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By Dan McPeake
Interviews with actors, writers, filmmakers, artists, musicians and authors, with a focus on independent work.
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300. Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams

Endeavours Radio

300. Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams

Endeavours Radio

336 - Joe McLeod
Joe McLeod is a singer-songwriter from Ontario whose debut Album - Cloudberries in Alaska - drops on January 28th. Joe also talks about his love of film and musicals, working with The Elwins, his songwriting process, where he finds inspiration - especially in times of a pandemic, and what he enjoys about longer-form interviews. Subscribe: Apple, Spotify, Amazon, Pandora, Deezer, Substack Social: @EndeavoursRadio
January 16, 2022
335 - Erick Lichte
Erick Lichte (pronounced 'Light") is the Artistic Director of Chor Leoni Men's Choir in Vancouver, BC, Canada. He talks about adapting to a pandemic, changing audiences, classical vs. chamber vs. contemporary music, finding and commissioning music for men's voices, the culture of male singing, why the holiday season brings great music, and much much more! Subscribe: Amazon, Apple, Spotify, Deezer, Pandora, RadioPublic Social: @EndeavoursRadio
December 31, 2021
334 - Macabit Abramson
Macabit Abramson is a documentary filmmaker and PhD. student at Tel Aviv University. Woman Alive is her first narrative feature which was borne out of research for her thesis. It stars her daughter Lihi Zemel and a cast of non-professional actors in a cinema verite-kitchen sink realism morality tale that draws on the myths of Eros and Psyche. Subscribe: Apple, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer, Google, Pandora, RadioPublic Social: @EndeavoursRadio
November 29, 2021
333 - Kaz Firpo; Jesse Toso
Kaz Firpo is a filmmaker who recently wrote the script for Marvel's Eternals. In addition to his foray into the superhero world, he is an experimental filmmaker and director, whose new YouTube webseries Singals is a mixture of animation, documentary, narrative storytelling and computer generated imagery that tells the story of plastic - including an anthropomorphized bottle - and it's impact on the world. Jesse Toso is an artist and sculpturist who primarily works with wood. He recently participated in the 25th anniversary of the East Side Culture Crawl, a renowned art show in East Vancouver. He also talks about how environmentally aware he has become as someone who works with wood. Visit him at Subscribe - Apple, Google, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Pandora, RadioPublic Socials @EndeavoursRadio
November 24, 2021
332 - Gaurav Seth; Sandra Mae Frank; Elle-Maija Tailfeathers
It's a three-for-one. In separate interviews director Gaurav Seth and deaf actress Sandra Mae Frank (joined by her interpreter) talk about their new film Multiverse. Then, Blackfoot and Sami actress Elle-Maija Tailfeathers on her role in the new indigenous horror film Night Raiders. Subscribe: Apple, Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer, Pandora Socials: @EndeavoursRadio
November 22, 2021
331 - Marshall Pynkoski
Marshall Pynkoski is a dancer and choreographer who is the founding Artistic Director of Toronto's Opera Atelier. Long interested in 17th and 18th dance, theatre and culture, Marshall has worked in many cities renowned for their history of classical music and performance including Paris, Milan and Salzburg. He has the TIME Magazine Award for classical music, and most recently was named a Chevalier dans L’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres by the Government of France. Opera Atelier's latest piece Angel - featuring Canadian soprano Measha Bruggergosman, streams live on Thursday October 28, at 7pm ET, with the stream being available until November 12th. Tickets and info at Subscribe: Apple, Spotify, Google, Amazon, Pandora, Deezer, PocketCast Socials @EndeavoursRadio
October 26, 2021
330 - James Cullen Bressack; Miles Doleac
James Cullen Bressack has done just about everything on a film set. He's acted, he's operated the camera, he's worked in sound, he's edited. He is however, most known as a director of high quality independent films, the latest of which - Survive The Game - stars Bruce Willis and Cha Michael Murray. It was released on October 8th. Miles Doleac got his start as an actor, appearing in such fare as American Horror Story, Banshee, Halt & Catch Fire, NCIS: New Orleans, and Lovecraft Country. He has also written and directed several feature films, all of which he has also appeared in. His latest is Demigod, a folk horror tale that takes place in Germany's Black Forest and stars Rachel Nichols. The film was released in select cities and VOD on October 10th. Subscribe - Apple, Spotify, Amazon, Google, Stitcher, TuneIn, Pandora, Deezer, PocketCast Socials @EndeavoursRadio
October 19, 2021
329 - An Van Dienderen & Rosine Mbakam
What happens a filmmaker turns inward and examines the entire art form? Is filmmaking and the technology behind it inherently racist? That is concept behind Prism, an innovative new documentary from filmmakers An Van Dienderen, Rosine Mbakam and Eleanore Yameogo. Dienderen, who is white, and Mbakam and Yameogo who are black, examine how filmmaking technology, specifically of the photographic variety were developed and calibrated with white and lighter-skinner people in mind. What does that mean? Rosine and An discuss. Subscribe: Spotify, Apple, Amazon, TuneIn, Stitcher, Patreon, Deezer, Google Socials @EndeavoursRadio
October 16, 2021
328 - Séan McCann
Séan McCann is a musician, author and mental health advocate. For 20 years, he was a member of the hit celtic-rock folk group Great Big Sea (which he co-founded). Since that group's disbandment, he has carved out a successful solo career. But for Séan, there was always a bigger life goal than album sales - sobriety. It has been seven years since his recovery journey started and he has released four records, a book, and tours with what he calls "musical keynotes", where he merges speaking with song and talks about his own mental health advocacy and journey with addiction. His latest album is Shantyman, a re-imagining of classic maritime Sea Shanties. It is available through his website Also, he shares his thoughts on coping throughout the pandemic and that sea shanty TikTok Trend. Subscribe: Apple, Spotify, Google, Amazon Music. Socials: @EndeavoursRadio
October 11, 2021
327 - Dave Johns
Dave Johns is a British comedian and actor best known for his starring role in Ken Loach's seminal film I, Daniel Blake. Since then he has appeared in Fishermen's Friends and its sequel as well as continued his comedy career, including new one-man shows at the Edinburgh Fringe. His latest film is 23 Walks, in which he co-stars with Alison Steadman. Subscribe: Apple, Spotify, Google, Amazon Music, Deezer Social: @EndeavoursRadio
October 08, 2021
326 - William Yong
William Yong is a dancer, choreographer, actor, producer, singer and director. After getting his start at music school in Hong Kong, he transferred to drama and dance in London. He has appeared in Kim's Convenience and is currently the livestream director for a dance piece at Fall For Dance North. The festival runs until October 29th, with William's number hitting the stage October 7th. Subscribe: Apple, Spotify, Google, Amazon Music Socials @EndeavoursRadio
October 06, 2021
325 - Frankie Faison; Ryan Kruger
TW: Trauma, PTSD. Frankie Faison is an actor who has worked with a who's who including Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, Michael K. Williams and Anthony Hopkins in projects as varied as Coming To America, Silence of the Lambs, Down To Earth, The Wire, and Banshee. His newest film, in which he plays the title role is The Killing of Kenneth Chamberlain, which is based on a true story. Frankie talks about the role, race relations, filming mostly on his own, wanting to do more comedy, Luke Cage and his favourite memories of Michael K. Williams. Ryan Kruger is a film director currently based in Capetown. After a five-year project of making eight experimental short films, one of those - Fried Barry - has been turned into a sci-fi horror feature of the same name. It comes out October 5th. Subscribe: Apple, Spotify, Amazon Music Socials: @EndeavoursRadio
October 01, 2021
324 - The Birthday Show
I'm turning 33. My old high school friend Gareth Allen-Symmons interviews me to ask me about my method (mostly madness), my process (complete madness), favourite guests, interview style (improvised madness), the good, the bad and ugly, and of course high school memories. We also talk about my upcoming Kickstarter campaign. Subscribe: Apple, Spotify, Google, Amazon Social @Endeavours Radio
September 29, 2021
323 - Stuart Townsend, Marc de Guerre
Stuart Townsend is an actor known for his roles in Queen of the Damned, About Adam, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Chaos Theory, Aeon Flux and Battle in Seattle - his debut as writer and director. His stars as Jericho Ford in the new western Apache Junction, featuring last week's guest Scout Taylor-Compton. The film was released on September 24th. TW: Abuse. Marc de Guerre is a documentary filmmaker who has directed such fare as The Murder of John Lennon, Gamer Revolution, The End of Men, Why Men Cheat, How We Got Gay, and Transforming Gender. His latest - Born Bad - chronicles the Ontario reform school abuse scandal and the $600 million class action lawsuit currently making its way through the courts. It premiered on the CBC POV on September 25th. Subscribe: Apple, Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer Social @EndeavoursRadio
September 28, 2021
322 - Paul Kemp
TW: Emotional abuse Paul Kemp is a documentary filmmaker and former college track athlete. He has worked as a producer on such projects as Transformer, Going Native, The Rise of Jordan Peterson, and The Nature of Things. His latest film as director is Nike's Big Bet, which chronicles the scandal behind Alberto Salazar, arguably the world's most famous track coach, after numerous women came forward with stories of emotional abuse and his coaching methods. The film is out now. Subscribe: Apple, Spotify, Google, Amazon Music Socials: @EndeavoursRadio
September 23, 2021
321 - Scout Taylor-Compton; Jim Smith
Scout Taylor-Compton is an actress, primarily known for her roles in the horror genre and a modern-day "scream queen". Acting since she was a child, she talks about the transition to adulthood, directing, and new her film Apache Junction. She also shares her favourites of working on Sleepover with previous Endeavours guest Mika Boorem. Jim Smith is the executive and artistic director of DanceHouse, a Vancouver-based company that is a founding partner of DigiDance, a virtual way to experience dance performances. The latest piece is Dog Without Feathers from Brazilian choreographer Deborah Colker. It is available for streaming from September 29-October 11. Visit for tickets. Subscribe - Apple, Spotify, Google, Amazon Music Social @EndeavoursRadio
September 20, 2021
320 - Shawn Leonard
Shawn Leonard knows all too well the connection between his people, the land, and the Spirit World. Shawn is an aboriginal medium, of Miqmaq origin. He is also the star of the reality show Spirit Talker, season two of which premieres on September 14th. Not only does Shawn attempt to connect people to their departed loved ones, he travels around to different indigenous communities, learning their stories, their culture, their heritage. Shawn also shares his thoughts on indigenous representation in the media, the current reconciliation - including orange shirt day - and what the afterlife means to him. Subscribe to Endeavours Radio on Apple, Spotify, Google, Deezer Social @EndeavoursRadio
September 11, 2021
319 - Siobhan Fallon Hogan
You've most likely seen Siobhan Fallon Hogan in something. After getting her start on SNL with a cast that included Ellen Cleghorne, Mike Myers, Adam Sandler, Kevin Nealon and Chris Farley, she followed up with appearances in Seinfeld and Forrest Gump, in which had the memorable role of Doris the bus driver. Other credits for Siobhan include Golden Girls, Men In Black, Holes, Law & Order: SVU, Baby Mama, Krippendorf's Tribe, Dancer in the Dark, Fever Pitch, Dogville, Fred, 30 Rock, Rescue Me, just to name a few. Siobhan talks about writing and producing her new film Rushed, in which she also stars, her one-woman shows, memories of filming in Canada and working with her son. She also shares her favourite Chris Farley story. Subscribe to Endeavours on Apple, Spotify, Google, Deezer. Social @EndeavoursRadio
August 27, 2021
318 - Natasha Kermani; Tracey Deer
Endeavours is back and featuring two great film directors. Natasha Kermani is a horror-loving filmmaker who's new film Lucky originally premiered on Shudder back in March and is available on VOD, Digital HD and DVD on August 3rd. Tracey Deer is a Mohawk filmmaker known for her iconic TV Series "Mohawk Girls" - inspired by her documentary of the same name - and for season 3 of Anne With an E. She became the first Mohawk filmmaker to win a Gemini Award. Her latest film is Beans, which is inspired by her life growing up during the Oka Crisis in Quebec. It was released in July. Subscribe to Endeavours on Spotify, Apple, Google, Deezer Social @EndeavoursRadio
August 12, 2021
317 - Oskar Pall Sveinsson
Oskar Sveinsson is an Icelandic documentary filmmaker and former music producer and engineer. His new film Against The Current chronicles the journey of Veiga Grutarsdottir, who is attempting to become to the first person to kayak around Iceland in reverse. Parallel to that, the film examines Veiga's journey as a transgender woman, an aspect that is simply matter-of-fact rather than any grand statement. The film is out June 25th Subscribe to Endeavours on Apple, Spotify, google, Deezer Social @EndeavoursRadio
June 22, 2021
316 - Andrew Thomas Hunt; Lynn Roth
Andrew Thomas Hunt is a writer, director and producer of genre films. His past work includes Borealis, Todd and the Book of Pure Evil, James Vs. His Future Self, The Hitman Never Dies, Psycho Goreman. His latest film as director is Spare Parts, which follows an all-girl punk band who are kidnapped, fitted with mechanical limbs and forced to fight gladiator style. It is out June 1st. Lynn Roth is a writer, director and producer who has found success in television, documentary and feature filmmaking. Her last feature, 2007's The Little Traitor, was adapted from the novel Panther in the Basement by Amos Oz and starred Alfred Molina. Her newest is Shepherd: The Story of a Jewish Dog, based on the book of the same name by Asher Kravitz. It stars August Maturo and Ayelet Zurer and will be released May 28th. Subscribe to Endeavours on Apple, Spotify, Google, Deezer, Pandora Social @EndeavoursRadio
May 25, 2021
315 - Frank Spotnitz & Steve Thompson; Laura Slade Wiggins
Frank Spotnitz and Steve Thompson are the creators of a new series about Da Vinci, simply titled Leonardo. Spotnitz has written for shows such as The X-Files, The Man in the High Castle, and Medici. Thompson has collaborated with Steven Moffat on both Doctor Who and Sherlock, and also contributed to Doctors and Jericho. Laura Slade Wiggins is an actress and singer best known for her role as Karen Jackson on Shameless. She has also appeared in 20th Century Women and The Tomorrow People. She stars in a Stand!, a musical film set against the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike that has been called an immigrant Rome & Juliet. It is out now. Subscribe to Endeavours on Apple, Spotify, Deezer Social @EndeavoursRadio
May 25, 2021
314 - Mika Boorem
Mika Boorem has been acting nearly her whole life. As a child she appeared in Jack Frost, Mighty Joe Young, The Patriot, Hearts in Atlantis, Along Came A Spider, Riding in Cars With Boys, Blue Crush Carolina, Sleepover, and Augusta, Gone as well as the TV series House. Mika talks about working with Hugh Laurie, Anthony Hopkins, filming on Vancouver Island and why so many people still talk to her about Augusta. She also shares of her favourite memories of Anton Yelchin, and her debut feature as director Hollywood.con, which was inspired by a real trip to Mexico with her gemologist father, who co-wrote, produced and co-starred in the film which also features Tom Arnold and a camel. It is now out on Amazon. Subscribe to Endeavours on Apple, Spotify, Deezer Social @EndeavoursRadio
May 17, 2021
313 - John Berardo
John Berardo is a filmmaker and horror aficionado from Oklahoma. He has directed a dozen short films, including one as part of the anthology The Labyrinth which starred, among others Josh Peck, Matt Lucas, Beth Grant, Jason Ritter and Flavour Flav. His debut feature is Initiation featuring Isabella Gomez and Gattlin Griffith. It was released May 7th. Subscribe to Endeavours on Spotify, Apple Social @EndeavoursRadio
May 11, 2021
312 - Margaret Byrne; Kwesi Thomas and Mark Bone
TW: Mental Health, Violence, Police Brutality, Racism Margaret Byrne is a documentary filmmaker from Chicago. As a cinematographer she has worked on Making a Murderer and My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman. As a director, she has made Raising Bertie - which followed the lives of three African-American boys in South Carolina over six years. Her latest project is Any Given Day, which looks at mental health and the court system in the United States through the eyes of three Chicagoans as well as Margaret herself. Mark Bone is a filmmaker from Toronto. Together with friend Kwesi Bone, they conceived the short doc Battleground, which looks at the imoact the George Floyd killing had and has on Black Canadians. The film was released on vimeo the day after the verdict on Derek Chauvin - Floyd's killer - was handed down. Subscribe to Endeavours on Spotify, Apple Social @EndeavoursRadio
May 07, 2021
311 - Kelly McCormack; John Greyson
Kelly McCormack is an actress, writer, and storyteller. She has appeared in the shows Letterkenny, Killjoys, That's My DJ, The Neddeaus of Duqesne Island as well as the upcoming A League of Their Own reboot. She is the writer and star of the new film Sugar Daddy opposite Colm Feore, which premiered at the Whistler Film Festival in December and was released nationally April 9. John Greyson is one of Canada's most politically charged filmmakers. He has made the queer cult films Zero Patience, Lillies, and Uncut, as well as directing episodes of Queer As Folk, and the documentary Fig Trees. In 2009, he withdrew from TIFF in response to the festival's spotlight and support of Tel Aviv. His new experimental documentary short International dawn Chorus Day uses birdsong to tell the stories of LGBTQ refugees from the Middle East. The film was released April 29. Subscribe to Endeavours on Spotify Social @EndeavoursRadio
May 04, 2021
310 - Chris McKim
Chris McKim is a documentary filmmaker and producer whose work includes RuPaul's Drag Race, Tori & Dean: Inn Love, Tammy Faye: Death Defying, Freedia Has Got a Gun, and his latest Wojnarowicz - a profile of radical artist and AIDS activist David Wojnarowicz. The film is produced by WOW Docs /World of Wonder's Randy Barbato & Fenton Bailey and available in virtual cinemas through starting March 19th. Subscribe to Endeavours on Spotify, Google, Apple, Deezer Social @EndeavoursRadio
March 19, 2021
309 - Jo Owens
For the last 20 years, Jo Owens has worked as a care aide. It's the kind of stability that comes after an adventurous life. Jo has spent time in Haida Gwaii, Tuktoyaktuk and Malaysia all before getting her English degree. Now, after spending the last decade-plus writing and tinkering, she is able to release her debut novel A Funny Kind of Paradise to the world. Set in an extended care home and living facility, it is peppered with kindness, humour and maybe a few life lessons. It was released on March 9th. Subscribe: Spotify, Apple, Google, Deezer social @EndeavoursRadio
March 14, 2021
308 - Thomas Ian Nicholas; Jordy Matheson
New New York's hottest club is Kevin?... and one of the hottest child stars of the 90s played Kevin. Thomas Ian Nicholas transitioned into adulthood with the aforementioned role in American Pie and its subsequent sequels, but not before appearing in Rookie Of The Year opposite Daniel Stern and the legend that is Gary Busey, and A Kid in King Arthur's Court, which also featured a pre-Titantic Kate Winslet and a Before-he-was-Bond Daniel Craig. His latest film is Adverse - in which he also serves as producer - and stars opposite Mickey Rourke, Lou Diamond Phillips, Penelope Ann Miller and fellow former child stars Sean Astin, Luke Edwards and Andrew Keegan. Thomas' son also appears in a brief scene. The film was released in theatres on February 12th and will be available digitally starting March 9th. Jordy Matheson is an actor, writer, improviser, and theatre producer. He has performed with QueerProv in Vancouver, Little Mountain, Instant Theatre and Uncle Janes. He has presented original work through the LEAP program for young playwrights at The Arts Club and also teaches theatre to kids. Since 2014, he has been involved with ZeeZee Theatre, assisting with their Human Library program and this year adds producer to his resume, as the company takes the program online with Virtual Humanity, where participants can ‘check out’ a human for a candid conversation about their life experiences, culture and beliefs, with a greater focus on BIPOC stories. The program runs online through zoom on weekends from March 6-28. Subscribe to Endeavours on Spotify, Apple, Deezer or wherever podcasts are sold Social @EndeavoursRadio
March 08, 2021
307 - Lilka Elbaum
Lilka Elbaum was enjoying her life in post-war Poland, when in 1968, at the age of 21, her family was thrown out during the Communist Wave that overtook Eastern Europe. Although she has been able to return to her hometown Lodz many times since, her last visit brought filmmaker Slawomir Grunberg with her adventure to document her memories - in particular a still life painting that hung in her apartment. Her stark memories are on full display in Still Life in Lodz, being released on March 12th. Subscribe to Endeavours on Apple, Spotify, Deezer Social @EndeavoursRadio
March 01, 2021
306. Jackiem Joyner
Jackiem Joyner is a saxophonist, author and music producer who has released seven albums, two novels, and has toured and performed with Marcus Miller, india.arie, Keiko Matusi, Najee, Angela Bofill and countless others. He is the founder of the Joyner Book Club and received Keys to the City of Syracuse from former mayor Stephanie Miner, who also declared August 5, 2010 as Jackiem Joyner Day. Joyner's new single Road To Soul was released August 31st, his thriller novel Minor Assassin in October, and his most recent creation - The Love Experience for Valentine's Day on Plus, he shares some of his favourite touring memories. Subscribe to Endeavours wherever Podcasts are sold Social @EndeavoursRadio
February 17, 2021
305 - The Supersized Erotica Show ft. Peter Vack, Ana Valens
Just in time for V-DAY! Peter Vack is an actor who has appeared in Mozart in the Jungle, Homeland, Brittany Runs a Marathon, Slash, and After Everything. He chats about his new film PVT Chat, in which he plays an online Gambler obsessed with a Cam Girl. The film was released on VOD and digital on February 9th. Ana Valens is an NSFW reporter for The Daily Dot specializing in online fetishism and queer porn. She has written extensively about the Tumblr NSFW Purge, Patreon's crackdown on fetish material, and other online censorship campaigns. A diehard Tumblr user back in the 2010s and a noted kinkster, Valens would best be considered "horny on main" by today's standards. She lives in Brooklyn, NY, where she also creates adult games for trans lesbians. Her debut book is Tumblr Porn, which looks at how discourse around adult content changed with tumblr's NFSW Ban. Subscribe to Endeavours wherever you get podcasts Social @EndeavoursRadio
February 11, 2021
304 - Melanie Safka
Legendary folk singer Melanie Safka (aka Melanie) talks performing at Woodstock, Isle of Wight, Glastonbury, Strawberry Fields, and the infamous Powder Ridge Rock Festival. She spills details on performing with the Edwin Hawkins Singers, Ruby Tuesday, and how her song Brand New Key, once banned on commercial radio, ended up in the soundtrack to Boogie Nights. she also her talks her Emmy win for Beauty and The Beast. Finally, she talks about her Lifetime Achievement Award nomination in advance of the International Folk Music Awards. Subscribe to Endeavours on Apple, Spotify, Deezer or wherever you get podcasts. Social @EndeavoursRadio
February 08, 2021
303 - Han Soto
Actor Han Soto talks about his role in season 3 of Cobra Kai, as well his appearances in Preacher, Logan, and Fantastic Four; working with Hugh Jackman, Dafne Keen and Jill Hennessy, his foray into producing, introduction to fan culture, and how he feels about portrayals of Asians in cinema. Season 3 of Cobra Kai is now available on Netflix. Subscribe to Endeavours Radio wherever you get your Podcasts. Social @EndeavoursRadio
February 01, 2021
302 - Nomi Ruiz
Renaissance woman Nomi Ruiz stops by to chat about Jessica 6, her solo music, essay writing, trans advocacy, Puerto Rico, her Nuyorican identity, intersectional politics, labels, and her role in the new film Haymaker, in which she also acts as producer, Production Coordinator and Unit Production Manager. Subscribe to Endeavours on Apple, Spotify, Deezer Social @EndeavoursRadio
January 25, 2021
301 - Silke Sollfrank
Silke Sollfrank is a parkour athlete with Team Ashigaru in Berlin. She talks about making the switch from gymnastics to parkour,  the Olympics, performing for Tom Cruise, stunt work, being hired for a Star Wars project (despite never having seen a film), parkour playgrounds, conservation, and her favourite Disney film. Subscribe to Endeavours on Apple. Social @EndeavoursRadio
January 18, 2021
300. Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams
Larry Campbell is one of Americana’s most well-regarded multi-instrumentalists and producers. He's toured and recorded with Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Willie Nelson, and Hot Tuna. Larry (as Levon Helm’s music director for eight years) along with Teresa Williams, collaborated with Levon Helm on three GRAMMY® Award-winning albums. Steeped in traditional gospel and years of performing in musical theatre, Teresa Williams has earned applause for her extraordinary voice and a resonant love for American music that bursts forth in her work with Levon Helm, Hot Tuna, Phil Lesh and Friends, Little Feat, Jackson Browne and Shawn Colvin. After almost three decades as a couple, Larry and Teresa finally united in the studio in 2015 and started writing, recording, and touring together. They are also now the subjects of the new TV documentary series IT WAS THE MUSIC, currently airing on Amazon as well as They share some of their favourite memories of working with the great Levon Helm. Subscribe to Endeavours on Apple Social @EndeavoursRadio
January 15, 2021
299 - Mark Moskowitz
Mark Moskowitz is documentary filmmaker and producer known for his "issue-oriented" media. He was a "pollie" - political media's highest award for five consecutive years. In 2002 he released his first feature-length documentary Stone Reader.  He has a new 10 part series It Was The Music which focuses on the lives and careers of Americana music power couple Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams. The series is being released weekly on as well as Amazon. Subscribe to Endeavours on Apple and Spotify Social @EndeavoursRadio
January 12, 2021
298 - Jerry Rothwell; Gary Dourdan
Jerry Rothwell is an award-winning documentary filmmaker whose previous works include Deep Water, Donor Unknown, How To Change The World, Sour Grapes, and his latest - The Reason I Jump, an adaptation of the book of the same name written by Naoki Higashida and translated by David Mitchell. Expanding on the source material's premise, it tells the story of five neurodiverse, non-speaking autistics and the tools they use to communicate, in an immersive, cinematic and sensory experience. The film is available on Kino Marquee starting January 8th. Gary Dourdan is probably best known for his role on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, where he starred as Warrick Brown for the show's first eight seasons. He has popped up on several other shows including Glee, Hawaii Five-O, Kim Possible, Fillmore, and The First Wives Club. He is the star of the new action film Redemption Day - co-starring Andy Garcia, Martin Donovan, Ernie Hudson and Serinda Swan - available in limited release starting January 8th and in wider release as of January 12th. Subscribe to Endeavours Radio on Apple, Spotify, RadioPublic, Deezer Social @EndeavoursRadio
January 08, 2021
297 - Sam Harris
Sam Harris has been singing through life since winning Star Search in 1983. He has gone on to appear in dozens of broadway musicals, made nine platinum-selling records, created a sitcom and has authored two books, one fiction and one non-fiction. His latest film HAM: A Musical Memoir, a filmed version of his award-winning one man show, is available on Laemmle and on Broadway HD starting January 7th. He talks his career, his friendships with Billy Porter and Bridget Moynahan, and what success means to him. Subscribe to Endeavours on Apple, Spotify, Google. Social @EndeavoursRadio web:
January 05, 2021
296 - Remy Girard; Sophie Harvey & KC Novak
Remy Girard is one of Canada's acclaimed actors having appeared in such projects as The Barbarian Invasions, Incendies, Jesus of Montreal, Les Boys, Blades of Glory and The Red Violin. He has received more Genie Awards than any actor in Canadian history and is an icon of French-Canadian cinema. His new film is Tu Te Souviendras De Moi/You Will Remember Me. It recently premiered at the Whistler Film Festival. Sophie Harvey grew up around film sets thanks to her director mother. In 2012, she decided to try her hand at making one of her own. The result was An Introvert's Guide To High School. Shot in 2012, but not completed until 2018, the film recently played at Whistler. Comedian KC Novak also appeared in  the film as on-the-street commentator. Subscribe to Endeavours on Spotify Social @EndeavoursRadio web:
December 31, 2020
295 - Kathy Valentine; Suzie LeBlanc
Kathy Valentine is best known for being bass player in the Go-Go's, the first all-female band to go #1. She has also authored a new memoir All I Ever Wanted, which was released in March. Suzie Leblanc is a soprano, early music specialist and member of the Order of Canada. She was recently named the Artistic Director of Early Music Vancouver, a post she begins on January 4th. Subscribe to Endeavours on Spotify Social @EndeavoursRadio web:
December 28, 2020
294 - Julia Sarah Stone; Kenny Leu
Julia Sarah Stone is an actress who has become a darling of the festival circuit in Canada. After getting her breakthrough with The Year Dolly Parton Was My Mom, she followed that up with a role on AMC's The Killing. Since then she has dazzled in countless indie films and has two featured at the Whistler Film Festival, Marlene - which looks at the famous Steven Truscott case from the point of view of his wife - and Introvert's Guide To High School - which was shot back in 2012 and completed in 2018. Kenny Leu is a Chinese-American actor has graced both the large and small screen and even appeared in anime with Dragon Ball Z. He is the star of A Shot Through The Wall, a film that deals with the aftermath of a police shooting. Subscribe to Endeavours wherever podcasts are sold social @EndeavoursRadio web:
December 24, 2020
293 - Sophie Dupuis; Jenn Grant
Sophie Dupuis is a French-Canadian filmmaker whose debut feature Une Chien de Garde was Canada's submission for Foreign Language Film at the 91st Academy Awards, as well as being nominated for eight Prix Iris awards. She has followed that up, with Souterrain, a film about a mine explosion in small town Quebec, that was filmed in Sophie's hometown of Val D'or. It recently had its Anglo-Canadian debut at the Whistler film festival. Jenn Grant is a Juno nominated folk pop artist from Halifax, who has released three EPs and seven full length albums. Her song Dreamer has been used as the theme for CBC's Heartland since the shows inception. Her new record is Forever on Christmas Eve, her take on traditional holiday songs. Subscribe to Endeavours on Spotify, Deezer or wherever podcasts are sold Social @EndeavoursRadio web:
December 21, 2020
292 - Niels Mueller
Another interview from the 2020 Whistler Film Festival. Niels Mueller is a writer and director, whose first screenplay - tadpole - starred Sigourney Weaver and Aaron Stanford. His first outfit as director - Assassination of Richard Nixon - starred Sean Penn, Naomi Watts and Don Cheadle. For his most recent work, he has gone smaller and back to his midwestern roots, Wisconsin to be specific. Small Town Wisconsin was shot in and around Milwaukee and suburban Wisconsin where Mueller grew up and stars fellow Wisconsinite Kristen Johnson. It recently premiered at the Whistler Film Festival. Subscribe to Endeavours on Spotify Social @EndeavoursRadio web:
December 18, 2020
291 - Carl Bessai
Carl Bessai is a Canadian filmmaker, renowned for working in both narrative and experimental formats. As part of Endeavours coverage of the 2020 Whistler Film Festival, Carl talks about his new film In Her City, a series of 17 vignettes about millennial women living in major North American cities. Carl talks about structure, improvisation, and the changing nature of the film industry as well as diversity and inclusion. Plus, he shares his favourite story of working with the legendary Bruce Dern. Subscribe to Endeavours on Spotify, Apple, Deezer, TuneIn, Pocket Cast, RadioPublic, Overcast Social @EndeavoursRadio web:
December 13, 2020
290 - Alex Winter; Julien Temple
Alex Winter is perhaps best for his roles as Bill in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, as well as Marko in The Lost Boys. In the last two decades, he has turned to directing, starting with the cult hit Freaked, as well as Smosh: The Movie. He has made documentaries on Napster, bitcoin, child stars and The Panama Papers. His latest is Zappa, about the eponymous legendary singer. It is out now. Julien Temple has always been interested in the punk scene. He has directed documentaries on Glastonbury, Joe Strummer, The Clash, The Sex Pistols, as well as feature films starring Mick Jagger, Tupac, Mickey Rourke, as well as Earth Girls Are Easy starring Geena Davis, Jeff Goldblum and Jim Carrey. His latest film Crock of Gold: A Few Rounds With Shane MacGowan, features interviews with the legendary drinker and Irish hellraiser, Pogues lead singer Shane McGowan. It is out now. Subscribe to Endeavours on Spotify Social @EndeavoursRadio web:
December 08, 2020
289 - Dana Nachman
Dana Nachman is an Emmy and Edward R. Murrow-winning journalist and documentary filmmaker. After working in television and creating films about politics, she has moved into more family friendly territory with her last two features Batkid Begins and Pick of the Litter. She continues that trend with her latest doc - Letters to Santa - which looks at how the United States Postal Service works with elves and volunteers from around the country in fulfilling children's Christmas wishes. That documentary was released December 4th. Subscribe to Endeavours on Spotify, Apple, Google, or wherever podcasts are sold Social @EndeavoursRadio web:
December 05, 2020
288 - Joel Bakan
Joel Bakan is an academic, university law professor, jazz musician, and filmmaker. In 2003, he co-wrote the documentary film The Corporation, which won over 25 awards internationally. 17 years later, he has written and co-directed a sequel The New Corporation: The Unfortunately Necessary Sequel. Joel talks about the controversial ruling that allowed corporations to be treated as people, minimum wage, the problems with philanthropic and disaster capitalism, government mistrust and how we need to re-frame the narrative. Subscribe to Endeavours on Spotify Social @EndeavoursRadio web:
December 01, 2020
287 - Graham Kolbeins and Anne Ishii
Graham Kolbeins is a filmmaker. Anne Ishii is a writer, translator and producer. Together, they have collaborated on several projects including: The Passion of Gengoroh Tagame: Master of Gay Erotic Manga, Massive: Gay Japanese Manga and the Men Who Make It, and the new feature-length documentary Queer Japan. Subscribe to Endeavours wherever podcasts are sold Social @EndeavoursRadio
November 23, 2020
286 - Heart Attack Kids; Billy Gilman
Heart Attack Kids are the new kids on the block in the Canadian punk scene, having their 2nd album produced by Liam Cormier of the Cancer Bats. Frontman Jared Ellul talks the band's new single Can't Stop, personnel changes, their virtual Halloween party and their upcoming 3rd album. 20 years ago, the song One Voice captured audiences everywhere with its powerful message about suicide rate. Now, more than ever that song has continued to show its relevancy. Country artist Billy Gilman talks about his career, what One Voice means to him and the Nation, and why he decided to stage his comeback on The Voice Subscribe to Endeavours wherever you get your podcasts Social @EndeavoursRadio web:
November 20, 2020
285 - Tania Cypriano
Tania Cypriano is a documentary filmmaker who has worked in both the United States and her native Brazil for over 30 years. Her collaborators have included Martin Scorsese, Bill Moyers, and Charlayne Hunter-Gault. Much of her work has focused on medicine and medical issues (including films on AIDS and Breastmilk). Her latest is Born To Be, which follows pioneering plastic surgeon Dr. Jess Ting, as he runs the first ever fellowship in gender-affirmation surgery. The film is released on November 18th. Subscribe to Endeavours wherever podcasts are sold! Social @EndeavoursRadio web:
November 16, 2020
284 - Sophie Nelisse; The Darcys
At only 20 years old, actress Sophie Nelisse has been on the Canadian film scene for ten years. Having co-starred with such luminaries as Geoffrey Rush, Tobey Maguire, Kathy Bates and Derek Jacobi, she has received both a Canadian Screen Award and a Prix Iris for her work in Monsieur Lazhar. She can be seen opposite former heartthrob Adam Brody in The Kid Detective. Juno and Polaris-nominated duo The Darcys are Jason Couse and Wes Marskell. Having been a duo, a full-band, and back to a duo, they discuss their musical journey and relocation to LA, which inspired their latest album Fear & Loneliness. Subscribe to Endeavours on Apple, Spotify or wherever you get your podcast Social @EndeavoursRadio web:
November 10, 2020
283 - Teenage Head w/ Steve Mahon and Douglas Arrwosmith
The Sex Pistols. Ramones. The Clash. Black Flag. If you grew up in the 70s and were of a rebellious nature, chances are you listened to these pioneering punk bands. The Ramones invented modern American punk music while the Clash and Sex Pistols took care of matters across the pond.  But Canada also had its punk pioneers. Teenage Head. Born out of Hamilton, Ontario, this group of rebellious ragtags met playing baseball in the Hammer. 40+ years later Gord Lewis, Steve Mahon, the late Frankie Venom, and Dave Rave Desroches are still remembered for their riot-causing performance at Ontario Place. Steve, Gord and Rave also appear in a new documentary by filmmaker Doug Arrowsmith. Picture Your Face: The Story of Teenage Head was released on November 2nd. Steve and Doug joined me to talk about the film.
November 06, 2020
282 - All Hallows Eve
Just in time for the end of Quarantine Halloween, re-running some classic horror-themed interviews from 2017. Dr. Bob Curran is perhaps the world's most renowned folklorist and expert on the macabre having written books on everything from vampires to werewolves to the undead. He lives in the mountains of Northern Ireland. Also, actress Ashley C. Williams talks about appearing in the iconic cult horror film The Human Centipede. Subscribe to Endeavours wherever podcasts are sold
November 01, 2020
281 - Angela Chen
Angela Chen is a science journalist and editor who has written for The Verge and Wall Street Journal as well as numerous other publications, and whose first book is Ace: What Asexuality Reveals About Desire, Society, and the Meaning of Sex. Considered, on of the first books about the asexuality and the lack of sexual attraction, Angela talks about her own journey, the slowly increasing exposure of the ace identity in media and pop culture (hello Bojack Horseman) and how desire is misunderstood. Subscribe to Endeavours on Apple, Spotify, Google, or wherever podcasts are sold Social @EndeavoursRadio web:
October 30, 2020
280 - Jean-Pierre Barda and Asaf Galay
Swedish dance pop group Army of Lovers was as big as Abba. Then they split, then they reunited. Twice. Then leader Jean-Pierre Barda relocated to Tel Aviv, Israel. Asaf Galay's new documentary Army of Lovers in the Holy Land explores this and more and examines the intersection of being a gay Jew. Barda also talks how the pandemic influenced his choice to be with his mother in Stockholm and offers a solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict. Subscribe to Endeavours on Apple, Spotify, Google, or wherever podcasts are sold Social @EndeavoursRadio web:
October 25, 2020
279 - Andrew Nisker & Thomas J. Goreau
Andrew Nisker is a documentary filmmaker whose new film is Coral Ghosts; it follows biologist and coral scientist Thomas Goreau as he examines the impact that climate change has had on coral reefs around the world in places such as Australia, Jamaica, and the Marshall Islands. The film recently played at the Planet in Focus Film Festival in Toronto. Subscribe to Endeavours on Apple, Spotify, Google, or wherever you get your podcast Social @ EndeavoursRadio web:
October 22, 2020
278 - Richard J. Gasparian
Richard J. Gasparian is a longtime animator for The Simpsons and has worked on other shows including Family Guy, Central Park, She-Ra and The Princess of Power, Recess and Clerks. Before he got into cartoons however, he was an aspiring actor and filmmaker. In 1986 he wrote and starred in the B movie film Housesitter.... The Night They Saved Siegfried's Brain. 34 years later, it is finally seeing the light of day. Subscribe to Endeavours on Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, Overcast, Deezer, Radio Public Social @EndeavoursRadio web:
October 17, 2020
277 - Ruckus & Skye
Lane & Ruckus Skye are a husband-and-wife filmmaking team who co-wrote the hit horror film Becky, which was released earlier this year. They already have another picture, written and filmed before Becky in 2017. It is called The Devil To Pay, and this time the pair also play directors as well. The Devil To Pay is out now.  Subscribe to Endeavours on Apple, Spotify, Google, Overcast, Breaker, Radio Public. Social @EndeavoursRadio web:
October 14, 2020
276 - Michelle Latimer; Lara Gallagher
Michelle Latimer is an award-winning actress & filmmaker whose on-screen credits include the hit TV show Paradise Falls and is known behind-the-lens for Inconvenient Indian, Rise and Alias. She is the creator of the new CBC Gem series Trickster, which premiered October 7th and is based on the novel Son of a Trickster by Eden Robinson. Lara Gallagher is a writer-director who also worked as a set dresser, costume assistant, and location manager. Her debut feature is Clementine. Subscribe to Endeavours on Apple, Spotify, Google, Overcast, Breaker, Radio Public. Also available on MNET Radio Mission Social @EndeavoursRadio web:
October 12, 2020
275 - Chin Injeti; Carmela Zumbado
Chin Injeti is a Grammy and Juno-winning songwriter, musician, and producer, whose new single "Falling"  features Esthero and Tarun Nayyur. It can be found on youtube. Carmela Zumbado is an actress who most recently appeared on the 2nd season of the hit TV Series "You". She co-stars in the new film "The Wall of Mexico" opposite Esai Morales, Jackson Rathbone, Xander Berkeley and Mariel Hemingway. Subscribe to Endeavours on Apple, Spotify, Google, Overcast Social @EndeavoursRadio web:
October 07, 2020
274 - No Visible Trauma w/Marc Serpa Francoeur and Godfred Addai
TW: Police brutality, racism, In 2013, new Canadian immigrant Godfred Addai was assaulted by police while his van was stuck in the snow. Although he was unarmed, police claimed that a gesture he made while already on the ground was enough to charge him with threatening a peace officer. Godfred ultimately won his case and is now an activist speaking out against police brutality. He is the subject of the powerful new documentary No Visible Trauma, co-directed by Marc Serpa Francoeur and Robinder Uppal. It recently premiered at VIFF. Subscribe to Endeavours on Apple, Spotify, Google, Overcast, Radio Public, Breaker Social @EndeavoursRadio web
October 02, 2020
273 - Barry Stevens
Barry Stevens is a Toronto-based filmmaker, screenwriter and former actor. He is also, in his words created "by science and not by sex". He is the child of sperm donor. Not just any donor however, but Dr. Bertold Weisner, a physician who ran a fertility clinic between 1943 and 1962 and is alleged to fathered 1000 children via sperm donation. So far, Barry has met roughly 100 siblings. He documents it in his new film World's Biggest Family. Subscribe to Endeavours on Apple, Spotify, Google, Overcast, Breaker, Radio Public Social @EndeavoursRadio web:
September 29, 2020
272 - Joshua Beamish, Rylan Friday
It's festival season. How are performers and programmers coping with going digital. Joshua Beamish is a dancer and choreographer performing in this year's Fall For Dance North, a dance and movement festival headquartered out of Toronto. The Festival runs September 29-October 18. Rylan Friday is an indigenous filmmaker who runs the Catalyst Mentorship Program at the Vancouver International Film Festival, which runs now until October 8th. Subscribe to Endeavours on Spotify, Apple, google, Overcast, Breaker, Radio Public Social @EndeavoursRadio web:
September 27, 2020
271 - April Wright
April is a filmmaker whose previous documentaries have included Going Attractions: The Definitive Story of the American Drive-in Movie and its spiritual sequel Going Attractions: The Definitive Story of the Movie Palace as well as the narrative film Layover. In her last documentary, she unpacks the history of female stunt performers, including legends Jeannie Epper and Julie Ann Johnson in Stuntwomen: The Untold Hollywood Story, which includes narration by Michelle Rodriguez. The film is out now. Subscribe to Endeavours on Spotify, Apple, Google, Overcast Social @EndeavoursRadio web:
September 22, 2020
270 - Andrei Bowden Schwartz and Sam Jones
Redneck. It's a loaded word, with various connotations. Depending where one is from. In the new documentary Red, White & Wasted, filmmakers Andrei Bowden Schwartz and Sam Jones examine the politics of mudding in the southern US, particularly Florida. What is mudding? Are all rednecks conservative republicans? Can we make fun of that culture? Oh yeah, Sam and Andrei explain how they ended up at a Trump rally. Subscribe: Apple, Spotify, Google, Overcast, Breaker, Radio Public Social @EndeavoursRadio web:
September 19, 2020
269 - It's Sylvester McCoy!
Doctor Who. Perhaps no show defines British culture more so than the time-travelling alien. 14 Actors have played incarnations of the doctor since 1963. Sylvester McCoy played the seventh doctor and was the last actor to portray him in the original run of the series. He also chats about working with Maisie Williams, Ian McKellen, his time on the Hobbit, being entranced by the Wachowski sisters and lockdown in France!   Subscribe to Endeavours on Apple, Google, Spotify, Overcast, Breaker, Radio Public  Social: @EndeavoursRadio web:
September 16, 2020
268 - Agnes Bruckner; Braids' Austin Tufts
Agnes Bruckner has been in several horror films and many of your favourite TV shows. She has also portrayed both Anna Nicole Smith and Kris Jenner. She stars in the new horror/thriller anthology Immortal.  Austin Tufts is the drummer for the Montreal-based indie rock band BRAIDS. Their new album Shadow Offering was released in June. Subscribe to Endeavours on Apple, Spotify, Google, Overcast or wherever you get your podcasts. Social @EndeavoursRadio web:
September 12, 2020
267 - RJ City
RJ City is a professional wrestler, internet personality and budding stand-up comedian who appears in the new documentary You Cannot Kill David Arquette, for which he is also a consulting producer. He talks the future of wrestling, the similarities with comedy, and why David Arquette's controversial Heavyweight Championship was not his (David's) fault. Also, he confesses his love for Fred Penner. You Cannot Kill David Arquette is out now on VOD and Digital.  Subscribe to Endeavours on Spotify, Apple, Google, Overcast, Breaker and Radio Public Social Media @EndeavoursRadio web:
September 09, 2020
266 - Grace Glowicki
Actress, writer, producer & funny person Grace Glowicki talks exploring trauma and anxiety in her surrealist horror comedy Tito, and what it was like playing a male-identifying character. We talk quarantine, independent filmmaking, and yes, we talk about Carmilla. Subscribe to Endeavours on Spotify, Apple, Google, Overcast, Breaker, Radio Public Social @EndeavoursRadio
September 06, 2020
265 - Eric Merola
Andorra. Population 77 000. The tiny country in the Pyrenees was the epicentre of a bizarre financial crime involving its main bank BPA. This twisted true crime tale involves the countries of Spain, France, Russia, China, USA, and Venezuela. Filmmaker Eric Merola breaks it all down in The Andorra Hustle. It is available on Amazon Prime starting September 4th. Subscribe to Endeavours on Spotify, Google, Apple, Overcast, breaker or Radio Public Social @EndeavoursRadio web:
September 04, 2020
264 - Andrew Pyper
Author Andrew Pyper loves a good ghost story. In fact, he was researching haunted places when he came across perhaps the greatest story of all; The White House. In his new novel The Residence, Pyper delves into the mystery surrounding newly elected President Franklin Pierce and his wife Jane, who move in following the death of their oldest son - and last remaining child - Benny.  It's a story of intrigue, passion and ultimately, survival. Subscribe to Endeavours on Spotify, Apple, Google, Overcast, Breaker, Radio Public. Social @EndeavoursRadio web:
September 02, 2020
263 - Haley Blais/Emma Donoghue
Singer-songwriter Haley Blais talks her debut studio album Below The Salt, and how a line about ET - one of her favourite films - inspired her song Rob The Original. She also explains her decisions to bring on producers Tennis and Louise Burns. Emma Donoghue is the award-winning author of Room and The Wonder, the former of which was also turned into an Academy Award-winning film, netting Donoghue a nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay. Her latest novel is The Pull of the Stars, which is follows a nurse during the 1918 influenza epidemic and is set in Dublin. It is out now. Subscribe to Endeavours on Spotify, Apple, Google, Overcast, Breaker, Radio Public, or wherever you get your podcasts. Social @EndeavoursRadio web:
August 31, 2020
262 - Larsen Thompson
Larsen Thompson is an actress, model, dancer and influencer with 100K followers on youtube as well as over 680K on instagram. On film, she portrays the title character in Pearl, a bold new drama from writer-director Bobby Roth in which she plays opposite Anthony Lapaglia. We also talk about social media, faith, and the changing standards of young hollywood. Subscribe to Endeavours on Spotify, Apple, Google, Breaker, Overcast or Radio Public. Also available on MNET Radio Mission Social: @EndeavoursRadio web:
August 27, 2020
261 - Ron Cicero and Kimo Easterwood
Ren & Stimpy was - and is - one of the most iconic animated shows of all time. Originally airing on Nickelodeon, it hasted five seasons. But production was problematic, mainly due to the show's mercurial, some would psychotic creator John Kricfalusi, aka John K. The conflict became so heated that John K was fired from his own show after sesaon. But he was hiding a much darker secret. In Happy Happy Joy Joy directors Ron Cicero & Kimo Easterwood delve into the history - and possible future - of the beloved 90s cartoon, how it influenced animation and comedy, and they unpack everything surrounding John K. Subscribe to Endeavours on Spotify, Apple, Google, Overcast, Breaker or RadioPublic Also available on MNET Radio Mission Socials: @EndeavoursRadio
August 25, 2020
260 - Ron Hawkins
Ron Hawkins is not who you think he is. He has released 18 albums, including five solo records, as well as with bands Lowest of the Low and The Do Good Assassins. With the latter, they are putting out the new album 246, which was recorded on a 4-track cassette and includes a stop motion animated video for the single Teenage Insurrection. Ron also talks about his work as a painter and his love of Billy Bragg. Subscribe to Endeavours on Spotify, Apple, Google, Overcast, Breaker, Radio Public. Social @EndeavoursRadio web:
August 20, 2020
259 - Richard Riehle
Chances are, you have Richard Riehle in something, probably many things. Whether it is memorable role in the iconic cult film Office Space or playing Rob Schneider's dad in Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo. He has worked with a who's who of Hollywood including Johnny Depp, Mel Gibson, Betty White, Rob Zombie, David Spade, and Jennifer Aniston (twice!). His new film is the comic-horror-thriller Limbo, featuring last week's guest Scottie Thompson. The film is now available on Demand. Subscribe to Endeavours on Spotify, Apple, Google, Overcast, RadioPublic, Breaker. Also available on MNET Radio Mission Socials @EndeavoursRadio web:
August 18, 2020
258 - Jesse Thistle
Jesse Thistle is a Métis-Cree-Scot Ph.D. Candidate in the History program at York University in Toronto, he also teaches there as an assistant professor where he is working on theories of intergenerational and historic trauma of the Métis people. This work, which involves reflections on his own previous struggles with addiction and homelessness, has been recognized as having a wide impact on both the scholarly community and the greater public. His memoir From The Ashes: My Story of Being Métis, Homeless and Finding My Way is now out in paperback. Subscribe to Endeavours on Spotify, Apple, Google, Overcast, Breaker, Radio Public or wherever you get your podcast. Also available on MNET Radio Mission. Socials: @EndeavoursRadio
August 15, 2020
257- Scottie Thompson
Actress Scottie Thompson on lockdown in Virginia, working in television, playing law enforcement, working on 12 Monkeys, and her angelic role in the new film "Limbo". Subscribe to Endeavours on Spotify, Apple, Google, Overcast, Breaker, RadioPublic, Pocket cast Socials: EndeavoursRadio web:
August 11, 2020
256 - Preston Lauterbach
Preston Lauterbach is a music journalist, author and former visiting scholar at Rhodes College, known for his books Bluff City, Beale Street Dynasty, and The Chitlin Circuit,  which was a Wall Street Journal and Boston Globe book of the year. He is the co-author of Brother Robert: Growing Up With Robert Johnson, which is co-written by Annye C. Anderson, step-sister to the legendary blues musician. That book is out now. Subscribe to Endeavours on Spotify, Google, Apple, or wherever podcasts are sold! IG: @EndeavoursRadio Web:
August 07, 2020
255 - Francesca Ferrando
Francesca Ferrando is Adjunct Assistant Professor of Philosophy at NYU-Liberal Studies, New York University, USA. A leading voice in the field of Posthuman Studies and founder of the NY Posthuman Research Group, she is the recipient of numerous honours and recognitions. Her book - The Philosophical Posthuman - is now out in paperback.  Subscribe to Endeavours on Spotfiy, Apple, Google, Breaker, Pocket Casts IG: @EndeavoursRadio
August 04, 2020
254 - Nathanael Chadwick; Zack Bernbaum
Nathanael Chadwick has worked both in front of and behind the camera as an actor, gaffer, key grip and composer. He has his first starring role in The Last Porno Show, available on Vimeo starting July 31st. Zack Bernbaum is a writer and director known for And Now a Word From Our Sponsor, Cold Deck and Dancing Dogs of Dombrova. His newest short film, The Announcement, premieres August 4th on Vimeo. Subscribe to Endeavours on Spotify, Apple, Google, Breaker or PocketCasts IG @ EndeavoursRadio web:
July 31, 2020
253 - Romola Garai; Kacey Rohl
As an actress, Romola Garai has appeared in such film as Atonement, Last Days on Mars and One Day. Her debut as writer-director Amulet, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and was released on July 24th. Kacey Rohl is a Canadian actress who has appeared in several shows including The Killing, Hannibal, Arrow,  Wayward Pines, The Magicians, Caprica, V, Supernatural and The X-Files. She stars in White Lie, as Katie Arneson, a college student faking cancer, The film is out now. Subscribe to Endeavours on Apple, Spotify, Google, Breaker, or wherever podcasts are sold! IG: @EndeavoursRadio web
July 30, 2020
252 - Marc Levin
Marc Levin is filmmaker who has mainly worked in the field of documentary. His projects include Brick City, Chasing The Thunder, Chicagoland, and Street Time. He has also dabbled in narrative films including Brooklyn Babylon,  Whiteboyz, and the iconic seminal film Slam, co-written by and starring Saul Williams. Marc's latest film looks Stockton, California's mayor Michael Tubbs, a progressive young democrat who was elected at 26. The film premieres on HBO on August 7, and then will be offered free for a limited time starting August 7th.
July 28, 2020
251 - Magda Apanowicz
Magda Apanowicz is a Canadian actress who has appeared in such fare as Caprica, Continuum, The Andromeda Strain, The Mentalist, Motive, The Magicians, Canadian institution Supernatural, as well as a recurring role in season 2 of Netflix' You. She may be best known for her role as Andy Jensen in the beloved ABC series Kyle XY. She has been seen in the films The Butterfly Effect, Green Inferno, and the new time-bending adventure thriller Volition. Subscribe to Endeavours on Spotify, Apple, Google, Breaker, Pocket Casts or wherever you get your podcasts. IG: @EndeavoursRadio
July 24, 2020
250 - Hawksley Workman
Hawksley Workman is a Juno Award-winning singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and occasional actor. He has released 11 full-length albums and several EPs in his 21 year career. His latest - Less Rage More Tears - will be out later this year. The album's lead single - Just a Dream - is now online. He also talks about livestreaming during quarantine, and writing songs about people's pets. Subscribe to Endeavours on Spotify, Apple, Google, or wherever you get your podcasts. Insta - @endeavoursradio
July 21, 2020
249 - Precious Chong
Precious Chong is an actress and writer and the daughter of Canadian comedy icon Tommy Chong. A performer in her own right, Precious has appeared in L..A. Confidential, Pearl Harbor, According To Spencer, Flashpoint, Playing It Cool, Luba, Running With Violet, and Trailer Park Boys: Don't Legalize It. Behind the scenes, she has written and directed the short films Giving Grace and The Intern. Now, her new film, the horror-comedy satire Homewrecker, which she co-wrote and stars in, is available on DVD and streaming. Subscribe to Endeavours on Spotify, Apple, Google, or wherever you get your podcasts.
July 18, 2020
July 17, 2020
July 17, 2020
248 - Jared Cohn
Jared Cohn is an independent writer, director, and editor, who has made over 30 films since 2009. His latest, delves into the genre of the music biopic with Street Survivors: The True Story of the Lynyrd Skynyrd Plane Crash.  He talks about his love of the band, having the real-life Artimus Pyle involved, and the legal lawsuits that tied up the film.
July 16, 2020
247 - Paula Brancati
Paula Brancati is a Canadian actress and producer who has appeared on such hit shows as Degrassi, Being Erica, Heartland, Murdoch Mysteries, Doc, Kevin Hill, Painkiller Jane, and Workin' Moms. Her film credits include Cold Creek Manor and Sadie's Last Days On Earth, which she also produces. She produces and co-stars in the new film From The Vine, opposite Wendy Crewson and Joe Pantoliano. The film is out now. Subscribe to Endeavours on Spotify, Apple, Google, Breaker, Pocket Casts Listen to select interviews on MNET Radio Mission Follow @endeavoursradio on instagram Visit the website -
July 14, 2020
246 - Rodney V. Smith; Joe Pantoliano
Rodney V. Smith is president of the Independent Web Creators of Canada, a non-profit responsible for many projects including the TO WebFest which runs until July 13th. He talks about pivoting, the future of web content, and why the festival included podcasts. Joe Pantoliano is a renowned character actor who has appeared over 150 film, tv and stage productions including the Bad Boys trilogy, The Matrix, Memento, Hill Street Blues and The Goonies. He stars in the new Canadian film From The Vine, being released digitally on July 10th. 
July 10, 2020
245 - Sue Williams
Sue Williams is a documentary filmmaker whose previous includes Death by Design, as well as numerous films about China. Her latest effort is  Denise Ho: Becoming The Song which follows the cantopop superstar an pro-democracy activist during the Hong Kong protests. The interview discusses civil rights, similarities between Hong Kong and BLM, and what the west gets wrong about the east.
July 08, 2020
244 - Dawn Porter
Dawn Porter is documentary filmmaker whose previous work includes Gideon's Army, Spies of Mississippi, and Trapped. Her latest is John Lewis: Good Trouble, a profile of legendary long-time congressman and civil rights activist Rep. John Lewis. Are there similarities between the 60s civil rights marches and the BLM protests currently happening? Dawn Porter breaks it all down. Subscribe to Endeavours on Apple, Spotify, Google or wherever you get your podcasts Follow Endeavours on facebook or instagram @EndeavoursRadio
July 04, 2020
243 - Mike Mayhall
Mike Mayhall is an Emmy Award-nominated actor, writer, and director. He would call himself a storyteller. He recently wrapped season two on A House Divided and Bronx SIU, the latter of which was nominated for three Daytime Emmy Awards including one for Mayhall himself for directing. Both shows currently air on Urban Movie Channel. Mike also talks about multitasking, wearing many simultaneously, and life down on the bayou in New Orleans. Subscribe to Endeavours on Apple, Spotify, Google, or wherever you get your podcasts.
June 30, 2020
242 - Tom Shepard
Tom Shepard is a documentary filmmaker and producer whose latest film Unsettled: Seeking Refuge In America is now to stream via World Channel and It looks at LGBTQ refugees and asylum seekers in San Francisco.
June 29, 2020
241 - Reece Thompson
Reece Thompson has been acting for most of his life. He talks about his start in comedy, his performances as the lovable nerd, transitioning out of childhood roles, and his friendship with Calum Worthy. He shares stories of working with Anna Kendrick, Mischa Barton, Logan Lerman & Emma Watson, as well at what he still wants to accomplish. He also does his best impression of Calum. Reece's new film - The Fox Hunter - is available now on amazon prime. Subscribe to Endeavours on Apple, Spotify, Google or wherever you get your podcasts.
June 26, 2020
240 - Bill Oberst Jr.
There are few actors out there - if any - quite like Bill Oberst Jr. With no less than 20 projects in various stages of production, Bill truly is an actor's actor. He is also a legend of the horror and indie world thanks to his appearances in films such as 3 From Hell as well as a guest stop on Criminal Minds. His profile was raised after appearing in Take This Lollipop, a film which utilized the Facebook Connect app to bring viewers into the film. On the show, he talks about the trailer for his upcoming film Greatland, all the stars he has worked with over the years, why he is drawn to the horror and creature worlds, and confronting mortality. Subscribe to Endeavours on Apple, Spotify, Google or wherever you get your podcasts. IG: @EndeavoursRadio Website will be back up and running soon -
June 23, 2020
239 - Caroline Berler
Caroline Berler is a filmmaker who has worked as a producer, editor and researcher. Her debut as director is the feature documentary Dykes, Camera, Action! which examines the history of lesbian cinema from its underground origins in the 60s and 70s, all the way to the Oscars with The Kids Are Alright, through the people that make them including Barbara Hammer, Cheryl Dunye, Rose Troche, Desiree Akhavan, and critic B. Ruby Rich. The film is out now. Subscribe to Endeavours Radio on Spotify, Apple, Google, or wherever you get your podcasts.
June 20, 2020
238 - Fisher Stevens & Malcolm Venville
Fisher Stevens is an actor, director and Academy Award-winning Producer (The Cove). Malcolm Venville is a writer and director. Together, they directed And We Go Green, which looks at Formula E, the world's first all-electric racing circuit. The film is streaming now. Subscribe to Endeavours Radio on Spotify, Apple, Google. IG: @EndeavoursRadio
June 17, 2020
237 - Marshal Hilton
Marshal Hilton has made a career out of playing cops, sheriffs, and detectives. In his latest film A Clear Shot, he plays the real-life Kappy, a detective working with a hostage negotiator, to try and solve a crisis at an electronics store. The film is based on the 1991 Good Guys Hostage Crisis in Sacremento, and Marshal talks shooting in Mexico in the winter. He also reminisces about meeting and working with Robin Williams in Mrs. Doubtfire and life in San Francisco at that time!. Subscribe to Endeavours Radio on Spotify, Apple or Google. IG: @EndeavoursRadio
June 13, 2020
236 - Jeremy Taggart; Jonathan Milott & Cary Murnion
For many years, Jeremy Taggart was the drummer in one of Canada's most well-known rock bands Our Lady Peace. Now, he is part of Canada's next great double act Taggart & Torrens. They are releasing their first comedy album Bahds on Friday. Jonathan Milott & Cary Murnion have now directed three films together. Their latest is the horror-thriller Becky, starring Lulu Wilson, Joel McHale, and Kevin James, and tells the story of 13 year-old girl who seeks revenge on a gang of neo-nazis who kidnaps family. The film was released digitally June 5th.
June 09, 2020
235 - Agnieszka Holland; Bruce McDonald
Agnieszka Holland is one of the celebrated film directors, both in her native Poland and Internationally. Best well-known to English-speaking audiences for 1993's The Secret Garden, she has received Academy Award nominations for her films Angry Harvest, Europa, Europa and In Darkness.  Her new film Mr. Jones tells the story of journalist Gareth Jones who uncovered Soviet atrocities in Ukraine known as Holdomor. Mr. Jones releases digitally June 19th, and on Demand July 3rd. Bruce McDonald is one of cinema's most varied directors. He has helmed such fare as Hardcore Logo, Pontypool, Tracey Fragments, and Weirdos, in addition to directing episodes of several television series (including Canada's national treasure and cultural institution, Degrassi). His latest film, the psychedelic-noir Dreamland, reunites him with actor Stephen McHattie as well as Henry Rollins and Juliette Lewis. It released digitally June 5th.
June 06, 2020
234 - Molly Flood; Stuart Hands
Molly Flood is an actress and director and co-creator of the new webseries Band Ladies,  which is about five middle-aged friends who, on a whim, start a punk band. The first season is currently streaming on Stuart Hands is the program director for the Toronto Jewish Film Festival, which, due to the global pandemic, went online for its 28th edition. If the situation improves, there will be an in-theatre portion from October 22-Nov 1. The online festival runs until June 7th. 
June 05, 2020
233 - Jamie Kennedy
Television's original prankster Jamie Kennedy talks about his career, turning 50 in quarantine, feature films that have never been released, and his new comedy Stoopid Smart, which is now streaming on tubi.  Follow Endeavours on instagram - @EndeavoursRadio
June 02, 2020
232 - Shane Belcourt
Filmmaker Shane Belcourt talks about how his new sci-fi romantic comedy Red Rover, was inspired in part by the Mars One Project using real applicant submissions in the story line. He also gets philosophical about the future of humanity.
May 27, 2020
231 - Rebecca Black
Rebecca Black exploded onto the scene at just 13. As she quickly found out, it is difficult to be famous that young, as there were a lot of haters. After maintaining a youtube presence for several years, she made her comeback on the reality singing competition "The Four". She talks about her journey, owning herself and her music, and her new single "Alone Together"
May 22, 2020
230 - Sasha Neulinger; Joey Klein
TW: Sexual abuse, addiction, child abuse. Sasha Neulinger was a child actor. Now he is a director. His powerful documentary Rewind seeks to understand the cycle of abuse within his family, as well as his own trial in taking the stand against his abusers. Featuring his parents, sister, therapist, police detective, and lawyer, Sasha gets to the bottom of his story and is finally able to move on. Joey Klein has appeared in many films and tv shows including Murdoch Mysteries,  New York Minute, American Gangster, and 12 Monkeys (The Series). Recently, he has moved behind the camera as well. His 2nd feature film as writer-director is Castle in the Ground, and chronicles a young man dealing with an opioid addiction after the death of his mother. Both films are out now.
May 16, 2020
229 - Steven Kaplan
Everything you think you know about bread is probably wrong. With the global lockdown reaching two months and families baking seemingly endless amounts of bread, who better to talk to than the world's foremost bread expert, Prof. Emeritus at Cornell University, Steven Kaplan. How and why has bread played such an integral role in our history? Why do we turn to baking bread to comfort us? What about gluten? Professor Kaplan has the answers.
May 13, 2020
228 - Emily Cohn
Filmmaker Emily Cohn talks her debut feature CRSHD, it's creation at Oberlin College, shooting in Ohio, on-screen depictions of famous sexuality, and women in film.
May 08, 2020
227 - Amy Jo Johnson, Becky Ann Baker
Former Power Rangers star Amy Jo Johnson talks about her transition to directing with her 2nd feature Tammy's Always Dying, which stars Felicity Huffman and is released in digital platform May 1st. Actress Becky Ann Baker talks working with her husband - actor Dylan Baker - and shooting on location in Italy for the new action short film Nightfire. 
May 01, 2020
226 - Jesse Cook
Jesse Cook's 25th anniversary world tour was recently postponed due to the global lockdown. Instead, he recorded a new, updated version of his very first hit Tempest, off of his debut album of the same name. Jesse talks about a quarter of a century in the biz, being creative during a quarantine, and his extension into producing, mixing and directing.
April 28, 2020
225 - Vikingur Olafsson
Icelandic pianist Vikingur Olafsson talks his new album Debussy • Rameau, his interrupted residency in Berlin, reinterpreting great composers, and working on the Oscar-winning film The Darkest Hour. 
April 24, 2020
224 - Liana Liberato; Ricky Tollman
Actress Liana Liberato (If I Stay, The Best of Me, Light as a Feather) talks about her powerful new film To The Stars and what it was like filming in small town Oklahoma. Additionally, writer-director Ricky Tollman talks about his debut feature Run This Town, which dramatizes the Rob Ford scandal that engulfed Toronto in 2013.
April 20, 2020
223 - Cindy Meehl
After years of working in fashion and fine art, Cindy Meehl directed her first documentary - Buck - about the horse whisperer in 2011. Since then she formed the production company Cedar Creek, and has worked as an executive producer on number of films, including partnering with an upcoming guests. Her 2nd feature documentary as director - The Dog Doc - follows integrative veterinarian Dr. Marty Goldstein at clinic Smith Ridge. 
April 16, 2020
222 - Rachel Matlow
For years, Rachel Matlow worked as the arts & culture producer on CBC Radio's flagship program, Q. At the same time the show's former host was involved in a scandal, Rachel was going through a battle of her own, her mom's cancer. Dead Mom Walking is Matlow's recollection of her mother's fierce independence and experiments with alternative treatments, interspersed with stories from her time at Q.
April 14, 2020
221 - Philip Sayce; Paul Amos
Actor and web producer Paul Amos talks about the creation of HomeCon; musician Philip Sayce on his new album Spirit Rising and playing with Jeff Healey, Melissa Ethridge and Uncle Kracker.
April 10, 2020
220 - Hanan Harchol
Artist, filmmaker, animator, musician and high school film teacher Hanon Harchol as his debut feature "About a Teacher"
April 07, 2020
219 - David Clayton-Thomas; Jeff Barnaby
The former Blood, Sweat & Tears frontman talks about his latest record Say Somethin'. Filmmaker Jeff Barnaby on his indigenous zombie film Blood Quantam. 
April 04, 2020
218 - Francois Girard, LAL
Director Francois Girard (The Red Violin; 32 Short Films About Glenn Gould) on his new film The Song of Names. Also, Toronto electro duo LAL on their new album Dark Beings.
March 26, 2020
217 - Jill Heinerth
Renowned cave diver, filmmaker, and photographer Jill Heinerth speaks about her life's work, exploring the unknown, losing colleagues, and relationship with death. It's all detailed in her new memoir Into The Planet.
March 23, 2020
216 - William Gibson, Jack Henry Robbins
Legendary cyperpunk author William Gibson on his latest novel "Agency". Plus, Jack Henry Robbins on growing up in Hollywood and his debut film VHYes
March 13, 2020
215 - Lisa in The City
Lisa Colalillo is a realtor, social media influencer, television host, and reality star. Her new YouTube web series Lisa In The City, chronicles being a working mom in Toronto, as well as an entrepreneur and influencer. Season one is now on YouTube.
March 10, 2020
214 - Anne Innis Dagg and Alison Reid
The renowned giraffe scientist and subject of the documentary "The Woman Who Loves Giraffes" Anne Innis Dagg is joined by the film's director Alison Reid to talk about the film, Anne's career and sexism in science and academia.
March 05, 2020
213 - Markus Harwood-Jones
The artist, filmmaker, public speaker, academic and activist on his new YA novel We Three, which a polyamorous romantic triad at a summer for a teens.
March 02, 2020
212 - Steve Gorman; Theory of a Deadman
Former Black Crowes drummer Steve Gorman on life after the band, the Robinson Brothers and his new memoir "Hard To Handle". Also, Canadian Rockers Theory of a Deadman on their new album "Say Nothing"
February 27, 2020
211 - Tasha Hubbard
The Cree filmmaker talks about her documentary "We Will Stand Up" which looks at the death of Colten Boushie and its aftermath, both locally in Saskatchewan as well on National and International levels.
February 23, 2020
210 - Taylor Abrahamse, Echosmith
Taylor Abrahamse on being a former child star and transitioning into music. Also, he shares a story about working with Miley Cyrus. Then, Noah Sierota from Echosmith and collaborations and the band's new album "Lonely Generation"
February 22, 2020
209 - Shawn Gerrard
The Toronto filmmaker talks about his debut film "Space & Time", which looks at how a couple deals with a break-up. And also parallel universes.
February 20, 2020
208 - Yancy Butler
The Kick-Ass star discusses her career as well as her new film Emerald Run and whether or not there will be a Witchblade revival.
February 16, 2020
207 - Fred Penner
The legendary children's entertainer talks 40+ years in the music business, The Cat Came Back, children's music today, and his new single for World Vision.
February 13, 2020
206 - Andrew Hunter Murray
The comedy writer, QI Elf, Co-host of No Such Thing Thing as a Fish, and improviser talks his debut novel The Last Day.
February 09, 2020
205 - 10th Anniversary Special ft. Jill Hennessy, Richard Dawkins, Marc Maron
From college radio to Spotify Podcast, Endeavours is ten years old. Take a look back at some of the best interviews from the past decade!
February 09, 2020
204 - Alex Cuba, Overcoats
Latin Grammy and Juno-winning artist Alex Cuba talks his new album Sublime and his collaborations with superstar Latin American musicians. Also, Hana Elion and JJ Mitchell aka Overcoats explain the process behind their new single "The Fool", feminist music, and their decision to shave their heads on camera.
February 05, 2020
201 - Hazel Doupe
The Irish actress talks about her breakthrough role in the film "Float Like a Butterfly" as well as her budding music career.
February 05, 2020
150 - The Breakfast Club's John Kapelos
The Breakfast Club remains a seminal movie. John Kapelos was part of the teen classic as the friendly janitor, Carl. He talks about being apart of the phenomenon, his work in TV, his comedy jazz albums, and his overall career
January 30, 2020
187 - Yannick Bisson
Murdoch Mysteries star Yannick Bisson talks season 13, the show's history of celebrity cameos, directing, The Adventures of Napkin Man, and the one guest star he really, really wants.
January 30, 2020
202 - Loverboy's Mike Reno
From legendary Canadian rockband Loverboy, singer Mike Reno talks 40 years of making music and touring, breaking into the U.S. Market, getting to write a song for Top Gun - and whether they've got a song for the sequel - and the band's recent car commercial with Patrick Warburton.
January 30, 2020