Clarity In Real-Time

April Cunningham on Accessing Flow State to Accelerate Your Dreams with Confidence

An episode of Clarity In Real-Time

By Dainella Nartker
Authentic conversations with entrepreneurs on how they access and sustain inner clarity to stay aligned with their values and goals, and how they leverage that clarity in their leadership to effectively communicate with and inspire others.
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More places to listen

Dancing to your own beat with Elizabeth Sampey
They say building a successful business is more of a marathon than a sprint. Life is an endurance test. It's reasonable to lose focus and have dips in inspiration over the course of our lives and our businesses. So, how can we maintain clarity and drive as entrepreneurs, or even just as humans? Today's guest has incredible tools for doing just that. As a professional endurance athlete and a personal coach, Elizabeth Sampey is intimately familiar with the arts of slowing down, reclaiming and maintaining focus, learning to trust your intuition, and discerning intuition from fear. Want to join Elizabeth and Dainella in-person? Apply for the upcoming D11 retreat in Mexico! Learn more @ Key Takeaways and Tools [8:36] - The art of slowing down. A process to calm the nervous system. [11:38] - The calming process step by step. [13:58] - Learning to discern intuition from fear and anxiety. [23:46] - Finding focus and inspiration within yourself. Elizabeth Sampey holds a doctoral degree in physical therapy and has extensive training in athletic performance, not only as a sponsored expedition extreme sports athlete and enduro mountain biker racer, but also as a coach. Her powerful belief in the vital importance of involving the whole person, body-mind-soul, shines through in all her work. As a coach she blends psychoemotional, trauma-sensitive somatic and energetic healing techniques to maximize integration and facilitate the actualization of clients full potential. Links Connect with Elizabeth Sampey, personal coach and professional endurance athlete, on Instagram!
October 7, 2019
Taking the confusion out of co-founder communication
Communication. It is vital in effective team leadership and key to healthy personal relationships. But what to do when communication goes astray as it can so easily do in a pressured environment like a growing business? Today's guests know how to foster the kind of communication that can thrive under pressure, help resolve both the poor performance within your team and the conflict that can appear between co-founders. They speak about how they use their differences to their benefit, EQ (emotional intelligence) in business leadership and partnership, and how they maintain room for humanity within the systems they construct.  Don't miss the take home tips on how to have successful founders meetings, effective team coordination, and how to keep the human factor forefront in business growth for long-term success. Michee Santos and Alla Camacho are the founders of, a Virtual Assistant (VA) Service company that seeks to help startup entrepreneurs grow further by ensuring they are able to work ON their business and not IN it. In addition to years working as business partners, they are also partners in life and love. Both Michee and Alla had years of VA experience before they started While they can do almost any VA related task, they’ve grown to have their own specialties. Alla builds great Customer Support and Marketing foundation for your business, while Michee leans more towards Systems Building and Implementation - those repeatable scalable processes that are vital to growth. This combination of their complimentary zones of genius has grown INAM into the successful business it is today. Links: Free Guide - Your VA Process Made Easier: Website: Alla's cooking on Instagram: Michee's projects on Instagram:
September 16, 2019
Turn Up Your Frequency & Create More Choice for Yourself with Isabelle Tierney
As established, successful women we often live reactively, barely able to catch our breath as yet another demand comes our way. Because we are so often being of service to others, we lose track of what WE want even though we know somewhere deep inside that there must be a better way to live, with time and space for US. Learn about skills to a access and sustain a high-frequency life you love full of choice, spaciousness, and connection with today’s guest Isabelle Tierney. We discuss several of the tools and tips that you can use to achieve a high-frequency life and Destination11 all-women's retreats. Learn to let go of stress and overwhelm, discover your vision, achieve inner clarity, rewire old habits, and deepen the trust in your intuition. Achieving and sustaining a high-frequency life… [01:50] - What does it mean to live a high-frequency life? [05:36] - Steps to achieve a high-frequency life.  [09:09] - Steps to sustain a high-frequency life.  Tools and Tips… [13:13] - Connecting through gratitude.  [16:07] - Viewing the world through the lens of love and recognizing when you are viewing it through the lens of fear. [18:04] - The Destination11 jump! Transitioning from low frequencies to high frequencies, fear to love. [19:38] - Isabelle’s short term and foundational shift methodology and steps to making the Destination11 jump. [25:44] - Honesty in partnership and finding differences that create more connection, not less. Isabelle Tierney is the founder of “The Feel Good Life: How to Create Success without Stress” and creator of a methodology that allows you to live at your highest vision of yourself no matter what the world throws at you. A licensed therapist, Isabelle has been in private practice internationally since 1996, helping people learn to live passionate, sacred and awakened lives. She’s on the team of the Unconventional Life, a business accelerator program for entrepreneurs, ranked #1 by Inc. Magazine. She also teaches, consults, trains and presents for various professional groups, businesses, and organizations. To learn more about Destination11 Retreats (next up with only a few spots left is Mexico November 5-9th, 2019!) - Guest Links Facebook - Instagram -
September 10, 2019
Flo Turiaf - Global. Island. Girl. (need I say more?!)
Utilizing marketing for the betterment of local economies and combining entrepreneurial spirit with personal passions to create a positive global impact. Today's guest is doing just that. Florence Turiaf is the Founder of Global Island Girl, where she helps upgrade world travel by focusing on things that truly matter as an entrepreneur, speaker and explorer. Not only has Florence created a business fueled by her passion for travel but also driven by her desire to make a positive impact on the world. She talks to us about social entrepreneurship, keeping business goals inline with moral responsibilities, the value of external feedback and more. Guest Links: Instagram Facebook
September 2, 2019
April Cunningham on Accessing Flow State to Accelerate Your Dreams with Confidence
We all have a dream. It may be to find a more fulfilling line of work or taking the entrepreneurial path to launch your own business. How can you accomplish this dream? Interestingly, this may not be the most important question. Today's guest is April Cunningham, a Dream Accelerator and Confidence Coach. Her mission is to help women everywhere come out of hiding and step confidently into their power. As a Dream Accelerator, April helps people identify and achieve their dream faster. In this episode, April gives us the questions to ask yourself and the questions that should drive you when pursuing your dream. She also talks about her mindset when overcoming the fear to follow her dream as well as accessing, sustaining, and regaining flow state. Guest Links: Instagram Facebook
August 12, 2019
Dual Roles in Entrepreneurship with Rachel Alter
Dual roles, bandwidth demands and forward progress.  Exploring our perceived bandwidth limitations and how there can be enough through the eyes of a new mother, business owner and relentless curator of a community commercial kitchen space in the Colorado mountain town of Gunnison. Rachel Alter is the owner & lead baker at Pedals & Pastries, Founder at the Kitchen Project in Gunnison Colorado, and newly a mother. Join us as Rachel speaks about surprising results in progress to entrepreneurial goals from new motherhood and how she does it. Guest Links: Instagram Pedals and Pastries on Facebook The Kitchen Project on GoFundMe
June 24, 2019
UN-Taming with Lorena Palazzo
“There comes a time for most entrepreneurs, especially those launching a culture, that you have to come to peace with what rises as you expand. " - Lorena Palazzo What rises in you as you push your comfort zone in expansion? Are there currents of conditioning as a woman in our culture driving some of your actions, fears, decisions or behaviors? What happens when we examine those conditions, those potential tamings? Today’s guest is Lorena Palazzo and her way to inner clarity is untaming, which to her is the undoing of her conditioning as a woman. Join Lorena and I in a look into the world of untaming and how it can be leveraged to unlock greater inner clarity in entrepreneurship. Lorena Palazzo was born and raised in Australia by italian parents, she is a single mom of a gorgeous 13 year old daughter and has been helping young women to retirees since 2008 to stay in tune with their purpose through untaming their conditioning as a woman. What does it mean to be untamed?  Un·Tamed |ƏNˈTĀMD| Adjective -NOT DOMESTICATED OR OTHERWISE CONTROLLED. CAN ALSO MEAN: WILD, UNRULY CHAOTIC, BOLD, FORTHRIGHT, OPPOSITE, UNPALATABLE, UNAPOLOGETIC, FIERCE! Learn more about what untaming could mean for you at by joining in her free monthly group calls.
June 24, 2019
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