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Hey there! Welcome to the official YOUth Podcast where we're all about YOU, the YOUth! If insightful, yet entertaining conversations interest you, we have some really thought-engaging podcasts for you! Most importantly: our content spans across a variety of topics, which means there will be something for everyone!

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Why is asking for help so hard?
Previously, Resh and Shaun discussed on dealing with miscommunication problems. In today’s episode of the Daily Teh, they will share their thoughts on why asking for help is so tough. This was done to help us understand why some people have difficulties asking for help and to teach others on how to ask for help more efficiently when needed.
September 22, 2021
Lost Love
At times, we will feel helpless after losing those we care about, whether it's family, friends or even pets. Parting ways with loved ones is never easy, but occasionally better things come along as a result. In today’s episode of Daily Teh, our host Sofie will share her personal story of the loss of loved ones and how she dealt with it.
September 15, 2021
Through A Teacher’s Eye ft. Ms Onn May Ling
During this pandemic, most of us are forced to deal with online classes or having to work from home. In today’s episode of the Daily Teh, our hosts Emily and Priscilla will be interviewing our guest of the week, Ms Onn May Ling, who will be guiding students on how to put up with online classes as well as sharing her own experiences and struggles as a teacher during this rough period of time.
September 8, 2021
Instagram Beauty At Its Finest
In this episode, Jayne and Jaye will delve into a discussion about Instagram beauty. Our hosts has their own opinions on the ever-growing Instagram beauty standards. Join the conversation and listen to their opinions on how photo editing has influenced both of them.  Let’s ask you, edit or not edit?
September 1, 2021
Keeping it Stress-Free
Everyone feels stress on a daily basis, which can affect your body in many ways, but it depends on how you handle it. Here, Dephyn and Janice share their experience with stress and how they overcame it while they also give you our suggestions on what you can do to overcome stress.
August 25, 2021
Liked or Respected?
In this episode, Daniel and Reva discuss if they prioritise being liked or respected in their relationships with friends, family and peers. Both are two different things, affecting relationships in their own different ways, so which should take priority in our relationships with others?
August 18, 2021
The world of VTubers
Becoming a streamer is something many people have wanted to do, especially since the whole pandemic began. But some do not really have an idea on how to. Join Rey & Pavi as they have a talk with Vtuber and Streamer, Noemi Hinnagami. They will also  be diving into her journey to becoming a streamer and some tips for people who want to start.
August 9, 2021
Meet Jinson: Student and Creative
An interview with IACT’s very own Jinson, a talented creative who is currently studying marketing and advertising while working in music and photography. Join Jordan and Angeline as Jinson shares how he got started in the industry, his experience working while studying and his advice for the youth who want to join the creative field.
August 2, 2021
The Influence of Others
Peer pressure isn’t entirely a bad thing nor is it always beneficial. How we respond to it depends on the individual. Join Zhan Ni and Danelle as they share their insight and experiences in different aspects of peer pressure such as studies, social habits, dating as well as life goals.
July 26, 2021
Mistakes Don’t Define Who You Are
Mistakes, sometimes they can change your life. You have to let yourself make them. Adrena & Ares discuss their past experiences & mistakes, where it has brought them today and how you should not let them define you. There’s always a lesson to be learned from them.
July 19, 2021
Being Present for Online Classes
In light of the recent pandemic, students are now required to take their classes online. This then begs the question if attendance for classes should be mandatory now that the circumstances have changed. Hop on this episode as Yuki and Jin share their opposing opinions and insights on this thought-provoking matter.
July 12, 2021
Journey To College
Everybody has their moments when they are lost and don't know where they are. Jason and Caleb's journey to college is one that can be shared with many to entertain and help those who are looking for the right way to college.
July 5, 2021
Body Hygiene
Growing up, not everyone can be vocal about topics related to our bodies. Today, we will be sharing our story and our past experiences on the struggles we’ve faced with body hygiene throughout puberty. Listen on as we learn more about each other's body in a non sexual way!
June 28, 2021
No Regrets on College Hopping
Emily and Precillia are here to tell us their college hopping experience. No matter what happens in life, we should go with it instead of running away from it. Learn to prioritize your own choices and follow your heart. It's never too late to follow your dreams.
June 21, 2021
The Path to Healing a Broken Heart
Breakups, something many youths might have gone through. Some breakups leave you sitting in your room crying for days, whereas some leave you reflecting and learning. In this episode, Erica and Chris discuss breakups in a relatable manner, as well as share their insights and experiences on this topic.
June 14, 2021
A Helping Hand
Two best friends sit down together as one of them shares their experience with teaching kids who were abused and abandoned by their parents and their encounter with their neighbors fought often but ended with an unexpected twist.
June 7, 2021
Can We Meet In The Middle?
What happens when a person who does last-minute work is also in the same group as someone who’s highly organized? A feud that lasted for months between two friends. Understanding both sides of how there is a clash when two people have different work ethics. Find out if Resh and Shaun could finally mend their friendship and accept each other.
May 31, 2021
The Inner Child
Join Chloe and Deena as they reminisce about their childhood as they talk about the importance of the inner child as adults and coping with adulthood. #Inner #Childhood #Adulthood
March 18, 2021
Through the beatboxer’s eyes
To understand the world of beatboxing, we invited 2 professional beatboxers to talk about the industry, how they started, their experiences and what they think about it now. it is only fair that we get to have a mini-performance by them, you get to hear them spit fire into their mics. #BeatBoxer #Professional #Experience
March 11, 2021
Older Generation vs Younger Generation Mindset
Growing up, we faced challenges between our ideas and our elders’. As 2 different generations, it’s hard to come to an agreement on certain matters; school, careers, and views on the world. Join us here as we’ll be clearing up some misconceptions both generations have towards each other’s views. #Generation #Different #Old #Young
March 4, 2021
Youths and Online Business ft. Choong Jing Yee
This episode is going to be about Choong Jing Yee's journey with an online business. In this episode, we will be featuring our guest Choong Jing Yee to talk about her experiences with online business alongside sharing tips on how youths can get started with their own legitimate online business through existing/new skills. #Business #Featuring #Experience #Sharing #Newskills
February 25, 2021
Outer and Inner Beauty
In this podcast, we will be discussing the different aspects of outer and inner beauty from male and female points of views. #Beauty #Discussion #Male #Female #Perspetive
February 18, 2021
Wish We Could Turn Back Time
This episode we're going to be talking about how we wish we could turn back time. at least once in life, everyone has thought about ‘ If I could go back in time, I would…. ’. So, we are going to share the moment that we wish to travel back and remind everyone to cherish all the  moments you have now.
February 11, 2021
Need 4 Speed
This episode is going to be about Mika Hakimi, a 17 year old professional racer, and his journey with racing and e racing. Adam and Elmyra interview him to figure out how he got where he is, how he adjusts to the demands of his lifestyle, and how he copes with managing his studies and racing, amongst other things.
February 4, 2021
How To Find Balance in a Relationship
Maintaining a relationship needs more than love to sustain it. Unpredictable circumstances in life such as pursuing a career, education or passion usually come in between people in a relationship and sometimes can either be the downfall or maybe a blessing if dealt correctly. In this podcast, we discuss ways to find balance between having a relationship and managing responsibilities in life and also share some advice to the youth from our personal experiences.
January 28, 2021
Our After School Activities
People often say that study is very important. However, as a student participating in extracurricular activities are very essential too as it will help in broadening our vision and enrich the experience. By taking part in extracurricular activities, it shapes the personality and can also improve one's capability. In today’s podcast, AJ and Jared will be sharing their experiences on extra activities and also how it helps them in college and life.
January 21, 2021
The Body and Mind is One
​In this podcast, we will be talking about the hidden synergy between the mind and body with our featured guest, Adam Edmund. With his input, we talk about how both the mind and body can’t live without one another and stress on the importance of taking care of both our mental and physical well beings in order to maintain a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle.
January 14, 2021
The Influence of Music
Music is a great way to connect and form bonds with one another and that’s just one of its capabilities. It’s safe to say that music has extended to many, different parts of our lives. But how? In this podcast, we discuss the power music has in terms of shaping perspectives, impacting personal upbringings, how it gives back to the world and much more! #Music #Inflcuence #Interest #Connection
January 7, 2021
Join Us On Our Travel Stories!
During this pandemic, it's easy to miss traveling to places. Especially when we've been stuck in our homes for months on end. In today's podcast, we hope to quench your thirst for traveling as we share some of our own travel stories! And from these experiences, let's learn about important lessons that we can take along with us on our future adventures. Click the link on the bio to join us on our youthful journeys! #Travel #Fun #Enjoy #Stories #Experience #Pandemic 
December 31, 2020
Finding Ourselves Through Passion ft Julian De Silva
In this podcast, special guest 20-year-old football coach Julian De Silva joins Chloe & Deena to share their insights on finding ourselves through passion. #passion #interview #football #insights #inspiration
December 24, 2020
Electronic Harassment
As the number of cases of online harassment increases, it’s important to understand what’s online harassment to how to avoid it. The topic of the recent V2K case will be discussed in the podcast talking about our view on it. Learn a few steps that could help in overcoming the situation, it might even save a life. #Harassment, #Onlinedating, #Danger, #Socialmedia, #Podcast, #Trending, #Telegram, #Sexualharassment
December 17, 2020
The Dangers Of Online Dating
As technology advances, the creation of more apps such as dating apps are then birthed. It may have its pros and cons but this time, the cons outweigh the pros. Here we'll be discussing the dangers of online dating and ways one can protect themselves from the dark side of it. #Online #Dating #App #Dangerous #Technology #Young #Fun #Love
December 10, 2020
St.John and Me ft. Lim Zhi Fei
This episode is going to be about Lim Zhifei's journey with St. John. In this episode, we will be featuring our guest Lim Zhi Fei to talk about her personal experiences with St. John alongside sharing some helpful advice to the youths out there about the importance of extracurricular activities. #St.John #Extracurricular #Activities #Featuring #Challenges #Struggles #Experience 
December 3, 2020
Relationship: Love Edition
In this podcast, we will be discussing about the different aspects of love from identifying your crush to identifying the red flags in a relationship with views and advice from a boy who has multiple experiences in love and a girl who has never experienced what love is. Love, Relationships. Lifestyle, Adulting, Experiences, Young Love,
November 26, 2020
All About College Life
This episode is going to be talking about college life, for those who wonder how college life is. We will be talking about our expectations for college, what struggles we faced and how we solve them. Also, we will share some tips on how to balance college life. Hope everyone gains some knowledge from our sharing session. #College #Fun #Lifestyle #Student #Study #Friends #Enjoy #Memories
November 19, 2020
Understanding Deepavali as an Outsider ft. Heymanya Nathan
Listen in as two young Malays learn about the in-depth culture of Deepavali from a good friend, Heymanya Nathan. They discuss topics like signature foods, big parties and celebrating the festival of light away from home. As well as learning the history and story behind Deepavali, they have an important conversation about the different mindsets between an adult, and youth on the holy day of Deepavali. #Deepavali #Festival #Culture #Celebrate #Family 
November 12, 2020
The Language Bridge
The podcast discusses the personal life and struggles of a bilingual person going through their everyday lives. It also gives a distinctive insight on how a bilingual person utilises the power of the language to elevate themselves as an individual and also seeking various opportunities in different aspects of their life whether that will be work, connections, or even personal growth. Along with that, acquiring language skills can broaden a person’s mind as exposure of other cultures will be inevitable thus providing them tools for them to make use of it in their future. #Language #Study #Educational #Struggle #Life #LIfestyle #Opportunity #Work #Growth
November 5, 2020
Being a Better Version of Ourselves
Everyone wants to be perfect, but being perfect is impossible as no one in the world is perfect. Therefore, what we can do is to constantly improve ourselves. Hence today's podcast is a discussion about how to become a better version of ourselves. Besides, AJ and Jared will also talk about how it is beneficial in work-life or even personal life if we improve ourselves and keep adapting to new things. They will share some past experiences to give the youth some advice on how to become a better version. #discuss #youth #improvement #learning #betterme #adapting #benefits #positive
October 29, 2020
Letting Go of Negative Mindset
Having negative thoughts will only lead us to feel helpless. Thus, taking small steps to overcome them is important! In today’s episode, Adam and Adreanna share their stories and experiences about times when having a negative mindset affected them, their studies and relationships. Join them to discover what they did to overcome those thoughts, so that you can move past your own!  #SelfWorth #Mindset #Positivity #Thoughts #Experience #Friendships #Life #Social #Growth
October 22, 2020
Freelancing in a Nutshell ft. Debbie Hope
Have you wondered if freelancing would suit your career path, or if you wanted to know the basics but didn't know where to start? Well, look no further! In this episode, we explore the fundamentals of freelancing, what the scene is like in Malaysia and more. Joining us in this endeavour is freelance producer, Debbie Hope, who gives us personal insights on her journey and some helpful advice. #Freelancing #Career #Adulting #Lifestyle #Feature #Work #FutureGoals #HardWork #Job #Dreams
October 15, 2020
Growing Up as Religious Youths in Malaysia
Join Ricky and Jay in a conversation on growing up as a Religious Youth in Malaysia! What was it like growing up in a religious community? What are the differences between the two of them? One being a Christian and the other, a Buddhist. They talk about values, morals and different mannerisms that influence their day to day life.  #Religion #Lifestyle #Podcast #Growth #Student #Family #Experience #Belief #Happy
October 8, 2020
How Movies Benefit Students
Have you ever wonder why we youths enjoy going to the movies? Why our hearts lift when the hero comes out successful at his quest? We're often told that movies are "mindless" pursuits that offer no intellectual growth yet cover too much inappropriate content. But movies should also be celebrated for their benefits, ranging from increasing our development skills to expressing ourselves. After all, they're popular to this day for a reason! Come join us as we talk about the benefits of movies. Psst! Maybe you'll even get some tips to getting your assignments done. #Benefits #Benefit #Movie #Film #Student #Podcast #Story #Development #Expression #Entertainment
October 2, 2020
Our Top Local Delicacies Picks
Malaysia has truly an abundance of delicacies, and Malaysians are blessed with the number of choices we have for food. In this episode, Ashley and Calista share their top picks for local foods and reveal their favourite places to get them. #Malaysia #Food #NasiLemak #Peranakan #Nyonya #AsamLaksa #BananaLeafRice #Cuisine #Local
October 2, 2020
Beyond The Campus: Life after Diploma (Karisshma & Sherby - Post-graduate students)
In Daily Teh’s Beyond the Campus: Life after Diploma, host Ivenna and Luqman discusses this important window of life in a students life. Along with guests Sherby Dellenia and Karrishma Thayaparan, they talked about social life, creativity and many more. Turn up the volume and tune in for a good’ol time. #LifeAfterPreu #Worklife #CollegeLife #AfterDiploma #LifeAfterDiploma #Education #Student #College #Career #PursueStudies
September 30, 2020
Making The Most Out Of Our Regrets
Every journey in life, we go through regrets. Some relatable, some not and it covers different aspect. By sharing our story, we would be able to find people relating to us. We would also share our point of view on how we grew further and better from the mistakes that we made. Overall, helping everyone make the most out of their regrets! #Regrets #Childhood #Mistakes #Learn #Grow #Experience #Studies #Sad #Maturity #Trauma
September 28, 2020
Part Time Jobs
Do u have any experience in being a part timer? If yes, what's your most unforgettable moments while working part time jobs ? If not, why don’t you just tune in and listen to us sharing our real life experiences? We believe sharing is caring so come on and tune in our episode and figure it out together! #PartTimeJob #Student #Assignment #Communication #TimeManagement #SoftSkills # ExtraIncome # #Appreciation #Experience #LifeAchievement
September 25, 2020
How College Students Cope With Studies While Playing Competitive Sports? (Soot Yuet)
Being a college or university student alone can be stressful and taxing in so many ways. It greatly affects one's health and mental state if not managed well. How is it then possible to have commitments and responsibilities in competitive sports as well? Our podcast features a university student, also a talented sportswoman who currently represents her uni and Malaysia to compete in international and regional golf tournaments. She shares about her hectic lifestyle and ways she manages both her roles as a student and an athlete. #Balance #Assignment #Stress #Sports #Experience #College #University #TimeManagement #Sportswoman #MentalHealth #Studies
September 23, 2020
The Underdog
Everyone has experienced very low moments in their lives. Many have faced criticism, opinions and doubts from others. So, we’re proud to share our stories, as well as others and how we can overcome and rise as an underdog! #Underdog #Work #Believe #Student #Expectations #Doubt #Survival #School #Health #Goals
September 21, 2020
The Judgemental Mindset Towards Fashion In Today's Day & Age
Have you ever judged someone by their fashion style? Ever wonder why you do that? Worry not, this week Arvin and Natasha will dive into the mindset of how an individual is judged on how they dress. In today's age, fashion plays a big role as it results to how society perceives their personality. Moreover, it also gives an impression on how your upbringing as a person. This podcast will give you a light on the psychology behind all of this. #Mindset #Judge #Judging #Judgemental #Insecurities #Parents #Influence #Difference #Fashion #Discrimination #Effects #Solutions
September 18, 2020
A Family's Influence
Everyone has different personalities but have you ever wondered why are you, you? This time around we’ll be talking about how our childhood shaped our personality now. From following family rules to punishments we get from disobeying them. We will be sharing some episodes we had as kids growing up and how it shaped our personalities now. A self reflection on ‘A family’s influence’. #Parents #Influence #Family #Childhood #Personalities #Experience #Character #Stories #Carefree #StrictParents
September 16, 2020
Is Creative Block Real? (Diane)
Sometimes in life, we lose motivation to carry out certain activities, even the ones we enjoy. Some people call this a block, but is it even real? In this episode, featuring a local artist, Diane(Sataay), we discuss about the struggles of being a young artist. She shared her journey to become an artist and also, for every aspiring artist out there, some words of advice were also spilled here. So what are you waiting for? Let's unpack this together! #CreativeBlock #Discussion #Artist #Drawing #Art #Creativity #Problems #Experiences #Opinions #Stress
September 14, 2020
Inside an ISFP's mind
We've always thought we knew overselves very well.. but apparently we have still yet to discover ourselves to full potential.  Tune in to listen to us talking about our new discovery! This will be a chill introduction session about our personality type from the MyersBriggs personality test.. Which is one of the most famous personality test in the world! #ISFP #Myer-Briggs #Katherine #MarilynMonroe #Optimistic #Kind #MichaelJackson #Artist #Non-judgemental #Creativity
September 11, 2020
Toxic Relationships
Do you have any experience in being a part timer? If yes, what's your most unforgettable moments while working part time jobs ? If not, why don’t you just tune in and listen to us sharing our real life experiences? We believe sharing is caring so come on and tune in our episode and figure it out together! #ToxicRelationship #Friendship #Drama #Intentions #College #Harmed #Highschool #Gossip #Selfish #Value
September 9, 2020
Is It Hard To Achieve Maturity?
As a young adult, we have gone through a phase where the people around us are starting to talk about adulting. Topics such as financial management, marriage and loans have surfaced in our daily conversations once in a while. Out of all these topics, maturity surely has been one of them. We have heard how maturity is beneficial and important to us. However, have we ever been taught how to achieve it? Join us in this discussion where we dive in deeper in a sea full of knowledge regarding maturity. #Maturity #Mature #Immature #Achievements #YoungAdult #Attitude #Grown #Sophisticated #Knowledge #Independent
September 7, 2020
Which Is More Important? Working Experiences or Knowledge (Study) ?
After SPM (SIJIL PELAJARAN MALAYSIA), it is an important moment for the students to choose their pathway. Usually, it is between to continue study or to start working. It is understandable to prioritise either one of it. Are working experiences more important than education? Or it is the other way? Here, Calista and Suriya will share their own personal thoughts about this topic and it will help you by making it much more clearer once and for all. Check their podcast to find out. #Working #Education #Experience #WorkingExperience #InterchangeStudent #Importance #Important #Work #Study #Balance #Cope
September 4, 2020
Lecturer's Perspective of Students (Khoo Peng Hong - Lecturer)
So you think being a lecturer is easy? In this episode, we will be featuring Mr Khoo Peng, a lecturer from YTL International College of Hospitality Management. He will share with us about his life as a lecturer and also the lecturer's perspective of students. Always curious about what do lecturers really expect from us? Stay tuned to find out ! #Students #Lecturers #Perspectives #Assignments #College #Submission #Deadline #Expectations #Attendance #Extension
September 2, 2020
Remembering Our High School Days
High School is a huge part of many peoples' lives, and remains essential in the shaping of who we are today. In our podcast, we'll be reminiscing on the memorable, yet bittersweet moments we experienced during our high school days. By tuning in, we will be recovering those feelings of Nostalgia, as you, the listeners are brought "Back to School"! #Childhood #HighSchool #Memories #Student #Nostalgic #College #Growth #Characteristics #Teenage #SchoolDays
August 31, 2020
Are Cooking Skills Really Important?
Relating back to students, some of us live independently who know how to survive hunger with their cooking skill but some will find the alternative solution to survive too. #Cooking #Skill #Healthy #Creative #Student #Camping #SaveMoney #LackOfCookingSkill #FoodDelivery #Sneakers #Taste #Recipe #Mamak
August 28, 2020
Breaking The Perspective: Tattoos (Bruce Redgrey - Tattoo Artist)
People nowadays have plenty of perceptions towards tattoos and see it as a bad thing. In this podcast, we asked a tattoo artist on all these perceved thoughts of the world. We will roam around the topic of tattoos and obtain information that not everyone knew was ongoing occurance in this world! If you want to know what's in a tattoo artist's mind and general chill with us while we venture into this topic. Join us to find out! #Tattoos #Art #Artists #Perspective #Meaning #Trends #Insight #Symbolic #Style #Educational
August 26, 2020
Strict Parents Vs. Lenient Parents
Are your parents strict or lenient? Parents will be parents no matter their upbringing ways. How we were brought up plays a significant role of shaping who we are today. Join Ratu and Ivan as we discuss about our childhood memories and how we survived growing up with strict and lenient parents. Will we use our parents ways of raising us to raise our own children? Are we considered spoiled or are we lucky? #StrictParents #LenientParents #Childhood #HouseRules #Punishment #Trust #OldSchool #OurGeneration #Obedient #Parenting
August 24, 2020
Raw Beauty VS Altered Beauty
The society's norm today of a specific benchmark to measure beauty has influenced every younger generation these days.  Altered beauty; where one upgrades their beauty to their own standard, Raw beauty; where one embrace and accept their own natural beauty, which is right and which is wrong? This podcast has a hot debate ongoing to find out whether "Altered Beauty" or "Raw Beauty" is better. Find the balance between the two through our discussion and find out what is the right mentality and mindset to define your own beauty. So, which beauty do you stand for? #Beauty #Personality #MakeUp #Raw #Altered #Society #Standard #Filter #Self-love #Confidence
August 21, 2020
Is Gaming Beneficial For Students?
Is video games good for students? Video games provides certain perks for students. It could help in building relationship and character in general. However video games also has its downsides for students. Video games if left unchecked could affect a students education or worse mental health. In this episode, We will be trying to answer the question "Is gaming beneficial for students?". #VideoGames #Students #Addiction #BenefitsOfVideoGames #ConsOfVideoGames #ToxicityInGames #DailyTeh #Pros #Gaming #Brain
August 19, 2020
Underground Grips ft (Hakim Murni)
Music is loved by all and in this podcast, that love is shown by Bittah K, a.k.a Hakim Murni. Where we dive deeper into the underground scene and what it’s really like to be apart of or just simply a mere bystander towards the growth of underground music. It might just seem like a couple of kids having fun but there’s more to that than meets the eye. A place where people could freely express themselves through music or any other form of art. Are you curious enough? Tune in to catch a glimpse of the underground scene. #Underground #Music #Artist #LiveShows #Gigs #Genre #Indie #Creatives #Art #Opinions
August 17, 2020
Online Classes Vs Traditional Classes
In these hard times, we students are forced to adapt to online classes. Some say that they may even be the future, while others may argue that traditional classes are more effective. Regardless, it is important to recognize both of their strengths and weaknesses to determine what works best for ourselves. Come on in as we will be sharing our thoughts on these two methods of learning! #OnlineClass #TraditionalClass #Students #Mco #Academic #Classroom #College #Interaction #Attention #Learning
August 14, 2020