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Live Laugh Kill

Live Laugh Kill

By dakotah griffin
True crime podcast
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EP 4: Richard Ramirez "The Night Stalker" - Live Laugh Kill
GREETINGS NERDS!! This week's episode were discussing the infamous Richard Ramirez aka The Night Stalker. He terrorized the Los Angeles and San Francisco area in 1984-1985. *Trigger warning*  we do go into more in-depth descriptions of his crimes than others, we really wanted to show how much of an cold-hearted evil person he was. This is a case is hard to listen to and is one you'll never forget. We hope you enjoy the episode! Netflix docuseries: Night Stalker: The Hunt of a Serial Killer.  Stay safe friends. Make good choices! instagram: livelaughkillpodcast TikTok: livelaughkillpod Podcast network info: @prescribedfilms on instagram
January 20, 2021
EP 3: The Mysterious Death of Kendrick Johnson - Live Laugh Kill
WERE BACK! Happy New Year hope you all enjoyed the holidays!  Today's case were discussing the mysterious death of 17 year old Kendrick Johnson of Valdosta, GA. It's a bizarre case, so many questions that are left unanswered. We highly encourage you to do your own research for this one. Below will be links for anything referred in today's episode as well as any other helpful links. Thank you for being here! Stay safe! Links: Anonymous video: Another podcast; True Crime Junkie: (warning graphic images) If you or someone you know has any information regarding KJ's death as well if you would like to donate to help, click this link:
January 14, 2021
EP 2: The Murder of Laci Peterson - Live Laugh Kill
GUYYYYSS this case is absolutely crazy!! We definitely want to hear what you guys think! is there an innocent man in prison right now or did Scott Peterson kill his 8 month pregnant wife? Tell us what you think! Check out the documentary on Hulu: "The Murder of Laci Peterson"   Check out the movie : Gone Girl Thank you so much for all the love and support! Stay safe friends! Insta: livelaughkillpodcast
December 11, 2020
EP1: Murder of The Watts family- Live, Laugh, Kill.
HEY GUYS! ITS OUR FIRST EPISODE!! AND WE RELEASED EARLY, SURPRISE! Take a listen to the horrific murder of Shanann, Bella, Celeste and Nico Watts. Tell us what you think of Chris Watts, the family man, gone wrong. Below will be other videos and or articles where we got our information, or if you want to do some more of your own research! Don't forget to subribe and review us!  P.S check out our Instagram for a little giveaway! Links: Netflix Documentary "American Murder: The Family Next Door" Bailey Sarian: Talking Thrones: 
November 30, 2020
Intro episode
Get to know us briefly in our first episode! We're so excited and can't wait to see where this journey takes us! Check out our socials! We will be live with a new episode every other Friday! Stay safe friends! Insta: @livelaughkillpodcast Facebook: Live Laugh Kill Podcast Personal accounts: Insta; @_kotahrose_             @thegorescore
November 19, 2020