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The Daily HiFi Live Podcast Test Run with Live Callers

The Daily HiFi Podcast

Channa Went To Reno? Dirac Or Audyssey? In Wall Or On Wall Speakers?
Channa made his dinner costs back and then some in Reno!!! Dirac is better but what is easier to set up? Erin wants tone controls right on front! Jamo speakers not so neutral frequency response? Single laser projector wins a shoot out? Michael is getting the Pioneer 505!!! On wall or In Wall speakers!?!
August 17, 2022
Channa is getting some $1,700 headphones in and Michael has the Best Joy Remote in for review!!!
Channa is going to be trying out some $1,700 headphones. Michael got the Best Joy remote in for review. Channa just got an Arcam AVR11 in with Dirac live bass control. Joe explains Deoxit electronics contact cleaner. 1-2-3-4-5-6-...7 OLEDs? Audeze MM-500 Arcam AVR-11
August 10, 2022
The Daily HiFi Treehouse is open???
The Daily HiFi Treehouse is open? What are transients on a waveform? Apple Music in a home theater from an AppleTV! Kraftwerk track gets Michael smiling! Reggie and Michael bond over that track!
August 03, 2022
Joe's Mom Gets A DSP Upgrade!!! And MWAVE Attendees Share Some Of Their Standouts!
Joe does this wonderful thing for his Mom, upgrades her hearing with out her need to always wear her hearing aids. Also Paul and Tim fresh from getting done at MWAVE, talk about what they saw. maybe in the books, but the story's of new friendships and lasting memories are here to stay.
July 27, 2022
Erin mans up and listens to Auro and Atmos in a home setting!!!
Erin goes to Joe's home and listens to Auro-3D and Atmos. And gets to hear them back to back with a button press or two. Erin asks a few negative commenters to do it themselves! Joe is asked if he bought subscribers???!!!??? Russound amp for SVS speakers? More excursion more air moved. REL has new subs!
July 20, 2022
Zidoo Like Zipper? Michael's Road To 100K YouTube Subscribers. MWAVE in Lawrence Kansas is almost upon us! Sound United Is Cookie Cutter?
A Lot of the brands that Michael has worked with are giving away prizes big prizes in some cases!!! Zidoo is some how pronounced like Zipper! Acoustical panels clear Michael's dialog in his theater! AVR's take the longest time to review! MWAVE is coming...see you in Lawrence Kansas, July 22-24, 2022! 
July 13, 2022
Bass That Is Butt Quivering!
3" mastering speakers? Buying things to buy things? Is it ok that non-audio orientated companies are buying up the industry staples? VU meters for speaker level outs? And are measurements equally weighted?
June 29, 2022
Dolby Atmos Entusiast Jeremy Anderson Calls In To Share Knowledge!
Jeremy calls in and shares his knowledge of Dolby Atmos, speaker layouts and a lot more! DIY has reignited Erin, and he is ordering kits to measure!!! Joe does unboxing video on the Klipsch 600M II that he doesn't talk in! Erin also shows us a ported tweeter, and a 3D printed speaker! Do near field subs need to be eq'd? And Channa enjoys some video games in Atmos! Thanks for listening! 
June 22, 2022
Auro 3D Bankrupt?
Auro 3D Bankrupt? Frequency response in room and not forcing a curve but following a natural response? Bass nulls that you can see but maybe never correct? Near field subs! Dayton Ultimax 18" sub placement. 
June 15, 2022
Are The Trinnov's And Storm's And Lyngdorf's Of This World Worth It? Also Ealan Osborne Is Back On The Show!!!
Erin takes us through the differences of time and phase alignments. Ealan just did a video on acoustic treatments. Channa is getting an Arcam AVR11. And 7706 vs 8805a vs 6700 comparison. Ealan's Video: Video Version Of This Podcast:
June 08, 2022
Caller calls in about a Youthman style deal, and asks about SVS Prime Satellite system and what LCR's go with it?
Top Gun hits theaters and Michael and Erin saw it, and give early reactions with no spoilers! Another caller calls in about Michael's upcoming review of an OSD subwoofer? Also we are asked if the HSU VTF5 sub is any good?
June 01, 2022
What Is A House Curve? Top Gun: Maverick Is Here!
We talk about house or target curves all the time, but what are they? Top Gun is here, watch the old one first! Erin describes his set up for Dirac and amplification in his home theater. Klipsch 600M v1 and v2 bought by Erin for measurements! Speaker measurements repository/data base:  Watch the four of us every Monday night at 7pm eastern 4pm pacific, at  Thanks for tuning in!!!
May 25, 2022
Michael Hits Puberty!!! Onkyo Not Bankrupt!!!
Michael comes back from a cruise with a frog in his throat! Onkyo as we know them, is not bankrupt. REL's sub for every speaker??!!!?? Joe flexes his miniDSP flex and a small OSD amp! Samsung QD OLED, needs what for calibration? ARC "beta" phase alignment?
May 18, 2022
A roommate's ferret gets stuck in where?
KEF Reference 1 or Perlisten S4B? Which one is better, for your needs? Nathan, a caller, asks about speakers and amps and receivers and tells us about a ferret getting stuck in a SVS sub! 31 band EQ's of old for a new system? Audyssey anomaly fixed! Joe flex's the mini-DSP flex! Can you hear a difference in a mid tier receiver and a pre/pro?
May 11, 2022
It is event season over here!
We talk about the upcoming AV Summit! And MWAVE taking place in July, in Kansas. We help with a few phone calls. Channa looks for new studio monitors! Michael takes a look at colored bias lighting.
May 04, 2022
Andrew Jones joins MoFi!!! And so much more!
We now know where Andrew Jones is, he went to MoFi!!! We can't wait to see what his first design is going to be! Channa had to redo Dirac in his studio system. Caller calls in and we are blushing cause he thanked us up and down for what we try to do, getting good info into your hands. BestJoy universal remote? Ya that's a thing. Erin gives us a schooling on ring radiator tweeters that are abnormal but not new. Read Michaels mind not his lips!!! Joe has some new amps to review from OSD!
April 27, 2022
Ealan Osborne Joins Us Again And Talks His New Theater For Testing AV Products!
Ealan stops in for another visit! We talk about his new testing grounds for audio and video products. Joe is at Disney Land. Michael Shares a little about MWAVE. Channa over comes technical difficulties with the infamous Mammoth internet and joins us just a touch late.
April 20, 2022
Caller talks about his pro subs that goto 30Hz don't dig deep enough. Also glass speakers, yup that's a thing too!
When your pro subs don't dig deep enough for your liking, who or what do you turn to for your home theater? One caller proposes monolith 15". Glass speakers who knew that was a thing? And having a glass horn on said glass speakers well that is a whole other thing! And Michael talks about a top three home theater he has ever been too! That is saying something!
April 13, 2022
Custom Theater Seats For A Bucs Fan!
Michael helps design some sweet seats for a Bucs Fan! We think through a question about adding a 2 channel preamp to a home theater system while integrating subs with both! 7x100 or 7x300 amp would any difference be heard if only 40 watts is coming out? Do separates make a difference, using Marantz and Monolith amps? Michael and a viewer say yes, separates make a difference!
April 06, 2022
A $2,000 System From Scratch? What To Do?
We talk about a system build with a receiver and speakers and (SVS) sub all for $2,000. Mission Speakers are also talked about. Dirac talked to Joe! Dirac with magic beans? Michael talks Home Theater tours in Florida! Anthem 90 processor? Is it worth it? Monoprice has a two 10" driver sub, and two 12" sub model, as well as the two 15" subs. Crowson bass actuators, are awesome and pricey and we talk about them!
March 30, 2022
Got Your Bingo Card?
Does dispersion matter? Michaels HT tours are running wild in Florida! Learn how to use REW!?! Channa is asked about LG TV review and where it is?
March 23, 2022
A HT Enthusiast From Germany Joins Us For A Talk!!!!!
This talk with Stefan goes from Auro 3D, Atmos, movies, movie mixes and so much more!!! Sit a spell and take a load off and join us on this awesome podcast!!
March 16, 2022
Michael (Youthman) tells us about the up and coming MWAVE in Kansas City!!!
MWAVE, stands for MidWest AV Experience. It is happening July 22-24. Registration is open at: sing up now, spots are limited! Channa got his Focal speakers installed!
March 09, 2022
New Tweeters And Wave Guides For Monolith Speakers?
New tweeters and wave guides for the just released monolith speakers? Do they make a difference? Placing speakers on wall? Expect oddities! Newer discs for home theater demos, which ones? The guys take several calls!!! How much money is too much for speaker stands? Thanks for listening! Be sure to answer the poll question if you are listening on Spotify!
March 02, 2022
Erin reviews JTR speakers, Michael talks about not going to the Florida Audio Expo and not regretting it one bit, Joe talks "bright" speakers that others are calling "dull"
Erin takes a look the JTR Noesis 210HT, was he blown away? The team talk audio/video shows-are they worth going to? Joe reviews some Elac speakers that some call dull and Joe is seeing and hearing the opposite! Michael talks the Perlisten video he already has out and the upcoming one from their HQ. The guys also take some great phone calls, and answer a few other questions! Don't forget to watch the live show every week on Monday evenings 7pm eastern time zone, 4pm for those on the west coast, on YouTube! And for those of you listening to this audio podcast on Spotify don't forget to answer our poll question! And thanks for tuning in, we appreciate it!
February 23, 2022
Erin Drops A Big Video About Center Speaker Designs!!!
Erin and crew discuss his video he posted on center speakers. Check it out here ! Michael pulls wire with a friend. Joe discusses Dirac for dummies? Channa got a ton of stuff in! We also learn DMX is a lighting protocol and a band? 
February 09, 2022
Joe Previews The Sony HT-A9
Channa buys a line array or two! White ones as well! Erin needs a light bulb, possibly in his brain! Is there any end to shortages of HT equipment? When does cost out weigh performance? $1,000 prepro from Emotiva, the MC-1. The guys take phone calls as well. We learn about comb filtering that happens with dual center speakers. New Monolith THX speakers launch, well with couple week delayed shipping for now. Erin spray paints everything in Alabama! Joe also has the miniDSP Flex in for review.
February 02, 2022
Michael Tours Perlisten HQ!
Michael Tours Perlisten HQ! Erin Is Asked About KEF R3 vs Revel! Channa Gets A PA Or Two!!!! Joe Uses A Skin To Make Plex Look Like Kaleidescape!
January 26, 2022
Channa wants to spend what on cables? And Michael is going to the Perlisten HQ! Arendal in for review with Erin!!!
Channa wants to buy less then 25 feet of cable for how much??? Arendal is in for review with Erin! Michael is going to the Perlisten HQ in Wisconsin! Joe goes in for training for some videos???
January 19, 2022
Channa gets system tweaks remotely from Joe, Erin talks Polk XT Speakers and their test results, Michael just got back from the Projector shoot out.
Erin explains test results of the Polk XT line up and what all the graphs mean to the average listener. Channa gets system magic beans from Joe remotely. Channa finds his subs can dig deeper than he thought and blends much better than before. And Micheal just got back from a projector shoot out and will be sharing a YouTube video on it January 12, 2022, so keep your eyes open for that.
January 12, 2022
Joe Goes Dark Mode For HIs Background, Michael Is About To Compare A lot Of Projectors!
Joe goes dark mode! Michael is going to be comparing JVC's new projectors to Epson, Sony, and older JVC projectors in KC! AVR compared to amps, and some one shuts down a Emotiva amplifier. Sonus Faber speakers in for review over at Michaels YouTube page. Channa almost has his Pioneer receiver. Channa delivered a smooth video with out scripting! Erin just wants VU meters!
January 05, 2022
Channa Says Joe Has Some Magic Beans And We Talk Lovesac Couch!
Channa will be getting a Pioneer receiver so he might compare that Dirac to Anthem Room Correction to Audyssey to Joe's Magic Beans! We also talk Lovesac furniture with built in speakers! Erin buys a bunch of Polk speakers to test! Wenge finished speakers in for review by Michael. 
December 29, 2021
STOP THE FOMO, in the house! Along with Channa, Joe, And Erin
HDMI cables 2.0 are now ??2.1?? What is a old movie, or old TV show? DEQX, Sonar Works, all DSP correction in various places. Emotive releases a $999 processor, No Dirac, No Auro, Joe says??? Dirac gets you 80% of the way there? Audyssey gets you 50% of the way there? Watches and EVs are talked about as well!
December 22, 2021
Ealan Osborne! On The Show For A Visit!
Ealan Osborne can strut his stuff with his editing prowess! And his angle on the affordable systems from Costco to his other adventures in life are awesome to see. With writing a children's book, his music production, and his love for movies; means you shouldn't miss his videos! Subscribe to his YouTube channel, he puts a lot of time into his videos from a content perspective and production perspective as well. There will be a lot of videos from him in the future that will be fun for sure!
December 15, 2021
Phone Lines Were Open, And Calls They Took on Monday!!!
Are ATI amps good enough for JTR? Are standalone players better then the gaming systems for blu-ray playback? Joe likes stereo over surround at sound united! Make sure you have power to your electrostatics! Focal versus Martin Logan? Make sure you answer the poll on Spotify!  
December 08, 2021
Joe Takes A Trip To Sound United, And Channa Will Be Mixing In Atmos Soon Enough!
Joe tells stories from Sound United in California. Sound United being the parent company of Denon, Marantz, Polk, amongst others! And Channa mentions that he will be mixing some of his original tracks in Atmos, so stay tuned for that! Also to Spotify listeners we are trying out the new poll option they added. Be sure to answer them if ya want to! Thanks for listening from the Daily HiFi crew!
December 01, 2021
Joe's Reviews New VS Old, Where Do You Go?
Joe details the problem with old VS newer reviews. And Erin backs him up with the fact that the human brain audio recall knowledge is less then a couple seconds long. So comparing old vs new reviews might be futile. Michael to the rescue, his reviews try to be on the merit of each item by itself.
November 24, 2021
BEQ: All Your Bass Belong To Us
From that old video game that the title of this podcast is ripped from, to modern day, the big boys screw up once in awhile! Well the studios haven't been giving you real bass for quite soon time now! On many movies. BEQ attempts to recover the lost Bass. Have you ever heard of BEQ before this episode? Have you ever tried it?
November 17, 2021
Monolith Has Several Goto Speakers?
What do you think about the Monolith brand as a whole? Is Joe's excitement for the B6 warranted? Have you purchased a set yet to try out?
November 10, 2021
Erin takes apart a Perlisten Speaker that FOMO sent him!
Would you want your speakers taken apart if they were super pricey? Would you even send them to Erin for review? 
November 03, 2021
When A Bunch Of AV Summit Attendees Get Together!
Everything from headphones to Gene's biceps are talked about in this very unique edition of the Daily HiFi show. 
October 27, 2021
Apples New Tech, And Two 10" Subs Or One 15" Sub?
Apple releasing laptops with force canceling woofers just like KEF and SVS recently did? And would you want two 10" subs or one 15" Sub?
October 20, 2021
AV Summit Q4 2021 Sponsor Hisense Give Away L9G With 100" Screen
At $6000 retail for the L9G with 100" screen do you want to win? Of course you do, go here to the AV Summit page: Rules for winning forth coming. The AV Summit Q4 2021 will be going on OCTOBER 25-29, 2021. Also in this episode we learn Michael hasn't seen certain movies that you might expect that he would have seen by now. And Stop The FOMO comes in for a visit as well, and talks about the Sony HT-A9 home theater he reviewed.
October 13, 2021
Monoliths Go Back And Hisense Is The Platinum Sponsor Of The AV Summit!
Michael details when he gets a 150 pound subwoofer that he can't take it through the house he takes it around the house! Also Hisense is in at the platinum sponsor of the AV Summit for the end of October. Channa was also in for a brief visit on location of one of his DJ gigs.
October 06, 2021
Special guests Stop The FOMO & Don Dunn
Stop the FOMO and Don Dunn stop in for a chat. Everything is covered from a Sony home theater system that costs $1,800 to James Loud Speaker company where prices are a touch high but the tech is so cool! Be sure to visit here and get your ticket to the summit: AV Summit 2021 Q4 October 25 - 29
September 29, 2021
Erin and Joe Hold Class By Themselves
AV Summit is coming soon, get your early bird tickets here: Joe And Erin have two "surprise" guests pop in, B The Installer and Channa. Channa talks about his new TV, a 83" OLED, and how his wife reacted to it being installed! Joe also discusses the Matrix on HBO Max, with the lack of green while in the matrix. Colorists may have been involved?  Erin never gets embarrassed. And we guess that you should never insult McIntosh gear in front of Erin!
September 22, 2021
Erin Learns About UST Projectors! Michael goes on tour, and Joe talks AV Summit!
Erin learns about UST (Ultra Short Throw) projectors, Micheal takes a few home theater tour, Joe talks about the AV summit is coming soon. And so much more!
September 15, 2021
Patreon Fun Day, HiFi Innovation, Joe And Channa Discuss Next Summit, HiFi Innovation At a Stand Still!!
Patreons join in the discussion. Joe and Channa discuss the next AV Summit. Acoustics in your home theater. IMAX enhanced! HiFi innovation, or lack of innovation. Trade shows canceled or just not what they were. And so much more was covered! 
September 08, 2021
16Hz Sine Wave For How Long Joe?
A few patreons join the Monday show. Joe tests out a subwoofer from SVS. HDR from YouTube. 900 Auro videos? Reference volume explained and discussed. And so much more!
September 01, 2021
Wilfried Is Back For A Visit!
Wilfried Van Baelen is back with more! This episode he talks CODEC's and how you can take a 24bit PCM stereo audio file, make it mono, and take it back to stereo! No loss in audio quality! He also explains to Michael how to mount heights in his room with a tricky layout. And so much more!    
August 25, 2021
Channa Goes On A Rant And Joe Brings It Home "You Don't Have To Be Right Or Wrong".
Listening Perspective: prolong listening/comparative listening is it beneficial to reviews? Is there a specific frequency to an emotion? Marantz has a submarine? Emo-Q? Join our Aftershow! Follow us on Instagram: Subscribe to Joe N Tell: Subscribe to Techno Dad: Subscribe to Youthman: Subscribe to Erin's Audio Corner:
August 18, 2021
Monolith has a 13 and 3/4 inch subwoofer? And Channa takes a call from B The Installer who has a problem on hand.
Monolith just released a 13" and 16" subwoofers. Which so far measure larger than just the base inches, reviews of the 13 inch version are coming soon from Joe and Michael. Channa takes a call from B The Installer that has an unusual layout that he needs to install a system in with both surrounds and heights going in ceiling?!? BenQ just released the ultra short throw V7050i. Channa will be getting a 83 inch TV soon.
August 11, 2021
Michael Explains Why He Can't Get Auro-3D Heights In His Room!
Channa tells us Raveon 4K Blu-Ray players are coming! Oppo 203 pricing on eBay. "Super Seats" at concert where Channa sat at the Hollywood Bowl. Upgrade season in Joe's and Channa's theater. Michael says no to "spark o-matic speakers"! This was recorded on August 2, 2021.
August 04, 2021
Songs That Move Ya!
What songs move ya to tears? Michael installs a TV outside! And Erin went on vacation, with stories to tell.
July 28, 2021
Auro-3D Auro-Matic Upmixer And So Much More!!!
Wilfried Van Baelen stops in again to impart some knowledge for everyone. How does the Auo-Matic upmixer work? Do you want the Auro-3D if you don't have it now? Does this podcast change your opinion on that? 
July 21, 2021
Wilfried Van Baelen Stops In and Shares All things Auro3d July 12, 2021
Auro3D, what did you know before listening to this podcast? What did you learn from it? A lot of info is packed into this extended Daily HiFi podcast. Be sure to check out Daily HiFi on YouTube as well, as he shared a wonderful and informative power point as well.
July 13, 2021
Audio Measurements Do Matter!
Joe, Channa, Micheal and Erin talk audio reviews and do measurements matter? Do bad reviews exist? Should they exist? Are companies listening to the reviews? 
July 07, 2021
Scott Orth Talks Polk Audio Reserve Series Q&A | The Daily HiFi Podcast - Monday March 29, 2021
Watch the original video podcast on YouTube: We have Scott Orth talking about the new Polk Audio Reserve series lineup. Also here from Polk is Bronson Gannon and Paul Wilkie. Polk Reserve Series: Disclosure: We (Joe, Channa, and Michael) were sent Polk Audio Reserve speakers for review purposes. Our opinions are our own.   We (Joe, Channa, and Michael) do have a sponsorship agreement with this company to create content for our own individual channels in the form of ads to be played on non-conflicting products. (i.e. ad for Polk Reserve on a review of an amplifier made by a different company other than Sound United.) Our agreement with them includes having them on this weekly podcast as guests to talk about the Polk Reserve line. Again, our opinions are our own.   Join our Aftershow! Follow us on Instagram: Subscribe to Joe N Tell: Subscribe to  Techno Dad: Subscribe to Youthman: http://
March 29, 2021
Michael Vamos from Audio Skies - Importer and Distributor of High-End Hi-Fi
We talk with Michael Vamos from Audio Skies about being an importer and distributor of high-end hifi components from brand such as Larsen, Gamut, Ideon Audio, Pneuance,  and Pear Audio Blue. Watch the original video podcast: Timestamps 0:00 Start  10:00 What he does at Audio Skies  19:42 3 Favorite albums  31:00 About Larsen Speakers  59:00 High-End Speakers | Gamut Speakers  01:15:00 The Lobster Chair modified by Gamut  01:36:00 The High-End Industry
July 27, 2020
David Solomon Talks Qobuz | The Daily Hi-Fi Podcast
Try Qobuz for free: Watch the original video version aired live on July 20, 2020: On LinkedIn David Solomon from Qobuz calls himself the "Chief Hi-Res Music Evangelist." Let's discuss Qobuz and Hi-Res. 0:00 - Start of the Bests Hi-Fi Podcast Ever! 0:55 - Title (Job) at Qobuz 15:28 - Qobuz (What it Means) 21:00 - Qobuz FLAC 34:46 - New Formats (CD Quality vs Hi-Res) 43:40 - Price Change ($14.99) 1:00:00 - Track List (Content for Qobuz) 1:08:00 - Support Their Artist (Streaming) 1:14:55 - Dolby Atmos (Streaming) 1:19:30 - HRTF ( Binaural) Panaural - Russ 1:30:00 - Binaural Mic Test (Russ's Mics) 1:35:00 - Joshua Dellinger Call in
July 20, 2020
Who/What is The Legendary Brown Note? | The Daily Hi-Fi Podcast
Watch the original video version here: Our guest today is Jorge Chia who runs the channel The Legendary Brown Note.  Subscribe to his channel:
July 06, 2020
The Hi-Fi Summit Recap | 2020 Q2
Watch the original video version: Recap of The Hi-Fi Summit 2020 Q2  Presented by Joe Mariano, Founder of The Hi-Fi Summit
June 30, 2020
OSD | It's Not Your Dad's Outdoor Speakers Anymore | Advancements in Outdoor Audio Systems
Watch the original video version. With no surfaces to reflect sound, building a great outdoor sound system can be tricky. Fortunately, the last decade has seen huge advancements in outdoor audio systems with rock and landscape speakers and outdoor subwoofers that rival indoor sound systems. In addition, advancements in Bluetooth and streaming capabilities are making outdoor sound better than ever. We’ll explore the types of outdoor speakers available and tricks you can apply to enhance the sound experience. You may never go back inside!  Presented by: Simon Spears, Sales Director at Audio Gear Group
June 29, 2020
Denon | HDMI 2.1: Why You Need to Care as an Audiophile
Watch the original video version. Denon | HDMI 2.1: Why You Need to Care as an Audiophile  Presented by: Philip Jones, Director of Global Training, Sound United
June 29, 2020
Sonus faber | Choosing the Perfect Speakers & Speaker Positioning | Will Kline
Watch the original video version. How to choose the perfect speakers for you and how to properly position them for the best possible sound.  Presented by: Will Kline, North American Brand Manager at Sonus faber
June 29, 2020
Pro-Ject USA | Turntable Setup | Jeffery Coates | The Hi-Fi Summit 2020 Q2
Watch the original video version. Jeffrey Coates from Pro-Ject USA shows you how to properly set up your turntable.  Presented by: Jeffery Coates, National Sales And Marketing Director – ProJect Audio Systems and Sumiko Cartridges at McIntosh Group Inc.
June 29, 2020
NAD Electronics | Amplifier Mythbusting | Greg Stidsen | The Hi-Fi Summit 2020 Q2
Watch the original video version. What do specs mean and why do they matter? Do specs correlate to what we hear? There are a lot of myths and misinformation around amplifier technology. Join Greg Stidsen, Chief Technology Officer for NAD Electronics, as he breaks down the myths, half-truths, and misconceptions behind amplifier and amplification technologies in a session that is sure to be enlightening to both beginner and advanced audiophiles.   Presented by Greg Stidsen, Chief Technology Officer of NAD Electronics
June 29, 2020
TRIANGLE / Antal Audio Group | High End Speaker Design With A French Flare | The Hi-Fi Summit 2020
Watch the original video version. - Overview of Triangle's operation in France.  - Brief overview of Triangle products from $449 to $70,000.  - General design concept for Triangle speakers  - Specific information on Triangle speaker design focused on horn tweeters, midrange drivers, inverted woofers  - discussing the strength of these design concepts resulting in exceptional performance.  - Aesthetic "French" design of Triangle speakers.  - Q&A  Presented by: Hugo Decelle, CEO of Triangle Speakers
June 29, 2020
Digital Amplifier Company (Cherry Amplifier) | Simple High Performance Systems | Tommy O'Brien
Watch the original video version. Simple high performance systems  Presented by: Tommy O'Brien, Founder of Digital Amplifier Company (Cherry Amplifier)
June 28, 2020
Sonus faber | Panel Discussion | The Quest to Perfection
Watch the original video version. Sonus faber’s approach to Acoustic & Industrial Design for loudspeakers.  Panel discussion: Paolo Tezzon, Acoustic R&D at McIntosh Group. Livio Cucuzza,Chief Design Officer, Sonus faber
June 28, 2020
KCC Scientific | “The Evolution of Clean Power for Audio: Regeneration to Mains Reconstruction”
Watch the original video version. The Evolution of  Clean Power for Audio: Power Conditioning, Regeneration to Mains Reconstruction   Presented by: Ken Reindel, President, KCC Scientific
June 28, 2020
PSB Speakers | The Relationship Between Psychoacoustics and Speaker Design | Paul Barton | The Hi-Fi Summit
Watch the original video version. Paul Barton, Chief Acoustic Designer & Founder of PSB Speakers The Relationship Between Psychoacoustics and Speaker Design Based on His Research at the NRC, National Research Council.   PSB Speakers is a Gold Sponsor at The Hi-Fi Summit.
June 28, 2020
Vanatoo | Combining Acoustics + Electronics | Gary Gesellchen | The Hi-Fi Summit 2020 Q2
Watch the original video version. How Vanatoo maximizes performance on such small and affordable speakers using a combination of acoustic and electronic engineering.   Presented by: Gary Gesellchen, Chief Engineer at Vanatoo
June 27, 2020
MoFi Distribution | 10 Free (or close to it) Tips on How To Get The Best Sound From Your HiFi
Watch the original video version. MoFi Distribution | 10 Free (or close to it) Tips on How To Get The Best Sound From Your HiFi  Presented by Jonathan Derda, National Sales & Marketing Manager
June 27, 2020
McIntosh Labs | Our approach to Digital Sound Demystified | Ken Zelin
Watch the original video version. Our approach to digital sound demystified.  Presented by: Ken Zelin, Director of Training at McIntosh Labs
June 27, 2020
Polk Audio | DTS:X and IMAX enhanced: Proper speaker positioning for optimal performance | Bronson Gannon
Watch the original video version. DTS:X and IMAX enhanced: Proper speaker positioning for optimal performance  Presented by: Bronson Gannon, Global Brand Manager, Polk Audio and Boston Acoustics at Sound United
June 27, 2020
Dirac Research | DSP Room Correction | Jakob Ågren | The Hi-Fi Summit 2020 Q2
Watch the original video version here. How speaker placement, sound dispersion, sound reflections, affect the sound of your system and how Digital Signal Processing can help.   Presented by: Jakob Ågren, Director of Product Management
June 27, 2020
Kanto Audio | Why Powered Speakers? | Jason Zavarella | The Hi-Fi Summit 2020 Q2
Watch the original video version here. All about powered speakers, how they are the wave of the future and how they can bring new audiophiles in at lower cost to entry while still getting a great value.   Jason will discuss the shift from large, multi-unit systems to the simplicity of single unit powered speaker, highlighting Kanto Audio products that can be used in any situation in the home or office.   Jason Zavarella, Product Manager at Kanto Audio
June 26, 2020
Yamaha | Explore the A-S Series of Integrated Amplifier | Phil Shea | The Hi-Fi Summit 2020 Q2
Watch the original video version. Learn how you can harness the ultimate expression of sound through the build and audio quality of an integrated amplifier. Join industry insider, Phil Shea, to learn how these stunning, dynamic instruments provide unparalleled musical expression, using the new A-S series of integrated amplifiers from Yamaha as the example.   Phil Shea, National Training Manager at Yamaha
June 26, 2020
Kali Audio | The Moving Mic Measurement Method | Charles Sprinkle | The Hi-Fi Summit 2020 Q2
Watch the original video version here. Charles Sprinkle, director of acoustics at Kali Audio, will show us a better way to get consistent, repeatable measurements using the moving mic method.  Settings 1/24th Octave  FFT Length: 16k  Averages: forever  Window: Hann  Overlap 50%
June 26, 2020
Klipsch | The Fives Powered Monitors with Ultra-High Resolution Decoding | Michael Buratto | 2020 Q2
Watch the original video version here. The Fives powered monitors with ultra-high resolution decoding.  Presented by: Michael Buratto, Sr. Product Manager, Klipsch
June 26, 2020
Parasound | What to Look for in a Power Amplifier | Joe Finn | The Hi-Fi Summit 2020 Q2
Watch the original video version here. Joe Finn, Regional Sales, Marketing and Training at Parasound tells you what to look for in a power amplifier.
June 26, 2020
SVS | Subwoofer Setup and Calibration | Nicholas Brown | The Hi-Fi Summit 2020 Q2
Watch the original video version. Nicholas Brown, VP of Marketing at SVS, shows you how to setup and calibrate your subwoofer for optimal performance.  SVS is a Gold Sponsor at The Hi-Fi Summit.
June 26, 2020
The Hi-Fi Summit Begins!
Watch the original video version here. For the first time ever, The Hi-Fi Summit begins. Open access to the entire site starts now.   Presented by Joe Mariano, Founder of The Hi-Fi Summit
June 26, 2020
AIX Records | The Myth of Hi-Res Audio: A Perception Survey | Mark Waldrep | The Hi-Fi Summit 2020
Originally aired live on June 22, 2020.  Watch the video version here: Mark has spent 8 months researching the perceptibility of hi-res audio by allowing 1800 audiophiles to downloads 40 files and try to identify which is HD and which is CD fidelity.  Presented by: Mark Waldrep, Founder AIX Records Follow us: YouTube Instagram
June 22, 2020
Sound United to Acquire Bowers & Wilkins? | Daily HiFi Podcast
We talk all things HiFi and A/V and answer your questions. Watch the original video version of this podcast. Our podcast airs live every Monday at 4pm PST at 0:00 Intro 14:30 PS5 19:00 Sound United to aquire Bowers and Wilkins? 30:00 Klipsch RF7III vs. Martin Logan 31:20 X8500H Updates? 32:35 What amp do you prefer? 37:45 Viewer got the OSD Black 5-channel amp 40:00 Anthem & NAD Amplifiers 44:00 Preamp Mode on new 2020 Denon AVR's 50:38 Regular Guy Audio calls in: Increase voltage output using an ART Cleanbox: + Cerwin Vega discussion 57:55 AVR with built-in amp vs external amp. Can you hear a difference? 1:00:46 Caller Rob E: Velodyne comeback? 1:04:23 KLH's return 1:08:00 Outlaw 5000 - How many watts is it? ⛰️Buy Your Tickets to The Hi-Fi Summit! Q2 June 26-30, 2020 💿 PLATINUM SPONSOR: DENON GOLD SPONSORS 🔸PSB Speakers: 🔸OSD Black: 🔸SVS:
June 15, 2020
Fielding Questions | Daily HiFi Podcast | The Hi-Fi Summit Gold Sponsors PSB | OSD | SVS
Get your tickets to The Hi-Fi Summit June 26-30! Gold Sponsors: PSB | OSD | SVS PSB: OSD: SVS: We talk all things HiFi and A/V and answer your questions. Watch the original video version of this podcast which airs live every Monday at 4pm PST at 0:00 Intro  4:45 What to upgrade first from 7.1 1080P system: 4K,  Atmos, or Dual Subs? 10:30 Panasonic UB820 vs Sony X800M2? 13:12 The Leak Hi-Fi Stereo 130 at The Hi-Fi Summit 18:10 Eco mode on or off when using Denon or Marantz as a Pre-amp 22:19 What are Techno Dad and Youthman’s favorite features from Denon and Marantz 2020 AVR announcements 27:29 Advantages of Trinnov over Audyssey 30:00 Least favorite or missing feature from Denon and Marantz 2020 AVR announcements 33:08 Why is nobody reviewing the Wharfedale Denton 85th Anniversary except @joentell? "I fell in love with them." 34:00 Should I get a UMIK-1 and MiniDSP 2x4 to get the most out of my system? 38:38 What do you think of the Epson 4000 projector?   40:23 Which amp would you pair the Wharfedale Linton or Dentons with? What are difference between those speakers? 42:55  Yamaha Aventage RX-A2080 vs Denon X4500H vs Marantz SR7014 45:34 What do you think of the LG C9 OLED TV? 48:30 Canton Vento Speakers 52:29 Will NAD/Bluesound be at The Hi-Fi Summit? 56:30 Cherry Amplifiers at The Hi-Fi Summit 59:40 Thinking of going to a Marantz Preamp from a Yamaha 3080. 1:02:47 Is there such thing as too much amplifier power? 1:08:00 The sound processing doesn't sound good on his Denon X4500H. What should he do? 1:11:00 His OSD Black 5-Channel Amplifier is having grounding issues. What should he do? 1:15:07 Will there be more seminars at The Hi-Fi Summit? 1:17:13 Emotiva vs. Monoprice Monolith Power Amps? 1:19:00 JTR Captivator RS1 or dual SVS PB3000's? 1:23:00 What's your favorite 4K Blu Ray movie so far in 2020 in terms of video/audio? 1:24:57 Caller: Should he upgrade to the Denon X3700H from the X3600H. 1:35:00 Caller has the Polk Audio Signature Series and is considering upgrading to the Legend Series. 1:36:18 Caller wants to upgrade from 2 x SVS PB1000's to maybe 2 x SVS PB3000's.
June 08, 2020
The Hi-Fi Summit Begins - Daily Hi-Fi Podcast
Video version originally aired on April 27, 2020: Join us at The Hi-Fi Summit: Follow us on Instagram: 0:00 Intro 7:46  @Joe N Tell  announces for the first time ever, The Hi-Fi Summit 2020 Q2 happening June 26-30th 2020 25:18 Quarantine haircuts? 28:40 How loud is @youthman's system with Klipsch La Scalas 4 x 18" JTR Subwoofers? 32:47 Have you tried any Arendal Sound speakers? 32:58 Caller 1: "IMAX Enhanced. He was watching Jumanji on Denon 4500H. Does it change the crossover settings?" 42:06 Is HDR 10+ format dying? 42:49 Is there a playlist that you use whenever you're testing speakers? 49:16 Is Tidal Hi-Fi worth the $20 a month? Versus Qobuz? 50:25 Caller 2: Young audiophile listens to our podcast with his dad and wants to know what our favorite speakers are. 55:20  @SVS  's huge giveaways on their live streams 56:36 Caller 3: "Dolby Atmos 9.2 setup - how important is it to align the front stage?" 1:01:59 Caller 4: How can you tell the difference between speakers. For example, Klipsch has different product lines. How can you easily tell the differences? 1:11:05 "Why don't we see more center channel speaker reviews and comparison? Seems overlooked for such an important speaker." 1:14:20 "Everyone says that going to shows is not for listening to gear. If that's the case, then what is the purpose of attending Hi-Fi shows?" 1:17:47 Caller 5: Polk Audio OMW3 for Atmos height channels? 1:23:00 Caller 6: Was a car audio guy for 30 years. Wants an AV receiver. 1:35:26 Nominal impedance 1:37:38 "Are the ELAC Adantes long gone and how are the Debut Reference?" + upcoming reviews
April 27, 2020
HDMI 2.1 with Phil Jones from Sound United | Daily Hi-Fi Podcast
Original Video Podcast Aired on April 20, 2020. Watch it here: Subscribe to the Daily HiFi YouTube Channel: Today we talk with Phil Jones about HDMI 2.1 and what's on the horizon for Denon and Marantz AVRs. 0:00 Start 5:22 Introducing Philip Jones from Sound United 12:20 How do you test for eARC capability? 14:03 $50 HDMI Cable vs $500 Cable 17:53 Needing to use long HDMI cables for projector setups 18:08 "1080p is easy" - Nyrius HDMI Transmitter 21:05 Pro Tip: Maximum length for copper HDMI cable (include cable to TV also) 22:20 What is in Philip Jones' system 26:02 Using a different brand of speakers for height and surrounds 30:52 Roon Tested Denon and Marantz AVR's 36:00 Philip's YouTube Channel - Sound United Training - 38:36 Phil's history in Hi-Fi 40:21 @Life of Bliss asks "Do you see more companies moving towards class D amplification instead of A/B or A/B/H with the progression in that technology? 43:21 More about HDMI 2.1 46:51 Polk Legend Series L800's with SDA 56:55 They don't like bass for J-Pop and K-Pop? 1:01:29 Caller 1: Caller has a Denon 4400H. Back speakers don't play in Auro 3D. 1:05:31 LSIM's on sale for half off 1:11:05 Will Denon or Marantz ever use DIRAC Live or something similar? 1:12:36 Higher channel count for Denon or Marantz? 1:22:00 Joe N Tell wishes for HDMI on a mini Class D amplifier with sub-out. 1:28:27 Caller 2: Marantz 7705 Setup tricks? How to utilize the Audyssey Editor App. 1:32:04 Audyssey Editor App does a better job than running straight from the AVR! 1:35:43 Does Phil use "midrange compensation" on Audyssey?
April 21, 2020
Daily Hi-Fi Podcast with Paul Barton from PSB and Dave Morrison from IsoAcoustics
Video Version Originally Aired April 13, 2020 Daily HiFi YouTube Channel Daily HiFi Instagram Daily HiFi Official Website Hosts Joe N Tell Techno Dad Youthman Reviews NRD (New Record Day)  Guest Paul Barton from PSB Speakers Dave Morrison from IsoAcoustics
April 14, 2020
Daily Hifi Show! Featuring Joe N Tell, Youthman and Technograndpa!
Video Version Originally Aired April 6, 2020 Daily HiFi YouTube Channel Daily HiFi Instagram Daily HiFi Official Website Hosts Joe N Tell Techno Dad Youthman Reviews NRD (New Record Day)
April 06, 2020
Your Daily Dose of Sanity w/ Adam Domurad from World Wide Stereo
Video Version Originally Aired March 30, 2020 World Wide Stereo's Website Daily HiFi YouTube Channel Daily HiFi Instagram Daily HiFi Official Website Hosts Joe N Tell Techno Dad Youthman Reviews NRD (New Record Day)
March 30, 2020
Your Audio Worlds Are Colliding! | Daily HiFi X Audioholics w/ Gene DellaSala
Video Version Originally Aired March 23, 2020 TOPICS: How is Covid-19 affecting movie release schedules? What AVR would you recommend? What should someone look for in a trust-worthy audio reviewer? Do you think room correction software is good enough to replace acoustic treatment? And More Questions from the Chat. Daily HiFi YouTube Channel Daily HiFi Instagram Daily HiFi Official Website Hosts Joe N Tell Techno Dad Youthman Reviews NRD (New Record Day) Guest Gene DellaSala from Audioholics
March 27, 2020
We're All Staying Home | Season 2 Episode 10
Video Version Originally Aired March 17, 2020 TOPICS: What is your ideal sound signature? Do you think Bluetooth headphones can be taken seriously by audiophiles? Do you prefer wired or wireless headphones? And More Questions from the Chat. Daily HiFi YouTube Channel Daily HiFi Instagram Daily HiFi Official Website Hosts Joe N Tell Techno Dad Youthman Reviews NRD (New Record Day)
March 16, 2020
The Entire Daily HiFi Crew Will Be at AXPONA 2020 | Guest @Woodys_Soundup | Season 2 Episode 9
Episode Sponsor AXPONA: AXPONA 2020 is North America’s Largest Event for Audiophiles and Music Lovers. It will take place April 17-19 at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel, IL. Follow AXPONA on Instagram: Subscribe to AXPONA on YouTube: TOPICS: You have $1000 to spend on a new pair of speakers. What are you getting? How can the HiFi community (companies and consumers) take advantage of Instagram? What is the worst HiFi purchase you have ever made? Explain. and more. Hosts Joe N Tell: Youthman Reviews: NRD (New Record Day): Guest Brian Stout @woodys_soundup on Instagram. Follow him at Video Version Originally Aired March 2, 2020: Daily HiFi YouTube Channel: Official Website: 
March 04, 2020
Joe Hawking is a Pimped out Transformer | Season 2 Episode 8
Joe N Tell calls in from a cruise ship and sounds like a garbled mess, but is dressed awesome! Video Version Originally Aired February 24, 2020: TOPICS: How does room acoustics and speaker placement affect the sound? Would you rather have 1 great subwoofer or 2 lesser quality subs? If I gave you $500 to spend on an NEW speakers right now, what would they be? What speakers can I use for Atmos height speakers? Daily HiFi YouTube Channel Daily HiFi Instagram Daily HiFi Official Website Hosts Joe N Tell Techno Dad Youthman Reviews NRD (New Record Day)
February 25, 2020
Return of Scott Wilkinson aka The Home Theater Geek | Season 2 Episode 7
Do you remember Scott Wilkinson from the Home Theater Geeks show? We missed him so much, we asked him to be on the Daily HiFi Podcast. Tune in and show him some love. The Hi-Fi and AV industry need him back for good. Video Podcast Originally Aired on YouTube on 02/17/20: Daily HiFi YouTube Channel: Official Website:  Hosts Joe N Tell: Techno Dad: Guest Host Scott Wilkinson aka The Home Theater Geek
February 18, 2020
Ron Looks Different | Season 2 Episode 6
Topics Include: Experience with DIRAC Live Where should I put more of my money? Speakers or Amp/AVR? Old speakers and old amps. When do you need to upgrade them? What are 3 characteristics of a speaker you look for? And much more! Video Podcast Originally Aired on YouTube on 02/10/20: Official Website:  Hosts Joe N Tell: Techno Dad: Youthman Reviews: Guest Host Poly Reviews:
February 11, 2020
Song Sounds Like a Naughty 900 Number | Season 2 Episode 5
What does Youthman love so much about his Klipsch La Scalas? Are home theater speakers good for 2 channel stereo and vice versa? What are first speakers you should buy when buying a home theater? Is soundstage a magic trick or is it tied to something technical that some speakers do better than others? And much more! Video Podcast Originally Aired on YouTube on 02/02/20: Official Website:  Hosts New Record Day: http:// Joe N Tell: Techno Dad: Youthman Reviews:
February 04, 2020
Season 2 Episode 4 | Daily HiFi Podcast
Common home theater misconceptions What you should always do when shopping for home theater AV equipment? Is it ok to mix and match speakers? Is it ok to mix and match amplifiers? Should you get the Yamaha A-S501? Should people change old speakers they like just to upgrade to something newer? Video Podcast Originally Aired on YouTube on 01/27/20: Official Website:  Hosts Techno Dad: Joe N Tell: Youthman Reviews: New Record Day: http://
February 01, 2020
WHOOOOOOO!!! Season 2 - Episode 3 | Daily HiFi Podcast
Video Podcast Originally Aired on YouTube on 01/20/20: Official Website:  Hosts Techno Dad: Joe N Tell: Youthman Reviews: New Record Day: http://
January 21, 2020
Back from CES 2020 - The Four Horsemen of HiFi
Video Podcast Originally Aired on YouTube: In this episode, we discuss: CES 2020 The State of HiFi at CES Mini-Documentary Focal Chora 826 D Demo TCL Alto 9 + Dolby Atmos Soundbar Demo at CES 2020 JTR Captivator RS2 JBL 530 Measurements Can you use bookshelf speakers for Atmos height speakers and much more... Official Website:  Hosts Techno Dad: Joe N Tell: Youthman Reviews: New Record Day: http:// Moving Mic Method Video:
January 14, 2020
CES Day 2020 Day 1 - Recap
Techno Dad and Joe N Tell tour the main hall at CES 2020 Day 1. Topics THX LG 4000 NIT micro-LED TCL TV's, trickle-down of features, amazing Atmos soundbar Samsung City Klipsch's New Booth Meeting Jerry Rig Everything Super Bright Panasonic Projector Official Website:  Co-Hosts Joe N Tell: Techno Dad:
January 08, 2020
Last Podcast of 2019 - Daily HiFi Podcast
This is our last podcast of 2019. The new year is coming up.  What have we learned recently? What are we hoping to see in 2020 for HiFi? Official Website:   Co-Hosts Joe N Tell: Youthman Reviews:   Moving Mic Method Video: Show Sponsor - World Wide Stereo (Enter the Sweepstakes):
December 31, 2019
Youthman's First Time Hosting - Daily HiFi Podcast Episode 11
In this episode, we discuss all things home theater-related and answer caller questions. (Sponsor) Enter World Wide Stereo's Sweepstakes: Subscribe to the Daily HiFi Podcast on all major podcasting platforms:  Daily HiFi Official Website:  Today's Hosts: Joe from Joe N Tell Channa aka Techno Dad Michael aka Youthman Originally recorded 12/23/2019. Watch the full video here:
December 28, 2019
Our 10th Episode | Daily HiFi Podcast
Upcoming reviews, cables, Best Mic under $200, Dolby Atmos setup, Bookshelf + Sub vs. Full-Range Floorstanders for under $5K and much more. Subscribe to the Daily HiFi Podcast on all major podcasting platforms:  Daily HiFi Official Website:  Hosts: Joe from Joe N Tell Ron from New Record Day (NRD) Michael aka Youthman
December 17, 2019
Caller Wants to Know About Connecting His 20 Subs + Other Call-In Questions | Daily HiFi Podcast
Today we got a lot of home theater questions. One of our favorites was from a guy who bought 20 JBL woofers for $30 each on Black Friday and wants to hook them all up in his home theater. Talk about surface area! Lots of fun in this one. Subscribe to the Daily HiFi Podcast on all major podcasting platforms:  Daily HiFi Official Website:  Hosts: Joe from Joe N Tell Ron from New Record Day (NRD) Channa aka Techno Dad Michael aka Youthman
December 10, 2019
Let's Talk About The Polk Legend Series | Daily HiFi Podcast
We speak with Bronson Gannon, global brand manager at Polk Audio and Boston Acoustics, and Scott Orth, one of lead engineers for the Polk Legend Series. We have a ton of questions regarding the Legend Series and more specifically, SDA (Stereo Dimensional Array) Technology on the L800's.   Subscribe to the Daily HiFi Podcast on all major podcasting platforms:   Daily HiFi Official Website:   Hosts: Joe from Joe N Tell Ron from New Record Day (NRD) Channa aka Techno Dad
December 06, 2019
Happy Holidays - Daily HiFi Podcast
In this episode, we had Joe from Joe N Tell, Channa aka Techno Dad, Ron from New Record Day, and Michael from Youthman Reviews. We talk about stuff we've bought during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and what we recommend people put on their holiday wish list. And other craziness. Products Mentioned: ELAC UB5: SMSL AD18: Daily HiFi Official Website:
December 04, 2019
Let's Talk Headphones and IEM's with El Jefe Reviews - Daily HiFi Podcast
Guest -  El Jefe Reviews: Co-Host - New Record Day: Co-Host - Joe N Tell: Shout outs: Apos Audio: Originally streamed live on 11/19/2019.
November 20, 2019
Daily HiFi Podcast + 12v Talk - Live Call In
Daily HiFI Host: Joe N Tell  Guests Big D Wiz from Williston Audio Labs and HiFi Vega co-host of the 12v Talk podcast. 12V Talk Podcast Williston Audio Labs:  HIFI Vega:  Shout outs: Apos Store SVS
November 13, 2019
2 Channel Hifi to Home Theater | Avoiding the Pitfalls ft. TechnoDad and Joe N Tell
Building a 2 channel has some challenges but what about the transition  from a 2 channel audiophile setup to a full blown home theater rig? Ron from NRD, Joe N tell and TechnoDad wade through the murky waters to shed light on what to do, how to do it and where to begin! 5.1? Atmos!? Do you need to toss out your Amplifier to make sense of home theater? Listen to this podcast and find out! 
October 31, 2019
The Daily HiFi Live Podcast Test Run with Live Callers
Joe from Joe N Tell and Ron from New Record Day discuss: The Micca RB42, Micca OoO, Vintage Gear, Retro Looking Speakers, DSP, BIC Eviction EV15, and more.
October 24, 2019
CEDIA Expo 2019 Show Report Podcast
Host Ron from New Record Day talks with Techno Dad about Cedia Expo 2019. Their I.T. guy Joe N Tell joins the conversation. ;-) Techno Dad is now a robot. He's up in a Motel 6 because of possible fires in his area, and he is working with an upload speed of ...ONE. 1 mbps or 1 kbps, we aren't sure. Ron considers moving from a 2 channel system to an AC3 setup. 🤣 Today's Topics Include: Best of show CEDIA 2019 ——- Brilliant smart lighting other stuff Wisdom Audio demo - best of show  B&O  Martin Logan  Klipsch  Hot new trends  Epson UST projector Micro LED screens from many manufacturers  Segura Waterproof TVs super bright outdoor  Interior smart mirrors  Audio Control - new processors and AVRs  Lexicon - one new processor  Devialet
September 17, 2019
CEDIA Expo 2019 Day 1 Ramblings | Techno Dad, Joe N Tell and That Home Theater Dude
This was an unplanned podcast. Joe from Joe N Tell decided to call up Channa to see what CEDIA Expo 2019 Day 1 was like. Fellow YouTube reviewer That Home Theater Dude was there and so we just figured it would be a good idea to live stream the conversation. This is how it went. Techno Dad's Channel Joe N Tell's Channel That Home Theater Dude's Channel
September 13, 2019