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Honor All Life by Dan Nanamkin, offering a deep perspective to inspire our next move forward

Honor All Life by Dan Nanamkin, offering a deep perspective to inspire our next move forward

By Dan Nanamkin
Inspirational wisdom, prayer, and encouragement for ALL people facing life's hardest challenges, to encourage Happiness, hope, health, healing, humor, humanity. Dan shares a deep inner perspective from his cultural and spiritual life journey that brought him to Standing Rock than nation wide into schools, colleges, media, film and TED TALK, to help others learn about decolonization, and respect for Mother Earth as an inspirational speaker/storyteller/performing artist.
At a time of great grief/loss i want to be of service. (Please click link to share support)
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Honor All life introductory podcast episode 1

Honor All Life by Dan Nanamkin, offering a deep perspective to inspire our next move forward

health, healing and happiness, we are getting into the time to grow and to flow
spring is coming soon, we are here gearing up, getting ready for the first foods, our natural foods, our medicines and to grow new foods for the people There is much to learn about the foods and medicines we put into our bodies that give us added benefits of health and healing. There are teachings of our culture that help us to understand our relationship to foods. We have an opportunity to work together where ever we live to create  education to our youth and our families to bring us better health. Todays episode will begin to glide into our foods, and what our young warrior Society is currently doing and has done to bring this education into our local schools, college and communities thru our foods and plant medicines. Honor all life, includes our greater connection to the natural world around us and our spiritual connection that extends to the very beginning of time. thank you for joining us as our focus will now begin toward this time of year. 
March 20, 2021
walking in two worlds, what is the sacred balance of life
a topic often hard to discuss , appreciate or understand, internally and externally. What is our balance, what is our connection, why does it means more than you may here today for those outside looking in or those searching inward and looking outward and around them..or those who its been so mangled and tangled you may never know how you fit in your own skin..this may be a few good words to help you give it some bigger thought. You are beautiful, we need one another..and we need to understand one is one perspective so hope you enjoy. lem lempt psnaqsyixtet we are all related. 
March 13, 2021
there are never no good byes.
I dedicate this special episode to all our dear loved ones who have traveled across the Milky Way into the spirit world. My beautiful family and relatives here is some words of encouragement, personal reflections, respect and love to you all who stand strong thru these hard times. We are all in this together so I stand with you as we look for the strength and encouragement to heal from grief, loss and pain. May these good words pick up your spirit today, you are never alone.  with deep love , respect and appreciation for all of you, thank you for joining me for one of our last episodes of this season.. lem lempt 
March 06, 2021
the spiritual center of our foundation to Mother Earth,
in this world that has fast evolved and left many of us struggling and lost searching for answers and direction, our creation stories have long served us since time immemorial to center us in a deeper connection to what is most important in life. In a modern society where we are struggling to keep our heads above water, to find recognition, peace and feed our egos and fill our pocket books, we take a step back o a greater value that is more richer and deeper than any void we have to fill. A simple story that may bring some sense of understanding to why it is important to not give up, to keep standing strong and why you see our relatives standing strong thru the violence, greed and currupotin they face on the front lines that opposes them.  No matter where you live there are stories such as this and ill share a resource you can look up find more information no matter where you live to encourage you to enrich your lives with that sacred connection right around you that has been here since the time we were created here.   Please enjoy this episode we have only a few more left of this winter season so we are running out of time to tell stories such as this, so please give us a few minutes of your day and enjoy a word that may spark your world into a greater connection that is all around you. You are never alone and we are all in this together now..  
February 27, 2021
balance: how do we talk to ourselves how to we talk to others, how do we honor ourselves and our purpose in life
There are challenges in this world we live, many. distractions, many desires, wants, goals and wish lists.. How do we represent ourselves to our true self by the way we talk to ourselves and how do we talk to others ? If you need clarification go into social media and see how explosive and hate fueled we can react as a tv, music videos and reality shows and see how detached we have become to one another and separated from our personal realities..  many struggle alone, many struggle within. How do we recognize our own persona beauty and mission in life. ? Sharing with you a personal flute song I composed for you followed by a wonderful message from the elders mediation of the day then an interesting story of personal perspectives and inspiration.  please share with anyone who may appreciate these words. We only have a few more episodes left in this series. We wish to hear your feedback and receive your support if you wish for this series to continue. However we are committed to run this series until springtime. so join us alive at five each Friday until than.. lem lempt  click on our link tree or our web site at and find ways to support the Young Warrior Society or Honor All Life , check out our recent video there 2020 year of the warrior..which is also on our u tube channel to inspire your walk with us together. Have a good day 
February 20, 2021
LOVE, happy valentines day to all your who are in love, searching for love or struggling with loss. Here is some inspiration for you
Many people may have heard the flute often referred to as the Native American LOVE FLUTE..well there is a compelling story about how it originated. A story of beauty, effort and success that is very inspirational. What is love?? is there more to love then flowers and chocolates we buy at the grocery store? I hope this episode helps inspire your hearts in a beautiful way.. sacrifice, respect and hope are a few good take aways from this episode. Please let me know how this weeks message has touched you in a positive way. lem lempt thank you for doing us to share music and a powerful story of love. I begin with a song I composed for you on my flute. thank you for your support 
February 13, 2021
honor All life- Land Acknowledgement
A part of healing and connection is finding out about the land we live upon and its history and our connection to the land and the people of that land. Join me on this journey and take a passenger seat as I share with you some perspectives from across the nation, from the torrid history to what we can do today to create understanding and better honest communication toward honoring humanity. Also I leave with you a key app that can really be very useful no matter where you live on turtle island territory. We begin with a prayer song on my flute and at the end I share a beautiful prayer song for the land from my tribal nation. In order to gain trust, communication and build relationships it is imperative that we begin the educational journeys toward awareness and decolonization. I provide a safe place here in my passenger seat on this ride, so I thank you for hoping in and joining me for a ride toward honoring life.   We are all in this together. stay tuned for next weeks inspiring episode where we are going to honor the season of LOVE!!  for all you lovers out there and for everyone struggling to find love and those trying to figure out how to love themselves and love life..we have a special song N good words just for you all to uplift your spirit a lil higher. 
February 06, 2021
Honor All life episode 1 part 2
sorry we had a technical error at the end of episode #1 where five entire minutes did not air, so here we are doing a remake of that portion along with a beautiful prayer song for all those who are having a hard time right now with grief, loss, sorrow, with direction in life. you are NOT alone.  thank you for enjoying episode 1 we will improve in our technical issues you are guaranteed that my friend so these first few episodes will be treasures. thank you for your time please click on our link tree, our web site for more information and background and feel free to like, follow or share if you know anyone else who may find these words encouraging or uplifting. lem lempt. 
January 30, 2021
Honor All life introductory podcast episode 1
How do we move forward toward wellness, and why is unity important in this process ? how do we honor Humanity?? How do we show all our children hope for the future? how do we learn to forgive, heal and to move forward to places of happiness and personal growth & freedom?  in this raw episode I will give you a broad perspective of challenges and inspiration we may climb together in this series to give you a perspective of what living life on the good red road means  you will hear a very rare account of some very powerful concepts and awareness to unravel terms and concepts that keep us apart and why it is collectively promising for our future to become aware and educated on decolonization, historic trauma and cylcles of violence and how those create barriers that prevent us from moving forward toward humanity , health, happiness, friendships and healing.  You will not want to miss the first few episodes as we are sharing something you will rarely ever get an opportunity to hear an Indigenous educator/storyteller/performance artist and inspirational speaker perspective. Each episode I share stories, new challenges, inspirational words, humor, music and motivation. so lets get er started . please click on my link tree link to support and follow us here at Anchor and Spotify,  and more yet to come
January 30, 2021