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The Daily Grind Podcast

The Daily Grind Podcast

By Colin Morgan
Welcome to the Daily Grind! It is here where you can learn from some of the world's top entrepreneurs, influencers, and experts on topics ranging from business, health, finance, and entrepreneurship. If you are seeking guidance and mentorship, this podcast is for you.
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Ep #287: The Hustle With George Khalife

The Daily Grind Podcast

Ep.550 Nolan Garrett
Nolan Garrett is the Founder and CEO of Intrinium, a firm dedicated to providing clients with comprehensive consulting and managed services in security solutions and information technology. Voted Best Place to Work Inland Northwest for three consecutive years, Intrinium has distinguished itself as a leader in IT solutions and workplace culture. Nolan is a member of the Forbes Technology Council and the Information Systems Security Association, among other organizations. With CIO and CISO experience and a background that includes multimillion-dollar cybersecurity transformations, Nolan provides specialized insight for businesses large and small in a variety of industries. Connect with Nolan Today's episode is brought to you by Gusto. Gusto is an easy, online payroll and benefits service built for modern small businesses. In other words, a people platform — one place to pay and take care of your hardworking team. Get three months free when you run your first payroll. Visit:
August 13, 2021
Ep.549 The Blind Entrepreneur
Today, I am sharing with you an episode I did on the Blind Entrepreneur Podcast with my buddy Johnathan Gryzbowski.  Today's episode is brought to you by Gusto.  Gusto is an easy, online payroll and benefits service built for modern small businesses. In other words, a people platform — one place to pay and take care of your hardworking team.  Get three months free when you run your first payroll. Visit:
August 06, 2021
Ep. 548 Tim Bratz
Tim Bratz (pronounced “Brotts”) is the CEO and founder of CLE Turnkey Real Estate, a real estate investment company that acquires and transforms distressed commercial and apartment buildings into high-performance investment assets for their own portfolio. Working in real estate, Tim has learned how to build a passive business and create a residual income that allows him to live the lifestyle of his choice. He’s here to educate and empower others to become financially free through commercial real estate. Today's episode was brought to you by HelloFresh. Go to and use code "dailygrind14" for 14 free meals, including free shipping!”
July 09, 2021
Ep.547 Erin Trafford
Erin is a digital Story strategist specializing in helping entrepreneurs and small businesses find and tell their Stories in a way that feels good and grows their bottom line. She is an award-winning journalist, blogger, consultant, and strategist. She owns Erin Trafford Inc., which has two arms;, a coaching and consulting company and Story Studio Network- Canada’s first audio-on-demand talk show network. She has worked with dozens of brands across North America; including Giant Tiger, Home Hardware, and Staples Canada, to create and develop content and influencer marketing campaigns. She now fuels her joy and passion working with new, emerging, and seasoned digital entrepreneurs to unleash their Stories and the power in their content. Learn more about Erin Website Instagram FB Page FB Group LinkedIn Today's episode was brought to you by ISSUU. Get started with Issuu today for FREE or if you sign up for a premium account you will get 50% off when you go to ISSUU dot com slash podcast and use promo code DAILYGRIND.
July 01, 2021
Ep. 546 Fist Of Fury, Making A Lasting Change
In today's episode, I provide 5 steps to making a lasting change in your life. Whether, you are trying to start a business, make more money, eat healthier, become happier, etc. These 5 simple steps will help you reach your goals.  Today's episode was brought to you by HelloFresh. Go to and use code "dailygrind12" for 12 free meals, including free shipping!”
June 04, 2021
Ep. 545 Joe De Sena
Who is Joe? Joe De Sena – Founder and CEO of Spartan, the world’s largest obstacle race and endurance brand – has demonstrated his entrepreneurial drive since his pre-teens. After building a multimillion-dollar pool and construction business in college, and creating a Wall Street trading firm, De Sena set his sights on ripping 100 million people off their couches by creating the Spartan lifestyle.  Following a successful career on Wall Street, De Sena moved his family to Pittsfield, Vermont to operate an organic farm, a bed and breakfast, and a general store for hikers. It was here his passion grew for ultramarathons, adventure races, and endurance events, and thus the idea for Spartan was born. With more than one million annual global participants at more than 200 events across more than 30 countries, Spartan offers heats for all fitness levels and ages, from beginner to elite and Kids as young as four-years-old. The brand has transformed more than five million lives since it was founded in 2010. De Sena is also the New York Times Best Selling Author of “Spartan Up” and “Spartan Fit,” and recently released his third book, “The Spartan Way.” As a popular key note speaker, De Sena has parlayed the teachings of his Spartan Principals into the SpartanX Leadership Forum, a series of events in which participants collaborate to solve challenges alongside business leaders while learning to overcome mental and physical obstacles.  In addition to race events, the Spartan lifestyle that De Sena built encompasses all the tools one needs to transform their lives including partnerships with fitness brands such as Life Time, 24Hour Fitness and the DailyBurn; complementary training, nutrition plans and content; television series on NBC and Facebook; forthcoming documentaries about the brand, sport and health; and an extensive line of apparel and licensed fitness gear and equipment.  Throughout his lifetime, Joe has competed in any extreme sports adventure he could find, testing his mental and physical endurance against nature. Joe turned an interest in endurance racing into a passion. His racing resume is the stuff of legend – over 50 ultra-events overall and 14 Ironman events in one year alone. Learn More About Joe VISIT FOLLOW @realjoedesena @spartanrace @spartanuppod Today's Podcast Was Brought To You By LinkedIn Talent Solutions. Find a qualified candidate and post your next job FREE when you visit>
May 28, 2021
Ep. 544 Entrepreneur Lifestyle Podcast with Ben Ivey
About The Podcast:  The Entrepreneur Lifestyle Podcast helps you learn how to live a great lifestyle whilst boosting business success. Through deep conversations, humorous stories, and golden nuggets of wisdom, Ben asks challenging questions to uncover the secrets that have led to success on his guest’s entrepreneurial journey. You’ll learn key business strategies to help you grow as well as catastrophic failures to avoid (some of these will blow your mind!) You’ll also have a deeper insight into the unconscious beliefs that have kept these entrepreneurs going through challenging circumstances, which they may not have even been aware of. Add this to your podcast list if you’re fed up with overworking, procrastinating, and stretching yourself too thin. This is where you’ll uncover the synergy of lifestyle and business. What we cover Why you must learn to be blissfully dissatisfied Why podcasting is a great way to generate income How to deal with transitioning into entrepreneurship The key habits to help you stay on track with goal setting How you must continually uplevel your skills to increase your success in business Today's episode was brought to you by HelloFresh. Go to and use code "dailygrind12" for 12 free meals, including free shipping!”
April 29, 2021
Ep. 543 All In with Daniel Giordano
The All-In Podcast Show is the home to the top Entrepreneurs, Innovators and World Changers sharing their breakthrough moments and how they are changing the world. Our focus is being All-In on the four areas of life: faith, family, finances, and health. We will bring mentors into your world who can help you find balance and build a bold life of excellence with your host Daniel Giordano. Ask yourself is it time to get off the sidelines and step into your greatness? Join us at where we define success and give you advice on how to be all in. Make sure to catch the free gift from our guest. Today's episode is brought to you by LinkedIn Talent Solutions. Find a qualified candidate and post your next job FREE when you visit>
April 22, 2021
Ep.542 Mark Quinn and Mark Kinsley
Mark Kinsley is President and CEO of Englander, a top-15 US mattress company founded in 1894. Mark Quinn is the Co-Founder of Spink & Co, Farm-Grown Beds, and the VP of Key Accounts and Marketing for Sherwood Bedding. Together, they are "Dos Marcos," and they recently released their new Best-Selling book titled Come Back to Bed: Attract More Foot Traffic and Make People Fall in Love With Your Store. While they are both veterans of the mattress industry, any independent retailer, regardless of industry, will find it helpful. In addition to being a playbook for building a meaningful brand and deepening community connections, the book features more than 70 foot traffic-driving ideas that actually work, like CAGE (Community• Answers• Giving• Experiences) gathered from real independent retailers. Most importantly, they teach how to become notorious in the marketplace. Connect with them both> Today's episode was brought to you by MINT MOBILE. To get your new wireless plan for just 15 bucks a month, and get the plan shipped to your door for FREE, go to
April 14, 2021
Ep. 541 Jared Graybeal
About Jared  My mission is to encourage, educate, and empower others to live happier healthier lives. I am a NASM-certified personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist, behavioral change specialist, CrossFit Level 2 trainer, and corrective exercise specialist with an education in marketing and psychology from the University of North Florida. I own and operate two companies. One is Superfit Foods, a healthy, subscription-based, fully customizable meal prep company. The other is E3, a business consulting and marketing agency. I’ve done a few cool things, like exhibiting Superfit Foods at Forbes Under 30 and giving a TEDx Talk on nutrition and mental health, and every day I get to work hard at doing what I love. Book Description In The Self Help Book: 6 Practical Ways to Never Stop Growing, author and coach Jared Graybeal outlines six practical ways to live a life of constant growth while avoiding stagnation or burnout. Confidence. Competence. Clarity. Character. Connections. Commitment. This short, insightful guide is filled with inspiration and encouragement and is designed to give you the perspective you’re looking for, no matter what’s going on in your life. Pick it up each year or turn to it whenever you have questions and find the answers you need. Just relocated to a new city? Revisit the connections chapter. Struggling in your personal life? Revisit the chapter on character. Every time you turn to The Self Help Book, you’ll walk away encouraged, knowing that every day is an opportunity to grow and that you have the ability to do so. Grab a copy of Jared's New Book HERE Connect with Jared> Today's episode is brought to you by LinkedIn Talent Solutions. Find a qualified candidate and post your next job FREE when you visit>
March 31, 2021
Ep. 540 Dominic Dubé
About Dominic (by Dominic) Right after college, my life partner and I began making frozen smoothie cubes for ourselves and the people around us to make it possible to prepare a healthy smoothie, even on busy mornings. Many challenges, successes and learnings later, Evive is one of the fastest-growing food companies in Canada. We are extremely grateful to have an amazing community of people around the brand and wish to develop with them many more innovations for the future. In today's episode of the Daily Grind, Dominic and I talk about what it takes to start a grow a successful brand. Dominic has had successful pitches on shows like Dragon's Den and shares some of his secrets to success. This is an unbelievable episode and I am excited to share it with you all.  Follow on Instagram> Visit:  Today's episode was brought to you by MINT MOBILE. To get your new wireless plan for just 15 bucks a month, and get the plan shipped to your door for FREE, go to
March 18, 2021
Ep. 539 Nick Jankel
With over 24 years of hard-won insights working with C-Suite leaders and fast-growth entrepreneurs on the frontlines of disruption—and 16 years mastering embodied wisdom as a leadership development guru—Nick Jankel has a Triple First from Cambridge University in medicine, is a professional, International keynote speaker, and co-creator of Bio-Transformation Theory & Practice®, a pioneering methodology for leading transformation as fast as humanly possible in any human endeavor, from oneself to one’s system. Nick has worked with senior leaders from organizations like HSBC, Boots Walgreens, Unilever, Diageo, Google, Nike, Merck, Wal-Mart, NHS; led systemic change programs with WWF and Oxfam; worked with entrepreneurs and social innovators on 4 continents; and lectured at world-class universities including Yale, Oxford, SciencesPo, UCL, and London Business School. Nick was chosen to host his own global BBC TV series as a transformational coach; is often interviewed on transformational tech on international news; and has advised No.10 Downing Street on transformational innovation. He started his first business age 24 to disrupt the marketing industry with a solution-neutral creative agency; and has founded 3 successful long-term businesses with no investment or backers of any kind. Nick's New Book> Now Lead the Change Now Lead The Change is a tour de force that sets out out a powerful and profound—yet extremely practical—method for mastering transformational leadership so leaders of any kind can confidently and consciously lead their people, enterprise, and system towards a flourishing future—from one of the world’s preeminent thinkers, teachers, and speaker. Whether you are a leader in a purposeful multinational, an impactful start- up, an ambitious social enterprise, an inspired government department, a fierce social change movement, or an avid community project—or simply your own life—discover the latest neuroscience, timeless wisdom, and critical tools for becoming a truly transformational leader—who can play their full part in co-creating a regenerative future for us all. Connect with Nick on LinkedIn> Today's episode was brought to you by MINT MOBILE. To get your new wireless plan for just 15 bucks a month, and get the plan shipped to your door for FREE, go to
March 11, 2021
Ep. 538 Adii Pienaar
About Adii An entrepreneur and founder of two global multimillion-dollar companies, Adii Pienaar prides himself on the commercial and life profitability of his businesses. Adii’s personal journey enabled him to discover a rich, fulfilling life that coincides with a sustainable strategy for success in the workplace. His concept of life profitability is now gaining momentum in the business world. A native of South Africa, Adii lives in the winelands of Cape Town with his wife, Jeanne, and their two children. About Adii's New Book What does “success” mean to you? If you’re an entrepreneur, this probably feels like a straightforward question with a simple answer: you want your business to thrive. You want to make a profit, stand out, be noticed. But then what? Are you done? Are you fulfilled? Are you happy? For Adii Pienaar, selling two multimillion-dollar businesses wasn’t enough. He was an entrepreneur because he wanted freedom; instead, he was stuck in a destructive cycle, almost losing everything in his constant search for more. That’s when he changed his mindset, his expectations, and his life. In Life Profitability, Adii provides you with a new perspective for becoming self-aware, recognizing your values, and understanding your impact. An enriched life and a successful business are not mutually exclusive. In fact, this book will provide you with the first steps in building a business that is more sustainable, with increased options for you, your employees, and your community. Learn how to give yourself some space, measure meaningful output, and live with intention so that you can maximize profit that truly counts. Connect With Adii Grab A Copy Of Adii's New Book> Today's episode is brought to you by LinkedIn Talent Solutions. Find a qualified candidate and post your next job FREE when you visit>
March 02, 2021
Ep. 537 Lee Hackett
Lee is the CEO of Bluprint X, responsible for their strategic growth. He specialises in straight-talking consultancy for C-Level on how to drive revenue and improve scalability through the power of data and technology. He has played a leading role in the creation and scaling of 7 startups in 4 continents over the last 10 years. Several of these startups became market leaders within 1-3 years, leading to trade sales to FTSE 200 organizations and global companies. In 2013, Lee set up Bluprint X which is now a global agency, advising some of the world’s biggest organizations on how to drive revenue through their use of technology. Lee hosts Bluprint's podcast series Making Marketing Heroes which invites insight and hot topic discussion from industry leaders. Lee also documents a raw insight into real business issues on his vlog series, Level Up. Today's episode was brought to you by MINT MOBILE. To get your new wireless plan for just 15 bucks a month, and get the plan shipped to your door for FREE, go to
February 09, 2021
Ep. 536 Debbie King
What four-letter word describes your relationship with your business? It should be L-O-V-E. But it’s hard to love your business when you feel trapped by it. Especially during hard times, business owners tend to believe that any failure in their business is a direct reflection of themselves. Debbie King, author of the bestselling book Loving Your Business knows what it’s like to feel trapped by a business she used to love. When she was forced to make tough choices like putting a lien on her home to make payroll, she began to feel resentful. She felt that way for years before she made two fundamental shifts: she changed the way she THOUGHT about her business and the way she RAN it. Debbie escaped the owner's trap by turning her business into an asset that has value beyond the revenue it generates, creating both freedom and security. Top 3 Takeaways 1. Loving your business is the fastest way to freedom. 2. Get clarity on your strategy, constrain your focus in order to scale, while making friends with money and numbers. 3. Feel the freedom that comes from having choices. Once your business is an asset that runs without you, you can scale, sell, or have someone else run it. Connect with Debbie> Today's episode is brought to you by LinkedIn. Find a qualified candidate and post your next job FREE when you visit>
January 26, 2021
Ep. 535 Jessie Vaid CEO ReadyWhen
By leveraging Jessie’s many years of experience, network, and subject matter expertise, Jessie Vaid is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ReadyWhen. With over 15+ years of experience running his own Notary practice and creating thousands of Est