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Daily Chicken Podcast - Telling Jokes to Hens!

Daily Chicken Podcast - Telling Jokes to Hens!

By Zoe and Sammy Groves
Everyday the Groves family tells jokes to chickens!
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What Do You Call a Chicken Haunting Your Home? EP14
Thanks for listening 
November 03, 2020
Dead Jimmy EP 14
What do you have if have ten chicken nuggets and jimmy steals one?
November 02, 2020
Did you hear about the chicken who could only lay eggs in winter? EP13
For more fun check out
November 02, 2020
How Do You Wake Up a Chicken? EP 12
Aunt Teri gave us this joke!  For more fun head to
April 12, 2020
Why Did the Chicken Quit Her Construction Job? EP11
John King from Kansas recorded a joke for us! Hope you like it
April 10, 2020
Did you Hear About the Chicken Who Laid Eggs in Winter? EP10
For more fun, head to
April 09, 2020
If a Rooster Laid an Egg on the Roof Which Way Would it Roll? Ep9
Thanks for listening! If you love this show and want to share a joke with us you can record it on the anchor app! 
April 05, 2020
What Do You call a Chicken in a Shell Suit EP8
Thanks for listening and please send us your chicken jokes!
April 05, 2020
Why Did the Rooster Run Away?🐓
its full of Roosters and chickens and laughs
April 03, 2020
Honey's Joke ep 6
Today Honey, our Sex Link wants to tell her best joke! 
April 02, 2020
Why Did the Duck Cross The Road? EP5
Sammy asks the hens what they think about this joke? Feel free to send us your chicken jokes too! 
April 01, 2020
What Does a Chicken have in common with a band? EP 4
Thanks so much for listening! Today we let our dad (Clay) host the show. He wants to know what do chickens and bands have in common? Enjoy
March 31, 2020
Which Side of a Chicken has More Feathers? EP3
Today we answer the age old question: Which side of a chicken has more feathers? 
March 30, 2020
Why Did the Egg Hide? EP2
Hope you like today's chicken jokes, we know the chickens did! 
March 29, 2020
What Did the Bad Chicken Lay EP:1
Today we chat with Fluffy Banana Peels our 8th favorite chicken and rooster and see what he thinks of this joke.
March 28, 2020