:41)Bojack Horseman s1 Manga (45:00)My Hero Academia (52:15)Kaiju No 8 (59:45)Mashe Magic and Muscles 70 (01:04:50) Spy x Family 49 (01:07:15) Dr Stone 204 (01:08:27) Red Hood 3 (01:08:56) Neru Way of the Martial Artist Main Topic Movies (01:11:00)Luca (01:19:29)Black Widow (01:30:20)Outro
July 13, 2021
Life Lessons & Memories EP: Dealing with Trauma and Paranoia 7 years later
I retell the story of when my 1st apartment got burglarized 7 years ago and the mental trauma and paranoia I still deal with today. 
July 09, 2021
Movie EP: Fatherhood Movie Review
I review and discuss the new Kevin Hart Netflix movie Fatherhood
July 07, 2021
EP 17: Neru The Martial Artist, The Red Hood Guild and The Odd Taxi
(01:07) - Life update and Housekeeping Kids sports YouTube Channel Upcoming content Anime(Visual Feast) (15:35) Odd Taxi series review (23:23) To Your Eternity 7-12 (31:50) Watch round up; Craig of the Creek, Fruits Basket and others Manga (37:00) Neru: Way of the Martial Artist 1 (47:15) The Hunters Guild: Red Hood 1&2 (50:44) One Piece 1018 Jinbe vs Whos Who (55:50) Mashel Magic and Muscles 69 (58:00) Manga Wrap Up and upcoming reading (60:18) Outro Music From Rifti Beats Intro Music: Outro Music:
July 05, 2021
EP 16: It's Dangerous To Go Alone Take A Bakugo
(01:07) - Life and Housekeeping Kids track & basketball Park time Anime (22:25) - Megalobox Nomad finale (28:20) - Vivy Fluorite Eye's Song Finale ( 35:15 ) - Tokyo Revengers 12 ( 38:30) - My Hero Academia 102 Manga ( 42:05) - One Piece 1017 ( 50:40) - My Hero Academia 318 (60:10) - General talk (01:04:20- Outro
June 28, 2021
EP 15: Deku Alone & The Manga Father
(01:07) Housekeeping and life Kids track meet Father's day with family Manga gifts Git to guest on Anime Gensho podcast should be out in the coming weeks (17:07) Games Playing Ratchet and Clank Started Psychonaughts 1 Anime (19:00) Megalobox Nomad ep 12 (23:25) Vivy Fluorite Eye's Song Manga (27:24) MHA 317 (41:35) Dr Stone 201 (46:06) Kaiju No 8 ch 37 (47:50) Outro
June 21, 2021
Life Lessons & Memories: Happy Father's Day to Me
I talk about my journey from Father figure to Step Dad to Daddy. Today I celebrate me.
June 19, 2021
Game EP: Nintendo & E3 Wrap-up
I cover all the announcements from Nintendo E3 2021 and share final thoughts on E3 this year as a whole.
June 16, 2021
EP 14: 3 months & milestones
(01:05)Life and Housekeeping 3 month podcast anniversary E3 news podcast Games (11:05)Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart PS5 Anime (17:30) Megalobox Nomad; (25:08) MHA Ep100; (31:41)One Piece anime 978; Manga (35:45)JJK 152; (41:40)Dr Stone 200;(46:16)One Piece 1016; (54:29)MHA 316; (01:04:07)Sakamoto Days 21-27 Outro (01:06:24)
June 14, 2021
Game EP: E3 Day 1&2 Recap
Games mentioned Ubisoft: Mario and Rabbids Sparks of Hope; Rainbow 6 Extraction; Avatar Frontiers of Pandora. ; Xbox and Bethesda: Starfield 11-11-22 ; Psychonaughts 8-25-21; 12 minutes  August-19-21 ; Back 4 Blood coming Gamepass October 12; Battlefield 2042; Halo gameplay No solid date; Forza Horizon 5 Location Mexico; Red Fall a Vampire Shooter from the Dishonored team Diablo 2 remake coming 9-23-21; Stalker 2 4-28-22; Contraband New game from Just Cause team; Outer Worlds 2; Sea of Theives  adding Pirates of the Caribbean themed content; Yakuza like a dragon on GamePass; Microsoft Flight simulator coming xbox July 27 with Top Gun themed expansion; Age of Empires 4 10-28-21; Hades 8-13-21 to GamePass; Somerville from one of the co-founder of Limbo and Inside; Plague Tale Requiem 2022; Slim Rancher 2; Square Enix: Guardians of the Galaxy game 10-26-21; Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin
June 13, 2021
Game EP: Elden Ring, Tiny Tina and Summer Games Fest
A recap of the biggest game announcements from Summer Games Fest Kickoff live stream including: Elden Ring, Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, Metal Slug Tactics and more games.
June 11, 2021
TV EP: Loki episode 1 Impressions
Loki has debuted on Disney+ so I share my quick thoughts on the show.
June 09, 2021
EP13: The Sunday Sweet Tooth
Life and Housekeeping Guest appeared on; Dr Stone Podcast called Kicking Stones Podcast Dad without a dad podcast host Jose Got added to the website catelog; E3 is coming next weekend TV/Anime (17:07)Megalobox Nomad ep10 (24:42)Sweet Tooth Netflix Series Manga (38:22)One Piece 1015 (48:12)Dr Stone 199 (52:33)Jujutsu Kaisen 151 (55:56)My Hero Academia 315 Wrap up talk (01:02:35) final thoughts and wrap up Outro (01:11:25)
June 07, 2021
Manga EP: Tokyo Revengers Final Arc begins
I've caught up on Tokyo Revengers manga chapter 207.
June 01, 2021
EP12: Maki Zenin on the hunt
Life update and Housekeeping Life Lessons ep Movie Review News (04:00) Horizon Forbidden West gameplay (07:00) Far cry 6 coming October 7 (09:00) Deathloop gameplay coming in October (10:10) New dragon quest games DQ3 remake in Octopath game engine DQ12 (11:40) Sonic 30th anniversary Sonic colors remake New sonic game 2022 (13:30) Dying Light 2 coming December 7th (14:25) Eternals trailer (16:55) Biomutant is out what yall think? Might get in sale later (18:20) E3 plans June 12-15 Summer game fest opening night June 10th Ubisoft forward June 12 Xbox and Bethesda June 13 Upcoming game releases Ratchet and Clank June 11 Mario Golf Anime/TV (21:31) Eden short series (23:06) Megalobox Nomad Manga (27:00) One Piece 1014 (32:00)MHA 314 (38:00)Jujutsu Kaisen 150 (40:30) Dr Stone 198 (44:31) Kaiju No 8 (46:35) Tokyo Revengers manga 150 Outro (51:26)
May 31, 2021
Movie EP: The Mitchells vs The Machines Review with my kids
My kids and I just watched The Mitchells vs The Machines Movie. 2 of my kids join me to talk about our favorite parts of the movie.
May 30, 2021
Life Lessons & Memories: Raising Child Athletes
Being a parent is a journey itself but also raising multiple children who are doing sports and extra activities makes a very busy life. I talk about some lessons I've learned over the years of being an athlete myself and now being a parent to athletes.
May 29, 2021
EP11: The Passing and Immortality of Legends
Another week of life talk, manga and anime Life Talk (01:04) - Goals and ambitions with the podcast, looking beyond current day job; Hunting down some manga volumes; My wife and I need to do better promotion for personal projects; Collaborating with friends; Podcast shout outs names (Let me bitch bitch; Unlocked and Unloaded by Magda Dasir) News (35:11) - Kentaro Miura author of Berserk passes away Anime/TV (49:15) - Megalobox Nomad ep 8 (59:39) - MODOC early thoughts (01:05:20) - Ducktales continues to be good (Season 2 ep7) Manga (01:14:52) - Jujutsu Kaisen ch149 (01:24:10) - My Hero ch313 (01:34:57) - Dr Stone ch197 (01:46:49) - Mashel ch63 (01:50:51) - Kaiju No 8 ch34 (01:56:38) - Casual Manga Talk (02:01:26) - Outro
May 24, 2021
Life Lessons & Memories: Taking The 1st Step is Hard
I talk about how taking the 1st step in doing something can be hard or scary but it can be done. I talk about a few things in my life past and present on this subject. Be encouraged, you can do this. *sidenote I recorded in my car at the park, so apologies for any audio issues.
May 22, 2021
Game EP: Aerial_Knight's Never Yield Review & Impressions
I share my thoughts on a new game from Niel Jones called Aerial_Knight's Never Yield
May 20, 2021
Manga EP: 20th Century Boys Perfect Edition volume 2
I continue my 20th Century Boys Read Through with Perfect Edition volume 2. Let's see where Kenji and his crew are at in saving the world
May 19, 2021
EP 10: Manga Ladies Arrive Dr Suika, Lady Nagant and Maki Zenin
Timestamps (00:00) - Intro (01:05) - Life Update and Housekeeping; Anime (14:19) - Megalobox Ep7 (20:34) - To Your Eternity Ep3-5 (27:58) - Dragon Quest Adventures of Dai Ep29-32 Manga (41:57) - Dr Stone manga 196 (51:06) - One Piece manga 1013 (56:58) - Kaiju No 8 manga 33 (01:02:09) - My Hero Academia manga 312 (01:09:52) - Mashel of Magic and Muscles manga 62 (01:14:35) - Undead Unluck manga 58-63 (01:18:36) - Jujutsu Kaisen manga 148 (01:27:48) - Outro and thanks
May 17, 2021
Manga EP: Tokyo Revengers manga ch52-116
I continue this wild journey through Tokyo Revengers manga. I cover chapters 52-116
May 15, 2021
TV EP: Ducktales 2017 Remake S1
I finally watched season 1 of the new Ducktales Remake series and love it.
May 11, 2021
Manga EP: Choujin X
New series from Sui Ishida the creator of Tokyo Ghoul.
May 10, 2021
EP9: Gearless Joe and Suika on the lonely journey
Timestamps (00:00) - Intro (01:05) - Life Update and Housekeeping; (16:10) - News and gaming update (23:02) - Marvel Studios Movies Trailer hype and new dates Anime (29:05) - Tokyo Revengers anime update and Megalobox Nomad ep 6 (33:55) - Update on others shows I need to catch up on Manga (35:00) - My Hero Academia manga 311 (44:45) - Dr Stone manga 195 (53:47) - One Piece Manga 1012 (01:01:11) - Mashel Manga 60&61 (01:06:39) - Outro
May 10, 2021
Manga EP: Tokyo Revengers manga ch1-51
After episode 5 if the anime, I jumped into the manga for Tokyo Revengers. I've read up to chapter 51.
May 09, 2021
Manga EP: 20th Century Boys Perfect Edition volume 1
I finally started reading 20th Century Boys. Read through and discussion. Timestamps (01:04) - What is 20th Century Boys and general thoughts. (12:24) - 20th Century Boys v1 ch1-12 (56:28) - 20th Century Boys v1 ch13-21 (01:34:07) - Final Thoughts (01:24:21) - Outro
May 06, 2021
EP8: Podcast Ideas, Spy x Family and Ducktales
This week I discuss potential changes to podcast as far as how I cover topics. I also talk about a few shows I watched as well. Timestamps (01:07) - Ideas for Podcast Future (35:24) - Upcoming games and shows (41:53) - Ducktales Reboot (45:35) - Megalobox Nomad ep5 (50:05) - Tokyo Revengers ep4 (54:25) - Spy x Family ch 45 (52:25) - Outro
May 03, 2021
Manga Bonus EP: Vinland Saga Book 7 ch 87-100
I continue my read through of Vinland Saga manga as we finish the Farmland Arc  Timestamps (01:07) - Vinland Saga Vol 13 (33:28) - Vinland Saga Vol 14 (01:09:11) - Outro
May 02, 2021
TV Bonus EP: Invincible Season 1 Finale Review & Impressions
Season 1 of Invincible has ended, if you haven't watched I give my general thoughts before I go into full spoilers. Timestamps (00:31) - Spoiler Free thoughts and recommendation for Season 1 of Invincible (05:47) - SPOILERS for Season 1 Finale ep 8 of Invincible (29:54) - Outro
April 30, 2021
Anime Bonus EP: Yasuke the Black Samurai Anime Review & Impressions
I give my thoughts and impressions of the new 6 episode Netflix anime Yasuke. This story is about the first black Samurai.
April 30, 2021
EP7: Sam is Captain America, Suika is Dr Stone & Chief is a Legend
Falcon winter soldier finale, Megalobox Nomad and Jujutsu Kaisen make us cry and more. Timestamps (00:00) - Intro (00:32) - Housekeeping; I made a website for the podcast. (10:11) - Life update; Bought my kids first comic books (21:51) - Mortal Kombat movie 2021 (21:20) - Falcon Winter Soldier Finale (29:54) - Invincible ep 7 (36:46) - Megalobox Nomad ep 4 (45:05) - Dragon Quest Adventures of Dai ep28-29 (49:50) - Tokyo Revengers ep 3 and To Your Eternity ep 2 Manga (53:25) - Kaiju No 8 manga 32 (57:42) - My Hero Academia manga 310 (01:07:15) - Dr Stone manga 194 (01:15:10) - One Piece manga 1011 (01:23:34) - Jujutsu Kaisen manga 147 (01:27:07) - Outro and Thanks
April 26, 2021
Manga Bonus EP: My Hero Academia Vigilantes ch 100
I celebrate this big milestone for Vigilantes reaching ch 100 by giving my thoughts on the series and why you should give it a chance.
April 24, 2021
Anime Bonus EP: Demon Slayer Mugen Train Movie Review & Impressions.
My thoughts on the Demon Slayer Mugen Train Movie
April 23, 2021
EP6: My Hero, Invincible and Megalobox Nomad; It's hard being a pro.
Busy family weekend, great TV and Anime episodes. Good manga chapters as well. Timestamps (00:00) - Intro (00:32) - Housekeeping; was on a My Hero Academia podcast  (05:21) - Life update (12:27) - New book pickup Ask Iwata (14:30) - Ariel_Knight's Never Yield game demo TV/Anime (18:58) - Falcon Winter Soldier ep 5 (28:44) - Invincible ep 6 (37:40) - Tokyo Revengers ep 2, Shaman King update (38:15) - Megalobox Nomad episode 3 Manga (44:39) - My Hero Academia 309 (53:07) - Spy x Family 44 (58:50) - Dr Stone 193 (01:06:20) - Kaiju No 8 (01:09:50) - Outro and Thanks
April 19, 2021
Manga Bonus EP: Vinland Saga Manga Book 6 ch 72-86
I continue my read through of Vinland Saga manga and the Farmland Slave arc. (00:00) - Intro (00:30) - Vinland Saga Manga ch 72-78 (vol 10) (32:00) - Vinland Saga Manga ch 79-86 (vol 11) (59:10) - Final thoughts (01:06:36) - Outro
April 16, 2021
EP5: Suika is Dr Stone MVP & One Piece 1010 is a 10/10
Timestamps (00:00) - Intro (00:32) - My life adventures maximizing downtime and using it to learn. (05:03) - Old Mentor called me House Keeping  (13:13) - Attack on Titan and Vinland Saga special podcast episodes News (16:16) - Demon Slayer movie tickets; E3 returns TV  (17:50) - Falcon Winter Soldier ep 4 (24:40) - Invincible ep 5 (31:40) - Tokyo Revengers ep 1 (35:17) - Megalobox Nomad ep1-2 (38:13) - Jujutsu Kaisen manga 145 (41:57) - Dr Stone manga 192 (49:22) - One Piece manga 1010 (55:45) - MHA manga 308 (01:46:30) - Manga read list (01:01:53) - Outro and Thanks
April 12, 2021
Manga Bonus EP: Vinland Saga Manga Book 5 ch 55-71
I began my journey reading the Vinland Saga manga. Read chapters 55-71 the start to the Farmland Slave Arc.
April 11, 2021
Manga Bonus EP: Attack on Titan Manga Chapter 139 The Series Finale
In this special episode I look back on my history with Attack of Titan, sharing my thoughts on the ending and the series as a whole. The series ran for 11.5 years and was a wild ride from start to finish.
April 09, 2021
EP4: I'm a Outrider and Manga buyer.
This week I talk about me buying to much manga, playing Outriders and Zoro and Senku having some wild stuff happening in their worlds. Timestamps (00:00) - Intro (00:32) - My life adventures from the week (06:10) - Manga buying adventure; Vinland Saga Books 5-7, 20th Century Boys, Mujirushi News (20:34) - MLB The Show coming to Xbox Gamepass (23:15) - PS3, Vita, Psp digital stores close this summer (24:53) - Space Jam 2 trailer (25:55) - JoJo Part 6 anime announced Games (27:40) - Outriders (41:15) - Falcon Winter Soldier ep 3 (45:35) - Invincible ep 4 (55:00) - Shaman King, Craig of the creek, Ducktales remake (01:01:11) - One Piece anime Ep 968 (01:07:11) - One Piece manga 1009 (01:17:40) - Sakamoto Days manga 10-18 (01:28:44) - Mashel of Magic and Muscles manga 52-57 (01:35:40) - Dr Stone manga 191 (01:46:30) - Manga read list (01:47:16) - Attack on titan final chapter coming reminder (01:48:46) - Outro and Thanks
April 05, 2021
EP3: Invincible Brutality & Aizen is Dragon Knight Baran?!
Lots of anime movies announced, cool new TV shows and as usual manga talk. Also my kids basketball adventures return. Timestamps (00:00) - Intro (00:32) - My life adventures from the week (10:22) - News, anime movies JJK, MHA, Black Clover, AOT Part 2 (27:47) - Promised Nederland anime ending (35:52) - Dragon Quest Adventures of Dai (46:56) - Invincible animated series ep 1-3 (55:05) - Falcon Winter Soldier ep 1-2 (01:05:52) - One Piece manga 1008 (01:16:30) - My Hero Academia manga 307 (01:26:00) - Jujitsu Kaizen S1 finale and Manga 144 (01:36:43) - Outro and Thanks
March 29, 2021
EP2: Life is Strange for My Hero and Jujutsu Sorcers
New Life is Strange game news, lots of new gadget pickups and big My Hero and Jujutsu Kaisen story shifts. Timestamps (00:00) - Intro News (00:34) - Life is Strange True Colors and Remasters (03:53) - Outriders and Gamepass (06:10) - PSVR2 Controllers My adventures this weekend (08:00) - 20th Century Boys physical manga purchase (12:15) - Vertical mouse update (still good) (13:25) - Galaxy Earbuds (15:15) - Xbox Wireless Headset and Series S (19:30) - Pickups for kids Manga Time (22:00) - My Hero Academia manga 306 (32:42) - Jujutsu Kaisen manga 143 (39:04) - Spy x Family (41:20) - Other series I need to catch up on (42:53) - Outro and paying forward the kindness
March 22, 2021
Bonus EP: Invest in your self care. Vertical Logic and Digital Remnants
This episode I talk about investing in proper gear for desk work, like ergonomic mouse/keyboard. I talk about treating yourself in general to nice things. Big Topic of the show is about how we handle the digital things left behind after someone is no longer here. (00:00) - Intro (00:34) - Vertical Logic; Impressions of my new Logitech MX Vertical Mouse (07:34) - Treating Yourself to nice things and self investment (16:20) - Digital Remnants; How do we deal with the digital things loved ones leave behind (31:16) - Outro
March 19, 2021
EP1: Loop Hero, My Hero and The Hero of the Hidden Leaf?!
On this episode of Dad Needs to Talk I talk about the games I'm currently checking out, some big moments from recent manga chapters I am reading and give a surprise thank you to a series that has had more effect on than I often give it credit for. (00:00) - Intro  (1:00) - Loop Hero  (7:06) - Outriders (13:00) - Talking about all the game systems I have in my home currently. (17:23) - Discussing the various manga series I am currently following and catching up on. (21:02) - My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 305 (32:52) - Dr. Stone Mange Chapter 189 (37:42) - One Piece Manga Chapter 1007 (49:42) - Thank You Naruto?! (1:00) - Outro
March 16, 2021
EP0: Listen Up, Dad Needs To Talk
The introduction to my podcast Dad Needs To Talk. I give a little insight into what to expect from me and this podcast. You will learn the motivation for me starting this podcast.  What cool 90s anime character did I name my son after? Tune in to find out. Intro Music Outro Music
March 14, 2021