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Daily Dose With Dre Hill

Daily Dose With Dre Hill

By Dre Hill
Daily Dose With Dre offers up a quick snippet into the mind and life of host, Dre Hill. From inspiration and motivation to love and sex, Dre has thoughts on it all. All opinions are unfiltered, and unscripted, offering an authentic, unique, straight-from-the-heart experience. It's time for a daily dose.
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I'm Back [And What That Means]

Daily Dose With Dre Hill

Believe It [Watch 4 Signs]
Heartbreak sucks, especially when you're the one breaking your heart. In today's episode of the show, host, Dre Hill talks believing what you see, and experience, and watching for potential signs. Signs of what, you may be asking. Signs of disinterest, signs of feelings not being reciprocated, signs of investing more into a relationship than the other person. Believe what you see, hear, and experience. Watch for signs, take them as they come, and make the best decision for you at the end of the day.  Recorded September 19, 2022 Instagram: Twitter:
September 20, 2022
I'm Just Tired [A Ramble]
This is not like any previous episode recorded. Many of you may be able to relate as host, Dre Hill, speaks to the truth of his present reality. He is tired. He struggles with finding or making the space and time for rest. He struggles with getting refreshed and rejuvenated. He wishes he could just put the whole world on pause, just for a brief month or so, allowing him to get himself together and rest up. This is a daily dose of straight from the heart. Recorded August 29, 2022 Instagram: Twitter:
September 05, 2022
Now Reading: Physical Touch
For the longest, host, Dre Hill has referenced his debut chapbook "i love you means nothing", available on Amazon. In today's episode, Dre discusses Kehlani, love languages, the intimacy of head rubs and scalp massages, and more in this first poem reading and breakdown. Want more of these? Let Dre know! Feel free to even make requests for which poem he should read and break down next! It's time for a daily dose of physical touch.  Recorded August 28, 2022  Buy "i love you means nothing":  Instagram:  Twitter:
August 29, 2022
No Signal
Hello? Hello? Can you hear me? In today's episode, host, Dre Hill, talks dating and how a lack of signal - a combination of clear communication, intention, and comprehension, can make for a nightmare of a relationship. Can you hear me? Remember, if they want to, they most certainly will. Hello? Hello?  [Signal Lost]  Recorded July 10, 2022  Instagram:  Twitter:
July 18, 2022
Get on My Caliber (Or Get Out My Way)
Get on my caliber, or, get out my way. In today's episode, host, Dre Hill, talks dating and choosing one's standards versus choosing to settle into an unfulfilling relationship. Don't devalue yourself. Don't step off your pedestal. Don't lower your standards. If they want to, they will, and if they don't want to, someone else will. In the great words of Coco Jones "get on my caliber... can you get me leveled up?" Recorded July 10, 2022 Instagram: Twitter:
July 11, 2022
I'm Back [And What That Means]
It has been a really long time since host, Dre Hill, has released a podcast episode. In today's episode, Dre briefly thanks you for your support, for your concern, and for continuing to show up and tune in, despite his absence. In a look to new content coming on the horizon, Dre talks episodes reading and breaking down poetry from his book, "i love you means nothing", available on Amazon, an upcoming book, and answering your questions.  Recorded June 13, 2022 Buy "i love you means nothing": Instagram: Twitter:
June 14, 2022
I Published A Book | What Will You Do?
It has been very quiet over here at Daily Dose with Dre Hill, as host, Dre Hill, hasn't released an episode in roughly 3 or 4 weeks. In today's episode, Dre briefly discusses why he's been busy, his new book "i love you means nothing" which is now available on Amazon, and challenges creatives and entrepreneurs to take the leap. For such a time is this and such a time is now, you're ready as you are, and the world is ready for what you have to offer.  Recorded February 21, 2022 Buy "i love you means nothing": Instagram: Twitter:
February 21, 2022
Me, Imma Rest and Relax!
I gotta put me first Lucius! In today's episode Host, Dre Hill, talks about something that we should all be doing more of in 2022. When was the last time that you simply rested? Can you recall the when you last took some time to relax? If the answer to that question is "a while", or if you can't answer that question, this episode for you. Dre opens up about the importance of taking time to rest, relax, and rejuvenate. Like Cookie, we need to put ourselves first, and that includes taking time to rest and recover, before our bodies and brains shut down on us from overexertion and exhaustion.  Recorded January 23, 2022 Instagram: Twitter:
January 24, 2022
Goals, Goals, Goals "This is It!" [2022]
We already know that this year is the year, and hopefully by now you've found clarity on what it is you're doing this year. The next question becomes "How?". How do we get the thing(s) done this year? In this episode, host, Dre Hill speaks on the importance and prominence of goals and goal setting. Dre walks through his own personal goal setting practices: defining words for the year, goals for subcategories of his life, and the evaluation and creation of new goals once a substantial number of them have been completed. Grab a pen and pad because class is in session.  Recorded: January 9, 2022 Instagram: Twitter:
January 17, 2022
Declaration "This is It!" [2022]
Happy New Year! Welcome to 2022. Last year, host, Dre Hill spoke life over 2021 and prophesied to kickstart the trajectory of our year. Well this old dog is back, just without the new tricks. In this episode we are talking about declarations. As Dre says, declare, that this is it. Declare that this is your year to heal, grow, obtain abundance, know peace, or calm the confusion. This is your year. What will you do with it? Kirk Franklin, "Declaration (This is It!)": Recorded: January 9, 2022 Instagram: Twitter:
January 10, 2022
The Daily Dose [Trailer]
Welcome to the Daily Dose With Dre Hill podcast! Daily Dose With Dre Hill offers up a quick snippet into the mind and life of host, Dre Hill. From inspiration, motivation, and dream chasing to love and sex, Dre has thoughts on it all. All opinions are unfiltered, and unscripted, offering an authentic, unique, straight-from-the-heart experience. Start your morning, or wind down your evening, the right way. It's time for a daily dose. Instagram: Twitter:
December 29, 2021
No Way Ho-Ho-Home & Second Chances
Oh what a tangled web we weave! In this episode host, Dre Hill, discusses one of the core elements of discussion in Marvel's Spider-Man No Way Home: the idea that everyone deserves a second chance. Fresh off the heels of the film's viewing on opening night, Dre offers his own insight on the ideology of second chances and how that could be applied in one's own life. Do you offer others second chances, regardless of the context? As we lean into the holiday season and go ho-ho-home, we can reflect and apply these beliefs.  Recorded: December 16, 2021 Instagram: Twitter:
December 20, 2021
Listen Linda, I'm Back
Now listen here Linda, I'm back. In this episode host, Dre Hill, briefly recaps the year that has been 2021. How has your year been? Have you thrived or survived? With a new year on the horizon, it's time to think and plan ahead and Dre wants your input on upcoming content for Daily Dose with Dre Hill. What do you want to hear? Let him know!  Recorded: December 8, 2021  Instagram:  Twitter:
December 16, 2021
I Proclaim 2021 [Prayer & Manifestation]
Happy New Year! Welcome to 2021. In a very special episode to commemorate the New Year, host, Dre Hill speaks life into 2021 and ourselves; with a prayer and manifestation for healing, peace of mind, success, financial abundance, and more. Claim your blessings and watch things work out in your favor.  Recorded: December 31, 2020 Instagram: Twitter:
January 06, 2021
Take This As A Sign
Whenever we're at a crossroads in life and unsure about our direction, one of the first things we do is ask for a sign. Maybe we pray. Maybe we call out to the universe. Maybe we meditate. As we prepare to usher in the new year, host, Dre Hill offers some insight on asking for signs - why we should be clear and specific about what we're asking for, and what we should do after we've received our sign. Take this episode as your sign.  Recorded: December 30, 2020 Instagram: Twitter:
December 30, 2020
Hop Out Your Feelings
It happens to all of us at some point in our lives. We get caught up in our feelings of jealousy, anger, or inadequacy when we're not succeeding at the same time or on the same level as others, whether we know them or not. Host, Dre Hill, talks about hopping out of one's feelings, to truly and genuinely, step away from our own emotions to purely relish in the joy, happiness, and success of others.  Recorded: December 17, 2020 Instagram: Twitter:
December 18, 2020
Just Keep Breathing
Take one step at a time. Take it day by day. Just keep swimming. Just keep breathing. Whatever your mantra, the idea is still the same. Host, Dre Hill, talks about taking a step back from the bigger picture in order to 'keep breathing', have faith, and manifest that faith into a hope that better things are on the horizon. Just keep breathing.  Recorded: July 25, 2020 Instagram: Twitter:
July 25, 2020
Patience & Perseverance
These past 4 months have seemingly put us in a position of limbo. Many of us are uncertainly awaiting to see what comes next. We fear our dreams and opportunities are on hold, or perhaps never coming. Host, Dre Hill, talks about the power of both patience and perseverance in this time; a lesson that the current pandemic has resurfaced and contextualized for many of us. Be patient friends, continue to work on yourself and your craft in this time and apply yourself.  Recorded: July 3, 2020 Instagram: Twitter:
July 13, 2020
Celebrate Your Victories
There is nothing wrong with being humble and living life with humility. There's also nothing wrong with celebrating your victories. Host, Dre Hill, talks about celebrating victory, be it big or small. Sometimes we need to celebrate the fact that we got out of bed and did something beneficial, even if we lacked the personal motivation and good health to do so. Those tiny accolades and accomplishments are worth celebrating too.  Recorded: July 3, 2020 Instagram: Twitter:
July 10, 2020
Let Me Put You On
"Let me put you on". Life is a game of collaboration, not competition. Host, Dre Hill, is talking about support today. Put your friends on game. Help them expand their knowledge. Help them make connections and establish relationships. Provide monetary or emotional assistance when necessary. Being willing and open to actively helping your friends and family. Together you can bring your whole community up to newfound heights. Let me put you on.  Recorded: July 3, 2020 Instagram: Twitter:
July 06, 2020
Mind the Business that Pays You
Mind the business that pays you. In short, mind your business. It seems like such a simple and self explanatory concept, yet there is so much difficulty with it. Host, Dre Hill, offers his own two cents into the thought process of those who like to chuck theirs. Mind your business. Keep your two cents to yourself. Chances are, you'll need them more than someone who didn't ask for them.  Recorded: June 26, 2020 Instagram: Twitter:
June 26, 2020
Dear No One [Lost In the Middle of Nowhere]
This episode is for no one, lost in the middle of nowhere. This is an episode for those who don't know who they are, much less where they want to go. Host, Dre Hill, talks to those who want to be "someone" struggling to find themselves and their calling in this world. This is for the person who was called a no one. This is for the person who was told they would never amount to anything. This is for the person who is stuck in the middle of nowhere, unsure of what they want out of life or how to get there. Dear no one, lost in the middle of nowhere. This episode is for you. Recorded: June 22, 2020 Instagram: Twitter:
June 22, 2020
Baby Girl: Make It Make Sense [B. Simone]
Today, host, Dre Hill puts the mess in messy. Recently B. Simone has been caught up in an internet fire storm due to allegations that the content in her recently published book "Baby Girl: Manifest the Life You Want" was plagiarized. There's just some things in the video she put out addressing the situation that didn't sit well with Dre. Baby girl, make it make sense! Grab your beverage, snacks, sit back and relax. It's time for a daily dose of mess.  Recorded: June 15, 2020 Instagram: Twitter:
June 18, 2020
Dear Class of 2020
This past school year has been unlike any we have seen before. Our entire spring semester, including extracurricular activities and celebrations, was uprooted and essentially cancelled. In spite of this, the class of 2020 did what they had to do. Hats off to you all. Host, Dre Hill, gives his own impromptu message to the graduating class of 2020. This episode is dedicated to you: high school grad, undergrad grad, etc. Congratulations to the class of 2020! Recorded: June 12, 2020 Instagram: Twitter:
June 15, 2020
At The Dinner Table [Black Lives Matter]
Cries for justice ring loud and clear throughout the United States, but also around the world. But there is still more work to be done.  At the dinner table, host, Dre Hill sits down with his family for debriefing and discussion. Together they reflect on some of the issues that have the country and the world ablaze, offering some insight from the perspective of one black household. Recorded: June 2, 2020 Instagram: Twitter:
June 03, 2020
As A Black Man... [Black Lives Matter]
In the past few days alone, we’ve seen a flurry of unjustified killings. Murder. Unarmed black men and women dead. Host, Dre Hill, talks about allyship, protests, riots, and why black lives matter. This discussion may be hard and uncomfortable, but it is necessary. #justiceforgeorgefloyd Recorded: May 30, 2020 Instagram: Twitter:
May 30, 2020
You Are Not Your History
In the last episode, host, Dre Hill talked about the importance of history. Knowing one's personal history is important. Equally as important, is knowing that history does not define you. Dre talks on how we have the power to choose if we will let our past define us. You are not your history. You don't have to be. Recorded: May 21, 2020 Instagram: Twitter:
May 25, 2020
What is Your Story? [History]
Do you know your personal history? Your story? The one that plots your life. We learn so much from what we experience in the moment, but we can learn more still from reflecting on our history. Host, Dre Hill, talks about the importance of history, of using it as both a guide and a learning tool. Recorded: May 19, 2020 Instagram: Twitter:
May 19, 2020
Keep The Same Energy
Many of us have a problem. You know what that is? We don't Keep The Same Energy. We don't. Not with ourselves. Not with other people. Host, Dre Hill, talks about keeping it real with ourselves and other people. If you're not keeping the same energy, keep it pushing. Recorded: April 29, 2020 Instagram: Twitter:
April 30, 2020
Say No [It's Ok]
Do you know that it's okay to say no? Host, Dre Hill, talks about saying no and the power that no holds. Far too often we extend ourselves and put ourselves in situations we would rather not be in, simply because we did not say. It's okay to say no, so start today. Recorded: April 21, 2020 Instagram: Twitter:
April 27, 2020
I Love Me More
Do you love yourself? It seems like a simple question, yet so many of us struggle to answer it. We get lost in anxiety, insecurity, people, and problems that we cannot change or control. Host, Dre Hill, talks about self love. He loves himself more. Do you? Recorded: April 21, 2020 Instagram: Twitter:
April 22, 2020
Gimme 50ft
On April 17th, Lauren Juaregui, released a new solo track entitled 50ft. On the track, Lauren sings about removing negativity from her circle. An anthem on reclaiming one's space and energy. Host, Dre Hill, builds a discussion around Lauren's new single, encouraging listeners to start giving notice in relationships. I'm gonna need you to gimme 50ft! Recorded: April 21, 2020 Instagram: Twitter:
April 21, 2020
How Long Are We Talking?
With nothing but time on our hands, it looks like love and quarantine is in full effect. Singles are swiping and connecting more than ever before, which begs the question: How long does the talking stage last? Host, Dre Hill, establishes the definition that he uses when dating as well as reveals his thoughts on the timeline from talking to dating. Recorded: April 20, 2020 Instagram: Twitter:
April 20, 2020
Listen Don't Hear
Communication is a fundamental skill for survival, yet so many of us are hearing when we should be listening. Host, Dre Hill, discusses his distinctions between hearing and listening, and why we should all be listening more. Can y'all hear him good? Yes you can? Then stop hearing and start listening. Recorded: April 16, 2020 Instagram: Twitter:
April 16, 2020
Speak Don't Talk
Communication is a fundamental skill for survival, yet so many of us are talking when we should be speaking. Host, Dre Hill, discusses his distinctions between talking and speaking, and why we should all be speaking more. It's time to communicate effectively and say what we mean. Stop talking and start speaking. Recorded: April 13, 2020 Instagram: Twitter:
April 14, 2020
The Fall
It's a hard knock life. We often get beaten down, battered, and bruised by life. Host, Dre Hill, recalls a personal story of a physical fall and takes that experience as a demonstration of how we have to learn to rise from the fall. Life will continue to beat you down, but will you continue to rise? Recorded: April 10, 2020 Instagram: Twitter:
April 11, 2020
Dealing with quarantine and covid-19 has been tough on all of us. For host, Dre Hill, it's been manifesting in the form of lacking motivation. He talks about his recent struggles, what he did to overcome them, and what you can possibly do to boost your motivation. Let me be your motivation - Normani, 2019 Recorded: April 10, 2020 Instagram: Twitter:
April 11, 2020
Watch Yo Mouth
Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. Wrong. Words can and do hurt all the time. They can create. They can also destroy. Sparked from the verse of the day, host, Dre Hill grapples with the power of our words. The power of life and death is in the tongue. So watch yo mouth! Recorded: March 31, 2020 Instagram: Twitter:
March 31, 2020
Rejection sucks. It hurts and it doesn't feel good. It sometimes makes us feel inadequate. But rejection is not always bad. Host, Dre Hill, talks about one of his own personal recent rejections and why rejection can be a good thing. Recorded: March 29, 2020 Instagram: Twitter:
March 30, 2020
Believe In Yourself
We all have dreams, goals, and aspirations. A lot of us simply just lack the belief in our selves, our skills, and our craft. We self-reject, self-defeat, before we even give ourselves a chance. Host, Dre Hill, talks about the power of belief in self. Because if we don't believe in ourselves, then we won't ever make moves. Recorded: March 29, 2020 Instagram: Twitter:
March 30, 2020
This Is The Time
Daily Dose With Dre Host, Dre Hill, talks about time. There's no better time than now. Now is the time. The time to start creating. The time to start producing. The time to start enacting those hopes and dreams you've been praying about and manifesting. What are you doing with your time? Recorded: March 23, 2020 Instagram: Twitter:
March 23, 2020
Chose Light
Daily Dose With Dre Host, Dre Hill, talks about choosing light. In every situation and circumstance there is the light and the darkness. The hope, faith, love, the silver-lining all encompass the light. The fear, anxiety, despair, and depression all encompass the darkness. Every day, we have a choice. Will light or darkness determine our actions? Recorded: March 19, 2020 Instagram: Twitter:
March 19, 2020
Dear Athletes
Daily Dose of Dre Host, Dre Hill, reads his pen letter addressed to athletes, coaches, staff, spectators, and fans in this current time of covid19. Dre offers up words of hope, encouragement, and love; as well as thanking graduating senior athletes, coaches, athletic staff, and the attendees of athletic functions. Please continue to stay safe, stay healthy, and stay home as much as possible. Recorded: March 18, 2020 Instagram: Twitter:
March 18, 2020
Daily Dose With Dre Host, Dre Hill, talks about the coronavirus pandemic that is currently sweeping the nations of the world. Dre offers some advice for keeping calm and quarantining on, as well as reminding us to recall our humanity and lean on that and each other in these dark times. Stay strong, stay safe, and stay healthy. We're all in this together. Record Date: March 17, 2020 Instagram: Twitter:
March 17, 2020