Bad Mom Chronicles

Bad Mom Chronicles

Saha-Kehau Paulo, CMP.
I'm SKZA and this is a healthy outlet to talk shit about my family — for my sanity.
Get ready for some real-life situations of a work from home, PTA dropout, unorthodox mother of 4, trying to make ends meet in Sin City. I’ll be talking about everything from parenting, prayer to penis.


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003. Change


003. Change

19. Going Bananas
A typical day here in the Paulo household. Day 1 of SD7, found out my dogs are lesbians, an unexpected boyfriend visit, and a family member GRAPES with me over this "fruit diet" I'm doing, because all of the added sugar will give me Type II Diabetes — but in reality she doesn't GUAVA clue what she's talking about.
March 18, 2018
018. Saha Does Seven: Eat More Fruit 🍇🍌🍊🍈🍓🥥
Latest episode of Bad Mom Chronicles
March 16, 2018
017. Angry ⅛ Black Girl
You have a front row seat to a bad day.
March 15, 2018
Like, seriously...don't listen to this.
March 15, 2018
⚓️ Audio Blog Day
Random shit that happens in my day.
March 15, 2018
016. Stressed AF
Going through some difficult times, financially. I teach you how to do an energy ritual I started doing, it takes 6 - 7 minutes to do, and it doesn't FREE!
March 15, 2018
015. Another Possible Move
A bit stressed out because I just found out that we MIGHT have to move out of the house we're renting. I go through different options we have to help me to make a choice.
March 15, 2018
Branding Myself
Quick ramblings about finally finding a handle that fits me.
March 5, 2018
014. My Son is an Addict
The latest episode of my podcast is about our third child, Kingston aka Heathen 1 (8 years old) and how he ends up in the ER. I share a really private matter about him becomes a junkie, and totally addicted to the newest drug on the market. Seeing his personality go from being a shy and timid kid to lashing out and yelling at me was what made The Beefcake and I realize that we were nurturing the addiction. So we do one of the hardest things we've ever had to do as parents, and pull the plug on him. May you have peace, son.
March 6, 2018
013. Fail, fail, fail
Sharing the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of trying to do a lifestyle change SOLO!
March 3, 2018
012. Lifestyle Changes
Latest episode of Bad Mom Chronicles
March 3, 2018
011. PTA Dropout
That one time I ate too many burgers, my kids won awards, and I was in the PTA.
March 3, 2018
010. The Boyfriend
Originally published on 12/10/17 My daughter has a REAL boyfriend, and it’s weird AF!!! How do you cope with your teen having a partner? What do you do or say when you see them being affectionate? I dry heave and making gagging sounds because, immature mom probs. #judgeme
March 3, 2018
009. OMG, Yo! WTF?!
(This is a "throwback" episode from my last podcast that I recorded in December 2017 and migrated here.) When the Universe got jokes and shit. My daughter experienced a kitten crisis early this morning and I’m convinced that it was insta-karma for letting her bae sleepover! How's that for some Mercury Retrograde fuckery?
March 3, 2018
008. Holiday Hiatus
I went a week without making an episode due to a little holiday hiatus. I talk briefly about Christmas with the Paulo's, the power of incorporating a daily meditation practice (for Saha Does Seven), how Kame'i and I manifested a new car — that we couldn't really afford — for Christmas, and what’s on the agenda for the next installment of BMC.
February 27, 2018
007. Best Advice
In this episode, we have Double D’s on as our special guest. We talk about the importance of knowing your worth and making your individuality a TOP priority; because your spouse or partner does not define you! Where to find Double D's: INSTAGRAM: @leilers SNAPCHAT: leilers159 TWITTER: @leilairieana
February 27, 2018
006. Mompreneur + Meditation
My first installment of Mompreneur Tip Monday & a Saha Does Seven update. Finally getting back into doing my morning ritual shit, still need to get better but I think the first step is to incorporate a daily meditation practice. I'm doing a 21 Day Meditation Challenge by Deepak Chopra on Spotify.
February 27, 2018
004. Just Say No to Slime
For the love of everything custard filled, don't EVER make slime!!! Even if your kids beg and plead, learn through my fuck up and just DON'T DEWWWWW IT!!!! Pussyboy let some slime drip off the TV stand in their bedroom, and it got on the carpet. Highkey hated him, lowkey hated myself for even allowing this shit to exist inside of my house; an by "my house" I mean the house we're RENTING.
February 27, 2018
005. Monday Woes
Complaining about life shit. Dont podcast while driving your kids to school.
March 1, 2018
003. Change
How do you approach shifts or transitions? Do you freak out and react from a wounded space, or do you embrace it and adapt? As far as survival goes, people who are open to change will thrive, those that aren’t.....get left behind.
February 27, 2018
002. Personal Boundaries
Don't be afraid to set boundaries! We allow too many people to get away with treating us like a doormat, it's time to rise up and speak up for yourself!
March 3, 2018
How I’m Using Anchor V3
Latest episode of Bad Mom Chronicles
February 23, 2018
001. New Podcast, Who Dis?
Who is this chick and why do I want to listen to her podcast?!
February 24, 2018

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The easiest way to make a podcast, ever.

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