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The Daily New Year's Podcast

The Daily New Year's Podcast

By Daily New Years
Daily New Year's is a community of Goal Getters—people who aspire to achieve massive success in their lives every day. We don’t rely on New Year’s Resolutions to get started—we don’t wait for next month or next week—We take action towards our dreams every single day. This podcast is dedicated to providing Goal Getters around the globe with success-driven strategies and actionable advice on the topics of goal setting, mindset, prioritization, focus, clarity, mental & physical health, and more. Tune in every other Wednesday for action-packed content that will take your life to the next level.
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048 - A Special Edition Episode: Announcements, Upcoming Projects, & More
In this special edition episode, I'm talking about my latest, upcoming projects, a special announcement, and a few other important updates.   — Get a copy of Crush Your Goals! on Amazon:  — Download a limited-time, free PDF copy of the workbook:  — Email me with questions, format ideas, topic ideas, or whatever:
June 16, 2020
047 - How to Invest and Increase Your Energy with Stephanie Scheller
For the full show notes, links, and resources, visit: --------- Let’s talk about energy, shall we? Energy has been at the top of my mind lately. I’m the kind of guy who’s up at 4, crushing goals, kicking butt at work, working on special projects—you name it. Usually, I’m full of energy. But lately, my energy has been at an all-time low, and, to be honest, it stresses me out. Maybe it’s the COVID-19 pandemic, the quarantine, a brand new job, missing the gym, or lacking my normal routine—who knows—but I’ve felt completely drained for the past two or three months. So, when Stephanie Scheller reached out about coming on the podcast to talk about energy, I was pumped! Stephanie is an expert when it comes to investing energy in things that give you a positive energy ROI, and we’re diving into it today. Are you feeling drained? Low on energy? Do you wish you had more energy to do the things you enjoy? I hope you’ll join Stephanie and me for this exciting discussion. I needed this chat, and trust me, quarantine or not, you probably need to hear this too. So, what do you say? Join us? Let’s do this! Show Notes  — Getting to know Stephanie Scheller – [02:32]  — Appreciating Your Past Because of Your Present – [06:02]  — Finding Happiness and Changing Directions in Life – [09:17]  — How Pursuing Goals Reveals New Opportunities – [12:48]  — Stephanie’s Story of Being a Non-Finisher – [15:30]  — The Negative Impact of Splitting Your Focus (Energy Anchors) – [17:57]  — The Perks and Benefits of Becoming a Finisher – [20:09]  — The Critical Importance of Building Momentum – [22:59]  — One Big Tip for Becoming a Finisher Today (Celebrate!!) – [24:49]  — Build Your Finishing Muscle, Start Small – [26:26]  — Stephanie’s Energy Advantage (How to Invest Energy) – [28:44]  — How to Stop Feeling Drained & Gain More Energy – [36:42]  — Where Does Energy Come From (It’s Not Always Sleep) – [41:29]  — The Crucial Importance of Goal Setting – [44:07]  — Passion Creates Action, and Action Creates Results – [46:08]  — The Monthly Inner CEO Meeting – [46:38]  — What You Focus on Expands – [48:48]  — Connecting with Stephanie – [49:32]
June 15, 2020
046 - Find Your Freedom & Overcome the Status Quo w/ Glenda Hoon Russell
For the full show notes, links, and resources, visit: --------- Hey, what’s up, everyone! Welcome back to another episode of the Daily New Year’s podcast. Today we’re talking to someone who lives her life on the go. Some part of me has always wanted to live in an RV while traveling the country, and Glenda Hoon Russell of the Status Foe is doing just that, but that’s not all she’s doing. I don’t want to spoil her story, but after the passing of both her parents, both of which were newly retired and “ready to start living,” Glenda and her husband, Kris, decided that they wanted to start living life sooner rather than later. Why do we wait to live our lives after retirement? Why do so many of us fall victim to the status quo? How is it possible to find freedom at any stage in life? How can we afford to find freedom if we don’t have a huge savings account? Glenda Hoon Russell has found the answers to these questions and more, and she’s sharing them with us here, on the Daily New Year’s Podcast. Are you ready to ditch the status quo? Are you ready to find your freedom so that you can start living TODAY? Tune in and enjoy this exciting episode of the podcast. Here we go! Show Notes  — Getting to Know Glenda Hoon Russell, Her Story – [02:19]  — Don’t Wait to Live Your Life, Start Living Now – [04:27]  — Glenda’s Intro to the RV Life, More Adventure, More Living – [07:06]  — The Status Foe: How to Ditch the Status Quo – [10:26]  — Defining Freedom and Exploring the Two Types of Freedom – [13:33]  — Glenda’s 3 Cornerstones to Freedom  —  — Achieve Financial Independence – [15:41]  —  — Minimalism: How to Make Room in Your Life for More of What You Want – [22:42]  —  — Mindfulness: How to be More Present in Life – [23:56]  — One Extraordinary Exercise to Build Your Dream Life – [25:48]  — Build Your Ideal Deal One Thing at a Time, Start Small – [30:50]  — The Five Buddist Remembrances (I Am Dying) – [34:05]  — Self Improvement and Personal Growth is a Continuous Journey – [41:02]  — Goal Settings Role in Glenda’s Life – [45:27]  — Feeling Stuck? Find Your Spark and Fuel Your Fire – [47:09]  — Glenda’s Mantra: Kindness Wins – [50:54]  — Connecting with Glenda & Her New Book – [53:58]
May 28, 2020
045 – Tyler Christensen’s Inspiring Weight Loss Journey (102 lbs in 1 Year)
What’s going on, everyone! Welcome to another episode of the Daily New Year’s Podcast. Every other Wednesday I love delivering life-changing, exciting, and actionable content to people just like you—people who could be doing anything right now, but you’re here, investing your time in this podcast. I Zoom with interesting people—people far wiser than myself—about how they came to be where they are today. Success, failure, strategy, trial-and-error, inspiration, motivation, focus—I like to cover it all so that you can apply life lessons from people around the world to your own life, and today I’m going deep with Tyler Christensen. Tyler slowly became overweight over the course of 20 years and woke up one day to find himself in the “morbidly obese” classification. His wife was concerned and had an intervention with Tyler. She was concerned about his health. “It wasn’t because I wasn’t trying—it wasn’t because I didn’t care about my wife or my kids—it’s because I hadn’t found the right formula for success yet. And so, I recommitted to her that night, ‘okay, that I was going to make some changes in my life.'” And make changes he did. Tyler struggled for several months as he looked a the successful weight-loss formula and when he found it, he lost 102 pounds in one year. Weight loss, health, and fitness look different to everyone, but in this episode, we’re going to explore Tyler’s story, talk about his failures, and dig into his successes. Are you ready for a surge of inspiration? Are you ready to hear Tyler’s incredible story? If so, let’s go! --------- For the full show notes, links, and resources, visit: --------- Show Notes  — Getting to Know Tyler, The Cliffnotes Version – [02:47]  — Tyler’s Struggle with Obesity (306 pounds at 6 feet tall) – [03:47]  — The Long Road to a Weight Loss Mindset – [04:58]  — 20 Years of Trying, Interventions, and Experimentation – [06:07]  — Summer Time Success, Losing 100 Pounds in One Year – [08:07]  — Looking Beyond Short Term Events for Long Term Motivation – [11:05]  — The Power of an Accountability Partner – [12:28]  — Sometimes You Just Have to Throw Your Goals Out the Window – [14:14]  — Finding Opportunites in Uncomfortable Places – [17:14]  — Ignore the Fluctuations, What Matters is the Trend – [18:51]  — The Secret to Maintaining Long Term Success – [23:22]  — How the Brain Learns More During Activity – [26:41]  — The Many Myths of Losing Weight – [28:30]  — Tyler’s Side Hustle as a Celebrity Web Designer – [30:12]  — The Power of Goal Setting in Tyler’s Life – [35:36]  — Tyler’s One Piece of Actionable Advice: Try Something New – [37:21]  — The Importance of Leaving a Legacy – [40:19]  — Connecting with Tyler – [41:38]
May 13, 2020
044 – How to Live a FUNctionally Fit and Happy Life with Dai Manuel
Hey, what’s going on, Goal Getters? Welcome back to another exhilarating episode of the Daily New Year’s podcast. Exhilarating is a strong word, but I practically guarantee that this episode lives up to the hype. Today I’m connecting with Dai Manuel, a fitness coach affectionately known to his clients and friends as, “The Moose.” Dai is someone who has walked his talk. As an obese child, Dai decided to change his life forever and at the age of 15, he started making big, impactful changes in his life. He worked hard, got fit and healthy, and he’s been helping people do the same ever since. Today, he’s passionate about engaging and challenging people to live healthier, more active lifestyles through his group fitness sessions, keynote speeches, one-on-one coaching, and more and he joins us now from Canada. Get ready for some energy, because he’s bringing in this episode of the podcast. Let’s go! --------- For the full show notes, links, and resources, visit: --------- Show Notes  — Getting to Know Dai Manuel and his Journey from Childhood Obesity to Fitness – [02:19]  — The Relationship Between Health and Happiness – [06:21]  — Finding Energy and Reward in the Workout Itself – [08:38]  — How Dai Got Started in Spite of Feeling Self-Conscious – [09:41]  — Finding Power in the Little, Daily Things – [11:25]  — Improve Your Fitness by Moving with Purpose Every Day – [15:01]  — Progression over Regression; There is No Standing Still – [16:50]  — Fitness is a Lifestyle. The Power of Choice – [20:02]  — Finding Motivations that Pull You Towards Long-Term Fitness – [21:56]  — Building Your Life on a Foundation of Health – [24:40]  — Advice for Folks Who Dislike or Hate Working Out (Sitting on a Nail) – [26:55]  — Dai’s Story of Ditching Alcohol – [30:26]  — Own Your Decisions and Forgo the Guilt and Shame  – [36:08]  — How Positive Changes in Your Life Improve Your Confidence – [38:17]  — External Motivators vs. Inner Growth and Personal Development – [40:18]  — The Perpetual Engine of a Rewards-Based Confidence Boost – [41:41]  — Get Into Fitness without Creating Another Full-Time Job – [43:18]  — Progression Over Perfection, The Importance of Consistency – [49:03]  — How to Bounce Back from Failed Resolutions – [51:08]  — Improve Your Life with the Whole Life Fitness Manifesto – [53:03]  — When You’re Looking for Change, Accept the Unexpected – [55:55]  — Connect with Your Why, The How and What Will Come – [56:42]  — Understanding the Two Types of Motivation – [59:14]  — Dai’s One Action You Should Try Today – [59:48]  — The Mantra Dai Lives By – [01:03:06]  — Connecting with Dai Manuel – [01:05:29]
April 29, 2020
043 - How Best Selling Author, Russell Nohelty, Beat the Odds and Overcame Failure
In this line of work, I often come across inspiring stories—stories from amazing people doing incredible things—but today’s guest has truly defied the odds, overcame a number of setbacks and failures, and has succeeded in some big ways. He’s a true inspiration to me and I hope he’ll be the same for you. In this episode of the Daily New Year’s Podcast, I’m chatting with Russell Nohelty, and as you’ll soon hear, he’s managed to build a successful, six-figure business and become a New York Times Best Selling Author after dealing with some pretty tough situations. Graves Disease, migraines, depression, failed businesses—life has dealt Russell a pretty tough hand, but if you hear him tell it, “I’ve got all of the superpowers and none of the Kryptonite.” He isn’t feeling sorry for himself—he’s too busy mastering his mindset and writing best-selling books. How does he manage to keep his winning attitude? Find out in this exciting, inspirational episode of the Daily New Year’s Podcast. --------- For the full show notes, links, and resources, visit: --------- Show Notes  — Getting to Know Russell and His Four Failed Businesses – [02:21]  — The Building Blocks of Failure, Fail Better, Fail Faster – [09:42]  — How to Decouple Success and Failure from Self-Worth – [10:14]  — Managing Mindset with Graves Disease, Migraines, & Depression – [12:40]  — Learning How to Come Back from a Downward Spiral – [14:23]  — Overcoming Failure by Revisiting Old Successes – [15:27]  — How Proper Medication Played a Role in Russell’s Success – [17:22]  — The Intrinsic Nature of Self-Worth – [18:34]  — The Massive Importance of Having a Great Support Network- [20:02]  — The Power of Proper Medication and a Neutral Mindset – [20:37]  — The Superpowers between Neurodivergence and Neurotypical – [22:37]  — What Fuels Russell’s Fire? Impact Drives Everything I do. – [29:35]  — How to Create the Best Work of Your Life – [34:13]  — Breathing with Intention and Mini Meditations – [37:41]  — Connecting with Russell – [39:16]
April 15, 2020
042 – Overcoming Toxic Perfectionism with Harriet Waley-Cohen
Hey, what’s up, everyone! Welcome back to another episode of the Daily New Year’s podcast. I’m so excited today because this episode of the podcast takes us to the UK. I’ve interviewed one other person from the United Kingdom before, Tomas, in episode #25, and it’s always neat to connect with thought leaders around the world. Today, Harriet Waley-Cohen and I are diving deep into a specific topic—one that has played a role in holding me back in my own life: perfectionism. Perfectionism is the enemy of done, and it causes confidence issues, procrastination problems, and so much more. Why tell you everything here? Dive into the episode and join Harriet and me as we wage war on perfectionism and not feeling good enough about ourselves. Here we go! --------- For the full show notes, links, and resources, visit: --------- Show Notes  — Getting to Know Harriet – [02:28]  — Waging War on the “Not Good Enough” Epidemic – [04:40]  — The Perfection and Confidence Connection – [06:45]  — The Toxic Side of Perfectionism – [08:09]  — The Procrastinating Perfectionist Problem – [09:18]  — Where does the Need for Perfectionism Come From? – [12:15]   —  — 1. The Compare and Despair Culture – [13:12]   —  — 2. The Measurement Culture – [14:20]   —  — 3. Capitalism (Being Measured by Materials) – [15:26]  — The Negative Side Effects of Toxic Perfectionism – [16:55]  — Safeguarding Yourself Against this Perfection Problem – [19:27]  — The Correlations Between Perfectionism and High Performance – [23:23]  — Setting Intentions vs Setting Goals – [27:48]  — Question Your Thoughts and Telling Yourself You are Good Enough – [30:55]  — Ask Yourself, “What would love do?” – [32:22]
April 8, 2020
041 – Nick Bolhuis, Maximize Your Performance & Your Brain Health
Hey everyone, welcome to another episode of the Daily Newy Year’s podcast! Recently I’ve been releasing more content on health, wellness, mindset, psychology, sleep habits, and nutrition and less about goal-setting strategies, prioritization techniques, and other content that is zeroed in on goal setting. Why? Because, as Goal Getters, we can’t maintain long-term, high-performance in our lives without good health, both mentally and physically. External, physical health is easier to see, but mental health, more specifically, what’s going on in our brains, is nearly impossible to see. Poor nutrition, insufficient sleep, too much screen time, excessive exposure to negativity—all of these things can have lasting effects on the brain, causing poor focus, memory issues, and more. How can we Crush Our Goals if our brains aren’t operating at 100%? We can’t! Joining us today is Nick Bolhuis and he’s going to provide a mountain of valuable takeaways that we can all use to improve our brain health, our focus, our performance, and so much more. Are you ready? Let’s do this! --------- For the full show notes, links, and resources, visit: --------- Show Notes  — Getting to Know Nick Bolhuis and Neuropeak Pro – [02:32]  — QEEG Technology – The Brain is a Super Computer – [04:54]  — How to Keep Your Brain from Shrinking After the Age of 40 – [06:06]  — How to Improve Your Life Using the 10% Rule – [10:32]  — Improving Health Through Mindfulness and Gratitude – [12:56]  — Correlation Between Screen Time and Mental Health – [13:35]  — Accountability Apps to Help You Focus and Hydrate More – [14:43]  — Improving Nutrition by Adding Good Things Before Removing the Bad – [17:19]  — How to Know if You Have Focus Issues if You’re Not Sure – [19:45]  — Better Sleep Using Blue Light Filters and Sleeping Masks – [22:01]  — Helping High-Performing Athletes Perform Even Better – [23:34]  — Best Over-the-Counter Vitamins for Optimal Brain Health – [27:45]  — What’s the One Thing You Would Ask Listeners to Do – [29:55]  — The Main Reason We Sleep is Memory Consolidation – [32:03]  — Night Owls vs. Early Risers, Trainable or Not? – [34:10]  — Connecting with Nick Bolhuis and Neuropeak Pro – [37:38] 4LPm86iwMVQXACqvi1uj
April 1, 2020
040 – The Speaker with 3000 Years’ Experience, Yonason Goldson
Hey, what’s up, everyone! Welcome back to another insightful episode of the Daily New Years podcast. This episode brings us a very special guest, and one you may not expect. Today we’re talking to TedX Speaker and Rabbi, Yonason Goldson. Yonason is a former hitchhiker, world traveler, journalist, and teacher and he comes to us from St. Louis Missouri, just two hours North of my own hometown, so hopefully we can get a coffee soon. Today’s episode is a wide-ranging conversation and we touch on everything from sharpening your mind and overcoming societal labels to ethics in business and becoming a sought after speaker. There’s a lot of great stuff to talk about, so let’s not waste another minute. Click play, sit back, and enjoy this wonderful conversation. --------- For the full show notes, links, and resources, visit: --------- Show Notes  — Getting to Know Yonason Goldson – [01:45]  — Yonason’s Journey into Keynote Speaking – [03:46]  — The Keynote Speaker with 3,000 Years’ Experience – [11:58]  — Applying Ancient Wisdom to Modern Times – [13:09]  — Becoming Better Every Day – [15:06]  — How to Sharpen Your Mind by Opening Up to New Ideas – [19:09]  — Overcoming the Fears Surround New and Opposing Ideas – [22:07]  — Being Willing to Evaluate Every Side of an Idea – [25:40]  — The Limiting Nature of Labels in our Lives – [28:36]  — The Difference Between Liberalism and Conservatism – [32:09]  — The Importance of Ethics in Business Today – [35:13]  — Meeting in the Rational Middle to Avoid Damaging Polarization – [36:11]  — Listening to Hear vs. Listening to Respond – [37:10]  — What Does it Mean to Be Ethical in Business? – [39:36]  — How Does a World-Traveling Rabbi Get into Business Ethics? – [41:15]  — Finding Your Own Unique Voice and Message – [43:32]  — Crystallized Clarity, Short Term Goals, and Long Term Vision – [45:49]  — The Power of Talking to People You Disagree With – [50:08]  — Connecting with Yonason Goldson – [52:57]
March 25, 2020
039 - How to Create a Life You Love with Leyah Valgardson
Hey what’s up everyone! Thanks for checking out another episode of the Daily New Year’s Podcast! Today we’re talking to Speaker and Coach, Leyah Valgardson and she is dropping gold nuggets all over the place. We’re going to talk about how to clear some much-needed mental space and front-load our goal setting with a jolt success using Leyah’s Five Rs. (Workbook below). We’re also going to talk about how to develop your unique leader’s voice, how to find courage to take big leaps in life, how to love ourselves more, and so much more. If you’re ready, let’s go! --------- For the full show notes, links, and resources, visit --------- Show Notes  — Getting to Know Leyah Valgardson – [02:13]  — Transitioning from Corporate Home Building to Starting Leader’s Voice – [04:14]  — Leyah’s Five Step System for Front-Loading Goal Setting – [06:31]  —— Realize Your Why – [07:20]  —— Reflect on Your Wins – [07:51]  —— Recognize (Gratitude)  – [10:34]  —— Release and Clear Space – [13:19]  —— Renew – [15:26]  — What Lead Leyah to Become a Speaker an Coach – [17:36]  — The Power of Personal Coaching – [19:52]  — Finding the Courage to Make Big Leaps in Life – [23:04]  — Leyah’s Favorite Goal Setting Strategies – [26:04]  — How to Break Big Goals Down – [27:46]  — Taking Leaps, Building Confidence, and Overcoming Paralysis – [29:15]  — Spending Time and Learning to Love Ourselves – [32:57]  — Shoutout to All the Women in the World – [35:07]  — Connecting With Leyah – [37:20]
March 17, 2020
038 – A Fresh Take on the Law of Attraction with Jennifer Teske
Hey, what’s up, everyone! Welcome back to another exciting episode of the Daily New Year’s podcast. I’m so excited today because I’m featuring one of my self-published classmates from Chandler Bolt’s Self-Publishing School. Joining us today is Jennifer Teske. I was on the launch team for Jennifer’s book Live, Love, and Hack Life: A Fresh Look at Understanding Law of Attraction. When I read it, I knew I just had to have her on the podcast. I used to have serious doubts about the Law of Attraction and overcoming Self-Limiting Beliefs through the power of self-affirmations—until I read this book. Whether you’re totally new to Law of Attraction, or you have doubts of your own, this episode of the podcast is for you. Tune in, check it out, and be sure to grab a copy of Jen’s book. Let’s go! --------- For the full show notes, links, and resources, visit --------- Show Notes  — A High Level Look at Law of Attraction – [03:50]  — When is Law of Attraction Happening? – [06:03]  — We Don’t Attract Everything into our Lives – [07:42]  — Law of Attraction is a lot Like Gravity – [10:20]  — What are Manifestations and How are they Connected to Law of Attraction? – [12:23]  — Law of Attraction and Self-Fulfilling Prophecies – [16:43]  — The Three Categories of Law of Attraction: All, Some, or None – [20:07]  — Making Decisions and Being Decisive – [24:52]  — Dealing with Disappointment by Realigning Expectations – [27:11]  — Focus, Clarity, and Knowing What You Want – [30:20]  — Law of Attraction is Always Working – [32:26]  — How Beliefs are Formed and How They Influence Attraction – [33:48]  — Using Self-Affirmations to Overcome Self-Limiting Beliefs – [38:32]  — Converting Self-Limiting Beliefs into Power Statements – [39:54]  — Low of Attraction is About How You Define Yourself – [44:39]  — With Law of Attraction, You Have to Press the Gas and Take Action – [47:57]  — Accept the Unexpected; You Never Know What is Coming – [50:08]  — Connecting with Jennifer and Grabbing the Book – [51:41]
March 11, 2020
037 - Exploring Epigenetics, Fitness, Mindset, and More with Julian Hayes II
Hey, what’s going on everyone? Today’s episode of the podcast is an exciting one! We’re about to dive into a ton of content that, before today, I had heard almost nothing about. Genomics, Epigenetics, Biological Age vs. Chronological Age: we’re going to cover a ton of interesting stuff with Health Optimizer and Performance Coach, Julian Hayes II, and I’m confident that you’re going to learn a ton of cool stuff. I know I did! If you want to feel better, think better, and optimize your health and performance for this thing called life, buckle up because this episode is going to be a wild ride. Here we go! --------- For the full show notes, links, and resources, visit --------- Show Notes  — Getting to Know Julian and his Origin Story – [02:07] —Deciding to Go to (and Drop Out of) Medical School – [03:47] —Overcoming the Safety of School and Following Dreams – [05:54] —Using the Fear of Future Regret to Find Courage – [07:07] —Samari’s Meditate on Death. Travel to the Future. – [08:24] —How Julian Started his Art of Fitness and Life Firm – [09:21] —Our Genes are not Necessarily our Destiny. Explaining Epigenetics – [11:03] —We’re All Uniquely Us; There’s No One Way to Do Things – [13:21] —How Do You Know What’s Best for You? – [15:12] —Why is Health Optimization So Important – [18:43] —Preconception Epigenetics. Optimizing Your Health for Your Kids – [20:37] —Epigenetics and Generational Impact – [21:43] —Instant Gratification vs Long Term Health – [23:29] —Tips and Tricks for Getting Started with Epigenetics – [24:50] —Changing 30% of Your Genes in 30 Minutes – [26:54] —Combatting Bad Sleep Habits & Stress and Their Impact on Our Health – [27:24] —Sleep Deprivation and the Effects on the Brain. Logic vs. Emotion – [29:44] —Sleep Deprivation and Weight Gain – [31:19] —Tips and Tricks for Fixing Bad Sleep Habits – [32:55] —Brendan Burchard’s 3-2-1 Rule for Sleep – [36:18] —Blue Light Glasses and Apps for Better Sleep – [37:00] —Apps and Online Services for Testing Your Biological Age – [37:52] —Reduce Your Biological Age, Even Lower than Your Chronological Age – [39:33] —The Biggest Improvements can Be in the Area of Stress and Mindset – [42:06] —You Have More Control than Your Realize – [42:59] —The Major Difference Between Health Span and Life Span – [43:39] —Finding a Workout Style that Keeps You Excited – [44:20]
March 5, 2020
036 – Building Phenomenal Culture in Business with Adam Sinkus
Hey, what’s up, everyone! Welcome back to another info-packed episode of the Daily New Year’s podcast. If you’re new to the show, we cover all things goal setting, personal development, mentorship, mindset, productivity & organization, and leadership. Joining us today is Adam Sinkus, and he is bringing us a wealth of knowledge around the topic of Culture-Driven Leadership. Good culture and excellent leadership in the workplace is very near and dear to my heart because we spend a huge percentage of our lives at work, and if the culture is bad, then life can be truly miserable. Culture means a lot of different things to a lot of different people, but today, Adam is going to demystify what it means to have good culture. He’s also going to explain what culture is NOT, how to go about building an amazing culture, and so much more. If you’re a leader at any level (and I believe everyone is), then this episode is absolutely for you! --------- For the full show notes, links, and resources, visit --------- Show Notes  — Getting to Know Adam—How He Became a Culture Expert – [02:26]  — What Does “Culture” Really Mean? – [07:09]  — Is a “Family Culture” a Real Thing? Is It Good? – [09:32]  — Scaling Beyond the Small, Family Culture – [11:07]  — What is the Difference Between a Boss and a Leader? – [14:12]  — How do Organizational and Individual Goals Play a Role in Culture? – [16:27]  — Adam Sinkus’s ACES Leadership Model – [18:22]  —  — Acknowledge – [19:05]  —  — Cultivate – [19:57]  —  — Empower – [20:41]  —  — Strengthen – [21:31]  — Accessing Success and Failures. After Action Reports – [22:29]  — Positivity Breeds Positivity: Talking About Success in a Meaningful Way – [23:57]  — Culture is More than Nap Pods and Free Lunches – [25:11]  — Common Pitfalls to Avoid in Building Great Culture – [29:08]  — Organize a Cohesive Culture Message Throughout the Organization – [30:34]  — Develop a Culture Leader; a Chief Culture Officer – [31:12]  — Maslow’s Heirarchy of Human Needs’ Role in Culture – [34:11]  — Servant Leadership in Culture – [39:07]  — The Most Dangerous Types of Companies for Building Culture – [42:16]  — Adam’s Book on His ACES Leadership Model, Coming Soon – [44:07]
February 26, 2020
035 – 5 Simple Steps for Overcoming Obstacles & Setbacks
Real talk: goal setting can be a real pain sometimes. Yes, goal setting is a powerful, life-changing tool that can help us achieve our dreams, but it's not always sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes we set ourselves up for failure, sometimes there are motivation issues, and sometimes, frankly, life just gets in the way. The road to success is riddled with potholes, setbacks, obstacles, and disappointment. There's nothing we can do about that. We can, however, learn how to overcome those setbacks and obstacles. In fact, how we deal with disappointment is one of the biggest predictors of our ability to achieve success. That's why this episode of the Daily New Years Podcast provides 5 simple strategies for overcoming setbacks and obstacles. It's a short episode, but it packs a punch. Are you going to succumb to the setbacks and throw in the towel, or are you going to keep Crushing Your Goals? Dive in today! --------- For the full show notes, links, and resources, visit --------- Show Notes — A Personal Story About Overcoming Setbacks – [00:54] — 1. Obstacles are Only Failures if They Cause You to Quit – [04:26] — 2. Plan for the Worst. Hope for the Best – [05:52] — 3. Limit Your Disappointment – [07:52] — 4. If at First You Don’t Succeed… – [10:57] — 5. Goals Aren’t About Being Perfect – [12:30] — Become an Overcomer – [14:40]
February 19, 2020
034 - Embracing Struggle & Overcoming a Fixed Mindset with Stephen Schott
Hey, what’s going on, everyone! You may have noticed, but the Daily New Year’s podcast disappeared unexpectedly last July. Sorry to leave you hanging! Last year I decided to write my first ever book, Crush Your Goals!, and to do that, I decided to put the blog and podcast on hold. You can read a little bit about my adventures since then in this blog post. The whole process was only supposed to take about 90 days, but I put so much effort into this book that it took far longer. Anyway, I’m back now, and I’m reviving the podcast. I was digging through my files and realized that I had recorded an episode with my good friend and mastermind group member, Stephen Schott, last year right before putting everything on hold. So, I wanted to publish that post. Stephen and I both enjoy reading about personal development, psychology, health, and mindset (among dozens of other things), so this is a wide-ranging conversation with a little something for everyone. Enjoy! I’ll see you on the inside. --------- For the full show notes, links, and resources, visit --------- Show Notes  — Getting to know Stephen Schott – [03:31]  — Stephen’s, Quick Quotes on Snapchat – [06:20]  — Stephen’s Journey: Financial Advising, Bar Fights, and Low Points – [08:10]  — Struggles are the Things that Make You Great – [10:06]  — Personal Development: Taking Action on What You Learn – [11:53]  — Are You Stuck Being Who You Are After Turning 25? – [12:46]  --- Self-Limiting Beliefs and Learned Helplessness  — Mastering Your Thoughts and the Way You Think – [16:55]  — Talking to Yourself in a Different Way – [17:56]  --- Self Affirmations, Positive Self-Talk, and More  — Getting Up Early and Building Confidence – [20:04]  — David Goggins’ 40% Rule – [21:27]  — Intentionally Doing Things You Don’t Want to Do – [22:22]  — Mel Robbins, the Reticular Activating System, and Focusing on Your Goals – [26:56]  — Setting Your Goals too Low – [27:52]  — Grant Cardone’s 10X Rule – [30:20]  — Converting “I can’t” to “How can I?” – [31:52]  — Wants, Desires, Self-Actualization, and Discovering Your True Potential – [32:59]  — Living Life by Default or By Design. Gratitude vs. Being Content. – [36:06]  — What is Dureable Fullfillment? Happiness, Success, & Freedom – [37:22]  — Aspiring to New Levels in Life – [38:44]  — Is Growing More or Needing More Important to You? – [40:06]  --- What would you do if you had unlimited money?  — Self-Limiting Beliefs and Self-Fulfilling Prophecies – [43:06]  — Goals with a Deeper Purpose Lead to Passion and Drive – [44:26]  — Final Thoughts and Connecting with Stephen – [45:47]
February 13, 2020
033 – Crush Your Financial Goals with a Free Credit Report
Have you ever got a free annual credit report on your own? If you’re like most people, you don’t think about your credit score very often, let alone think about getting a free annual credit report. Heck, I used to only think about mine when I was about to apply for an auto loan or a mortgage. If you don’t know your credit score, you’re not alone. In fact, many people I know don’t know their current credit score, and some have never checked their credit score. According to a post on Lexington Law, 54% of Americans say they never check their credit scores. Many people think that you only need a good credit score if you’re looking to get a loan or a credit card. But if you dive into this episode of the podcast, you’ll see there are several reasons you need a good credit report. Let’s go!! --------- For the full show notes, links, and resources, visit --------- Show Notes — Credit Report vs. Credit Score – [03:19] — Hard Checks vs. Soft Checks – [04:16 ] — Top 5 Reasons to get a Free Annual Credit Report – [05:06] — 1. Saving Money – [05:41] — 2. Save More Money by Getting Better Insurance Rates – [06:51] — 3. Rebuild Bad Credit or Fix Credit Errors – [08:34] — 4. Spot Identity Theft – [10:42] — 5. Keep Your Score Healthy – [13:12] — BONUS. It’s Free, so Why Not? – [15:41] — How often should you run a report? – [17:53]
February 6, 2020
032 – Here’s Why Action is Ultimate Prerequisite to Success
There are a number of prerequisites to success in life, but Action is, by far, the most important one. Apart from goal setting, Action is probably the thing I talk about most here on Daily New Years. Why? Because without Action, we cannot achieve success in anything. No matter how much we know or learn and no matter how much we dream, success isn’t possible unless we take Action. You might know all about business, but you can’t be a successful business owner unless you take the first step and open your business, right? You can’t successfully run a marathon if you don’t take the first step and run your first mile. See what I mean? Action is a prerequisite to success, and that’s what we’re talking about here on the podcast today. So, what do you say? Are you going to take action and click play? --------- For the full show notes, links, and resources, visit --------- Show Notes — Learning + Action = Success – [04:24] — A Chain Reaction of Opportunity – [07:04 — The Butterfly Effect – [08:45] — Facing Your Fear of Failure – [12:11] — Failure as a Learning Opportunity – [13:35] — Silencing Your Self-Limiting Beliefs – [15:30] — No More Waiting! Take Action! – [18:57]
June 25, 2019
031 - Overcoming Fear & Taking Massive Action with Dr. Greg Pursley
What do you get when you put two personal development junkies in a room together with a microphone? The short answer: Massive amounts of valuable and useful info, that's what! Today on the show I’m talking with Dr. Greg Pursley. Greg and I are in a mastermind group together, and week after week, he brings massive value. He’s a wealth of knowledge, and he’s sharing just a little bit of that knowledge today. If you’re ready to hear about taking massive action, developing a growth mindset, setting goals, how to find a personal development guru that resonates with you, and so much more—then dive on into the episode. --------- For the full show notes, links, and resources, visit --------- Show Notes — A Note on Adding Value – [02:38] — Why Do People Postpone Self-Improvement? – [3:44] — F.E.A.R. False Evidence Appearing Real – [05:02] — What would I have to believe for that to be true? – [5:36] — The Power of a Weekly or Daily Routine – [06:59] — Giving Up Something to Get Something Better – [08:13] — The Myth of the Morning Person – [10:05] — Learning isn’t Enough—Take Action! – [12:54] — Taking Action and Overcoming Objections – [13:30] — Taking Action and Building Momentum – [14:27] — Celebrate Your Wins – [16:05] — If You’re Not Growing, You’re Dying – [16:36] — Overcoming the Fears of Goal Setting – [18:07] — Choose a Perspective that’s Right for You – [19:59] — Avoid Comparing Yourself to Others – [20:46] — Success is Your Duty – [21:21] — Be Responsible for Your Actions – [22:12] — Adding Value to the Universe – [22:37] — Personal Development and Expanding Your Mind – [23:45] — Focus = Feeling = Action – [24:57] — Finding a Personal Development Guru that Resonates – [26:28] — How to Feel in Control of Your Life  – [30:10] — Achieving Emotional Mastery – [31:00] — Challenge Your B.S. (Belief Systems) – [32:18] — Examining New Perspectives Without Accepting Them – [37:05] — Capitalize on N.E.T. Time (No Extra Time) – [40:51] — Wasting Time vs. Resting and Recharging – [41:53] — Striving Through Hard Times – [46:25] — Picking Up New Things from Repeat Content – [48:13] — Writing Things Down and Nerding Out on Notebooks – [49:40] — Quarterly and Annual Reviews – [51:04] — Setting Goals! Not New Year’s Resolutions – [52:10] — S.M.A.R.T. Goals – [54:17] — Connecting with Dr. Greg Pursley – [57:21]
June 21, 2019
030 - Crush Your Goals with These 3 Prioritization Strategies
Do you know which of your goals are your top priority? Or do you find yourself working on ten different goals with little to no progress? One of the things I see all of the time is that people make very little progress on any given goal because of all the other goals they have. Maybe you have one goal that’s taking up all your time, but it’s the wrong goal. Or maybe you’re working on the least important goal out of all the goals you have. Perhaps you just have too many goals! How can we prioritize our goals in the proper order and achieve our essential goals more quickly? If you’re trying to chip away at ten different goals, it’s going to seem like you’re not getting anything done, right? I mean, this happens to me all the time. This is an easy trap to fall into when you’re ambitious and you’ve got a thousand things that you want to do. That’s why I want to talk about three strategies that I use to prioritize my goals and keep myself on track. I think you’re going to find them super useful! Here we go! --------- For the full show notes, links, and resources, visit --------- Show Notes — Pareto’s Principle, a.k.a. the 80/20 Rule – [03:50] — The 80/20 Rule in Everyday Productivity – [05:42] — The 80/20 Rule and Time Blocking – [07:26] — The Eisenhower Matrix – [09:00] — The Difference Between Urgent and Important – [09:23] — How to Sketch the Eisenhower Matrix – [10:29] — How to Fill in the Matrix – [11:20] — Apply the Four D’s to the Matrix – [12:33] — The ABCDE Method of Prioritization – [16:09]
June 12, 2019
029 – How to Learn New Things When You Don’t Have the Time
Isn’t it super frustrating when you want to learn new things but can’t seem to find the time? Whether it’s a new language or how to earn passive income, there is so much to learn and so little precious time. But what if you could learn new things without dedicating any additional time throughout your day? Yes, please! Call it a life hack, productivity hack, or whatever, over the past few years, I’ve discovered several different times throughout my day that have been perfect for audio learning. In this episode, I’m sharing my top four ways to learn on the go and the top nine times when I do it. These aren’t the only ones, so tune in, learn the strategies, and then look for more ways to use audio learning in your own life. --------- For the full show notes, links, and resources, visit --------- Let’s dive on in! — Example Times to Use Audio Learning – [02:02] — Multitasking is Real!! – [06:20] — 1. Learn a New Language – [07:48] — 2. Listen to Books Monthly on Audible – [09:56] — 3. Subscribe to Podcasts and Listen Daily – [13:36] — 4. Listen to Ted Talks and Educational YouTube Videos – [16:05] — Active Listening and Audio Learning – [18:44]
June 5, 2019
028 – Does the Debt Snowball Really Work?
Have you ever heard of the Debt Snowball? If so, you know that it’s a debt-payoff model made famous by Dave Ramsey. If you haven’t heard about it, you’re about to! Either way, you might be wondering, “Does it really work?” Absolutely! I’ve personally used it to pay off several debts of my own and I’m excited to see you do the same. So today, I want to give you a crash course on what the Debt Snowball is, how it’s used, and how it can work for you. Plus, I’m giving away a free budget template to help you get started even faster! Learn all about it on today’s episode of the Daily New Year’s Podcast. Let’s go! --------- For the full show notes, links, and resources, visit --------- — What is the Debt Snowball? – [03:37] — How does the Debt Snowball Work? – [04:36] — The Debt Avalanche vs. The Debt Snowball – [05:46] — Does the Debt Snowball Work? – [10:20] — Use to Track Your Progress – [12:58] — Be Patient and Have Fun – [17:15] — Starting a Budget with the Daily New Years Budget Template – [19:57]
May 29, 2019
027 – How to Be More Positive Every Day in 7 Simple Steps
Hey, what’s up Goal Getter! Would you say you generally have a positive outlook on life? Do you ever find yourself in a bad mood and wonder how to be more positive? I know I do! The good news is, there are things we can do to help improve our mood, mindset, and overall outlook—and no, it’s not “think happy thoughts.” If it were as easy as that, we could just decide to be happy when we realized we’re in a bad mood. No, if you want to know how to be more positive, then you need to dive into today’s positivity-packed episode of the Daily New Years Podcast and learn these 7 simple strategies for improving your positivity. Let’s go! --------- For the full show notes, links, and resources, visit --------- — Why Do Negative Things Stay Top of Mind Longer? – [02:30] — How Can We Become More Positive? – [05:15] — Limit Your Exposure to Negative People – [06:30] — Examine Your Environment – [10:30] — Look for One Positive in Every Situation – [12:30] — Start a Gratitude Journal – [15:31] — Talk to a Mentor – [17:00] — Reflect on the Root of the Problem – [19:00] — Get Some Exercise – [20:00]
May 22, 2019
026 – Plan Your Dream Life Using Blue Sky Thinking
When you think about your life five, ten, or even twenty-five years from now, what do you see? What if I told you that you could design your dream life starting today? Recently I was reading the book GOALS! by Brian Tracy and he touched on an exciting discovery made by Dr. Charles Garfield. Dr. Garfield studied peak performers for more than 20 years, and he specifically analyzed men and women who had only achieved average results for many years but then suddenly achieved massive success in a very short amount of time. When he sought the answer to their sudden success, he found that all of these individuals had begun using blue-sky thinking, and that’s what we’re talking about on the podcast today. Let’s go! --------- For the full show notes, links, and resources, visit --------- — What is Blue-Sky Thinking? – [02:25] — Overcoming Challenges of Blue-Sky Thinking – [03:54] — Pause to do Your Blue Sky Thinking – [06:52] — Coming Back to Reality and Build a Life Plan – [07:15 ] — Action is Everything! – [10:29] — Over to You! A Challenge to Try Blue Sky Thinking – [14:00]
May 15, 2019
025 – Why OK is NOT Enough with Life Coach Tomas Svitorka
Hey, what’s up Goal Getters! Welcome back to another super exciting episode of the Daily New Years podcast. I’m so excited because this episode takes us across the pond to the great city of London. Joining us today is Tomas Svitorka. Tomas is a professional life coach, speaker, award-winning entrepreneur, and the founder of OK is NOT Enough. He has coached hundreds of clients including industry leaders, billionaire entrepreneurs, CEOs, rising stars in global corporations and influencers who are at the top of their game. He’s a wealth of knowledge and goal-setting information, so I’m excited to have you dive into the episode. See you on the inside! --------- For the full show notes, links, and resources, visit --------- – How Tomas Came to be a Life Coach – [01:52] – The Inspiration Behind OK is NOT Enough – [07:48] – The Unshakable Feeling of Untapped Potential – Giving 100% – [09:04] – To Be Better than OK, You Need a Strong Why – [11:30] – The Zone of Tolerable Discomfort – [12:56] – Humans have the Ability to Get Used to Anything – [13:23] – To Get Unstuck, You Need to Zoom Out – [14:14] – Personal Development is Seeing What’s Possible – [14:34] – How Does Tomas Balance 50+ Annual Goals – [15:57] – Starting Each Year with an Annual Review – [18:21] – Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Goal Planning – [19:03] – Underestimating Goals and Training for the London Marathon in Four Months! – [19:42] – 2 Goals or 50 Goals—What Matters is How Often You Check In – [20:55] – Using Michael Hyatt’s Full Focus Planner for Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Check-Ins – [21:46] – How Not to Pursue All Your Goals at Once – [23:27] – Tomas’s Unique Approach to Setting Goals – [24:04] – There’s Always More That You Can Do – [26:20] – Tying Goals to a Purpose-Driven Cause – [30:00] – Tomas’s Top Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for New Goal Setters – [30:42] – How to Balance Too Many Goals and Lack of Focus with Not Enough Goals – [35:02] – Build Confidence and Self Esteem Through Goal Setting – [38:16] – The Power of Self Talk and the Psychology Behind Starting Goals with “I will easily…” – [41:39] – Using Leading Language in Goal Setting – [43:56] – Exploring Lucid Dreaming and Subconscious Thinking – [46:17] – Connecting with Tomas Online – [53:43]
April 24, 2019
024 – Jim Rohn’s 4 Simple Tips for Successful Goal Setting
On an episode of the SUCCESS Talks podcast, the Success staff played an archived clip from Jim Rohn where he outlined “The Simple Art of Goal Setting.” His method of goal setting is one that he learned from his mentor, John Earl Shoaff, at the early age of 25 and it goes something like this: 1. Decide what you want. 2. Write it down. Make a list. 3. Keep the old lists. 4. Check things off your list. Pretty simple, right? So how can we put Jim’s 4 step goal-setting practice into place in our own lives? I’ve covered it in detail on this week’s episode of the Daily New Years podcast. --------- For the full show notes, links, and resources, visit --------- — An Introduction to Jim Rohn – [00:30] — Only 20% of People Set Goals – [02:42] — Decide on What You Want (and Why) – [03:12] — Write Your Goals Down and Make a List – [04:46]Keep Your Old Lists – [07:47] — Jim Rohn’s 4th Step: Check Things Off Your List – [09:24]
April 10, 2019
023- Eliminate Email Distraction with the 4 D's of Effective Time Management
Do you know what goes great with goal setting? Productivity, organization, and time management. I don’t know about you, but I have so many things in my life competing for my attention and trying to distract me from crushing my goals. Whether it’s your phone going off constantly, emails pouring in, or colleagues knocking at your door, it’s hard to tune out distractions and stay focused on our most meaningful work. For the most part, I have silenced most of the apps and notifications on my phone but one thing that always seems to be demanding more time and more attention is my email inbox. And, if you’re like me, you have a handful of email accounts all dinging and chiming for more attention. In fact, the average person spends about 28% of their work week on email management. That’s crazy! But email itself isn’t the problem — it’s how we manage it. This week on the podcast I’m going to teach you how to use the 4 D’s of Effective Time Management to clean out your inbox and reclaim your time. Let's Go! --------- For the full show notes and useful links and resources, visit: --------- – Time Blocking - [03:30] – D #1 - Delete It - [05:15] – D #2 - Do It - [06:20] – D #3 - Delegate It - [07:48] – D #4 - Defer It - [09:50] – The Four D's in Action. Do They Really Work? - [11:23]
April 3, 2019
022 – How to Find Rock Solid Mentorship in Unconventional Places
We all know that mentorship is an important and critical aspect of personal growth, but mentors aren’t always easy to find. And, if you’re an introvert, live in a small community, or just have trouble talking to people, asking someone to be your mentor can be difficult. So, where can we find high quality, rock solid mentorship? Personally, I’ve found books, podcasts, YouTube videos, and blogs to be a great resource, if you dig deep enough. In this week’s episode of the podcast, I’m talking about my five favorite mentors and how you can find some of your own. For the full show notes, links, and resources, visit -------- – In-Person Mentors vs. Digital/Long-Distance Mentors – [02:47] – #1: Jeff Rose of Good Financial Cents/Wealth Hacker Labs – [03:16] – #2: Brendon Burchard – [07:39] – #3: Michael Hyatt – [10:16] – #4: Darren Hardy – [13:19] – #5: The Global Leadership Summit Faculty – [16:39] – How to Find Online Mentors of Your Own – [19:00]
March 27, 2019
021 – 10 Ways to Master Your Money and Your Financial Goals
Generally, I like to give my listeners tips, tricks, and strategies on how to achieve a broad spectrum of goals – no matter what your goals might be – but I occasionally like to talk about goals I’m pursuing in my own personal life. Over the past 18-24 months, I’ve been working hard to address my personal finances and I’m still working towards several goals. But for a long time, I didn’t take my personal finances seriously enough and I procrastinated several key things I should have been doing, such as saving for retirement. I rarely recommend specific goals to try, but this week on the podcast I’m highlighting ten financial goals that I believe you should try to set for yourself in the year ahead. Because you may not be able to tackle all ten at once, I’ve put these in the order that I pursued them, but feel free to tackle them in any order you prefer or just pick and choose the goals that excite you. For the full show notes, links, and resources, visit: ----------- 1. Get a Free Credit Report – [02:00] 2. Evaluate Your Finances and Build a Budget – [04:50] 3. Read One Personal Finance Book (or more!) – [06:55] 4. Ask for a Raise at Work – [09:42] 5. Start a $1,000 Emergency Fund – [12:30] 6. Pay Off Your Smallest Debt – [16:07] 7. Start Saving 10% of Your Income – [19:55] 8. Join a Matching Retirement Program – [22:37] 9. Convert a Hobby Into a Side Hustle – [25:43] 10. Meet with a Financial Advisor – [28:51]
March 19, 2019
020 - The Strength of Kindness with Rocco Cozza
This week on the podcast I have special guest, Rocco Cozza. I connected with Rocco on Instagram and then LinkedIn and found him to be a truly inspiring guy. He’s already done a ton of incredible things in his life, from breaking a state powerlifting record to speaking on a TedX stage in Canada, and I asked him on the show to share some of his life experiences. Rocco has a unique message to share about Kindness, so I think you’ll get a ton of value out of this exciting interview. Here we go! Full the full shownotes, useful links, and resources, visit: ---------- - Getting to know Rocco Cozza - [02:47] - How to get accepted to a TedX - [03:51] - There is a problem in the world: people view kindness as a weakness. - [05:20] - Can being too nice hold us back? - [08:55] - The 80/20 Rule - There's no such thing as perfection - [11:27] - We are 100% responsible for how we react to life. - [12:36] - Be kind to yourself & avoid negative self-talk. -[15:28] - Trust is everything. Trust is kindness. - [19:37] - Building trust with pro athletes. - [23:51] - Adopt a growth mindset and get comfortable with starting fresh. - [24:58] - The difference between Real Limitations and Limiting Beliefs - [26:35] - How do you stick with a long-term goal? - [30:00] - The power and neuroscience of writing your goals down. - [31:50] - How do you keep from getting discouraged on long-term goals? - [36:53] - Take action and build momentum toward your goals - [37:32] - Crushing state-wide powerlifting records - [39:15] - Connect with Rocco - [43:55]
March 12, 2019
019 – Fast Track Your Finance Goals in a Single Afternoon
How are your finances? I think this is a question that many of us avoid. Perhaps we find it boring or worse, we’re afraid to know the answer. Either way, sometimes it’s easier to just keep making minimum payments and ignoring our finances altogether. Why fix what isn’t broken, right? Well, if we ignore our finances, we can’t plan for the future, and if we don’t plan for the future, our finances will someday control our lives. The difference is, today we have a chance to take control while later in life, it may be too late. I know that for many of us (myself included) personal finances aren’t the sexiest or most exciting topic to talk about, and even though I’m not a financial advisor, every once in a while I do get excited about money and I like to share the tips, tricks, and strategies that I’m using to improve my own financial situation. I’m confident they’ll help you too! For the full show notes, links, and resources, visit: ----------- 1. Review Your Fixed Monthly Expenses – [01:40] 2. Evaluate Your Extra Spending – [04:15] 3. Total Up Your Debt – [07:03] 4. Set a Financial Goal – [09:05] 5. Start a Budget – [11:14] Work Backward from Your Goal – [12:30] Budgets Provide Freedom, not Restriction – [16:25]
March 6, 2019
018 - Success is a Marathon
Have you ever ran a marathon? How would you approach such an enormous task? I doubt that you would sign up for a marathon, show up on race day, and start sprinting towards the end as fast as you could with no training under your belt, right? That would be crazy! If this week’s episode of the podcast, I outline a simple strategy to help you overcome the sprint-based mentality of goal setting and, instead, focus on the longer, steadier race towards success. For the full show notes, useful links, and resources, visit: -------- - The Fundamental Problem with New Year’s Resolutions – [02:50] - “If you have a strong enough why you can do anything.” – [03:22] - 3 Steps to Achieving Massive Goals - Step 1: Write down your goal and WHY you want to do it. – [04:04] - Step 2: Plan it out 30, 60, or even 90 days into the future. – [04:55] - Step 3: Take it day by day. – [06:25] - Put Your Plan Somewhere You Can See it Daily – [08:01] - Join the Goal Getter Community – [08:56]
February 27, 2019
017 - Navigating the Ups and Downs of Goals Setting with Dr. LaTanya Moore
If you’ve been following along with Daily New Years you know, I’m all about setting exciting goals. But goal setting isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. Setting goals can be tough, challenging, and downright difficult – it can make you want to give up!  What can we do when nothing seems to move the needle on your goals? What can we do when willpower isn’t enough? Today on the podcast I have special guest Dr. LaTanya Moore, and we discuss how to navigate the ups and downs of goal setting. For the full show notes, useful links, and resources, visit: -------- - Getting to Know Dr. LaTanya Moore - [02:30] - Driving My Dreams Course and eBook - [04:40] - Awesome Goal-Setting Strategies - [09:23]  --- Create "Meaty" Goals - [06:50] --- Connect to a 'Why' - [10:08] --- Be Strategic with Your Action Steps / a.k.a. Domino Goals - [10:33] - What's Missing from Goal Setting? - [11:15] - Address and Acknowledge Your Self-Limiting Beliefs - [12:15] - Use Accountability Partners to Spot Your Blind Spots - [13:55] --- The Difference Between Role Models, Cheerleaders, and Accountability Partners - [15:00] --- Building a Mentor Committee - [15:50] - Should you rely on willpower or motivation to drive your goals forward? - [16:45] - How can someone find motivation? - [18:10] - How can someone tell the difference between challenging goals and pursuing the wrong goal? - [19:35] - Tips and Tricks for Dealing with Troublesome Goals - [24:20] --- Plan Ahead - [25:10] --- The "Rear View Mirror Effect" - [26:15] - Has there ever been a time when you had trouble achieving a goal that you really wanted? How did you overcome the challenges? - [27:55] - Timing is Most Important for Goal Setting - [29:30] - "Seeds Won't Grow in the Wrong Season" - [31:35] - Spotting and Overcoming Obstacles and Stumbling Blocks - [32:15] - Connecting with Dr. Moore - [35:45]
February 20, 2019
016 - Ditch Your Self-Limiting Beliefs & Reach New Levels in Your Life
Have you ever heard of self-limiting beliefs? I until very recently, I had never heard the term, but upon learning what it is, I knew it was something that I had. A Self-limiting belief is any belief that you have about yourself that limits you or holds you back in some way or another. Whether they are super specific, like “I can’t dance!” or whether they’re generic like “I’m just not good enough,” self-limiting beliefs can cause some lasting damage. But the good news is that they can be unlearned, and I’m going to tell you how in this week’s podcast. For the full show notes and useful links, visit: ----- - What are Self-Limiting Beliefs – [01:14] - “I can’t dance!” – A Personal Story – [01:35] - Self-Limiting Beliefs Can Be Damaging – [03:19] - “Self-Limiting Beliefs are the Biggest Obstacle Standing in the Way of Your Full Potential.” – [04:10] - Richard Branson, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, and More – [04:34] - Unlearning Self-Limiting Beliefs – [06:02] - Techniques for Dealing with Self-Limiting Beliefs --- Identify Your Self-Limiting Beliefs and Tell Yourself “They’re Not True” – [07:20] --- Choose New Beliefs- [08:35] --- Act As-If- [10:13] - Dealing with Your Self-Limiting Beliefs – [11:20]
February 13, 2019
015 - The Domino Effect: The Ultimate Way to Achieve Your Goals
If you’ve never heard of the Domino Effect before, you wouldn’t be alone. I only recently learned about it from a book I’m reading, but the more I learn about it, the more fascinating it becomes. It turns out that, even without knowing it, I’ve been applying the Domino Effect to my goals for years and you can too. This week on the podcast I’m going to teach you how to use the Domino Effect to set up your goals in such a way that they almost start toppling each other in rapid succession so you can actually achieve more, in less time, and with less effort. For the full show notes and useful links, visit: ----- What is the Domino Effect? – [01:07] The Domino Chain Reaction (Video Below) – [01:45] Domino Goals vs. New Years Resolutions – [02:55] Using the Domino Effect to Achieve Big Goals – [04:40] “Starting small and building momentum are the keys to success in any endeavor.” – [06:47] 4 Steps for Putting the Domino Effect into Action – [08:00] Knock Your First Domino Over. Don’t Wait! – [09:30] What is Your Huge Goal? – [11:15]
February 6, 2019
014 – How to Build Powerful New Habits and Make them Stick
Do you often talk yourself out of things you want to do? At the time of this recording, it’s about 14 degrees outside. During the winter, it can be difficult to get out of bed in the morning, but I manage to keep my morning routine strong by using the strategies found in this episode of the podcast. What are these strategies? This week, I’m talking about how connecting a strong “why” to your ambitions can help build strong, new habits. But it doesn’t stop with finding your “why” – once we do that, we can use our “why” to reduce our internal arguments by forming a non-negotiable mindset. For the full show notes and useful links, visit ----- Understanding optional and non-negotiable choices [00:53] Attach a “Why” to things you want to do [03:05] Building new habits with a non-negotiable mindset [05:00] Overcoming internal arguments [07:45]
January 30, 2019
013 - The Powerful Impact of Mentorship, an Interview with Erin Miller
Today on the podcast I have special guest Erin Miller. Erin came to work with me at Element 74 (which is my day job) back in 2017 and I had the privilege of a mentoring her from time to time as she explored various goals and career opportunities in her life. Last year, Erin left Element 74 to pursue a career as a copywriter. In addition to writing for a living, she tends her blog Hello Sunshine Collective, with tips on living an organized life, and finding personal and spiritual growth opportunities in everyday life. Erin occasionally guest writes for Daily New Years and has graciously agreed to join me on the show today to talk about the importance and power of mentorship. ------- For the full show notes and useful links, visit: ------- What is Mentorship? [04:54] A Role Model vs. A Mentor [05:25] Do Books, Videos, and Podcasts Count? [07:40] Mentorship Requires Active Engagement [09:00] Addressing Blindspots [11:25] Mentorship is More than Just Advice [12:54] How do You Find a New Mentor? [14:55] A Mentor Should be Different from You [18:33] Mentorship can be Challenging and Uncomfortable [21:00] Mentoring is not Just Cheer Leading [22:57] Evaluate Your Mentorship and Adjust [27:00] Links and Resources from this Episode Erin’s blog, Hello Sunshine Collective Mentee See, Mentee Do: The Importance of Mentorship 5 Mentors I’ve Never Met and How They’ve Changed My Life Jeff Rose’s Youtube Channel: Wealth Hacker Labs Hello Sunshine Collective on Etsy
January 24, 2019
012 - Is Your Comfort Zone Holding You Back?
This week on the podcast I'm taking a look at the dreaded comfort zone and how it might be holding us back from our greatest potential. We know that growth takes place outside of our comfort zones, but it's hard to step over that line and into the unknown. I struggle with it all the time, but I've found 3 questions that help me over come it and I think you'll find them useful too. ------- For the full show notes and useful links, visit: ------- “Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone.”  A Brief Look at my 2019 Goals [00:56] I’m going to run a half-marathon I’m finally going to go sky diving! I’m going to read another 12 books this year. “What goals can I set that will take me beyond my comfort zone Quotes and Resources from the Jordan Harbinger Show [03:08] Jordan Harbinger Show, Ep. 60: Todd Kashdan | The Bright Truth about Your Dark Side “We can make ourselves comfortable by altering the temperature of the room, altering the comfort of our chair, choosing carefully manicured websites that match my political views, hang out with people that think like me and look like me. This is what people do in society.” ~ Todd Kashdan “This cultural push to offer you strategies to be comfortable has made us weaker. If you don’t work out muscles, they atrophy. If you don’t exercise regularly, your bones become brittle. If your immune system isn’t tested by walking outside, it ends up being weakened. In the same way psychologically […] as we acquire more physical and emotional comforts and even handicaps to help us get through life, so we feel soft and comfortable and pleasurable all the time, we are mentally weaker when exposed to ambiguous and challenging situations.” ~ Todd Kashdan The Upside of Your Dark Side: Why Being Your Whole Self — Not Just Your “Good” Self — Drives Success and Fulfillment. Ask Yourself These 3 Questions to Help Get Out of Your Comfort Zone 1. “What will I gain from this opportunity?” [07:00] Look for the reward in the opportunity instead of focusing on the risk. 2. “What’s the worst that could happen?” [10:26] Tim Ferris’s practice of fear setting can help you break free of your comfort zone and realize there is nothing to fear. 3. “Where will I be in 5 years if I take the easy route?” [12:56] “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” ~ Henry Ford Avoiding discomfort may feel okay today, but where will that lead you tomorrow? How about five years from now? A Challenge to Overcome Comfort [14:52] I want to challenge you to start overcoming your addiction to comfort today. Identify one thing that you’ve been avoiding and ask yourself these three questions: “What will I gain from this opportunity?” “What’s the worst that could happen?” “Where will I be in 5 years if I take the easy route?”
January 15, 2019
011 - Create the Best Year of Your Life Using these 4 Goals
People often ask me, “What goals do you think I should set?” but that’s a complicated question to answer without going deep with each person. Instead, I’ll share with you the four different TYPES of goals that you can (AND SHOULD) set today! Best of all, they can be applied to any specific goal you want to tackle. For the full show notes and useful links, visit ----- Quotes and Links from this Episode 1. Long Terms Goals, Specifically Annual Goals [03:35] Sometimes, to set long-term, future goals, it’s best to explore your past. Try to answer these questions: What are some of your most significant accomplishments so far? Of your accomplishments, which ones made you most excited? Could you expand on those accomplishments and take them further? Could you build on them? If so, how? If that doesn’t work, try this one instead: “What does my life look like in 3-5 years?” [08:40] If you’re new to DNY, check out our About page and you’ll see that we’re all about starting new things and setting new goals any day of the year. 2. Quarterly Goals and Action Goals [09:00] Practice breaking your annual goals down into 90-day segments. Only focus on 2-3 goals per quarter. [11:40] The next two goal types are based on Michael Hyatt’s Full Focus Planner, which you can learn more about here. 3. Achievement Goals [11:50] Achievement goals tend to follow the S.M.A.R.T. goal framework: Specific Measurable Action-oriented Risky Time-keyed In my opinion, achievement Goals always work best when you have an award waiting at the end. Make it so good that you can’t wait to achieve your goal! 4. Habit Goals [14:38] Break your bigger goals down into daily and weekly habits for better success and sustainability. Learn more about habit goals here.
January 3, 2019
010 – How to Get Motivated to Do Almost Anything
In this week’s episode, I explore the difference between motivation as a reason why we do the things we do, and motivation as a small burst of energy that gets us going. What’s the difference and why does it matter? Check out the episode to find out. For the full show notes and useful links, visit Quotes and Links from this Episode [01:45] “You didn’t lose your motivation, you just forgot what you’re fighting for.” ~ Brendon Burchard Get Brendon’s Book, The Motivation Manifesto, Free while supplies last. [03:20] Motivation as an Energy Source “The general desire or willingness of someone to do something.” – This is what I refer to as Motivation as an Energy Source [05:20] Motivation as a Reason Why “The reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way.” – This is what I refer to as Motivation as a Reason Why Read more about finding you’re ‘why’ here. Listen to “Before You Set a Goal, Connect with Your Why” on the podcast. [08:10] “We don’t need motivation. We need to find ourselves in what’s true and honest, and when it matters to us, we’ll do whatever it takes.” ~ Dr. Michael Gervais on the Tim Ferris Show.
December 19, 2018
009 - Supercharge Your Schedule and Productivity with Time Blocking
Do you ever feel like your days get away from you in a flash? You go to work with a plan, but then everyone else’s emergencies become your top priorities? I've been there, too! If you're always reacting and responding to the needs of others and sacrificing your own goals and productivity, time blocking is your new secret weapon! For the full show notes and links in this episode, visit What is Time Blocking? [03:25] How Long Should Time Blocks Be? [06:30] Batching Small Tasks [08:30] Knocking Out Large Tasks [09:30] Breaking Down Huge Tasks [10:46] Getting Started with Time Blocking [12:55} 1. Start with your goals for the week. [12:55] 2. Map out your "big three" goals. or time blocks. [13:16] 3. Leave two blocks for batched tasks, like communication. [13:48] 4. Finally, commit the blocks to your calendar and guard this time. [14:52] 5. Review your big three goals at the end of each day. [15:58]
December 11, 2018
008 - 10 Resolutions Your Can Start Any Time of the Year
No matter what time of year it is, it's always a great time to try something new. Whether you're looking for one new thing to try in 2019 or a completely new routine, I've put together an exciting New Year's Resolution list you can start on today! For the full show notes and useful links, please visit 1. Wake Up a Little Earlier [01:05] 2. Eat a Healthy Breakfast [06:25] 3. Exercise 2-3 Times per Week [10:20] 4. Read for 20 Minutes Each Day [14:35] 5. Start a Daily Vitamin and Mineral Regimen [18:56] 6. Drink 8 Glasses of Water Every Day [21:10] 7. Start a Budget and Stick to it [24.55] 8. Tune Into an Educational Podcast or YouTube Channel [27:35] 9. Go to Bed a Little Earlier [30:27] 10. Put it All Together and Build a Routine [33:30]
December 5, 2018
007 – How to Start a Personal Budget in No Time
Today on the podcast I’m talking about just how easy it is to start a personal budget. If you’ve been putting it off, be sure to check out this episode. You’ll be budgeting like a pro in not time at all. For a full list of show notes and useful links, visit - Budgeting Basics [03:15] To follow along with the podcast and jump start your budget, download my FREE budget template. - Logging Your Income [03:55] - List Your Recurring Monthly Expenses [06:05] - Accounting for Annual Expenses [08:30] - Is Your Budget in the Black, or in the Red? [09:40] - Eliminating Expenses [11:50] - Saving and Planning Ahead [13:00] - Setting Up an Emergency Fund [15:37] Check out these books by Dave Ramsey : Dave Ramsey’s Complete Guide to Money The Total Money Makeover - Debt Snowballing [16:20] For more information on paying down debt fast, check out this article and learn how to set up a Debt Snowball
November 29, 2018
006 – Debt Free Goal Setting with Elyse Lyons – The Savvy Sagittarius
Today on the podcast I have special guest Elyse Lyons, a.k.a. The Savvy Sagittarius on the show and she is a prime example of someone who is chasing a meaningful goal for herself. Elyse is 23 years old and she started her #debtfreejourney on January 1st, 2017 with $900 in credit card debt, $2,500 in auto loans, and over $31,000 in student loans. It all totaled about $34,000 in debt. At 22 years old, she was anxious for her financial future, so she set a big goal and she’s been crushing it ever since. For Links and show notes, Visit:
November 5, 2018
005 – How to Become a Morning Person – 6 Simple Steps
Today’s episode of the podcast covers how to become a morning person and get more done, even if you’re a night owl. I thought I was a night owl too but I’ve since discovered the magic of mornings. For Links and Shownotes, Visit: 1. Adopt an “Early Riser” Mindset [03:35] 2. Prep for Your Morning Activity the Night Before [06:45] 3. Start Small at First [08:43] 4. Set More than One Alarm and Never Hit Snooze [10:20] 5. Stay Consistent to Form a Habit [12:30] 6. Set a Bedtime and Stick to it [13:55] Bonus: Find Beauty in Mornings!
October 30, 2018
004 - Reboot Your Routine and Overcome Setbacks
It happens to all of us at some point: we lose track of a goal, fall out of a routine and into a slump. It happened to me last summer and I struggled to get back on track. This is a story of how life derailed my goals and routine and how I used three strategies to get myself back into the swing of things. For the complete show notes, visit
October 18, 2018
003 - Before You Set a Goal, Connect with Your Why
Before you explore new goal setting strategies or start looking into how to overcome failures and setbacks, you need to know WHY you want to achieve a particular goal. Tony Robbins teaches that “If you get a big enough “why” you can do anything.” Simon Sinek says that “Your ‘why’ is the purpose, cause or belief that inspires you.” That's what we're talking about today on the Daily New Years Podcast! Start with Why [01:49] How Do You Find Your Why? [02:37] Why Provides Clarity [05:55]
October 16, 2018
002 - See Better Goal Setting Success with These 5 Tips
If you've been trying to set goals but can't seem to make any headway, or if you're setting good goals but want to go farther, then you need to learn my 5 tips for seeing more success in goal setting. Tips, tricks, and yes, HACKS; this episode has it all! Show Notes and Links: 1. Set Smaller Goals by Breaking Down Your Big Goals [01:45] 2. Ask “How Will I Succeed” [04:35] 3. Craft Goals that Support One Another [06:15] 4. Chart and Track Some Milestones for Your Larger Goals [09:30] 5. Define Your “Why” [11:58] Before you go, I want to know, which tip are you most excited about and what goal are you going to use it on? Leave a comment below.
October 9, 2018
001 - Welcome to the Daily New Years Podcast
Welcome to the Daily New Years Podcast. Daily New Years is here to inspire you to seize the opportunity that every day provides: a fresh start & a new beginning to start improving your life. Show Notes and Links: The Daily New Years Philosophy [00:25] The 3 Problems with the Traditional New Years Resolution [4:22] 6 Steps to Better Goal Setting: Overcoming the New Years Resolution [07:12] 1. Access Where You Are Right Now [07:22] 2. Focus on Where You Want to Go [08:47] 3. Plan and Document Your Goals [10:57] 4. Breaking Your Goals Down [14:35] 5. Form Habits and Practice Discipline [16:54] 6. Support Each Other [21:25]
September 29, 2018